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Lolly Wild has gone a bit.. errrm.. "wild". Fed up with her humdrum lifestyle as mother to twin toddler potentially evil twins, Joe and Lev, with her current "squeeze" JJ Alista, she decided it was time to kick him out of the house. After all, their chemistry was only 2 bolts of lightning and she had 3 bolts with about 20 other sims, so why should she settle for anything less??, she reasoned with her somewhat bimbotic brain! However, JJ got the hint and searched on the computer for a new place to live. The taxi arrived to escort him and the two boys to their new home, leaving Lolly to get back to her frenetic bachelorette lifestyle. But there was a small hiccup... the taxi driver kept beeping his horn but JJ and the toddlers wouldn't budge. So Lolly insisted JJ try again. The second time, he managed to get in the cab, and so did one of their sons, Lev, but little Joe was being very clingy toward his mother and wouldn't budge. "Oh well", sighed Lolly, as she realised Joe would have to stay with her, and actually she quite like the company of just the one child.

The following day, who should turn up on the doorstep but her mother's live-in boyfriend - Sean - who had always liked Lolly (they had previously a private affair - very scandalous it would have been if anyone had found out!). But now Sean was here, looking hot as sticky toffee pudding! So Lolly dived straight in.... the result?? an unplanned pregnancy. Lolly couldn't be bothered to sit through this for three whole days, so used the handy Simblender to speed up her pregnancy, and soon she was popping out another son - who she named Leon. Leon was a cute babe with her crystal light blue eyes and Sean's caramel skin.

But now she was on a roll... the next day she phoned up the guy she was supposed to be engaged to - Desi Demilo - and invited him over. She often wanted to have a child with the handsome Desi (and so did I), and of course they wasted no time in getting down to business. Now Lolly is pregnant with Desi's child. Will she step out of her madness to see she's just becoming a breeding machine? Or will she just become like the old woman who lived in the shoe who had so many children she didn't know what to do??
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The start of a new rotation is always marked in chaos, mainly because the first Marshalls household is right at the top. Family starters Elise and Kevin had ten children between them, and three (plus two grandchildren they're raising as their own) have yet to get to an age where they can move out on their own. Third-born Rosaline headed off to university and moved back in with a boyfriend in tow -- she's more interested in her dancing career than the family business, but with her parents not yet elders and her boyfriend having a LTW of making $100k she doesn't need to worry too much.

Rosaline is so far the only sim I've allowed unmarried try for baby on ACR's settings. She's settled in her family home, with a steady job and a steady boyfriend -- she has no money concerns, no need to move to a bigger house to accommodate any children. She does currently want to get married, but probably more for the stability than anything else.

For her siblings Violet, and Eden, romance is the only thing on their minds at the moment. Being spring, and them being Romance and Family (respectively), they want partners now. Eden had a nice sim in her relationship panel, light-skinned, red-haired and grey/green-eyed Rudy Jackson. Violet found a dark-skinned, blond-haired, blue-eyed teen girl called Agnes and Clover (who had no romance wants but I still wanted to send someone her way) ended up with also a dark-skinned, blond-haired, blue-eyed sim, a boy called Christian. Violet and Clover ended up socialising with their potential partners, while Eden tried to flirt her way towards getting Rudy to be her boyfriend. Sadly, it wasn't to be -- that day, anyway.

Also unfortunately, Agnes and Christian weren't getting along at all and were asked to leave. Well, they probably won't be added to the family any time soon.

Rosaline and Ryan attempted to try for another baby; with a toddler and a baby, as well as a negative aspiration adjustment, Rosaline getting her third wanted child might take some time. Rosaline and Ryan needed to roll under 25, but this time they rolled a 78, far too high.

Rosaline and Ryan did get married on the Saturday of the rotation -- a day before the end of week family get-together. I had initially thought of doing the wedding on the Sunday, but nixed the idea as the house would be too crowded with everyone around for a family get-together.

Rosaline and Ryan did try for another baby on the Sunday before the party -- they again rolled over the TFB roll, but ended up pregnant via risky woohoo anyway. End of the rotation and just as the party was winding down, baby Alec became a toddler. He ended up being a low motivation sim whose facial features don't quite mesh up well yet (nose is a little too high for his mouth, which seems to be a common trait in a number of sims at toddler age).

Andrew, Caitlynn, and Alec's sister Cassandra are all due to grow up next rotation which should be fun. I'm curious to see what aspirations Andrew and Caitlynn will roll, and how they get on. Will they finally find out that their mum and dad aren't their bio-parents?


The Storm household is a fun one to play. Started by an average motivation sim, Julianne, who nevertheless ended up becoming the Mayor of Cresdale, she married an older sim, Wilbur, who was high motivation (and worked his way up to Media Magnate), and ended up having four children. Three girls, and one boy. I'll have to tweak genetics when I remake them as I started this family off before I added a mod which makes red hair recessive to blond -- either Julianne gets a recessive red gene, or all the kids become blond (save for Cecilia who's already blond).

The Storm household has some reasonable connections with the other high-earning households. Third-born Stella's boyfriend is Tony Stultz (practically their next door neighbour), and through Tony's twin sister the Storms are linked to the Wegners. Through the Wegners the Storms are linked to the Lyndhursts, making the top four families all interlinked (and meaning I have to be careful to keep a good balance between growth and ensuring they don't all end up in one messy tangled family tree).

With two of the teens (Cecilia and Evonne) wanting romance, all four of them took a trip around the community lots of Cresdale to see if they'd bump into any one they were interested in. Cecilia met someone she had one bolt with on the first lot, but Evonne (and Duncan, as he was there) either gave shrugs or were interested in off-limits sims. The second lot, Cecilia bumped into a two-bolt sim, Evonne gave me another shrug, and Duncan once again chose an off-limits sim. So, with Cecilia chatting up a potential spouse I left everyone else on free will until they needed to head back home.

(Cecilia's two-bolt sim was an adult, but with her heading to university at the end of the rotation the age gap wasn't too major. Plus, it's not like TS3 where the whole 'hood can age with you.)

On the Sunday, I invited over the entirety of the Stultz, Lyndhurst, and Wegner families for a get-together. About the only one that didn't participate was Stella, and that's because she had a want to get her Charisma skill up. April Wegner left early -- no surprise, I saw her dashing for the bathroom earlier due to morning sickness.

At the end of the rotation, after the party, Cecilia called in to move to university. She moved in with $15k in her bank account and 3 scholarships totalling $2,500 -- top of teen career, high logic, and good grades. A couple of good exam results and she'll be able to pay for her bachelor's degree with no problem.
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Okay, I tested my new house with the Curious family. There were no issues with it, and the Curious family was fun to play. I played right until Pascal's little alien baby aged into a child. He got all toddler skills. Vidcund and Lazlo are both aiming for the top of the career track, while Pascal is more focused on teaching his son.

