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#7901 Old 26th Jul 2015 at 8:54 PM
Originally Posted by fruitsymphony
I'm sweet on Ty Bubbler. Once when he was coming home from class, and his hunger motive was low, I placed a small table for him at the edge of the lot, with a piece of cake on it, so he wouldn't starve to death on his way to the refridgerator.

That sounds like love to me. What do you see in him? It can't be his face.
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#7902 Old 26th Jul 2015 at 9:02 PM
Originally Posted by music2ologist
That sounds like love to me. What do you see in him? It can't be his face.

I actually think Ty has an interesting face, which is good

But in my game I'm fond of Ty because of how he's acted and his developing relationship with Ashley Pitts. I usually hate Ashley, but due to ACR's randomized gender preference he ended up gay this time around, and somehow ended up much more tolerable than he usually is as a mean womanizer. He rolled a lot of skilling wants, so he got a Knowledge secondary aspiration, and then he started dating Ty and the two are absolutely adorable together! Neither of them has shown an interest in anybody else, which is great (and unexpected for Ashley). Ty is just so friendly and always wants to talk to everyone. I think him and Ashley complement each other perfectly. I can't wait till they get married and have kids! (I love my same sex pregnancy mod, I really don't care how unrealistic it is- if male sims can have alien babies then there must be some weird science in the sim world that can get two men or two women to have a baby together!)
#7903 Old 26th Jul 2015 at 9:26 PM
Ty and Gunnar are both good looking in my opinion. Gunnar used to be a crossdresser and he looked "smashing" in his Brandon's revenge-outfit and failed makeover with smeared lipstick like Robert Smith, unfortunately he is an Elder now. It's very difficult to find good outfits for the EM category.
#7904 Old 26th Jul 2015 at 10:00 PM
At Strangetown Medical Centre, the Tinkers were happy and oblivious to the unhappiness of others -- they were together, to smooch and dance until scolded for overexerting themselves and each other and shooed back to separate rooms. Poor Ophelia Nigmos Smith tried to hide her tears behind a book as she read in bed -- this was what she'd wanted in life, and it felt like it was gone forever.

Don Lothario Goth surprised me by behaving in an honourable and downright kind way. Maybe he has ulterior motives for wanting to befriend Ophelia, but he didn't show them; instead, he served her Jason's comfort soup, talked with her, and when she was feeling better, joked around and suggested a gentle game of kicky bag. Jason, pleased by his friend showing more than his cynical skirt-chaser side, managed to keep Herb Oldie satisfied with his job as cashier, sold a few odd items, and gave Buck Grunt his book when he found out about Buck's idea of starting a bookseller's stand. Might as well support a young local entrepreneur, right?

The Tinkers' happiness was dented, but not shattered, when Baroness Lupina arrived with their son. Lupina had guessed they had not been party to Melody's surrendering Leon to her care, and came to clear things up. Wanda was reassured by Lupina's appearing understanding and willing to look after Leon until matters were straightened out, then send him back to his family; Stephen freaked out, tried to call Melody, got hung up on, and did not improve his heart condition by his panic. Don and Jason stepped in, Jason especially annoyed by Melody's heartless and heedless behaviour. At least Wanda was happy to share lunch with Leon and make best friends with him.


At the Trailer Commune, Ty Bubbler started the day by showing up in an extremely obvious manner to kick over the trash can and steal the newspaper. For starters, I didn't know young adults could show up to express fury in that way. Then there's the fact he was still wearing his graduation gown form Ripp's graduation party, making him very conspicuous -- and he had little right to be furious, as he was the one who cheated on Jared Starchild at the Tri-Fruhm party. Yes, Jared slapped him, but that's not entirely unexpected in the circumstances, and this caper wasn't likely to improve matters. Brittany Upsnott and Jonah Powers saw him, as he was right in front of them -- Brittany was actually going to get the paper, while Jonah was fishing at the pond.

To his own surprise, Jonah realized he wanted Roxie's baby to be his as well. They agreed to go steady, but that didn't mean they didn't still have a very open relationship -- as Roxie was very tired often and their attempt at at date turned into a disaster after she wet herself due to other members of the commune hogging the bathrooms, Jonah did what he saw as the responsible thing and turned his hounding for WooHoo onto Jasmine Rai. Jasmine was not interested, still feeling the physical and mental pain of her miscarriage and thinking him lazy for refusing to even think that he should do more work than catch an occasional fish.

