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#7101 Old 9th Dec 2014 at 12:45 AM
I had a sim jump to his death today. He was a Plantsim in a overcrowded household so I didn't notice his motives crashing. His sunlight bar was completely red and his water bar was about halfway. I started to realize that he was passed out in the snow near freezing to death so I wake him up to move into the warm house with sunlamps everywhere. Once he wakes up he autonomously decides that he needs to jump into the pool (i'm assuming its because of his water motive being less than full.) Not even a second in the water and he drowns.

I was so shocked to see him basically commit suicide. So I think ":No big deal, I have a genie lamp in this household I'll just resurrect him." Nope. The genie lamp was in his inventory. I have since reloaded my game but I have never seen that happen.
Test Subject
#7102 Old 10th Dec 2014 at 10:44 PM
This happened in my Pleasantview hood.

Last night I had a family going for private school get the father abducted the very same night.

A sim week later They hired an nanny to look after the kids and as soon as the nanny gets there she goes for the money tree which is in a fire room upstairs to burn thieving nannies. The nanny catches fire upstairs then goes down to look after the alien toddlers bringing the fire downstairs to in front of the toddler cribs. The Cribs both contain the toddlers Sirius and Cassieopeia who are both sleeping.
Meanwhile the heavily pregnant wife Sophie Miguel runs upstairs and does the fire dance because the original fire is still burning her husband Larry had to put her out. While he was putting out the second fire Sophie runs down stairs pas the nanny and does the fire dance again catching on fire a second time also in front of the toddler cribs. while Larry saves his wife a second time. Grim shows up to take care of the now dead nanny. and places the urn infront to the cribs. Now the kids wake up.

After all that the toddlers wake up and Sophie can't get to them because of the nanny in the urn in front of the crib. Oh and this is while her motives are all in the deep red. They need to eat, sleep, pee and are uncomfortable and lonely and stinky and bored and they still have to get the toddler out of the crib before they look after their own needs. Her hubby was only merely stinky and he went straight to the bath tub. Silly siily sims.

I thought she was a gonner with both hunger and and energy showing both nothing left but I managed to pull her through after a couple of collapses from no energy. The next day when she gave birth only her hunger comfort blader and energy where out of deep red.
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#7103 Old 11th Dec 2014 at 1:41 AM
Oh my. I just turned the game on and already the Aspir's had triplets. Duke, Luke and Lois
The Contrary's had twins Cassidy and Thomas
John Mole and Lola Curious had twins - but I quit without saving and paused her pregnancy because... wow.. too many babies. aand then John almost gets caught cheating twice! then almost died by electrocution
Sharon Wirth got pregnant, the same day as her sister.. and the day after her nephew was born.

...and today was going to be a stress-free play

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#7104 Old 12th Dec 2014 at 10:53 AM
Lopez family
Zita and her homebusiness.
She only opens the doors if she has enough premade flowers in her inventory.
To attract attention to her flowerbusiness, she goes from door to door at night as a 'salesrep'. She practically is begging people to like her flowers and pay a visit to her sometimes open homebusiness. Some might have paid her money to step away from their door. Needless to say, she's struggling.
While she did her best to praise her flowers to a couple of customers, they were totally unimpressed.
'I can look at the flowers myself, what are you bothering me for?'
One of them even went that far to go complain at her husband. Arko looked at the ground, the sky, left, right, checked his nails and shrugged his shoulders.
'Are you done? I'm not running this business. I just live here. Quit bothering me.'
That angered the female in question greatly. She threw a tantrum and left.
Arko feels a bit sorry for Zita and wants her to succeed. Probably, fat chance.
He's hoping one of the customers will feel good enough that it will earn Zita a star for her business.
She might, but how things are going now she would loose it as quick as she slowly earned it.
The amount of flowers she's selling is decaying.
#7105 Old 12th Dec 2014 at 6:09 PM Last edited by Gcgb53191 : 12th Dec 2014 at 11:46 PM.
Its a full house at the Harris household. When Emma and Jamie had their twins, never did they imagine that Emma's son would still be living there along with his twins. Not to mention Sarah is still living there, but thats life! It never is, nor will it ever be 'perfect.'
Until Emmette's baby momma gets situated he will have full (temporary) custody. He is currently an intern in the politics career so once he gets a promotion/bonus he can start looking for a place he can afford.

