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For my Third family, the Patel's I rolled:

1 Elder female, Knowledge, Gemini, Talikha
1 Teen male, Family, Pisces, Naathim
1 Child female, Libra, Shabnam
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For my Fourth family, the Allen's I rolled:

1 Adult Female, Family, Sagittarius, Destiny
1 Teen male, Popularity, Gemini, Joaquin
1 Toddler female, Taurus, Ayanna
1 Toddler male, Capricorn, Immanuel
1 Toddler male, Virgo, Dimitri

The Destiny sim is not my own creation, all the children were born in CAS.
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For my Fifth and final family, the Yeom's I rolled:

1 Adult male, Pleasure, Sagittarius, Hwang.
1 Teen male, Pleasure, Libra, Donghae.
1 Teen female, Family, Taurus, Ji-Sun.
1 Teen female, Knowledge, Gemini, Yung-hee
1 Toddler male, Sagittarius, Seunghun

Hwang and Seunghun are not my creations.
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I guess we were both quite lucky with rolling, as we have adults and teens in every family and not that many toddlers.
A friend of mine started the challenge a few days ago, and she has tons of toddlers in 5 families and mostly only elders..
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Originally Posted by CapraScriba
I guess we were both quite lucky with rolling, as we have adults and teens in every family and not that many toddlers.
A friend of mine started the challenge a few days ago, and she has tons of toddlers in 5 families and mostly only elders..

Yep, my only struggle was the Allen's with the three toddlers, I was just so lucky that I managed to get a teen and an adult as well - the first five days were a nightmare playing as them! All the toddler's are children now though, so hopefully should be a lot easier. I'm also lucky that I have the Summer holiday mod on. That came in very useful - especially where the four teens were concerned! When summer was over they had to juggle school jobs and homework - all the while I'm trying to get them their first kiss that they're so desperate for.

I'm loving this challenge though, mainly for getting me to play families and personalities that I do not normally use and try things that I don't normally try. Gardening for example, in my Patel family - they are really struggling with just a teen and elder wage packet, so they are growing their own vegetables and fishing. Two things that I have actually never tried before.
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So... I just attempted this challenge. Attempted. I didn't even make it through a full two days! For my first family I rolled two toddlers, two children, and one teen. This did not end well! What happened was my teen was trying to sleep, because she was sleep and hunger deprived. But then, the mother ghost just HAD to haunt the house and scared the living daylights out of the teen! So she died! I was able to start them from the very beginning. I have learned my lesson. Ghosts can and will scare you to death. I fail at this challenge.
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Originally Posted by LesW229
So... I just attempted this challenge. Attempted. I didn't even make it through a full two days! For my first family I rolled two toddlers, two children, and one teen. This did not end well! What happened was my teen was trying to sleep, because she was sleep and hunger deprived. But then, the mother ghost just HAD to haunt the house and scared the living daylights out of the teen! So she died! I was able to start them from the very beginning. I have learned my lesson. Ghosts can and will scare you to death. I fail at this challenge.

That's kind of tragic..
But I guess you're allowed to remove the placeholder's tombstones, so they can't haunt you. Anyways, teen/toddler families are very though..

I moved two children out, so I have six households now. At the moment I've way too many boys beeing born, I guess their wifes will have to be townies in most of the cases. Maybe I'll go for an alien child aswell, would be nice to see her/his genes being passes on through the genrations.
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Originally Posted by LesW229
So... I just attempted this challenge. Attempted. I didn't even make it through a full two days! For my first family I rolled two toddlers, two children, and one teen. This did not end well! What happened was my teen was trying to sleep, because she was sleep and hunger deprived. But then, the mother ghost just HAD to haunt the house and scared the living daylights out of the teen! So she died! I was able to start them from the very beginning. I have learned my lesson. Ghosts can and will scare you to death. I fail at this challenge.

That is very unlucky.

I see that I was lucky to have an adult or elder in every family.

I have now played for 10 days in each family. Nothing particularly interesting has happened save for the toddlers growing up to children, the children growing up to teens and teens growing up to adults.

The Merrythought's have been unremarkable but I have enjoyed playing as them. Lucas is in the Law Enforcement career track as a Vice Squad. Harriet had high chemistry with Naathim Patel when she met him as a teen - they both like to tinker so I am hoping I can get them together when she grows up and they can have their own business. Lilly is very good at painting.