I was playing them (Pascal was giving little Ciel a bath) and my mom came in and said, "What's he doing?" she asked. "Giving him a bath?"
"Is something wrong with him? Is it sick?"
"Oh, no, he's just got green skin. It's an adopted alien baby."
"Adopted alien baby?"
"Yeah..." Yes, mom, I know it sounds weird. I chose to use the word adopted when describing it to her just to make it sound a bit more normal to her.

I then proceeded to tell her all about alien babies and Strangetown. "And then they go ALL the way up here to the telescope and this is how they visit aliens. The Curious family is obsessed with aliens." She thought I was making it all up and pulling her leg! If I had mentioned male pregnancy, she would've thought I definitely was!
She didn't get to see a close-up of the alien baby so when she walked past a second time, I zoomed up to little toddler Ciel. I have a replacement for the eyes to make them whitish-pink, by the way.

"See? Alien baby."

Mom was horrified, probably scarred, and probably had nightmares last night, upon seeing the giant bug-ish eyes and general alien genetics.
But little Ciel grew up to be a traditional little alien child, and is pretty adorable.
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At the Monty Ranch, it was the last day of Patrizio Monty's life -- as I knew, having been unable to stand the uncertainty and having downloaded Inge's days-left shrub before daring to play the Monty headquarters. I was not going to spend the entire time before 6 PM dreading what might happen that evening; while I felt it was high time to be rid of the senile "don of llama ranching", I had to at least be prepared. Though it felt silly to give Patrizio a secondary aspiration, I gave him a Romance one, hoping it would make him affectionate with Isabella on his last day. Isabella herself remained pure family, while Bianca got a Knowledge secondary and Oberon a Romance one (considering his past behaviour, quite suitable).

After Cesario grew into a scruffy black sheepdog-looking pooch with white paws and nose, Isabella, Patrizio and Roux piled into the car with Bianca for the last day of her trial -- Oberon had had an attack of nerves and was painting a strange picture on the easel in the courtyard. (It was an extreme close-up of the newspaper Patrizio had been reading on the toilet earlier in the day -- Oberon paints weird still-lifes!) Roux was high on catnip and I'm not sure how they kept her in the open-top car all the way Downtown, as she bounced up and down the sidewalk as soon as she was let at the courthouse. Patrizio, meanwhile, showed little more appreciation of the seriousness of the situation, asking Isabella to slow dance with him. She humoured him while I was waiting for enough random people to show up to join the teleported-in authority figures to start a scored outing for the trial.

The trial...actually ended much better than it started, though to Bianca, the high point was being asked for her autograph by a spectator in the hallway before it started. This spectator (who actually admired her) was Vidcund Curious! Bianca was flattered, and made eyes at him throughout the trial, and as the jury retreated for their deliberations -- having not paid much attention to the prosecution's closing arguments due to Roux filling her role as distraction tactic by repeating her cute attentiveness (mentioned by Romeo after he took her to church that one time) in the front row of the spectators' area -- Bianca slunk off to a secluded end of the hallway with Vidcund. Their chemistry was high, and she was starting to think her lack of success at bearing a child was do to a biological incompatibility with Oberon...thankfully, while he was happy to get naked on a bench with her, they realized there was too much chance of intrusion and didn't go any further. She's got his number, though...

The deliberations took so long that Isabella and Patrizio ended up cuddling under the stars after she found him lying on the sidewalk, staring blankly at the sky. In the end, Isabella declared that the lot of them were going home; any protestations were met by her snarking that despite the vintage of their car, this was the age of telecommunications. A phone call would suffice to tell them the verdict, wouldn't it? "Actually..." Paris Prince started to say...and was pounced on by an excited Roux, who wanted her supper and had caught the word "home". As he rolled his eyes and decided that enforcing the rules of law on these people was a job he wasn't taking now that his father had discarded it, Isabella smirked the smirk of the powerful and herded her husband, daughter, and great-grand-cat (Roux is still technically Mercutio's cat, and will be sent to live with him when he settles down with Marla) off to the car.

By the time they got home (early in the day again, of course!) Patrizio was feeling tired and wanted a snooze. Isabella, restless, called up Antonio and asked him to come over to wait for any news of the verdict. He brought Beatrice and Lucy, and he and Lucy immediately slipped around the back for their usual use of the Love Tub -- as I've said before, the Monty Ranch is their trysting spot of choice! Meanwhile, unsuspecting, Beatrice watched as Isabella called Puck Summerdream and bullied him into confirming the rumours that her grandson Romeo had pitched a tent in his grounds. The end result of this was Puck relaying the guilt-trip Isabella had given him and sending him across town, with Sarah Love and Bottom as escort to try to prevent anything from getting out of hand.

Oberon finished his painting and hung it on the wall opposite the toilet in the bathroom between the rooms he and Bianca use. (What suitable placement.) He greeted Bottom warmly and served omelettes; she glowered at him and picked at them, then picked an argument with Antonio when he complimented her "more mature" new look. It led to a series of veiled barbs flung between them in the hallway between the dining room and master suite about his taste for very young ladies and her tendency to mind everyone else's business. Amusingly, in the little living room, the same situation was going on between Romeo and Lucy. Romeo had tried to hide from Isabella when she told him how silly he was to avoid coming home just because he'd been expelled from college, had sat down next to Lucy in front of the TV...and the argument started. He, trying to make small talk, asked why she was always coming around with Uncle Antonio and the twins, even coming when one of the twins decided not to come. She thought he was snooping and retaliated with fire, claiming that she hung out with them because she was Beatrice's best friend and asking when he was going to fess up about getting kicked out of ALT for knocking up Juliette Capp -- half of her school knew the rumours, and Bee was mortified at the thought that Tony would find out. He tried to change the subject by asking why she and Antonio were the only ones in swimsuits....which didn't help at all, though he wouldn't dream of what's really going on. Isabella, meanwhile, had given up on getting a straight answer from Romeo about why he wouldn't come home, and went to sleep next to her husband.

Patrizio lasted a good long time, waking up after seven and going straight to the toilet-unblocking job I'd set for him to do upon awakening. However, soon Antonio and Bottom, still arguing, heard a series of clatters ending in a thud coming from the master suite. Antonio might have ignored it, but Bottom's head jerked toward the bedroom door and she paled slightly. "Go check on your parents," she said in a harsh tone entirely unlike her usual voice. Shaken, Antonio headed in without even knocking -- he didn't see the bitter smile on Bottom's lips as he opened the door. "Where be these enemies? Capp! Monty!" she muttered, knowing the lines not hers, but knowing them all the same. Hula music played softly, unheard by others, but heard by her...

