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#576 Old 25th Oct 2015 at 1:34 AM
I'm in the midst of destroying every relationship of the Pleasants. Mary-Sue kept her job thanks to the wonderful Ignore button so Daniel's little affair could continue a bit. Lillth is befriending her sister again so that way in the future she can go behind Angela's back and start cheating on Dirk by dating Dustin. Angela will be doing the same, except with Dirk. The sisters are probably going to have a kid with each boy in I end up installing a teen pregnancy mod. Mary-Sue is going to be falling for the maid as well, so whenever Mary-Sue looks away, Daniel can go woohoo with Kaylynn or whatever her name is and when Daniel isn't looking, Mary-Sue can do the same. If all of my mods are compatible, I'll be getting InTeen specifically so that way Angela, Dustin, Dirk and Lillth can also be woohooing with Kaylynn. (Yes, all of them.) I don't know how Kaylynn will be able to make a schedule for all of them but I'll make it work. Kaylynn will obviously be having tons and tons of children from the three men. I FORGOT! Mary-Sue will also be dating Dustin and Dirk... if I forgot to mention that.

I'm more twisted than I originally presumed. Oh well. It's The Sims - can you blame me?

I cannot wait to start with the Goths...

When one of your forum help questions don't get replied to...
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Caliente -

I haven't played on them at yet, but Dustin Broke hooked up with Dina when she randomly showed up at his party.

Broke/Jacquet -

Brandi went out to Ja'Dore Bakery and met Gilbert Jacquet. They soon began dating and Gilbert bought her and the boys a brand new two story house, 105 Sim Lane. Brandi gave birth to the final baby with Skip, Ezrah Kai. Gilbert moved in, proposed to Brandi and they were soon married. Soon enough, Brandi was pregnant with her fourth and final child, a little boy named Uriah (Riah) James. Dustin threw himself a little party one night, hooked up with Dina Caliente and Angela Pleasant all in one night.

Pleasant -

Mary Sue found out about Daniel's affair and resolved that problem real quick with a baby. Mary Sue gave birth to a little girl, Emma. Emma is now a child. The twins finally made up after many years of hating each other. The reason for their big make up? They were both pregnant and needed eachother for support. Angela was pregnant with Dustin's baby after a hookup. She gave birth to Braiden Luca. Lilith ended up breaking things off with Dirk, and she got with a junior in college, Matt Busaca. Matt and Lilith gave birth to a daughter, Emery Noel.

Dustin & Angela -

At age 19 (still teens in my game) moved out into a one story house, 95 Woodland Drive, near Angela's parents house. Angela is a good little house wife, does everything Dustin asks of her, but Dustin is secretly pursuing other relationships. Dustin is in the criminal career track (in my imagination, he deals weed.) Angela is a stay home mom to Braiden. She's completely oblivious as to what exactly Dustin does. Angela's family isn't what she expected it to be. Instead of being white picket fence, it's more barb wire fence. She's jealous of how Lilith's family life turned out.

Lilith and Matt -

They moved into a two story house, 225 Main Street, near Angela's. Matt is now 22 and a host at a restaurant. Lilith goes to work when Matt gets home, which eliminates their need for a nanny. Emery, now 3, knows all her toddler skills and is very well behaved. I've changed Lilith's look quite a bit. She now rocks a white blonde long hairstyle. The Busaca's are very friendly with their neighbor's and ( sort of remind me of Maci and her family from teen mom) Lilith and Matt make good money and are currently expecting their second child together.

Dreamer -

After his breakup with Lilith, Dirk had a little breakdown, resulting in his weight gain. He decided to skip college, and is in the gaming career. He's now in a relationship with 18 year old Meadow Thayer, and they have a son, Jaylen Marcaylus. Meadow and Lilith are are best friends and Meadow has hopes for her Jaylen to someday date Lilith's little Emery.

Lothario -

Cassandra married Don, had two daughters with him, Stassi Nicole and Tasia Marie, both now teenagers. Don secretly hooked up with Tasia's best friend, 16 year old Lucy Burb, resulting in her pregnancy. Don occasionally still messed around with his father in law's wife, Dina.

