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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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Lab Assistant
#76 Old 2nd Aug 2012 at 9:13 PM
This place has been a mad house lately! Week seven ended in absolute hilarity. Dude, only these sims. So first of all, Mary and Duane had a baby (yeah yeah yeah, w/e). They've been on the rocks lately but I think the kid brought them together a bit.

Also, Jupiter grew up. Cute!

End of the week - they go to a dive bar. It's a little town, not much going on. But these guys manage to tear it up. First of all, Mary brought Baby Lucien to the bar. Smart move, that. No baby-sitter fee!

Then, before anyone can have any fun, the bartender dies. Great, guys! You killed the town's only bartender. Really, this could only happen to this household.

Meanwhile, Jupiter came to the bar and had a great time playing with an adult with Lady Gaga hair, who delighted in chasing him around the bar. All I could think of was The Big Lebowski. "Pederasts." lol.

Jupiter then went home and asked his dead namesake for a bedtime story. Adorable.

Last of all, Lucien aged up. Pretty cute little berry sim.

These guys, I swear. So the winner of week seven as actually Pericles! Yay, he finally won something. It's because he's just such a friendly dude. The girls have lost touch over his friendliness, though. Started week eight! Everyone gets a job (whatever's in the newspaper), including Jupiter, who became a teenager on Sunday afternoon. Almost to the end!
Field Researcher
#77 Old 2nd Aug 2012 at 10:11 PM Last edited by gizmoman49 : 8th Nov 2012 at 10:21 PM.
Episode 5: Om Nom Nominations

"What should you do when you've already got everything you ever dreamed? DREAM BIGGER!!!"
-Miss Nancy, Little Inferno
Forum Resident
#78 Old 3rd Aug 2012 at 3:00 AM
The Addison House - Chapter 2
Before starting their day, our lucky eight contestants learn a few more rules. In order to keep their privileges (shower, toilet, beds), they have to take care of them. Cleaning is definitely part of it, but another big part is not breaking the equipment. A stiff penalty is in place for anyone who breaks an appliance - they must spend 24 hours in the dark cellar where Asher Addison died. There is no food, no toilet, no couch, no anything - only rotted moldy old newspapers. The only exception to this rule is on Saturday - Asher Addison was killed on a Saturday and no one is permitted in the cellar on that day. Anybody in the cellar will be released as soon as Saturday begins, and if an appliance is broken, there is no penalty.

The task this week? Painting. Our contestants must try to gain as many painting skill points as possible - the one with the highest gain wins immunity. There is also another advantage - the money they earn selling their paintings will go toward a special prize. Over the weeks, as they collect money from their different tasks, once they earn 350 Simoleons, they can buy a Free Pass from the cellar. That means if they break something, they do not have to spend 24 hours in the cellar. Each pass is one time only!

There is another catch - if a contestant breaks something, they have to pay for the repairman (50 Simoleons). If they do not have the money, they are in debt and must pay off the debts before earning money for the Free Pass.

Now that we have the rules, let's look at our secret cameras and see how our contestants are doing...

And they're off! Our contestants are already getting started on their painting...except for Saki, who has interrupted Rocco from his painting to gossip. She hasn't even started on hers.

Saki's gimmick is to bore people to death. She does it all. the. time.
Lucas: Zzzzz...
Lara: Good grief, Saki, what did you do?!
Saki: I was reciting the periodic table. I thought he'd be interested.

Dewayne likes to mock other people and complain about them to everyone else, while Alyssa talks about conspiracies a lot. Dewayne especially likes to pick on nerdy Rocco, but here he's ranting about Stefan's face.
Dewayne: I mean, doesn't he look like a llama? I just want to pee like an Alabama racehorse every time I see him.
Alyssa: Uh, Dewayne? He's right over there. He can hear you.
Dewayne: *Klingon*

Mean-spirited Amie likes to argue with everybody about anything. Rocco talks about eco stuff like recycling and going green and renewable energy nonstop.
Amie: Tri-tip steak is better than PB&J, fool! Don't ever bring it up again!
Rocco: I, uh, didn't say anything, I just got out of the shower...
Stefan: Hey, chill out. She yell at everyone.
Rocco: Tri-tip steak isn't even organic!! She makes me feel so..freakin..CONSTIPATED! Hrrrrgh!
Stefan: (Man, he remind me of ex-girlfriend...)

Lucas's social interactions are usually limited to either telling jokes or talking about himself and his personal possessions. Here he's applying his daily moisturizing mask to keep his face all nice and perty.

Lara is just a sweetheart. She's always brightening people's days and staying out of arguments. But alas, with only one small bathroom, embarrassing walk-ins happen all the time.
Lara: Oh! Uh...oops...I, uh...I'm terribly sorry...
Lucas: Will you just get out already?! I'm a little busy!

Stefan lives on the edges. He's either very friendly and pleasant to talk to, or he's yelling and swearing at people in German.
Stefan: I hate dis burnt scheisse. Stupid Devayne, cook dis burnt scheisse...


And how did the contestants do about taking care of the appliances? Well...

...they sucked. This was taken shortly before Alyssa broke the sink in the bathroom (the toilet that Lucas is taking a dump on is also clogged). I originally planned on punishing them by letting them go without the shower and sinks, but this caused a very annoying syndrome among all contestants known as, "Don't-Do-Anything-But-Mop-All-Day-Itis." They would yell at each other for getting in the way of their mopping, shove each other aside to get mopping duties, and refused to paint or do anything. Once both sinks were gone, this also turned into "Keep-Trying-To-Do-The-Dishes-Even-Though-It-Is-Now-Impossible Disease." Rocco twice put the dirty dishes in his inventory and got disgusted by it later. So I called the repairwoman and got them fixed (actually, she fixed all but the bathroom sink, because the stupid contestants kept shooing her out of the room to use the now-fixed toilet and shower).

So who took trips to the scary haunted cellar?

Yes, all women: Amie, Alyssa, and Saki (Alyssa went twice, actually - she broke the sink shortly after Amie broke the shower and got to share the cellar with her). Left until they were faint, starving, and filthy after peeing themselves, perhaps the girls DID feel a ghostly presence in the cellar.

...Or at least Alyssa thought she did.

But despite some creepy feelings, no sightings of any ghost. Perhaps the "haunted Addison House" is just a myth after all.


We are at the end of the week, and Immunity is ready to be handed out. At five points of skill, the contestant definitely staying until next week is....Alyssa! *Applause, cheers, yada yada* Although Rocco, Lara, and Stefan all worked hard and came close, artistic Alyssa took the prize. She gets to stay for a night in the luxurious master bedroom.

On another note, the person who earned the most money from their paintings and is thus closest to earning a Free Pass...Dewayne! Bizarrely, the weirdo who hates art only painted three paintings and reached a Level 3 in painting, but managed to sell the most.
Dewayne: $164
Lara: $124
Stefan: $108
Alyssa: $55 (after subtracting $100 for repair costs)
Rocco: $52
Amie: $21 (after subtracting $50 for repair costs)
Lucas: $8
Saki: $0 (yes, that's right - Saki was too busy talking to everyone and didn't complete a single painting...she will be $50 in debt, as she had to pay repair costs)

Saturday is Fun Day. As a reward for surviving thus far, the group gets to play with water slides. Everyone (even Eco-Friendly Rocco who hates wasting water) is having the time of their lives...except Saki. She never once chose to slide. How boring.


