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New Creator Theme: Elders! - posted on 1st Sep 2018 at 11:43 AM
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Default The Virus
Hello, it's been a while since I've wrote a challenge so forgive me, please. Welcome to the Challenge

It's been 5 months since the virus, known by many as the silent killer, has started. It started in a city all the way across the country, known as Twinbrook. It kills within 24 hours of finding you've been infected. But gladly your family is safe because nothing has gone wrong around you. Yet. You're only a teenager and you have lived your life in the lap of luxury since you were born. You have a baby sister who is only two.
It's been 6 months now, and the virus has reached your town and started to infect families all over the city. A cure has been found, but new strands of the virus are constantly coming out and fighting to kill every last one of you. Your parents ignored the warnings though, and they went out for their regular weekend get away, and you were recently informed that your parents were infected and died over the weekend. It's up to you to keep your sister healthy, and prevent an outbreak from reaching yourself. Your neighbor, and friend, has given you a small supply of food to help you out, but this is all you have to start. (This is the food in the fridge when you buy it)

1) Create your teen, he/she can be dressed and look however you see fit. Only one trait is required and that is the Family-Oriented Trait. He/she may only have 1 trait that helps your survival. I will list traits that fall under this category
2) Create your toddler. It must be a female. That is the only requirement. Unlike her older sibling, she may have 2 survival related traits as she grows up.
3) I am aware that there has to be a YA or older in the household, so create one and delete it, kill it, or use a mod to make it possible to live without it. If you choose to do so you may also lock this person in another room and fill her needs in case of a roll that needs fulfilled.
4) You may have pets, but they are carriers of the virus and if outside risk bringing the virus into your house and infecting your family. And not to mention expel some of your resources. (This all will be explained later)

Survival Traits: Gatherer, Green Thumb, Handy, Angler, Athletic, kleptomaniac. I am aware that I left some off that could be counted, but I think these are the main important ones, so the others go ahead and claim if you like them.

Creating your lot:
Go crazy! This isn't a money challenge and it really doesn't matter what your lot looks like or how much stuff it has. I just know I'm going to get questions. Build what you like or just take a pre-built lot, doesn't matter.
You must add a nice garden (10-15 plants) to your neighbor's house. You'll see why soon. Go into edit their lot and use the buydebug cheat to plant your garden.
If you like you may move townies in edit town mode to get one of the nicest houses, my sims now live in the Alto house and the altos live with the landgraabs.

After making your lot use familyfunds to change your funds to 1000, your money was mostly lost when your parents were gone.

LIFESPAN::: Set your lifespan to this---> Infant: 3 days. Toddler: 9 days. Child: 10 days. Teen: 15 days. (when starting the challenge slide this until your starting teen has 15 days left before aging up) YA: 40 days. Adult: 35 days Elder: 11-20 days This should come out to around 130 days, I know pretty long. But it really works out nicely.
1) Follow what is shown below.

The Virus (Information):
The virus is a highly contagious illness that spreads in different ways. It will evolve throughout the challenge and the stronger your sim the more of a chance it has to fight against it. The Virus takes 24 hours to kill, so if your sim contracts the virus they should stay away from all other sims until their demise, otherwise they might just kill all their friends. The virus did not start very strong, which means it is not as strong as it could end up being. You must roll if you contract the virus to see if it is a subdued version and you survive it (You have a higher athletic skill to fight it), or if it was too strong and overtook you after your time has struck (You couldn't save yourself with the athletic boost).

The Real Challenge: Here's what you all really wanted to see.
The goal of this challenge is to survive for 100 days under rule of the virus. There are guidelines for certain days in the countdown below, along with a daily and every other day roll.
There are no points to this challenge, as I don't see how it would fit.
This challenge is supposed to be fun, so feel free to alter a few things to suit you if you like.