The Jenkins were probably the least fun to play as, 4 teens are hardly perfect but they did well and all grew up well, even making romances with some of the other neighbourhood teens. We will see how that continues as they are now adults.

The Patel's have their own vegetable patch as an Elder's wage and a teens wage was pretty hard to live on, Naathim loves to tinker so he is making money by doing up the scrap car from Freetime. He had high chemistry with Harriet Merrythought when she was a teen, but Meadow Thayer grew into an adult with him and he also has chemistry with her - can he wait for Harriet to become an adult or just with with Meadow? Shabnam grew into a teen and rolled the popularity aspiration. Her lifetime wish is to have 20 simultaneous pet best friends which just isn't going to happen.

The Allen's were a really big struggle; a single mum with her teen son and 3 toddlers. It was a struggle for them to juggle - there was a lot of hiring the useless nanny and then Joaquin cleaning up after her once she was gone. He grew into an adult but is going to stay living with his mother until the kids are teens. He has 2 bolts of lightning for Candice Jenkins.

The Yeom's were quite fun to play but keeping up on all that homework was slightly annoying, luckily they stuck to putting it in the same room. Had one issue where only one person could watch the tv at the same time but that was sorted by replacing the tv. I also struggled financially as I'd built them the base for their house knowing how I wanted it to be designed which left them with far too much space and they spent most of the time in the one room. Still, it will be finished further down the generation line, which I like.

Here are some pictures of the aged up sims.
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Another 5 days each and quite a lot has changed now.

The Merrythought's: Lucas was abducted by aliens and impregnated, he ended up with twins; a girl and a boy - Krystal and Errol. Luckily the same day the gypsy lady dropped off a genie lamp: Lucas wished for money which came as a big help in building the nursery and giving Lilly and Harriet their own rooms. Lilly grew up into a teenager and rolled the fortune aspiration.

The Jenkins: Tamara got engaged to Ricky Cormier who then moved in bringing 20,000 odd simoleons with him. They upgraded the house a tiny bit and claimed it for their own. Reese hooked up with Marsha Bruenig but doesn't think that will be going anywhere. Candice and Joaquin Allen really hit it off as did Drew and Ji-Sun Yeom who got engaged. Ji-Sun shockingly got a bad memory from the engagement despite being a family sim.

The Allen's: Joaquin and Candice Jenkins got engaged before having some wild woohoo that resulted in immediate pregnancy. Ayanna, Dimitri and Immanuel grew up to teens.
Ayanna = Knowledge, Dimitri = Romance, Immanuel = Popularity.
Joaquin and Candice moved out together and bought their own place.

The Patel's: Naathim decided he couldn't wait for Harriet to grow into a teen and promptly got engaged to Meadow Thayer and moved her in (she brought in about 8000 or so). It took a few tries but she has just fallen pregnant. He has used the money to buy his own car showroom, that is almost up and running. Talikha quit her job to stay at home in her last few days alive. Shabnam has just been studying and doing a bit of fishing. She has also been chatting to Reese Jenkins in online chat rooms. Meadow had a makeover but it looks like I forgot to take a picture.

The Yeom's: Ji-Sun asked Drew Jenkins to move in, which he promptly did. His wage allowed them to do some nice things to the house (like actually putting the stairs in!) Yung-Hee got chatting to Lucas Merrythought and they have fallen in love. Donghae just focused on working his way up the culinary career. While Hwang wants to get to know Destiny Allen/ Seunghun grew up to teen rolling Fortune aspiration.
Ji-Sun and Drew Jenkins moved out into their own place.
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Another 10 sim days have passed and quite a few babies have been born.

The Merrythought's: Harriet grew into an adult and got a job in the Architecture career and started making toys. She fell in love with Naathim whom she was close to when they were both teens. The twins Krystal and Errol grew into toddlers and then children. Errol has the biggest eyes! Lucas moved in Yung-Hee Yeom and they were married and had a baby daughter whom they named Yasmin - she is now a toddler.

The Jenkins: Tamara and Ricky had twins together, Liam and Raina. Boy and girl. Reese asked Marsha Bruenig to move in and then they found their own place together. The twins grew up to toddlers.

The Allen's: Not much happened here, Destiny has got quite high in the law career track and has started up a relationship with Hwang Yeom. The teens have just been skilling and also failing to get into private school.

