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#6601 Old 18th Jul 2014 at 6:02 PM
I just got the UC yesterday and quickly loaded in all of my mods and CC (although I play a Maxis-match game for CC), messed around with the pre-mades since I didn't have FT and BV before, then made a fresh clean new neighborhood. I started out with 6 founder sims, all randomly generated, and put them in seperate houses. By the end of the first day on the rotation, there were enemies made, love triangles formed, and a Bigfoot map found. I've decided I'm not going to pre-destin my sims' lives and let them be ruled by their wants and aspirations, and whatever random happenstance the game throws at me. The enemies made were completely autonomous, I was playing a different household and the welcome wagon started fighting. When I got to their rotation, they both had like -40 for each other. *sigh*

I must say, I've never played rotation style, and I'm really enjoying it. Three of my founders are romance sims, and one already is pregnant (I don't even know who the father is, she's been a woohoo machine). Bigfoot joined the town after the game gave me a map to his secret lot as the very first thing I dug up in BV. We shall see how things progress!
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#6602 Old 18th Jul 2014 at 6:57 PM Last edited by blackmiranda : 19th Jul 2014 at 7:50 AM.
I started a new neighborhood a while ago, called Hemlock Groove. In my story, some of the sims I played with in Black Mesa excaped from there after a gruesome war with robots started by Trent Traveller.

Hemlock Groove is a monarchy, and the royal family was broke when I started playing, so the immigrants from Black Mesa were heavily taxed. They payed the taxes happily as long as it meant they could stay safe from the war, although the robots are still around and could be at their doors any time soon... That's why the first thing to do was invest in the military.

Currently I have seven households in the neighborhood, distributed between five families: the Joques and the Bells, the Newsons and the Ottomai, and then my CAS created royals, the Woodrowlins. King Almeric Woodrowlin and his queen Ingrid have three sons: Alfred, Alexander and Andrew. Alfred is the heir, and is married to Sharla Ottomas, which means the Ottomai are like the nobles now. They already had a daughter, Princess Yolanda, and are hoping for a boy. Alexander is engaged to Johanna Jocque, the eldest daughter of merchants Jason and Laura Lee Jocque (who sadly passed away giving birth to her fifth child). Andrew is still a child, but he made friends with Nancy Newson, and I'm thinking of having them marry someday. :3 Their kids will be counts and countesses, while Alexander's children will be dukes and duchesses.

I may have to add a few families soon, since they are all going to be related somehow. xD

Currently very happy because The sims 2 Ultimate Collection works on Windows 8. Yay!
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#6603 Old 18th Jul 2014 at 11:11 PM
In Riverblossom Hills, young teen Haley Reed is heavily pregnant and planning her and Daniel Martin's wedding at a sleepover with close friends. Her younger brothers Scott and Daniel Jr. will be best men, close teen friends Anamarie Kishi and Sandra Roth will be bridesmaids, Anamarie's sister will be a flower girl, Andrew Martin and the Viejos will bring close friends from work, however, Haley's runaway mom will be a no show.They are deciding what flowers they will use to decorate. I might install the celebration pack for the wedding.
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#6604 Old 19th Jul 2014 at 8:16 PM
I've updated my blog with the last household of the very first round, so yay! (see link in signature) It's back to the Cooke Motel for me now, where the loving is everywhere and I'm honestly surprised no one's gotten pregnant yet.

I've also started building the village to go with the city I'm playing now. I've got it all laid out, but need to recolor the outsides of all the lots, maybe put in a church and cemetary of their own (not sure yet) and rezone some of them. Decorating in the neighborhood view is also needed, to give it that foresty-rural look I want. Then I can create the 8 sims that will start their lives in the village and...presto! A new storyline, which will (eventually) instersect with the city one.
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#6605 Old 19th Jul 2014 at 8:35 PM
My adult sims are outside having a water balloon fight while their teenage children are upstairs woohooing :/
#6606 Old 19th Jul 2014 at 9:42 PM
I tend to get fixated on one family, and on that family's hood. Imagining involved stories, everything gets confused. Then I'll go to another hood, where I've forgotten the story-lines I was working, and get surprised (OMG, you just had an alien baby!?), and let people kill themselves off.

