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Default Need to check this site for protection
I have never complaint about this issue but I think it need to be seriously check, I have been a member here at MTS since 2007
The last Time I remember this site not being safe or attack was years ago some of us had to reload our creations because of it, we was ask by Delphy to do so.
Ok here lately I get a lot PUP pop up that my protection block over and over I am using Malwarebytes Premium which is consider to be one of the top and best protection.

Also using Google Chrome is showing that this site is NOT SECURE that I should not enter any passwords or credit card because of attacks.
Even going to some area here at MTS I am getting Block because Of malware. Please give attention to this it have been happening here too often.
We must keep MTS safe to come to.

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I got the same message...
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The reason it says “not secure” is because the site hasn’t been converted fully to https yet. It’s a chrome thing and shows up on any site which doesn’t use https.

As for the Re uploading that’s because of a server crash ages ago and has nothing to do with things now, nor was it ever a security issue, it was a hardware one.

The ads here do not ever have pop ups according to the ad provider. If you do see one, please screenshot it and send it to me so I can check it out.

I and many others use google chrome without issue here, and have never seen the same things as you.

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