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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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Test Subject
#26 Old 26th Feb 2008 at 4:45 AM
This is the first neighborhood where I've actually played the Maxis characters. Usually I make custom sims and ignore the townies as much as possible.

In an effort to change up my gameplay, I decided that I'd play a different family every time. So far:

The Greenmans - I played them in there original house for a while, but it started to irritate me. (Really? A tree in the middle of the house?) So I moved them into a more reasonable home. I thought it would be interesting to try playing a PlantSim - I hadn't before - but I didn't really get it. So I de-PlantSim-ified Rose, who turned out to be gorgeous. As soon as Daisy grew up, I turned her back too, and moved her into her own bachelorette pad. Oh, and of course everyone got makeovers. I can't stand Maxis clothes/hair/makeup.

The Roths - Just started playing them recently. I love their house, even though I'm not used to playing so many floors. Everyone here got makeovers too, and the house got redecorated in a mostly antique style (another change for me - I usually go modern), with the exception of the kids' bedrooms. Xander just aged up to teen, and Sandra is still a teen (don't know if I'll send her to Uni). Stella has had a couple of rendezvous with Patricia Wan, who I tarted up along with her roommate Cleo Shibiku. But then Stella autonomously kissed Morty in front of Patricia. Silly Stella. Morty apparently didn't wonder why Patricia slapped his wife, and went about his business. After this debacle Stella had a change of heart and recommited to Morty. They recently celebrated the birth of their third child, a girl whose name I can't remember even though she was just born in my last play session.

I've given makeovers to almost everyone else in town, in the interest of esthetics, and played a couple of custom families, and everyone is now mingling nicely. I need to create some more drama, I think. Everything's too nicey-nice. I'll work on that.

Edit: I just thought of a question that occurred to me while playing the Roths for the first time. Any idea why Sandra is darker-skinned than the rest of her family? I play with Enayla's default skintones, so I'm not 100% sure which skintone she is, but I'm pretty sure that she's at least a skintone or two darker than the rest of the fam. I looked in her memories to see if perhaps she was adopted, but nothing there. Any ideas?
Original Poster
#27 Old 29th Feb 2008 at 7:33 PM
Maybe its just a textbook Maxis mistake. They put the memories of several sims in Veronavile in the wrong order, so it wouldn't surprise me if they did something like set a kid with the wrong skintone.

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

Lab Assistant
#28 Old 3rd Mar 2008 at 2:45 AM
I haven't tried to mess with any of the families there yet.

I started to get involve with the homes, but I always seem to mess up the family that is already there. I think it's just badluck but every time I play with a family already made, someone ends up dead and everyone just turns for the worst. D;

It makes me sad just thinking about it, but maybe this time I'll be able to do some good with the people in Riverblossom.
Test Subject
#29 Old 3rd Mar 2008 at 4:13 AM
When I first got Seasons, I took all my custom content and played in Riverblossom. I love playing with plantsims for some reason, they get rather annoying though when you have to run them to a sink for their repetitive [is that the right word?] water need. I made Rose have 5 more children, grew them up, killed Rose's husband [?] knocked the house down, made a small plantsim waterpark, and thats where I left off, actually. xD
Sometimes I just have sudden urges to make waterparks. Ah well. x3
#30 Old 17th Mar 2008 at 4:43 AM
Something strange happened to my Ottomas family in Riverblossom...

When the mom (I forget her name) had the twins, the father wasn't her husband... but Patricia O'Mackey?! I forget her maiden name but I married her to Gabe so that's her name now...

Haha anyways this shocked me quite a bit...
#31 Old 17th Mar 2008 at 9:48 AM
Originally Posted by thelittleone
Something strange happened to my Ottomas family in Riverblossom...

When the mom (I forget her name) had the twins, the father wasn't her husband... but Patricia O'Mackey?! I forget her maiden name but I married her to Gabe so that's her name now...

Yes, this happens to everyone, though the "father" isn't always Patricia; sometimes people have even had stray dogs showing as the other parent! The pregnancy is completely borked and shipped that way with the game. I fixed this by aborting the crazy pregnancy and re-impregnating Samantha with twins again via InSIM...this time with Peter as the father!
Original Poster
#32 Old 17th Mar 2008 at 5:34 PM
EA say that by downloading the patch that issue is fixed, but I'll try it out. It might only be fixed if you haven't played it before you downloaded the patch.