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#6607 Old 19th Jul 2014 at 10:02 PM
Building, building and more building (more community lots, apartments, and starter homes).

Gotta love getting your neighborhood just the way you want it.

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#6608 Old 20th Jul 2014 at 6:57 AM
Headed back to my Sims in Veronaville. An elder has persuaded his young lover, who's just given birth to his daughter, to move out of her trailer park home and into an apartment that he's set up for her. Her husband didn't let her take the older daughter (his own), so they continue to live in squalor. Meanwhile, another wedding at the large Lillard mansion; and Adam Mountebank is now father to five children (four of them illegitimate).
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#6609 Old 20th Jul 2014 at 9:51 AM
I started playing the Jacquets again, forgetting, of course, what a mess they are as shipped. I tidied up their bakery, replacing all the spoiled food with fresh goods, including some custom French pastries. But Denise, being the bugged sim she is, started glitching out, dropping actions from her queue constantly and gradually making everyone else do the same. Eventually I had to rush her and her son home so I could quit and poke at her in SimPE. She seems to be okay now, but I might just consider her senile and keep her at home until she finally passes away.
#6610 Old 20th Jul 2014 at 10:32 AM
About eighteen years ago, The Sevvy family moved into a small, secluded area, hoping to avoid the criticisms evolving around their inter-species marriage. Zebulon, an alien exiled from his home planet, met and married Myra, a fiery red-head with a grudge against the world. They had been criticized and scorned since the moment they became involved with each other so they hoped they would be able to have some peace now that they were away from everybody. Of course, with both of them being Family sims, they also hoped to have many babies as well.

A year after they moved into their new home, Myra gave birth to a little green boy they named Neptune. No trace of his mother could be seen in the little boy - just the blond hair, black eyes, and green skin of Zebulon. Things were calm for a while, aside from the occasional abduction which turned Myra and Zebulon both into witches. Zebulon was quickly healed though, but Myra retained her magic, hoping it would help their little family someday.

Myra's second pregnancy ended in miscarriage which brought unexpected turmoil to the couple. Zebulon, having brought home Marylena Hamilton home from work one night, looked at his co-worker and saw all the freedom and lack of responsibility that he and his wife once had. In a moment of weakness, Zebulon kissed Marylena - right as Myra walked into the room. Myra was furious and swore her revenge which resulted in a fling with Troy Go and nine months later, the birth of Troy's twins - a girl named Maria and a boy named Marius.

Of course, this only infuriated Zebulon who moved Marylena into the house as 'punishment'. In response, Myra moved in Troy under the reasoning that he should be in his children's lives. Within a couple months, though, Zebulon and Myra realized that they really loved each other and wanted to end their flings with their two room mates. Marylena was easy as she died of an illness. Troy wasn't too upset as he still got to live in the house and raise his kids.

A few years later, after the twins were children and in school Zeb and Myra decided on another child. Myra got pregnant without a hitch and the pregnancy flew by. Even the birth of their second son Kyor was a breeze. It wasn't until an hour later that Myra realized that Kyor was not the only baby she had been pregnant with. Despite amazing odds, Myra gave birth to four more healthy children - two girls and two boys (Gotta love that weird birth hiccup that sometimes happens). So no there are five babies in the house, all with daddy's skin and eyes.

Neptune was a teen by this time and loved to search the heavens in hopes of catching a glimpse of his father's people. One night, he got to meet one up close and personal. The next day, scared of what might happen if he were to be abducted again before he got to live his life, Neptune talked to his parents, then invited his girlfriend Meadow Thayer over. He proposed and the two were married that evening despite Neptunes sudden rush to bathroom to be sick. Wedding jitters and all. (Teehee).

The Quints are about to become toddlers, Neptune is now in his second trimester which he still denies saying that all grooms gain a little weight after they get married, Troy is enjoying his children, and Myra is noiw pregnant again with her second set of natural twins. This is getting to be a very hectic household......

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#6611 Old 21st Jul 2014 at 4:44 AM

Meanwhile, at the House of Tsang...

