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#6451 Old Yesterday at 4:57 PM
After a couple of intense Widespot full rotations ('cause I felt like it), I completed a rotation at Sim State last night. Ginevra Hawkins has moved into the sorority and gotten a makeover that says "Experimenting Pleasure Sim." Heather Huffington Beare slapped down a cow mascot who made a pass at her and a remark about her past when she was visiting her son Edward with the rest of her family. Sarah Ruben and Brittany Parker had overlapping dates at the sorority, so Marius Curian caught Brittany with Ricky Cormier and is now only in love with Sarah; he drank strawberry juice at the frat and isn't mad at Brittany anymore. Mark Munny stayed too long in Grimnir LeStrange's hot tub in the winter and caught a cold, which I didn't realize till he started giving it to everybody else at a toga party, so I had to spend a lot of time getting rid of that. Gordon Nott and John Stacks finally consummated their engagement. Harlan Hawkins got off academic probation and his boyfriend Miguel, who was a big help in turning his grades around, changed his aspiration from Pleasure to Family.

Kestrel Hawkins, Ashleigh Pitts-Upsnott, Gracie Hawkins, Frank and Mark Munny, Marsha Bruenig, and Amanda Ruben all graduated, Gracie and Mark as summas. Kestrel and Ashleigh have moved back to Drama Acres and into a house built for them on Poore Street, along with almost all the rest of her brothers and sisters. Frank and Amanda are enjoying the heck out of living together on campus and aren't in any hurry to move back home; but Amanda invited her folks over and suggested that Frank invite his; and during this visit she proposed. Her cousin Amanda and best friend Petra Ottomas took her out on the town to celebrate, and Petra threw an "I told you so" party for them.

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#6452 Old Yesterday at 8:47 PM
Bob and Babs KahFuffle finally reached their goal of 10 children. Three teens, twins Seamus and Sean and sister Sydney, children Emily, Gail Ann, Dean and Claire, toddler twins Blake and Bruce and baby Carolyn. Gail Ann has 0 neat points and I found her salvaging through the trash where she earned 8 simoleons. From there she headed to the bathroom where Dad was repairing a sink and Mom was mopping puddles. Gail Ann thought the puddles were more useful for jumping in which created more puddles for Mom to keep mopping. She also has 10 playful points. So far everyone gets along and things have been running fairly smooth. Oh, Bobs and Babs have a new want of 20 grandkids, good luck with that one.

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