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#376 Old 7th Oct 2010 at 9:46 AM Last edited by AlexandraSpears : 7th Oct 2010 at 3:46 PM.
Starting Pleasantview over due to new computer and reinstallation.

I decided to reunite the Goths, using SimBlender and SimPE.

I just teleported Bella in after erasing her death token in SimPE and adjusted the relationship. I didn't bother to restore her memories...her earliest memory is Met Aliens (let's say they wiped her memories, except her marriage to Mortimer and her children). I made her a few days from Elder (let's say they also messed with her aging a bit).

How to explain Strangetown Bella: If anyone's ever seen Star Trek TNG where Will Riker had actually been split off into two different people (Thomas Riker), there's an explanation. LOL Good old-fashioned sci-fi stuff.

So she's getting acquainted with Mortimer all over again.

Oh, and there's also the issue with Dina....

UPDATE: Cassandra is currently carrying twins. Mortimer and Bella went to Woodland Park and Dina was there. Three guesses as to what happened next! (How was Bella to know that Mortimer and Dina were in love when she goosed Mortimer? LOL)

Don, being a slob, hired a maid, who turned out to be Kaylynn. Who caught Don getting amorous with Cassandra.

One of these days Nina's going to be pretty miffed at Don....

MORE update:

Don and Cassandra's twins are a girl and a boy, Isabella and Nicolo.

Something that ticked me off about Cassie, though--her parents were standing RIGHT THERE on the first floor (they live in the three-story house on Wright Way, behind the Pleasants), yet she handed off Isabella to Alexander, who was in his room on the THIRD floor, and gave birth to Nicolo. I was like, where's the girl? Alexander had her! He was watching TV, next thing you know his sister is handing him his niece and giving birth to his nephew!

I put a kitchen in that small round room on the second floor, adjacent to Don and Cassie's room. Of course Cassandra is going to nurse her babies (thank you Squinge!) but if her parents or someone feed them, the fridge is right there on the same floor as the nursery.

Both children are sloppy like their father. My first hint: flies when they messed their diapers. :P
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#377 Old 23rd Oct 2010 at 8:07 AM
Angela and Dirk had a private affair as well as Lilith and Dustin. They ended up having their secret lover's kids at the same time.

Mortimer dies, leaving Alexander and his child Max (from Lucy Burb, who died in a kitchen fire) in a ruined old house.

Cass marries Darren, but Darren gets with Mary-Sue after she divorced, and Cass dies in labour and the baby is adopted by Kaylynn Langerak, who marries Don but behind his back marries Daniel without his knowledge of her previous marriage.

Daniel, Don and Darren have a secret 3-way affair.

Brandi gets with Don so she can pay the bills. Her little girl died drowning (coincidence much) and she had a baby with him, Noah. Dustin and Beau have no clue.

Nina and Dina both had Don's babies and are living together still.

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#378 Old 26th Oct 2010 at 5:16 PM
When i first started i hated the Goth's so i deleted them (Woops) i wish i hadnt now!

Callienet: Nina and Don have had 1 girl i cant remember her name but she is a child.

Callenet: Dine married a guy i made and they have twins.

Pleasant: Lithl married Dirk and has 2 sets of twins (wow)

Pleasant: Angela married Dustin and has 1 toddler named Will and is pregnant again.

Pleasant: I cant remember what happened with Kayln and Daniel LOL but he is with Mary-sue in old age.
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#379 Old 30th Oct 2010 at 9:29 PM
Dina Caliente and Mortimer Goth married. Mortimer moved in with Dina and Nina. He had a son with Dina, I named him Marc. Nina moved to Don Lothario's. I changed Don Lothario from romance to family, so he and Nina Caliente married and had baby girl Celina, baby boy Joshua and baby boy Evan.
By that time Cassandra Goth died (let's say of suicide). Alexander Goth grew up into a teenager and started dating Celina (Don Lothario and Nina Caliente/Lothario's daughter) They went to college together, they both graduated with honors and after that I made them engaged. They settled in Goth mansion alone (since Mortimer lived with Dina and their son Marc) and later had a baby girl Cordial Goth.
Mary-Sue caught Daniel cheating with the maid Kaylyn, so she left Daniel and moved in with Daniel's sister Jennifer and her family (in my game Mary-Sue and Jennifer Burb were best friends). Daniel married Kaylyn but they didn't have children together (because I aged them to elders). Then I killed Daniel, Mary-Sue and Kaylyn too. Lilith got married to Joshua (Don Lothario's son) and moved in Lothario house because Nina and Don were both dead by that time. They married and had a son, Valter. Brandi Broke died before she gave birth to her 3rd child so I never played it. Her son Dustin got married to Angela Pleasant so he and his little brother Beau moved in Pleasant mansion. Shortly after that Beau ran away and never came back (police didn't find him). Angela and Dustin had a daughter, Mary (named after Angela's mother Mary-Sue.)
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#380 Old 4th Nov 2010 at 2:21 AM Last edited by karrie85 : 5th Nov 2010 at 12:40 AM. Reason: adding something
Wow, after reading what everyone else is doing, it really just shows how creative everyone is!

Anywho, I haven't posted much at all here, but have been looking into becoming part of the community. So, this is really my first real gameplay post ^_^

I've been playing the sims for a very long time now. My first sim game wasn't even on the computer, it was The Sims for Xbox. I didn't have a computer at the time, but by time the Sims 2 came out (and after playing Bustin Out, and Urbz) I did. However, I never really played the already created families. Lately though, I finally started playing them and am finding it extremely fun!

So since Pleasantview is the first neighborhood I started playing on that is pure Sims 2 created and not my characters, I decided to share with you what's going on in my game.

Well, the first family I started playing on was the Pleasant family. Anyway, while the twins were at school, and Mary Sue at work, Daniel, like with everyone's game, was getting busy with Kaylyn, the family maid. Mary Sue then was fired from work and came home to the steamy site of her husband and the maid about to woohoo. Heartbroken, Mary sue break's up with Daniel and I had her move out. I developed I kind of soft spot for Kaylyn and decided that Daniel and her should marry. After getting married, Kaylynn attempted to build a relationship with Lilith and Angela, but the girls hated her for breaking up their parents marriage. Anyway, Daniel turned into an elder and Kaylyn gave birth to a son named Kaidyn who is still a baby.

After playing on the Pleasant family for a while, I then moved on to the Goth house. At first, I figured the Goth's would be boring, but I found them quite interesting. First of all, I had Cassandra Goth make out with Don Lothario, and then the two successfully married, thus her becoming Cassandra Lothario. Not soon after, Cassandra became pregnant. While she was pregnant, Mortimer Goth engaged to Dina who unknown to both Cass and Mort, was in a relationship with Don. While Cass was at work, (early pregnancy) Mort caught Don and Dina woohooing. Not wanting to break his daughters heart, he didn't say anything and his engagement to Dina, and Cass's marriage went on. During the last trimester of her pregnancy Cass finally caught Dina and Don in the act and her and Don divorced, though she kept his last name. Mort finally put his foot down with Dina and called off the engagement, kicking her out of the house at the same time.

