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Field Researcher
#6626 Old 27th Jul 2014 at 1:44 PM
My new Riverside sims had a little village gathering. Not nearly as much drama as when the River City sims had their 'get to know you' party, but there's potential for some drama there. I've updated my blog with a new entry showing the Village Gathering.
#6627 Old 27th Jul 2014 at 4:02 PM
The inhabitants of the Trailer Commune, honoured by being the first Sims I really cared about to get let loose in their newly-expanded universe, nearly drove me up the wall! Not that I'm entirely blaming them -- the fact that not all the HHS clothes were included with the UC wasn't their fault in the slightest, and neither was the hideously broken dress mesh I discovered in the process of trying to find them (which appears to be entirely unrelated...I'm thinking of complaining to the creator, and rethinking clothing-binges from other sources than MTS) but some of their behaviour was even wilder than I would have wanted for even the commune.

Ok, first off, everyone got what I considered suitable secondary aspirations: Jasmine is now Romance-Knowledge, Brittany Family-Knowledge, Jonah Romance-Pleasure (oh ladies beware!), Roxie Romance-Popularity (great combo, she wants to throw parties with lots of male guests and shag every one of them during the party) Jared Family-Pleasure, and Tiffany Knowledge-Family. No, no Grilled Cheese, I don't need someone constantly trying to buttonhole strangers and rave about cheese while attempting to make the whole place fat and leaving dirty plates everywhere!

Jonah attempted to convince Jasmine to have very public WooHoo with him on one of the many flights of stairs in the place, getting flipped off for his trouble; however, while she wasn't going to participate in his voyeuristic fantasy, she was fine with making out and then hopping into the hot tub to have WooHoo with him in a slightly more private setting. (Phew, I'm glad I turned acceptance down to Normal on the bouquet!) As this was going on, Brittany caught Roxie pleasuring herself in her bedroom (should have checked nobody was in the adjoining bathroom!) then walked out to the living room of the same trailer where she caught visiting Hermia Capp doing the same thing in front of an interested Benny (poor puppy!) and Jared. At this point I'm laughing so hard I had to pause to get the giggles out of my system...only to start again when I realized that Tiffany was the only one intelligent enough to seek out one of the many private corners of the commune to do her own experimentation, and thus was the only one who succeeded without being caught!

Roxie had the horribly square dress the absence of her old one dumped her into replaced with a cute, wild, and revealing CC outfit. Then she invited over some male friends; Brittany moped about having had to dump Castor at the altar so much that Roxie was almost throwing old professors and townie guys at her, but Brittany didn't take the hint. Rod Humble delivered the computer, which was scornfully sold off -- they're hippie-party-people, what do they need that thing for? Jared got a phone call from some townie who offered him a Little Sister computer as part of some project she'd been working on; ignoring the general ideology of the place, he kept it, installing it on a kitchen table in one of the little-used upper trailers. Brittany ceased her moaning long enough to get a job as a dishwasher, being the one productively employed member of the commune, and by the time her shift was over, she had been promoted to drive-through clerk. Meanwhile, Roxie had a great time by having WooHoo with her old professor in the hot tub, then disappearing upstairs to have it with Jonah on the living-room floor of an empty trailer, with the professor, er, enjoying himself while watching it. To my astonishment, Roxie and Jonah filled every free minute in some sort of erotic amusement, culminating in a raucous late-night WooHoo session with each other in the flowers in the yard -- so raucous that it drew all guests to view it, most cheering enthusiastically, some pleasuring themselves along with it, and Hermia, though perched on a deck for a better view, hideously embarrassed by the tawdry scene. (Perhaps she was worried Tybalt would find out about her being there, although she clearly finds the atmosphere of the commune more pleasant then her own grief-and-ghost-filled home.) Jasmine was even cheering from one of the many catwalks! Only Jared and Tiffany pointedly ignored the scene, Tiffany washing dishes while Jared played with Benny. And then...I swore, because amongst all the noise, a distinctive lullaby played. *sigh* Romance Sims...well, at least they appreciated those BAS mods!

