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#26 Old 20th Nov 2007 at 7:45 PM
I play in Pleasantview. Here are the families I play:

Yano: This is my self sim's family. The parents are Alexa and Logan and they currently have a son, a daughter, and a baby on the way. Their son is a chid and his name is Ryder. Their daughter is a toddler and her name is Tempali. They used to have triplets: Tempali, Lydia, and Melina. But two of them died of disease leaving Tempali. Ryder is Logan's son with Brittany Colwell.

Colwell: The colwell is a teenager family because their parents died in a fire. There is JT, Amanda, and Brittany. Brittany has a son named Ryder, but he lives with his father, Logan Yano. Amanda has a baby on the way. Jt doesn't even have a girlfriend so no kids for him.
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#27 Old 21st Nov 2007 at 7:04 PM
Originally Posted by strangerous
after their father was arrested and charged with several counts of robbery and carrying of illegal arms.

OMG - how did you end up with this? was he using the monney machine or what? I don't even know what kind of trouble you get in with the monney machine - but still - interesting storyline
#28 Old 28th Dec 2007 at 3:26 PM
I play mostly in my custom neighborhood, Eastopolis.

Doe- This is my legacy family I guess. It has elders John Doe and his wife Marisa with their two teenage children, May and Jill, and their cat, Sammy.

Long- The eldest daughter of the Doe family got married to townie, Benjamin Long and they have one kid, a toddler, Jack.

Nueva- Lola Nueva has had 3 kids, each from a different father. Her sons, Alejandro and Esteban, have townie fathers while her youngest daughter's father is Lucas Perrol.

Stone- Lily Stone is Lola's sister. She got married to Cleveland Stone. They had two kids, Maya and Cleveland Jr.

Perrol- This is my most unique family. It has loner Lucas Perrol. He lives with his pack of 3 dogs: Buck, Princess, and Buck Jr.
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#29 Old 29th Dec 2007 at 3:56 AM
I mainly play in my custom neighbourhood Challenge City (very inventive, I know!). <-- this name being I'm trying to actually finish a challenge that I start.

(My legacy family may seem a little strange, but that's because I started with two sims, instead of one; my self-sim and my mom-sim!)

L'Angelier (1): The start of the Legacy and my self-sims' family. At the moment there is Sarah (my daughter-in-law) and Nicoline, Sarah's second-born and her Fiancee, Casper Spectre (no relation to Olive Spectre). Nicoline is 4th Generation in the legacy, with pet wolves Carme and Eos. My lycanthropic son, Sebastian died from a rogue satellite a few days ago, myself and hubby are dead from old age. Nicoline inherited lycanthropy from Sebastian, and after living with it through teenagehood, university and a little through adulthood, she made a deal with her own devil and sought out the gypsy for a cure. Oh and Servo lives there too - he loves his vegetable garden!

L'Angelier (2): Sarah and Sebastian's first-born, Jack and his wife Malaika, who are expecting. They live with pet wolf Baron, who is the father of Eos and Carme. Zoe died recently from old age. Zoe and Baron had to be separated from Carme and Eos because they wouldn't get along, and they had both ran away, but got returned - well done policewoman sim!

Landgraab: Now here is where it gets complicated! Malcolm Landgraab IV is my self-sims step-father, so Malcolm Landgraab V (original Malcolm's son) is my half-brother. He lives with his wife Nancy, and their second-born daughter, Melanie. Melanie has just gotten married to Roger Mellon, but as a fortune sim, has her eye on Mr. Big who is a very good friend of her husband. She is also carrying on the Electronic Superstore that used to belong to her grandfather, which is a thriving business and just won the Number 1 award.

Strange: Eliza Landgraab (Malcolm and Nancy's firstborn daughter) is living with her Fiancee, Harry Strange. (Harry Strange started out as a sim who lives with strange things, i.e. alien, zombie, werewolf etc., but I decided he was too good-looking so I included him in the legacy). Eliza and Harry have a daughter, Lissa who just grew into a child, and they all live with Colin Bigfoot, who has just been promoted to surgeon (yeah, I know).

De Lioncourt: Azrael De Lioncourt is my black-widower challenge. So far he's managed to seduce and kill Ivy Copur and Dagmar Bertino. But he has a daughter with Dagmar called Alexandra, who is a toddler. (I had to use De Lioncourt, I ran out of good names!)

Loony: Adam Loony live with seven other inmates at the asylum challenge. But I haven't really done anything with them.

Not the most interesting of neighbourhoods, but I like my sims! They keep my entertained

I do not suffer from insanity...I enjoy every moment of it.
#30 Old 29th Dec 2007 at 4:25 PM
Interesting families everyone. I've got one family, in particular one BRANCH of a family that I've played down to the fourth, fifth, or sixth generation. The problem? If I don't do something quick they'll be marrying each other!

It started with Hong-Mei and Ashitaka Yu, who had six children (let's see if I can remember them all): Koichi, Tang Mie, Kimora, Shinji, Rah and Tah. I did a story with Kimora (who had four kids), so her branch is the longest. Her children are Lucien, Arin, Dias and Lordes.