After Don and Dina moved out, Don continued to come visit for some reason, and managed to even build up his relationship with his now toddler daughter, Annabell Lothario to 100. I guess that means his and Cass must have some sort of custody agreement where he gets visitation rights?

Anywho, while Cass was raising Annabell, Alexander was now a teenager. I know a lot of people haven't found him really interesting, but I actually preferred him over Dirk Dreamer for Lilith Pleasant, so I played on the Pleasant's for a little bit, causing Lilith to catch Angela and Dirk kissing. I then had Alexander woo Lilith and the two went steady.

So now, I just moved Lilith, Angela, and Alexander to college, where they are living in a dorm building together. Alexander and Lilith are going to get engaged after college and move back to the goth home where they will continue to raise a family and keep the Goth family going (since Mort is close to death and Cass is a Lothario now).

I have plans of hooking up Don Lothario and Angela Pleasant, having him change his ways for the overachieving goody good. I feel like they really balance each out.

Now my plans for Dina are kind of sinister. I was going to make her good, and change her ways, but I decided that the good sister will be Nina. Sooo I'm going to have Dina continue to be a gold digger, and DA DA DA a murderer

As for the Burbs, haven't played them or the Dreamer family yet, nor the Broke. The Burbs I plan on moving in somewhere and playing for a little while and the Old people I'm going to have adopt a troubled teen or something. The most interesting family's to me are the Goth's and the Pleasant's. I'm really a fan of Lilith ^_^ and I'm planning on trying to come up with something good to do with Nina too! Will update later on.

Wow, this is longish lol. Anywho, that's what my Pleasntview Sims are doing!


Decided to share with you my maxis based makeover of the twins while they are in college!

Here's Angela:

Now here's Lilith:

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#381 Old 25th Nov 2010 at 5:42 AM
Originally Posted by Everyone's Favourite Arab
(and I stupidly did it in their house, so his name is now Don Goth )

Same :[[[[

Burb - Haven't played much at all. Lucy got a womrat.

Goth - Cassandra and Don got married, Don cheated with the maid and they broke up. Mortimer and Dina got married, had a kid named Gunther. Mortimer died of old age. Alexander left for college. Cassandra and Dina are enemies.

Pleasant - Mary-Sue and Daniel broke up. Angela married Dustin Broke, they have two kids and currently living with the elderly Mary-Sue while Lillith married Dirk, they have one kid and living with the elderly Daniel who hasn't had much of a love life at all.

Broke - Brandi married Darren before I realized he had a thing for Cassandra. Dustin became an adult and turned his life around, quit his criminal career and went into law enforcement. Beau is in college and dating Nina Caliente's daughter. The kid Brandi was pregnant with is Rayden and she had a daughter with Darren named Raven (I think...).

Lothario - Name changed to Goth after marrying Cassandra :/ Broke up with Cassandra and currently in the midst of several affairs. Had three kids with Nina: Audrey, George, and Travis. Got abducted by aliens and has his own son named Andy. Planning to have him populate the town some more.

Caliente - Dina married Mortimer, now a widow with one son named Gunther. Nina got knocked up by Don twice - first time with twins, second with just one. Dating Don and a townie.

Oldie - They died.
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#382 Old 27th Nov 2010 at 6:22 PM Last edited by Tempscire : 27th Nov 2010 at 6:32 PM.
In my Pleasantview to date:

Goth, Dreamer: Cassandra was impregnated with twin boys by Don before he left her at the altar. She married Darren, and together they had a daughter. Mortimer married Dina, had a daughter with her, then caught her cheating with Don (with whom she also had twin boys, haha). He kept their daughter when he kicked her out. When Alexander went to college, Cassandra moved back in to the Goth house to watch her half-sister in his absence.

Pleasant, Oldie: Daniel & Mary-Sue divorced. Mary-Sue moved out, taking both girls with her, but since she didn't have much money at that point (I play with the no20khandout mod), she moved in with her parents. Lilith wound up becoming very close with her grandmother, and when Mary-Sue got her alimony check from Daniel and moved into an apartment, Lilith stayed behind with her grandparents. Herb has died, and Coral has remarried a townie (Gordon Wolosenko, I believe, who I aged into elder right after the wedding). With both girls in college, Mary-Sue went on a Far East vacation, ostensibly trying to find her biological family. Daniel had some flings, before hooking up with Nina Caliente.

Caliente: Nina moved in with Daniel. They had a child together, and eventually both settled into "family" aspiration and finally got married. Thanks to ACR, they have now also had a pair of unplanned twin girls. Dina, after being kicked out of the Goth house, moved into a small house, had her sons, and got into the showbiz career. To help further her career, she moved in the Mr. Big character to work as her "agent"--i.e. have the advantages of his money and numerous friendships.

Lothario: Don doesn't have anything to do with any of his kids, and is currently living downtown with the Diva character in an open relationship. She and the Mr. Big fellow have 3 bolts of chemistry, so rather soon they're going to move in with each other. I have plans for them having a couple kids with yuppie names who they never see because they've been sent to boarding school (thanks, custom content!). Don is probably going to open an upscale gentleman's club soon (thanks, custom content!). [In my last iteration of PV, he wound up married to townie Ivy Copur, because he actually finally rolled a want to be married while he was with her.]

Burb, Broke: John and Jennifer divorced-- I saw her as being very career-oriented and not wanting to have that second baby John wanted, even if he was the stay-at-home dad for it, and their relationship gradually becoming more and more distant. This led to John having an emotional affair with Brandi Broke, to whom he is now married and finally got the new baby (actually, babies-- twins again, ugh) he had wanted for so long. Lucy is currently in college and has joined the sorority, along with cousin Angela, and she's in a relationship with Alex Goth. Jennifer lives downtown in an apartment, working on her career and occasionally partying in the town with friends as a single woman. Dustin skipped college and lives downtown with a construction job. Beau is in college now, though, thanks to his older brother's sacrifices and his family's new-found modest financial stability with John (an elementary school teacher).
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#383 Old 4th Dec 2010 at 8:33 PM
The Goths: Mortimer married Dina after Dina discovered Don was cheating on her. They just had twin girls, Diamond and Emerald. Alexander is in college and is trying to get a degree in mathematics. He doesn't have a girlfriend as of now but I'm working on that. The Goths also have a cat named Moonlight who has a job now. Cassandra left Don after she also found out he was cheating on her and went with Darren. They adopted a cat named Skimble and they all love him loads. Darren and Cassandra have two children together. Moses is the oldest while Remus is still a newborn. Dirk has gone off to college along with Lilith and they are engaged.