His sister Sarah got a job as a canvas stretcher and is sort of in limbo otherwise. She has the smallest bedroom of the house (it used to be the office) which she doesn't mind at the moment but she wants to eventually move into a place of her own where she could have more room to paint and practice her artistic skills. She wants to save some money and is considering looking for a roommate to split the rent with. All my apartment spaces are either taken or way too small and to be honest, I don't feel like building/editing another one.

Emma threw several get-togethers and each one ended up with some type of drama because of her uber jealous cousin, Sarah and Jamie's younger brother Ian. Ian used to be a big playboy so he has a romantic history with almost everyone around his age. The first time, he flirted with Emma's daughter Sarah and cousin Sarah got jealous and tried to start something. The second time I didn't catch what happened but Emma's Sarah got upset at Ian this time. I now constantly have to ask cousin Sarah to leave the property because she wants to fight Emma's Sarah and Emma won't have any of that in her home! Pretty confusing right?

The session ended with the Emette's twins aging into children. Which will help tremendously with everyone's life in general. Now Emette can have some more time to finally start his Masters.
Now that Rei has finished college and got a new job as a platform jumper she and Emette can start looking for a home to buy or rent. Rei is so happy to be done with school and is happy that she'll be back with her children soon.

Her brother Aiko and his wife Natasha have been trying to get pregnant but with no luck. They're still young so I wont worry too much about it just yet. Plus, Natasha is taking classes online so she can get her bachelors in psychology so she's totally okay with not getting pregnant just yet. Aiko on the other hand will not lose the 'have a baby' want.

Rei (Sr.) has finally retired from her job but her husband Guy is still working since they would be super broke otherwise.

I've been having a hard time deciding when my sims 'should' retire. My sims have a long elder life but I usually don't have them retire until they're days from dying. But at the same time I like being realistic and a 79 year old can't still be running around as a SWAT team leader. I have a really hard time with having sims at the house not doing anything 'productive.'

Calissa has put her bakery in the back burner in order to help Suri out with the toddlers. I'm also having trouble figuring out which desserts/cakes are worth the time and effort to sell or if I should just 'cheat' and sell wedding cakes.
#7106 Old 12th Dec 2014 at 8:53 PM
I've just made a new neighborhood, which is plasticbox's Middleground (+ 2 extra plasticbox houses), with Mootilda's Brainania attached. I've still got to come up with names for these hoods. It's the only neighborhood I'm playing that I don't blog about, so it's relaxing for me to play, as I don't have to remember to take picture.

I started out with 12 households. I rolled 10 random households, one, the Hillam family, which ended up with two brothers and a sister, where the two brothers each had kids of their own. So I seperated them into their own households straight away. Now, on the very first day I played the eldest Hillam brother, Floyd (31), and his 13 year old daughter Nancy, the welcome wagon came. Amongst the visitors was Biff Davidson, 25, and graduate of the same university as Floyd. Nancy's a teenage girl who's just discovered boys and she wanted a first kiss. Biff (due to the joys of ACR) took advantage of that fact to seduce her. he kissed her. Then he took her upstairs to her father's bed, where they relaxed an talked. Then they made out. Nancy got cold feet, so Biff relaxed again and they just talked. Then, Biff made his move and under the sheets they went. And....baby chimes... Nancy then went to bed - it's a school night! - and Biff said goodbye to Floyd and left.

So basically, a 25 year old seduced a 13 year old. Thanks a lot ACR. I had Nancy on -1 kids and no TFB allowed before marriage. Biff, on the other hand, is allowed to TFB, and since he's the one who did all the actions, I'm thinking that's why Nancy ended up pregnant. Anyway, it's an interesting storyline, even though I haven't even played Biff's household yet! There's no love involved, at least not on Nancy's side. I still have to check Biff, but Im thinking it was just lust. I already did the abortion roll, and she will have an abortion. But only once she (and her father) figure out she's pregnant. Added to that is the fact that Floyd's gonna be mad as hell at Biff, and I'm not seeing Nancy's uncle and aunt take this well either. And once everything's out in the open, Biff will probably end up in jail. Which I haven't even build yet - or thought about building, for that matter. I might just chuck him on an empty lot with a prison token for a couple of years, aging him up when he gets out.

