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Default Problem with no-install version
I download no-install version of sims2pack Clean Installer V.1.6.18 and it work fine except a thing, program doesn't show on "open with" list!...I mean I right click on sims2pack file-open with-choose program...-browse...-desktop-S2PCISE-sims2pack clean installer-open and sim2pack Clean Installer in list.Please~please help me and don't told me to use install version instead, I can't install it.
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When you browse for the program, don't select the shortcut. Choose the Clean Installer EXE instead. Ultimately, you want a path which starts with the drive letter and contains the full path to the EXE. For example:
C:\Program Files\Sims2Pack Clean Installer\Sims2Pack Clean Installer.exe
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