It is now that time - time for elimination. All the contestants have given their votes. It is now the one with Immunity, Alyssa, who must break the news of who leaves the first week.

Alyssa: If you are seated, congratulations, you are guaranteed to stay. The two who are standing - Stefan, Amie - are in the bottom two. One will stay, and one will leave. The person who got the most votes against them and must now leave the Addison House is.....

...Amie. Sorry, Amie.

It appears Amie's constant harping and arguing with everyone was the kiss of death for her. Even Alyssa voted for her (shouldn't have scared her in the cellar, I guess) - in fact, she got four votes against her to Stefan's two, and she was the only contestant to enter the red zone in the friendship meter (with Stefan and Lucas). Anyway, as she cries and everybody (except Stefan, Alyssa, and good-hearted Lara) points and laughs at her misfortune, Amie packs up to leave.

Amie: I didn't want to be the first to go home. I'm a hard-working girl and I could've changed the business world with the money! I don't understand why everyone was so harsh. That idiot Stefan is always yelling at people! That's why I voted for him! They just picked me because they're shallow people and they don't like my curves. This whole thing is a sham!

Goodbye, Amie. We truly enjoyed your personality and the drama you caused and I'm sure some of our viewers were rooting for you. But now, it's time to say goodnight and goodbye to the Addison House.
Field Researcher
#79 Old 3rd Aug 2012 at 3:39 AM
^Okay, two things.
1. How did you get them to paint so much? My Sims are only interested in the social game.
2. HOW on EARTH did you get that perfect picture of everyone pointing at Amie?!

"What should you do when you've already got everything you ever dreamed? DREAM BIGGER!!!"
-Miss Nancy, Little Inferno
Forum Resident
#80 Old 3rd Aug 2012 at 4:36 AM
1) Most of them painted a bunch during the first half of the week, then slowed down (especially when things started breaking and OOOH PUDDLES! MUST MOP!). It drove me nuts that they would never finish the paintings they started, they would just go start a new one on an empty easel so I'd have to scrap a lot. But otherwise, they just didn't have anything to do except socialize or paint (no pool or anything - when they weren't painting or socializing, they were gussying up in mirrors or looking out windows), and most of them painted until Saki came and interrupted them. Saki hardly painted at ALL.

2) That picture was completely on accident. After turning off free will momentarily (so everyone would stay put and give me good camera opportunities), I clicked on Alyssa's "mean" interactions and MEANT to click "Insult", to make it kind of a dramatic elimination. Instead I accidentally clicked "Scare." Alyssa scared her in front of everyone, and everyone pointed and laughed. I had the presence of mind to immediately pause and get the shot. It was completely on accident, but it looks perfect considering the setting!
Lab Assistant
#81 Old 3rd Aug 2012 at 1:56 PM
Oh my god why! My save file for this challenge got corrupted somehow, five days from the finish line. So discouraged! I have another copy from about a week and a half earlier, but it seems so sad to go back to it and wait. What do you guys think, go back to the old file and age everybody up? Ha ha. I've tried everything I can think of to retrieve the actual file and it's not working. Thoughts?
Field Researcher
#82 Old 3rd Aug 2012 at 6:34 PM
Oh my gosh, I am so EXCITED I just found out that not only is the Supernatural expansion coming out (which I already knew about), but so is the Seasons expansion! I can't wait for all the things it'll add! Set up a kissing booth! Build a snowman! Get probed by horny aliens! Errrr, maybe not that last one, but aliens will be in the game! And of course, this will make for some exciting "Doll House" challenges. Maybe a jack-o-lantern carving contest, or a snowboarding challenge. And with Supernatural, the houseguests could be werewolves or fairies! Oh yes, things are about to change in the Doll House...

And speaking of changes to the Big Brother game, I thought of a cool variation last night where all 8 Sims are hobos and they live on a different community lot each week (i.e. the park, the gym, the graveyard, etc.) and must survive there while still making friends & socializing. At the end of the week, the hobos will be given an "audit" based on several factor (such as skills, mood, relationships) and whichever hobo is the highest overall will receive an item crucial to survival in their next environment, while the lowest overall will be deemed useless and banished from the pack of hobos. Then they move on to their next environment. Whichever hobo is the last standing wins a nice house and 500,000 Simoleons to start their new lives as a member of society.

"What should you do when you've already got everything you ever dreamed? DREAM BIGGER!!!"
-Miss Nancy, Little Inferno
Forum Resident
#83 Old 3rd Aug 2012 at 9:02 PM
Originally Posted by gizmoman49
Oh my gosh, I am so EXCITED I just found out that not only is the Supernatural expansion coming out (which I already knew about), but so is the Seasons expansion!

I have been wanting a Seasons expansion ever since I first bought my Sims 3 disc. I was really excited to hear about Supernatural, and now Seasons is coming out and I am STOKED. Rain! Snow! Changing seasons! I have been WAITING for this!

I also hope they live up to their promise of improving upon vampires in Supernatural. What kind of vampire ASKS another Sim, "Hey, uh, I'm thirsty, can I drink your blood?" and walk away when they get refused? When I tell my vampire to hunt for another Sim, I want the vampire to get a drink whether the other Sim wants it or not! That's how the vampires of old did it before Twilight introduced vampire vegetarianism.

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
Forum Resident
#84 Old 4th Aug 2012 at 6:39 AM
The Addison House - Chapter Two
Welcome to the next episode of The Addison House, where eight strangers try to get along and survive in a rumored haunted house. Let's look at a recap of what happened last time.

At the end of the week it came down to fun-loving German Stefan and hard-working sassy Amie, and as you can see, Amie was the one selected to leave The Addison House. Seven contestants remain.

In this upcoming week, a new rule has been placed - every 100 Simoleons of debt a Sim is in counts for one vote against them. This is to prevent clever Sims from potentially living for weeks at The Addison House without even attempting to pay off their debts. Sims should strive to pay off their debts - one or two votes against you can be costly at the end of the week.

Moving on, this week's task is: Logic! Three telescopes and four chemistry stations have been placed in The Addison House. Money this week will largely be awarded in prizes at the end of the week: the contestant with the most logic skill points will not only be awarded Immunity, but will also be given 75 Simoleons. The Sim with the second-most logic points earns 50 Simoleons, and third place earns 25 Simoleons. However, contestants can also earn money by discovering potions with the chemistry station. Whatever each potion is worth, will be awarded to them.

Another fun catch? If a potion with a negative affect (i.e. Liquid Horror) is discovered by a Sim, that Sim's least-favorite fellow contestant must drink it right away! If a potion with a positive affect (i.e. Mood Enhancer) is discovered, that Sim may hold onto it and use it whenever they like.

Now let's see what trouble our delightful contestants got into this week.

Alyssa enjoyed her night's stay in the Addison master bedroom. She reports being a bit uncomfortable all night, with a sense of unease hanging with her until she fell asleep. Believe in ghosts, do we, Alyssa?

Several things were rather common this week. Among them...

...getting blown up by the chemistry table. This is Lara...I think.