The Patel's: Poor Talikha died of old age after another successful round of gardening. Naathim and Harriet's love was just to strong and Naathim failed to stay faithful to poor Meadow who gave birth to a girl called Laila. He moved Harriet in (much to Meadow's disgust) and then he and Harriet found their own place after a few days of awkwardly tip-toeing around. Shabnam grew up into an adult, though is still unemployed (she has been working on her grandmother's garden) and has been helping Meadow with the little one who is now a toddler.

The Yeom's: Donghae has now found love with Shabnam Patel (though they are not committed to one another at the moment) He has been working his way up the culinary career. Hwang has mostly just been working on decorating the house. Oh, Donghae also won 50,000 simoleons on a chance card which has made him very happy - it will make things easier for him when he and Shabnam move out together. Seunghun has been a bit of a ladies man and I think he has kissed Lilly Merrythought and Ayanna Allen. Perhaps someone else too.

The Allen's 2: Joaquin and Candice had twin girls Hilary and Renee. They were the perfect parents (and I surprisingly had a lot of fun playing them as the perfect parents) and the girls grew up perfectly into toddlers and now children. Joaquin and Candice don't have a lot of money but their house is nice and they have enough.

The Jenkins 2: Drew and Ji-Sun were just focusing on their careers when the inevitable happened and Ji-Sun fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy, Garrett. They are very happy and while they aren't the perfect parents (Drew has been known to have Naathim round to watch tv and eat pizza while Garrett is unsupervised upstairs) they do their best and haven't required the Nanny's services.

The Jenkins 3: Reese and Marsha built their own house (they had quite a bit of money from his music career to help them) I love this house it's a favourite. Immediately he got a promotion and they both wanted to celebrate by woohooing in bed (this want rolled several times straight after over and over) which they did. Reese became a Rock God fulfilling his LTW and achieving Perma-plat. They did up a few more rooms and then celebrated with more Woohoo and Marsha has just fallen pregnant.

The Patel's 2: Naathim didn't take anything with him save his car which he immediately sold when he moved in. Lilly gifted Harriet her toy-making thing as she forgot to take it with her. They started to build their house and did so by working on their hobbies. Naathim's business is now rank 2. I think Harriet has also just fallen pregnant.
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Mr Valentine, just wanted to say that I've been enjoying reading about your sims. And they're gorgeous to boot!
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Originally Posted by Amalia81
Mr Valentine, just wanted to say that I've been enjoying reading about your sims. And they're gorgeous to boot!

Thank you. It's very kind of you to say so!
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3rd time lucky! I had almost finished typing this all out when I went to click of iTunes and it clicked off google Chrome instead - twice! I could scream.

Anyway, my own fault. I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since I last posted. That was a long 5 sim days!

The Merrythought's: Lily grew into an adult and immediately this happened.
Needless to say I was shocked. Lily moved out the next day as Lucas, who was exhausted from working and teaching Yasmin to walk, did nothing to resolve the issue. I put it down to Yung-hee having low aspiration. Yasmin grew up into a child.

The Jenkins: Liam and Raina grew up to children. A lot less ugly than anticipated too. Tamara lost her job in the criminal career, so I think she will give up on her lifetime wish.

At this point I got Sims 2 University and decided to send some sims 2 university.

The Allen's: Ayanna immediately rolled a want to got to university so she applied for some scholarships. Dimitri applied too and they both left for college. Immanuel didn't have a want to go to university and he was in the military career so I decided that he would stay and inherit the house from his mother in the future though that didn't stop him from getting a bad memory for not going to university. Destiny got promoted a few times thanks to some chance cards she is now almost at the top of the law career. (I wouldn't have allowed her to get that high without the chance cards)

The Patel's: Shabnam continued to grow vegetables which got her quite a bit of money. Laila grew up into a child, and Meadow put on some weight, depressed with her failure. She is on the hunt for a new man as she is desperate to settle down.

The Yeom's: Donghae asked Shabnam to move in, which she did and they both moved out together to find their own place taking 45000 of the 50000 chance card winnings with them. Seunghun applied to university and left leaving Hwang all alone.

This is the part where I gave myself a new rule to stop the neighbourhood being over-populated. I decided that after the first child they couldn't have another unless they both rolled wants to do so.

