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#576 Old 18th Oct 2015 at 6:26 PM
Just a quick update...
Goth-Broke family: Brandi married Mortimer, and Dustin didn't even bother watching the ceremony, which shows that he's not happy about his mother's decision. Brandi is pregnant still, and after playing with the Broke household many Sims games before this one, I can guarantee it's gonna be a boy...the house is over-run with 4 boys already, and 3 of them are children...that'll be interesting. Dustin still wants to get out, and with only a few days until adulthood, it shouldn't be too hard. He's not planning on college, unsurprisingly. Beau is starting to build a relationship with his new step-dad, and he is best friends with Alexander. Alexander has been trying to give his step-brother piano lessons...with shocking results. Alexander is 3 days away from being a teenager, and Beau is only 2 days away. Both are doing very well in school. Julian, however, is seeming to follow in Dustin's footsteps. He is now a child, and he grew up badly. He's doing terribly in school, and on the first day of becoming a child, he didn't even bother going! I'm worried that the social worker will end up taking him, but I'll see how that plays out.

Caliente family 1: The sisters have now found husbands, and are living in two different houses. Firstly, Nina kept up a healthy relationship with her boyfriend, Spencer Rauscher (finally remembered his surname!) and they ended up getting married. Nina Caliente is now Nina Rauscher. Their wedding was weird; Spencer got married in a Santa suit (I didn't realise that was his default formal outfit) and the guests barely socialised at all with the bride and groom. They just stood in the garden playing kicky bag in a big group...all night. Also, Don Lothario wasn't invited (he and Nina are now enemies) but he showed up anyway. That was awkward. And Nina just spent her wedding night cleaning the house! That was weird. A day after they got married, Spencer and Nina moved out and went to live in another condo, next door to Dina because the twins are still inseparable. Nina gave birth to a little boy, Fernando Rauscher. He is now 1 day away from becoming a child. Just before Nina gave birth, her main fear was having a baby. As soon as she had Fernando, the imaginary therapist showed up to calm her down. Nina loves her son now, but it took a long time.

Caliente family 2: Dina was so desperate to get married and start a family, she didn't even care if the guy wasn't rich! After Nina moved out with her husband, she spent a lot of time trying to pick up guys. Eventually she met Joe Goldman, who she had 2 bolts for and before long, they were engaged. Joe and Dina are now married (Dina Caliente is now Dina Goldman - I think her surname is pretty fitting for her personality). They are still living in the same condo and Dina recently gave birth to a little girl, Lois Goldman. Lois is still a baby, but will become a toddler soon. Dina is much happier now that she has a husband and her daughter, because she was so worried about being alone.

Dreamer family: Darren and Cassandra got married. What surprised me was that when Dirk and Cassandra were left alone, Cassandra started poking and shoving him, completely out of nowhere! She might have been in a bad mood because she was pregnant, but it surprised me because I thought Cassandra was sweet and nice to everyone, especially her step-son. Dirk doesn't care for his dad's new wife, but I think he just misses his mother too much. Also, it would seem that Cassandra has a stalker. Nina's husband, Spencer, has been following her a lot. He turned up at her house uninvited, and randomly started chatting to her. Then, when her best friend Mary-Sue Pleasant invited her around her house for a coffee, Spencer showed up about a couple of minutes after, again uninvited. Mary-Sue doesn't even know him! Also, when Cassandra left Mary-Sue's house, Spencer decided to leave at the same time! Creepy, right? Cassandra is completely repulsed by him; she has zero chemistry with him...but how he feels is a different story. Dirk has been flunking school recently, not bothering to do his homework, so his chances of getting into college might be limited. Cassandra gave birth to twins; a boy and girl. Their names are Jared and Molly Dreamer. They are both toddlers, with 1 day from becoming children. Darren seems to favour Jared over Molly, and he doesn't look after her as much as he should. However, Dirk prefers Molly instead. I think the sweetest family in Pleasantview are gonna turn pretty dysfunctional...

Lothario family: Don married Kaylynn, and together they have a baby girl; Rosa Lothario. Rosa is still a baby, but is 1 day from becoming a toddler. After losing 3 of his former girlfriends, Don is finding it difficult to stay in a committed marriage. He loves Kaylynn, but one partner isn't good enough for him. Kaylynn is still missing Daniel, but that feeling is one-sided. Daniel just keeps stealing their newspaper and kicking their bin over. Don and Kaylynn are trying to be happy, for the sake of their daughter, but they both have secrets that could destroy their marriage.