At the very least, I know playing this hood won't be boring.
Test Subject
#7107 Old 12th Dec 2014 at 11:19 PM
Samuel and Tanika welcomed her sister Tahira into their home when she immigrated to Riverblossom Hills. Tahira was in a new country with no friends, a different culture, and no work experience. She was lonely and afraid but her brother in law Samuel was always very nice to her - too nice in fact. One day when Tanika was at work and the kids were at school, Samuel (who was off that day) enticed Tahira into bed. She didn't want to say no because he had been so nice to her and she didn't want to seem ungrateful. Of course, she was also lonely and missed being the object of someone's love and desire (it also didn't hurt that he was handsome). Excuses, excuses...Anyway, the affair continued a short while until Tanika, who was already getting suspicious, found out. She immediately kicked Tahira out of the house. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Tahira discovered that she was pregnant. Since Tanika still refused to let her stay there (pregnant or not), Samuel helped her get a loan to buy a small home for her and the baby. She found a job as a canvas stretcher with hopes of being artist someday. Although the job didn't pay much, she was able to afford the bills with the help of child support from Samuel. However, Tahira wasn't very wise about money. She kept borrowing money to make her house nicer and buy things to amuse herself. In time, she got over Samuel and started dating a bachelor named Lance. Lance did not want a commitment, though. When she got pregnant, he broke it off. She had quadruplets (Layton, Laquan, Lala, and Lahela) and no one to help her except her child Tassa. Life was tough for a while. When the babies were still toddlers, Tassa became a teenager and was able to help out more. Tahira was an elder by then and not very healthy. Soon after the toddlers became children she died. Her teenage daughter Tassa is left with 4 half brothers and sisters, no money, and a lot of debt. Now I just have to figure out what she is going to do to survive.
#7108 Old 13th Dec 2014 at 5:23 AM
The last time I played was a couple days ago and only made it through two houses in the rotation and half of another. It was a couple days ago so I don't remember everything but I will tell you what I do remember...

At the Dreamer household, Darren rolled the want to kiss Brandi so I had him invite her over. After he fulfilled his kiss want and ACR led them to the bedroom for some quick woohoo, Darren rolled the want to get engaged to Brandi which he did right away. Brandi was thrilled and quickly accepted his proposal. Darren did a lot of belly rubs and talking to Brandi's belly as he thought about the life he was going to have with his unborn babies and soon to be new wife and stepson. Of course, he also did a lot of thinking about where they were going to live as his house wasn't quite big enough for three children and Brandi's was definitely nowhere close. The fact that Darren is still trying to make it on a painter's pay and Brandi doesn't even have a job means that the new family might just have to squeeze in together and hope for the best.

At the Broke household, toddler Caleb wants to learn all of his toddler skills and Brandi tries hard to teach him. But carrying twins as well as the grief of losing two of her children not that long ago makes the going tough for the single mother. But, things are looking up as she often looks at the engagement ring Darren slid onto her finger. With him by her side, Brandi is sure that she will be able to get through anything. With that thought on her mind, she invites Darren over for some moral support.

Darren comes over and immediately gets to work playing, reading, feeding, and changing Caleb's diaper. He loves the boy as if he were his own son, and helping Brandi out is just a plus. Brandi takes the chance to get a bath and by the time she is finished, Caleb is wanting a nap. Brandi puts Caleb into his crib and, as the toddler falls asleep, Brandi and Darren escape for some more ACR woohoo. As soon as they are finished, Brandi goes into labor and delivers a little boy with Darren's dark skin named Derick and a little girl with her mother's skin tone that they name Delilah. Both parents are thrilled. Caleb wakes up and Darren takes care of the toddlers while Brandi finishes teaching the toddler the rest of his skills, just in time for him to grow up into a child. Of course, his age transition makes Brandi roll a want for another baby on top of the "Have 10 Babies' want the twin's birth gave her. Unless ACR has different ideas, though, Brandi won't be having any more babies for a while.

At the Burb household, Jennifer Burb goes on birth control, not wanting to have any more children. John wants more children but at the same time doesn't. He is tired of being the only one to look after the kids while his wife remains the sole breadwinner for the family. Besides, Jennifer doesn't even pay any attention to him anymore when she comes home so he doubts there would even be a way for him to get her pregnant again. Of course, he doesn't know about the birth control, so he is correct in his thinking just not for the right reasons. Lucy is a lonely teenager with no friends outside her home. Not even her cousins will come over to hang out with her. Instead, she is forced to simply be a live in nanny for her new little sister. John doesn't really pay much attention to Lucy anymore now that she is a teen, and Jennifer never really did pay any attention to her. Lucy just can't wait until she can get out of the house and start a life of her own...

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#7109 Old 13th Dec 2014 at 6:16 AM
I always have problems with my simself games. I will create her (me?) perfectly and I will move her into a lot I built myself then give her a business. Usually a electronics or furniture. Rarely clothing stores. I will rank her business to the best and build a mansion. That's when it gets complicated.