Antonio found his pyjama-clad father slumped over the stinking toilet, his head in the bowl; the clatter and thud had been caused by a chain reaction of tumbling items started by the plunger falling from his hand. As Antonio shouted for help, the Grim Reaper passed a fruity drink to the bemused-looking shade of Patrizio and gestured to a packed suitcase. As reluctant Bottom and frightened Sarah joined Antonio in his struggle to lift his father's body from the toilet, his shade watched in amusement the difficulty that the cramped bathroom was presenting both to them and to the hula dancers behind the Reaper; at one point their arms were looped around oblivious Antonio's neck, and one of them kept phasing in and out of the wall. And as they heaved the elderly don's body to the floor and Isabella slowly awoke to the empty spot next to her in bed and the noise from the bathroom, the shade, Reaper, dancers and suitcase disappeared.

The rest of the night was confusion, and Veronaville was alerted to events by the comings and goings from the lit-up house all night. Having realized that there was nothing she or anyone else could do for Patrizio, Bianca fell into Oberon's arms in the hallway, where he comforted her with kisses. Romeo and Lucy left their argument as they realized something had gone very wrong; they stood silently beside Beatrice as she tried to comfort her grandmother, both of them trembling slightly. Romeo was shaking from fear, fear of what would happen now that Uncle Antonio was in charge; he could not be expected to be as unobservant as Grandfather had been. Lucy's shivers, however, were of excitement as she looked admiringly at Antonio struggling to keep a stern, tearless expression; unless she'd really misunderstood everything she'd heard from Tony, the twins, and the rest of his family, he was now in charge of the Montys. Her lover was the head of the Monty family! Antonio, seeing the ardour in her eyes and realizing that he really loved his dirty little secret, wondered how he could keep the danger of his position from touching her; feeling he needed to be alone, he walked out and had left the house before even Father Laurence Stratford and the police had arrived.

During the confusion, the phone rang; when Oberon answered, it was a contact of his (pointy-eared townie!) informing him that the verdict was out for Bianca. As expected, as the Montys had wanted, as all the antics encouraging the jury to think the whole pack of them were off their heads had been set up in an effort to cause...not guilty by reason of insanity, with the heavy implication that that insanity was the result of brain damage from Consort Capp's attempt on her life. Now, as to how they were going to keep her from being committed to the asylum...that was up to them being clever again, wasn't it? Too bad about Patrizio, by the way. Oberon thanked the townie, hung up, and threaded his way through the house to tell Bianca and Isabella.

That wasn't the greatest idea, as they quickly began arguing about how they were going to convince the court that Bianca would be best treated in a home environment. Oberon, feeling the cold creep of realization that he just might have been played, went to ask Pascal Subject, who he'd met a few times in town, to come over. As he outright stated, he wanted to know what it was like to be a vampire, and he'd heard Pascal was one now. Pascal brought both the Beakers over, and they quickly inserted themselves into the argument; turns out a mad scientist and his somewhat sadistic physician wife are very useful in making excuses for murder, and they had some ideas for how to keep Bianca from being institutionalized. Circe loudly gave Bianca credit for her ability to have not one, but two healthy daughters, and while Bianca rather bitterly commented that it was ironic she had such bad luck herself, she was more than willing to accept a debt of gratitude from Circe. Meanwhile, with everyone distracted...Pascal was tasting Oberon's sweet blood as he turned him into a vampire. Bianca may well be able to keep her freedom, but she will have to search for another father for the child she wants so much to have. Oh, and Isabella has heard the rumours of a occult telephone, and wants to bring Patrizio back to life... And Oberon, who went to work on a candid painting of Bottom after becoming a vampire, got a subscription to the Arts & Crafts magazine and a membership card to My Muse II for all his painting!

Interestingly, Patrizio left Jason Larson a bit of money, though the other four people named in the pop-up were all Montys. This is a bit of a mixed blessing for Jason, I'd say...


At the Capp Manor, Tybalt was holding his temper with great difficulty. Juliette had showed up for Consort's funeral, all right -- showed up expelled from college, pregnant, and with the gall to claim that she hadn't done anything dishonourable and that it didn't matter who she chose as father for her children, since she was the head of the Capp family now. "As guardian of the family, I guard its good name," he hissed at his sister. "I will not allow anybody to drag it through the mud -- including you, madam. Get changed into something black."

Oh, how mad he was; the funeral, in his opinion, was a farce. Juliette didn't bother wearing a hat, let alone one with a veil. Regan and Cornwall were obnoxiously over-affectionate with each other, with much hand-kissing and serenading -- he was sure they were trying to show how respectable they were. Goneril came in the white scrubs of her asylum uniform, with Priya Ramaswami as her minder, seemed drugged, and went wandering through the graveyard when left alone for a few moments. Albany and his kids were ill-dressed and ill-behaved, and the foster parent looking after Ariel was a gawking old lady who Tybalt thought had only brought Ariel to her grandfather's funeral to poke around and who could have at least coughed up enough for a black dress for the child. A tall, flat-chested blond woman with too much makeup showed up and claimed to be "Mag, a friend of Juliette's from college," and while she was dressed decently, Tybalt was almost certain that she was flirting with Hermia. Father Laurence Stratford was decidedly overweight, looked more like a frightened rodent than usual, was wearing a baggy sweater and jeans, and kept running off to use the toilet. And Tybalt...well, nobody else was behaving themselves, so why should he bother to get dressed, or not spend half the time flirting with a townie crush of his in the old master bedroom, still in his dressing-gown? With a new Family secondary aspiration, he wanted to have his first WooHoo!

Hermia got a Popularity secondary, and spent a lot of time talking despondently with her Riverblossom cousins, who were set on trying to cheer her up and have her join in making a joke of the whole event. Juliette, with a Romance secondary, wanted to see Romeo again, but couldn't invite him to a house full of Capps; instead, she hid in the bathroom until Paris Prince -- who was trying to hide his confusion about why he was even invited -- walked in, tried to hug her, told her she looked great, and convinced her that she'd best show no shame if she didn't act ashamed. "It works for me all the time," he said. She accepted that he wasn't that bad a guy, despite being a cop, and agreed to hang out with him and her cousins.

During the latter part of the funeral, Prince of Cats grew into an adult that looks a bit like a Siamese, and Mr Humble somehow delivered the computer onto the raised, inaccessible back platform behind the house! There was such a crowd that quite a few guests hung around after the funeral, including all the Riverblossom kids, Albany and Kent (who promptly got in a screaming match about something or other, probably Ariel's custody) and Cornwall...and, fortuitously, Paris Prince. As Juliette took a cell-phone call from a professor and told her about her pregnancy, Tybalt seized Paris's arm on the other side of the patio. "Hear that?" he muttered, nodding at Juliette. "Went to college, and came back with the next generation on the way, and no husband." Paris nodded, looking unconcerned. "That's where you come in, Captain Prince," Tybalt continued. "I expect you to be an honourable man and marry my sister -- quickly."