The rolls:
Virus roll: This is done when you interact with another sim. Roll a number between 1 and 10, if it is a 6 or above, the sim is not infected, and is safe. If it is a 5 or below, the sim is infected and you need to roll to see if your sim has gotten infected.
Virus roll II: Daily check for infection, Roll between 1 and 25. The number goal for this roll is altered throughout the challenge, so always keep an eye out.
If you failed the roll above by not reaching a number above the daily threshold, you must roll this to see whether or not your sim survives. Roll between 1-25, you have to get a number higher than 15, the athletic skill can boost your roll by 1 per skill point.
Every other daily roll (every 2 days): Roll between 1 and 25. This must be done after your daily infection check. If you come across a roll you cannot complete, reroll and complete that one.
1-4: Nothing happened today, you are safe for now.
5-6: A wild raccoon got into the house and infected your food, any leftovers in a fridge must be thrown out or risk infection. Also 5 pieces of food must be deleted.
7-8: Your sim is pregnant, if you currently do not have a female sim of a high enough age, reroll and follow the next roll. If you can, use cheats to cheat a relationship and get a sim pregnant. It will not cost a roll for the interactions.
9-12: Power cut, all water and electric has stopped for the day until the power company gets it repaired (next morning.) If there are any leftovers or meals in the fridge they have gone bad and you must throw them away.
13: A stray dog has found its way to your door, you must choose whether to keep it or shoo it away. If you shoo it away nothing will happen, if you keep it you must roll for the virus and receive an extra basket of food at your next visit to the store. (Requires Pets, without it, reroll and try again)
14: Everyone in your household is infected, roll for above a 3 to defeat the weak strand of the virus. Any sims who roll a 1, 2, or 3 are killed in 24 hours.
15-18: A care basket has been dropped at your door by a kind stranger. It includes 40 simoleans worth of food or other necessities. Take a trip to the grocer (no rolls) and purchase 40$ worth of items.
19: Storm! A freak storm has flooded your yard and you have lost all items that are in the yard and any items within 2 tiles of doors. Items that are on decks and foundation have also been destroyed.
20: Your cause has been heard by the city and they have given you an extra basket to fill at your next grocer visit.
21-22: A baby is dropped at your doorstep in the wee hours of the morning. You must call the adoption center and adopt an infant to care for.
23-25: Rummage. There is a pile of garbage that has been dumped on your lot. You may rummage through it to find items one time, and you will find a skill building object, but your hygiene will drop to filthy.

For the virus rolls, if your sim interacts with any other sim 1 hour before or during the 24 hours they are infected, they will risk infecting that sim as well.

Quick tip:::::Raise as many skills as possible and throughout the challenge get creative and build on the ideas.

The days: For a better challenge, do not look ahead to a day ahead of the one you are on.

Day 1: No virus rolls for today, this is before all hell breaks loose, just a time for some skill building and fun times.

Day 2, Virus lvl to beat; 2: You can either sneak out of your house and purchase a basket of food and a basket of books at their respective stores ($200 worth), or you may sneak onto an entertainment lot. Do not interact with anyone outside of your household or else you will risk infection. You may not call upon a service such as a babysitter without a risk of infection from the caretaker. You must roll for a possible infection if you interact with anyone.

Day 5, Threshold, 2: You have just gotten word that the government is going to fully lock down each road in 24 hours. You have until tomorrow morning to leave your lot, you must roll for interaction with other sims or if you enter a crowded space.

Day 6 Threshold, 2: Your street has just been locked down, you cannot leave your lot or the area around it unless the city tells you otherwise.

Day 9, Threshold 3: You haven't seen your neighbor/friend in over 24 hours and their garden is starting to wilt. You must decide whether it would be a good idea to sneak out of your home and loot the fruits, or if it's better to play it safe and keep yourself safe from infection and/or being caught out of your home.
Should you choose to stay inside and play it safe with your own food, you don't have to do anything. Should you choose to loot the garden you must roll a virus check and must only go out when it is dark, you can't be caught by the police surveillance, and you must be back before sunrise. You must roll a number between 1 and 5, 1-3, you didn't get caught and you make it back to your house safely, 4-5, you are caught by patrolling policemen and all of your fruits are taken with the exception of 2 your managed to hide.