Koichi has two, and one on the way: Honor and Maddox. Yes, I realized after I named her that her name was Honor Yu.

Tang Mie is pregnant, so no word on what her kid will be.

Shinji had three: Vaughn, Sol, and Moira. Sol and Moira are twins. Shinji died after drinking too much.

Rah has one child: Constantin. I don't plan any more for him.

Tah has four: Westa, Kaime, Reine, and...I forgot the son's name. They were quads, born in college. You should have seen the dorm!

I could continue to go on down the line with Kimora's kids and their kids and so on, but that'll take up this entire board. I find myself playing six degrees of separation quite often. I can trace nearly every family in my neighborhood (pleasantview, I was too lazy to make my own, but I've deleted most maxis sims) back to this one family. They've also produced some of my favorite and weirdest looking sims. Sometime I'll have to tell you about "bubble jaw."
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#31 Old 29th Dec 2007 at 5:27 PM
Hmm, lets see if I can remember it all...
The Cartell family is an elderly couple with 3 kids, Their eldest son Ashton fell in love with Amy Bission, daughter of Amelia Bisson and Don Lothorio, and when they were teenagers they got married and had 2 children, but the marriage fell apart and Ashton took the kids to his parents house so he could go to college and Amy could persue a career in the Music track. Amy in now living with her boyfriend (cant remember his name, the one that came with pets and has that little dog.) Ashton met his wife in college, (cant remember her name either) and heir to the (cant remember) fortune, along with her sister, they also had two brothers that their father had with Sunny Bisson, but they both, along with the father, died from deases. Sunny moved out shortly after with her youngest daughter and I havnt played with them since. After Ashton graduated from college, he took his children to live with him, and the Cartell elders decided to adopt, and adopted 2 daughters who are now teenagers. Ashton and his wife had 2 daughters together and, along with his children from his first marriage, live in a big house in Bluewater village. The sister married Jim Reeves, but left him for Donald Bisson shortly after she bacame pregnant with what she thought was Donalds baby, but was actually Jims baby. Donald had been married to Brandi Broke, and as a lawyer, was supporting her and her three children. But he and Dustin could not get along and shortly after the birth of Donald son from Brandi, they broke up and Brandi moved back into a trailer which was all she could afford alone. Donald is one of five children his parents had, and he was raised in the small house they had inheirited from his grandmother. His brother married Sunny shortly after she gave birth to their second child, but after 4 kids, Sunny got sick of living in their cramped little house with her husband who couldnt hold a job and moved out, taking their 2 daughters. She had been cheating on her husband for sometime with her boss, Dmitri, who himself was married with 2 daughters. She and him had had a 2 sons before Dmitris wife died in a elevater accident, and Sunny moved in shortly after, with her youngest daughter. Her older daughter had 3 kids with different men when she met a widow with 3 children, and they quickly got married and moved into his little house in the woods.
The now single Bisson lived and tried to support his 2 sons on his own but I wasnt paying attention to the game and the boys died in a kitchen fire while their father was at work. He ended up marrying Ms. Hallman, a woman who left her husband after having three children with him. He took their boys and and their daughter Hannah stayed with her mother. Ms Hallman was a money sims who dreaded work and soon died of deases from panhandling all night and caught a cold. The now teen Hannah hated living with her step mother and moved in with her boyfriends family, the Rosenburgs. Ms Rosenburg was a nurse and a widow with 3 children, and she lived with her boyfriend who didnt want to get married and had had a son with Amelia Bisson. The oldest Rosenburg child was a daughter who had 2 children with Dirk Dreamer, before he married her and they moved in together. Broden, Hannahs boyfriend, married her when she got pregnant with their first child, and they moved into a house down the street. The youngest Rosenburg child married Lilith Pleasant who had been living with her grandparents because she could not get along with her parents or twin sister, Angela. She and her husband have 1 daughter, and live in their own house on the same street and his sister and brother and Liliths sister, Angela. Angela married Dennis Hallman, Hannah Brother, and had 2 children with him, a son and a daughter.

I think thats all of it.

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#32 Old 29th Dec 2007 at 7:07 PM
My main neighborhood these days is UmanitÓ. Here are a few families from there.

The Mendozas:
- Two sisters who used to live in a trailer park together. Sara Mendoza was abducted one night while practicing her favorite hobby of astronomy, and moved to the alien colony.(The neighborhood has a mountain, and on top of the mountain I have several homes for people who have alien babies. That way the aliens can grow up knowing one another.) Ashlee Mendoza was a live-in housekeeper who moved from house to house taking care of wealthier sims' babies in exchange for free room and board. In her forties, she married sim-me, whose wife had left him. After having one child (Nana), she cheated on him and mysteriously vanished. The cow-plant didn't need feeding that day for some strange reason.