The Allen's 2: Joaquin and Candice both rolled wants for another child and had another baby, another girl, Jessica who is now a toddler.

The Jenkins 2: Drew is nearly the top of the dance career and he and Ji-Sun have been making changes to the house to make it more suitable for a family of three. Garrett has grown up to a child and a cute one too.

The Jenkins 3: Reese focused on extending the house while Marsha nurtured her unborn baby. Reese has become a doting father to a baby girl, Leanne.

The Patel's 2: Harriet gave birth to a baby girl, Latikha, who is now a toddler. Naathim has been hard at work selling cars at his home business he has now got a gold sales badge. They used the money to extend the house. Harriet has been busy making toys for when she opens up her own toy store.

The Merrythoughts' 2: Lilly moved into her own place and immediately set out to find a husband. Due to my preferences she was insisting on a blonde man. I will get bored if all my sims have black hair which is what is sure to happen if she marries into the other families. She unfortunately did not like any of them. At all. So this is the part where I broke the rules. I made a CAS for her to marry, after random rolling his personality and preferences they both like each other so I took it as a sign. He moved in bringing only 100 simoleons as I had taken his money away when I placed him on a lot. This is him, David Metcalfe:

The Yeom's 2: Donghae and Shabnam have built themselves a large and beautiful house. The picture was taken shortly after building and doesn't show Shabnam's greenhouse that she now has for her vegetables. Donghae is almost a celebrity chef and he will be opening his own restaurant when he reaches that point. He will use Shabnam's fresh vegetables for the finest tasting food! They both want the restaurant so they are holding back from having a family at the time being.

University students: Ayanna, Dimitri and Seunghun have just reached their junior year. Dimitri is a hopeless romance sim being as he is so shy. Though he did meet a sim from the greek house who I have decided he will marry in the future. Seunghun and Ayanna shared a drunken kiss one night but have since determined to meet and date other sims despite being secretly in love with one another. Their majors are: Ayanna - Art. Dimitri - Biology. Seunghun - Philosophy.

And I think that's it! Thanks for reading!
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It's been so long I have forgotten what happened at the beginning of this rotation so that's a bit awkward.

Anyway I will try to explain what has happened, no doubt the descriptions will get more in-depth as I get closer to the end because I remember those ones!

The Merrythought's: The dog Duke died. Not even sure if I mentioned that they had a dog previously, but they did. Not anymore. The twins Krystal and Errol grew up into Teens - pictures below. I think that's everything of note - Lucas is almost an Elder.

The Jenkins: I got bored of these, despite the precocious children so I got Tamara pregnant again and she gave birth to another girl called Nancy.

The Allen's: I remember playing these as they are one of my favourite households. After Ayanna and Dimitri went off to University Destiny grew into an elder which for some reason I haven't taken a picture of but I will next time. Immanuel got a job in the military and also realised he was gay after he met a passer-by in the street. Nothing has happened yet, but I'll update on it next time.

The Patel's: Or now to be known as the Centowski's (though the house still has them under Patel(?)) Anyway after Meadow and Laila were living off of chinese takeaways for a long time they got fat. Meadow lost all of her self confidence and slept on the couch eventually losing her job. Then she met a man called Orlando Centowski and she fell in love with him instantly - they were a match made in heaven and they had a small wedding and have already had a child, a baby boy named Jacob.

The Yeom's: Hwang was lonely pottering about his large house by himself and so he asked Destiny Allen to move in with him, she happily agreed and left her house to her son Immanuel on the condition that Ayanna and Dimitri could live there until they were ready to get their own places after college. Hwang is somehow not yet an Elder.

The Allen's 2: Renee and Hilary have grown into Teens and Jessica has grown into a child. I like this family as I haven't allowed them to get past a certain level in their career - they feel more normal than my other families. They used their modest savings to expand the house for their youngest daughter to have her own space. Renee and Hilary still share.

The Jenkins' 2: Drew reached the top of the dance career and achieved his lifetime want. I think I remodeled the house slightly as well and the Ji-Sun fell pregnant with their 2nd child. She hasn't given birth yet.

