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Additional table bbcode options available - posted on 5th Mar 2018 at 2:12 PM
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#401 Old 27th Feb 2018 at 12:45 AM
Dooopity doop! Petalclan update #4!! :D
Let me make this in story form, and then just make it kinda simpler like usual.

The days passing were usual, just hunting and learning how to hunt, Sparrowwing is recovering in the nusery happily with her kits which are growing, soon leaving the nursery. Sparrowwing looked at her kits playing with rocks and moss balls, she remembered them as small, young creatures. Sparrowwing curled up in her large nest, staring at the night sky. The crescent moon shone through the orange leaves, shining onto the nursery ground. A cough came from across the nursery, Dustkit whipped his head to where the noise came from. He usually was up late, staring at the line of stars in the sky. The sparkling stars shone onto his eyes, he nodded at the sky and curled up. Emberkit looked to Dustkit, and looked up at the sky too. Emberkit flicked her fluffy little tail, and climbed up the nursery walls. As Emberkit grew older, she became more agile. She climbed out of the nursery and looked behind her. She saw no cat in sight, and looked up to the river of stars in the sky. Emberkit sat down, looked around once more, and exploded through the thickets marking the camp boundaries. Emberkit stuck her tongue out as somewhat mocking nothing, her brown pelt blended in with the dying grass under her. Emberkit explored the territory. A small rodent swivered under her feet. She stared at it, not wanting to catch it, but observe it's movements. The mouse sped away quickly from something. A black and white cat sped after it, and caught it quickly. She noticed the huge fluff around the cat's neck, oh no..! Flinttuft! Emberkit quickly, yet silently, dug a hole into the ground and hid in it. She watched Flinttuft look around, but then go off with his catch. Emberkit crawled out, and looked behind her. A twoleg was exploring the territory! Emberkit heard stories of them from mom... 'They are terrible and seem to have the best eyesight, and can summon harsh lights.. Flashlights.' Emberkit took a quick, nervous gulp, her amber gaze locked right onto the twoleg's. Emberkit decided to not run to camp, but to dig more into the hole. The twoleg wouldn't reach her there! Emberkit dug deeper into the hole, her paws ached but she kept digging for the sake of her safety. She heard murmurs from outside of the hole, a twoleg gripped her tail! She heard laughing of the twolegs, Emberkit went with her instinct and hissed at the twoleg, and scratched it's large, slender paw. Emberkit kept digging further into the hole, digging quite deep. She hid in there and hoped soon that the twoleg's lights would go away.

Petalstar stretched her legs and got out of the den, the dawn sky greeted her as she exited the small cavern. Petalstar looked around, trying to spot the nursery. Petalstar trotted over to it, she was going to wake up Sparrowwing's kits to let them become apprentices! Petalstar looked around the nursery. She didn't spot Emberkit, making her ears perk up in alarm. Petalstar nudged Dustkit awake. "Do you know where Emberkit went?" Petalstar asked with concern. Dustkit nodded and pointed his mother to out of camp. "Oh no..." Petalstar sighed. She nodded in thanks, and leapt away to the camp border.

Emberkit crawled out of the hole, certain that the twolegs are gone. Emberkit looked up. Her mother towered over her with an angered expression. Petalstar flicked her tail. "Excuse me young one, you shouldn't be out of camp." Petalstar growled, and picked up the large Emberkit. Emberkit hopelessly flailed around. "There are tons of dangers outside of camp, that's why you dont go out there! Now, you'll have to sleep with me in my den to ensure you aren't sneaking out." Petalstar sternly stated. ~I kinda experienced the 'danger' part last night..~ Emberkit thought. Emberkit looked up at Petalstar and nodded. "Okay."

