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MTS Movie Night #4 - posted on Yesterday at 4:46 PM
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#5526 Old Yesterday at 11:43 AM
She will eventually put food in it when it runs out. Be sure to know that you cannot stock food in mini-fridge.
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#5527 Old Yesterday at 11:54 AM Last edited by Mrmo : Yesterday at 12:21 PM.
Originally Posted by RoxEllen1965
@Mrmo - pull out any food and/or fridge related hacks that you may have. If that doesn't help, you may have to do the 50/50.

Ok, I only got the "low food warning" (or whatever it's name is) and if it does not work on other lots I will delete that from my downloads folder.

SneakyWingPhoenix: It was not a minifridge.

Edit: Can it be that it might be the Wrong version (read: pre-apartment life version) of the mod? I'm not sure what version I did install. Ok, deleting it.
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#5528 Old Today at 4:05 AM
I...just saw Joe Carr. I jumped.
I decided that one of my 'Hoods would be my new test 'Hood. But that one got created before I fiddled with Townies and etc...so they are there. I was not expecting him at all.
My last memory of him was years ago. I had this wooden cabin surrounded by pine trees. It was beautiful. I also made a swimmable lake...Joe came by my sim's cabin and decided to go for a swim. He drowned. I guess, I was not very good at making sure non-controlable sims could get out of the lake at that time.
He kept spooking my sims. It was a family of two, an adult big brother and his teen brother. The teen got annoyed and ran away...
It was funny still, to see Joe again.

Je mange des girafes et je parle aussi français !...surtout :0)
#5529 Old Today at 4:15 AM
@Mrmo - I believe both Seasons and FreeTime modified the fridge code, so if your mod is older than one of those it could do it.

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