...not making it to the bathroom because six other people have to use the toilet at the exact same time. We make 'em squirm here at The Addison House.

...Dewayne doing weird, inappropriate things. He shooed everybody out of the kitchen to take his sponge bath. Step away from the glass door, Stefan!
Dewayne: Gee, I hope no one walks in while I'm stark naked in the middle of the kitchen. That would be embarrassing...
Stefan: Vhy did Devayne shoo me from room? Maybe I should go see...

Lara, as usual, is her own sweet self. Here she is, brightening Dewayne's day. She really is too nice...especially when Dewayne responds by mocking her stance on vegetarianism.

Our smart little nerd contestant has found a way to bend the rules. The bedroom is locked from 8am to 10pm, but somehow he sneaked pillows out of the bedroom and convinced almost every contestant to pillow fight with him in the creepy cellar ("Who's afraid of a silly ghost? I'm not!"). He tried to get Saki to join him too, but she's got other things to do, like bore people to death.

Another developing habit - Stefan has been getting more ornery. Where he used to balance his temper with pleasant talk, more and more he insists on arguing and yelling at people.
Stefan: Your face suggests a llama!
Rocco: What?!
Alyssa: Stefan! That isn't nice!
Stefan: You're right, it's not fair to the llamas.

On their logical pursuits, the contestants found some interesting things through their telescopes.

Alyssa has found a beautiful, peaceful lake.
French-fried Lucas is distressed that the house across the streets has no kitchen lamps.
Singed Dewayne always has to keep an eye on the cop cars. We're starting to get concerned about him.
Lara is being corrupted by her first viewing of porn.
Stefan is a little worried that he can see Dewayne in his telescope when Dewayne is actually inside the house. Now we're REALLY starting to get concerned about him.

Their potion tinkering also went fairly well. Ever-persistent Lucas was the first to discover the Stink Juice potion, which he promptly gave to Stefan. For whatever reason, Stefan has been utterly tormenting Lucas - they both strongly dislike each other now. It was sweet revenge for Lucas when Stefan immediately got hit with a stench...unfortunately, Stefan quickly discovered the same potion himself and doled it right back to Lucas.

Other than Lucas and Stefan, the only other contestant to discover a potion was (perhaps not surprisingly) geeky Rocco. He found the Stink Juice AND the Bladder Flow potion and gave them both to Dewayne. He can't stand him because he doesn't make sense to him.

We have some drama blossoming! Things are starting to get very heated with Stefan - he is actually displaying physical violence.

We're starting to think this angry German needs some counseling or anger management courses.

Later, Stefan actually started a fight with Lucas, which our cameras weren't quick enough to catch. However, we did get the aftermath...

Yes, a burnt-up Lucas won the fight.
Stefan: Vhatever. I let you win.
Lara: Not impressed, Stefan. Not impressed.
Lucas: Punk!

But, ho...a potential friendship developing between Stefan and Saki?

Normally Stefan never tolerates gossip and small talk, but Saki seems to have grown on him.

He's even nice to Lucas when she's around. Are we going to see a romance blossom in The Addison House?

And another development! We have our first pair of friends on the show.

Alyssa and Lucas seem to have hit it off. She even cheers along when he boasts about his possessions. Does this pretty princess have a thing for the emo kid?

Look at that smile. I think he's smitten.

Of course, no episode is complete without seeing who got sent to the haunted cellar! Which careless contestants broke appliances and received their punishments this time?

Dewayne, Lara, and Stefan all made their first appearances in the cellar - in fact, Lara got sent twice this week. But it was nothing compared to poor Saki - she was sent to the cellar THREE TIMES this week.

One of those three times occurred toward the end of the week. Stefan had been getting more and more volatile and during a period they were actually locked in the cellar together. The filthy conditions were enough to set Stefan off.

Much to our shock, Stefan got physically violent with Saki, the one he'd shown so much tenderness to throughout the week. Things developed, and soon...

...But Stefan is apparently a real wuss. He lost to Saki just like he lost to Lucas. Fortunately Saki was released from the cellar soon after the fight. Rather chilling to watch, knowing what happened in that cellar fifty years ago.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to announce the winner of Immunity this week. The Sim guaranteed to stay for Week Three is.....Rocco!

Rocco: You serious, Clark?
We sure are, Eddie...I mean, Rocco. Though all the contestants worked very hard (all except for Saki got at least 5 1/2 skill points), Rocco pulled away with 7 1/3 logic skill points. Alyssa came in second with 7 1/4 points (one time she literally stayed up ALL NIGHT with the chemistry table...no sleep!), while Lara came in third with 6 skill points.

Money standings have also changed dramatically:
Rocco: $222
Dewayne: $119
Alyssa: $105
Stefan: $78
Lucas: $38
Lara: $-1
Saki: $-200
This will count as two votes against Saki. This may be a game-changer, folks.

Saturday the contestants had some fun being kids again on a playground built in the backyard for the day.

Then it was time for Rocco to announce who would be leaving this week.

Rocco: If you're sitting, you are staying. That's good because I like most of you.
Dewayne: I can cross my legs like a girl.
Rocco: ...*sigh*. Stefan, Saki, you're in the bottom two.
Saki: It's okay, I smell the money. Stefan's been such a [bleeeeeeep]. I got this.
Rocco: The one who leaves The Addison House is...

...Saki. I'm really sorry, Saki.

Talk about a surprise turn of events! Even the contestants are too shocked to point (except for Stefan, but that's pretty obvious). Saki's unpaid debt ended up being bigger than she'd anticipated. If she'd put more effort into skill-gaining (to get Immunity) or earning money to pay off the debt, those two votes wouldn't have done her in. Even if she'd had $199 in debt, only one vote would've counted. That one vote literally meant the difference. Drama-causing Stefan stays one more week.

Saki: I'm not bitter and I have no regrets. Things just turned out this way, you know? I should've worked harder on other things, but...I just didn't. I guess what hurts the most is being deceived by Stefan. I really thought something was happening, you know? I really thought....but he's really not who I thought he was at all. Still, I wish everyone luck.

And we wish you luck too, Saki. We'll miss you.

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
Field Researcher
#85 Old 4th Aug 2012 at 7:26 AM
^Wow. I was really expecting Stefan to be kicked out. Oh well, Saki would've gone next week anyway. And once again I have 2 questions for you, oh all-knowing mislaheela:
1. How did you edit the photos together? I've been wanting to do a collage of all of my dollies.
2. How did you grey out Amie's photo? I've also been trying to figure out how to do that.

"What should you do when you've already got everything you ever dreamed? DREAM BIGGER!!!"
-Miss Nancy, Little Inferno
Forum Resident
#86 Old 4th Aug 2012 at 7:32 AM
I was actually expecting Stefan as well. I made the debt-vote rule before the week started, and I actually liked Saki a lot better than Stefan (I liked him fine until he started being a jerk to everyone!). Stefan was actually set to leave, having gotten four of the seven contestants votes...but those two extra votes sunk Saki, as she had the other three.
To answer your questions, oh all-awesome-story-writing-gizmoman.

