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Default WCIF The Newest Version of S4PE?
I'm working on a big project and I need S4PE to do it but every time I try to import my project I get this error code. If somebody knows how t fix it or where to get the latest version of S4PE could you tell me or link it to me please?

Could not import all resources. Error occured on package file [Blank] resource key '0x034AEECB-0x80000000-0xEDF1AFA5C3E3901E'. Aborting.

== START ==
Source: s4pi.WrapperDealer
Assembly: s4pi.WrapperDealer, Version=1806.29.1556.19695, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
Could not find a resource handler
at s4pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer.WrapperForType(String type, Int32 APIversion, Stream s) in F:\SourceTree\Sims4Tools\s4pi\WrapperDealer\WrapperDealer.cs:line 128

at s4pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer.GetResource(Int32 APIversion, IPackage pkg, IResourceIndexEntry rie, Boolean AlwaysDefault) in F:\SourceTree\Sims4Tools\s4pi\WrapperDealer\WrapperDealer.cs:line 66

at S4PIDemoFE.MainForm.ImportPackagesCommon(String[] packageList, String title, DuplicateHandling dups, Boolean compress, Boolean useNames, Boolean rename, List`1 dupsList, AutoSaveState autoSaveState, IList`1 selection) in F:\SourceTree\Sims4Tools\s4pe\Import\Import.cs:line 418
== END ==
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Thank you very much, you are a huge help.
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Can someone tell me how to set it up please?
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Originally Posted by ZeldaSpyroJak
Can someone tell me how to set it up please?

You extract it with .7z and then click on the app - I haven't used it in a while, but the S3 version - the app will open and then you can use it from there. My use of the app was restricted to merging files, so I haven't used it extensively. Make a folder where you want it to go and then extract it to that folder. click on the icon and wait for it to open.

this thread has more info

A big thanks to @CMARNYCand everyone who created, maintained and updated this mod through the years and versions.
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Than you very much!
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