Pleasant: As of now, its just the parents because both girls have moved to college. Angela right now is on academic probation and has joined the sorority. Daniel has had a few flings while Mary Sue has been none the wiser.

Broke: Brandi married one of my Sims, Sweeny. They have two cats, Athena and Lemondrop, Sweeny's daughter Pearl, Beau and the newest addition is baby Delta. Sweeny is working as a guard while Jennifer is a home maker. Dustin is in college doing pretty well for himself.

Don, Burb, Nina: I haven't done much with them yet except I turned Don into a vampire just for the heck of it.
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#384 Old 7th Dec 2010 at 6:58 AM
My brother killed most of them and the ones that did survive are living hell.
Don got caught cheating with Nina while they were on an outing with his wife and his maid lover. Seriously, if you're going to cheat, don't do it in front of your wife and lover in an outing because that is just asking for trouble. Everytime I play on the Goths lot, there is this weird bug that makes Don have flies surround him and a green stink cloud at all times, even when his hygene bar is up. It's not even the regular stink when a sim smells bad; it's the one where food rots or garbage rots.
10th Dec 2010 at 4:12 AM
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#385 Old 16th Dec 2010 at 7:47 PM
Nice to read what everyone did with them. Lol I checked a while ago what happened to my Pleasantview characters but they were all gone... Here's what happened to some of them, sorry I don't really know who is who because I'm dutch and they changed the names in this version xD

That Don Lothario person died by fire. (normally I make fire on purpose to kill them but this happened when I just started, so it was an accident)

Those sisters Dina and Nina died too, Dina (or was it Nina?) was with Don at the moment there was fire, and she died too. The other sister turned into a werewolf and died of old age.

With the Broke family that little boy was calling the police all the time without any reason so they lost all their stuff. The teen boy turned into a gothic with wings (lol sorry) and they died (fire, I think). The youngest boy was taken away, I don't know if the mother already got her third child.

Goth family. Alexander grew up to teen and died of fire. Other members of the family died of fire too except the old man I let him die by locking him up (I made a building where I locked up all stupid NPC's) and he died because he was too hungry.

Well, rest of the characters, probably same story, don't remember anymore.

Oh and a few days ago I brought Bella back and I made some characters back to life again by calling the Grim Reaper but too bad their houses are gone... Now some of the characters live together in the house where Don used to live. I don't think I'm gonna play them again but if I do I will let them live now. xD

Conclusion: I'm a horrible sims-player. xD
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#386 Old 20th Dec 2010 at 12:58 AM
I love this thread! I enjoy reading what others have done.

I have tended to make my Sims' lives more normal and boring. What can I say? I like happy endings. Here's what I've done so far...

Pleasants: I had Kaylynn & Daniel breakup. Daniel & Mary Sue have patched things up and are now elders being very happy retired and I've found they really enjoy playing musical instruments together. Herb and Coral Oldie also live in the Pleasant household, and are happy but very close to death. Angela and Lilith went off to Sim State University, but in a strange turn of events, Angela decided she wanted to get married to Dustin Broke. Angela & Dustin both quit college much to the dismay of their parents. They also "eloped", and live with the Pleasants as well. They both are working and saving money to move into their own place, but I wanted to play out the drama of having them love at home, which is a realistic situation for some newlyweds who have nothing! Lilith actually enjoyed her studies and had a wonderful college experience with her boyfriend Dirk Dreamer. They lived in a dorm for a while but then moved in together until graduation. They married shortly thereafter and have their own place near the Pleasants, working and planning a family. Angela & Lilith get along fantastically now. Perhaps the stresses of "real life" have caused them to forget all the fights of their teen years.

Goth: Mortimer married Dina Caliente, but I changed her to a family aspiration because I like her and I wanted their marriage to be more solid. I also changed her clothing style to a more modest one. Becoming a mother has changed her! LOL Alexander tried to get to know her better, but he became a college student before I could make them friends. Dina & Mortimer had a son named Sebastian. I would like to have another baby with them, so I have Morty drink from the Elixor of Life occasionally. Sebastian is a toddler now and Mortimer actually loves teaching him to walk and talk while Dina enjoys her hobbies. The family dog is beloved by all.

Lothario: Kaylynn went to Don after Daniel broke up with her, and Don realized that he really loved her after all. They are married and she's pregnant, but I haven't played them in a while.

Caliente: Dina married Mortimer (see above), and Nina ended up falling for and marrying a CAS that was meant to be my own CAS' husband. He was designed to be my hubby's SIM clone but somehow we ended up not being remotely attracted to one another in the game- he likes redheads both in the game and in RL. They went on an awesome honeymoon and she came home pregnant. She hasn't given birth yet.

Dreamer: Darren married Cassandra and they had a girl named Isabella. I resurrected Darleen to see what might happen, but she decided to move out and move on and she lives in an apartment with Trevor Ngai (he's an NPC that ended up with Brandi Broke for a while and is now part of the playing game). Darleen & Trevor are roomies for now, but there is a lightning bolt.

Burb: Probably the most boring family I play. I manipulated the ages of Lucy and Alexander Goth a little so they could attend college together and fall in love. They are together at college and plan to move back to Pleasantview when they graduate to start their lives together. John & Jennifer both have jobs and don't do much. I try to have them connect to the Pleasants since they are family, but they don't like to spend much time together.

Broke: Brandi was dating Trevor Ngai for a while (he was a blind date from the matchmaker). They got engaged and he moved in, but he made the mistake of proposing marriage too soon, and she refused. Then she tried to make up with him and proposed engagement, but he refused her. I got tired of trying to get them back together, so I just had them break up and he moved out. She is in the education career track and is still working hard as a single mom to Beau and baby (now toddler) Noah. I have debated resurrecting Skip, if only to ease her financial stress and to allow her to move on up to a nicer home. Dustin and Angela visit her often and spend time with the younger kids.

I hope I'm not leaving anyone out. I have some CAS families in Pleasantview, but they are probably not of interest to anyone but me. :-)
#387 Old 3rd Jan 2011 at 2:23 AM
Brandi Broke: After giving birth to little Bobby Broke, Brandi got a job in the military. She met, fell in love, and married Benjamin Long. (There's no accounting for taste.) Even with Dustin in college, their little house was too small and they had to move. She and Benjamin are now in their third house. It's very modern, but still violently pink. She's an astronaut and he's doing well in the business career. All of her sons went to college. Benjamin is an elder.