1) I have this super epic program that I use. It's called the Paint program. Lol I'm not real good with advanced stuff, so I just open each picture that I want to combine with paint, do some resizing and cropping, then copying and pasting while adding some blue borders to break the pics up a bit. It takes some time and some trial and error, but it's simple enough.
2) My laptop has Windows Live Photo Gallery, which I used to open the pic with Aimee and it had the option to gray it out. But I know if you upload your pics to photobucket (which I use to post them here) they also have those editing features, in case you don't have Window Live Photo Gallery.

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
Field Researcher
#87 Old 4th Aug 2012 at 8:51 PM
^Thank you so much

I just downloaded photo editor & I'm hoping it will work. I may have also seen a B&W option on tinypic, though I'm not sure.

On another note, like my avatar image?

"What should you do when you've already got everything you ever dreamed? DREAM BIGGER!!!"
-Miss Nancy, Little Inferno
Test Subject
#88 Old 5th Aug 2012 at 2:10 AM
I'm gonna try this now :]
Forum Resident
#89 Old 6th Aug 2012 at 5:08 AM
^Lol yeah. I was a big fan of Pokemon back when there were only 150 of them. Then they started making different evolution forms for Pokemon that never had them before and started making Pokemon made to resemble weird stuff ("Go, IceCreamSandwichChu!") and I really lost respect for it. But I like the original 150, when it was simple.

On a dif note, I got about a week and a half before I return to college as an RA, so I'll be uber busy. So I'm gonna try and get all my Simming done this week and see if I can't complete this challenge. Expect lots of updates and quickly. On another note, I seem to have more and more pictures each time. Even this time I thought, "Oh, I didn't take as many this time." *selects photos to upload to Photobucket* "Now uploading 28 photos." Whaat?! Oh well. Hope you enjoy reading about my silly Sims as much as I enjoy watching them.

The Addison House - Chapter Three
Welcome back to The Addison House, where eight strangers with different backgrounds, looks, and personalities all see how long they can survive in the rumored-to-be-haunted Addison House for 50,000 Simoleons. A brief recap of what has happened up to this point:

On the first week, hard-working but mean-spirited Amie was sent packing after rubbing too many contestants the wrong way. During the second week, German contestant Stefan turned hostile and even violent, resulting in his landing in the Bottom Two for the second week in a row. He was set to be eliminated next, but was spared when J-pop girl Saki neglected to pay off her debts, saddling her with two extra votes that ended up eliminating her. This week's ending remains to be seen: Will Stefan make good on his second chance and pull through another week? Another thing we'll be watching for: Rocco and Lucas are the only two contestants that haven't been sent to the cellar yet. Will their luck continue?

This week's task is sculpting. Again, Immunity is granted to the one who earns the most skill points by the end of the week, and money will be awarded to first, second, and third place (75, 50, and 25, respectively). Money contestants earn by selling finished sculptures also go towards their money total.
(Author's note: The original task was actually music with guitars, but I quickly canceled it after one of my worries came true: most contestants just stood around and watched while one contestant played the guitar and gained skill - they would stand and watch for hours. So I ditched the music idea.)

Now let's get our cameras rolling and see what our contestants--....whoa, wait, wait. What is that?

It's a...sign. There's a sign on the cellar wall that wasn't there before. Says, "I didn't do anything wrong. I loved her. I don't understand. But I see all of you. Please, restore me."

Uh...folks, our crew didn't put that sign up. We'll ask around again, but...that is certainly...odd. We don't really know how to comment on that. Let's...let's just focus back on our contestants, shall we?

Oh my, Alyssa. Lollipop Chainsaw, anybody?
Alyssa: Awwww yeeeaaaahhh!

Rocco builds an item which would be quite useful in the Addison House where they have to share one dinky little bathroom. Sorry, Rocco. You have to sell it.
Rocco: Can I pee in it first?
Rocco: Dang.

Lucas, ever-obsessed with keeping his hair and makeup perfect.
Lucas: This is a reality show. The pretty contestants always win.
You voted off a pretty hot Japanese chick last week.
Lucas: I voted for Stefan.
Fine, whatever.

Lara: Alyssa, what are you doing?
Alyssa: Cleaning the shower.
Lara: But I wanted to do that.
Alyssa: Lara, you're starving. I saw the bubble over your head two seconds ago. Go eat.
Lara: But I want to clean the shower.

Oh no!! Alyssa's foaming at the mouth! Ectoplasm! This place really IS haunted!
Alyssa: 'M bwuffhin mah teef.
...Oh. *Hey guys, you can call off the paranormal investigators. False alarm.*

Many contestants seem to be having a few changes in their game plan. Alyssa appears to be the most consistent - she often stays up late working on the task of the week and is always a fierce contender for it. Good-girl Lara stays out of arguments and hasn't entered a negative relationship with any of her fellow contestants, and she often deliberately picks conversation topics that her fellow contestants enjoy (talking about books with bookworm Dewayne, talking about going green with eco-friendly Rocco). Dewayne is...well, he's still his strange self and he still does strange things.

Lucas seems to have toned down on talking about himself and his possessions all the time - after a half million yawns, I guess he's finally got the point. He's actually focusing on developing deeper relationships. In fact, we finally have our first pair of best friends!

It's cute to watch these two. Lucas can even brag to Alyssa and she won't mind.

We are growing a little concerned with Stefan, however, and not because of his rage. In fact, he's practically a different person that who he was last week - it's midway through the week and he hasn't even yelled at anyone yet. He's been making friendly conversation here and there, but largely he has been a sad, listless individual. Occasionally he'll have a freak-out moment:

And he did get into one fight, after Dewayne out of nowhere started mocking him.

(Dewayne won)

But his personality change has been so dramatic. Where he was violent and vicious last week, he seems really sad this week. We know he loves the outdoors - is being stuck inside one house getting to be too much for him? Are things okay with him psychologically?

This is largely all he does. He will spend hours staring out windows, completely unmotivated to work on his sculpting. We'll keep an eye on him. Hopefully he'll sort himself out.

Sneaky Rocco appears to have a master plan up his sleeve. This week, in addition to his usual dragging-people-away-from-what-they're-doing-to-pillow-fight-with-them schemes, he has been spending purposeful time with each contestant and raising relationships with all of them. In fact, he has made friends with both Lara and Dewayne (whom he originally couldn't stand), and has good standing with everyone else. We thought you hated reality show contestants, Rocco.

Rocco: My plan! It's working! I've got the money in the bag!
...I guess he still does. Good luck with that, Rocco.


Stefan is now staring at a plant. He has been looking out the windows for about four hours now, and now he is staring at a plant. We are getting very concerned. We might need to intervene. He could be extremely psychologically distressed right now. He--...where's he going now?

He is now staring at the soap in the bathroom. The soap. Alright, it's time to sit him down. We have to talk to him and see if he's okay.

Stefan. Our producers are becoming concerned with you. Last week you were...well, volatile and even violent, and now you're been unproductive and listless, staring at plants and windows and walls and even bathroom soap. Are you okay, Stefan?
Stefan: ....
How are you feeling? You seem depressed to us. Do you need a counselor or someone to talk to?
Stefan: No.
We're worried about your changes in mood and activity, Stefan. Are you finding it difficult to stay locked in this house?
Stefan: Telling de truth vould bring disgrace on me. I have no need to talk.
Can we do anything to help you cope with your emotions?
Stefan: I signed up for dis and I vill have to finish it. By myself. I'm done.
Wait, Stefan, we're not--...