Though it was getting late, Roxie and Jonah continued being so absorbed with each other that I had to order them to stop and eat. Not surprisingly, after Jonah had finally gone to bed, Roxie had a make-out session with her old professor interrupted first by an attack of nausea that made her worry about the potential consequences of her day of fun. Then the cramps started...and the professor, with a wonderful sense of timing, decided that this was none of his business and said goodnight. Roxie only had a near-miss, but due to her lack of interest in the consequences of WooHoo, she's making herself believe that was the end of that. Hah! (And considering that she basically threw an orgy, I, as Watcher, am the only one with any reason to know it's even Jonah she's pregnant by; none of the Sims could honestly say they were sure.)

As I regretfully left them at dawn, everyone was asleep except Benny, who was guarding the yard, Tiffany, who was dancing to her radio (I think Music & Dance might be her hobby of choice) and Jared, who was showing his new pleasure-seeking side by jumping gleefully on the couch in the living room of Roxie and Jonah's trailer.

Have Mansions & Gardens without Apartment Life and can't find the University espresso bar? You're not the only one!
I claim whatever dubious bragging rights there are for proving this is yet another M&G-without-AL bug.
Test Subject
#6628 Old 27th Jul 2014 at 4:41 PM
I started over again with the Ultimate Collection!

Before my old chapters ended though, my partially genderbent neighborhoods were getting in all sorts of mischief.

Pensive Subject had a love-child with Loki Beaker, and eventually couldn't hold in her affections any longer, resulting in Loki being furious with her (I'd never seen that before, he was honestly furious with her when she kissed him in front of Circe, who reacted jealously of course) and Circe kicking them both out of the house. She'd just had a baby herself, a boy named Linus. Pensive named her boy Grimm, of course. Dejected, Pensive roamed the street of Nowhere until her biological mother, Olive Specter, took pity on her and offered her a broom closet as a room.

Pensive took what she could get.

Loki Beaker decided to remain optimistic about his divorce, and immersed himself in work, eventually taking up residence in an abandoned factory and buying himself a robot building station (I will definitely be doing this Pygmalion storyline for my newest restart, since I didn't even get to explore this one).

Circe Beaker explored her bisexuality upon the ruin of her marriage. She found beauty in a townie named Solveig.

Pascale Curious decided her love for Pensive would remain unrequited, and soon met a townie named Becca Perry. They surprisingly shared three bolts. Her sisters, Vedette and Lalee, didn't get around to much, and her son Newton never reached toddler-hood before I moved over to the Ultimate Collection, but as always, Pascale's alien sprog was the light of her life.

The Pleasants lost Angela in a fire. Lillith danced in the bathroom. Down the road, the Goths prepared a nighttime wedding. Tino Caliente's scheme was about to come full-circle, until his very wealthy, and very old, bride Morticia died of fright after being scared by the ghost of her father, Gunther, who was none too pleased to be witness to such a wedding. Especially so near his resting place. He scared the piss (literally) out of his daughter's gloomy groom before Tino hightailed it out of the Goth manor and scurried back to his twin brother.

Kaius Goth caught his fiancee, Danita, in the arms of Gino Caliente. Heartbroken, he turned around to witness the poorly timed death of his beloved mother. Darren Dreamer later comforted him.

Bellamy Goth, finally able to live on his own after his return from being experimented on by aliens after an unfortunate abduction, took in his children and deemed the Goth Manor unlivable. It was turned into a museum and cafe he and the kids ran themselves. It was fun to man.
Field Researcher
#6629 Old 27th Jul 2014 at 6:28 PM
Playing the Cordial sisters in Belladonna Cove. Samantha, pursuing her LTW of twenty best friends, met Cyd Roseland, and it was an instant triple bolter. She insisted he got rid of that awful dog, Porthos, so he put him up for adoption, briefly crying floods of tears. Then Samantha moved in Cyd, gave him a shave and haircut, and persuaded him that crime would not pay; teaching was a much better career. She had the education bookcase at the back of her mind, of course.