Dustin Broke: Once out of college, he got a job in the sports career. He had the 'marry a rich sim' want and so went Downtown to meet the Diva. She looooovvved him (he's been doing really well in his career). After their first date, she called him up for a second. At their second date, she rolled a 'get married to Dustin' want. He proposed during dinner and they got married in the restaurant as soon as they were done eating. They live in Mootilda's Desmond Drive Redux. She quit her job as a Professional Party Guest and is pursuing her dream of becoming a Criminal Mastermind.

Beau and Bobby Broke: Out of college and in their digs. I'm just starting to play them again.

Oldies: Dead. Dustin had moved into their house and sent their tombstones to the Pleasantview Cemetery.

Pleasant: I kind of got bored with them. Mary Sue didn't lose her job, but Daniel did - right before his last promotion. He was already an elder, so he started again in the sports career and ended up becoming a mascot. I can't remember who Daniel was caught cheating with, but he spent days apologizing to Mary Sue - who took him back. I sent Lillith to college early and cheated to age up Angela. I had Daniel and Mary Sue die of old age. Angela inherited everything and is in love with Dirk Dreamer. Lillith is waiting for me to play University (which I hate).

Mortimer Goth: Mortimer married Dina and had a daughter, Nighat. Mortimer died (Hula Girls!) and haunts the place. Dina is in the business career and has taken to wearing Bella Goth's red outfit. Nighat is in private school. Alexander is in college and in love with an alien. Mortimer died during Cassandra and Darren's wedding.

Cassandra Goth: Don caught her cheating with Darren and called off the wedding. She married Darren and they lived in the Goth home until the birth of their twins, Mort and Delilah. The house they moved into was too big and expensive for what they could manage, so they ended up moving into Brandi Broke's first house, where their third child, Bella, was born. Darren died during their Golden Anniversary party. All three kids are grown up. Mort and Delilah have moved out, but Bella stayed to take care of her mom. Cassandra recently died (Hula Girls!) and haunts the place.

Dirk Dreamer: Dirk moved into Nina and Don's neighborhood. He opened a den of iniquity (okay - it was just a card table) and is hauling in the cash. He recently expanded the place. He lives on the second floor. The main floor has a card table, pool table, bubble blower and an outside hot tub. He and Angela are in love.
#388 Old 4th Jan 2011 at 11:51 PM
I really don't like the Broke household so I have ignored playing it. But I played long enough to get Beau to a teenager.

I was dreading a household of male kids with every sim in the house so lazy and sloppy. So, I decided that I would quit without saving until the pregnant Brandi coughed up a girl child. Took me 7 tries.

So, Bonnie Broke became the only Broke that wasn't lazy. That was a surprise. So far, everyone in the household loves Bonnie. Brandi is working in law enforcement. Dustin likes going to the community lots to hang out with Beau. At home, he doesn't get much time with Bonnie because Beau and Brandi spend a lot of time with her. Dustin has become the main cook for the household.

Pre-made sims are lower class so none of the broke spawn will go to college. They will probably end up living the rest of their lives in the same house with Brandi and working as employees in my businesses. Right now they don't have any talent badges and Brandi is so lazy that she has only managed to plant tomatoes. Hopefully, Bonnie will be a better gardener than her mom.
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#389 Old 5th Jan 2011 at 12:58 AM Last edited by lauratje86 : 6th Jan 2011 at 9:07 PM.
I decided to give Pleasantview a proper go - normally I don't really play the Maxis neighbourhoods, at least not consitently, with a rotation and so on.

So far I have made over all the pre-made sims, moved them all into nicer houses, and am partway through the first rotation.

Mortimer Goth proposed to Dina Bachelor (I changed her surname to Bachelor, from Caliente, because that was her late husband's surname and I thought she should still have it), who rejected him! So he decided to cut his losses, and started dating townie Marylena Hamilton, with whom he soon fell in love. She did accept his proposal, and they are now married and she's expecting a baby. Alexander is now a teen, and hopes to start dating soon, though he doesn't have his eye on anyone in particular. There is a teen called George who has potential.... He's also getting ready to go to college - he knows that his father will pay for him to go but he is still trying to earn as many scholarships as he can!

Daniel and Mary-Sue are still together, and she hasn't caught him cheating yet, though he has woohoo'd Kaylynn whilst Mary-Sue was at work. Mary-Sue got pregnant again, and had twin boys Adam and Noah. Lilith developed a crush on a female adult CAS sim, Moira McDonald, so she split up with Dirk Dreamer to explore her feeling for Moira. Angela, in the meantime, woohoo'd with Dustin Broke, then, when consoling him after his and Lilith's breakup, woohoo'd with Dirk! Dustin thought that she was pregnant with his baby, so he moved in and married her, but after baby Jaden was born it was obvious that it wasn't his son, so he moved out. Now Lilith is off to university, and Angela and her son are moving into their own house - without Dustin. Angela's parents gave her $25,000 to start her off in life, but they're not happy about her situation at all........

Dustin is back living with his mum Brandi and younger brother Beau. Brandi has had her third son, Oliver, and he is now a toddler. Brandi's boyfriend Peter Sims has moved in with them now (he bought $1 with him - pretty rubbish, especially for a fortune sim!) and Brandi hopes that he'll propose to her soon...... Dustin is considering moving in with his wife Angela again; he still loves her, but doesn't trust her since she cheated on him with Dirk before they were married. And he's not sure how he'd feel raising another man's son.

Don Lothario took advantage of Cassandra living with her father to cheat on her with Nina Caliente and Kaylynn Langerak. But then he decided it was time to settle down - they had a lovely wedding and a honeymoon in the Far East, and now Cassandra is expecting their first, and maybe only, child. I may let them have two, I haven't decided yet.

Nina has found a job in the Slacker career, but her main aim in life is to woohoo with as many sims as possible! So far she's only managed to get Don Lothario into bed, but she has her eye on a few others, including Daniel Pleasant and Darren Dreamer. Dina rejected Mortimer's engagement proposal, and is pregnant with townie Richard Beckett's baby. In fact, she was already pregnant with it when she rejected Mortimer's proposal! She has had the baby, which is named Charlotte. Dina and Richard married whilst Charlotte was still a baby, and now Dina is pregnant with their second child and Charlotte is a toddler. The three of them (+ bun in the oven!) have moved out to buy their own home, leaving Nina to live by herself.

Dirk has met his and Angela's son, Jaden, but is not remotely interested in living with them. He has his eye on Meadow Thayer, or maybe Ivy Copur...... Darren is now working as a teacher, and is pregnant with an alien baby after being abducted. The baby should be born just a few days before Dirk leaves to go to college. Darren has not found a new romantic interest since Cassandra got married to Don. Oh well, the baby will keep him busy for now!