...We'll be having psychologists keep an eye on him.

On such a happy note, why don't we take a look at who took trips to the cellar this week! This week the contestants were far more careful - only two contestants were sent to the cellar, although one of them was sent twice. They are...

Lucas and Lara. Lucas finally made his first trip to the cellar this week by clogging the toilet...and less than twelve hours after his release from the cellar, he clogged it again. During one of those trips, he shared the cellar with Lara, who broke the sink. It--....oh, wait, something's happening.

Lara: Lucas?....There's a stove in the cellar.
Lucas: Yeah, I thought that looked weird.
Lara: Lucas, I've been in the cellar before. I was here last week. There was no stove last week.
Lucas: ...Really?
Lara: Gosh, Lucas, do you think this place actually IS haunted? I thought it was just a joke.
Lucas: I think I'd be more scared right now, but I'm too exhausted to care...*slump* Zzzzzz...

We've asked around. We didn't put that stove there. I think there's something going on that we don't know about.
But on the positive side, Lara got some ghost stories out of the experience.

(I just love the expressions on the guys' faces)

And now to announce our winner of Immunity for the week! With a tiny fraction less than 7 points of sculpting, blowing away the competition, the winner of Immunity is...Alyssa!

Alyssa: Pschyeah. Did it again. Super-model pose.
You certainly did, Alyssa. Rocco came in second with 4 3/4 points and Dewayne slid in with 4 1/2 points.
And even more exciting news: both Alyssa and Rocco reached $350 this week - both have been granted one-time Free Passes from the cellar. Should they break an object, they get to skip the cellar treatment for one time. Congratulations, Alyssa and Rocco!
The rest of the money standings looks like this:
Dewayne: $194
Stefan: $141
Alyssa: $85 (after paying $350 for the Free Pass)
Rocco: $42 (after paying $350 for the Free Pass)
Lucas: $-14 (being sent to the cellar twice cost him, but to his credit, Lucas has worked diligently to pay off those debts and prevented a vote against him)
Lara: $-24

Saturday the contestants got to enjoy some indoor activities played outdoors.

Now we've come to the end of the week. It's up to our (second-time) Immunity contestant, Alyssa, to announce which contestant will leave us this week of the Addison House.

Alyssa: If you are seated, you're staying. Good job. Blah blah blah. If you're standing, you're in the bottom two. You know, I'd really like to paint right now...just saying...
Alyssa. Focus.
Alyssa: Okay, okay. The one who is leaving us this week - finally someone other than a girl - is...

...Stefan. I'm sorry, Stefan.

Landing in the bottom two the previous two weeks, Stefan could not hold on for a third. Although he was dramatically more pleasant to talk to this week (only having a rough patch with Dewayne), the damage from the previous week had already been done. And honestly...we kind of think Stefan intentionally lost. We wonder if the show's pressure just got him to his breaking point, especially with the house mysteriously getting "more" haunted. Let's let him speak for himself.

Stefan: I am a bit of a free spirit, a "vild child," so to say. I take risks, I love outdoors. I thought I could handle the show, but...it got to me. I lost all control of my emotions. I turned into someone I did not recognize. You never know how hard it is to be separated from loved ones, locked in a haunted house vith people you do not know...you never know how hard it is until you do it. I vasn't as strong as I thought. I know I have lost respect from viewers, giving up as I did, but I really don't know if I could have lasted another veek. I vish the best to everyone left.

We wish the best to you, too, Stefan. Get some rest and treat yourself. You've been through a lot.

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
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Thank you so much for telling me about Windows Live Photo Gallery! It was a bit of work, but I finally managed to get a group shot of all the contestants, with Roger's picture greyed out. Here's the final result:

Haha, I was going to put text in the middle reading "The Doll House", but I couldn't figure it out. There's always tomorrow...

So anyways, Stefon, yeah, sad to hear, but we all saw it coming. And now he has been eliminated from the game, having to take a ride in the pedophile ice cream truck, never to be seen again. Oh well. I love the small hints that the house is haunted. Maybe the series could end with the ghost of Mr. Addison joining the game. THAT would be a twist to remember Keep up the good work!

"What should you do when you've already got everything you ever dreamed? DREAM BIGGER!!!"
-Miss Nancy, Little Inferno
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^You can just use the paint program for writing in the middle (or photobucket - they've got some cool settings).

I've got my basic storyline thought out in my head, so I know how that's gonna go. I just have to set up the tasks for each week and see how my Sims react. At this point in the challenge, I honestly have no idea who's going to get eliminated next. Amie, Stefan, and Saki were the only three that did a ton of negative interactions with people, so I could kind of foresee them getting eliminated early. But from here on out I'm really not sure, which is going to make this even more fun because even I don't know what the outcome will be!

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
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The Addison House - Chapter Four
Hello and welcome to Episode Four of The Addison House, a reality show where eight strangers try to survive tasks, each other, and themselves in a rumored haunted house, all for the potential to win $50,000. Let's recap on what's happened so far:

Week One, businesswoman Amie bickered and argued throughout her relationships and was eliminated first. Week Two, outdoorsy Stefan was set to go, but rock drummer Saki was eliminated in his place, as her unpaid debt saddled her with two extra votes. Stefan, however, could not make good with the second chance he was given and had a midweek meltdown during Week Three, resulting in him being the third contestant eliminated. The remaining five - Lara, Rocco, Lucas, Dewayne, and Alyssa - battle it out for $50 grand. Rocco and Alyssa have one Free Pass each, to avoid the cellar treatment for a broken appliance (Rocco is the only contestant to never have gone to the cellar).

This week's task is...Dog Week!

Say hello to Crack Dog. (Look at those eyes! They don't even close when he's sleeping!) He will be a part of the Addison House until Friday evening, taken care of by the contestants. Whoever has the highest relationship with Crack Dog by the end of the week wins Immunity. There is no monetary prize for first, second, or third place this week. However, contestants will be given a sculpting station, an easel, a sketching table, and two chemistry sets in order to earn extra money. Any skill gains that occur are irrelevant to the competition.

Also of note: Though Crack Dog will be choosing his favorite contestant for Immunity, he cannot vote for his least favorite contestant for elimination.

Now let's see what....oh boy. What's with the Christmas stuff?

Well, we didn't put that there. But why Chr--...oh wait. What day did Asher Addison die? ....December 19th. Figures. This is starting to get a little weird, folks. Let's just have a look at our contestants.

The contestants had quite some fun with Crack Dog.

However, this was the theme. They brushed him ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I'm surprised Crack Dog had any hair left on him after the week was over. Dewayne especially would spend ALL DAY just brushing the dog. Others would play with Crack Dog, give him treats, rub his belly, have fun, but no. Dewayne just brushed him.
Dewayne: You know that if you brush a dog at least twenty-five times a day, it lowers their risk of Blubber Bladder Syndrome, right?
....Whatever you say, Dewayne. Whatever you say.

When they weren't playing with (or brushing) Crack Dog, they were busy earning money. Lara and Lucas need to get out of debt, while Alyssa and Rocco can start working towards another Free Pass. Dewayne is probably brushing the dog somewhere.