Pleasant family: Daniel and Mary-Sue are happy and in love again, like the old days...but this time, I think they really mean it. Daniel doesn't miss Kaylynn anymore, instead he's just bitter about it. Angela loves Dustin more than she loves her own family, and with every passing day, she is more desperate to move out and live with him, despite being too young. Lilith broke up with Dirk, which could also explain why he's been unhappy lately and flunking in school. She is now single, and looking for another boyfriend. I'm not sure whether she'll meet someone in college (if she's even going to college) or if I'll make her someone, but I'll see what happens. Angela and Lilith won't stop attacking each other and it's at the point where they both really irritate me. One of Lilith's fears in now running away, which may mean that she's considering it. I'm not sure if you can get Sims back if they run away, or are they gone forever? (I've never had a Sim run away before, so I don't know).

Burb family: Not much has happened in John's life. Jennifer is pregnant with her second child, and Lucy is now a teenager. I'm thinking of sending her off to college, but not until much later. To be honest, this family bores me so I don't play them that much.

Oldie family: Barely anything is happening at the moment. But they are a sweet couple, and they are still happily married.

So there we have it; Santa suits, stalkers and marriage problems. So much drama! :D

There'll be more to come soon!
Test Subject
#577 Old 24th Oct 2015 at 1:21 AM
(Sorry, I know how annoying double-posting is, but I have more updates! :P)
Goth-Broke family: Brandi finally had her baby...and can you believe it, she had a girl! I was so surprised, because apparently Brandi's only supposed to have boys unless she has her 6th or 7th child or something. She had a beautiful baby girl; Evangeline Goth, who is now a toddler. Poor Evangeline has to live with her 4 older brothers! Well, 3, since Dustin just moved out. Of course, she has her older half-sister, Cassandra, but they haven't been introduced yet. Cassandra isn't too happy about her father marrying someone younger than her, so I'm not sure if she wants any contact with her new sister. I've also decided that there'll be no more kids for this family; I think 5 (6, including Cassandra) is quite enough! Also, Mortimer only has a few days left, so it wouldn't be fair for him to not see his 7th child...but mainly, I just can't deal with so many freaking kids! :P
Mortimer isn't really doing much at the moment. He's just spending his remaining days playing the piano, chess and leaving his second-wife to care for all of their children while he takes it easy. Pretty relaxed life for him right now!
Dustin became an adult and has now moved out. He never went to college. I haven't put him into a house yet, but he'll probably end up moving into that abandoned shack that I decided initially. His rich, well-raised girlfriend might want something a bit grander, though, so that's something they'll have to sort out...but since Angela wants to go to college, he'll have to live alone for a while...unless he finds someone else in the mean time.
Beau is now a teenager, and as creepy and weird as it sounds, he is actually pretty attractive He still has slightly wavy blonde hair and he's dressed in a black unbuttoned shirt and jeans (all Maxis stuff, seeing as I'm having trouble downloading at the moment) and he has this bad boy look about him...despite the fact that he's a Knowledge sim and actually doing pretty well in school He's casually "seeing" Meadow Thayer, but they aren't an official item yet. He still wants to keep his options open when it comes to girls, but he's trying not to let that get in the way of preparing for college.
Alexander is also now a teenager, and predictably, a Knowledge sim. I gave him a makeover to try and make him look more modern, but still gothic...it didn't turn out well. It just doesn't suit him! I think I might change him back to his normal, old-fashioned self.
Julian is not coping well at all. No matter how much homework he does at home, he's hardly doing any better in school. He keeps throwing tantrums and I haven't even seen him try and talk to his sister, Evangeline. I think it's a jealousy thing. Needless to say, Julian Broke is not my favourite Sim.
Evangeline is a toddler, and is happy with life. Blissfully unaware of all the ghosts that roam her house at night. The Goth Manor is a pretty big place for her though, and with 6 other people living in the same house, it can be overwhelming. But now that all her brothers are growing up and eventually going off to college, it should eventually be a quiet place with just her and her mother.