Burb -

Lucy gave birth to a daughter, Ellisyn Ava. The baby is Don Lothario's, but in order to prevent embarrassment and the end of her friendship with Don's oldest daughter, Tasia, she claims Ellisyn is Castor Nova's baby, the result of her and her friends driving up with Sim State Uni on the Fourth of July.

Jennifer and John had twin boys, Kyzick Blaine and Chander Dawson, now children.
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#578 Old 12th Nov 2015 at 5:15 AM
I LOVE the story behind Plesentview.. Its such drama! :D
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#579 Old 14th Nov 2015 at 10:34 PM
Brandi gave birth to a baby boy, Daniel. She and dustin took care of two babies, Beau and Daniel, but after some point, Dustin couldn't stand her mothers nagging. He left home for college. Beau managed to be a good teen and had very good grades. In his teenage years, he realized he was a homosexual. He got bullied by his friends and his grades started to go down.

Dina got married with Mortimer and then she felt awful because she was kinda taking advantage of him, so she did everything she could to be a good mother for Alexander. She hasn't given birth to any.

Game started with Mary Sue at work. Kaylynn came to the house and asked Daniel if he'd like to hang out with her. I accepted it, knowing there's time before Mary Sue gets back home but suddenly a chance card appeared for Mary Sue and when I chose the wrong answer, she got fired. She came home, seeing them having an affair. She broke up with him and Daniel left home. Everything started going downhill for them. Lilith tried to seduce Dustin. She changed her makeup to look just like her sister, Angela. But the fire that started in their house ended her plans before it got serious. Angela was among the flames and Lilith ran to her sisters rescue, but she failed. Angela, Lilith and Mary Sue died in order. There was no one left.

Cassandra is shocked with her best friends departure. She cancels her marriage plans to Don thinking it's not the time for a marriage when her bestfriend just died. She befriends the bad witch even though she's evil. She wants to get her friend back, there must be a spell or something like that. She manages to ask her if she could turn her to be a witch and she agrees. She's a bad witch now. But her efforts end when she mysteriously dies. (I still don't know how she died!)

Dirk was broken at the time because of Lilith's departure, and now Darren's world falls apart because the love of his love is gone before he could tell her his true feelings about her. He's determined to get her back so he sends Dirk to the college so he can get a job in Paranormal Career and obtain Resurrect-o-Nomitron as a career reward. I locked their wants to "Resurrect Cassandra" and "Resurrect Lilith"

Dustin, Dirk and Beau are now in the college. Dirk loses his want "Resurrect Lilith" during the change from Sophomore to Junior. I started to think that he should leave her behind and involved him with Beau. They became lovers.

Kids all graduated and they got back home. Dirk became a medium and obtained the career reward. They resurrected Cassandra and Angela. Dirk realized how much sorrow Lilith was in, so he resurrected her sister instead. Darren declared his love for Cassandra and she accepted. They got married the moment she came back. Cassandra became a mother figure for Angela and misses her friend Mary Sue deeply. Cassandra gives birth to the twins, Mary and Sue. The family is so larger that they move out for a bigger house. That's where I forget Resurrect-o-Nomitron to put into Dirk's inventory.

Angela suffers from depression because she lost all her family members and her relationship with her sister was never good. She regrets not being tolerant towards Lilith. Her personality drastically changes and she becomes a copy of her sister. Darker makeup, darker clothes, a somewhat darker personality. She becomes an alcoholic.

One night, Dirk calls Beau to his home for a date. Beau comes and they have a great date. After that, Dirk proposes him and they are engaged. Beau leaves the house.