The Oldies both got jobs, a custom Historian career for Coral and a custom Accountant career for Herb. They threw an anniversary party, which was fun. Herb befriended his granddaughters Lilith and Angela, and Coral became good friends with Angela. Herb sadly dies of old age after 7 days, and Coral has now moved in with her daughter Mary-Sue, son-in-law Daniel and grandsons Adam and Noah. She was also given a kitten, Hope, by Jeanette McDonald, which will be part of the family from now on.

John and Jennifer Burb had another daughter, Alyssa. Lucy has aged up into a teen, is firm friends with Beau Broke, has a job in the Business career and can't wait to go to university (if her parents can afford to send her, I charge $20,000 to the parents for "tuition"). She plans on sharing a house with Beau, if she still likes him when he becomes a teen! John has a job in education, and Jennifer works at a casino (custom career). They don't see much of their family, but get on well with Coral Oldie, who has become a sort of unofficial grandma to Lucy!

One of my CAS families, the McDonalds, have also settled in Pleasantview. Elder Jeanette is firm friends with Coral Oldie, and her husband William McDonald was friends with Herb Oldie before he passed away. William is an accountant, Jeanette stays at home and is breeding their cats, Baxter and Alice (not the Baxter from the adoption pool/kitten Alegra from the adoption pool renamed). So far they have had one kitten, Hope, which Jeanette gave to Coral Oldie. Alice is expecting again. Their adult children Ian and Moira still live at home - Moira is in love with student Lilith Pleasant and has been on a couple of dates with her. Ian works as a teacher's aide and is good friends with John Burb, but hasn't found a suitable romantic interest yet.

I have one more CAS family in Pleasantview. Siblings Sven and Dora Bianchi are based on characters from a webcomic called Questionable Content. Sven is a romance sim, and will be woohooing Nina Caliente before long, and Dora is a Knowledge sim who took the photos at Dina and Richard's wedding. They also have a cat, Mieville, who is going to get a job in Service.

That's as far as I've got so far, but I'm definitely having fun! :-)
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#390 Old 7th Jan 2011 at 7:40 PM
Caliente Family: I get Dina pregnant with Mortimer’s child, out of wedlock. she has a girl, Desi. she gets engaged to Mortimer and ends up cheating on him with Don, and has a another girl child. She ends up going back to mortimor and marrying him. Dina gets a slacker career and tries to better herself. She adopts a golden lab and gets puppies from her. After her sister’s marries she starts going out with Don after his marriage breakup.
Don Lothario family: Don has several flings with Dina, Nina, and the maid Katelyn, before finally marrying Cassandra. They have two boys when Cassandra catches him cheating on her with Nina. They breakup, Cassandra takes the two boys with her.
Goth family: Cassandra after the split end up moving in with Darren dreamer, and having 1-3 kids with him. And has her happily ever after. Mortimer Dina and dyes leaving Dina, Alexander and Cassandra his fortune. Alexander Grows up to be a teen, and falls head over heels in love with Lucy Burb.
Dreamer family: Darren marries Cassandra, and has a couple of kids with her. Takes on her two boys from cassandra’s previous marriage with don has his own kids. Dirk keeps on dating Lilith, woohoos with her as teens and gets boy/girl twins. After growing up he and Lilith marry and have two more children.
Pleasent family: Mary sue and daniel adopt a toddler boy. Shortly there after mary sue dies. Daniel grows old and retires, he passes on after his daughter liltih is married. Lilith gets pregnant with dirk dreamers babies has a teen and has boy/girl twins. After growing she marries dirk dreamer and has 2 more children. Angela becomes a chef, she marries Dustin. After daniel’s death the adopted boy, now a teen, goes to live with angela and dustin.
Burb family: John and Jennifer adopt a toddler girl, Bronwyn, and shortly after have a baby girl, Emma. Lucy grows up to be a teen and falls head over heels in love with Alexander goth. Jennifer work her way up to a high power career, while john after emma is a child gets a job as a slacker.

Broke family: Brandi gives birth to identical triplets boys. She gets by working in a cooking career. She meets cyd .... and gets preg and has another boy. After she finally gives birth to a girl. She later on marries Cyd. Dustin becomes way more responsible, helping raise his younger brothers, till he grows up and marries Angela. Beau grows up to be a teen, and helps his mother out with all the little kids.
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Goth Fam= as you know Don left Cass. at the alter she was heart broken but i made her marry Darren instead they have Dirk of course then Dallas, Daniel, at college Michael, is a teen and Stacey is still a child. Mortimer he wanted to Marry Dina but she left at the alter too that wiatch he was heart broken but he found a woman thanks to the matchmaker and found Meadow but sadly he died and Alexander married Meadow they have two kids twins first twins ever had in the game Peter and Piper a boy and girl. Plesant Fam= you know that made Kaylynn Langerack yeah i made Daniel cheat on Mary Sue she found out and kicked him out he got a new house brought Kaylynn in got her pregnant and then left her. and she had twins Second in the game Leo and Kelsey. then Kaylynn went to Don Lothario home and he got her Pregnant the first one Donny and the second one Jacob died and i wasnt even playing his family so Don left actually he disappered in my game wierd. Kaylynn married some other guy named Trevor but he left her after Kelsey grew up and married her they have three kids Ryan, Bryan, and Leah. Kaylynn died though a good death after she was an Elder she had a gold tumbstone. Daniel Pleasant got married again after he drank an life elixer to Casey a neighborhood woman had another kid by her Wyatt looks just like him. Broke Fam.= Brandi Broke got married again to a guy I made Di'angelo Jenkins and had three more kids by him Mickey, Travis, and she had a girl Brittany. Dustin broke up with Angela as a teenager and found another girl Jessica Adams I made her and they were together forever from teenagers to college and now they got married and had four kids Sarah, Ethan, and twins Daniel and David. Beau and Bryan(the one she was pregnant by skip) are in college. Nina and Dina are still Single living the nightlife since Don disappeared. Burbs I rarely play them.
#392 Old 19th Jan 2011 at 9:00 AM
Originally Posted by lauratje86
I have one more CAS family in Pleasantview. Siblings Sven and Dora Bianchi are based on characters from a webcomic called Questionable Content. Sven is a romance sim, and will be woohooing Nina Caliente before long, and Dora is a Knowledge sim who took the photos at Dina and Richard's wedding. They also have a cat, Mieville, who is going to get a job in Service.