The Jenkin's 3: This is where things got interesting. Leanne grew into a toddler. Reese and Marsha got engaged as she kept nagging him to make it official. Reese being the insatiable romance sim that he is, wasn't content enough with Marsha's offerings and he preceded to look elsewhere. It started off as a fling with Remington the male maid. Remington would hang out after he was finished and they would fool around while Marsha was at work. Then Immanuel Allen called round one day and they found themselves in the throes of passion. Yes, our poor Immanuel was sucked in by Reese's masculinity. They began to take bigger risks and even woohoo'd while Marsha was potty training Leanne. She caught them both in the act and went crazy. Reese apologised and apologised and she has sort of forgiven him - she's still furious but they are trying to work it out. Leanne had her birthday and grew into a child. We'll see what happens with them next time.

The Patel's 2: Naathim sold another car at his dealership. Latikha grew up into a child. Naathim and Harriet decided they wanted to try for another baby - hopefully a boy this time. So Harriet is currently pregnant. We also had an incident with a breadfruit tree and fire. Harriet has also been making more and more toys for her eventual shop.

The Merrythought's 2: Lilly and David got married, they had a wonderful wedding party and they both looked beautiful. On their first night as a married couple they got pregnant and Lilly eventually gave birth to twin boys: Ryan and Wyatt. They have brown hair like their grandfather and their father's gorgeous blue eyes ( I think they both do) I tried to have David get into the education career but he got fired on his first day so he is now going to be a stay at home dad.

The Yeom's 2: This was a double long play, I'll explain why in a second. Donghae got promoted and achieved his lifetime want (reaching the top of the culinary career) the gypsy lady dropped off a genie lamp and I was hesitant to use it. However, needs must. I wanted Donghae (now that he was a celebrity chef) to start up his own restaurant, but I didn't have the funds after I built his and Shabnam's house. So I used the three wishes for money. Shabnam and Donghae had a small wedding ceremony and then I let them go on a honeymoon for 5 days. They had a lot of fun (Donghae got a tan) and Shabnam has fallen pregnant and Donghae has started building his restaurant - it's still under construction at the moment but should be finished later on.

University Students: I began this rotation and something was niggling me about pairing up Ayanna and Seunghun. Something just didn't feel right - not least that they are almost step-siblings. Anyway, I decided that they were both questioning whether they should really be focusing on staying together forever when they haven't experienced much and I had them argue until they were no longer in love. They are just friends now. Afterward Ayanna became somewhat promiscuous so I gave her a secondary aspiration of Romance (her first being Knowledge) Seunghun meanwhile decided to focus on his studies - there was a couple of girls that he took a liking to, but he hasn't decided if they were serious or not. While all this was happening Dimitri was just kissing everyone he could (he is Romance sim) but the poor guy was so shy, he hated starting off relationships and things so I gave him secondary aspiration of family and he got engaged to someone from the sorority (I can't remember right now I'll find out for next time ) After that though he just slept with every girl in the dorm. And I mean every one. He didn't seem to be shy anymore. I wonder how long his engagement will last. Now something happened as they were graduating. I wasn't exactly paying attention, and Ayanna was best friends with this red headed boy called Mark(something) they had 2 bolts of chemistry but nothing had ever happened between them (Mark looks like he has a teenagers face forever) but while I wasn't paying attention Ayanna autonomously held his hands and now they are in love (she also likes the Llama mascot Ray, but nothing is happening there.) I was thinking of pairing her with Mark but to have it taken out of my control was pretty fun. They all graduated Ayanna and Seunghun got 4.0 gpa and Dimitri got 3.8. So we did well in college this time.

That's everything - hope you enjoyed reading!
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Decided to try this challenge. So far my town has four families (a total of 13 sims), only two of which are adults and one is an elder. There are 7 girls and 6 boys. Im gonna post details on the families once I have the all made and determine their stories :3

-Though this be madness, yet there is method in it-
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#141 Old 22nd Mar 2015 at 6:38 PM Last edited by ANiallGirl4Life : 22nd Mar 2015 at 7:15 PM.
I'm definitely trying this! I used instead of a dice and this is what I rolled to start:

Number of families: 5

FAMILY 1 (Stuart)
Number of Sims: 4
Sim 1: Elder, Girl, Pleasure, Aries (Meredith)
Sim 2: Elder, Boy, Popularity, Taurus (John)
Sim 3: Teen, Girl, Pleasure, Pisces (Dawn)
Sim 4: Adult, Girl, Family, Scorpio (Jillian)