Then sister Kimberley came home from work, saw Cyd, and it was another triple bolter. Having fewer qualms of conscience than her virtuous sister, she took Cyd out to visit the photobooth. It took her four goes, and traumatised the teen at the cash desk, but at last she heard Brahms' lullaby. They went home, and then it was Samantha's turn to be shown the mechanism of the photobooth. Her lullaby sounded straight away.

Cyd has now reached education level four, and Kimberley is at level eight in her ambition to become mayor. Kimberley gave birth to a daughter, Lilith, and Samantha had Angela. Lilith and Angela have just grown into toddlers, and I was hoping to find one good sister and one bad one; but my game is going to be more complicated. Lillith has twenty-eight personality points, Angela has thirty-five, but both have only three points for niceness. Meanwhile, because she's had no time for exercise, Kimberley has become obese. Perhaps once she is mayor there will be time to get fit?
#6630 Old 27th Jul 2014 at 11:20 PM
At Tri-Var, Heather was happy to get a B. She's majoring in dating frat boys, I think, at least, she's had love letters from most of them. She's not great at school or dating, tending to get hit by the date-goes-to-class effect more often than not.
Tiffany and Brittney both got As, and Brittney threw another decent party. She wants 20 best friends so she knows she'd better get on with the friend-making, rolling whole panels of friend wants. She also met Guy Wrightly through the magic of the internet. Tiffany stuck to skilling.
Across the street at the Frat, the boys were not so interested in parties as they were in dating. Ashley took his negative chemistry with Brittney as a challenge, and first wanted to be friends with her (which made her happy, because somehow she had 100 STR to him while he had 44 STR to her), then to flirt with her, and then to date her. It didn't take him long at all to get her in love and in the hot tub, at which point he wanted a second lover and to ask Heather on a date. Heather was perfectly happy to be lover #2. In spite of all this, Ashley kept his act in gear enough to roll appropriate educational wants to get an A. Joshua also dated Heather, and Kevin and Castor already had. Joshua struggled more with grades than the other guys did, but eventually autonomously earned the logic point he needed for the biology degree he wanted (LTW Medical Career, and he conveniently rolled the want to major in biology) so he got his A as well. Joshua also dated the cheerleader, a blond fortune sim named Sherri--he likes blonds. Castor glued himself to the Yummy Channel and got all the way up to six skill points. Kevin kept the frat in comfort soup and generally busied himself in a variety of skilling activities.
Back for the second semester of the year to the Brights, Martin finally got his courage up to talk to Tiffany about grilled cheese, which she responded nicely to, and then to ask her on a date. So that was all well and good for him. Allegra, emboldened by his success, asked Castor on a date after they became best friends, but he turned her down! Not sure what was up with that except that Heather and the other sorority girls were hanging out studying in the living room and he must have felt some commitment that someone there doesn't reciprocate. Allegra, feeling generally rejected, met Edwin Sharpe on line, but they haven't done anything other than chat on line. Jane struggled with the four mechanical points she needed, but finally got them all, and chatted with Pascal Curious on the phone a bit. They finished up the year with As all around.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Livejournal
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Test Subject
#6631 Old 28th Jul 2014 at 4:22 AM
Elisabeth is now pregnant with the Sampsons' second child, so she'll be 2/3 kids away from her LTW, which is to see 3 kids graduate from college. I plan on getting their oldest daughter Fiona into private school once she gives birth, then I'll let the baby grow into a toddler at least before I make Elisabeth pregnant again. I'm all for a challenge but I'd prefer to, y'know, not murder anyone or let anyone go into care.

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Lab Assistant
#6632 Old 28th Jul 2014 at 11:07 AM
In Ullerby, things are starting to shake up a bit. The teenagers are behaving well and mingle a lot with each-other and it is still a few days until the first of them is going off to college.