That's as far as I've got so far, but I'm definitely having fun! :-)

Love QC! Is Dora going to open a coffee business? ;-)
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#393 Old 21st Jan 2011 at 4:25 PM
Hmm... be back on this. I think I killed home-wrecker Don Lothario by having Cassandra lock him in the bathroom. Afterwards I allowed Cassandra and Darren Dreamer to see each other. Dirk is boring. Daniel Pleasant left his wife and family for the maid. Didn't integrate the Burbs. Can't let Dina and Nina settle down (I don't like home-wreckers ). Last I've seen Brandi Broke trained the toddler and gave birth. Dustin Broke and Lilith Pleasant grow up well. Angela Pleasant is still his girlfriend. Don't remember the rest, continued playing teens' relationships the way they were setup.

Edit: one of the Caliente sisters became preggers with Don before Cassandra offed him.
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#394 Old 29th Jan 2011 at 3:42 PM
I spend most of my time playing the Pleasantview premades. For some reason I really like them.

Broke - Brandi was so upset and lonely after her husband died that she tried to fill the loneliness by sleeping with anyone who was willing, including one of the mailmen and for a while Angela Pleasant when she'd come over to visit Dustin after school and he then left for work. Turns out she's very fertile though, and ended up with 6 kids before becoming an elder (would have been 7 but the last ended in miscarriage), the last three all by different men. She works in the culinary field even in her old age and is doing well for herself there, and her kids are doing ok. The oldest three (her husband's kids) have all moved out now, the youngest three are still at home with her.

Dustin accidentally got Angela pregnant while they were still teens. He got a job in business, Angela stayed home with the kid and they moved into their own place shortly after. After I think 2 more kids they finally got married. They had 5 identical boys in a row before I learned how to avoid that, their 6th was a daughter. The oldest three finally moved out and Angela is pregnant with her 7th at the moment.

The other two Broke boys are living together in the same area with their dog, nothing too exciting there yet except that Beau is sleeping with their maid.

Pleasant - Dan did his thing with the maid, but so did Mary-Sue. Seems Kaylynn is popular in that house. Kaylynn has since moved in and is involved in an open poly relationship with both Dan and Mary-Sue. At some point Dan knocked Kaylynn up by accident, so now the three are raising her daughter together.

Lilith and Angela were involved in an incestual relationship in their teens for various reasons. That's toned down now, though they're still good friends now as adults.

Lilith grew out of being rebellious and is now a creative, alternative/punk dancer. She had been living in a separate apartment on the second floor of her parent's home, until she accidentally ended up pregnant with Dirk Dreamer's child. They had a shotgun wedding, have a place of their own and just had a second baby. Dirk is in the military.

Goth - Cassandra was left at the alter by Don, and found comfort in Darren, who she (surprise) ended up accidentally pregnant by and then married. They live in the Dreamer house with their son. She still works in science, Darren is able to make enough selling painting and novels to stay at home.

Mortimer ended up marrying Dina - who promptly locked him away on that random third floor of the house until he died of "natural causes in his sleep." She's enjoying his money now and likes to sleep with anyone around in a secret 'adult' room that now exists where Mortimer was locked up.

Alex turned into a teen just before his dad died, and he's been raising himself since then. Did just enough homework to get by. Now he's a literal slacker (no job at all) still living with Dina, who he has a crush on, and also sleeping with anyone who is around in the adult room. He also has their current maid working for him as a prostitute (gets her to sleep with him and then tips her $100 after).

Everyone else has been ignored pretty much, I couldn't care less about Don or Nina's sister.
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#395 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 6:35 PM
I'm warning you all now, this is going to be long. >.>

Caliente Nina died an unexpected death, (I still to this day have NO idea how she died) and Dina invited Mortimer over for a cozy night in. Using fertilization treatments, (InTeenimater) she made herself pregnant so Mortimer would HAVE to marry her. A few days later, Dina gave birth to twins, Samantha and James. Dina still had feelings for Don, so she would call him up on the phone to keep in touch, occasionally going on dates to keep the flames roaring. Mortimer died, and Dina decided that she was going to move out, to leave her twins behind so Alexander (still a teen) would have to give up his dreams of college to take care of his step-siblings. Dina would marry a country star, which I created (Kenny Lonestring). Dina had a miscarriage on their first child together, but would have a son a few days after, named Ricky.

Lothario Don became depressed after the death of Nina, so he pulled some strings to obtain a resurrect-o-nomitron to bring Nina back from the grave....But the Grim Reaper thought that Don's life savings (all of the money in the Lothario home) wasn't enough, and turned Nina into a Zombie. Completely disgusted with herself, Nina would mope around the house, refusing to go outside. She even tried putting make-up on (which was mime make-up), which only made herself look more creepier. One night, Don was making a grilled-cheese sandwich when the kitchen caught on fire. While he was waiting for the fire department to arrive, he caught on fire, and he died shortly after. Nina at this point starved herself and died.

Pleasant Daniel was still cheating on Kaylyn, and he never got caught. Mary-Sue got fired from her job, and went into a time of depression. Lilith constantly snuck out. One night she returned home in the back of the police car. Later that night, Lilith went downstairs to make herself something to eat. She caught the kitchen on fire, and Mary-Sue died from being burned to death. When Kaylyn heard the news of Mary-Sue's passing, she married Daniel and moved in to fill in as a mother figure for Lilith and Angela. Angela and Lilith went to college. Lilith dormed with Dirk, but Angela wouldn't get back in touch with Dustin until after college. Kaylyn got pregnant, and had Daniel's first son, Andre. Andre is now a child and they are one happy family. Oh, and Daniel is an elder.

Pleasant (Lilith/Dirk)- Lilith and Dirk went to college together, and in the middle of senior year Dirk proposed to Lilith. Lilith accepted, and they waited until after college to move in together. A few days later they had their wedding, and went on their honeymoon. When they returned, Lilith found out that she was pregnant, and later gave birth to their son. (I can't remember his name.) Currently they are living happily.

Pleasant (Angela/Dustin)- Angela and Dustin didn't keep in touch during college, except for a few phone calls here and there. After college, Dustin and Angela picked up on the dating, and when they were out fine dining, Dustin proposed in the middle of dinner. The night before the wedding, Angela was out working, when Dustin went out with friends to a botanical restraunt. His best friend, Dina would become his mistress when he begins making out with her. To their surprise, Kenny was there and saw Dina playing tonsil-hockey with Dustin, and now Dina is on thin ice with Kenny. Angela doesn't know about any of this, because she is at work. After dining out, Dustin calls up Dina and invites him over to his place, where they would woo-hoo. Just as Dina left the lot, Angela would come home to crawl in bed with her soon-to-be husband. They had their wedding the next morning, and right after Angela went to work instead of going on their honeymoon.