The Winslows:
- Began with sim-me ("Tobias Winslow") and his partner Abigail. They had three children (Blaire, Sara, and Jerry). Tobias was a novelist/ecological guru and Abigail was a novelist. Blaire didn't find her true love until middle age, and went through two engagements and one marriage on the way there. Blaire is a novelist, as is Sara. Sara and her partner had a couple of children (Tony and..er...oh my, her name escapes me.) Jerry and his partners (a three-sim marriage) had five children together, and their names are...Jonah, Constance, Winnie, Karen, and two others I don't recall.

The Salieris:
- Vincenzo Salieri was an aspiring criminal who thought being able to maintain three families was a sign of greatness. He was eventually sold out by his business partner Mark Cooper, and now both reside in the neighborhood jail. They were in the habit of attacking one another as soon as they are let out of their cells for their meals and exercise time. Vincenzo's wife Rosalie knew he was no good, but wanted children. After he was imprisoned, her best friend moved in with her to take care of the kiddies and they fell for one another. Vincenzo was later killed in a prison fire. No one mourned him.

The Wests:
- Jack and Felicia West married as teenagers and settled down in the trailer park. Jack was a recruit in the military and Felicia a restaurant cook. They had one child, Savannah. Felicia gradually began seeing other sims, and eventually so did Jack. They still live together, but have managed to leave the trailer park to buy a small home. Jack is still in the military at a slightly higher rank, and Felicia is now a short-order cook. Felicia's life has been full of romantic liasons, but Jack is starting to catch up. Jack likes to flirt with college girls, marking him as my neighborhood's creepy old guy.

The Tolars:
-Widower Avery Tolar and his two daughters (Emma and Abigail) moved to UmanitÓ in the beginning. The two daughters immediately went to college. Tolar settled down as a military physician, but soon transferred into the civilian scene. He remarried and had two more girls (Elena and...the other one. Why can I not remember names today?). He eventually became Chief of Staff at the hospital and retired after writing his memoirs. His partner Nora became the Mayor. Avery just passed away, and now Nora rents out her downstairs bedroom to young Sims just so the house won't seem to terribly empty.

The Nelsons:
- Perry Wilson and his daughter Annette moved to UmanitÓ in the beginning. He was an elder. Annette became a patrol officer. She began bringing friends home, and Perry ended up marrying one of them -- Brandi LeTourneau. Annette became involved with the police chief, and she moved in as well. The two couples had one child each. Perry and Brandi had Perry Jr, while Annette and the police chief (whose name I cannot recall) adopted Donte. Perry Jr. became the neighborhood prison administrator (after the original one dropped dead in his upstairs apartment, leaving no one to call the police when a fire broke out. Everyone in the prison died, because the prisoners were in the common area eating.) and Donte is a slacker. He works to get money, then quits his job. He spends most of his time woo-hooing.
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#33 Old 29th Dec 2007 at 7:31 PM
Currently I'm only playing one family the Lykus (Fink) family.
It started with a single sim, Serena Fink who hooked up with her gardner Leo, they never got married but they had one daughter together, Serafina. Serafina recently married Booster Lykus. Booster however was not her high school sweetheart, he was the roommate/best friend of her sweetheart, Kodiak Carnigan. Needless to say Kodiak was a wee bit furious when Serafina fell for his roommate. Booster and Serafina both got slaps across the face when Kodiak caught them kissing and now Kodiak no longer speaks to either of them. The only presence Kodiak has in their lives is when he sneaks on to their property (nearly every day) to steal their newspaper. Even with the newspaper thief Serafina and Booster are leading an incredibly happy life. They just had a baby boy, Br'er and are happily expecting their second child any day now.
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#34 Old 29th Dec 2007 at 7:52 PM
Default The Families of Copacetic Springs
Ciano: Ethan and Evelyn are married and have three children: Corbin, Jocelyn, and Nicholas. Evey's about to turn elder but Nicholas just became a toddler... she probably won't even see him reach toonhood - sad. Corbin and Jocey are crazy teenagers in to that new music - Rock 'n' Roll. Evey hates it - Buahahahaha.

Ciano-LaCroix: This is my crazy-fun house. Sydney is married to Silas (who is now an elder - oh snap!). They have three children: the uninteresting Clara Bianca, the minion child known as Marek Germain, and the overlord master of all things diabolical - Casio Iago. Until just recently - Silas's birthday party, in fact - Paolo was... living - or rather unliving - there. He was the coolest zombie ever. He wore liederhosen and a viking helmet and was locked in a shed with only a mini fridge, a sink, and a chair. The house is crawling with the ghosts of all the people Casio has killed. Silas has finally gotten used to them and doesn't wake in the middle of the night.

LaCroix: Vlad and Tracy, of course, are married. They have two kids: Lilian Rose and Michael. Vlad used to have an affair with Syd... but since that stopped, I haven't played this house much. Oops. ^^;

LaCroix: Vlad and Silas's little sister, Blair, lives here. Ethan's having an affair with her. She is extremely behind in gameplay because I didn't put in the hood until late.