Kiki Tsang came home late from work at the restaurant where she worked as a sous chef. With one check of the answering machine, she saw that, in her absence, a number of her friends had called to check up on her. So she set herself to calling them back, starting with Jolene Lupina, a werewolf who was supposed to be camping with her sorority on Hoar Mountain. Never underestimate the ground speed of a werewolf galloping on all fours....

And so, one phone call later, Jolene--an American werewolf in Pleasantview--arrived at the House of Tsang and greeted Kiki--Far Eastern dance master extraordinaire--in the traditional manner: by challenging her to a breakdance battle.

Competition was fierce...

...but the outcome was foregone. Jolene snarled with chagrin, but her less-than-pleasant mood was nothing that a good cup of tea wouldn't fix.

So Kiki got on the phone and called two more friends over: Solveig (a fellow chef and her elderly friend from work) and Damion (an unapologetic sponge, if ever there was). They knelt together at Kiki's little Japanese Far Eastern tea table and drank hot tea well into the long hours of the night. By the time 1:40 AM rolled around, Jolene was well over losing the dance battle (as well as the usual thoughts of chasing snow rabbits and killing them with her teeth).

Then Jolene and Solveig said their goodbyes and went home, but Damion finally stopped drinking tea when the sun came up.

He didn't go home, however. He was still warming Kiki's sofa and watching her TV when she left for work.

Kiki soon came home, and this time she brought Solveig with her. Though she started following Kiki inside for a refreshing glass of pepper punch, on hearing the lively lyrics of "Scalliwag" piping from the stereo in Kiki's basement, Solveig launched herself into a lively smustle right there on Kiki's front porch.

Then Kiki remembered that she was the proud owner of a wishing well. Fearing that having sixty friends in her phone book wasn't nearly enough to help her find happiness, she asked the wishing well for more friends. However, she forgot that she had wished for a thousand Simoleons--and had gotten it--before leaving for work that morning. So instead of friends, three complete jerks climbed out of her wishing well, poked her in the chest and started a fight on her porch.

It was an eventful day.

Damion was still there too.

And he was still there the next morning, too.

Some guests just do not want to leave.

(And I'm not much good at coming up with all this soap opera stuff, so y'all get a picture show instead. Enjoy! )
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#6612 Old 21st Jul 2014 at 3:42 PM
I see it's time for the periodic reminder that it's polite to put pictures behind spoiler tags for the benefit of people whose browsers bounce all over the place when loading pictures. The best place for pictures is in the dedicated picture threads, where everyone goes in prepared for that. We like being able to see them in the "it's happening" thread; but they hang around making the page load funky every time we open the thread, for ages, if we don't put spoilers on them, so we like having the option to not see them till we want to, also.

Meanwhile, in Drama Acres, Helen and Daniel Wheels had The Wedding Cold, so had no one over and didn't go out; but adopted a dog named Moody who immediately started bonding with their toddler Scooter. Scooter is thrilled to have a cuddle buddy and that someone finally thought to put a bowl of food at floor level so he could get at it whenever he got hungry. Now that he can walk and take himself to the potty he figures he world is his oyster. Next door at the House of Fallen Trees, Lora and Jimmy Phoenix also had to get over the Wedding Cold but otherwise are living serenely with their child James, who wants to be a Knowledge sim when he grows up. Lora's brother Jay McCullough got fired from his restaurant job on a bad chance card - the second time he's been fired from his LTW career track in this way! He was devastated. His live-in girlfriend, Dulcie deLeche, however, finally got promoted to Junior Officer and no longer has to get up at oh-dark-thirty. She installed an obstacle course in back of the garage because Why Not? At the Swingin' Bachelors household, Guy Gergis's impulse bride Camryn rolled a "have baby" want even before I gave her a family secondary so she could make comfort soup to clear the Wedding Cold. Guy's expectation that marriage would stop him from rolling wants to fall back in love with his sister-in-law and with Theodora the Sweetheart of Urele-Oresha-Cham has not been fulfilled, but he was delighted to find that Camryn's 'have baby' want kept him too busy to pine about it. Ricky Cormier played his second game as an All-Star (whatever that means) and came home wanting to invite Brittany Parker over, so he did, and she and Camryn got along great. Gary Gilscarbo kind of wants to hit on both Brittany and Camryn, but was too busy working and getting over the Wedding Cold for it to become a problem. I should be done dealing with the Wedding Cold now because it was Guy and Camryn's wedding that spread it everywhere.