The drama now is that Gisela Gratton graduated from university, and all of her plans had been to move in with Adam Essex where they would live happily ever after. But the greek pledged the most beautiful man on campus (I let one of the teens start early due to housing issues at home). Jesper Svan is a romance sim with the attractive-add on, with a knowledge secondary. He triple bolts with more sims then I thought possible. Anyway, he started his college career with a night in the hot tub with Gisela. And since he already had a fling with Maya Essex (owner of beauty salon, sister to Adam, triple bolt to Jesper) the scandal was a fact.

Adam and Gisela have been on one date since she moved back to Ullerby, moving in with her mother and siblings since there was some uncertainty of her devotion to Adam. During the date, she rolled a want to get engaged to Adam. And to Jesper. And to Mr. Big. And to a random dormie she dated as a freshman. She is a fortune sim so it might be the fact that she sees marriage as a way to be "legit" in the eyes of others. Adam on the other hand, the good guy family sim with gardening as a hobby? Who takes care of his nephews when he visists them and often show up at community lots. Does he get a want to get engaged? No. And he is halfway to become an elder!

Finding the whole situation a bit provocative I decided to make their lives harder and during the rotation when it was the household that Maya lives in, she threw a party. Among the guests was Adam, Jesper and Gisela. Maya is BFF with all three of them and does not know about the hot tub. So she invited (in the story) her brother, his girlfriend (and one of Mayas best friends) and her new lover who also happens to know Gisela. There was no drama at the party.

I tell you, no drama.

There was flirting, kissing, hugs and a lot of swooning. But always in another room from the ones that might care. It was very impressive and I look forward to playing the Gratton-house. Besides the fact that they are one of my favorites, they now have life-changing decisions to make.
#6633 Old 28th Jul 2014 at 4:48 PM
Well...among other things, I discovered that what I thought was a broken mesh was actually just the result of having neglected to put Sim/Object Detail on high, since the default was low. As for the other things... For starters, Heather Huffington is trouble.

Attention at Strangetown Medical Centre was focused on the most urgent case of the two patients, that being Stephen Tinker's near-fatal heart attack. Heather, after all, was only there to try to find out what had been causing her repeated miscarriages... Don got a knowledge secondary, as did Heather. Jason got Family so he can make comfort soup, and Stephen, being not the brightest of Sims, did not get a secondary (he did get some perks I hope will keep him alive easier!). And Heather rather quickly subverted things by "playing doctor" with Don. Unfortunately, they got walked in on by Ashley Pitts, who lives downstairs from Heather's fiancé Kevin Beare...wonder if he'll talk?

Jason finished his book, and while it sold horribly, the completion of if made him want to go to the Far East. Heather laughed when he told her about that, and suggested that she could take him on a great voyage for less than a plane ticket would cost. Jason ended up having his first WooHoo with her in Don's double bed!

Amazingly, considering what happened at Castor Nova's disastrous attempted wedding, Heather wants to be BFFs with Brittany Upsnott! She did make best friends with Don, and made friends with the pair of sultry vampires who showed up after dark wanting to raid the blood bank. Circe Beaker and Florence Delarosa thought she was funny! Florence went to Stephen's bedside to try to convince him that his family was neglecting him by not visiting; Stephen only pointed out that they had a shop, a toddler, and a cat to mind at home. Circe, finding her soon-to-be-born child increasing her needs for feeding, disdained the Comfort Soup and slipped into Stephen's room. She fed from him, then left him on the floor, thinking that nobody would blame her for his worsening condition... (Ok, she was influenced when I caught her going for the normal food.)


At the Beaker house, Loki embraced the fun of being a mad scientist by gaining a Pleasure secondary aspiration, while Circe got knowledge to keep up with him; both have the Knowledge perks up to "Eureka!" Circe also has the financial-advice perk, and Loki, by the end of the day, got the restaurant-guide one (due to his mild dislike of aliens, I chose not to have him able to summon them -- besides, I think he'd make a great grouchy food critic who, being a vampire, has never eaten the food he complains about!). Nervous got a Knowledge secondary thanks to the influence of his beloved Pascal, and Pascal, driven to distraction by the conditions in the house, got Grilled Cheese as a secondary.