Crack Dog himself was a bit of a hassle to keep up with.

He knocked over the trash can ("I FIND SOME CRACK!!"), shredded the good newspaper while leaving the old rotted one ("NOM NOM NOM"), repeatedly dug holes ("I BURY MY CRACK!!"), and did his business inside the house ("I GOTSTA PEE!!"). Fortunately Lara was around to praise him when he was good...

...and yell at him when he was bad.

(And then making Lucas clean up the pee puddle.)


Ohhhh boy. We've seen this before. I think it's time we sit each of our contestants down and talk about how they're feeling so far. Maybe we'll be able to do something before we get another Stefan on our hands.

Hello, Dewayne. We wanted to talk to you about how you're feeling, how you're reacting to the show so far.
Dewayne: ...
Are you okay, Dewayne? You look really...guilty about something.
Dewayne: Alright! I did it! It was me!
Whoa, what are you talking about, Dewayne?
Dewayne: I let the dogs out, who, who, who, who.
You know what, I think you're just fine, Dewayne. Have a nice day.

Rocco. How are you holding up? Are you feeling stable during the show?
Rocco: I guess so. Everybody's kind of annoying, but they're pretty nice at heart.
How are your emotions holding up?
Rocco: Emotions? What good are emotions? I operate on carefully-calculated logic alone.
Oh...so as long as you're able to logic out your next move, you're just fine?
Rocco: I can win this competition. All it takes is brains.
We admire your confidence, Rocco. You can go.

Hi, Alyssa. You seem pretty relaxed. How have you been feeling the past few weeks?
Alyssa: I've been feeling good! I'm productive, I'm hard-working, I'm beautiful. What more could I want?
Hmm...so nothing is bothering you at this point in the competition?
Alyssa: Well, my boobs could be bigger and I need my nose fixed.
That's...not what we meant, but okay. One last question, Alyssa. Can you describe how things are between you and Lucas? We've noticed you've gotten quite close.
Alyssa: That's between us. I really respect him and...yeah, it's just between us.
Alright, thank you, Alyssa.

Hello, Lucas. You seem pretty bright and cheery today.
Lucas: My new expensive hair straightener came in the mail today.
I thought we limited what you could order through the mail while you're living in the Addison House.
Lucas: I have to have my hair straightened. I'm not about to appear on national television with crappy hair.
Fine, fine. How have you been doing emotionally, Lucas? How have you been handling the tough situations here at the Addison House?
Lucas: Each day at a time, man. Some days it's really rough, but I just remind myself why I'm here, and that if I could make it this far, I can make it to the end. A lot of people might stereotype me and think I'm not that tough, but I want to prove them wrong. I'm here for the money and I WILL get it.
Sounds like you're plenty motivated, Lucas. Good luck.

Lara. Have a seat. How have you been feeling during your stay at the Addison House?
Lara: It's...it's a little unsettling at times. I was really skeptical about there being an actual ghost in this house, but now I'm starting to wonder. Are you sure none of you guys have been involved with this - putting the sign on the cellar, the Christmas stuff in the living room?
I wish we could tell you yes. We've been carefully controlling and monitoring this show and something's been going on under our noses. But rest assured, we wouldn't let any harm befall you.
Lara: Yeah...sure...
Are you alright, Lara?
Lara: Yeah, I'm fine. Just can't sit still. I'm going to go work on my drawing.


Well, after some successful talks with our contestants, let's take a look at our footage of their week.

What are you guys doing?
Lucas: Teaching Lara to sing Phantom Of The Opera.
Lara: OooOOOooOoooOOOOhhH!

Dewayne: I'm cleaning the counter.
But the counter's not dirty.
Dewayne: Can you get me more soap? This grime won't come off.
Dewayne. The counter. Is clean.
Dewayne: Hey! Bubbles!

Rocco: Time to put these waffles away. It'd be a shame to waste them.
They're horribly burnt, Rocco. Even Alyssa wouldn't eat them and she was starving.
Rocco: It's not eco-friendly to throw away perfectly good food.
That stuff probably counts as charcoal, Rocco.

What are you drawing, Dewayne?
Dewayne: Me in my favorite dress.
.....Why do we even talk to you anymore? Let's look at Rocco's drawing instead.

Alright, Rocco. What'd you draw?
Rocco: It's a self-portrait. Looks just like me, right?
...You know, I'm just gonna go outside.

And here we have Alyssa playing chase with a raccoon. I didn't know you could actually do that.

Rocco: Mm, these pancakes sure are good. They have apples in them, and they're 100% organic. What are you eating?
Dewayne: Water buffalo brains. The producers wouldn't let me order any online, so I had to go out and find them myself.
Rocco: .....I hate talking to you.

Oh my! What is this that's occurring? A fire has started on the lot!

Dewayne: Aw man. I didn't want my baked water buffalo brains THIS well-done.
Lucas: Stand back, everyone, I've got this.
Well, it's a good thing we have a Brave Sim on the lot. Good job, Lucas. That was over so quickly it didn't even damage the stove.
Whoa, who is this? There is a paparazzi on the lot. None of our contestants are celebrities. Why is she here?

Paparazzi: Ooh! Hello, young man. You're here already! Are you the gardener? Or are you perhaps Christine's new boyfriend? She's always liked them young!
Lucas: Um...what are you talking about?
Paparazzi: Why, Christine Addison, of course! Surely you know about her. Why else would you be on her property?
Lucas: I'm...on a reality show. I'm competing for $50,000. This isn't her property anymore, right? She's in jail.
Paparazzi: Oh, but she's just been released. Surely you've read it in today's paper!
Lucas: I think Crack Dog chewed it up...

Lucas: ...So apparently Christine Addison has been released from jail and she plans on coming back to her old house.
Alyssa: What?! When?!
Lucas: I don't know. Maybe a month from now, maybe as early as next week. How do you think Asher Addison's ghost is going to feel about this?
Alyssa: Someone please eliminate me!
Lucas: You know, you're kind of cute when you freak out.
Regardless, this is big news to us. WE didn't hear she was going to be released and coming back to this house. We'll try to keep her off the lot while the contestants are here, but...obviously we're not going to cross her, knowing what she's done.
Anyhow, it's time to announce who will receive Immunity this week, as we send Crack Dog back to the adoption shelter. The contestant Crack Dog liked the most is...Dewayne!

Dewayne: Here's my supermodel pose.
It's...great, Dewayne. Although Crack Dog also found great favor with Rocco and Lucas, Dewayne's constant brushing found a soft spot in his heart. I'm sure Dewayne and Crack Dog will miss each other quite some bit. For now, Dewayne is guaranteed to stay till next week. It's on the wire for everyone else.

We have no footage to show you from the cellar this week, because believe it or not, not one constant was sent this week! In fact, only Rocco broke an appliance, but he had a Free Pass and was spared (but still had to pay the $50 in repair costs).
As for money standings, the contestants put their talents to use and did very well this week. Rocco and Alyssa were BOTH able to buy another Free Pass (Rocco completed a sculpture worth $510!), so Rocco now has one (since he used his first) while Alyssa has two Free Passes. Dewayne was also able to buy a Free Pass for himself. The standings:
Rocco: $321 (with one Free Pass)
Alyssa: $309 (with two Free Passes)
Lara: $248 (she obviously worked VERY hard to get out of debt!)
Dewayne: $140 (with one Free Pass)
Lucas: $47

Saturday, a pool was installed for the contestants to enjoy a cool swim. Everything was going swell until Dewayne jumped in naked.