It took one glance for Paris to see that this was no joke. Sputtering in indignation, he demanded, "Are you crazy? Do you think I'm crazy? I like WooHoo, yes, but I know better than to shag Lady Capp; anyway, I've got a fiancée who likes it even more than I do. I did not put that beach ball under her dress! I...I hadn't even spoken ten words to her before today!"

"Irrelevant," Tybalt snapped. "You are of a decent family, and an acceptable Capp husband. I am almost certain who, as you so elegantly put it, put that beach ball under Juliette's dress...and he is eminently unsuitable. It has to be him, or she wouldn't be refusing to tell us and saying it doesn't matter. It doesn't, of course, but she needs a husband -- a good one."

"Well, that's not me!" Paris retorted.

"Don't flatter yourself," Tybalt replied with a sneer. "I'd pass you right over, but speed is of the essence. She must be married by the time her child is born. Plan your bachelor party fast, Paris Prince; by this time tomorrow, you shall be Paris Capp."

Paris shook his head. "Not happening," he said, pulling away from Tybalt and heading for the steps down to the road. "I'm a free man, not your slave. Neither is your sister, by the way."

"Free," Tybalt said. "That would mean I have no power over you, correct?"

"That's right," Paris said, wishing Tybalt would stop following him.

"Chloe Curious." Tybalt said the name quietly, but it had the desired impact; Paris spun, almost stumbling on the steps. "She's dead," Tybalt continued, watching the stricken look on Paris's face. "Oh, her heart still pumps green blood, but her death is set -- set by your words. If you are not husband to Juliette by the time her firstborn draws first breath, Chloe Curious dies. Horribly. And by your very own stubbornness." His voice shifted to a honeyed tone. "You don't have to lose her by marrying Juliette. We're very tolerant of affairs, you know. Just be properly discreet...really, my man, what choice do you have? Lose everything, or a life of luxury? What choice is that?"

"I'm a cop," Paris managed to say. "Chloe is, her sister is, her sister's boyfriend is, my dad is -- well, was -- police chief...her dad's Mister Smith from Strangetown. We can protect her, you must realize."

Tybalt's smirk turned into a grin. "Not. From. Us. You know you can't. And yes, I have an offer of this sort for Juliette too. I know the man she loves -- and I hate him. But if she marries you, I'll let him live. If. Go explain that to her."

Feeling numb, Paris climbed the steps again, but his attempt to inform Juliette of her brother's ultimatum was ignored with rude disdain for the idea of marrying anyone, let alone him. Watching Paris stammer and wave, Tybalt decided he needed reinforcements...and he'd got that phone from the Greenman girl for a reason, bad funeral or not. He picked up the handset of the Resurrect-O-Nomitron he had placed on the patio, and steeled himself for the call. He was careful to pay enough for his grandfather not to be a zombie, but it wasn't quite enough...because Consort Capp is now a bit nice and rather sloppy, having had his brain chemistry scrambled quite a bit by turning to dust and returning. He gave his grandson a poisonous look, hissed that he could have at least performed the ritual inside, and flapped indoors as a bat; however, on having the situation explained, he agreed to follow Paris into the bathroom he was in and give him a real good scare.

Needless to say, being confronted by the vicious vampire criminal whose funeral he had just attended -- whose coffin was still in the hall -- was enough to shake any confidence Paris might have had in his ability to protect Chloe. He'd seen Mrs Broke's body on the slab, had read her autopsy report. What Consort had done to her... It had been luck Chester had been able to dispose of him, but apparently that had lasted just as long as it did in the classic vampire movies! Consort didn't even have to threaten Chloe. All he had to do was state, "You will break off your engagement. You will marry Juliette tomorrow. You will tell nobody outside this family that you have seen me. You know the consequences of disobedience."

That night, Juliette awoke from restless dreams to realize somebody was sitting on the couch in her room. "Go away, Tybalt," she said sleepily. "I'm not marrying him."

"It's Paris," he said, switching on the light. As Juliette sat up sharply, looking angry, he stooped to play with Prince of Cats on the floor. "Listen. Please, just listen. I don't want to do this either, but...I can't lose Chloe, and I don't think you can lose your man either. We don't really have a choice. Juliette...I know this hurts to think about, but do you know what your grandfather did to Brandi Broke?"

Juliette couldn't believe what he was telling her; she rushed downstairs in her underwear, only to find Consort (who had just got a Knowledge secondary aspiration) strolling out of his room, wiping blood from his mouth. "How now, my headstrong!" he called merrily, and the childhood nickname made her shiver. "You look lovely; so womanly you've become since I saw you last. My, with what hast we must switch from mourning to matrimony!"

In the bedroom, Tybalt was clapping Malcom Landgraab on the shoulder, telling him he'd served admirably, and assuring him he'd be rewarded greatly. As he told him the power of the Resurrect-O-Nomitron (leaving out the trouble that tended to come from its use) and pushed the phone onto him, he thought about the townie he'd seen while getting the mail a few hours before. Despite her frilly dress, she looked like she'd run across town, and from the excited news she blurted out, it seemed she had. "Mr Capp!" she had blurted. "Boss Monty is dead!"

"Patrizio Monty is dead?" Tybalt asked.

The townie nodded, grinning, and he recognized her as a Monty underling the Capps had bought the divided loyalty of. "With his head in a toilet, so I've heard," she said. "Antonio is the new Boss; Isabella's half out of her head with grief, wants to bring the old guy back. Thought you'd like to know -- and give my regards to Lady Capp." She had grinned before heading off in the direction of the Summerdream estate.

Having received news like that, Tybalt thought it best to get the Resurrect-O-Nomitron off of Capp property as fast as he could, to avoid the chance of a raid to seize it. And really, who better to get it than such a great businessman as Malcolm Landgraab, who was willing to sell his silence and his blood for it?

Juliette went back upstairs, feeling helpless. She wept as she prayed to the alter on her desk; then she wept in the shower. She couldn't marry Paris! She was married to Romeo, but to admit it would be to get him killed. And Paris seemed like a nice guy -- he shouldn't lose the one he loved either. But what could she do? And then she realized... Hermia was banging on the door, wanting to take a bath. Juliette let her it, went into her room, and then slipped downstairs. As she'd expected, there in a cranny of the frame of the big bed was the ancient bottle of sleeping pills Grandfather had gotten after Granny died. He'd never taken any, it seemed, and she briefly wondered if he'd gotten them for the same purpose she now intended to use them for...though it seemed unlikely, with who he was now. Praying that they had only gained potency with time, she went to the bathroom, got a glass of water, and gulped them down. She had intended to go back to her own room, but she felt she could walk no further by the time she reached Hermia's door, and she couldn't even make it to her sister's bed. She collapsed to the floor, her last thoughts before the blackness being a hope that Hermia, the new Lady Capp, would understand and would bring her back like Tybalt had Grandfather as soon as the storm blew over, and that her baby -- or babies, as she was starting to suspect -- would survive her voyage to and return from that far shore.