Heatherkit gathered under the hightree, once she saw Petalstar emerge from the cavern of hers, and climbed up the tree filled Heatherkit with excitement and joy. Petalstar smiled and glanced upon the four kits, her gaze settling onto Pebblekit. "Hello all, today is the day that four kits become apprentices, they have reached the age of six moons, old enough to start training." Petalstar's confident voice echoed across the clearing, her siblings looking up. "The way these apprentices are being trained will be different, instead of one cat to train them, they will train alongside Icy and Spottedpaw. Any warrior can also wake them up in the morning and train them by themselves. We are short on warriors, so we hope for them to all pass on their skills to the next generation of skilled fighters and hunters." Petalstar confirmed. "Pebblekit, you have always abided by the rules," Petalstar glanced over to Emberkit briefly. "You were a friendly she-cat and always willing to help out with what warriors needed to do as much as possible. I hope you become a loyal warrior with great skills, and I wish for the warriors here to pass on their knowledge of survival in the wild." Petalstar mewed with happiness, and leapt down from her high branch to approach Pebblekit. "Do you promise to defend and live by the warrior code for your whole life, live for it, and die by the code of the warriors?" Petalstar asked the small cat. Pebblekit smiled and her orange eyes lit up. "Of course I will, Petalstar." Pebblekit nodded, with a large smile on her face. "From now until you are a warrior, your name will be Pebblepaw, may starclan light your path." Petalstar spoke, she touched her nose with Pebblepaw's and hopped back up the tree. "Plumkit, step forward." Petalstar looked upon the large, beautiful she-cat. "You are stubborn, sassy, and can be quite rude. This doesn't hold you off from being one of the greatest warriors, you seemed to hold great intrest in hunting and protecting your clan." Petalstar told Plumpaw, smiling. "I hope that the skills from the cats whom train you will pass on their abilities to you. Do you promise to protect the warrior code, live by it, even at the cost of your life?" Petalstar asked. Plumpaw nodded.

The night passed and so on, I really need to sleep so I cant excactly update it further. But here's a summary.
Emberkit sneaked out of camp and nearly got captured by twolegs
Petalstar found Emberkit, giving her a punishment for sneaking out of camp.
Pebblepaw, Plumpaw, Scorchpaw, and Heatherpaw aged up and became apprentices!

Thats it ;w;

Petalclan alliegances ~~

Petalstar - A cream she-cat with brown and light brown stripes, and a white chest with purple eyes. Medium, sleek fur and seven lives left. Leg recently crippled.

Cheetahfang - A light brown tom with black cheetah-like spots and cream paws, and underfur. Short, sleek fur.
Apprentice - Spottedpaw

Featherheart - A beautiful silver she-cat with black stripes and white underfur. Long, soft fur and bright blue eyes.
Cloudfur - A white tom with grey spots, yellow eyes and short, soft fur.
Flinttuft - A black tuxedo tom with orange eyes and SUPER fluffy fur.

Spottedpaw - A light brown she-cat with black spots and white underfur with orange eyes. Super fluffy.
Icy - A pure grey she-cat with a blue scarf and bright, emerald green eyes. She is very sweet and cheerful, and her fur is fluffy yet soft. She smells like lavender.
Pebblepaw - A black tuxedo she-cat with small light brown stripes and medium, sleek fur with orange eyes.
Plumpaw - A large black tuxedo she-cat with small light brown stripes and medium, spiky fur with purple eyes.
Scorchpaw - A light brown tuxedo tom with orange eyes and medium, soft fur.
Heatherpaw - A small brown she-kit with dark brown stripes, light brown underfur, muzzle and paws. Has yellow eyes. Medium, sleek fur.

Sparrowwing - A large she-cat with light brown fur, dark brown and black leopard-like spots, cream paws, underfur and muzzle. Has Orange eyes with medium, soft fur. Severely sick.

Emberkit - A brown she-kit with bits of cream and Dark brown stripes, purple eyes and long, soft fur.
Dustkit - A small cream tom with a few brown spots and brown eyes. Medium, sleek fur. Has a crippled hind leg.
Duckkit - A cream tom with a few brown spots and purple eyes. Medium, soft, fur.


Medicine cat~

Emberkit, Dustkit, Duckkit
Pebblepaw, Plumpaw, Scorchpaw, Heatherpaw.