Meanwhile the ghost of Darleen (Darren's wife) is out of her tomb. She frightens Darren and she kills him. (This is my interpretation because I never saw how Darren died) When Cassandra is crying for him, she frightens and kills her too. I was too late to plead to Grim Reaper with Dirk. At the moment Beau is seen to bring red roses for their dream date. When he's approaching, Darleen scares and murders her son, Dirk. Angela is left with two baby twins, alone. She's my last chance because they will all be taken by social worker since she's still a teen. She begs Grim Reaper for mercy. My god, the wait was so exciting. At the end, she wins and Dirk is resurrected (Remember how Dirk resurrected Angela ) The four leave the house, taking what's left of Darren and Cassandra, and leaving Darleen's tombstone at the lot...
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#580 Old 29th Nov 2015 at 10:37 PM
I had a CAS-made sim who became good friends with Don Lothario and Nina Caliente. He later married Nina, and they had 12 children and around the same number of grandchildren and counting. Nina is now an old woman with a passion for training and playing the violin, and she's so important and dear to me that I tend to forget she's a premade sim.
One of Nina's children dated Brandi Broke while in college. Brandi, I tend to think of as a gay woman with Skip as her exception, because she only seems to be interested in ladies nowadays, one of them being Angela Pleasant. A
ngela Pleasant herself was deliberately killed in a fire but then resurrected. Lilith is an adult too, but I don't recall anything about her except that she's now a blonde. At least she kept the black lipstick. Daniel Pleasant was killed by a cow plant. Kaylynn Langerak moved in and became best buddy with Mary Sue. They're now both sporting the maid costume and likes pillow parties.
Mary Sue had two kids with some ingame born sim, who has also impregnated Dina Caliente. Dina's got three kids and got married and later divorced Mortimer Caliente (Goth). Nowadays, Mortimer wears dreads and the full-face camouflage face paint.
His son Alexander Goth is married to an ingame-sim and they're fancy culture nerds living in a fancy house.
Brought back Bella Goth with a cheat only to take a picture and remove her because her return was pretty awkward and anticlimactic anyway.
Resurrected Darleen with the phone, unaware that it was a bad idea, in hopes of her coming back as a zombie. She did not. I was disappointed. Other than that I haven't touched them, although one of Nina Caliente's grandsons seems to be interested in Dirk Dreamer, so I might give that a shot.
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#581 Old 7th Jan 2016 at 5:04 AM
Wow this is a long thread! This is what I love about premade sims: everyone gets the same sims and everyone plays them differently. It's like these sims have a billion different lives.

Goths: I reunited Bella with her family. Mortimer was thrilled and broke things off with Dina the night after Cassandra and Don's wedding. Dina showed up at the Goth's house, Don invited her in, and then Don made out with Dina right there in the living room in front of everyone. Lots of fights in the Goth house that night! Cassandra broke up with Don even though she's now pregnant by him. I never liked them together anyway. Cassandra had a son and named him Morty, but the house started feeling crowded so I had her move to Belladonna Cove (I play a combined neighborhood with a custom town as the base and all of the Maxis neighborhoods as subhoods) with little Morty in tow. She got an apartment and before long, her upstairs neighbor Armand Debateau started coming around to visit. Next thing you know, they're married and have five kids. They had to move into a proper house because the apartment didn't have enough room. Mortimer and Bella are still going strong, and Alexander is preparing for college.

Pleasants: Daniel did not go through with his urge to cheat on Mary-Sue with the maid. Instead, I had him fix his marriage. Lilith ran away from home and returned pregnant thanks to InTeen, and things got even worse from there. I eventually had to move her out just so I could play her without her getting slapped every two seconds. She moved in with the Smiths in Strangetown and eventually ended up with Ripp Grunt. Angela continued to make straight A's but developed an obsession with Don Lothario that ended in a teen pregnancy. She later left her son with her parents to attend University, where she repaired her relationship with her sister. Angela and Dustin are the only teen relationship I've ever played to make it through to adulthood.

Dreamers: Darren was a little heartbroken that Cassandra left without ever acknowledging his affection for her. I haven't decided what to do with him yet. Dirk, similarly, was heartbroken over Lilith's departure, and was able to bond with his father over that. He went to college and ran into her again, but she was dating Ripp Grunt. Still, they enjoyed catching up and hanging out, so he got to know her Strangetown friends, Ripp, Johnny, and Ophelia. He began to see Ophelia more and more, and soon their friendship blossomed into one of the cutest romances in my game. After college they moved back in with Ophelia's aunt Olive, who died shortly after, and remodeled that spooky old house. They had the most adorable daughter together.

Lothario: Kept sleeping around to fulfill his LTW of woohoo with 20 different sims. He ended up having three kids: one with Cassandra, one with Nina, and one with Dina.

Caliente: Both got pregnant by Don and had a daughter apiece. Dina opened a restaurant and has become quiet the business owner.

Burbs: Jennifer is happy working in the Architecture career while John is a stay-home dad to little Lucy. I haven't played them much.