FAMILY 2 (Luther)
Number of Sims: 5
Sim 1: Adult, Boy, Popularity, Taurus (Nathan)
Sim 2: Child, Girl, Fortune (once she becomes a teen), Sagittarius (Nellie)
Sim 3: Teen, Girl, Romance, Sagittarius (Miranda)
Sim 4: Teen, Boy, Popularity, Virgo (Matthew)
Sim 5: Child, Girl, Romance (once she becomes a teen), Aries (Stacey)

FAMILY 3 (Ivan)
Number of Sims: 5
Sim 1: Elder, Girl, Fortune, Sagittarius (Allison)
Sim 2: Adult, Boy, Romance, Gemini (Carter)
Sim 3: Adult, Girl, Pleasure, Gemini (Bethany)
Sim 4: Toddler, Girl, Fortune (when she becomes a teen), Aquarius (Georgia)
Sim 5: Elder, Girl, Romance, Cancer (Mary)

FAMILY 4 (Fairchild) (I had to reroll with this one cause I got four toddlers and two kids the first time *facepalm*)
Number of Sims: 6 (kill me)
Sim 1: Teen, Boy, Romance, Libra (Seth)
Sim 2: Child, Boy, Family (when he becomes a teen), Capricorn (Ashton)
Sim 3: Toddler, Boy, Romance (when he becomes a teen), Scorpio (Derek)
Sim 4: Adult, Girl, Popularity, Capricorn (Elizabeth)
Sim 5: Elder, Girl, Family, Gemini (Diana)
Sim 6: Adult, Boy, Romance, Virgo (Harrison)

FAMILY 5 (Martin)
Number of Sims: 1
Adult, Boy, Knowledge, Gemini (Anthony)

I have EVERY SINGLE CAS LIFESTAGE in the Fairchild family *bangs head on table*

I'm also rolling numbers to determine other things, such as: house or apartment (1=house 2=apartment), whether teen sims go to Uni (1=yes 2=no), WHICH Uni they'll go to (1=SSU 2=La Fiesta Tech 3=Academie Le Tour), and whether a nonmarried sim is straight, bi, or gay/lesbian (1=straight 2=bi 3=gay/lesbian)

Call me Britt, an amateur ToTer
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I was thinking of doing this challenge. I have a few questions though. Are we allowed to directly control sims to do what we want or do we have to leave it on free will only? Because if you have it on free will, it seems sims will not woohoo or do other important relationship building things autonomously.
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Originally Posted by PikachuMaiden
I was thinking of doing this challenge. I have a few questions though. Are we allowed to directly control sims to do what we want or do we have to leave it on free will only? Because if you have it on free will, it seems sims will not woohoo or do other important relationship building things autonomously.

Yes, you directly control the sims. Play as you normally would. It's basically just like doing several legacies at once. :D
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Sounds fun, sm going to start this
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I'm so late! Ok, I'm doing this. I love the sims 2 so much. I rolled and got five families, which gives me so much pain. I got two 2-sim households, both with an adult and a child, thank god. No killing off placeholder sims here. I got a 6-sim household with 5 guys (two adults, two teens, and a toddler) and one lonely little girl child. Then I got two 3-sim households, both with single dads. One has a teen boy and the other a teen girl, one with a toddler boy and the other a child boy.
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#146 Old 8th Apr 2018 at 3:40 PM
I started a new game, Survivor, with one adult male sim who bought the largest lot and a tent, built an outhouse, and a fishing pond and got a phone. In the 7 days I played, he met a girl, got a job, got married, had a son, and was expecting his 2nd child. Then I started looking around for some challenge parameters... I found this one! So I started rolling dice. 5 families, so I made 4 more. I used a random name generator and rolled dice for that as well as it provides 10.
1) MacTavish (original sim I started with): Adult male, Aidan, Family, LTW- 6 grandchildren

2) Childress: adult female, Cleo, Knowledge, LTW-World Class Ballet Dancer
teen female, Catarina, Knowledge, LTW-Hand of Poseidon

3) Kunz: adult female, Vesta, Knowledge, LTW-Prestidigitator,
teen female, Linsey, Popularity, LTW-Rock God
child male, Shelton (pointed ears from placement father in CAS)
toddler male, Elliot (pointed ears)