Oakwhisker - Killed by Deer
Test Subject
#402 Old 8th Mar 2018 at 10:33 PM Last edited by _Fluffy_ : 13th Mar 2018 at 4:36 AM.
ahh where is everyone?
I miss my almost daily warrior cats stories cri.

its not really news, more like stories
Test Subject
#403 Old 12th Mar 2018 at 9:52 AM
Default Sorry
Hey thread, I am sorry I have not been updating, we recently got a new computer and re-downloading my expansion packs has been extremely tedious. High school is annoying rn, and I don't have as much free time as I usually do. Once again, I apologize for inactivity, but I am gonna do an update soon!
Test Subject
12th Mar 2018 at 9:56 AM
This message has been deleted by thenightfall2509.
Test Subject
#404 Old 13th Mar 2018 at 4:33 AM
Originally Posted by thenightfall2509
Hey thread, I am sorry I have not been updating, we recently got a new computer and re-downloading my expansion packs has been extremely tedious. High school is annoying rn, and I don't have as much free time as I usually do. Once again, I apologize for inactivity, but I am gonna do an update soon!

YOY! Its fine, i get what you mean about school. I cant wait to see it
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Original Poster
#405 Old 13th Mar 2018 at 5:44 PM
hahahahahaha guess who's back with YET ANOTHER CLAN


at one point

basically, i'm just doin what everyone else is. Each clan in this save will have their own culture, spirit of the land, and story, yadda yadda all that.

For this update, I present to you: ShardClan! I'm kinda too lazy to explain so I'll just let you guys interpret their nature through the narratives. sorreh ;.3.

Gentle nighttime winds blew over the ShardClan nursery, ruffling Shadekit's thick, monochrome fur. As he sat up, awake and alert in comparison to the quietly-snoring Trancesong only a nest over, he caught onto a familiar scent that carried in through the hush breeze. He turned, unalarmed, to face the elegant black figure sauntering her way into the den.

"Why, good evening, Shadekit." purred the she-cat, tone carrying no irritation or surprise at his staying awake so late. "Trouble sleeping again?"

The kit nodded, directing his intense gaze away from the older cat to swipe his little tongue tentatively across his pelt. "I think I'm sure this time. That I'm not crazy. You should stay up with me, Shriekstar-- maybe if we wait long enough, she'll come out again and you'll believe me."

"I'd love to, but I'm afraid I can't. I have duties to attend to, so I need to be up bright and early tomorrow." Shriekstar sighed, nudging him apologetically with her nose. The little tom's accusatory gaze burned into her flanks. "You'll understand when you're older and have duties of your own. Goodnight."

Shadekit's eyes followed the she-cat all the way to the entrance of the den, glare only faltering once her tail disappeared behind the rocks and leaves. He growled and scuffed at the dirt with his paw. "I'm not a mousebrain, and I'm not delusional. I know it's real. They just won't give me the chance to prove it!"


"Is Shadekit still going on about that thing he saw a moon ago?"

Shriekstar lifted her gaze to address the disdainful meow of her oldest companion.

"Unfortunately, yes." she sighed. "It must've been the lack of sleep he'd gotten. He's always been quite stubborn, however. This'll blow over eventually, even if it comes with a bit of moping on his part."

"The kit's wrong in the head, I tell you." snorted the large tom. "He believes it's something as powerful as StarClan itself! Complete foxdung, honestly."

"Now, don't be so harsh, Silentshade. He's only a kit-- they're bound to have such active imaginations at this age." Shriekstar chuckled. "Luckily, he'll be able to take all of that energy out on someone else once Trancesong's kits arrive. I haven't yet had the chance to give Brokenfang my congratulations."

eeegh im too tired to write any more from here ;-; school is so mean to me

hopefully, by the next time i update, i'll be a bit more lively. just wanted yall to know i wasn't dead ^-^
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Original Poster
#406 Old 16th Mar 2018 at 10:50 AM
Default ShardClan Update 16/03/2018
aaaaaand we're back with the cats!

Hey guys, i feel much better than the last time i posted, so hopefully this update should be a bit better! Last update, we met the stubborn Shadekit, practical leader Shriekstar, and snarky medicine cat Silentshade (along with a little itty bitty sneak-peek of the beautiful queen-to-be Trancesong!)