Rauscher family: Nina recently gave birth to her second child, a girl called Amie. She's been very stressed out lately; staying at home, cleaning and having to care for her two children as well as herself. Very different from the life she used to live with Dina. Her and her husband are still close, but there are moments when she just wants to be left alone.
Spencer is a very suspicious character. Constantly thinks about other women, including Cassandra, even though they have no bolts for each other. He still stalks her from what I've seen, but whenever I play another household and someone comes to visit, Spencer just walks straight through the house instead of knocking. He's the only Sim I've ever known to do this, and I still don't know why. He's not cheating on Nina currently, but he's desperate to have an affair. I think he's giving old Don Lothario a run for his money...
Fernando is now a teenager and the spitting image of his dad. Less of a creep, though. However, he is a Romance Sim and almost everyday after school, he's bringing a different girl home. Hopefully he won't turn out like Spencer, but it's very likely.
Amie is a toddler with one day until becoming a child. She seems to have more of a bond with Fernando than with Nina and Spencer.

Goldman family: Dina's marriage is going much better than Nina's. She still loves Joe as much as she did when she married him, and doesn't think about having affairs with other men. She is also a good mother to Lois, which is surprising. I think she may be pregnant again, but I can't tell just yet.
Joe is a good guy; loving husband to Dina and loving dad to Lois. Not much to write about, though.
Lois is now a child and is doing pretty well in school.

Dreamer family: Cassandra and Dirk made up and they're actually friends now, which is a relief! Not much is going on in Cassandra's life, but she's pretty sick of Spencer Rauscher trying to call her all the time. Her husband is totally oblivious to all of this.
Darren is still lazy; doesn't have a job and is even more relaxed now that he doesn't have anymore diapers to change or babies to feed. I'm not gonna lie, I like Darren Dreamer, but he's quite boring.
Dirk is doing slightly better in school, but isn't happy at the moment. Still upset over his break up with Lilith, he's been trying to meet other girls to get over it, but he doesn't feel the same. I feel bad for him, so I want to set him up with someone special.
Jared and Molly are now children, and both are adorable. They are doing well in school, and are very close with their family. Jared and Molly are especially good friends with each other.

Lothario family: Don is stuck in a rut, and he's not enjoying it. Every day is the same for him; get up for work, go to work, get home, spend time with his girls and then off to bed, day in, day out. He misses the days when he had about 5 girlfriends on the go and none of them knew about each other. He'll never be a perfect family man. I might find him a couple of girlfriends on the side just to keep things interesting.
Kaylynn is heavily pregnant again. The odd thing about this is that it feels like she's been carrying the baby now for what feels like 4 Sim days, rather than 3. I'm not sure if this is the case, but it seems like she should have given birth by now. Maybe I should just be patient. Hopefully it's not a glitch with my game or something?
Rosa is a toddler, one day from becoming a child. There's not really much to say about her yet, but she's totally unaware of her parents marriage slowly disintegrating...

Pleasant family: Daniel is only a few days away from becoming an elder, and his life is back on track. He truly loves Mary-Sue, he keeps getting promotions from his job and everything's going great. Staying away from Kaylynn had a positive impact on his life, and he is realising that.
Mary-Sue got a new job and she's doing pretty good in that. She is also a few days away from becoming an elder, but it seems like it is too soon for her to retire. Hopefully old-age won't be too restricting for her.
Angela is planning to go to college soon, but she can't wait to move in with Dustin and eventually start a family with him. Everything to do with Dustin is a big priority to her at the moment.
Lilith is still yet to find a boyfriend, but I'm working on it. One of her most frequent fears is still to run away from home, and that's bothering me. But I can't get her and Angela to stop fighting!

Burb family: John has gained a lot of weight, and I don't even know when that happened. He's loving his job and everything's going well for him.
Jennifer gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Their names are Sidney and Ella Burb. She's been trying to juggle her career and her children's care, but she's doing a good job of it.
Lucy will be starting college soon. She is still single, but I've been trying to get her to meet people. I did the boolProp cheat and shift-clicked on her and chose "Show Sims Gender Pref", and it turns out that she is bisexual. I may even find her a girlfriend, but it depends on who she has the most chemistry with. She'll probably meet her future husband or wife in college.
Sidney and Ella are now children and have just started school. They have quite a normal childhood and they are happy.

Oldie: Herb and Coral are now deceased, they died just 2 Sim days apart from each other. I never really played the Oldie family, so I didn't realise how quickly that would happen.

