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Default Can't Upload a lot because of Custom Content
Hello! I am not sure is this a right place for my post...

I have a problem with a lot uploading. MTS force me to provide links for all 93 package files.
But there are two problems:
1. MTS can't tell me correct names of package files. Only "0x621473cc752509aa4309c8a47285bf8c.package" etc.

2. If somehow I will be able to know correct names of package files there is a second problem: I can't provide different links
to the most of the files because they are included in sets (most of them are from Around The Sims website).

Can I somehow pass 6th step of creation upload and provide all links to CC manually by myself in the 10th step (Main Text)? I'll give a link to the whole sets.

Sorry for my Enlish, it's not my native language.
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Hiya @Ereza !

There are actually 2 things you could do here which I do myself quite a bit when sharing lots with CC!

1. Take pictures of a group of CC you have used in your lot or just any CC you can find and then check at ATS if there is any CC that you recognise and then write it down in notepad or something.
2. Then, open up the weird numbery packages with S3PE. Usually from looking at the texture it might make you go "ahh that download!".

Although, I think why it has such a numbery name is because you installed it as a Sims3pack right? Usually these packages are stored within the C:\Users\Lisa\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library

Other tools like CUSTARD can help you too, they actually display descriptions and thumbs when you open up your sims3pack and also show the package name in a weird numbery way but at least it makes it easier to see what is what
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Thank you @Lyralei for your help! It was fast! ^_^

I'll follow your advices!
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