Eventually the contestants sucked it up and got back in, but not before Lucas hid Dewayne's clothes.

It's time for another elimination round, folks. Our winner of Immunity, Dewayne, will be revealing the results of the votes.

Dewayne: Oh boy! I'm so excited. If you're sitting down on the couch, that means you're not standing.
...Annnd they're not going home. Lucas and Rocco are safe.
Dewayne: And the ladies are in the bottom two. The one who will be eliminated this week is.........huh? There's two votes for each.
Yes, Dewayne. We have a tie situation.
Dewayne: Oh boy! Does that mean they both get to go home? :DDDD
No. It means you're the tiebreaker. It's up to you to decide which one stays and which one goes home.
Dewayne: Okay, I pick Lucas!
Lucas is not in the bottom two. You can't eliminate him.
Dewayne: Alright...the one I choose to eliminate is...

Lara: Me?! But...

Just as hard-working as she is sweet, few could have expected Lara to be sent home this early. She'd done her best to balance money-and-skill-gaining with building relationships, and she even came close to earning immunity a couple of times. Unfortunately, she was placed in a tie situation and was chosen for elimination by Dewayne...who probably does not realize that, had he not earned Immunity this week, he would have been in Lara's place. Working hard for Immunity pays off. Let's hear what Lara has to say about her stay at the Addison House.

Lara: I...I guess I'm just shocked right now. I never expected to be in the bottom two. I never would've thought Dewayne would pick me over Alyssa. I don't know...I guess you have to pick someone to eliminate. I really liked everyone and I think everyone kind of liked me too. I stayed clear of drama and tried my best to be kind to everyone, so...I guess I'm just surprised that they picked me to leave. But...what's done is done. I'm really not that upset about leaving the Addison House - it was starting to give me the creeps. I just know I'm going to miss everybody.

And I'm sure you will be greatly missed as well, Lara. We wish the best to you.

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
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Sorry about not posting a chapter for a while. I tried to get 4 days worth of pics, so I had to watch them for a long time. Now I have the pictures, including the eviction ceremony, and I'll probably post them later today.

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Episode 6: I'm Evicted & I Just Can't Get Enough

"What should you do when you've already got everything you ever dreamed? DREAM BIGGER!!!"
-Miss Nancy, Little Inferno
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This sounds totally amazing!! I was just wondering, what mods are you guys using for autonomous woohoo and other romantic stuff?
Mad Poster
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#96 Old 8th Aug 2012 at 1:49 PM
39CBones - I use twallan's mods here. Read the instructions carefully http://nraas.wikispaces.com/
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Awh, I liked Kimberly.
But I think my favorite's Ling Ling. I hope she stays for a while!
I'll be working my my next chapter in a bit. One thing I hate about these challenges is I get so attached to my Sims. Lara was so nice and it's a bummer to have her gone.

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
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I liked Kimberly as well, but they all have to go some time. I'm really afraid Ling Ling may get herself evicted, because she's spending a large amount of her time scaring people. On another note, WHO'S GONNA BE HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD?!?!?! Haha, luckily some people aside from Kimberly worked on the challenge so the process should be easy.

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The Addison House - Chapter 5
Welcome to a new episode of The Addison House, where eight different strangers try to get along with each other and retain their sanity while locked in a haunted house for $50,000. Let's review how the eliminations have gone so far:

Mean-spirited Amie was the first to go home, followed by punk rocker Saki who had a terrible habit of boring people to death. German Stefan grew volatile and violent during Week 2 and could not recover for his elimination in Week 3. Last week saw the exit of kind-hearted Lara, whose sweet demeanor could not save her from elimination. Now there are only four contestants left - self-proclaimed nerd Rocco, artsy emo Lucas, very unique Dewayne, and Alyssa, the only female contestant left in the game. The battle for a spot in the Top Three begins.

This week is Workout Week. As a small reward for surviving this far, the contestants will be allowed to leave the house (and cure some of their stir-craziness) to take a class in athletics. Back at the house there are two treadmills, two workout machines, and a swimming pool. Doing well at this task is crucial -this is the LAST week that contestants can earn Immunity. This is also the last opportunity to earn money and Free Passes. Prizes this week goes like this: Whoever gains the most athletic skill points by the end of the week wins Immunity. Second place receives a Free Pass. Third place receives $100, to potentially gain enough to buy a Free Pass. After this week, there will be no more money-making opportunities, no more Free Pass giveaways, and no more Immunity. Make it count, guys!

We have looked around and, oddly enough, our ghost friend hasn't altered anything this week. Has he calmed down, maybe? Regardless, let's check in on our contestants.

This is the workout room. Isn't it just beautiful? Brand new treadmills, brand new weight-lifting machines. They're so warm and inviting and...covered with dust. You know why? None of the contestants ever once used them. Instead, they spent every last bit of their workout time in the swimming pool.

They, uh...also did things other than working out in the swimming pool too. Do you three have no dignity? The newspaper girl will be here any minute!

Lucas, however, is far too sensible to skinny-dip. In all his swimming, he never once shed his clothes. He did, however, help himself to taking everybody else's. This is a pretty clever strategy, actually - after their clothes are stolen, contestants are too embarrassed to get back into the pool until they change clothes.

Rocco's pretty dedicated about his eco-friendly stuff. He COULD just pee in the pool like everybody else in the world does, but that would dirty up the precious water, so he gets out to use the toilet. We're supportive of your commitment, Rocco. We're sure Dewayne has relieved himself in the pool plenty of times by now.

Ooh...what have we here? Lucas and Alyssa seem to be swimming pretty close together. Are we going to see anything this week, folks?

And the Addison House has suddenly turned into a horse ranch. A third horse ran through the backyard prior to these two showing up. Never mind that man getting out of the pool. We don't know him.

Apparently this horse watches the show and wasn't too happy about Lara leaving instead of Dewayne last week. He won Immunity, Mr. White Horse. You have to give him credit there.

Rocco! You're eating like a pig. Slow down or you'll--


Wait, what is this?! Flirting?!
Alyssa: Aw, Lucas, your jokes always cheer me up.
Lucas: I'm glad...you have a really beautiful smile.
Alyssa: Awwww, Lucas!
It's about time, you two. We've been waiting five weeks for this.

Dewayne: And no matter how hard they scrubbed, they couldn't get the stain out of the floor. MUAH HA HA HA!
Lucas: Uh, Dewayne? How is dropping a spoonful of spaghetti sauce on the floor a horror story?
Dewayne: Have YOU ever tried to scrub spaghetti sauce out of white carpet?

Rocco: And that's why I think we all should go green.
Alyssa: Sometimes when I look at you, my cheeks go red...
Rocco: *giggles like a little girl*
Alyssa! How could you?! You would flirt with Rocco while Lucas is still sleeping? Shame, shame.