Oldie: Coral adopted a toddler in her old age. The little boy, Toby, was enough to keep both Herb and Coral busy for the rest of their lives! Herb picked up a hobby of tinkering, and enjoyed building his own car, while Coral learned to sew. Toby was a teen when Herb and Coral died.
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#582 Old 10th Jan 2016 at 6:08 AM
Recently began playing Pleasantview (for the millionth time)and things currently are like this:
(Note: since my game is in spanish I'd only be translating the names of the original Pleasantview characters)
Brandi gave birth to baby TomŠs. She got a job in the medicine career and began dating Benjamin Long. They got married and moved together with Beau and TomŠs (Dustin left for college) to a bigger house, and they have 1 daughter together, Ellie. Beau is currently engaged to Meadow Thayer, whom he met in high school and later dated during college. TomŠs has the pleasure aspiration but romantic as his secondary one, so he hooked up with a couple of girls before falling for Olivia Lůpez (Langerak) and getting engaged to her.
Dina moved to the Goth's house, and married Mortimer. Nina got pregnant with Don's baby and they ended up getting married.
Don and Nina got married after the birth of their son, Valentin, and moved to a bigger house. ValentŪn is a romance sim just like his parents, and has already woohooed a couple of sims even though he hasn't start college yet.
Mortimer and Dina got married, but shortly after, he passed away leaving Dina pregnant with their daughter, Augusta. Alexander recently moved back with Alma, his wife whom he met in college. The two are expecting a baby together. Augusta met Dustin Broke at Alexander's wedding, and now that she is a young adult they have been hooking up.
Darren and Cassandra Goth got married and have two boys together: Gabriel, who is a bright student (about to start college, moved there with some skills maxed and others no lower than 8 points) and Hugo, who is still a good student but likes to spend more time tinkering and making friends.
Daniel moved out with Kaylynn after getting caught cheating. They never got married, but had three girls together: Olivia, Magdalena and Miranda. All of them have the same hair and eye color of their father. Daniel recently died, and Kaylynn invited her new boyfriend to move in (he is a townie that comes with Apartment Life, an old guy whose english name I can't find)
Mary Sue struggled after the divorce and getting fired, but eventually got back into the politics career and managed to be very succesful. Currently she's one step away from reaching the top of it, and also has made a lot of money and good friends.
John and Jennifer are very succesful in their careers: politics and business respectively. They had another daughter called Zoe, who is following sister Lucy's steps and rolled the knowledge aspiration as well. Lucy gratuated with a major in physics, and is currently living alone in her apartment. After getting pretty rich, the couple moved into a bigger more expensive house together, and Zoe is about to start college.
Both passed away already, nothing important happened in the time I played them.
Married, working hard in their respective careers.
They got married and had a boy, Noah, who recently became a child. Dustin hooks up with Augusta Goth when Angela is at work.
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so I never really played Pleasantview or any of the pre-made hoods, still I decided to give them a try.

Broke: First Brandi aborted Skip's post-humus baby. Then after studying their trailer with all the ridiculous expensive art, pinball machines, etc...I concluded that Brandi and Skip must be drug dealers and let Brandi use her limited funds to buy a bubble blower, ticket machine, and put up a fence. She cooks large group meals and serves them to her customers and socializes with them when they are not getting high. Dustin quit his own job to help his mom run their business. There are people there getting high pretty much 24hrs a day. In spite of having a successful business Brandi was not very happy, she kept rolling the want to have another baby so I let her get pregnant by customer John Mole. Dustin being busy helping his mom with her business and looking after his new baby sister has less and less time for girlfriend Angela. It may well mean the end of their relationship.

Pleasant: The Pleasants were initially very excited about the birth of their twin daughters, but when they got them home and Angela fell sick while Lillith didn't Mary Sue began to believe that their names were more than just an amusing nod to literary convention. Somehow Daniel had been psychic and foreseen some evil in Lillith. She fought this delusion as much as she could, an infant can't be evil after all. But gradually she began to lead a campaign of abuse against Lillith that grew worse with each passing year.

It started out with Angela simply needing more care and attention than her healthy sister. Lillith as a child being able to see this did her best to help around the house with chores. She ignored her mother's sharp, looks cruel words and the general neglect from both parents. Somehow she became the slave in the family while Angela became the long suffering Saint.

