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Corruption, a whole lotta corruption...

Well maybe not a lot. But some.
Just before Martha Goth grew into a child, she rolled a want to buy a tree - which of course is super odd for a child. Lately my sims have also been complaining about squiggly lines and such. Anyway, aside from the corruption; Martha grew up and Mortimer continued his training in the attic to max out his body skill, and then straight into the bathroom to shout at the mirror for a few hours, leaving Dina quite bored... so she invited Malcolm Landgraab IV round. They decided to woohoo, thinking Mortimer had finally gone to bed after working out for most of the day.. nope. He ran at them and slapped Dina and divorced her on the spot, while poor little Martha walked in to make the bed (she's a little neat freak). Dina moved out, and is now finding a place to live - I might move her in with her sister's for the time being. Though Mortimer is getting older and doesn't want to burden Alexander with a younger sister to take care of (and therefore not go to college) so he's thinking it would be best to send her to live with Dina once she finds a permanent house.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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#7377 Old Today at 8:00 PM
Pleasantview revisited IV and something (aka This never happened)

Alexander was studying so hard that I decided he had to get some fresh air. I sent him to the park where he met The Good Witch; they got along fine and he invited her on a date. The date went well (very innocent, of course - neither he nor I wanted to get him turned into a toad) but then I made a big mistake. As far as witches go I am a complete n00b - all these years I've never played (or even made friends with) one - and so when I noticed a button I have never seen before, "Show me the Way of the Light", I became curious and clicked on it: BANG and Alexander was transformed into a witcher, the cauldron and all, and started muttering in a strange tongue. Oh dear ...

I wrote in the last post that what we can always count upon in this game are crashes and miracles, and it turns out that they can be one and the same. I would not have restarted but the game recognized my despair and kindly crashed as I was saving to exit. When I reloaded the household the date was just starting; I completed it once more but this time, no stupid requests.

One souvenir did remain, though:

Alexander the Witcher as a hula dancer.
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