What is Shadekit trying to convince everyone about? Is it -- or rather, she -- even willing to show herself to the Clan? We'll have to wait and see...


"They keep calling me delusional and stupid whenever I tell them you exist! Well-- no, they're not actually that mean. But I know they're thinking it! It's not fair!"

Shadekit continued to rant to the admittedly-intimidating but overall sweet creature he'd met a moon ago, fur fluffed up with frustration. "They're all just so...AGH! You know? And you're not bad, right? You're the bestest, kindest friend ever! Better than everyone else in the Clan..."

Wordlessly, the creature let out a soft, friendly-sounding rumble and lowered itself into a crouch. He allowed it to reach out its massive paw and scratch him gently on the cheek -- with any other giant creature, he'd have run away, but somehow this one didn't faze him one bit. It was scarily fascinating, how something so huge and scary could be so gentle and amiable. He couldn't understand its sounds, and he wasn't sure whether or not it could understand his, but somehow, they'd managed to just...know each other.

It was weird. But he was glad to have his giant, strange-looking friend.


"...where have you been?"

Shadekit froze in his tracks, fur standing on end.

"Um. I-I've been here the whole time. Why do you ask?" he can't stop the nervous stutter in his weak alibi. He could already tell he was in trouble-- there was no way he could explain his absence without sounding crazy to the older cat. All he could do was shrink back at the leader's silence, ears flattening. "I'm sorry...I just got bored in the nursery all by myself, so..."

"That's no excuse." scolded Shriekstar. "You could've been in great danger. I have half a mind to delay your apprenticeship for troubling everyone like that."

"But I wasn't in danger." Shadekit couldn't help but protest, stubbornness taking over despite the situation. Shriekstar didn't even know the real reason why he went out. It wasn't fair.

The ShardClan leader sighed and shook her head, glaring down at him. "You will be confined to the nursery until Trancesong's kits are born. That means no going out. Do I make myself clear, Shadekit?"

"What?! But-- I--" halting himself, the kit sighed and bowed his head despite the frustration boiling up inside of him. "Yes, Shriekstar."

"Good. Now go get something to eat and head back to the nursery immediately. I'll have Trancesong watch you for the duration of your punishment."

Wordlessly, Shadekit nodded and turned away to stalk off, veins buzzing with the anger he couldn't let out. Although he understood Shriekstar's anger, he couldn't find it in himself to be mature about it. I hope something bad happens to her. I don't know what it is, but she probably deserves it. She's not fair at all.

...little did he know, someone was listening to his little wish.

Someone perfectly capable of delivering.



Shriekstar lost a life overnight. There seems to be no clear cause. The cats are all confused, but Shadekit suspects he might've had more to do with this this he hoped he had.

Trancesong's pregnancy is still going smoothly.

Prey has been short lately due to the lack of warriors to hunt. However, they seem to be doing alright with a recent influx of fish.

More to come later! I might update again today, but I've got something that I want to work on tonight, so it's not definite. I'll try though!
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Original Poster
#407 Old 16th Mar 2018 at 5:30 PM
- inhuman screeching -


Trancesong's kits have been b O R N

I've decided to go from narrative back to blunt updates because tbh it's a lot easier this way. I'll still do narratives sometimes though, I guess? But yeah enjoy this update


A deer has been seen prancing through the camp's nursery, scaring the hell out of Shadekit and Trancesong!

Silentshade receives a prophecy that night: A warrior with a destiny will choose to ignore an ally’s plight. What could it mean?

Only a day later, Trancesong has her kits, thus ending Shadekit's confinement to the nursery! I was unfortunately unable to get pictures of them right at birth because I was busy with the next Clan that I want to show here. Meet Shatterkit and Cloudedkit: both lovely little she-cats with their father's pelt and their mother's eyes.

Shatterkit is a clumsy, rambunctious little soul with a tendency to destroy things. She is a natural hunter, and will no doubt make a fine warrior in the future.