4) Pentalon (my daughter suggested this name): Adult male, Willian, Knowledge, LTW-Max all skills
twin teens: male, Monroe, Fortune, LTW-Business Tycoon
female, Michaele, Romance, LTW-Rock God
child female, Joya

5) Madrid: Adult male, Alden, Knowledge, LTW-Media Magnate
child male, Harris
toddler female, Brinda

My dice rolled Knowledge for all 4 new adults and a teen! They all have different personalities though. My Ballet Dancer wanna be has 1 active point!
I played families 2 -5 for 7 days to catch up with the 1st family.
It was touch and go with lots of them very low or in the red, being all single parent households, with poor Alden being the worst with no teen in his family.
But in an amazing turn of events, Alden was saved by son Harris getting the Energizer, and then Alden earned Smart Milk and little Brinda learned walk and talk (she already had potty) before she aged up later that day!
And Cleo Childress and Willian Pentalon just got engaged!

I loved the dice roll and randomizing as I tend to make perfect sims myself, so will be using this method a lot.
I play rotationally all the time, but not always the same exact number of days. One of my neighborhoods has 20+ families now all starting from one couple with 6 kids! Happy simming all!!!
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Update on Survivor families:
2nd play rotation was 3 days, with Sim State added, for which I play 2 semesters (1 year) at each dorm/house---ever grateful for the 24 Uni mod which makes each semester 24 hours! But with so little time, it requires Fall all the time for the faster learning perk as well as everyone completing term papers, going to class, doing assignments, with a few dates thrown in!
3rd play rotation was 4 days, and another Uni year.
And the 4th rotation was just 1 day, and currently at Sim State for a Uni round.

Originally I had 5 families in my rotation, but with two weddings, it brought it down to only 3!

Aidan is fairly high up the Intelligence ladder so bringing in a good income now. Able to buy an orange tree to start their orchard!
Wife, Allyn, earned the bookcase career reward which will be great for skilling! And she is expecting their 3rd child, 1st pop that Monday of Week 3, day 1.
Blane aged to teen, Knowledge, but no LTW yet as it was only 1 day of play that round.
Bonnie aged to child. So a lot happened in just the one day!

Cleo Childress married Willian Pentalon, and took his name and moved into his house, and immediately rolled have a baby!
Cleo's daughter, Caterina(Knowledge), moved in but moved to Sim State within a few days, so more on her with Uni round.
Monroe(Fortune) and Michaele(Romance) worked hard at skilling and their teen jobs, both being overachievers.
Monroe has 0 outgoing and nice points so doesn't make friends easily, even with his Dad and sisters it took quite awhile!
But he had 1 bolt with Linsey Kunz and they fell in love and dated as teens.
Michaele got rejected for her first kiss by Gavin Newson! But recovered and met Ravi Chalmers (a Tricou with the face paint!). They hit it off, fell in love, dated as teens, and even went steady!
She rolled it, but got the bad memory anyway.
Youngest sister, Joya, aged to teen right before Cleo and Caterina moved in, and she rolled Family, with her LTW: 6 grandchildren!
Joya had been friends with Elliot Kunz and Harris Madrid as a child and I was planning on having her be with one of them, but Elliot and Harris had other ideas! So his older brother, Shelton (Family), is her steady BF!
Monroe and Michaele joined Caterina at Sim State when she was starting her Sophomore year.
Cleo and Willian had a son, Johnathon!

Vesta Kunz married Alden Madrid and just like Cleo popped a wish for a baby first thing!
So when they merged, their were her 3 teens along with his two teens.
And just like my dice were mean when I started this, giving all 4 adults Knowledge, they gave 3 of my teens Romance!
Eldest teen, Linsey Kunz (Popularity), went off to Sim State the same year as BFF Monroe and Michaele!
Her younger brother, Shelton Kunz (only Family Sim in this house with LTW: Captain Hero), per previous post, ended up meeting, dating, falling in love, and going steady with Joya Pentalon (3 bolts!)
Harris(Romance) Madrid has one of my hated LTWs: Woohoo 20 different Sims! He's currently in love with both Maura Chen and Sophie Miguel. Oddly enough his hobby is Science! And he keeps arguing with Elliot!
Due to the merging of the families, Harris is a bit younger than Shelton, but they should be the same age, so will attend Uni together.
Elliot (Romance) Kunz and Brinda (Romance) Madrid were toddlers when they moved to Survivor and they are very much alike! Both love Sports and have the same LTW: Hall of Famer. (3 bolts!)
Since they are in love and live in the same house now, not much chance of spending any quality time with other teens, but Brinda does have a crush on a boy she brought home from school while Elliot was at work!
They too should be the same age, so will be heading off to Uni at the same time.
I almost forgot: They have a baby boy, Kendrick!

