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Theme Seasons and Celebrations - posted on 1st Oct 2017 at 1:52 PM
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Turquoise Dragon
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#6776 Old Today at 8:03 PM
Another thing I would like to see, although how it would be done, I haven't a clue... is the ability to add other states to choose from in CAS and in game. I mean, like there are fat, normal and fit morphs/states. I would like a slim, muscular state, and a really bulked out muscular state. I would also like a pencil thin state, a "curvy state", a more well rounded shape for men, since when they are fat it seems to primarily be in their bellies, and a more obese state in general (for instance sims with fat all the way maxed out, with no body points could be in the obese state) I would also like it if they could lose weight by keeping the hunger bar around 50 to 60 percent full all the time, or at least if it turned orange, it would cause weight loss. Therefore an obese sim would survive longer than a thin sim at orange and red states. I would like these to be built in morphs/states so that any outfit you make would generally work on them, or at least most of them. Certain patterns might stretch or condense funny on the really extreme shapes but otherwise, they don't require a bunch of meshes in game to create a shape.

I also wish we could have animals we could design in game, such as cows, horses etc. or at least choose and choose color. I mean, Rebecah and the PBK Sun and Moon animals are great, but it would be awesome if they could be more like the cats and dogs already in game.

These are pipe dreams I realize... but hey I would love to see them nonetheless!
#6777 Old Today at 9:06 PM
I'd like to have some kind of baby sling that can be used while the parent is doing something else. Feels really bad leaving all the babies in my medieval 'hood in their baskets all the time.
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