Day 12: Threshold 3: By now your baby sister should be a child. You must sneak out and teach her a skill around the town, such as fishing, the athletic skill, gardening, something. It can be off the lot or on the lot but you must sneak out (should you choose to do so) before sunrise and only return at dark. If you leave the lot roll a number between 1 and 5, 1-4 you didn't get caught, 5 you did and you were sent home, the cops taking anything you picked up along the way.

Day 15: Threshold 3: You are greeted with an opportunity when an old woman is caught out of her home during the day. You can either sneak out with a smaller chance of getting caught and can go anywhere, or stay put and be rewarded with anything she was carrying. There was also an idea in your head of helping the old woman.
Sneak out: Roll 1-5, 1-4 you're good, 5 you're caught and sent home, the cops taking everything in your inventory.
Stay Put: Roll 1-5, 1-2 you are given 10 pieces of food from her inventory. 3-4, you are given 5 pieces of food. 5, you are given nothing, as the woman was simply wandering with nothing. If you help her, you are automatically caught by the police and returned to your house and must risk a virus check, although you would've gained her trust. If you get food, go to the store and purchase that much food, only buy realistic things though. An old woman wouldn't be carrying 10 uncooked chickens on her person.

Day 17: Threshold 3: The town's power is waning as many of the workers have died, both at home and at work. Power is only usable between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Day 19: Threshold 4: A helicopter has flown overhead and dropped care baskets in the middle of every street. You can do one of 3 things. Go to the pile alone. Go to the pile with other sims in your household. Or finally, don't go at all.
Go alone: You get into a fight over your care package, as you try and sneak an extra one for your sister. roll a 1-10, 1-5, you lose and have to roll a second time for your infection, you only get one care package with 10 pieces of food. 6-10, you win. You still have to test yourself for the virus, but if you hurry home you can keep both care packages, one with 10 pieces of food, and the other with 5 pieces of food and a small generator for an extra hour of power.
Go with friends: Everybody leaves you alone but by the time you can get through the crowd all but one package is gone. This package holds 5 pieces of food. You must still take a virus test for all sims who leave the lot.
Don't go at all: Fairly obvious, you don't get to gain anything from the care packages, bu you do not risk infection.

Day 25: Threshold 4: After much time without much happening around your home, a terrible storm hits, destroying the power station, leaving the hours of usable power between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Not only did this happen, but the storm wipes out everything in your yard and on your porch/deck and anything else outside. This includes any garden you may have planted or grown.

Day 29: Threshold 5: The radiation from the power station has leaked into the water supply and killed many of the fish, 4/5 of every other fish is toxic to eat. Due to the lack of staff, the purification of the radioactive water has brought water hours down to 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. No baths/showers/washing of anything outside of these times.

Day 33: Threshold 5: Police forces are dwindling and crime rates are rising. Houses are constantly being broken into. Due to the amount of crime and the small force of the police and fire squads, house calls for break ins and kitchen fires cannot be made. All other services are cancelled too. No exceptions (unless rolled in the 2 day roll)

Day 36: Threshold 5: Due to the lack of police it is getting harder and harder to control what is going on in your neighborhood. Less patrolling is happening, so at night it is now possible to sneak off of your lot and go to any surrounding house with no chance of capture by the police. (So long as you're back before sunrise)

Day 41: Threshold 6: Your entire household has become infected with a new strand of the virus, you must check to see if they survive another day.

Day 46: Threshold 6: A fire burns rampant on your neighbor's old, abandoned house. You must pack up all of your things fast and move from your house onto a new lot. You must buy a 10x15 lot on the outskirts of town. (Go into edit town and place one way out of the way) You may only build an 8x10 shack, nothing bigger. Furnish it with only one bed, a sofa, a crib, a fridge, a counter, a sink, and slap a bathroom in there if it'll fit, if not get creative. Your sims can take 10 units of stuff each, a single piece of food only counts for half a unit, 2 pieces of food count as one of your units. Choose your packaging wisely. Once in the shack, you must set your funds to 10, the rest of your money was burned in the fire, although most deals and purchases are done through bartering now anyway.

Day 47: Threshold 7: You may now leave your lot at any time of the day, but you must always roll a spare virus check when you leave the lot. You can steal from houses, raid gardens, nothing is illegal anymore. The police force is non-existent.

