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Default TS3 store worlds metadata
O-hoj there pirates, this is my first entry here so I'm not sure if this is the right thread for me to post in but here we go

It's a simple question but seemingly the answer isn't quite as simple and so after days of searching amongst forums and going through the metadata from base to into the future I'm giving up

Does anyone know where the metadata for store worlds ends up? Been wanting to re-color the rabbit holes from monte vista + dragon valley to better fit my world

loony luna, over and out
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Moved to Create! Hopefully someone will be able to help you out
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I'm going to assume you have installed caw? On the other hand if you did you would know where metadata is. So I'm a bit confused.

You have to use S3PE and find the object you want to recolor, then you install is as package file. You should probably click under here. Also look at the first link Auntielynd links to, as she's just continuing on from there. Here is tons of tutorials for caw.

Edit: The links was a bit more hidden than I thought.
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OK, this is going way, way back so ............ I have the RH from those worlds, or did, and I did not pull them from the world file. When we install the world did they and the objects in the world go into our DC backup? I cannot remember if I got the packages from there or not?
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Perhaps I was thinking too much in this case, lets hope simsample drops in later.
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I wish I had a better memory! LOL I convert everything to packages and use multi installer. I have packages for all the stuff for those worlds including the RH. Cannot remember how. (!!!!!!!!!!!!) yes, we need Simsample. :D
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Well, I don't have all of the worlds, but as far as I know if you install with the Launcher then the world file goes into the Installed Worlds folder, and the rest into the DCCache.

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Do the items all spit into the DC backup also? I just looked and I have 121 items in my Monte Vista CC folder. They must have all installed with the world, but I do not remember if I had to tweak or not? Hmmm, when we install Riverview I know all the items install on their own in the launcher, the scarecrow and so on? It seems like all worlds should do that including the store ones, and if so those RH should be in the DC backup?

Maybe the original poster should start a clean game and install those 2 worlds then check the backup?

I am going to test. I will do a clean game and install Riverview and see what the backup shows.
OK I am back. Renamed my game. Generated a new one. Installed Riverview. The DC backup has 23 items added. Decrapified them. Can open in S3PE. Just opened the hospital RH.

So that is how they can be found to recolor.
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