Cloudedkit, on the flipside, is much more cold and calculating. She doesn't speak much, and unfortunately was born blind. Despite this, she has a knack for scavenging and finding things. Perhaps her talents could be used in the medicine field?

that's all i have for now but i'll definitely have more later! for now, though,

doggo out ~
Test Subject
#408 Old 17th Mar 2018 at 8:27 PM
Hello friends! You may remember me as the creator of OrchidClan and RippleClan! It lasted for like two pages.
I've started a new Clan, IvyClan. Similar traditions, some familiar cats with different backstories. And heavily story based!
Because IvyClan involves a lot of backstory and I don't want to clo the thread without gameplay, , I made a website. This may also hold info pages and downloads for the cats. https://haanbeiwarriorcatschallenge.wordpress.com/
With that, I hope to post my first IvyClan update soon!
Test Subject
#409 Old 18th Mar 2018 at 11:01 AM
Heya, I meant to update last weekend or this one, but my computer has been acting up n it's taking forever to do anything. Next Tuesday I am updating, so watch out for it!
Test Subject
#410 Old 18th Mar 2018 at 1:00 PM
Default Update #7 ~ BlossomClan
Hey there thread, so my game finally worked and I am doing a *slightly* early update instead of posting on Tuesday. I finally got to this, and I am very relieved I did. Anyway, stay tuned for more...

~ It's another day in BlossomClan!

~ The deputy and leader had a good chat (tussle) with each other and discussed patrols for the day.

~ The cats are socializing in the morning to prepare for a day of hunting and working.

~ Hazelpounce has had her eyes on a special someone for some time now, ever since she saw him, she has been captivated in his *green * eyes, and has mustered the courage to ask him the question.

~ Whilst Leopardclaw, Blossomstar, and Beestem are out on an exploration patrol, the rest of the cats are at camp hunting and repairing dens.

~ The three cats who went out patrolling found a mysterious area filled with thick fog. As soon as they walked into the fog, their eyes all turned white, and a faint whistle sounded from the murky ponds. What is this land?

~ Said area has many rare and common gems littering the ground, some of which Peony collected to examine.

~ Though the land looked very suspicious, Blossomstar, Beestem, and Leopardclaw still stalked for prey, and found toads, lizards, and shiny bugs.

~ Back at camp, the 4 cats who were hunting the majority of the day had a successful hunt, catching over 15 pieces of prey by 7pm.

~ The time had come. It was 8pm when Hazelpounce nervously walked up to Leopardclaw and asked him to be her mate. Though shocked to discover that Hazelpounce had such feelings for him, he kindly accepted, as he reciprocated the same emotions for her. A match made in StarClan.

~ To have the title of mates, a certain ceremony is in order. You already know what tf goin on agbexfffsetyuisxngyafs


Blossomstar ~ A muscular, fluffy she cat with brown splodges and one green and one pink eye.

Beestem ~ A strong, largely built tom with beige fur, a stub tail, a white underbelly, white socks, yellow eyes, and black stripes.

Blazespark ~ A bright orange she-cat with brown tabby stripes, amber/yellow eyes, and white socks.

Gullflight ~ A thick-furred, white tom with black spots on his back, and dark brown eyes.

Leopardclaw ~ A thick-furred, mid brown tom with darker brown splotches and emerald green eyes, and a dark tail end.

Alderpelt ~ An orangey-brown tom with long, thin fur and blackish-brown stripes on his back, white belly and socks, and bright blue eyes.

Hazelpounce ~ A thin, deep brown she-cat with bright yellow eyes, black paws/forearms, and black tipped ears.






"Beware, for as leaf-fall approaches, the summer blossom shall wilt, and havoc will ensue."


