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Field Researcher
#1076 Old 9th Nov 2014 at 4:22 AM
Games that shoehorn celebrities and take a chunk out of their limited dev time to focus on said celeb instead of developing their other main projects. One such company focused so much on turning their medieval game into a pantomime-slash-Fashion-Week that their superhero project and other things got left by the wayside for three years and counting. Part of the reason why I made a fan-reboot of HeroSmash in my sim story blog.

I don't like artificial fruit flavors. Too sour for me.

Nor can I stand horror movies. Horror novels WITHOUT illustrations? Fine by me, I can read them. But when it comes to horror movies with the disgusting special effects and all, I get ill with fear.

Also, vampires. I've been more of a werewolf fan since I first read supernatural stories.

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