More to come soon!
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#578 Old 25th Oct 2015 at 1:34 AM
I'm in the midst of destroying every relationship of the Pleasants. Mary-Sue kept her job thanks to the wonderful Ignore button so Daniel's little affair could continue a bit. Lillth is befriending her sister again so that way in the future she can go behind Angela's back and start cheating on Dirk by dating Dustin. Angela will be doing the same, except with Dirk. The sisters are probably going to have a kid with each boy in I end up installing a teen pregnancy mod. Mary-Sue is going to be falling for the maid as well, so whenever Mary-Sue looks away, Daniel can go woohoo with Kaylynn or whatever her name is and when Daniel isn't looking, Mary-Sue can do the same. If all of my mods are compatible, I'll be getting InTeen specifically so that way Angela, Dustin, Dirk and Lillth can also be woohooing with Kaylynn. (Yes, all of them.) I don't know how Kaylynn will be able to make a schedule for all of them but I'll make it work. Kaylynn will obviously be having tons and tons of children from the three men. I FORGOT! Mary-Sue will also be dating Dustin and Dirk... if I forgot to mention that.

I'm more twisted than I originally presumed. Oh well. It's The Sims - can you blame me?

I cannot wait to start with the Goths...

When one of your forum help questions don't get replied to...
Test Subject
#579 Old 9th Nov 2015 at 4:37 AM Last edited by Davin123 : 9th Nov 2015 at 5:37 AM.
Caliente -

I haven't played on them at yet, but Dustin Broke hooked up with Dina when she randomly showed up at his party.

Broke/Jacquet -

Brandi went out to Ja'Dore Bakery and met Gilbert Jacquet. They soon began dating and Gilbert bought her and the boys a brand new two story house, 105 Sim Lane. Brandi gave birth to the final baby with Skip, Ezrah Kai. Gilbert moved in, proposed to Brandi and they were soon married. Soon enough, Brandi was pregnant with her fourth and final child, a little boy named Uriah (Riah) James. Dustin threw himself a little party one night, hooked up with Dina Caliente and Angela Pleasant all in one night.

Pleasant -

Mary Sue found out about Daniel's affair and resolved that problem real quick with a baby. Mary Sue gave birth to a little girl, Emma. Emma is now a child. The twins finally made up after many years of hating each other. The reason for their big make up? They were both pregnant and needed eachother for support. Angela was pregnant with Dustin's baby after a hookup. She gave birth to Braiden Luca. Lilith ended up breaking things off with Dirk, and she got with a junior in college, Matt Busaca. Matt and Lilith gave birth to a daughter, Emery Noel.

Dustin & Angela -

At age 19 (still teens in my game) moved out into a one story house, 95 Woodland Drive, near Angela's parents house. Angela is a good little house wife, does everything Dustin asks of her, but Dustin is secretly pursuing other relationships. Dustin is in the criminal career track (in my imagination, he deals weed.) Angela is a stay home mom to Braiden. She's completely oblivious as to what exactly Dustin does. Angela's family isn't what she expected it to be. Instead of being white picket fence, it's more barb wire fence. She's jealous of how Lilith's family life turned out.

Lilith and Matt -

They moved into a two story house, 225 Main Street, near Angela's. Matt is now 22 and a host at a restaurant. Lilith goes to work when Matt gets home, which eliminates their need for a nanny. Emery, now 3, knows all her toddler skills and is very well behaved. I've changed Lilith's look quite a bit. She now rocks a white blonde long hairstyle. The Busaca's are very friendly with their neighbor's and ( sort of remind me of Maci and her family from teen mom) Lilith and Matt make good money and are currently expecting their second child together.

Dreamer -

After his breakup with Lilith, Dirk had a little breakdown, resulting in his weight gain. He decided to skip college, and is in the gaming career. He's now in a relationship with 18 year old Meadow Thayer, and they have a son, Jaylen Marcaylus. Meadow and Lilith are are best friends and Meadow has hopes for her Jaylen to someday date Lilith's little Emery.

Lothario -

Cassandra married Don, had two daughters with him, Stassi Nicole and Tasia Marie, both now teenagers. Don secretly hooked up with Tasia's best friend, 16 year old Lucy Burb, resulting in her pregnancy. Don occasionally still messed around with his father in law's wife, Dina.