Well, folks, it's a beautiful Thursday. The contestants have all of today and tomorrow to finish up their athletic skill gaining, before discovering on Saturday who gets Immunity. They're all working very hard - this is a very close one. Meanwhile...uh, there's a black cat on the front porch. Black cats are usually a sign of ominous things to come, like....wait, who is that that just entered the house?

Oh boy....hello and welcome back to your house, Ms. Addison.
Christine: Nyeh heh heh heh!
We didn't realize you were coming today.
Christine: It's been fifty long years. I was a young woman when I last entered this house. And....why is the place a mess?!?
Well, it's being used as the setting for a reality TV show right now. We started out with eight contestants, now there are four. They've, uh...heard quite a bit about you.
Christine: Well, they should have. This is my house! I'm going to go meet them.
Yeah, you do that, Christine...while we keep our cameras carefully trained on you...

Christine: Little girl!
Alyssa: (JFJDJSKFJLKDJFKJDLFKL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Christine: You're a charming little darling, aren't you? I'm Christine Addison. Pleasure.
Alyssa: ..........DJKSDJKSDJKDSJS!!!!!!!

Christine: Hmm. You're a rather...distinguished-looking gentlemen. Didn't have anyone that looked like you back in my day.
Dewayne: Whoa, lady...

...And here we have Dewayne responding to Christine Addison's gracious introduction by insulting her face. And yes, that is Alyssa preparing to duck out of the way, after hearing the exchange. Dewayne, we're doing our best to protect you, man, but you have to help us out.
Christine: You insolent...! I shan't say what I'd like to do to you!
Dewayne: *yawn* I've beat a German in a fistfight. What have YOU done?

Lucas has tried an interesting approach by using his humor. It appears to have worked. She's responded well to him and seems to like him best out of all the three.
Lucas: Well, I figure you gotta get on her good side, right?
Well, I wouldn't get TOO friendly with her. She may start liking you more than you intend, and we already know what she's done with ONE lover...

And, although we could not capture it on camera, we did find Christine leading Lucas to the cellar to "pillow fight" (although she had the symbol of a certain Lifetime Wish known as "Gold Digger" in her thought bubble at the time). Alyssa interrupted their play time to flirt with Lucas. It appears Christine has not taken this well. Her interactions with Alyssa have consisted only of this:


Christine: And who are you?
Rocco: I'm, uh, I'm Rocco. It's really a pleasure to meet you...um...did you sleep well last night?
Christine: I slept in my own bed, so yes.
Rocco: Oh, uh, heh heh, that's great. So, um...have you heard this house is haunted?
Lucas: Oh, Rocco, don't talk about this...
Christine: "Haunted"? By...whom, pray tell?
Rocco: Uh...nothing, it's just a rumor I heard.
Christine: You mean by that pathetic man I used to call my husband? Pah. When I see his ghost, I'll believe it. Take my word for it - he's gone for good. I...rather made sure of that.
Rocco: (Yes ma'am!)


Well, it is Friday evening and the contestants are in bed. Like last week, not one contestant was sent to the cellar this week - no one broke even one appliance! They've gotten much more careful during their stay here, evidently. Meanwhile, the winner of Immunity, with 6 1/2 skill points, is......once again, Dewayne! Being spared from Immunity last week, Dewayne has worked hard and has earned it again. He has guaranteed a spot for himself in the Top Three. Meanwhile, Alyssa, with 6 skill points, has earned another Free Pass (now she has three!), while Lucas, with 5 1/2 skill points, earns $100. Unfortunately for Lucas, that isn't enough to earn him a Free Pass. He is, in fact, the only contestant without one now, and he won't have another chance to earn one. He'd better be extra careful with his appliances.

And now--...what is that noise? Oh dear, the house is being robbed. No burglar alarm has been installed. Well, we'll just hope she doesn't make off with too many things...oh wait, Lucas has woken up.

Oh my! The burglar didn't even get into the door! Lucas is certainly using his newly-gained athletic skill.

Burglar: What the heck?! I used to beat up the emo kids back in high school!
Lucas: You ain't never seen an emo kid with guns like mine!
Well, whether it's putting out stove fires or fighting off robbers, the Addison House is a pretty safe place to be while Lucas is around. At least for now...

Meanwhile, Saturday is reward day, and we have installed a luxurious hot tub in the backyard for the contestants to enjoy.

Each contestant periodically retreated to the hot tub to relax. And, of course, Dewayne is being Dewayne.
Lucas: Dewayne, has it ever occurred to you that none of us want to see you naked?
Dewayne: I'm staying until next week and there's nothing you can do about it. So I can sit around in my favorite birthday suit all I want.
Lucas: ....Touche.

Awww. We've had little touches here and little touches there, but now we finally have some romance on the show. They're so perfect together. *melts into a little puddle*
But alas, as much as we'd like to, we can't dwell on the romance forever. There is the reality that someone must go home tonight. Our second-time Immunity winner, Dewayne, will make the announcement.

Dewayne: Hello everybody. If you're sitting...you have grown some freaking muscle definition over the past week!
Incredibly, yes, Dewayne. Now that we see him with his shirt off, it's no wonder he beat that burglar. Emo boy's starting to become emo MAN!
Dewayne: And if you are standing, you are in the bottom two. Unless you have Immunity, like me. Now I will announce who will be leaving tonight. The person I choose to leave tonight, is Lucas.
Dewayne, again, you can't pick Lucas. He's not in the bottom two.
Dewayne: He hid my clothes!
Then you shouldn't have stripped them off. He's been taking your clothes all week. Learn sometime.
Dewayne: ....It's another tie.
Once again, Dewayne, you are the tie-breaker. By revealing your vote, you will reveal who goes home tonight.
Dewayne: Well...my vote goes to...

Dewayne: ...Alyssa. She's as attractive as flies.
Alyssa: I'M going home? But I...Lucas....

Like the week before, hard work to gain Immunity saved Dewayne once again, and his vote eliminated the last female in the game. Although a bit of a worrywart, Alyssa has been kind to each contestant and a very hard-working person, earning Immunity twice herself. She was the first one to develop a friendship on the show - one that just began to blossom into romance this week with Lucas. Unfortunately, such a pure and delightful thing to watch ended up being what eliminated her - she spent so much of her time interacting with Lucas that she'd hardly paid much attention to Rocco or especially Dewayne.

Alyssa: I can't believe this. I'm just....I'm so heartbroken and so angry right now. I worked so hard to come this far. I wanted to win! I gave my everything to win this game, and now I have to leave because...because that weirdo has something against females? I thought he didn't like Rocco! And it's...that's not even what hurts the most. Something really, really wonderful was happening with me and Lucas. He's one of the most understanding guys I've ever met and he's...I don't know. It became more about being with him than competing for the money. And now I'm going home, leaving the money and leaving Lucas. I just...I don't want to talk about this anymore.

We're so sorry, Alyssa. We loved watching your work ethic and your blossoming relationship with Lucas. We'll miss you.

Rocco: Well! That was something. I've never been in the bottom two before! Now I can relax. And I mean really relax! *throws trunks off*
Lucas: This is just....I can't believe this. This is so stupid.

We're sorry, Lucas. We can't control how the game goes. We simply watch. And thus ends this episode. Goodnight, everyone.

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
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Episode 7: Attack of the Socialites

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