I have nothing left to do! I earn all the skill points I want and end up having so much money I'm bored! So.. I end up making my simself marry and have a kid. A single child because then I rage quit.

It's weird seeing someone (I mean sim) that looks exactly like you, make out, woohoo, take care of a kid, etc. And I don't wanna let her DIE!

So what am I to do? Any ideas or tips?
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#7110 Old 13th Dec 2014 at 6:28 AM
Wrong thread hon, but lol if you want to play simselves you might find it better to just have them roaming the hood so your other sims can interact on community lots and such. Or maybe only play her a little. My simself is prone to multiples in my game and in other peoples! Haven't played with her or my hubbies simself in yonks. Last time I did she had twins (what else is new she has had at least three sets of twins in my game and triplets in someone else's while being one of the worst pregnant sims ever) I had over 50 in one of my main hoods. various peoples simselves that is. used to be a thing back on old Boolprop forums some years ago. Good times full of simself asylums and BC challenges.

To keep this on topic, I played first summer rotation at the B&B

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#7111 Old 13th Dec 2014 at 3:11 PM
Originally Posted by joandsarah77
Wrong thread hon, but lol if you want to play simselves you might find it better to just have them roaming the hood so your other sims can interact on community lots and such. Or maybe only play her a little. My simself is prone to multiples in my game and in other peoples! Haven't played with her or my hubbies simself in yonks. Last time I did she had twins (what else is new she has had at least three sets of twins in my game and triplets in someone else's while being one of the worst pregnant sims ever) I had over 50 in one of my main hoods. various peoples simselves that is. used to be a thing back on old Boolprop forums some years ago. Good times full of simself asylums and BC challenges.

My simself always seemed to have twins too. Once I just let her have as many kids as she could. By her 7th pregnancy she had 11 children (4 sets of twins). Never played her with a trip/quad hack but knowing her, she'd probably have like 4 sets of quads - and they're always boys. Last time I made my simself was in a neighbourhood of simselves my friends had made. She had twin boys, and then another boy. Lyric, Leon and Rory.

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#7112 Old 13th Dec 2014 at 4:49 PM
Iiiiiiiits tax season for all my sims so not too many people are happy about that. One of the two families that get affected the most are the Milads. Sucks to be rich doesn't it? Demitri not only lost a lot of money but his father as well. Ethan Milad had a 'going away' party and was able to have all of his family to send him off to Sim Heaven. Of course everyone at the party took it really hard, especially his wife Cosette. He was so loved by everybody

Dimitri's brother Max moved out in order to make room for new the baby. As soon as he moved out Dimitri and his wife Isabella decorated the soon-to-be baby's room in hopes that Cosette will be a little distracted from Ethan's death and start getting excited for the baby. Her days are numbered as well but I think she'll still be alive to meet him/her. (This is when I start to hope its not twins!)

Max moved in with his girlfriend Sarah who also happens to be Isabella's sister. He got himself a sweet new car but other than that and rent he doesn't have to spend much since Sarah's place is already fully furnished. They threw Max a welcoming party and of course there was bound to have some drama. For the first time Sarah H. isn't the cause of it all. Another Sarah, (who I called 'Emma's Sarah' in my last post) flirted with someone else's boyfriend (Marcus L) and caused a big fight between them. But other than that things are fine, Sarah is just so happy they are finally living together! If she can convince him to do that then maybe marriage or children will be right around the corner too.... (RUN MAX, RUN!)

When I started the Landgraab (III) household Kate and Marcus woke up right away because Kate was so furious at Marcus that Kate couldn't stand sleeping in the same bed with him. She had just moved in and already they're having issues??? Maybe they really weren't meant to be... After some thought (and a roll from my die) she decided that she would forgive him and try to make things work. She signed them up for couples counselling ASAP. With the counselling sessions and a lot of apologies things were better but she was still pretty furious at him. Marcus had been sleeping on the couch the last few days until she would come around. He stayed home from work on the last day of their session because his mother was going to die. Madeline Landgraab joined her brother on the Landgraab Family plot in the cemetery. Mason is the only sibling left now.

