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Mad Poster
#2751 Old Today at 2:32 AM
^Yeah, that's Jello or, more generically, gelatin over here. Jelly is a smooth, thin, translucent spreadable "jam," highly processed to remove all chunks of fruit, remnants of skin, seeds, etc. and usually sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. In other words, kid heaven.

So I'm taking another stab at documenting a neighborhood. This one stars Benjamin Long. Pathetic attempts at humor can be found here.
I caved and made myself a Simblr. Woe is me. There are downloads available there that aren't here on MTS because I'm lazy that way.
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Originally Posted by iCad
sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. In other words, poison

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Nah, there's nothing wrong with high fructose corn syrup. Well, unless you're diabetic, I suppose, but in that case it doesn't really matter where your sugar's coming from. HFCS has been used for a long time because it's very cheap, and no one's died from it. Me, I avoid it just because it makes things, IMO, far too sweet, given that I don't have much of a sweet tooth. (I'm not even all that fond of chocolate *gasp*, unless it's more on the dark/bitter side.) But I'm not an anti-HFCS crusader, no. My hippie-ness is very selective.

So I'm taking another stab at documenting a neighborhood. This one stars Benjamin Long. Pathetic attempts at humor can be found here.
I caved and made myself a Simblr. Woe is me. There are downloads available there that aren't here on MTS because I'm lazy that way.
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#2754 Old Today at 6:41 AM
Jelly here is made from either a bought packet with colouring, flavouring and sugar or you can get plain jelly crystals and make a healthy jelly with fruit juice or even milk as a baby food. vegetarians should get Arga Arga as gelatin is an animal product, not that my BIL seems to mind the Christmas triffle. Whichever one you use hot water and pour it into a mold.

Jam is made from boiled fruit and has pieces of fruit. Very cheap jam is sometimes just made on fruit juice I think, it's very smooth. We normally buy 'spreadable fruit' which is a healthier form of jam.

Corn syrup is said to be very unhealthy. I've read it contains something that causes narrowing of the arteries. fat deposits in the liver and other things.

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Nah, that's propaganda. All HFCS is is the sugar derived from corn, with some of the sucrose converted to fructose (Which is "fruit sugar"), kept in a syrup form as opposed to crystallizing it like they do with table sugar and as opposed to sugar derived from sugar cane or plant/tree sap or whatever. It is actually naturally sweeter than cane sugar, and corn grows in a lot more places than sugar cane can, so corn syrup is a lot cheaper. Which is why it's used so much. But in the end, sugar is sugar. Your body breaks it down to glucose and burns it and all is well...unless you have a metabolic condition, of course. Too much of ANY kind of sugar, natural or otherwise, can cause fatty liver deposits because that's how the body deals with a lot of excess calories in general; it will store fat in your liver as opposed to, say, on your butt, especially in people who already have a lot of fat in the more usual places on their bodies. So, HFCS will "cause" that (along with things like "causing obesity") in the sense that if you eat too much of it and don't exercise enough, you'll gain weight and your metabolism will eventually go all screwy. But that can be said of any food. It's not the food that's causing it; it's the fact that we eat too much and are far less active than we used to be. In the end, there's really no need to be afraid of anything edible, especially not when you eat in moderation.

As for the jelly/jam thing...Well, like I said, the terms can be interchangeable over here. It's just that, here, jelly is used more for the stuff that's smoother and/or originally made from just juice while "jam" tends to have more bits of fruit in it. As for us...Well, actually, I don't really like bits of fruit in things, be it jam or yogurt or ice cream. It's a texture thing, for me. So, I will often buy jelly, seeking out stuff that doesn't have any added sugar because I'm really not a sweets person and prefer things sweetened just by the fruit itself.

What you call jelly is Jello here, which is a brand name of flavored gelatin, the powder you mix with water and stick in the fridge in a mold. Either jelly or jam is the stuff you spread on bread. it's often called Jello even when it's not the Jello brand that one is using.

So I'm taking another stab at documenting a neighborhood. This one stars Benjamin Long. Pathetic attempts at humor can be found here.
I caved and made myself a Simblr. Woe is me. There are downloads available there that aren't here on MTS because I'm lazy that way.
Test Subject
#2756 Old Today at 12:30 PM
This is more of a "game feature I wish already existed", considering it's probably far from a mod's ability, but I think it'd be handy if certain posters and wall decorations would automatically snap to doors and fridge doors, and could still be used by sims with those decorations attached. I long to put Christmas wreaths on my sims' front doors and toddler scribbles from the Freetime activity table onto the fridge.

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#2757 Old Today at 2:25 PM
Originally Posted by Charity
To me jelly is powder that you mix with water and then put in the fridge in a mould to set. Jam is the stuff you put on bread.

Same here. And gelatine is bought in a box if you want to make some set dish without using jelly
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#2758 Old Today at 4:22 PM
High-fructose corn syrup is evil because of knock-on effects for the environment and food prices and is partly down to the way food production is subsidized in this country. But that's complicated compared to "high fructose corn syrup = poison."

The chief problem with the stuff at a personal level is that it makes everything sweet and substitutes for actual flavor. If it's got HFCS in it, it's too processed for my requirements (both health- and flavor-wise) and conditions my husband's tastebuds to expect a certain level of sweetness in everything and reject or add sugar to anything non-processed I feed him. So I don't buy it.

My mom told me that jelly is smooth with no seeds or actual fruit; jam has some mashed up fruit in it; and preserves are the good stuff with more fruit than sugar. My mom grew up in a rural area and has participated in home canning.

Speaking of which, it's a shame you can't use a canning station to set aside certain fresh foods for specific purposes. I wouldn't want to need recipes and specific types of food in the fridge to make every meal, but sometimes I miss the baker's oven and nectar press from Sims1, where you needed certain recipes to make certain food items.

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#2759 Old Today at 7:59 PM
What I'd like really is a 'autodelete' mod that keeps sims from over-staying their welcome on a lot. Sure, I have all kinds of doo-hickeys' that manually delete them, but I'd like one that autodeletes them off the lot after 10 minutes of inactivity.
#2760 Old Today at 8:36 PM
On the Jelly topic, Do you also eat jelly with meat like in Sweden? Don't you have mint jelly with Indian food for example? We also serve different kinds Jelly with Roast meat. (Also lingon but that is not jelly.)

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#2761 Old Today at 8:43 PM
If you want details as to how to make American jelly, jam, preserves, relishes, marmalades, fruit butters, pickles, or what have you, I do that. I have a pantry full. Though if you're in the USA I'll point you to your county extension agent who will help you get your processing times correct for your altitude. No botulism, thank you!

A canning station would be fun. Maybe it could give specific things: jar of apple jelly, that when placed on the shelf would offer the option to make peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Tomato sauce: spaghetti, Orange marmalade: popovers (Yorkshire pudding baked in muffin tins) and marmalade, Cucumber pickles: appetizer tray . . . I have all these cc kitchen shelves that usually hold deco items, but they could certainly be useful to put canned food in the pantry. It would be a neat option for sims who don't have refrigerators.

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