Day 54: Threshold 7: One week after moving into your shack, food is probably getting low, especially if it is winter. Never fear, you met a young boy/girl (child) while you were out on the town who had a basket full of food. He was looking for a place to live and offered the basket full of food to anybody willing to take him in. If you say no, you get no food, and you don't have to deal with another sim. IF you say yes, you can give yourself 100 simoleans to spend in the grocery, but you must add a child aged sim to your household and care for him/her.

Day 60: Threshold 7: If you chose to take in the young boy/girl (If not this doesn't apply to you, and you may continue normally.) ----> The young child you brought in has found his mother as she goes limping down the road. He runs to her and gets infected, as she had the virus. You take him back home, but make sure not to get close enough to breath in the virus. You must roll to see if (s)he survives. His/her rolls are boosted though, as he was part of an experimental program to test a vaccine for the virus. (s)He has to beat only a 10 to survive.

Day 67: Threshold 8: Thieves raid your yard and steal anything you have that is outside, including everything from your garden. Once the garden was harvested they destroyed it all. You must delete everything outside of your shack.

Day 70: Threshold 8: An old woman comes walking down the road with a cart. It was the same old woman you saw get taken off the street during the first bit of this. She has a cart full of small objects and she notices you sitting outside your shack. If you chose to help her when you saw her getting all of her things taken from her, she will give you 2 pieces of food and a small, battery powered stereo. You must roll a virus check. If you chose to either take her things or sneak away, she will have forgotten your face and keep walking. You can either rob her and risk a virus check, or you can leave her alone. She's just an old woman.
Should you choose to rob her, you will be greeted by her fist in your face as she knocks you out with her bony old woman hands and scurries away, leaving behind a single apple rolling on the ground. You must roll for the virus.
If you leave her alone she'll flash you a little smile and continue on her way. You do not have to perform a virus check.

Day 74: Threshold 9: While you are out on the town again today, you find a small water purifier. You must roll a 1-5, 1-3 the purifier works, 4-5 it doesn't and it was a waste of time picking it up. This gives you 1 extra hour of water time (Should it actually work)

Day 76: Threshold 9: The power plant has completely shut down. You are completely without power and water. (Should you not have a generator or other means of getting these things)

Day 80: Threshold 9: (Today only applies to you if you chose not to attempt at robbing the old woman.) The old woman is back and this time she has much less in her cart, but she wheels it up to your door anyway. She smiles and holds out her hand to show off what she has. She's willing to trade. She has 5 pieces of fruit in her cart, a few 2-in-1 buckets, and finally a small generator/water purifier resting neatly on top. The fruit costs something of equal value, as food is scarce for many. The 2 in 1 buckets go for 3 units of food, and the generator/purifier goes for 5 UNITS of food, or something of equal value. You can also offer her services such as repairs (lvl 4 handiness) (Worth anything in the basket, but requires something from your lot that could be used to fix it), Or possibly athletic tips to keep her healthy and less likely to catch the virus (Lvl 8 athletic) (Worth anything except the gen/purifier). (You can also come up with your own ideas just so long as they make since)
You must roll a virus check. The generator/purifier offers 1 hour of power and 1 hour of water.
As you see her walk down the road with everything left in her cart, she is jumped by a group of thieves. That is the last time you will ever see her.

Day 83: Threshold 10: There is an experimental drug being tested in the hospital, for the next 3 days, if anybody in your household becomes infected, they must leave the lot and stay on the hospital lot at all times for 24 hours. (You may cheat their needs so they don't starve, as the hospital will feed them and care for them)

Day 88: Threshold 11: All sims who were sent for the experimental drug are no longer infected and cannot get infected for 4 days as the drug has started to kick in it's immunity.

Day 93: Threshold 12: Sims who were previously immune are no longer immune as the effects of the drug have worn off and are now more susceptible to the virus. You must take off 2 points of every virus check you roll and 1 off of every survival roll.