((Not that I'd intended this cliffhanger, but I got it too; Juliette oh-so-conveniently turned up passed out and very hungry on the floor of Hermia's room as I checked everyone's whereabouts (and for straggling ghosts) before saving at 7:10 AM. Well, that sticks to the plot nicely!))

Have Mansions & Gardens without Apartment Life and can't find the University espresso bar? You're not the only one!
I claim whatever dubious bragging rights there are for proving this is yet another M&G-without-AL bug.
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Sawyer Wellington, future adventurer and sweet neighborhood boy-next-door gave me a shock. He had just left for Sim State and he was getting acquainted with his new dorm mates in a (current) all-male dorm. Some of the bros invited over girls from the all-female dorm and before I knew it Sawyer was off in the hot-tub woo-hooing a rando he had chemistry with. I guess that's just a thing that comes with college. I was just surprised how quick he got into the swing of things!

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Malcolm Landgraab VI has officially moved on to sim heaven. I thought he and his wife would die at the same time because at one point they had the same number of days left but I guess the sim God wants her to stay a bit longer in order to help her son and daughter-in-law with their triplets. After her husband's death she finally gave in and retired from being a surgeon to help full time with her grandkids. Something she should have done a whiiiiiiile ago because, who trusts an old 83 year old surgeon? Not me thats for sure. Erica quit her job as a security guard to bea full time stay at home mom because the triplets need all the care they can get right now. With her husband Malcolm VII attending medical school, the triplets need all the attention and care they can get. When Malcolm VII isn't busy working, he's studying and working on his degree. He has about two years left and then he'll finally be a doctor! It would make his mom so happy if she lives long enough for him to graduate.

At the Inada household, the family is enjoying having little Evgeni over. Makell and his baby momma, Suri came to an agreement that the kids will switch off parents every week the minute they age into children. Only Evgeni is over this week because the other two kids are still newborns . Unfortunately for the kids, Makell will be heading off to college this rotation so they wont be able to stay over until Makell graduates. (Unless he gets his own place, which I doubt he could afford) Makell will be pursuing his dream to be a rock-star and will major in Music.

Suri enjoyed having one less kid to take care off, unfortunately she's still left with twin newborns/toddlers to deal with. Savannah looks just like her dad with her round cheeks and pouty lips while William takes after his mother with his sunken cheeks and tiny mouth. Just like Makell, Suri's dream is to be a musician and is currently working as a record store clerk. Suri is fortunate enough to be getting a big fat child support check from Makell to cover the necessities, otherwise she'd have to give her dream up and work somewhere that pays more.

Everything is fine and dandy at the McCarthy household. Cameron and Margaret are enjoying being parents so much that they're trying for baby number two! Margaret is currently a stay at home mom until she finishes her doctorates degree or finds a job in the science field (whichever comes first). Aubrey will age into a child soon, hopefully she'll have a little sibling by then.
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I have made another Sims 2 folder, this time for a modern beach community. This time I have set it up with no townies except BV ones and am using Plasticbox's Elsewhere Neighbourhood. Right now I am downloading some colourful sidings and other beach themed items and doing some decorating of the lots.

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Jail District, Tonao City, Path Planet
(For a better reading, listen to Mad World by Gary Jules while reading this )

We're heading to the Jail district or Jail island in Tonao City right now.

In everyday, Lipidol Bumby (Left) and Pete-ter Grocery (Right) wake up and head to the bathroom at 7am. Lipidol was jailed for 3 years after his car crashed, and one poor man died on the wall with his blood on a Lipidol's sloppy car and a wall. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail from car crashing. While Pete-ter, the skinny burglar was jailed for 2 months after he stole a gold-marble statue in Mrs. Pasta's manor on Haraview district with his friends. He was sentenced to 2 years in Tonao City jail, while his friends were jailed in the Parkland prison.

Throw Drink...the classic negative interaction in Tonao City.

Pete-ter became the best friend of Lipidol when he was helped Lipidol from Duff Fucker, the biker with Orange Mohawk hairstyle who is hot-headed and mean. Duff likes to bully at Lipidol because he is shy, nice and sometimes coward. 1 month ago, Pete-ter, who hates bullying, took a bag of ketchup and threw it on a Duff's Mohawk while he's bullying at Lipidol. Lipidol pick up a ketchup bag and stuck it on Duff's head with his double slaps. The two friends ran away from Duff with a burglar spirit before Duff really angry and threw a ketchup bag back on them, but he was missed.

Duff is not the worst prisoner in a jail, but Don or Don Francis Percel is. Don hates Duff, and he also hates everyone in a jail. He's really big, tough, and mean, oh...smelly and slob. He's the only one who was not bullied by Duff. Too bad, Don loves to bully at Duff because of his Mohawk and his traits. Don also loves to bully at Lipidol and Pete-ter, Jeff Balder, the Lipidol's another best friend, Democalis Psycho, the 2nd biggest prisoner and the killer, and Andrew Druglord...the druglord, same as his surname.

A lot of people in Tonao City say Tonao City Jail was corrupted. Drugs, Mobiles, and Weapons are everywhere in jail. They trust these corruptions might be spread by Andrew, or someone who is grouchy like Don. In fact, the origin of this island was just a small pier and a fishing village, that someone trust these might be a drug pier and warehouse. Today, this island still has a village outside jail walls, called Jail Village. It has a wharf for transport prisoners or warders from Delicatessen district on a mainland to Jail district. All villagers in the Jail Village are never been arrested or jailed. They just live here because they work in a wharf, and there is really cheap cost for renting or buying a house.
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Currently, alongside Widespot and a Megahood that I also plan to begin soon, I have decided to start a Build a City Challenge! I am halfway through another Widespot rotation, so I don't want to update anything there yet. I really need to start a blog and tumblr for all this. Anyway, I am using marka's Beginning Neighborhoods for the BACC, and will gradually move in more families. For now, the settlement begins in Veronaville and currently consits of six families, all couples, and as they struggle to get their town up and running, relationships are forming and things are happening I set them up in their houses and played one day through to get an introductory thing going...so far, here are the families (all ancestors of Maxis Sims):

The Pantalone family, consisting of Proteus and Julia Pantalone. They certainly aren't wealthy. They are the farmers of the community. They own a field with all the crops and orchard trees for the town, with two employees. Currently, they are struggling to make their next spring harvest, to help feed the people of Veronaville, alongside fishing, to sell them fresh. Proteus and Julia also recently conceived a baby...though they have neither the space nor the money. Or the time, really. Of course, birth control hasn't been invented quite yet, so perhaps that wasn't their intention. They are as of right now still unaware of the pregnancy. Proteus' long term goals include opening a farmer's market with fresh produce, but the taxes are just so high on the poor...

