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Default Tagged download without any tag
This evening I got a notification that one of my mods was tagged, because it was incomplete or not working (or something alike) and that I have to look for a tagged download to know which one I have to fix

The thing is I have three downloads and none of them have any kind of mark (especially not the yellow triangle exclamation marks), nor do I have any info on what actually is broken (even though I wrote I can work on fixing bugs if I know how to fix them AND if I know what the problem is, yet no one seems to be able to help me and I myself can't reproduce any of the bugs)
Could someone help me resolve this situation?
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Originally Posted by HugeLunatic
The pm should have linked to the thread. It was tagged because there are no files available to download.

Oh, I see
Thank you very much
No thread was linked, I only received a link to my profile, which didn't contain the thread in question because it was hidden
I was sure I deleted this thread, but I probably hid it and forgot to do it
Thanks again for your quick response
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