Sim State: have played multiple rounds here now and am on the third one, so quite a bit has happened!
Caterina Childress (knowledge) aced her Freshman year, but as the only Childress child, needed to find a soulmate! With her turns on being gray hair and glasses not an easy job!
Headed to a college lot and met lots of people but no one with glasses. As she was leaving, she spotted a guy at the other end of the lot. Low and behold, geeky, glasses-wearing, Edwin Sharpe!
So after multiple gestures and chatting, she scopes the room and checks him out! She thinks he's hot and they have 2 bolts!
Then her Sophomore year, she's joined by Linsey Kunz and Michaele and Monroe Pentalon. With others in the dorm, now's her chance!
She finds her own place, invites Edwin over, and asks him to move in---he accepts! Then she moves back to her dorm so Edwin can catch up to her.
So now we have:
Caterina and Edwin in their Junior year.
Linsey, Michaele and Monroe in their Sophomore year. With Linsey and Monroe falling back in love after autonomous hand holding at the other dorm!
And both Linsey and Michaele wanted their teen friends to join them at Uni! To do so, they need to be BF's or BFF.

So in the dorm next door and in their Sophomore year:
Ivy Copur (Knowledge) LTW: Chief of Staff --And she has a gold badge in flowers and a silver in pottery! She is BFF with both Linsey and Michaele. And engaged to Monroe Pentalon after one amazing Dream Date!
Ravi Chalmers (Pleasure) LTW: Criminal Mastermind--BFF and back in love with Michaele with a Dream Date for them as well.
David Ottomas (Popularity) LTW: Rock God (same as both Linsey and Michaele!) He is BFF with Linsey and currently in love with her! No dates at all yet!
So both Linsey (Pop) and Monroe (Fortune and 0 nice points) are in love with each other and David and Ivy respectively! I hope this doesn't end badly!

I'm considering separate dorms for the next Uni teens to keep the drama to a minimum and not have everyone furious with each other!

And I can't wait to try this again in another neighborhood----I love the different sims and families you get!
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#148 Old 28th May 2018 at 1:20 AM
I just finished this challenge. I took two notebooks worth of notes. Staring out with 5 families in a little town called Sweeton. My founders were: Melany Cortney who started a legacy, Nicole Hurley who retired to Sweeton later deciding to adopt one of the Newson children (I made the teens townies and the four kids went to the adoption pool.) William and Lynne May decided to start their family in Sweeton, Elder siblings Jeffery and Janie Roman consolidated their nest eggs as their adult children , Cynthia (jeffery's), and Mary (Janie's) each came home to roost after college. And Lastly the Sweeton Family who founded the town. Felicia and Patrick took their son Arthur, his wife Krystina, and her younger sister Bayla Francis, as well as Felicia's brother Richard to found a new town away from all the hub bub after the world discovered aliens were not only in the skies but also move among them.
After finishing the round where my first fifth generation death happened, I had 181 living sims in 39 households, a very full graveyard of over 30 graves (not to mention several home burials) with a downtown moon base, a war zone, a carnival hood and an alien breeding colony. I had at least half a dozen vampires, 84 sims were alien born from 8 different races - (57 sims in an alien breeding colony including two humans, and 29 other aliens both in the carnival area and in the main hood, 3 zombies, 17 plantsims, and about a dozen or so witches. The sims have been through a major war (4 sims died), and two major neighborhood level alien abductions. I didn't play for points so I didn't keep track of the right things, but even though this is a long challenge, it is really fun to play and rewarding at the end of each round when I see how things in the hood have changed. It looks like a real neighborhood now, with real stories of friends, lovers, enemies and even cultures.
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#149 Old 9th Jun 2018 at 6:19 AM
Hi, I recently started this challenge again, Round 1, Family 1- The Whitestones
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#150 Old 28th Jul 2018 at 7:14 AM
I have another update, Round 3, Uni part 1
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