~ Mates ~

Hazelpounce x Leopardclaw

~ Siblings ~

Blossomstar and Gullflight


So, a nbunch happened, and only more will ensue, so stay hYpEd. I don't know if I actually want to continue with RavenClan (playing it) for a while, as I have a strict plot laid out for a lot more episodes. I might start a new world, though, to play another clan, but we are gonna keep it simple for now. Anyway, as always, until next time, BYE!
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#411 Old Today at 8:46 PM
Default definitely not yet another new clan ahahahahah
yeah, okay, i lied.

to put it frankly, i got bored of the last one because the pacing was kind of lethargic and anticlimatic, so i decided to start a new one. i didn't want to show you guys stuff that i've shown you before many many times with different clans, so i played ahead a bit without stopping to record my progress so i could show you guys something more exciting! there was an unfortunate lack of photo-taking in all the excitement, though, so i can't show you how the founder looked but, nonetheless, i hope you enjoy this update! without further ado, i present to you...


basically, the timeline goes like this:

- The founder, Stormstar (i forgot his original name. whoops ._.') wakes up in a strange marshy area with absolutely no memories aside from his name and old traditions, seemingly devoid of any other cats or Twoleg activity. (i know, a lot of plotholes and kinda boring, but i'd much rather have an exciting current story than backstory) A quirky and admittedly kind of immature but kind Twoleg-shaped spirit named Lumen also roams the land, which he can somehow communicate with.

- He gets strange dreams from StarClan telling him this was where he was meant to be and that it was his destiny to form a Clan here. disclaimer: don't be like stormstar, kids. contrary to our former protagonist's actions, it is not a smart idea to randomly start a wild cult based on a weird dream you had.) After getting used to living in the wild, he sets out to find recruits for his new Clan.

- It takes about a day to reach Rogueplace. There, he meets a variety of cats, most scoffing at the idea of running off with a stranger to live in the wild when food and shelter is plentiful where they already are. However, he manages to convinced three cats to accompany him back to his territory:
Lucky, a shy but sweet and earnest dreamer with an imagination bigger than she can contain,
Neville, a daydreaming gentleman (gentletom?? gentlecat?? idk) with a knack for organization,
and Lavender, a resourceful but cheeky and prideful she-cat with a blatant disinterest in romance.

- It doesn't take long for the three to learn the hunting skill and adjust to wildcat life. Stormstar got along especially well with Lucky, who was eager to learn and constantly sought out his advice and approval. Neville found a best friend in Lavender, although nothing more, much to the tom's sadness.

- The cats that proved themselves able to hunt their fair share of prey earned their warrior names: Lucky became Cloverleaf, Neville became Sunkenbranch, and Lavender became Lilacpetal. They have separated the warriors into two categories due to the marshy terrain: Land hunters and fisher cats.

- Not long after, Stormstar earned his nine lives and leader name. The bossy but well-organized Sunkenbranch was assigned to be deputy, Lilacpetal was assigned the role of medicine cat, and Cloverleaf was soon confirmed pregnant.

- A short while later, two new cats heard news of this new Clan, and came to investigate.
Lily, a nonconfrontational wanderer who yearns for more than tasteless kittypet food and scraps from the garbage bin,
and Maine, a spunky and competitive young cat with an eagerness to prove himself.

- Maine fit in right away. He became a talented fisher cat, with his new warrior name being Reedsplash. Lily, however, didn't settle quite as well with Clan life despite Maine's many attempts at helping her. One night, she just disappeared, leaving the others mournful and confused.

- Cloverleaf gave birth to two healthy little toms, who both took after their father and inherited his Spirit markings:
Lightningkit, a spacey and quiet little tom who seems to get along with Lumen very well,
and Goosekit, who is more antisocial yet determined to become a strong, dependable warrior.

- A few moons later, a new cat shows up to camp. Her name is Oasis, Reedsplash's old kithood friend. She claims to have been sent by Lily, who didn't want everyone to feel sad that she left and to tell them that she was alright. The cats are relieved, if not a little mad at Lily for just leaving without a single word to anyone.

- Oasis slots into the Clan quite nicely. She and Reedsplash developed a very close relationship through their pride and competitiveness, constantly trying to one-up each other in hunting. It isn't long until she earns her warrior name, Fleetstep.