Loki and Circe annoyed the nanny until she annoyed them enough for Loki to kick her out. They danced in the kitchen until he had to rush off to work, which he did without even thinking that Circe was about to have the baby. Not five Sim-minutes after his carpool left, as Nervous and Pascal were having WooHoo up in their bed, Circe went into labour. She was highly annoyed that the only inhabitants of the house who found this a notable event were Demeter and Grimalkin, but her vampire strength saw her through it. Hera, despite being vampire-born, looks pretty and normal, with a strong resemblance to her father in colouration -- I can only hope her features won't resemble him as much as Demeter's do. Demeter was jealous, and even Circe's loving little blehs as she carried her off for to a bath did not improve her view of her sister. (Yes, grouchy vamps casually say "Bleh!" at those around them, including in a very loving way to a child they like and are holding!)

Pascal invited Sirius over, wanting him to meet Jim before the toddler grew up, but the poor boy found himself being growled at by Grimalkin and hissed at by the not-so-little Microbe, who had grown from an orange kitten into a large blackish-red cat with only a touch of ginger fur under the black. Sirius, used to Moody's niceness, was scared silly, and ran away home as soon as Pascal greeted him.

When Loki got home from work, he was in a bad mood with Pascal, and disgusted with the smell of the grilled cheese he'd made mingling with the Chinese food Nervous had ordered and was scarfing down in the living room; intending to teach him a lesson, he first fed from him, then turned him, both in front of Jim. Now Pascal has a black coffin, much plainer than the Beakers', down in the pit with their coffins...and poor Nervous is the only adult human remaining in the house, meaning he could be forgiven for playing cat-teaser with Microbe while Jim slept on the roach-covered floor next to him. Demeter and Hera, being the important ones, had the cribs, of course! Laughing loudly at Jim's choice of sleeping spot wasn't the nicest thing to do, however...

Loki decided they needed transportation, and due to the amount of small children, pets, and not-trusted-to-drive non-Beakers in residence, he bought a black-and-reddish Landwhale. Of course, there's no room for a normal driveway due to the shape of the terrain, but up there, who's to notice if the antisocial Beakers antisocially park their van on the sidewalk, nearly in the road? (Rotated invisible driveway extension and moveObjects on.) Loki was quite pleased with that, though he considered a raise was still in order -- a helicopter would be even more impressive!

Have Mansions & Gardens without Apartment Life and can't find the University espresso bar? You're not the only one!
I claim whatever dubious bragging rights there are for proving this is yet another M&G-without-AL bug.
#6634 Old 28th Jul 2014 at 6:17 PM
I just realized my Sim was whistling this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=399YneFTwh0

Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.
Field Researcher
#6635 Old 29th Jul 2014 at 2:11 AM

Phaenoh's Apocalypse version. A lot of fun!!
Mad Poster
#6636 Old 29th Jul 2014 at 5:29 AM
Amanda Ruben, temporarily moved back in with her parents, adopted a cat named Ariel. She's about to become a Munny, and Munnys are dog people; but Amanda's Amanda, and apparently she wanted a cat.

It was her baby brother JJ's teen birthday, and I spent the first part of the day ensuring that nobody in the house had that damn cold before Josephine threw the party. In addition to family and JJ's friends, Maria Casilda Centowski and Swainson Hawkins, Josephine invited/I teleported in Tina Traveller and the older Beare girls, and new teen Otto Iana - the boy next door - crashed the party and hit it off well with Martine. JJ, as the youngest of six, and Joshua's only son, is pretty spoiled, so his aspiration is Pleasure.

At the former Ottomas Prime, now the Grundstrom residence, Theodora Ottomas Grundstrom spent the day nursing her needs and playing Mah-Jongg with Joe and her visiting sister Petra. Joe had to work in the evening, and Theodora went to bed early so she could be awake when he got home. She succeeded in that, and was playing in the tub about the time he got home, when her water broke and she gave birth to little Peter Grundstrom - with Joe's green eyes! And brown hair like both his parents, of course. Joe is over the moon and Theodora admits that the green eyes are good.

