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#2376 Old 21st Jul 2014 at 2:40 AM
Originally Posted by rinarunine
I'd like to see a hack / mod that makes a magic-based playable university. TS1 had Magic Town. )': Robe uniforms, ridiculous class names like "Try not to set your own pants on fire 101" or "Elixers for Everybody" complete with final exams consisting of magic duels.

Well, so far as I know a hack that included all of those things at the same time wouldn't be very doable, but if you're willing to do things piecemeal, you could download custom clothing and assign it to all your college-age Sims, download custom majors (there are plenty of magic or medieval-themed ones out there), and download dorms and other university buildings that fit with the theme/aesthetic you've decided you want. I've set up a portion of Academie Le Tour as a magic university in my 'hood, and it is great fun to play- I enjoy seeing supernatural life-states interacting with one another!

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