Lucio and Overdone Zanni, also in the poor citizen category, are both employees of Proteus Pantalone and work in his fields to make ends meet. However, in his spare time, Lucio really enjoys devouring mechanical manuals. He even dug a well for their little hovel home, and scrapped together enough metal to build the first town shower, though he hasn't mentioned it to anyone yet. Problem is, he can't seem to get running water and get it to work. He knows the town needs this knowledge, and so he spends his little spare time tinkering away...the problem is, he doesn't have much spare time.

The Crumplebottoms, Simon and Prudence, have also set up their own property in Veronaville, and ran out of their limited funds doing so. They just moved here, so they aren't quite sure what they will do to make their money yet, though for now they can fend for themselves with their small little garden and by fishing. Although, Simon did set a fire in the kitchen, causing an uproar across the town; the first fire in Veronaville! Thankfully, he was able to put it out and no one was harmed. Prudence has made rather good friends with Gretle Goth.

Victor and Gretle Goth, a middle-class family that also recently moved in from northern Germany, may have some temptations in their future. Their neighbors, the Capitanos, have captured their interest. Victor is getting chumsy with Mariana, and Gretle with Angelo. Chemistry is high between those pairs, but between Gretle and Victor, not so much. Is their marriage at stake? Victor thinks he may want to become the town's first firefighter, after an announcement that a fire department would be opened, considering he needs a job. But what he really wants is to become a criminal mastermind...

Angelo and Mariana Capitano, descended from wealthy and respectable families, are, as mentioned, indeed becoming close with the Goths. Angelo keeps busy with his pottery, and lobbying for the building of a church, as he feels his true calling is preaching, as he did that back in Simtaly (lol ). Mariana is more than just a bit reckless; she threw a party to invite the upper class families, and wanted to Woohoo, though she doesn't want any children. Luckily, she chose her husband for this task, and not the handsome and tempting Victor Goth. And, on another stroke of luck, she did not get pregnant. (All families right now must Try for Baby, due to no birth control...). Mariana is progressive...and doesn't think of consequences all that much. But one can't always be so lucky...

And finally, the Montys. The big dogs, the founders, and the monarchs of the area. Veronaville is currently a monarchy, yes, but the Montys are family-oriented, love their subjects, and actually do want to do right by them. Bassanio, the founder and ruler, is close with Angelo Capitano...the two men are already planning for the future, for their children to wed each other, as wealthy families interbreeding is important. He is a very busy man. He is getting to know the citizens better, and working on improving the town infrastructure. Currently, there is no running water or electricity, but he wants to solve that. Also, after two fires, one in the Crumplebottom home and then another, right near where the Montys themselves live (due to a tree being struck by lightning) the citizens are feeling uneasy. Bassanio is therefore planning to spend the next tax budget on a small fire department, with one position open for a job. Portia enjoys reading cookbooks and taking care of her husband, whom she loves dearly, and is more than ready to produce an heir. She is, unbeknowst to her as of now, also pregnant, but she was born to be a mother, and the Montys certainly don't have money problems.

I'm excited about this project I'm still working through the rules and taxes and such, as I want this to be an integrated neighborhood, something I haven't tried before. There is also so much chemistry everywhere it is ridiculous, so I am expecting a lot of drama between the residents as things progress...and the Capps haven't even moved it yet!
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I updated my River State blog. We're still in Riverside, meeting the last of the new people for this year (aka round): Anna Morrison, who's Fred's long-time girlfriend, and her friend Gloria Wilson. The two of them bought a house together so they could afford to live in Riverside. Anna's trying to break through as a reporter, while Gloria dreams of becoming a business tycoon but is washing dishes instead. And there's some love shenanigans as well. Check my Stories of River State blog for the full story and pictures. The link is in my signature.

I also started a new neighborhood that I will not blog about. Which means no taking pictures, no rules I need to be consistent about, just me playing and sometimes talking about it here It's called Nafisi and I'm playing it kind-of BACC style. It's a group of six sims (CAS) and the Ottomas family settling down in a remote location. They can have careers or businesses that make sense - there's a grocery story, but it only sells what the farmers produce, there's a bar (even a seven-house town has a bar!), and a small apothecary which for now is the only medical care there is. The careers that will be started is a political career (someone wants to be mayor) and a medical career (for which they'll need some kind of degree first). There's a furniture store but they'll only sell wooden furniture, depending on the gathered wood the Ottomas supply, and reed furniture, made by the Ottomas family with the reed crafting station, which lets them gather reeds and make furniture with it. University is available, but the teens will have to travel. Also, they'd better step up to the plate, because there's no school yet so everyone is homeschooled. Once the settlement grows, I'll add more things, depending on what the sims want and what's needed.
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Blademaster, since you're new here, you're probably not aware of the rule that people should hide their pictures under spoiler tags in this part of the forum. That's because the way this forum loads pictures is really obnoxious on some browsers and if a bunch of people start posting a bunch of pictures it becomes an enormous pain in the neck to open the thread. Welcome aboard and I hope you have many interesting stories to tell.

The last part of the Drama Acres rotation went relatively quickly. Patrick Cooke invited household on his new friend Claire Beare, and his parents Trisha and Julien were thrilled to come home and find their home invaded by the family of actor Kevin Beare. Andrea Hogan, depressed over losing her job as a battle of the bands judge, was encouraged by her girlfriend, Angel Go, to open a new business. Since Angel has a gold badge in toymaking, the nature of the business was quickly determined, and Andrea and Angel spent most of the retirement home's remaining funds to open up Townie Toys. They hope that the presence of hand-crafted items like water wigglers will make them competitive with Pigeon Hawkins's Kid Stuff, which after all is primarily a baby furniture store. (And they may, if I can set them for sale properly; when I playtested the lot the prospective customers couldn't add buy them.)

Cousins Sam Ottomas and Luisa Iana aged to child, as did their near-cousin, Phil Thyme. No birthday parties were thrown, but Sam's mother Daisy invited Aunt Helen and Uncle Daniel over, Luisa's father Luis invited Aunt Lourdes and her hordes of offspring down the hill, and Phil's brother-in-law Lisandro Iana invited his brother Luis and family over for dinner. Otto Iana got good advice on being an older sibling from his cousin Guadalupe Newson, and Phil's sister Spring (who tried to invite Sam's family over, but was prevented by a slew of incoming calls; her father doesn't approve of her obsession with Sam's father Tom anyway) took him to Townie Toys and to the Convenient Stores.