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#6637 Old 29th Jul 2014 at 6:02 PM
Sirius Curious was thankfully not turned off animals by his harassment by the Beaker ones; as his uncles got their aspirations straightened out, he piled adoration onto Java, the black kitten adopted at the end of last rotation. Vidcund got a Fortune secondary, while Lazlo, since he is the most fatherly of the three (and of course, he has those secret twins with Cassandra), got Family as his. Both have the ability to summon aliens, of course!

Vidcund tried to teach Moody to play dead, doing so in such an over-dramatic way that he scared me and looked like he worried Moody a bit. He had nearly managed to get Moody to understand what he was supposed to do when he realized that Lazlo and Sirius had gone to work and school, and that he was late...again! He hurried off to work, but not soon enough to avoid a lecture.

Sirius didn't want to tell his uncles about it, but public school did not agree with him. Nobody wanted to talk to him, the teachers didn't like him, and since every time he asked a question, he was ignored, he didn't understand how to do his homework. He'd tried asking the school librarian for some of the books Count Christopher Tse had recommended, but was told they were not reading material for a child. All in all, he was at sea, and so got a D+. Unwilling to even try to do any homework, he went to play with the pets when he got home, then jumped rope on the roof. He discovered that he loved the rush that came of physical activity, even though he kept falling over his feet and the rope, and gained some body skill before he got too hot and had to go cool off in the shower. He wasn't the only one skilling; Lazlo maxed his Cooking skill, to his delight.

When it finally cooled off enough for more than dogs and alien children to be outdoors, Vidcund went to work on the overgrown landscaping. Sirius avoided homework and any discussion of school by finishing teaching Moody to play dead, spent some time playing with Moody and Java, sneaked a beer from the fridge after Lazlo went to bed (Vidcund was still working in the yard) and found it disgusting but interesting, and went to bed himself, feeling rather sick.

Vidcund maxed his logic skill by playing chess with himself, then decided that since he was in a spectacular mood but both tired and hungry, and they needed groceries, he'd use an Energizer he got from work. Though it was 4 in the morning, Lazlo and Sirius were rested up, so the three of them walked to the shopping plaza to get groceries. Vidcund, feeling generous, also bought collars for Moody and in readiness for Java's adulthood, and then got everyone some clothes, including adorable Superman undies for Sirius. Sirius himself was relieved to find people who'd talk to him; a little red-headed townie girl showed up at once and was happy to play cops-and-robbers with him, and while he had an unfortunate meeting with Dora Ottomas (he tried to hug her, and she recoiled from his touch) that was made up for by running into Lilith Pleasant. She danced with him and Lazlo to the jukebox I'd put in the grocery store, gladly played red hands with him, and was willing to take a picture of him posing cutely in front of the veggies. (The colour contrast is great!) When they finally went home, Lazlo ordered a print of that photo, and it's now hanging on the kitchen wall (I really like this feature from BV!). It was a slight pity that Lazlo's leg was in the frame, but it was a good candid shot, he thought... Of course, the homework got lost in the shuffle!