Burb -

Lucy gave birth to a daughter, Ellisyn Ava. The baby is Don Lothario's, but in order to prevent embarrassment and the end of her friendship with Don's oldest daughter, Tasia, she claims Ellisyn is Castor Nova's baby, the result of her and her friends driving up with Sim State Uni on the Fourth of July.

Jennifer and John had twin boys, Kyzick Blaine and Chander Dawson, now children.
Test Subject
#580 Old 12th Nov 2015 at 5:15 AM
I LOVE the story behind Plesentview.. Its such drama! :D
Test Subject
#581 Old 14th Nov 2015 at 10:34 PM
Brandi gave birth to a baby boy, Daniel. She and dustin took care of two babies, Beau and Daniel, but after some point, Dustin couldn't stand her mothers nagging. He left home for college. Beau managed to be a good teen and had very good grades. In his teenage years, he realized he was a homosexual. He got bullied by his friends and his grades started to go down.

Dina got married with Mortimer and then she felt awful because she was kinda taking advantage of him, so she did everything she could to be a good mother for Alexander. She hasn't given birth to any.

Game started with Mary Sue at work. Kaylynn came to the house and asked Daniel if he'd like to hang out with her. I accepted it, knowing there's time before Mary Sue gets back home but suddenly a chance card appeared for Mary Sue and when I chose the wrong answer, she got fired. She came home, seeing them having an affair. She broke up with him and Daniel left home. Everything started going downhill for them. Lilith tried to seduce Dustin. She changed her makeup to look just like her sister, Angela. But the fire that started in their house ended her plans before it got serious. Angela was among the flames and Lilith ran to her sisters rescue, but she failed. Angela, Lilith and Mary Sue died in order. There was no one left.

Cassandra is shocked with her best friends departure. She cancels her marriage plans to Don thinking it's not the time for a marriage when her bestfriend just died. She befriends the bad witch even though she's evil. She wants to get her friend back, there must be a spell or something like that. She manages to ask her if she could turn her to be a witch and she agrees. She's a bad witch now. But her efforts end when she mysteriously dies. (I still don't know how she died!)

Dirk was broken at the time because of Lilith's departure, and now Darren's world falls apart because the love of his love is gone before he could tell her his true feelings about her. He's determined to get her back so he sends Dirk to the college so he can get a job in Paranormal Career and obtain Resurrect-o-Nomitron as a career reward. I locked their wants to "Resurrect Cassandra" and "Resurrect Lilith"

Dustin, Dirk and Beau are now in the college. Dirk loses his want "Resurrect Lilith" during the change from Sophomore to Junior. I started to think that he should leave her behind and involved him with Beau. They became lovers.

Kids all graduated and they got back home. Dirk became a medium and obtained the career reward. They resurrected Cassandra and Angela. Dirk realized how much sorrow Lilith was in, so he resurrected her sister instead. Darren declared his love for Cassandra and she accepted. They got married the moment she came back. Cassandra became a mother figure for Angela and misses her friend Mary Sue deeply. Cassandra gives birth to the twins, Mary and Sue. The family is so larger that they move out for a bigger house. That's where I forget Resurrect-o-Nomitron to put into Dirk's inventory.

Angela suffers from depression because she lost all her family members and her relationship with her sister was never good. She regrets not being tolerant towards Lilith. Her personality drastically changes and she becomes a copy of her sister. Darker makeup, darker clothes, a somewhat darker personality. She becomes an alcoholic.

One night, Dirk calls Beau to his home for a date. Beau comes and they have a great date. After that, Dirk proposes him and they are engaged. Beau leaves the house.

Meanwhile the ghost of Darleen (Darren's wife) is out of her tomb. She frightens Darren and she kills him. (This is my interpretation because I never saw how Darren died) When Cassandra is crying for him, she frightens and kills her too. I was too late to plead to Grim Reaper with Dirk. At the moment Beau is seen to bring red roses for their dream date. When he's approaching, Darleen scares and murders her son, Dirk. Angela is left with two baby twins, alone. She's my last chance because they will all be taken by social worker since she's still a teen. She begs Grim Reaper for mercy. My god, the wait was so exciting. At the end, she wins and Dirk is resurrected (Remember how Dirk resurrected Angela ) The four leave the house, taking what's left of Darren and Cassandra, and leaving Darleen's tombstone at the lot...
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