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

#33 Old 18th Mar 2008 at 1:24 AM
Haha oh i see! I don't really mind... it was an interesting surprise lol.
#34 Old 26th Mar 2008 at 12:08 AM
I've only been playing Riverblossom Hills since I got my new computer! I know a lot of people don't like the underdeveloped stories, but I'm really partial to this hood. ^^

It shall be noted that I love the creatures that EA ships with each expansion pack. I like to play them in Strangetown and in some custom hoods, but...I didn't like the whole plantsim angle for Riverblossom Hills. Rose was cured of plantsimism and so was Daisy (I had to age her up, cure her, and age her back down). I also moved them out of their bulky house and across the street from Jason's brother Gabe. Since no one was particularly green in the family any more, I also reverted their surnames back to O'Mackey. Jason and Rose have a little girl named Violet, and Rose is pregnant again. Daisy is best friends with her "cousin" Jules and with Sharla Ottomas.

I moved Andrew and Jacob Martin out on their own - I'm not sure why they were living with their deceased mom/grandmother's two friends. It seemed odd to me. I haven't played these two much yet, but I am probably going to marry Andrew to Alexandra O'Mackey. I think that might be a fun scenario, with Jules O'Mackey's ex-boyfriend now her stepbrother...lol!

Oh, Leod. XD I played up the whole "unfriendly farmer" angle so he spends most of his days taking care of his crops and running Town Center Grocery. While at the store one day, he met a townie with the most unlikely name of La Shawn Jitmakusol (lol). He subjected her to a swift wooing and they were married within two days. La Shawn is an astronaut with incredible skill points. She's also extremely young compared to Leod and I have no idea what a young, successful astronaut might see in a reclusive, middle-aged farmer, but they are in love. ^^ La Shawn just gave birth to daughter Morven (named after one of Leod's relatives), and the family adopted Grimalkin the dog.

The family has grown since Gabe asked Patricia Wan to move in with him. She also brought her best friend, Cleo Shikibu. I used this family to test out some Bon Voyage spots, so they are well-traveled! Gabe and Patricia got married on a community lot church and immediately went on their honeymoon, which the game seemed to not register...? The game considers them "engaged" still, but oh well. This time I'll marry them without a honeymoon. And at least now they'll have better wedding photos - La Shawn McGreggor showed up wearing a Mrs. Claus outfit as her formal attire the first time around! Also, Patricia is pregnant and, most amusingly, Cleo and Jules have started a romance with the help of Inteen. They also adopted Kim the stray cat.

This family is the hardest for me to play. I am not used to such large families, and had to move Dora out. I also had to redesign their home a few times, as they all sleep upstairs and it is very crowded. Peter autonomously kissed Alexandra O'Mackey when they came as the welcome wagon to Sanjay and Priya's house, but nothing has resulted from it so far. I fixed Samantha's borked pregnancy with InSim, and she had twins Will and Dorinda (named after her grandma). David is leaving for college in a few days, Sharla is a teenager, and Tommy a child. The kitten Cymmi is also part of the family. I had Samantha purchase the clothing store and renamed it "Ottomas Outfitters," lol! She's putting those 20 days of vacation leave to good use!

I moved Sanjay and Priya into the tiki-decorated house, and decked it out with a mixture of more tiki, Morrocan, and Central Asian furnishings. They are an eclectic family. ^^ They have three children together - Ram, Sanju, and Lucky (all characters from the Bollywood movie Main Hoon Na, one of my favorites). Sanju and Lucky are twins; I was having trouble getting Priya to conceive again (I use the Silent Pregnancy option on Inteen; there is no "Try for Baby" option), so I let her use the fertility pills. Now she's on the opposite route; three children is more than enough for that small house!

As I was giving them makeovers (as I do with all Maxis sims), I realized Xander makes a very cute Harry Potter lookalike! XD I haven't played with this family much, but I am definitely having Sandra get pregnant by her boyfriend, Jacob Martin. I just downloaded some teen maternity conversions for H&M Stuff and Teen Style Stuff, and I want to put them to good use.

After the Martins moved out, I moved Dora Ottomas in with them to start a swinging old granny pad. XD Then I got the bright idea to renovate the upstairs portion of the house. The Viejo home is now "Riverblossom Senior Center." I moved some other elderly townies in and assigned each sim their own small room, courtesy of the Uni dorm doors. Betty and Dora have each found love again through twojeff's ACR hack, but Catherine seems content to spend longs hours playing the piano or mahjong with the other residents, having switched aspirations from romance to knowledge.
Field Researcher
#35 Old 5th Apr 2008 at 9:35 AM
I've only played the Ottomans so far. Sarah just gave birth to two girls. I named them Marie and Stinna. Peter (the dad - my game is in Danish so I'm not too sure about their English names) is listed as the other parent of the twins. No townie/cat/dog/stray/whatever... The family no longer lives in Riverblossom Hills, they live in my custom hood.