Shine: Ethan's best bud, Stephan, lives here with his wife, Celina. They have two kids - twins - named Amelia and Antone. Amelia is dating Casio and they'll probably get a house together. Though, Casio doesn't strike me as the marrying sort, so no marriage. >:3 Oh, and Stephan and Sydney are kinda-sorta in an affair. They went on holiday together but they haven't strayed since.

Heller: This is the home of Mordecai Heller and his wife, Sherry. Sherry is Ethan's ex-wife, by the way. They have a daughter named Hazel - which is ironic if you know anything about the Harry Potter versions of Ethan and Sherry. Ahahaha. XB

Lancaster: Thomas Lancaster and his fiancee, Stefani Ciano live here. Stefani is the only child of Sherry and Ethan from when they were married. They're my only college grads in my entire game... but I cheated. It was getting boring. ^^;

O'Donoghue: Patricia and her daughter, Delaney live here. Delaney was born out of wedlock and has no idea who her father is. Patricia knows, but won't tell her. It's only a matter of time before the secret is revealed to her... and to the father! XD

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#35 Old 29th Dec 2007 at 8:17 PM
Default lololol
Lollipop_Girl, your story made me laugh way too hard. XD
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#36 Old 7th Jan 2008 at 3:50 PM
The Families of Hogsmeade
And sub hoods

Sims I'm going to play ...

Malfoy: Abraxas married late in life and is an elder. His wife is the pretty Isobel and they have two children; Lucius who's a YA and Lucretia who's a child. They have two pets a Great Dane and a Mini Poodle. They live at Malfoy Manor.

Black(1): There's a tradition in the Wizarding world for men to marry late in life. Orion (elder) is married to Walburga and they have two sons. Sirius is a YA and Regulus is a teen. The have two Labs a yellow and a brown one.

Black(2): Orion's brother Cygnus is also an elder and is married to Drusella. They have three daughters; Bellatrix (teen), Narcissa (Child) Andromeda (Toddler). Their pets are two cats (one black one white) and a mini bulldog.

Lestrange: The twin brothers Rodolphus and Rabastan are both YAs.

Weasley: Arthur is one of the 'younger' husbands. He's married to Molly and they have six sons and a daughter on the way. William (YA) Charlie (teen), Percy (Child) twins Fred and George (children) and Ronald (Toddler). They have a Tabby Cat.

Evans: Chad and Rosie have two daughters Petunia (Adult) who's engaged to Vernon Dursley and execting their first. The other daughter is Lily (YA). They have a black and white tabby cat.

Potter: James (YA) has a crush on Lily Evans.

Snape: Tobias is married to Eileen Prince. They had twin sons Severus Prince and Serenus Prince (YA). Then they adopted Serena (Now teen) and then Serenity (Child). Then they had Selena (Child) They have a Dalmation and a Greyhound.

Dumbledore: The two elder brother Aberforth and Albus Percival Wulfric Brian live together their two cats a red and a gray.

McGonagall: Minerva and her brother Mars (both elders) live here with their two cats.

Voldemort: Lord lives alone with his three dogs.

Lupin: The twin brothers Remus and Romulus (YA) are ready for UNI.

Pairings I hope to make:
Lucius Malfoy + Narcissa Black
Lilly Evans + James Potter
Petunia Evans + Vernon Dursley
Bellatrix Black + Rodolphus Lestrange
Sirius Black + Romulus Lupin
Regulus Black + Serenus Snape
Andromeda Black + Ted Tonks
Rabastan Lestrange + Serena Snape
Severus Snape + Remus Lupin
Albus Dumbledore + Mars McGonagall
Aberforth Dumbledore + Minerva McGonagall

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#37 Old 10th Jan 2008 at 5:48 AM
DeSieppe: A family of five female roommates, this family is much like a Big Brother-esque household (as in one of the members of the house will be evicted--or more accurately, killed. But this won't happen until they're elders or I'm tired of them). But the evicted one will be replaced by a new female.

Prime: All my Transformers sims go here. And yes, they're all friends with each other.

Topple: John and Adelaine are married; Adelaine is pregnant. They live in a really unique house, in which their house is a few feet elevated, and from afar, looks like a bunch of skyscrapers connected by stairs.
#38 Old 12th Jan 2008 at 10:24 AM
Dempsey: Jeffrey Dempsey met the love of his life Charlotte Dawson. They're now engaged and they are going to marry very soon.

McSkittles: Keely's Pirate McSkittles and Lithium Putney are married in my game, and have two daughters, child Kitty(adopted) and toddler Riley

Swindon: The most time I play with this family. Zac is married with Ashley. They three children, Mary-Ann(teen), Laura(Child) and Zac(child)

Warren: Tom is married with Miley. They have one son Matt(toddler)

Wilde:Bruce is engaged to Kelly Wan
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13th Jan 2008 at 7:09 PM
This message has been deleted by LegolianM.
#39 Old 16th Jan 2008 at 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by LegolianM
The families of LegoLand (haha, I'm so creative XD)

Dawson: There were no problems after Damon was born, however after having Terri, Drake and Tanis seem to be losing some of the flame... Tanis continues to want more children, however her husband isn't as enthusiastic as he used to be after he took care of Terri pretty much entirely by himself. Around when Terri became a teenager, Drake suddenly began enjoying the company of one of his male friends a great deal... things progressed, and he is now involved in an affair with Alex Stanford that may ruin his marriage. Both kids have since then grown up and moved out; Damon is living with his girlfriend, Sandy Taylor, and Terri just got married to Damien Stewart and had twins, Drew (male) and Tyler (female).