Spring Thyme is a long way from adjusted to her new life, having become the youngest rather than the oldest of Hi's daughters after her resurrection, and though she's determined to get a boyfriend she can't bring herself to like anyone anywhere near her age! She wanted to call Tom, and also Eugene Newson, who just left for college. Hi Thyme is apparently rethinking his entire life (as well he might - three of his four daughters by three mothers are married now, Spring is going through puberty again, his alien hybrid son Phil is about to start school, and now he's an elder living with his second girl and her husband, and having a hard time finding women to date), and would like to get married, but doesn't have a single good prospect for it. He has too many daughters to feel good about cruising for sweet young things, and the women his own age tend to be already married. He guesses he'd settle for having a grandchild. Fortunately, Summer decided it was time to start her family, now she's had all this practice with Phil, and she and Lisandro got right on that.

Lisandro and their next-door-neighbors the Travellers are getting along very well. Trent is still pretty hapless but he's taking care of himself reasonably well when Tina's not at home. Since both Travellers and Lisandro work at the Simlantic Oceanic Research Institute, they share a carpool, and Lisandro and Tina are excellent friends. Tina is pleased with how well Daddy is taking care of himself, and her disillusionment over Ashley Pitts-Upsnott (who she admits to herself she was starting to get a crush on) has strengthened her resolve to be a strong, independent woman who can take care of her father and herself. With lots of friends. Lots and lots of friends. She doesn't really even need a boyfriend.

Living Legend Joshua Ruben takes a helicopter to work these days. His son JJ took an extra day off school to convalesce from his recent debilitating cold (he overslept and since he's very much the spoiled baby I let him get away with it), but he was well enough to participate in his sister Josephine's party in the evening. Josephine's twin Martine is not having as good a time in high school, but she taught Sister the dog to Play Dead and got a call from Lukey Beaker, who she expected to forget all about her once he hit college.

Theodora Ottomas Grundstrom is finding motherhood less taxing than she expected, though she still prefers her cat. Her husband Joe, who was much more excited by the unplanned pregnancy than she was, thinks baby Peter is great but isn't quite sure how to deal with him, and when he tries Theodora generally tells him he's doing it wrong. They had a big crowd of college friends over for mahjong and Theodora went clothes-shopping, with a little window-shopping for men on the side.

The other surprise mother in Drama Acres, Georgette Skirt, is surprised at how much she likes motherhood - which is good, because her parents Gene and Lacy continue to uphold their record as the worst grandparents in Drama Acres. Little Chase's father Phoenix is similarly uninterested, though he has changed one diaper (because Georgette handed the kid off right before he needed one), and Dior is very busy with trying to get fit, earn a silver sewing badge, and meet girls. Phoenix and Georgette do, however, have the same thing in common they always did, and had a highly-satisfactory date down on Entry Way. Estebanico Casa interrupted them to slap Georgette, but she just slapped him back and dragged Phoenix into the photobooth at the bowling alley. Estebanico cheered as enthusiastically as everyone else at the bowling alley, but then fumed at her some more when she got out. As far as Georgette's concerned, he can get over himself. She certainly has!

Luz Ghote's Hot Spot is doing well, and even managed to not lose any stars when lightning struck the photobooth and started a fire. Luz fought the fire and William, who was helping, quickly closed the business, which remained closed the rest of the rotation for repair and cleaning. William was just as glad, as this allowed him to go out with Mary Ann Hawkins again, and also to take an outing to Drama Acres Park. Billy had some vacation coming and blew off work to date Luz (who is running out of days and needs to keep her aspiration levels high), and she invited Lourdes's family down the hill, influencing her favorite nephew, Carmel, to be more outgoing. He managed to carry on a conversation with Cinnamon Beare and to get into the hot tub with his mother, Cinnamon, Guadalupe, and Wiliam's best friend Tri Ku - which is a huge step forward for him.

I still intend to take the Phoenix family on vacation; but it's been a long hard pull through Drama Acres this time, and I think I'll take a break and play Widespot for a little while.

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Apparently some of the Riverblossom Capps were very bored at Consort's funeral -- Desdemona had a memory of being caught pleasuring herself by Hal at a time that could only have been during the funeral, and Hal had one of being caught doing the same thing by Ariel during the same time period! Not that I should be surprised, with this family... Anyway, Albany got a Fortune secondary aspiration, Miranda Popularity, Hal Romance, and Desdemona Knowledge. Miranda packed everyone off to school, discovered the only jobs in the paper were ones involving fish processing and paper-pushing, and sulked. Humble's computer was converted into pond plants because they sold some landscaping to get beds when they first moved in and it makes up for that nicely, so no windfalls for her... She wanted terribly to get her first kiss, and the only male she liked at all and wasn't related to was still Puck Summerdream...who refused to come over when invited, refused a date, but agreed to come to a party she threw, inviting him and a townie girl she knows. Puck thought she was hot stuff, but was not getting involved with Hermia's cousin, so even using the Love Potion she'd bought last rotation didn't get him to give her her first kiss or even accept a romantic hug. Seriously annoyed and wanting to go to college -- but knowing that it wasn't going to work out if she couldn't keep the household funds from averaging out at less than $200 after expenses -- Miranda considered turning her obsession with romance and the rest of her family being gone during school hours into a source of money. Unfortunately, Chris Hatch seems to have not heard of "adult teens", so her auctioning off her first WooHoo will have to wait...but that did not stop her from turning the place into a house of ill-repute of a sort, by starting a home business and a judicious squandering of all current funds on a ticket machine and one stripper light. With the party still going on, she started dancing with the light, inviting her townie friend to join her, and Puck was enthusiastic...as was Jonah Powers and two townies, who stayed until she had to close (with a sign from the money she'd earned from gawkers) to avoid her father catching her starkers in front of older men. The party wasn't any good, but she made a profit even after the stuff she had to buy...which was good, because Desdemona got a chance card that led to her being arrested for peddling her goods in too nice an area and selling hot watches to the wrong people. Luckily she's young enough that the misdemeanour charge won't be on her record once she's an adult, but she got fired. Albany was surprisingly unfazed by having had to pick her up at the police station on his way back from work, and went to work trying to cheer her up by complimenting her for having so many friends...forgetting how much he dislikes most of those friends, I guess.