Goth Cassandra married Don, only to catch him cheating when he woo-hoo'd Dina when the wedding was STILL on. Cassandra divorced, and married Darren. Cassandra moved out, and soon after Cassandra would become pregnant. When Dina moved out, Alexander was left alone to look after his siblings Samantha and James. It took alot out of him, while he was balancing school and work with taking care of his siblings. Enough was enough, so Darren and Cassandra decided to move back into the Goth estate to help Alexander take care of Dina's children. Cassandra had twin girls, whose names I can't remember, and Alexander and James (now a child) made a bedroom upstairs in the attic.

Broke Brandi gave birth to her third son, Lucifer. Dustin moved out to go to college, and Brandi was left alone to take care of Beau and her new son. Brandi was desperate, so she hired a matchmaker. She paid a small amount, and the matchmaker told her she would have a terrible date. Well, the matchmaker was proven wrong, when Brandi fell in love with Russ Bear, who was a former criminal. Russ moved in, and they married. Brandi got pregnant, and her needs were always falling fast. She had a miscarriage. A few days later, Brandi got pregnant again, and it was successful. At this point Beau became a teenager, and he was able to bring in money by working. Brandi got pregnant AGAIN, and gave birth to twins, Lucian and Clairice. The family moved out of the trailer into a more spacious home. Brandi got pregnant....AGAIN, and had Mary. Alot of babies, yes, but they are one big happy family.
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#396 Old 25th Feb 2011 at 5:33 AM Last edited by FemGamerPlayer : 26th Feb 2011 at 5:51 AM.
Well, considering I've had to re-install my game a few times (due to glitches, hacks gone wrong, and my own stupidity), I've played a couple different "versions" of the various towns and families. To make things easier, I'll just talk about my experiences with my current installation. So far I've only played the Pleasant and Burb families. And quite a bit has happened with both of them (warning, this is going to be LONG!).

The Pleasants
Things started off horrible for everyone except Daniel. Mary-Sue came home from work, only to walk in on Daniel getting it on with Kaylynn the maid. She wasted no time in dumping him and moving out. Lilith and Angela moved out as well, as they grew up (with the use of cheats, I'll admit) right after Daniel cheated with the maid. But more about them later.

After moving out of the family home, Mary-Sue decided to move in with her former in-laws, the Burbs (as most long-time simmers know, Jennifer Burb is Daniel's younger sister), temporarily. Luckily, they were very supportive and realized that just because Mary-Sue and Daniel had broken up didn't mean THEY had to "break-up" with her! At first the poor lady went a bit crazy, as Daniel's affair did quite a number on her motives, as well as her aspiration level. She even did the pan-handle for coins aspiration failure thing before I had a chance to intervene. I wish I'd taken a picture, as it was quite the sight!

I decided I didn't want to play her as a Fortune sim, so I switched her aspiration to Knowledge (via that one aspiration reward. I can't remember it's name at the moment, but you can use it to change a sim's aspiration and/or turn ons and offs). Then things finally started looking up for Mary-Sue.

When I changed her aspiration to Knowledge, her LTW became "Become Education Minister". So she quit her orignal job (she was in the Business career track) and began working in the Education career track (she's currently a substitute teacher, but hopes to become a full-fledge Elementary School teacher soon!). I also had her drink the Elixer of life for a few times to make her a bit younger.

Then she met a townie named Hayden Reiner (I actually don't mind townies that much, and luckily thus far haven't had any who have produced ugly kids!). They fell in love and eventually married (naturally Mary-Sue moved out of the Burbs' house before that happened!).

Mary-Sue got pregnant just before the wedding, and shortly after their honeymoon they welcomed a daughter, Coralynn (she's named after Mary-Sue's mother, Coral Oldie). When Coralynn was a toddler, Mary-Sue gave birth to her little sister, Mamie. After Mamie's birth, Mary-Sue and Hayden decided they wanted to open their home to a child in need, so they adopted two more daughters, Mariah and Sylvia (both of whom were children when they were adopted).

At present, Mary-Sue and Hayden (who is in the Science career track) are happily raising their four daughters.

While Mary-Sue was busy moving on with her life, Daniel married Kaylynn and they had a son, Christopher. They are currently raising him and keeping busy with their jobs (I kept Daniel in the Sports career track, and Kaylynn got a job in the Oceanography career track). Their family has also expanded to include a servo (I have a buyable servo hack). Her name is Serva (I know, how original!) and she cares for Christopher while his parents are at work (I cannot stand nannies and avoid using them at all costs).

As for the Pleasant twins, I rather dislike Lilith so haven't done anything with her. Angela, on the otherhand, married a townie named Luc Hsu, and together they are raising their baby daughter, Beth. Luc is a stay-at-home dad at the moment, while Angela is in the Dance career track. They also have a dog, Abbey, and are thinking about adding to the family once Beth is a bit older.

The Burbs
I moved them into a house in Pleasantview. It's slightly on the larger side, which turned out to be a good thing as the family quickly expanded. Being a family sim, John rolled a "Have a Baby" wanted. So I obliged him, and he and Jennifer soon welcomed a twins, a boy named Linus (with their first child being a daughter named Lucy, I couldn't resist!) and a girl named Joy. A little while later, thanks to another Have a Baby want, they welcomed a second set of twins, this time two girls, named Margret and Maryanna. They also have two cats, Alegra and Chedder (named because she was chedder orange as a kitten. I didn't realize, however, that she would grow up to be brown and white!).

At the moment, Lucy is a sophmore at Sim State University, where she is majoring in Philosophy. Mostly things have been going well for her, although she DID have to learn the hard way to spend her money wisely after nearly going broke buying new clothes!

Meanwhile, Linus and Joy are teenagers (Linus plans to attend La Fiesta Tech, and Joy Acadamie Le Tour), and Margret and Maryanna are toddlers. Jennifer and John are keeping busy with their careers (Jennifer is in the Dance career track, and John the Law Enforcement career track). Also, John currently has both a want AND a fear for Have a Baby! Seems like the poor guy's a bit frazzled after having five kids so close together! LOL

I just installed the ACR hack, so it should be very interesting to see whether or not he decides to go for kid number 6! If he does, then I am NOT going to feel sorry for him when his fear is realized. If he chooses not to use protection, then he needs to deal with the consequences!
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I actually re-discovered the game while I started to play the original families for the first time. Here's how they all ended up:

Broke/Dreamer family
Brandi maried with Darren Dreamer right away, even though Darren was still in love with Cassandra Goth (standard when you open the game). I moved them all into the Dreamer's tiny house, which became even more crowded when Brandi had her third child. Darren and Brandi also had a child together, a boy which I named Mick.
Dirk Dreamer married his teenage love Lilith Pleasant and together they had a son. At one point I had eight sims in the house so I totally rebuilt it, it looks amazing but still in the style of the old wooden house!