Stanford: Alex and Jonah were very much in love - and out to become disgustingly rich - when they first moved in. However ever since Jonah had an unfortunate experience with aliens and daughter Xandria joined the household, Alex's eyes have been wandering... it took a while for him to warm up to a baby being around that didn't belong to him. Drake Dawson has now caught his eye and captured his heart, and so, while Jonah is preoccupied getting to the top of his career, Alex has been sneaking around behind his back... however he was just recently caught. After quite a dramatic evening, the two are now separated, though Jonah can't seem to get his ex off of his mind... Xandria moved out before the drama and is living with her fiance, Zerus Kratos, a fellow alien and science geek who moved to town for a fresh new start.

Pan: Outgoing and mischevious, Gerbil (based off of an online friend) wanted nothing more than to make friends and have parties, however she got more than she bargained for upon meeting Karume Zeebee. Falling head over heels in love only to find out that he had no desire for any sort of commitment, she now struggles to raise their twins, Lee and Leanne, by herself. Having become teenagers recently, Lee seems to want nothing more than to spend time with his father, and is becoming somewhat of a playboy himself, while Leanne wants nothing to do with her father OR boys and instead is focusing on her studies.

Zeebee: Every town has to have a playboy, and Karume definitely fills the role well! With as many girlfriends as he has, it's amazing none of them have found out about each other yet... Gerbil Pan still holds a place in his heart, though after she had the twins he began paying more attention to his other lovers, not too enthusiastic about being a father. Recently he's begun wooing the maid, and the gardener has caught his eye, but he can't get away from his son - Lee Pan is determined to hang out with him and learn pointers on how to be a good ladies man.

Zappa: Frank and Kay (oh yes, it's Frank Zappa) are a couple of flower and peace loving good ol' fashioned hippies. Kay spends most of her time painting (when she's not having babies) and is the sole bringer in of the bacon; Frank tends to spend his time amusing himself around the house or playing with their children, Moonunit and Ahmet, who both are quite talented musically. Moonunit is currently on the search for the perfect boy, however she hasn't yet been successful.

Hansel/Hollis: Jordyn and her wife Adelaide were an adorable couple for the first, oh... day... that they were in the neighborhood, until Adelaide had a bit too close of an encounter with a satellite. Well, Jordyn pretty much went insane for a while afterwards; it took quite a while to get her to stop talking to herself. She eventually attempted to start a relationship with another girl, however Adelaide's lingering spirit made it VERY clear what she thought of that... so now Jordyn remains single and is focusing on becoming a doctor to keep her mind off of things. She's recently invited an albino friend, Beau Hollis, to become her roommate (the ghost of her wife should be okay with a man living with her) and he's settling in nicely and can't wait to see the ghost of the house.

Kohelet: He may be the most important man in town, but Ollen is rumored to be somewhat of a pedophile... and considering he lives with two teenage girls, it's really no surprise. Especially considering one of them is his wife. Mei just recently had twins, Jian (boy) and Shui (girl), however the family servant, Chou, is probably going to wind up taking care of them. Chou is perfectly happy to clean the entire house and loves the babies; Mei, on the other hand, wishes her husband would pay her a bit more attention instead of retreating up to his study as soon as he gets home from work.

Darian: Death couldn't even keep Reginald (aka Reggie) away from his beloved Jordan. He may be a ghost, but he still lives with his husband, and the two of them couldn't be happier, though Jordan does occasionally wish that Reggie wasn't transparent. They adopted a boy, Jason, but that wasn't enough for them so now they've adopted a little girl, Dido. When he's not playing with Jason or flirting with his husband, Reggie spends pretty much all of his time painting; not needing to sleep or eat or any of those other normal alive things certainly has it's good points!

Wilson: Bryan doesn't have much. He doesn't even have a house. He lives in a park and sleeps on an old dirty mattress, lives off of hot dogs, and is very thankful to have an outhouse and a dirty (broken) shower. He's working his way up the criminal ranks now and has been wooing the mail lady, Dagmar, who he recently proposed to and who he really hopes is filthy rich. She didn't seem to be too happy with the engagement, but hey, if she has some money, that's good enough for Bryan. Maybe he'll be able to afford a wall after the wedding.

And my latest -

Moralez: Edward Moralez the resident, well.... transvestite serial killer? Yes, he's quite a lovely lady and in fact you wouldn't be able to tell any different if you met him... IF you met him. He tends to not leave the house except when he has to work. If you do meet him, pray that you don't get on his bad side; one of the paper boys has been rumored to have gone missing, and there's a suspicious grave in his backyard.