Darren Dreamer plans to open up an art gallery, but he also has to provide for his son Dirk. This has gotten harder since Darleen died he just can't bring himself to go to some office and work. So instead he paints and goes to the Luckyshack to play cards and gamble for money. It works so far. Meanwhile Dirk works on his scholarship and tries to make his home a haven for Lillith as much as he can. He hates the way her family treats her and hopes one day that she choses to run away, she's always welcome to come and live with them.

Check out my simblr http://agdoren.tumblr.com/

Click the link, you know you want to. ;)
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#584 Old 10th Jan 2016 at 6:16 PM
Default Update 3
Bachelor - Roberta has passed on and meanwhile, Teresa and Ryan have married and moved in. Dawn has given birth to a little girl, Tatiana, and then a little boy, Benjamen, while her sister is on her second trimester. Teresa stays home for now to watch her niece (child) and nephew (infant) while her husband got a job in the Entertainment business. This house is crowded as can be and I've gone back and forth on whether or not to move the younger couple out; but every time I end up wanting the whole family under one roof.

Broke - Brandi and Stephan aged up into elders while Jordan is going off to college and leaving Sarah in their care. I want to open a business with them... maybe a bakery or something, but at the moment I'm trying to fulfill Brandi's LTW of marrying off six kids (which I don't think she'll get as her rate and from the terrible birthday party that is now the towns latest gossip).

Broke 2 - Angela and Dustin's first pregnancy resulted in a boy named Geoff who is now a child, and her second pregnancy resulted in... (drum roll) TWINS!!! Girls named Anna and Olivia that look identical, but I wouldn't count on it Also, both are close to mastering their careers, at which point I'll make Dustin quit his architect job and do Entertainment like he's always dreamed of.

Broke 3 - Beau and Catalina moved into those City Loft apartments and I gave their place a massive makeover. They had a private wedding on the roof, and got pregnant with a little girl named Macie. Turns out Catalina isn't really mommy material and as a result, her highest relationship is with Beau, who couldn't be happier taking time off of being an Obituary writer to keep her company. They're also good friends with Don Lothario, who I'll get to in a second. Beau's also feeling his wife hasn't been there and is considering starting an affair with one of his male neighbors.

Burb - Liam moved to College and left John and Jennifer alone in their fancy apartment. Nothing to report on them so far, but I'll probably make them open up a fashion boutique/supermarket.

Caliente - Leon moved out to college after being persuaded by Nina to use the small fortune Dina left for him, and he also broke up with Betty and went for Betty-Sue instead. It didn't go well. But on the brighter side, Katrina has aged into a teenager and Nina into an elder. Katrina regularly sees her parents together an is extremely happy about it, and has her sights set on the dating game while her mother achieved her LTW of Rock God (The outfit totally doesn't work for in her old age ) and is glad to keep going on one night stands.

Dreamer - My favorite couple has aged up and have decided to start an Arts and Crafts store that's currently a huge success and earning them tons of cash. It sells the pottery stuff and paintings, and Darren and Andrew are looking to pass the store to Diamond when they eventually can't work it anymore, (although I've got other plans for her... maybe I'll make Helena and Robert take over...?) but at the moment, they're living a great life.

Dreamer 2 - Lilith and Dirk and Garret are doing well, although whether these two will have anymore kids is uncertain. Garret aged up badly into a child and is definitely taking more after Lilith than his sea captain dad, and is one-sided enemies with his cousin Geoff because these two clash constantly. However, he definitely loves his granddads who come over almost every free night to babysit while Lilith and Dirk enjoy their young years.

Goth - Dina never was able to get her twins attention back to her, and she aged up badly all alone while Christopher snuck out with Mary-Jane and Clarabelle called up the gypsy lady who made George Mcarthy drop from the heavens. In her sadness, she dishonored one promise she kept to Mortimer: that she'd tend to his apple tree after he died. The tree is in terrible health and giving the worst apples ever (anyone think of the evil queen here?) and its really bothering her for some reason. Finally after another day as an elder, she woke up to a knock on the door. Alexander had proof that his father left the estate to him, and wanted Dina and the twins out. However, he gave her an ultimatum: take a genie's lamp and give up her claim to the Goth fortune so she could resurrect her previous husband Micheal, or spend the rest of her days on the streets for will fraud. Right now she's currently in the Caliente house waiting to get her Micheal back (which will certainly be awkward for the Bachelors, not that I think about it. ) The twins were also a part of the deal, but they have a smaller claim to the estate than before, and Alexander offered to let them keep their scholarships and offered to provide for their respective lovers tuition as well, and they took it. They never cared about the money anyhow. Right now, Alexander is moved in with his accomplice Lucy Burb, and is engaged to her and planning to marry.