- Only a few moons before Lightningkit and Goosekit were due for their apprentice ceremony, unfortunately, a Twoleg invaded their territory, and Stormstar was taken away. With a heavy heart and anxiety nagging at his chest, Sunkenbranch received his nine lives from StarClan and appointed the heartbroken Cloverleaf as deputy. Lightningkit unknowingly took his father's place as the Spirit Cat and tended to go to Lumen for comfort whenever he missed his father too much.

- On a happier note, however, Fleetstep was confirmed pregnant and without issue gave birth to four lovely kits!
Boulderkit, a solitary but orderly young tom,
Berrykit, a beautiful but admittedly snobby blind she-kit,
Ripplekit, a gentle and peaceful little ball of fluff born with a weak constitution,
and Squeezekit, the spoiled and bossy runt of the litter who seems to get most of their mother's affection.

wellp, you're caught up now. here's the allegiances page, with only one current allegiance on it.


Leader --

Sunkenstar - Large, bulky tuxedo cat tom with droopy ears and pale brown eyes. [9/9] (Land hunter)

Deputy --

Cloverleaf - Light gray-brown tabby she-cat with warm brown eyes. (Fisher)

Medicine Cat --

Lilacpetal - Small white she-cat with brown markings and lilac-colored eyes.

Spirit of the Land --

Lumen - The spirit of light and life. Service he provides is collecting herbs, and special perk is that he can revive a dying cat with a 10-day cooldown period.

Spirit Cat --

Lightningkit - (See details in Queens and Kits section)

Warriors --

Reedsplash -- Small brown tabby tom with golden eyes. (Fisher)

Fleetstep -- Thick-furred blueish-gray she-cat with golden eyes. (Land hunter)

Apprentices --

Queens and Kits --

Fleetstep [Mate: Reedsplash]

Boulderkit -- Large brown tabby tom with patches of blueish-gray and golden eyes.

Berrykit -- Slender brown tabby she-kit with patches of blueish-gray and blind golden eyes.

Ripplekit -- Large dappled blueish-gray she-kit with patches of pale grayish-brown and golden eyes. Was born with a weak constitution.

Squeezekit -- Small dappled blueish-gray tom with patches of pale grayish-brown and golden eyes.

Cloverleaf [Mate: Stormstar (missing/deceased)]

Lightningkit -- Tuxedo cat tom with brown eyes, bright golden streaks on the side of his face and silver stripes on his lower back and tail.

Goosekit -- Slender, partly-tuxedo patterned tom with brown eyes and a large patch of brown on his back from the neck-down. He also has bright golden streaks on the side of his face.

Elders --

Deceased/Missing --

StormStar - Former Spirit Cat and Leader. Fate unknown; got taken away by a Twoleg. Tuxedo-patterned tom with one blue eye and one golden eye, as well as bright golden streaks on the side of his face. [8/9]

Lily - A wandering rogue who visited the Clan with Reedsplash (formerly known as Maine.) Missing; she decided to go back to her old territory and sent Reedsplash’s old kithood friend Fleetstep (formerly known as Oasis) their way instead. Pale brown she cat with subtle darker brown markings.

aha, you thought i was done? nope, now i have random pictures.

Lumen giving Lightningkit HUGGLES! They are the cutest I stg--

Lightningkit marking Lumen. Now listen reeeeeal closely. You hear that? Yep, that's the sound of me having a heart attack from the sheer cuteness of this gesture.

Here's Lilacpetal being the proud and confident little kittay she is

Okay so you may think I have a bias towards Lightningkit, but you're absolutely right aaaaaaAAAAAAAAA

The boys!!! Here's a good, clear shot of Stormstar's spirit cat markings, since he died before I could take a good picture of him ;o;

Mother and son bonding! These two are Cloverleaf and Goosekit, btw

Some Clan socialization time ( feat. Fleetsteps' gross hairball and Lilacpetal's urge to throw herself off a cliff because she has to clean this up )

Fleetstep and Reedsplash!!!! Aaaaaaaah I love these two together, they're so cute ;;;;o;;;;;

the FleetReed keets being born ^v^ thank goodness they weren't born hungry like Goosekit and Lightningkit were, I swear I would've backflipped out the window.
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