I creat my own neighbourhood and I use members of my family
#40 Old 19th Jan 2008 at 5:00 PM
Wow, I am impressed with the amount of detail. I have not played any families into more than the second gen. I may swipe some of your ideas for story lines they sound like fun.
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#41 Old 21st Jan 2008 at 11:25 PM
I just started a new neighborhood (Hegwig Hills) after a reinstall so not many families yet..

Coates Family: Todd and Mandy are the main family I play. Todd has 6 children, two of whom, Puck and Oberon are from an alien abduction (the rest are his and Mandy's obviously). Milo is a young adult, Puck and Oberon are teenagers, India is a child (will be a teen in 3 sim days), Haley is a child, and Nathan is an infant. Both Todd and Mandy are very good parents. Mandy is very sweet with Puck and Obi -- has very high relationship scores with both even though they aren't hers.

Bristol Family: Ruckus and Bayar (a Keely sim) have one son, Zoom. Ruckus runs a small robotics business. I haven't played them much yet.

Spanning Family: Henry and Melissa run a farm and little market...neither has a job. They have twin toddler sons, Douglas and Derrik. Melissa actually died while pregnant with the twins and I didn't realize it til it was too late for Henry to plead with Grim...yay for InSim though lol...she's back. Living off the land is quite a challenge with toddlers around...it's hard finding time to tend the crops and take care of them. Not sure if I'll let them have anymore since their house doesn't really have any room to expand. Maybe after the twins are teens and I move them off to college.

Lupin Family: Remus and Nymphadora (Tonks), currently have 3 children. Andromeda is a child and twins Sirius and Teddy are toddlers. I tried making Remus a werewolf, but it turned out to be too much of a nuisance as 'Dora kept having fears about Remus howling and such. Poor girl would have been in constant aspiration failure if I'd let him stay a werewolf.

Loveless: Damien. Damien is a vampire. A vampire who builds toys. Haven't really played him at all yet...still collecting vampire-ish furniture to decorate his house with.

Prolly gonna start a legacy or two as well here soon...
#42 Old 25th Jan 2008 at 1:00 AM
Too many to list...I did a count, and I have 57 households in my game, that I play, in semi-rotating fashion.
Rather than name them all, I can break them up into groups as they came about:
Group 1: all the Strangetown families. Their lives have interwoven with the families I added
Group 2: Initial created families, which included the Kapps, whom I fancied as distant relations to the Veronaville family, but down on their luck: the O'Riordans, Bob and Connie Dobbs plus children Jimmy and Clara, and Rupert Deal with teen daughter Anthea, and the very strange siblings Francis and Luisa Theremin. A bit later: the Fujiwara and Tagore families. A decent ethnically and culturally diverse base
Group 3: Six families with children: Lewis, Owens, Hennessy, TIchenor, Lu, and Horvath. Soon after: Gudrun Troldsen with her three sons to balance out the male-female ratio.
Group 4: What was I thinking: I created six more households. In part to add to the cultural richness of Strangetown (adding an Italian family, Jewish family, and blue-skinned alien couple) and in part because there were still too many females.
Group 5: I played many of the La Fiesta Tech students as my teens entered college, as well as drafting a few teen NPCs for college. At one time the campus population was 45.
Group 6: One more family, the highly dysfunctional Clarks, plus Beau and Jada Broke, the only family I ever downloaded and put into the game.
Population in Strangetown? 187, I think.
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Originally Posted by SofieAmalieN
The Families of Hogsmeade
And sub hoods

Sims I'm going to play ...
.... (list of my sims would be here) ...

ARGH! My sister just IM'ed me to say that she accidently deleted my 'hood... Hmm..

Maybe it's a good thing..? It'll definatly allow me to start over, once I get home.. (see signature - only 3 more weeks left!!)

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My current families:

Rossini Amanda & Cote (married) with youngest child Alex

Gr├Ânros Liutenant and Priya (ex Ramasw...) they have 3 childs Ivanhoe (moved out), Linnea (child) and Greta (toddler). Lt. have reached the top of the criminal career.

Blom Captain, Ivanhoe Gr├Ânros and Alice Tomasson (Captains gf).
Captain used to live with the Gr├Ânros family but i moved him out with Ivanhoe when Captain met Alice.

Eyes Snake and Nina (ex Caliente) married, one child; Wilma

Ramaswami Sanjay, Divorced no children.

De Loach Eva and Greger married, 1 daughter each from before they met. The daughters are now adult and a re living together in there own house.

Fett Boba, single no children. working as a buissnessman.

Bj├Ârkman Ture, single no children. Working in the Law enforcement career.

De Luna Rossa Maya, boyfriend (i think dont remember), no Children.

Wasa Joesfin, married with Nisse P─║ Manpower, no children but a Border Collie (dog) named Isis.

David Ziva and Nikki, married, no children. Both work in the medicine career. Ziva is daughter of Greger de Loach and Nikki is Daughter of Eva de Loach.