Brittany, despite having been the one to run out on Castor Nova, was obsessed with having a wonderful wedding party. Since no playable men she knew seemed at all interested in her, she invited over and proceeded to seduce a townie whose name I neglected to write down. I thought I'd remember it, but I guess it was less memorable than I thought... Her seduction succeed to the point of WooHoo in the Love Tub, leaving her well pleased and sure she'd be the first of the residents to marry. (He is good-looking, and while I'm generally against randomly marrying townies, Brittany is obsessed with matrimony and does deserve someone uncomplicated and out of the tangle of romantic relationships most of her peers are in.)

Jared greeted news of the newspaper theft and trash-kicking with resignation, and proceeded to collect and compost the scattered trash. While doing so, he realized that despite the cheating, Ty was the man he wanted to have his golden anniversary with, so he should have his betrothed over and make nice with him. Ty did come over, bringing Sam Thomas, and he and Jared got on better terms over a horror movie and cupcakes. They both knew Ripp was a party fling, and they both agreed that they were the ones made for each other. Jared even showed some initiative by buying an old car so there would be some reliable transportation...and another WooHoo spot. After that, he wasn't even too unhappy to spend the evening cleaning the whole multi-level place after being influenced to do so by Brittany.

And Tiffany Sampson? She was the one who baked the cupcakes, grilled fish, and went around turning off all the appliances others left on and retrieving burnt food before it could cause fires. Oh, and feeding Benny and chasing off a wolf who threatened the puppy. She was entirely unappreciated, and mostly unnoticed.

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#7905 Old 26th Jul 2015 at 10:07 PM
A few days ago I found the Forcith(?) Place in the Lot bin. I decided to check it out since it looked kind of cool. And check it out I did. I was all glamorous because glamour SP. Then I had an idea. Why not build my own fancy neighbourhood?

"Mighty Lake is a town with great views of the Mighty Lake, in which the town took its name. First settled by the Lakewoods and the Coltons, two powerful but different families, a rivalry grew over time. Two great families, two different cultures; each family sides with one or the other. There is no in between."

So far I have: built about 6 houses, a block of flats, a community lot called Might Fine Dining Experience. I've strategically placed a few other random community lots from the bin because I'm lazy. I've added a bunch of the really tall pointy trees (not good with naming actual things here). As I have been reading the Artemis Fowl series : another idea came: why not build my own fancy house/mansion/manor, like the one from the lot bin? I'm super proud of this house because my Sims 2 building skills are...limited I even added stuff to the garden other than the tall pointy trees I mentioned before! There are flowers, shrubs, little pretty trees, lights! After finishing the house I was pretty surprised that Lakewood Manor would cost over 225K Simoleans! I took some pictures. I'll try and stick them here next time I'm on the computer I also created the Lakewood family. There are five members (I forget their names) Grandma from the Mum's side, Mum, Dad, Older Sister, and Artemis (the evil, scheming, genius, child).

For once I'm going to really try and make it meet my imagination
#7906 Old Yesterday at 12:47 AM
Originally Posted by music2ologist
That sounds like love to me. What do you see in him? It can't be his face.

What are you talking about? Ty is a total cutie-patootie! I liked him so much I cloned him twice.

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#7907 Old Yesterday at 2:27 AM
New and unexpected couple of the day: Titania Summerdream (no longer with Oberon since she caught him cheating on her) and Chester Gieke! I'll admit, that wasn't one I was planning for. I'll have to see if it lasts. If it does, they'll have to get a move on because Titania wants to have 10 children, haha!

Another weird occurrence was newly aged up to teen Lucy Burb going after her cousin Angela's boyfriend, Dustin Broke. I have a feeling Dustin and Angela won't last as a couple this time around because they've shown to little to no interest in seeing each other. Angela has been busy, kissing at least three other sims, including Justin Cleveland, Benedick Monty, and Gavin Newson. Her and Gavin are three bolters and she seems more invested in him than her boyfriend. I've decided Angela has a weird complex where she only falls in love with people she thinks need "help." I mean, Dustin's family is in pretty bad poverty, and Gavin (who lives in my orphanage) is just about the only male teen in the megahood in worse circumstances. Even Rick Contrary, who became a runaway last rotation, has a good family to come home to and parents who still love him. Dustin had been pretty faithful to Angela though (or at least too busy working and taking care of his family to date around) but Lucy aged up with the fortune aspiration, met Dustin at a party, and quickly sought him out for her first kiss.