Have Mansions & Gardens without Apartment Life and can't find the University espresso bar? You're not the only one!
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#6638 Old Yesterday at 3:38 AM
At Tri-Var, Brittney very cleverly got Heather to shoot hoops with her to get the body point she needed for an A. Heather bought a make-over chair with the semester proceeds. Other than that, (because with a megahood there are a lot of college students to a rotation, and) since Tiffany and Brittney wanted to ask someone to pledge, they got Jane and Allegra to join the sorority. Jane joined to keep an eye on Heather, because her little cousin needs all the watching she can get. Allegra joined because rooming alone with the handsome Martin (who is dating Tiffany) did not seem like a very good idea. So at the end of semester there are five girls in the sorority, and it's starting to look more like a sorority--girls everywhere talking about boys, college, and everything else. Especially about boys. Jane kissed Castor, but that was strictly a one-time thing at a toga party. Allegra would like very much to date Castor, but he rejected her overtures several times. Ashley and Brittney are still dating, but at this point they aren't exclusive. Heather went downtown on a date with Kevin, and after that she hung around downtown for a while and dated a guy named Edwin (Mr. Big) and General Grunt. She's finally figured out how to get to dream date (she has to roll wants for the guy she's currently with--this is very hard for her).
So I went over to play the Frat, where Joshua wanted a party, Castor wanted to get engaged to Allegra, and Kevin wanted to get engaged to Heather. The guys had the skills they needed--except for Ashley who had a convenient write term-paper want that let me get him skilled up--or were only short one point and had a generic fall skill want, so they got that out of the way first. Ashley plonked his butt in front of the computer and started writing. Joshua called the sorority and his brother for a party. This turned out to be the party that will be gossiped about for years! Castor asked Martin to pledge in: they all like him better than his brother, and anyway he cooks and it's not fair that Kevin does all the cooking (though Castor has all the cooking skill points). Since Martin just lost his room mates he was happy to join the other guys. Kevin started a fire cooking comfort soup, and Sherri the cheerleader freaked out and ran off. Her absence--she's one of the girls on Joshua's string--could be said to be an issue later. Fire out, everyone else hung around doing what people do at the fraternity.
Joshua threw up a want to woohoo with anybody who'd do it with him, and since Sherri had left, that left Heather, whom he'd dated before. (Heather rejected his ACR initiations, and I thought that was weird since her LTW is 20 woohoo, so I used the game functions.) Heather was reluctant, but Joshua finally talked her into it in the hottub. Kevin flipped his lid. Joshua didn't care, he now wanted to fall in love with Brittney, which he wandered off to do. Kevin immediately regretted slapping Heather and apologized for it. He fell out of love with her, which was a massive aspiration hit, and replaced his get engaged to Heather want with a fall in love with Heather want and a study anger management want. He knows what she is and he wants to rescue her from herself. Kevin has very negative relationships with both Joshua and Heather, but he didn't get furious with either of them.
Ashley didn't particularly care if Joshua and Brittney made out--he figures they aren't exclusive and that's what he wants at this point. Castor spent the entire party watching the cooking shows with Tiffany, Martin, and Allegra. (Some sims have sense.) It was, of course, a great party, not that Joshua cared at that point, he'd gotten a woohoo out of Heather and fallen in love with Brittney: he was having a great day. The guys have another day left in the semester, and since all schoolwork is completed for As, I expect another day of drama, and Heather showed up cooperatively before eight am (the girl is never out of bed that early at home!) to work on working things out with Kevin. I'm not crazy about saving with an off-lot sim on-lot, but it was too late at that point and I know I'm going right back to that house to finish the semester, so I did. And now I will.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Livejournal
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Mad Poster
#6639 Old Yesterday at 5:00 AM
Busy day at the Skirt household!

Lightning struck a bunch of date roses out by Gene's home lab and started a small fire which I had to forcibly prevent hugely pregnant Georgette from running to dance around. Her husband Phoenix got it put out. Dior went to school and Gene went to work. Lacy took a vacation day and invited Polly Esther and Paul down the hill so her two pregnant daughters would both be in the house with her and she could gloat properly.Georgette made breakfast. Although it was still raining and Georgette called Everyone to eat, Polly Esther was busy birdwatching and wouldn't come in, so when Georgette finished eating I told her to call her little sister over. Instead she went into labor. Which had the same effect. It's a boy, little Chase Skirt, with (no surprise) blond hair and dark blue eyes like both his parents. Phoenix applauded his arrival and went to work. Lacy went permaplat from having six grandchildren - and promptly went upstairs to relax on her bed. She is hand's down the worst grandmother in Drama Acres!