After the funeral Marcus told Kate that she could sleep in the big master bedroom so he could have his room back. I don't know if Kate is finally over their issues or if she just felt bad because of his mom dying but she ended up joining him in his bed that night. They packed up all of Madison's instruments and studio furniture and put them in storage. They knocked the wall down between the music studio and the dance dance to created one giant dance studio. (Marcus and Kate are both in the dance career)


Its so surreal to see my sims die, but especially Ethan Milad. Maybe I just have more memories of him because he ran three businesses so in a way I spent more 'time' with him than I usually do with most of my sims. And poor Madeline, always had dreams to be a rock star but never ended up making it no matter how hard she worked at it. Here's to two sims that I will definitely miss!

R.I.P. Ethan Milad & Madeline Landgraab
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#7113 Old 13th Dec 2014 at 6:17 PM Last edited by Bigsimsfan12 : 13th Dec 2014 at 9:12 PM.
Titania Summerdream lost another baby I feel bad for her, her LTW is to marry off 6 children but she's miscarried 3 now. I should probably start taking better care of her energy instead of focusing on Puck's relationship and the family's friendships.

Other than that, Veronaville remains my 'calm as hindu cows' subhood. Nothing else worth mentioning has happened.

Edit: Just noticed both Romeo and Isabella Monty are now werewolves. Two of the Monty's half-wolf pups grew up. One looks like a white husky and the other a black husky. I love them They're probably going to be sold to Anthonio Monty so he can move back to Veronaville without worrying about the Capp's attacking him.

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#7114 Old 13th Dec 2014 at 8:11 PM
During the final subrotation at SSU, Grimnir suddenly got all dramatic. On his own final day I had him out cruising to meet new people, and he rolled a rogue want to write a term paper (he really sweated it, too - got too stinky to finish), but when he got invited to his lover Nova Stacks's first sorority party, Nova kissed his mortal enemy Lance Point in the doorway; then, when he and his lover Madeleine Estic-Moiselle were invited to a toga party at the frat, he made up with ex-lover Brittany Parker right in front of Madeleine! Who, on the final Alma Mater rotation, had put together an outing in which she and Annie Newson mediated between Grimnir and Lance, specifically so she'd be able to bring Grimnir home without hostilities erupting. I now have until next rotation to decide whether fury at Grimnir is enough to drive her to break the rules with her sort-of-cousin Lance. With only the two of them in Alma Mater House, that's a genie it'd be hard to put back into the bottle.

But of course, genies don't really belong in bottles; they should be set free!

In other campus news, Anthony Moniff pledged the frat so he could move out as soon as Edward Beare's sister Cinnamon arrives; and Eugene Newson seems to be irresistibly drawn to Alta Mira Starchild, to the point that he can actually speak to her, greet her on community lots, and give her compliments. His sister Minerva ships it and encourages him. Petra Ottomas has graduated, but is hanging around waiting for Edward. Brittany Parker, graduated and hanging around, took Ginevra Hawkins around trying to show her how to pick up guys, and Ginevra met a rather handsome dormie named John Shaw, with whom she hit it off well. Now that she has her right aspiration the boltage and her Hawkins education should work better for her.

In Downtown Drama Acres, it was a big day at the old Gorey place, as Allegra and Martin aged to elders, and little Ruben aged to toddler with almost wholly alien features. Ruby of course came in from college for the big day, and Joshua and his wife Sally and oldest daughter Amanda came in from Drama Acres to celebrate. The crowded state of the first floor when the toddler toys came out of storage have pushed Allegra and Martin to agree with Ruby - when she graduates and marries Pollux, they will turn the Old Gorey Place into an art gallery, and move into a new place. Pollux has found them a suitable house downtown (but earlier in rotation order than the Gorey place, which will make next rotation a bit tricky, unless they move before the wedding, but I'm sure I'll sort it out by the time I get there).

Next door at the Stacks house, Jane made a good call on a chance card and was surprised to be appointed to the post of Minister of Education, fullfiling her lifelong dream! Also, Pollux went to his first day of work as a dance instructor, got discovered by a break dance performer, and ended the day with a starring role in a dance video! But his fiancee Ruby will graduate next rotation and he's almost out of time to sow his wild oats, so he looked through his little black book and spotted Tina Traveller's phone number. Figuring she was low-hanging fruit that somebody was going to take a bite out of, and it might as well be him, Pollux asked her out, first to dinner and then to the Mary Munny Memorial Music Center, which contains ample resources for one's virginity-divesting needs. Tina proved to be made of sterner stuff than he expected, though - Tina told him in no uncertain terms that if he wanted to break up with Ruby and put a ring on her, she was game, but otherwise he could forget it! I was quite proud of her. Even if she was influenced by her friendships with Ruby's cousin Amanda and BFF Petra Ottomas, which a relationship with Pollux would jeopardize.