P.S. She's already pregnant!

Langerak - Daniel refused to let something like old age slow him down and he still gives regular punching bag lessons to his daughter while Kaylynn is slowly but surely climbing the ladder of Culinary after two demotions over a group of old people and Louisiana Gumbo (What kind of idiot doesn't want gumbo?!) She's also keeping her friendship with Cassandra up and regularly enters her Crepe Suzette in the cooking contest and lost to Darren's grilled bass. They also adopted a cat named Zacharias.

Lothario - Don aged into an elder and began a career in Athletics while moving into those City Lofts. He also wanted to put his womanizing past behind him and to prove that he could he called for adoption and got his son back! At the moment, Alejandro is a child having been taught all his skills and given the one bedroom all to himself white his dad bunks on a Murphy bed in the living room (which is a pain because the neighbors are really loud.) and learning to become a parent. Through this he's had an excuse to get 'reacquainted' with the Caliente sisters. And while Dina isn't all that interested, Nina definitely has slept with him a few times. He's also getting to know his daughter Katrina, who is more than happy to watch her brother in the evenings (for some reason the 'Ask to Watch Kids' intereaction isn't available in these apartments ). Overall, he's a very entertaining sim and I just might hook him back up with Nina.

Oldie - Elizabeth now has a day job which leaves Tucker with much less time to meet eligible young men, but he still keeps it up while climbing the political ladder (he's so close I can see the Mayoral Campaign posters!). After much nagging on my part he finally married Elizabeth (it was a celebrity wedding, TV, Famous people, etc...) but they never consummated the wedding. Elizabeth isn't all that interested in it or Tucker at the moment. After low Environment scores for a week, I caved and moved in one of Tuckers men to garden and clean while firing all other useless maids and gardeners who left before the job was done. It's really taking a toll on his needs, but he hardly minds when Tucker is readily available to spend the night in his bed. Though something tells me his wife is suspicious...

Pleasant - Mary-Sue aged up into an elder and is enjoying her golden years after completing her LTW of earning 100,000 simoleons with Leo to follow her footsteps into elder hood soon enough. Mary-Jane and Betty-Sue have both moved out to college and are more than ready to meet their boyfriends at the dorms.

University - Here goes...
Broke - Robert and Helena are in their final year of university with Betty and Jordan joining them in Academie Le Tour after a Llama infestation shut down Sim State mid semester for a few years. Robert has had a change of heart and is most definitely marrying his high school sweetheart with Brandi actually being in the restaurant when he proposed over baked Alaska.
Burb - Jacob and Ivy are graduating soon with an engagement ring on each finger.
Burb/Caliente - Leon and Liam are living as roommates for the moment until Betty-Sue moves in. I gave Liam one heck of a makeover and now he looks kind of like one of my teachers...
Goth/Macarthy/Pleasant - Still waiting to move them in.
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10th Jan 2016 at 6:18 PM
This message has been deleted by koololdster.
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Originally Posted by A.G.Doren
so I never really played Pleasantview or any of the pre-made hoods, still I decided to give them a try.

Broke: First Brandi aborted Skip's post-humus baby. Then after studying their trailer with all the ridiculous expensive art, pinball machines, etc...I concluded that Brandi and Skip must be drug dealers and let Brandi use her limited funds to buy a bubble blower, ticket machine, and put up a fence. She cooks large group meals and serves them to her customers and socializes with them when they are not getting high. Dustin quit his own job to help his mom run their business. There are people there getting high pretty much 24hrs a day. In spite of having a successful business Brandi was not very happy, she kept rolling the want to have another baby so I let her get pregnant by customer John Mole. Dustin being busy helping his mom with her business and looking after his new baby sister has less and less time for girlfriend Angela. It may well mean the end of their relationship.