I don't think Lilith and Dirk are going to work out this time either. They've got decent chemistry, but there are a bunch of female teens who are into Dirk and when Lilith goes to college at the end of the rotation Dirk will be left with them for a few days before he goes to college. I think that Violet Jocque (who kissed Dirk once despite being best friends with Lilith), Melody Tinker, Goldie Hart (of Widespot), and Jules O'Mackey all have Dirk as their "One" under ACR settings. Dirk and Jules are actually in love. I feel pretty bad for Lilith because her boyfriend is cheating on her (and even with a good friend), her mom got remarried and moved out with Angela but didn't bother to take her (so Lilith lives with her grandparents and cousins), Angela comes by almost daily to kick over the trash can, and somehow Lilith is the one who has a terrible reputation (she's one of the few sims who does, even my evil witches/warlocks don't have bad reputations!). I hope Lilith has a good time in college (and doesn't spend the whole time getting picked on by Angela).
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#7908 Old Yesterday at 3:57 AM
After her sister ran away Angela was super upset, afraid that she would never see her twin again. When she tried to call Dustin to get him to calm her down he would not aswer. She found a friend in her new made friend Alexander Goth as he was the only one who would talk to her about it without mentioning that the family was "better off". The next day Angela returned home from school to find Lillith was home and in bed with Dustin.
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#7909 Old Yesterday at 4:49 AM
Well, in my Castaway Story game (I recently got into it again ), my Sim is an unexpected host for Wanmami Island's hottest party featuring the hit songs, Oogy Oggy Ooo and Shagga Do Thang provided by the world's rustiest jukebox.

Seriously, he gets like 4 visitors a day and everyone literally barges in through the door and starts using the pinball machine or dances to Gloria Sims.
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#7910 Old Yesterday at 5:29 AM Last edited by Sims2Christain : Yesterday at 5:42 AM.
The local painter just got rank 3 in business. Hasn't sold any paintings. She is currently creating her 20th(?) Painting for the art gallery, she owns it and no one else has been allowed to tread on her creative talent.
No one. She is the only painter there.

Also it seems that it is a great place for the ladies of town to hangout. 15/20 customers have been females.
#7911 Old Yesterday at 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by Bigsimsfan12
What are you talking about? Ty is a total cutie-patootie! I liked him so much I cloned him twice.

The total cutie-patootie:

It must be love.
#7912 Old Today at 4:29 AM
At the Harris household Emma has finally decided that she would make amends with her half sister Genevi and her step mom Adell. Years ago, Emma had a family get together and there was some drama between Genevi, Emma's granddaughter Sarah and Emma's brother-in-law Ian. Ian was a bit of a playboy then so it was some petty girl drama involving him. Emma being loyal to her son's daughter asked Genevi and Adell to leave. She hadn't spoken to them since then. But now that Emma is getting older she wants to move on from all that and start having a relationship with them again. Under some crazy sequence of events Genevi and Ian are now together so it would be awkward not to The Harris' had a nice thanksgiving dinner with the whole family over.

Across the street at the Reyes' all is good as usual. Christian had a nice birthday party and transitioned into an elder. The triplets threw a big party the day before and invited some of their friends from school. This led up to a couple date wants, then some sneaking out wants which then led to a pregnancy! Veronica got pregnant by Liam Milad who is about to leave for Sim State University. Liam and Veronica haven't discussed much about their future with baby but that didn't stop Veronica with going through with the pregnancy. At least Liam was nice enough to leave a nice expensive waterfall as a gift to her before he left. She was able to sell it and get five grand from it which of course will go towards the baby. I just really hope she doesn't have twins or triplets.

I was too excited about the baby that I played an extra day to see if I would meet him or her but the baby didn't come. Now I must wait. I wonder if it'll have Liam's Alien skintone.
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#7913 Old Today at 4:46 AM
There is this young adult girl that has turned down 2 guys at the EAxis fraternity house. In my game, she is Beverley Ngai. First, Joshua Ruben tries to flirt with her and asks her what she thinks of him, but she denies him both times. Then, after dinner at the Fraternity house, she and Kevin Beare blow bubbles at the bubble blower. Kevin Beare tries to flirt with her and asks her what she thinks of him, but she denies him both times too.

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Originally Posted by PlatinumPlumbbob
There is this young adult girl that has turned down 2 guys at the EAxis fraternity house. In my game, she is Beverley Ngai. First, Joshua Ruben tries to flirt with her and asks her what she thinks of him, but she denies him both times. Then, after dinner at the Fraternity house, she and Kevin Beare blow bubbles at the bubble blower. Kevin Beare tries to flirt with her and asks her what she thinks of him, but she denies him both times too.

She was quite right to do so. Both students are totally unfanciable. Try her with Ashley Pitts, or the fourth member of the Greek house, Castor Nova. Both are more likely lads.
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#7915 Old Today at 9:59 AM
I was wondering what to do with my fishermen brothers now that they have paid off their loan and the shop is running well and thought they will need someone to pass the fishing onto... so I decided to make a sim for the orphanage and a couple of tots. I'll have the brothers adopt the boy once he turns into a child since he looks like them. I debated 3 youngsters, but since the poor girl is fresh out of CAS with no skills or money I thought two tots to look after would be enough to start with.

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