Since Brittany Pitts-Upsnott had to work, her husband Ashley realized that he and Sandy Bruty never had banged each other, called her up, and took care of business. Delusional townie Kaylynn Spitzig called him up in the evening, hoping yet again to persuade him to divorce Brittany; and he also got an outing call! So he was as busy as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, and then still had to go to his job as a professional party guest, while Brittany stayed home skilling and brooding. With their daughter married to a woman neither of them can stand, the possibility of promotion to Chief of Police receding, and Ashley leaving her home with the dog so often, she needs a plan of action. And no doubt will devise one before the next rotation.

At the House of Blondes, aka the home of Kevin and Heather Beare and the four daughters living at home, it was Ursula's birthday and Claire's second day of school. Kevin had to work and couldn't get out of it (he uses vacation days as fast as he earns them), so Cinnamon timed the birthday party to coincide with the arrival of the elementary school girls at home. She invited all her own teen-age friends, and Claire brought home Juan Baptisto Starchild, so the party started going well immediately. I decided Ursula would be the inevitable Romance descendant of Heartbreak Heather, and laughed when I saw that she has a turn-off for blond hair! After the party Cinnamon took care of chores around the house till Kevin got home in the wee hours of the morning, at which point she called for her scholarships and headed off to SSU. Ursula, having grown up into a terrible outfit, dressed herself in hand-me-downs and put on some lipgloss and eyeshadow, but new teen-in-charge Winnie - who is at the high school transition herself and also needs a makeover - will just have to take her to Lily's for her transformation next rotation.

Next door, Juan Baptisto Starchild had a snow day, so his mother Sara took a day off from work. They got him caught up on this homework and washed the dog, plus she and Jared canoodled a lot. Jared had a sudden "have baby" want and Sara told him to take a flying leap - she is not getting pregnant seven days from elder! - but after the success of Juan Baptisto and her gaming career, it was hard to argue that they shouldn't adopt another unfortunate unwanted child from the adoption pool, so that's all set. He should arrive next rotation at 10. Jared called an outing and they took Alta Mira and neighbor/best friend Natalie Swain out to dinner. I quit a little early so they could take a vacation to the vacation home Sara bought recently while Juan Baptisto is still little. I refuse to let my vacation glitch deter me from letting my sims use their vacation homes!

Then I went to the new Phoenix house, where the family is finally back safe from the vacation that would not end, got the place all spiffed up, and my machine crashed, I'm pretty sure before I had saved any of it. Life is rough.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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#7115 Old 14th Dec 2014 at 1:35 AM
In strangetown, last rotation Vidcund gave birth to little Nebula. This rotation his girlfriend Bella Goth gave birth to twins Vincent and Vanessa Goth (not sure if I'm going to change her & kids to Bachelor instead of Goth, or if I'm going to rename the children Bachelor/Curious/Bachelor-Curious) and minutes later Vidcund get's abducted again and is pregnant with an alien... again.

The Picaso's just had baby Maddie. So they now have two girls and two twin boys. Luckily their house is 5 bedrooms (the one next to the Grunts house), I guess the twins will just have to share theres, which is fine. Poor Emma, the oldest of them has had to clean up diapers and bottles all day from her twin toddler siblings and baby sister while her parents either worked, slept or fed the babies. Next rotation the twins will be becoming children, which is good, but also Maddie will be becoming a toddler, and that 1-square corridor upstairs is a nightmare with toddlers crawling around your feet.

Tank Grunt is raising up the ranks pretty fast. Leaving his Dad alone for long enough to flirt with his girlfriend. It's not that Buzz wanted to upset his son, he loves his son.. er... sons. It's just that, with the wife gone and the nest slowly emptying, he gets a little lonely. He was only trying to be friendly! Buck continues to be unnoticed, He's saving up the money to open a salon. Like his bio says, he wants to be a pet stylist to the stars! As soon as he can, he's going to move to Riverblossum to be closer to Ripp. They have a lot more in common than Tank. Buck's also a little confused at the moment, he likes his best friend Jill... but he also kinda has a weird feeling whenever his other friend Hal Capp is around. He's worried about how he'll tell his father. Will he even care?