Desdemona wanted to get into private school, and since there was still a bit of time, Miranda called the Headmaster to try to cheer her up. After all, Gabe O'Mackey had come home with Albany, and he could be influenced to fix the toilet while Miranda cleaned, Albany pulled weeds, and Desdemona did a bit of homework. Miranda greeted the Headmaster, showed him around the unimpressive house, showed him how good at homework Desdemona was, and then sent Desdemona to get a plate of leftover ham-and-egg sandwiches (the best they had, and risking a fire or burnt food wouldn't be good) and stand in the kitchen eating one and talking to him while he took the chair. It was good, mostly because Albany took a shower and then went to bed, staying out of the way...but despite Dedemona's heroic shmoozing, the timer ran out at 89 points. 89 points! One point off, and they got rejected; the unfairness of it sent Dedemona into aspiration desperation! As for Hal, he was already annoyed at getting a B+ (oh, the horror!) for forgetting to do his homework, which led to him losing his scholarship. He'll get it back, and more, but he was bored, grumpy, in red aspiration, and lonely. At least the family now had an outhouse shed, though again, this necessity (they've all wet themselves several times due to bathroom-hogging and traffic jams in the hallway) took up most of the day's pay for him and Albany. He spent a good part of the night roaming the yard collecting bugs, which at least amused him, though he needed a bath afterwards... I wonder if he can sell the bugs? Miranda, weirdly, decided to nap on the double bed next to her father, despite having no competition for her bed with Ariel gone. Desdemona woke up from a nightmare early in the morning, and took the aforementioned fish-processing job -- at least now she has her foot in the door in the more respectable career of oceanography.


Gabe O'Mackey's house was briefly full as adult-ed students Goopy GilsCarbo, Julie Raha (the Downtownie with the name Ivy Butler in game files), Brittany Ajjanagadde (I have no idea who she is, but she's a Downtownie and that name is awesome!), and La Shawn Sims (Lilly Thayer in game files) moved in. They were aged down into some decent-looking teens (Goopy looks surprisingly good -- pity he'll look wonky again at college), aged up to three days to adult, collected their scholarships (orphan for all, of course, but some unexpected skill ones too!) and headed off, one by one, to LFT to be Greek-fodder. By the time they'd all cleared out, Gabe was at work and Puff had grown up into a very socially-deprived adult cat whose first adult action was to head to the downstairs bathroom to hiss at Heidi. He got distracted by puddles from the broken sink and clogged toilet, and played with Heidi in the water for a while, but though she showed him that drinking toilet puddles was fun, she considered the pet bed in Jules' old room hers. Despite there being another pet bed in the living room and a cat condo in the corner of Jules' room, Puff found this worthy cause for a challenge and then chasing Heidi into the living room and hissing at her. Heidi didn't know what to make of this, and then Puff attacked her, as "Hot N Cold" played on the radio! I don't often recognize songs in Simlish, but that one I did, and how suitable it was for Puff's attitude! Heidi lost the fight, and was highly miffed, going off to eat flowers and then sit on the cat condo, afraid to sleep. It didn't help that Puff kept stalking her, wanting to hiss at her, before finally going to sleep on Gabe's bed.

Gabe got home and found nothing out of the ordinary, though Heidi was more insistent on his affection being shown than usual. He got a Pleasure secondary aspiration, and after coming pretty close to teaching Heidi to play dead, he started getting some Pleasure wants. Go on a date...sounds good, are you still hot for Patricia? According to ACR, no...he had the hots for his recently (re-)deceased brother's widow, Rose Greenman! Well, he wasn't asking her out on a date, so instead he got a mock Galaxy Class security console (eh, I had those around for so long with no use, they can't be "real" consoles in the megahood, but I had to find someone to use something that cool, and he wanted electronic entertainment, and he is a nerd...) that took up a good portion of the entryway. It would have blocked up too much space if it didn't have a one-tile footprint -- I can take a little quick walking through it, since it is the kind of shape real people would tend to duck under, and it does add a great deal of geeky charm to the place. With Jules out of the house and the disturbing events at the Greenman house, Gabe is embracing his inner child; as well as enthusing about and playing on the console, he put a plush monkey next to the toilet when he fixed it and cleaned up the mess, and after sleeping until four in the morning, spent the rest of the time until dawn playing SimCity 4 on Humble's computer, which replaced Jules' old one.

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While Darim Akbari was in prison, life went on without him. He got that thrown in his face when he was let out of prison, after he finished his sentence for kidnapping.

When he arrived home, he found out his ex Dunya had visited the house to see her boys. Behind his back, he thought while grinding his teeth.
Darim's girlfriend, Didi, had called Dunya up and arranged for her to come by and getting reunited with her sons. Without consulting him about the matter. Didi would hear his opinion about that!

Besides that matter there were two others. One. His boys no longer lived under his roof. Dunya didn't sit around and do nothing about getting her kids back. She went to court. Until there was a verdict, the boys were living in a temporary foster home. After all, it would be weird to let the boys stay with a parent that had executed a criminal offence involving them. But Darim didn't think so. Those were hís boys and Dunya walked out on hím. She didn't deserve to have them, because she took them with her, away from him. She just should've stayed put! Instead, she ruined everything by running off in the middle of the night and hide with her parents in the Old People's home. And he? He stayed behind and only could see his children supervised. What the hell! That would go so much different in his birth country Morocco. That was why he fled there in the first place. When he saw chance to get his hands on the boys to take them away. It was also to let Dunya know how it feels to get your children taken away from you. Darim feels he should have stayed in Morocco, but that was in the past now.

The other matter is about Darim's youngest child with Didi, Darim's fourth son. Because Darim was in prison when she gave birth and they weren't married, the kid didn't get Darim's last name, but Didi's. Those two issues really bothered him. He felt there now were two women who had more to say about his kids than he did. Like they were more the women's kids than his. He had to do something about it.

To retaliate, he started a pester campage. Showing up at Brody's house every freaking day. If the door wasn't locked by accident, Darim just walked in. For starters he went on with giving Dunya a hard time by intervering with her new family and life. To make sure he brought a big dark cloud over their heads daily. He certainly keeps holding a grudge against her and Brody. He still can't stand it that Dunya divorced him and subsequently picked up with the same man she cheated with while she still was married to him. That couldn't be forgiven. She might have moved on, married that s.o.b. Brody and even got a daughter with him, but Darim would make sure it wasn't all moonlight and roses over there.

At first, Dunya didn't want to make too big of a fuss, because of her daughter Hana and the custodyhearing coming up. It wouldn't be in the kids' and her best interest to let herself provoked by Darim all the time and fly of the handle because of it. Darim certainly would use that against her. But she wanted her boys back under hér roof so she tried her best to keep up appearances.

Then, Hana was old enough to move out and start her education at the university. There wasn't any reason for Darim anymore to show up at the house with the excuse he came to see his daughter. She wasn't living there anymore. However, when Dunya by chance looked out the window and spot Darim yet again outside on the side walk of her house, she had had enough! She felt at her wits end by this point, but suddenly a light bulb went on in her head. She knew how to get Darim to back off! Child support.
He never had paid a cent before and she had let that one go. She promised him she would drag him to court by his hair, to receive every long overdue child support, if he didn't leave them alone. Darim had to back off. At least for the moment. But he could do something about the last name of his fourth son. He would darn well make sure his son's name would be changed from Drost to Akbari, like it was supposed to be.

One could say a lot about Darim, but his kids áre important to him. As soon as he set foot in the house after his release, the first thing he did was take a peek at his baby boy and give him a bottle.
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