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#1 Old 7th Mar 2007 at 5:13 PM
Default My sim won't stop whistling on the community lot!
In the Sims 2 open for business I have two Sims on a purchased community lot, where I want to leave but when the taxi comes and everyone actually leaves and the second Sim goes into the taxi the other Sim still runs around blowing a whistle.

I have to downloaded a patch that is on this website that said it would help the problem but it didn't. I do not know any way to get them off the community lot. I have also used the move_objects on cheat and deleted the whistling Sim and then the icon for that Sim disappears and the taxi leaves, but I turned my game off because I didn't want to lose a Sim. The lot still loads perfectly - I just can't leave it.

Thank you in advance
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