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Default am I ignored?
I have "ignored" one person; how would they know? I don't even remember WHO - and don't see (in my profile) a place that would show who I've ignored. How would I know if someone was "ignoring" me? I think if I clicked on someone's profile I would see, but I'm just curious in general, so don't know how to tell.

Warrior Gryphon
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Hi there,

Your post is a bit confusing - you say that *you* ignored someone, but you can't find it (ps it's here: ), but then you also ask how *you* can tell if somebody else is ignoring you?

Short answer - you can't, which is kind of the point. If you ignore somebody, they'll never know. If they ignore you, you'll never know.

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Mad Poster
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I did find on my profile people I have ignored. Thanks for other info. I am overly sensitive about maybe offending people...but then I get silly/sassy/ stupid and say stuff anyway.

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