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#7116 Old 15th Dec 2014 at 5:56 PM
From Soap opera set in Golden Creek.
Rebecka Leong got some bonus at work and then a promotion so she has invested in 2 Grey Lady statues and put in Eric's inventory.
Rebecka Leong's son Eric is friends with another teen sim, Tim.
Mama Spitzig is a very successful sim. She has a Degree in Physics and a career as a World class ballet dancer. Tim's Grandmother is Clare Harrow. A very well adjusted vampire sim who usually runs a business in the evenings (lucky shack) and then writes books at night and sleeps in her coffin during daytime. (Clare has very good discipline and she stays put in her coffin. Not like some of the other undeads who must be locked in during daytime.)

As I said Tim is friends with Eric Leong, and also with a girl sim, Nony Shackrank, who is hot for Tim, not Eric.
Tim is single but he is not looking at the moment. The girl sim gave him a romantic hug but it did not have any effect on him. He has been fighting a lot recently.

Clare Harrow Tim's grandmother has written a guide book about teens and she has tried to help Tim with his homework but he could not concentrate. He has 0 nice points and he is also in Aspiration failure. This is probably the reason why he has been attacking other sims on community lots.

Coming Up, Eric goes to College, We meet Tim's twin brother Stig, The Fei-Dodd family try to hire Nony shackrank to help with their business.

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Right now, I'm playing a house to get rid of a few too many elders, and apparently it has already put at least two family members in aspiration failure elsewhere when a few of them died off. It was surprising and hilarious to see two of the invitees to Camryn and Kha's Golden Anniversary promptly drop to the ground in aspiration failure. I chose to think it was because they drank a little too much before the party.

The "rest home" also seems to attract quite a few aliens from outer space; at least two, if not three, have already been abducted. The most recent abduction was not too soon after their most recent death, and upon return, there was much mixed emotion. Kha freaked out, Mutnofre cheered, and the paperboy seemed to find something hilarious in Rosemarie's return for some reason.

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In my new Pleasantview, I've been playing it retro. Replaced all the houses and community lots, changed everyone's clothes. There are no un-married babies, nor divorces. Daniel Pleasant tries to be faithful; his daughters have married the Broke boys, and everyone is "pleasant". Dina married Mort, Cassandra married Darren; both had babies at same time. Now with all the kids teens or adults, there is a shortage of playable women, and since I don't want to play ANY townies, I'm thinking I may soon have an EMPTY hood!

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Made a "Mama Ruben" for the Ruben boys. I hate how they were brothers but didn't have a parent, it makes it impossible to view all their children at once. Not that they have any children yet, but both just graduated (actually Josh dropped out at the last minute) and returned home. I gave her a fairly bigish house, with two bedrooms (one 'geeky' and one 'jock'), 1 master bedroom for herself, and a smaller bedroom downstairs which has been turned into a nursery. Mama Ruben really want's some grandchildren!

Her Bio reads: "In her youth, "Mama" Ruben wanted to be the owner of the Llama Rama football club, now she just can't wait to see what adventures her two sons get up to! She hopes to hear the pitter-patter of small footprints running around soon" - Basically: Family aspiration, 8 active points, 7 nice points, Sports hobby.

I'm thinking of giving the Sharp's a parent or two as well when they graduate. But I'm not playing their uni for a while. Being that I have a megahood, I didn't want to have a huge boom of graduated Sims all at once within 4 rotations, so I'm only playing 1 university at a time.

Pictures of Mama Ruben and her boys: HERE

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Playing the Ottomas's and David has went off to Uni, graduated, and has his own life right now. In the chaotic Ottomas household there is Dora (who I just gave the elixir of life too so I can guarantee she should be around a little bit longer as i'm gonna need her!), Peter, Samantha, Sharla as a teenager, Tommy who just became a teenager and I forgot he was going to until he did but the household is nuts right now, the twins Faith and Bryan (currently children) and now triplet infants: William, Dorothy and Mary. O_O Helllpp meeee. Figures the first (random anyway) triplets (haven't had quads yet) would go to the Ottomas's. I've recently installed the triplet and quads hack and I have set the chance for twins, trips and quads much lower than they originally were. I am not surprised though, it's the Ottomas's after all.