Lab Assistant
#36 Old 5th Apr 2008 at 5:01 PM
Greenman - Daisy grew up and her parents had human twins, one with light skin and one with dark skin. Cool. :D
Roth - I fking hate Sandra. I got revenge on her by making her have twins. That is all.
O'Whatstheirname - Gabe accidentally fell in love with one of my born-in-game sims, Lynn, and I had to split them up so he wouldn't blow it with Patricia. o.o
Ottomas - Samantha had twins and I named one Shania after some kid
I know that died of cancer, and I forget the boy's name.
everyone else- Didn't touch them except for giving them makeovers.
I also started up this one sim by myself called Holly Baker who promptly married a plantsim and started up a garden, and lived in that big spacious house with a greenhouse, a pool with a fountain in it, and a deck with red wood. After that she had six kids who made her around 7878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878786394 grandchildren, and then she died and now she has approximately 5 great-grandchildren... but it doesn't feel the same because she's dead. >.> So I'm gonna stop all of her descendants from reproducing and they'll just all die so I can move her back in her house, and restart. Another idea I have is downloading HP's OMGULTRASUPERMEGA7INONE neighbourhood and restarting her story except this time without all the house fires and trapping all the newspaper-stealers in a fence and then killing them off.
Test Subject
#37 Old 21st May 2008 at 4:53 AM
The only household that I have played is the Wan family. Pat was dating Gabe and he cheated on her with Cleo (seriously not my doing... they autonomously did that) in front of Pat and then had the NERVE to go upstairs and woo-hoo while Pat was down stairs pissed off! Anyway, she attacked Gabe and kicked his azz and kicked him out forever!

She was mad at Cleo for awhile, but I had them fall for one another and they have a baby on the way! I plan to have them married soon. They have a wonderful garden, a nice car, and they are getting themselves set in their careers before I have Cleo give birth.
Original Poster
#38 Old 21st May 2008 at 1:27 PM
Patricia and Cleo are gonna have a baby on your game? Wow. I think I made Patricia a lesbian on my game after Gabe and her broke up (the maid moved in with her) but yeah... I made a huge amount of plot changes in one playing session and really regretted it all. Never played them again.

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

#39 Old 24th Jun 2008 at 5:50 PM
Default Jules O Mackey Family
O Mackey Family: Gabe fell in love with Patricia, they got engaged, and Patricia became Pregnant with his child. They had a boy named Alex. They got married soon after. I then sent Jules to College, Where she fell in love with a Jock! and they got engaged then they graduated.
Test Subject
#40 Old 10th Jul 2008 at 4:15 AM
I always use this neighborhood but only because I think it's so pretty.

Alexandra moved into the Tiki style house and she quickly started a relationship with Leod. They've been dating for a while but they haven't gotten engaged. He absolutely adores her but she loves to date tons of other people too. She loves him too so I guess he can remain blissfully unaware of her other "men". (They're my avatar. I love them.)

Jacob, Jules, and Sandra went to college and Jules made it her mission to break Jacob and Sandra up but she never could. After graduation, Jules found her own place and she isn't giving up on Jacob. Sandra moved back in with her parents and (out of my control) Jacob and Stella started flirting. O_o; They're together now and Sandra is with one my custom sims and Morty is just playing the field.

Andrew set his sights on Chloe but she rejected him at every turn so Andrew decided to get a little loving from his housemates. He fell in love with both Catherine and Betty but he ended up married to Betty. He figured that she'd die soon and he could get some serious cash or something. :P

Gabe proposed to Patricia but she turned him down so he kicked her butt to the curb. He's turned into a serial dater and he can't really see to find anyone he really likes. Patricia is alone because I hate her.

I don't know why but I turned Sanjay gay as soon as I started playing. The matchmaker set him up with the Komei-looking jock at Academie Le Tour and they started an affair under Priya's nose, while she was pregnant with their son. She finally caught them when their son was a toddler and she kicked him out. Sanjay wanted to get married to the Academie guy so I went into his lot so I could finish his college, but he was rooming with this other guy and THEY started having an affair and Sanjay didn't find out until the Academie guy moved in with him. Right now, Sanjay AND Priya are alone but Priya has their son who is a young teen.
#41 Old 10th Jul 2008 at 2:58 PM
In my Megahood:

Roth: I decided I wanted to combine the Roth and Goth families via marriage so Sandra married Alexander Goth. After Mortimer died, Bella started an affair with Morty that Stella doesn't know about yet. I'm thinking of hooking Xander up with Cassandra and Don Lothario's daughter eventually.

Rose had three bolts with Darren Dreamer and I was going to have him hook up with her (in spite of his live in girlfriend - also three bolts), but a fire changed my plans and killed Rose and Jason. Daisy was taken by the social worker.

Andrew is involved with Lola from Strangetown. They're engaged. Jacob spends all of his free time (and I do mean all of it) playing video games in the living room. He's extremely dull. I can only hope he gets more interesting in college.