That makes so much sense!!! I always looked at it that Brandi was self-centered and had nice stuff for herself, but the drug thing makes perfect sense!
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#586 Old 10th Jan 2016 at 9:14 PM
^ In my game, Brandi has actually turned alcoholic. I deemed it appropriate, considering her name.
After Skip died, she was so devastated that she started drinking, thus quickly throwing away all of their money. She did stop drinking when she found out she was pregnant, but as soon as the baby was born she had to grab to the bottle again.
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#587 Old 5th Feb 2016 at 11:41 PM
My pleasentveiw ..long read
Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
What did you do with Mortimer, Dina, Nina, Don, Darren, and the rest? Tell us every little detail of what happened with the Maxis premade characters in Pleasantview in your game.

Omg..!! Iím still playing this as well as sims4 here and there, so obviously Iíve done a lot,

Starting with my most played the Calientes: Basically Diana married Mortimer, When Mortimer died Diana got inheritance up and left because she didnít like Mortimerís kids and married Malcom Landgrabb, they had three kids Malcom II Chloe and Kyle and they were really ugly, then she had another child called Blair she was pretty and had dark hair, because she was dons child, Malcom caught her cheating so he kicked her out and raised his kids alone, Diana is now just looking after all the business she took off Malcom and is single living in her beach house old and grey,,, Nina is married to Dustin broke they've no kids together but Dustin cheated on Angela with her sister and she got pregnant with twins another story but they only have one son now called Luke and Nina is an affair with Brandi,

Brandi is pregnant (Dons kid) and living with skip Jnr and a fire man she married, she owns a flower shop then the fireman died and she went broke so she had to go back to the trailer park, and is having an affair with her sons wife, beau is in college.

Before I Killed Mortimer off I brought back Bella I got her alien pregnant because she had been abducted the alien is called Monica and they had another kid called Victoria, Bella then disappeared as a ghost donít know what happened there thatís why I had him marry Diana, alexander went to college him and Lucy burb are now married, Cassandra moved out with don had a kid and then left him for Darren dreamer they had like five kids then she went back to don and left Darren with the kids, dirk is still with lithe even though she cheated on him, the kids are living alone so I made a nice which move in to look after them,

Cassandra is now living with Don even though there enemies there always fighting, Iíve lost count of how many kids he has that poor family tree, Cassandra, Brandi, Diana, Kaylin, Andrea Hogan, Angelina, I donít remember him moving in with Cassandra last time I remembered he was with Kaylin, guess I found the dreamers boring me,

Darren is an old man he runs his art gallery and has loads of kids with Cassandra that has rearing on his own all names with D , Dylan, Daisy, Darla, Damien, and Danni, Dirk is living with lilth and loves her sheís always ripping him off though,

Burbs were not really played but they sent Lucy to college and she married alexander Goth, Jennifer had two more kids and then died left john to raise them

Last but not least my faverouite (this is long) The Pleasantís: Mary-sue didnít catch Daniel but she did get fired which meant her and Daniel were constantly fighting, lilt hated her family and ran away but they found her, Angela got into college. Kaylin went to work pregnant and Daniel moved her in while him and Mary sue were still married, she slouched around the house bullying the twins, one day Daniel up and left with Kaylin she had the baby and it was Dons baby, I donít know what happened to Daniel because Kaylin was living with don for a while I donít remember why I made him leave, Back to Mary sue after Daniel left Mary-sues mother and father died then herb died so her mother opened her own business, Mary-sue ended up having another set of twins with Daniels cousin in law john burb there now living together and adopted a child before Mary-sue got old
Angelina and Lilt became best friends and then went to college with Dustin and dirk, Lilt cheated on dirk with Dustin and got pregnant so she dropped out of college and moved to a trailer park she had twins called Luke and leia but social services took leia and Mary-sue adopted her, dirk finished college and moved her in to his house they donít have any kids together,
Angelina didnít get back with Dustin after his cheating she lives on her sisterís couch with a baby she had for don

I love the story aspect of sims2 thatís why I still play it and Iíve done so much I have custom families and have also played other towns stories, Iím in the process of building a big apartment block as a nursing home to send the original characters when they get old
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