Day 95: Threshold 12: A storm rolls in and lightning strikes your house, making it catch fire. One of your sims is caught in the fire and dies before it can be extinguished. You must delete the roof of your shack because it burned out, leaving your sims open to the elements. This can be avoided if you have a sim with level 6 handiness. If your household has 2 people with the bravery trait the sim is saved just before being trapped, if not, roll a number between 1 and however many people are in your household, assign numbers to keep yourself honest. The sim with the number you roll is the one who was trapped.

Day 97: Threshold 13: The child you took in (if it is still alive) has found a syringe full of another experimental drug. It could save one sim of your choice from death. Although you aren't sure how long it will last.

Day 99: Threshold 14: If you used the drug 2 days ago, it has worn off. You are again susceptible to the virus. Your oldest sim is now infected, although it is highly contagious, it will not kill him/her, so you must keep her away from your food and family, due to risk of infection.

Day 100: Threshold 15: You have survived. You made it through the epidemic and have been picked up by a paramedic. The hospital has found a cure and mass produced it. You, and everyone else, has been saved! Congratulations, you made it through hell and back.

Thanks for playing, I have to give credit to MistyDW for creating her Doomsday countdown and giving me the idea to make my own. It is not my original work, but I went with her countdown and ran with it. I wanted to put it out there for others to enjoy as a slightly more challenging take on her challenge. I'm not sure if this is too similar to be posted, but if it is, I will take it down, but I just thought I would show a bit of a different take on it.
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#2 Old 11th Dec 2015 at 7:15 PM

That is the link to MistyDW's original challenge if you want to see that.

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#3 Old 22nd Dec 2015 at 6:53 PM
this looks so awesome, I'mma do it The likelihood is I'll also end up writing some kinda book on wattpad based on this, so... XD
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#4 Old 27th Dec 2015 at 7:52 PM
Originally Posted by LollipopAddict2013
this looks so awesome, I'mma do it The likelihood is I'll also end up writing some kinda book on wattpad based on this, so... XD

@LollipopAddict2013 I'm so glad you're trying it! Please leave a link to your story on wattpad so I can read it (should you choose to do that XD). Thank you!!

"900 years of time and space, and I have never met someone who wasn't important."
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#5 Old 4th Jan 2016 at 11:00 PM
OMG THIS LOOKS AWESOME! I'm totally going to do this! :3

Play my sims 3 version of The Princess Challenge

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#6 Old 10th Jan 2016 at 1:49 PM
Originally Posted by Letcupcake
OMG THIS LOOKS AWESOME! I'm totally going to do this! :3

Thanks! I hope you continue! Make sure to post pictures and stuff so we can see how it's going for you!

"900 years of time and space, and I have never met someone who wasn't important."
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#7 Old 4th Jul 2016 at 1:44 AM
This challenge looks great! I loved playing the Doomsday Challenge! I'm going to play this soon!
Test Subject
#8 Old 7th Jul 2016 at 11:42 PM
Default Nraas idea
I think this challenge would be good paired with Nraas's Virus mod if his original mod was tweaked to fit the challenge. Thanks for the great story setting and idea.
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#9 Old 24th Jul 2016 at 3:56 PM
I hope you both like it!
Also, I agree, but I've never used the virus mod so I'm not sure how it would work. I've thought about putting something in about it though.

"900 years of time and space, and I have never met someone who wasn't important."
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#10 Old 14th Jan 2017 at 3:44 AM
I'm doing this challenge right now, I'm on day 10 in the challenge. My teen sim has reached level 7 in athletic skill and made a beautiful garden, has her new friend in the house, and her little sister is growing up to a child very soon. So far things are going well, few bumps on the road but nothing too serious.
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#11 Old 13th Sep 2017 at 6:05 PM
Default My twist :P
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this challenge and have set up the game ready to play.

I have chosen to play this out in the CC world 'simington'.

Found here: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=532525

In order for that to make sense, I changed the backstory a bit. Rather than the parents dying, they used all their fortune to send the kids to the Artifical island where there was no virus. The tickets were stupidly expensive and so they could only afford to send the kids. Although all sims have to be screened prior to arriving someone with a very low-level infection managed to come up, virus negative in the screening. Thus the challenge begins.

Given that I haven't read through the day by day events (as recommended) I have no idea if playing on this CC world is going to work, but we'll see.
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