This house is currently nuts. It's also my first household that goes over the 8 sim limit. Yay for mods, more chaos! Lol

At least Peter did recently get $37k from a chance card so soon-ish (come end of rotation. I do a week Mon-Mon) they should be able to upgrade to a better house.
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Jason Cleveland was still getting the cold shoulder from Marissa throughout the last few days of her pregnancy. The only silver lining in his life was the new baby (He rolled the 'have a baby' want multiple times so I eventually locked it) - the only problem was when Marissa went into labor. She had twins, Calvin & Carol who were botn blonde with distinctively darker skin to her and Jason. Of course Jason caught on that they weren't his children, so he flat-out broke up with her on the spot. He's now living in an apartment complex with the Freshe family (Tom Freshe and Emily Lee) - who are currently on their honeymoon, and Jennifer Burb (who is currently rolling wants about getting engaged to Don Lothario). Marissa still lives with Justin and the babies, I feel kinda bad that I never broke them up and married her off to Malcolm Landgraab because Calvin looks so much more like Malcolm than Malcolm Landgraab V (His son with Daisy Greenman). Marissa and the twins will be moving out next rotation, as Justin becomes an adult soon and would much prefer to live alone while waiting for Tara to grow up too.

Now daughter Zahara Green-Gere has been put up for adoption (and fostered by Brittany Upsnott), Gabriel and Chastity thought they would go back to normal friendship now that a child was no longer in the picture, but that hasn't happened. They're very avoidant of each other and don't stay in a room together for very long. Gabriel just feels guilty to bring a child into the world that he didn't want, but now Zahara is gone - he kinda misses her. Chastity doesn't like to talk about Zahara at all. She likes to think she never existed. Chasity officially ended things with Gabriel after she got home from work. Gabriel has been rolling so many wants over Zahara that I think I might let him visit her and her new foster Mother when I play their apartment.

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Oh my, Today was an interesting play through for the Huffington/Sampon/Upsnott girls. Brittany Upsnott had adopted Zahara Green-Gere last rotation, and being that Gabriel still really wanted to see his daughter, Brittany agreed to an open adoption. While he was trying to have some time with little Zahara, Brit wouldn't stop autonomously flirting with him. He would refuse every time and go right back to playing with his daughter, but for some reason she'd then try again! Heather and Tiffany went clothes shopping and when they returned Heather held a birthday party for baby Ellie Huffington who became a toddler and is so clearly Kevin's child. Tiffany and Gabriel played chess for hours during the party - at which only Castor Nova attended. He and Heather have a 100/100 relationship even though 1. Heather keeps rolling wants to get engaged to Jonah Power, and 2. He's actually dating Tiffany. Whom caught them making out on the sofa while Ellie was sat on the floor screaming. Tiffany broke up with Castor, changed Ellie's diaper and then went right back to playing Chess with Gabriel - they became friends. I'm thinking of maybe putting them together.

In the above apartment, Samantha (Cordial) had a second miscarriage, burned food, had a burglar and went into aspiration failure. She's coping better now though. Her aspiration is still in the red, but she's not on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Maybe I should make a 'Rehab' center place, where she could go to recover. Armand was disappointed, because he still hasn't had a biological child. They're considering adopting again in the mean time. Tara is only 9 days from becoming an adult, and will be attending university in a few rotations time.

Connor Weir has just moved in with Natasha Una. Lester, her adopted son, is still a toddler. Maybe after the wedding Connor will adopt Lester too. By then Lester would be a child, which means he might not really be open to having Connor as a Father, because he's grown up so far with just Natasha, but we'll see. Hopefully they'll get along great.

The Aspir triplets became toddlers. They're quite cute. I didn't realize that one of them has black hair. The rest are brown haired, and all have their fathers brown eyes. I stupidly played them sped-up because it's 4am and I couldn't be bothered. The parents swarmed them constantly so they were really tired and hungry. Not enough to get the social worker, but yknow. I should probably download that 'no toddler swarm' mod. Or maybe not. It was only a problem when I was speeding.

I kinda want to make a new neighbourhood, I've seen a lot of japanese architecture lately that I thought was pretty interesting. Might make a Japan themed neighbourhood. I've never done that before. Usually I make English, American or a Non-western style. Hmm. Also sorry for the double-post. Dunno if anyone has replied inbetween this, but I think there's 24 hours between each post, (for some reason simming at 4am has become a norm) so it shouldn't be breaking rules.

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Played the local farm run by the Mitchell's

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I have decided to do a hermit-style type of challenge with my game.

Her name is Amelia Treading...

And here is her house..

I put her in her 'house' and gave her $500 dollars to start out with. She will earn money by painting only and she is not allowed to leave the lot. She may not get married or have children, so to fill her social needs, well, let's just say she is going to be BFFs with the social bunnies...

She may never age, so I turned off aging. She may also never move out, or edit the base of the (tree)house (the walls, floor, etc.) so she may only edit buy mode stuff. She may never meet anyone, so I will let the grocer leave the deliveries by the door. Which reminds me I forgot a fridge, lol.. Okay, bye.
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