Betty married Kent Capp but doesn't realize he's only in it for her money. He's having an affair with one of the male streaker from college on the side. Catherine spends her time gardening and ignoring all the drama.

Leod is living with Jennifer and Lucy Burb now after John died. Lucy doesn't like him much.

Gabe is one of Chloe Singles's love toys. He really wants Erin, though. He's still seeing Patricia as well, but she never rolls any romantic wants for him as she's very focused on her career.

Ottomas & Ramaswami
#42 Old 10th Jul 2008 at 7:56 PM
Only played Leod so far.

He impregnated a woman who had 6 other children and a husband! He was beaten in a fight by the man, who found out and never returned to the house. Leod's child was named Jesabel and was raised by the father and mother, and never met sad lonely Leod.

The Father then remarried with Jesabel after the mother died in a sick pseudo-incestuous relationship. They have a daughter called Lillith, the father is shortly to die.
#43 Old 10th Jul 2008 at 7:59 PM
Well I...

Moved the Rawaswami Family into a nice house in Riverblossum Hills and they had a daughter named Rihanna who just turned a teenager and on her birthday Priya gave birth to a baby girl who I named Ass'iah. So that's really it. They are my favorite family!

That's all I have played with. I guess I'll edit this post with more updates. :D
Test Subject
#44 Old 10th Jul 2008 at 8:04 PM
I haven't played any of the familes except for McGreggor and O'Mackey.

Gabe came over to visit Leod and they greeted each other by kissing (I actually wasn't expecting that one). I decided to forget that Patricia chick and put Leod and Gabe together in one house. I think one of them is pregnant, but I restarted my game and haven't played that 'Hood since.

She was just like autumn in itself, but she was a thing of life and not impending death.
#45 Old 10th Jul 2008 at 8:17 PM
Originally Posted by mayakii
Another idea I have is downloading HP's OMGULTRASUPERMEGA7INONE neighbourhood and restarting her story except this time without all the house fires and trapping all the newspaper-stealers in a fence and then killing them off.

I have found that the security hoverbot works great against newspaper stealers.
Forum Resident
#46 Old 28th Jul 2008 at 2:14 AM
Originally Posted by spiderweb5532
Jules/Jacob/Sandra: Sandra Roth may be the first Maxis sim I absolute HATED at first sight! The more I played her, the more I disliked her, lol. Anyway, I read the memories of all three and, to me, it appeared as though Sandra stole Jacob from Jules (though I have heard other interpretations).
I just got Seasons. I don't really see how the idea of Sandra stealing Jacob works, though. According to his memories, he and Jules broke up before he ever met Sandra. Am I missing something? I know that sometimes two different (pre-made) sims remember things happening in different orders. Is that the case here?

Anyway, I've just started playing, and so haven't done much with the characters yet. If Rose rolls the want, I'll turn her human again. Trying to turn her husband into a plantsim, now. Will wait for the baby to get older for them to have a child.

Trying to get Jules and her soon-to-be-stepmother to get along. Will keep the parents apart and let their negative relationship just turn into 0/0 relationship. I want to see how Jules will get along with the Ottomas boy (David?), since I like to pair up playables, but they haven't met yet in my game.

Trying to repair the Ottomas and Roth marriages. My Ottomas twins haven't been born yet, but I have them in a house that will accommodate them.

I haven't really decided what I'm doing with the rest of them yet.
Lab Assistant
#47 Old 28th Jul 2008 at 11:36 PM
My college sim (CAS) met Stella Roth, and I thought she was pretty so I made him start dating her. I had no idea she was married for awhile...lol! Something terrible happened to my game and he got deleted...see my post at Insim for details (same username...I can't do a link bc i have <5 posts).
Mad Poster
#48 Old 28th Jul 2008 at 11:44 PM
Ugh! I am so not jealous because I don't have Sims 2 University and can't play Riverblossom Hills and post what I did with the characters. Nope not jealous one bit :mob

"Going to the chapel of Love"

the girls club . statistics . yearbook .
Mad Poster
#49 Old 29th Jul 2008 at 4:58 AM
Originally Posted by Dreamydre15
Ugh! I am so not jealous because I don't have Sims 2 University and can't play Riverblossom Hills and post what I did with the characters. Nope not jealous one bit :mob
But it came with season' - not uni.
#50 Old 4th Oct 2008 at 2:49 AM
I restarted the hood after i seriously messed it up.

Not much other then Sandra and Jaccob as serious lovers often visiting eachother, i plan for their families to meet eachother.

Daisy is an adult with family asperation and Jason and Rose are considering having another child.

Both girls got married to sims i made for them patrica and cleo are pregnant with their first children.

Note: i made the girls porpose to the boys so the boys have the girls last names.

I have to go so i will finish this later bye!
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