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#1 Old 19th Feb 2018 at 7:52 PM
Default Sim got screwed, need revenge.
Okay, so this happened 4 or 5 years ago now but I still think something should be done about it. My Sim, a young lady I don't remember the name or face of, was a successful interior designer who lived from job to job with little in the way of hobbies or hookups. She was good at her job and enjoyed doing it, but otherwise her life was fairly boring.

Until she heard the city wanted to honor her for her efforts. There would be a small ceremony at City Hall where she'd get a medal and, I believe, a promotion. So on one beautiful Wednesday morning, she went to pick it up.
On her way there, right as she stepped out of the subway station across the street from City Hall, her phone rang. Some dumb friend of hers who wanted to chit chat. I mean, yeah, sure, whatever. Probably calling to brag about someone she spent the night with or something, Sims are arrogant like that. As long as she made it quick.

So anyway, she hangs up, and then I notice the City Hall interaction is gone. She's no longer on her way to City Hall. So I click City Hall to re-activate the interaction and it's not there. What the hell? Maybe she was late, they'd cancelled the thing. Either way, no goddamn medal. And she worked so hard for it. Not even Debugger could bring it back. So that was a major "FUCK YOU. From: the game To: me" moment and I don't think I felt like playing this shitty-ass game for the rest of the week like it's always the case when it screws me over.

But I never forget when people fuck me, so that I can fuck them back later. A week later, a month later, 10 years later. I'm really fucking petty. And I'm protective of my Sims so every time something unfortunate happens to then, a random citizen disappears.
Long story short, any recommendations for who should disappear this time? Pretty sure I already stuffed that friend of hers into my magic murder hat years ago so it'll have to be a premade. Who's your least favourite premade? Whose face rubs you the wrong way? Who would you gladly discriminate against? Who should be the unfortunate victim of a ruthless home invasion, a rare meteorite impact, a terrifying earthquake, a tragic transporter accident, or two self-inflicted gunshots to the back of the head?

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