Addams Gomez, single, adult daughter Wednesday and her Fiance Alex Rossini Sr.

Kruth Doris and Ruth. Doris is the soon to be wife of Harry Kruth and Ruth is a sister to Harry. no children. Ruth is the boss of J├Ânsson's Swing A Ling. Doris unemployed.

J├Ânsson Band Charles Ingvar J├Ânsson, Ragnar Vanheden and Harry Kruth. Friends and "Buissness" Partners. No Children.

Camelot My Biggest "family" consisting of
King Arthur and wife Queen Guinivere, SIr Bedevere, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Brave Sir Robin, Black Knight and Friar Tuck. They have no children (yet, Guinevere is pregnant). They live in my own home made medieval castle.

Kiddo/Swann ┬┤Beatrix and Elizabeth, and their adult daughter Amy.

Blyger Marita pre made character. Boyfriend Chales Ingvar no children. CIJ will into Marita's new house when i have finished furnishing it.

Then there are additional 6 characters that just have Graduated from the University and doesnt have a house yet. They will form 3 households:

Becky Griswold & Remington Steele -engaged

Rufus B├Ąfvenhielm & Wilma Steen -engaged

Emil Svensson & Jelila Daala Dating.

Then there are 4-5 pre-made families but i will take them off the map and put them into the family basket since my neighbourhood is starting to get out of space for some reason
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The main hood I play is called Mizu No Tsuki so far there are only three families there.

1. shinazaka
Shango is the residant black widow and a Fox demon. he has had two lovers already and married each of them kept them untill they gave birth then killed them. he is a family sim (not normaly used in black widow but I was bored) who is obsessed with populating the world with his kids. LOL
Shango's oldest is Ren Ren is a toddler with a high carisma he loves spending time with his papa.
Shango's second son is named Kai who is still a baby.
and his current lover is Kyalyyn(sp?) the maid.

This is my self sims home. she is a knowlage sim with her daughter and husband (she's a bit of a black widow as well) her first lover was killed mysterously.

3. Osaka
Naru is a sweet and gentile vamprie who has a thing for his roommate Hiru but Hiru a romance sim with a love of women wont have anything to do with him.
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So I've got my own little neighborhood going here, and while there are only a few families starting out so far, I've grown attached to them. =) Here's what we got.


Liam and Chelsea. I forgot how they met.
They raised two attractive twins named Lance and Carter, who are now in college. And at home, they're still taking care of a child named Cameron who looks very much like his older brothers I might add, and a little girl named Leslie.
Liam works as a police officer, Chelsea recently lost her job as a lawyer. The two planned on having more kids, but the stress was unbearable.

My lovely sim Laci Logan. I totally fell in love with her, and let her live her life a little until she started seeing one of my other sims, Paris Juanes. The two took things slow, but Paris eventually moved in with Laci in their tiny little place. It might be tiny, but I couldn't bring myself to move them out of there.
They're both so easy-going, I love them!
They have a child named Carleigh, who is gorgeous! I can't wait until she grows up!
And they're expecting a little one, with plans to name her Raena.
Laci works as a nurse, but Paris got sick of his job as a mascot and eventually quit.

I forgot the other few families, will update later. =)
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I am currently focusing on two families. The Blackwood & the Rogozarski. They are in my new modern, tropical neighborhood called "Goodland".

Rogozarski Family:
1st Generation: Francesca & Garrett (Married)
2nd Generation (from oldest to youngest): Natasha, Samantha, & Darek

Blackwood Family:
1st Generation: Hannah & Aaron (Married)
2nd Generation (from oldest to youngest): Victoria, Cory & Eric (Twins), & Mario
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I play Pleasantview, mostly, and there are a ridiculous amount of Sims in that neighborhood, as I like big Sim families.

Cassandra and Darren married and had nine children - all those plus Dirk and Cara, Cassandra and Don's daughter. Dirk is married to Lilith Pleasant and they have two children, Sean and Yessica, who are both in their early teens. Cara is married to Quincy Montmorency (the Montmorency family is enormous, as you will see) and they have three children - Ben and the twins Bella and Arianna. Daniel, the eldest of Cassandra and Darren's children, just aged to adult; I plan on marrying him to Rebekah Hale. Diana (the second-oldest) is on the verge of aging up, as is her immediate younger, Devon.

Mary-Sue caught Daniel cheating and kicked him out. He moved in with Kaylynn and they had three children, Griffin, Daniela, and Anastasia, who are currently teens. After Daniel died, Angela and Dustin (and their daughter Susannah) moved in with Kaylynn and the half-sibs. I mentioned Lilith and Dirk earlier; they lived with Mary-Sue in the old Pleasant house, but then she (Mary-Sue) died.

Prior to Mary-Sue's death, I moved the Burbs in with the Pleasants. John died accidentally when he was struck by lightning. Jennifer did not remarry; she's on the verge of elderdom. I grew Lucy up and married her to Ben Broke. They have a child son, Sam, and a toddler daughter, Sarah.