Polly Esther and Paul made out while Georgette nursed Chase. About the time that Dior got home, Lacy's dog Wool decided to chase Polly Esther, so she left. Dior had to track Wool down to scold her, and also give her a bath, because she was stinking to high heaven. Paul proved himself yet again to be the world's greatest son-in-law by autonomously doing a bunch of yardwork that had been piling up. (Not one person in that house has a double-digit relationship with him.) I had my work cut out keeping track of people - Georgette nursed Chase about three times and then had to take a nap (and no wonder!), Dior put himself to bed, and I sent Lacy to change Chase's first diaper. Gene got home, played fetch with Georgette's poodle Cotton, and then I told him to go make supper. Paul was in the hot tub alone by that time; fortunately it was no longer raining. I was upstairs checking on Lacy and Chase when I heard hula music...

Yes, Gene was dying, immediately after putting the baked ham into the oven! The howling of the dogs woke Georgette up. Lacy put Chase into his crib and then wandered around the house crying, stopping long enough to answer the phone, which was Dior. Dior had gotten out of bed to cry and came to answer the phone. Dove wanted a follow-up date, but of course he had to pass. Phoenix, oblivious, came home from work with their neighbor Naomi Gavigan.

Georgette and Lacy both rolled wants to resurrect Gene and I suddenly remembered - Georgette's in the paranormal career track. She has a bone phone! And she knows it works, too, because the Thymes were living right across the street when Rosemary resurrected Spring. So Georgette discussed it with her mother, made the call, and paid the $10,000 - which was pocket change, seriously, after his insurance paid off.

I don't actually like Gene that much, but when push came to shove - no way would Georgette not do this. I'll have to make a rule that bone phones can only be used once, or once per person, or something, or nobody'll ever stay dead. It got Georgette's aspiration out of the danger zone, anyway - I didn't want to deal with a grief-stricken house with a new baby. Though perhaps I should have. Gene retired, which will at least give Georgette someone on hand during the day so she can resume her quest for 20 unique woohoos.

But wait, the day's not over yet! In the middle of the night, I suddenly got a notice that a new family member was on the way . I had completely forgotten that Wool was pregnant! She gave birth on the front porch to a little male dog that Dior named Linen. While resurrecting Gene had gotten Georgette's mood up into the high green, getting a new puppy shot her straight up to platinum! So that was a good thing.

And that was that, and quite enough too!

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So back into the frat: Joshua wanted to study physiology, which kept him from causing trouble. Kevin finished up with Anger Management, Jane had come by, and he now had a big Be friends with Jane want, which he chatted with her, and the first thing he told her was about woohooing with Heather in the photobooth at Crypt O' Night. Jane is, of course, a family sim, and didn't have any trouble at all with the idea of Kevin getting back together with Heather. Jane was amenable to becoming friends with the guy she figures is going to marry her silly cousin and keep her out of trouble. At this point, of course, I'm thinking that Kevin really needs a buddy to warn him about girls like Heather. But he doesn't have one. So he wants to take Heather on a date, and she's good with that, and they're back to being friends, then he's back in love with her, then they're back to being best friends, and his get engaged want is back. And Heather? She wants ten woohoos. So the guys finished the semester, As all around, Martin moved in and discovered that frat boys will eat grilled cheese happily so long as someone else fixes it. Kevin is civil to Joshua at the table even though he hates his guts.
Castor wants both to get engaged to Allegra and Brittney right now. Martin wants to write a term paper, Ashley'd like to make out with a third girl, Kevin wants to get engaged to Heather, and Joshua wants to earn more money. So that's the end of the school year at SSU.

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I'm just building Sookie's house from True Blood but i'm just going so slow with it, trying to get everything as accurate as i can be the game doesn't provide some objects i need like white cabinates so i'm making do with what the expansions have gave me, TS2 seems to provide a lot of similar looking things though which is great although i need a tea set too for the table near the window in the dinning room, might just put the stationary prop on it instead so i don't have to download anything. Sookie only has 1 bathroom but the stairs don't work out the same way as in the programme so i just made another little bathroom next to the stairs too as i made another wall and put a coffee table in front of it (as she has a coffee table near the stairs), but i didn't like there was just this square of space so i made use of it and i put long mirrors on 2 opposite sides of the wall to make it look more fancy , sims need 2 bathrooms too because they fight over 1 of them and that annoys me a lot.
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