Dustin Broke moved out and married Cassandra Goth, and actually caused the whole family to hate him because Darren was STILL in love with Cassandra (lol I totally forgot!). The wedding party turned out into a big drama with a lot of bitch-slapping going on. Now Dustin is everyone's enemy, for absolutely no reason. Never thought this would happen!

Goth family
Cassandra married Dustin Broke, they now have a son of which I forgot the name and Cassandra is pregnant with the second child. Mortimer died of old age, actually right DURING the wedding, I already had enough drama going on!! OMG he couldn't have picked a better timing! Too bad I didn't take a picture, it was hilarious!

I killed Alexander Goth as soon as he became a teen, because I didn't like him. I made him very hungry, then do some completely pointless gardening in the dead of night and finally he got scared to death by the ghost of... Mortimer! I had so much fun with this family! Now Alexander is the most annoying ghost of them all, he even manages to get into the house and go upstairs..

Pleasant family
Mary-Sue and Daniel fixed their marriage and are now two happy but boring oldies. About to die soon. Angela stayed in her parent's house and is now running her own flower-shop.
I can't get her married because none of the other male sims in the neighbourhood likes her! Only Dustin does, I made him sleep with Angela once and she became pregnant right away. So now she's about to become a single mom, and she's really pissed that Dustin is happily married with Cassandra Goth!

I like playing with these families, there´s always something unexpected going on and you can make countless of possibilities. It´s nice to read other stories as well for inspiration.
#398 Old 13th Mar 2011 at 4:40 PM
I moved them all into the Dreamer's tiny house

lol - because I think it's one of the larger houses!

I'm on my eleventyth billion restart even though I've just started playing these characters within the last year.

Lothario: He was invited downtown by Cassandra. It was a nice evening until he caught Cassandra and Darren Dreamer making out.

Goth: So, the wedding that rarely happens in my game got off to an even worse start than normal. Cassandra started making out with Darren right away. Don smooched Nina in front of Dina and Kaylynn - slap fest ensued. Don ran off during the ceremony, but Cassandra and Darren got engaged.

My Alexander also died of ghost fright, but it wasn't intentional. It was the day after his birthday and he was redlining many things after doing homework. I was busy with Dina Goth training her army of cats that will one day take over Pleasantview, when Alexander decided to go outside, at night, and use the bubble blower.

He's a very nice ghost. He was really excited because I didn't sell his bed (although I did move it to the attic) and spent a lot of time sliding down the banister.

After Mortimer died of old age, Dina and her feline army moved out to a more modern and less haunted house. The Goth home is now the Pleasantview Historical Society, and people can tour the old house and catch a few ghosts.

Cassandra and Darren married and lived in the Dreamer house. After Dirk went to college, thinks fell apart. They were trying to raise a baby and a toddler, but they weren't very good parents (and I got bored with them).
Their little girls were taken by social services and they ended up dieing of starvation. Their remains are at the Pleasantview Historical Society.

Broke: I love the Broke family. Dustin is off at college. Brandi and Beau were making ends meet by opening a home salon. Things went really well and she had enough money to adopt the Goth girls. Brandi met and fell in love with a real nice townie and they have their own child. The family was able to move into a double-wide trailer.

Caliente: Dina is my first ever playable vampire, but it was an accident. But she's a great vamp and recently achieved her LTW of being a celebrity chef. I try not to think about what sort of recipes she uses.

Pleasant: I moved the Oldies in with the Pleasants. The Oldies took over the part of the house that was Lilith's bedroom and Angela's room was remodeled to make a room for Lilith. (It wasn't much accommodation, Lilith's room could only hold a single bed and a wall light.) Boredom struck, so I ended up playing an ISBI's game with Lilith as my only playable. She's at college now, and the rest of her family tragically died of starvation. She shares a dorm with Dustin - and they hate each other. She started poking him the minute she met him. She and Dirk are very much in love and engaged to be married.
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Originally Posted by esmesqualor
lol - because I think it's one of the larger houses!

It is, but not if four new sims move in at once! I first built another floor on top of the house to create more space, but still the house looked like a mess both inside and out.. I guess I like a lot of room for playing too
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I recently decided to branch out a bit and play more of the Pleasantview families than just the Burbs and the Pleasants. So far, I've played the Dreamers and the Brokes. I will lump my experiences with them together, since, well....you'll find out very soon!

The Brokes and The Dreamers
I decided I wanted Brandi Broke to marry Darren Dreamer. To my delight, they turned out to be very compatible. They have two bolt chemistry and hit it off right away. In fact, I have the ACR installed, and they autonomusly woohooed on their second "date" (I didn't have them go on "offical" dates. I just invited Darren over to the Brokes' house and had them build up their relationship in various ways)! The funny thing is they hadn't even offically fallen in love yet. I guess they wanted to REALLY get to know each other right away!

Not too much later, they fell in love, and just before Darren proposed, Brandi gave birth to her third boy (Darren was there during the birth, and he seemed to be very supportive of Brandi even though the child she was giving birth to wasn't his, which I thought was sweet). She named him Skip Jr. to honor his father's memory. Right after the birth they got married (Brandi and Darren, I mean!). Then shortly after the wedding, both Dirk and Dustin moved to college. Dirk is a freshman at Acadamie Le Tour (he hasn't declared his major yet), while Dustin hasn't yet decided on a college.

Currently, Brandi and Darren are enjoying life as newlyweds and raising Beau and Skip Jr. (both of whom Darren adopted via SimPE after the wedding). Since Darren wants to stay home and paint for a living, Brandi plans to go back to work. Her LTW is Become Education Minister, so she plans to become a teacher. She'll have to wait a little while, though....because she and Darren are expecting their first child together (they didn't waste any time, either, as Skip Jr. hasn't even become a toddler yet!)! They're hoping for a little girl, and if they do have a girl plan to name her Destiny (both because they like the name and to keep the D-name theme that the Dreamers have going on).

Also, a little update on the Burb and Pleasant families!

The Pleasants
The only thing new with them is that, because I really disliked Lilith, I killed her off. I plan to have one of her family members get the Resurrecto-numtron (or whatever it's called) and bring her back as a zombie!

The Burbs
Lucy is now married to her college sweetheart, Roger Stratton, and they have a baby daughter named Lila and a dog named Buffy. As for Lucy's siblings, Maryanna and Margaret are now children, and both Linus and Joy have gone off to college. Linus is attending La Fiesta Tech, and Joy Acadamie Le Tour. Neither has declared a major yet, but I've already picked out prospective mates for them. I plan for Linus to end up with the premade female alien college student from the student bin (sorry, I forget her name!), and Joy to hook up with none other than Dirk Dreamer.

Happily, both couples (they've already met) are compatible (although I had to switch Dirk's aspiration to knowledge via an aspiration reward before he and Joy were).
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