Brandi is an Elder. Her three biological sons have moved out, so she's left with Jack, the youngest. He's adopted. Beau and his wife, Victoria, have a toddler son, Brenden, and baby twins, Belle and Bobby.

Mortimer married Dina shortly before his death. They had two children, Christabel and Damien (both in their mid-teens now). When Christabel was a child, Mortimer died. Dina additionally had Don's twins, Mariana and Fabian. Nina moved in with her son, Martin - also Don's. I smell a scandal brewing!

Alexander married Liliana Hale. He recently reached the top of the Science career track, and Liliana is well on the way to the top of Education. They have four children, William, Gwendolyn, Isabelle, and Edward.

Lothario: Don died, but not before he managed to produce lots and lots of Sim-spawn. Cara is the oldest of the bunch, and the James twins, Hattie and Lyra, are the youngest. Or maybe Jon Lovann is the youngest. I don't remember.

Montmorency: An original family of mine. William and Josephine were the couple's name; they had six children - Violet, Leopold, Quincy, Rowan, Charles, and Rhiannon. Violet married Travis Simmons and they have one son, Dean. Leopold married Natalia Willett and they have three children, Penny, Patrick, and Hector. Quincy married Cara Goth; I think I mentioned their children before. Rowan married Charity Llewellyn; one daughter, Rowena. Charles married Adelaide Hale and they have the largest family: a son and three daughters with another child on the way. I'm spacing out on their names right now. Rhiannon, the youngest (and my personal favorite), just aged up. I plan on putting her through the politics track. She married Adrian Hale and they already have twin sons, Adam and Evan. William, the father of the family, died, but Josephine lives on. She is particularly close to her granddaughter Penny.

Montgomery: The three Montgomery siblings, Faith, Hope, and Mitchell, were created as adults.

Faith married Josiah Hale. He already had two daughters, Adelaide and Liliana - they were CAS Sims. Faith and Josiah had three children - Adrian, Rebekah, and Brian.

Hope married Washington Llewellyn. They have, I think, eight children. All the girls are named for virtues (Charity, Joy, Patience, Felicity, and Chastity) and all the boys have random names, like Miles. All of the Montgomeries have weird noses that turn up at the end, but it's most pronounced in the Llewellyn branch.

Mitchell married Bridget Wooding, who already had a son (Joshua) by Don Lothario. Mitchell and Bridget had three more sons, Will, Charlie, and Christian, before finally having a daughter, whom they named Beatrice Ann. Bea is one of my favorite Sims; she's a tomboy and a lot of fun to play.

What else? Oh! The Great P&P Project!

Back in December, when I had too much time on my hands, I started a Regency-era neighborhood and set out to recreate 'Pride and Prejudice' in it - I was going through a fit of obsession with the novel at the moment. I downloaded practically the entire Regency section at All About Style and then set to it, making Sims and building houses.

The neighborhood that it's in, Meryton, is unbearably slow, so I don't play often. Currently, about all I have accomplished is making everyone hate Caroline Bingley. I left the Sims of her, her brother, Darcy, and all the Bennet sisters to their own devices at 'Netherfield', and the results were quite amusing: Lydia and Kitty started a pillow fight, Lizzy wandered off to play pool, Caroline harassed Darcy, Jane wandered off to paint a picture, Mary sulked, and Bingley tried to teach himself to play piano. Madness, I tell you. Ah, well, I now have lots of amusing pictures.

It really is rather odd to watch fictional characters as Sims got up in frock coats playing kicky bag.
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Originally Posted by SofieAmalieN
The Families of Hogsmeade
And sub hoods

Sims I'm going to play ...

*is in awe* You rock, so so hard.

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I play mostly Riverblossom Hills - there's 15 families - and I'm trying to keep it that way by allowing each family to have 2 kids and then they just intermarry. Sometimes it doesn't work out that way - like when the second kid ends up being twins or there's an uneven ratio of males to females. Then they just end up being gay and adopting. :-). I haven't had much time to do anything much with some of these families, so I play:
O'Mackey - Gabe married Patricia and they had a little boy with really ugly cheeks. Jules went off and married her arch enemy's (Sandra's) little brother Xander Roth.
McGreggor - Sandra went off and married Leod McGreggor. They live together in their tiny little cottage/farm.
Kim - Justin Kim, the only son of Robert and Cynthia Kim has married Tara Kat. Cynthia, now retired is dabbling in hairstyling, experimenting on poor Tara after she got fired from her job as a teacher. Justin and Tara now have twin girls, Rachel and Serena.
Ruffian - Shania and Kevin have two dogs - a Great Dane named Hamlet and a little cockapoo named Titania. They live in the Old Farm House in Riverblossom Hills and now have two sons, Bailey and Beckett.
Martin - Catherine and Betty's days are limited. In the meantime, Andrew has married Daisy Greenman and reverted her from plantsim to human. A baby is on the way. Jacob has married a girl he went to college with, Ezra.
Those are the only families I've really been able to play so far - hopefully I'll be able to do more now that I'm done school.
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