At Casa Prime, Sue decided to throw an anniversary party, inviting the whole family plus SOs, minus Baby Eneida, who presumably was babysat by her other grandma. It would have been a roof-raiser if David Ottomas hadn't picked a fight with Lily, which I'm delighted to say he lost. Sue gave Eneida's mother Jovita a dollhouse she picked up at Kid Stuff, since Eneida will be able to play with it in practically no time. Jovita and her husband George Hawkins spent a lot of the party telling each other jokes and tickling each other while hugely pregnant Tosha sat watching them and wondering why other women had fun with their husbands without being on dates, and she didn't. Emilio taught his niece Susie to play catch and Sue had a long chat with Miguelito's fiancee Minerva. Minerva fully intends to live out in Newsons' Corners, while Sue and Esteban naturally assume that Miguelito's wife will follow him to live downtown near his own family. Videogames got played, people ate in shifts, most of the kids preferred to stay outside, and the crush of people enabled Emilio to casually bring up the possibility to his parents that the only solution to their space problem might be to move. Afterward, he mentioned equally casually to Lily that he's afraid it might take her getting pregnant to persuade them that they needed a new place, given that they're next door to three out of five (soon to be four out of six) grandchildren. Miguelito stayed late to play catch with his old man - who does not throw the ball at his youngest son's head! This is, I believe, a special privilege reserved for Miguelito, his baby. Dave Ottomas also stayed late, and was happy to help clean up. Both Casa de los Widgets and Lily's House of Transformation were opened for awhile, and are progressing nicely toward 9th level; but though she appreciates Emilio's help in the salon, Lily really misses her old assistant and kept wanting to call Ruby Gorey.

Esteban, by the way, is not content with being the Grouchiest Man in Drama Acres. He wants a bad reputation! He's already a Dirty Dirtbag, so I don't know what else he wants - people to cringe and hide their babies from him, perhaps?

Next door, oldest Casa child Estebanico had to work Sunday, and Tosha was busy being pregnant. Natasha got a little more of her accumulated homework done. Little Susie continues to like her big brother Stephen best and spent a lot of the day throwing darts with him. Stephen got a call from Camryn Reamon, who invited him on an outing, on which he also invited Natasha. Camryn brought Tri Ku and Komei Tellerman with her, and they all went to Inter@active. Stephen was getting along with both Camryn and Tri, but Natasha preferred to throw water balloons with Jill Fleig. They were about to leave when Stephen spotted Pearl Onions coming onto the lot. He invited her to come back to the house with them, and once there he promptly asked her to go steady, which she accepted. She then spent a lot of time in the hot tub with Camryn, Tri, and Komei, though. Estebanico tried to fix the dishwasher and got shocked badly. He went to bed for awhile, got up in the middle of the night wanting a date (specifically with Sandy Bruty, who is currently an elder and engaged), but Tosha was wiped out and it was too late to call anyone. So he went to PURE looking for a quick pickup, but it was Family Ladies' Night. Sharla Iana was there, apparently in a bunch with her BFF Sparrow Mander, mother-in-law Luz Ghote, and sister-in-law Daisy Ottomas; plus Lacy Skirt and a couple of other family-oriented adults and elders made an appearance. Sparrow, of course, attracted him most, and they made friends, but That Ain't Happening. He alternately heartfarted Sharla and scolded her for being out dancing while pregnant, like that was any business of his.

And finally, at the Spitzig household next door, Bad News Beverly saw her husband and sons off to work and school, contemplated eating a solitary breakfast for - no, actually, she didn't; they'd barely cleared the lot before she was on the phone to Pollux Stacks for a breakfast date. They went to Midnight Flows, fell in love over a slow dance, and got it on in the photo booth. It was a Try for Baby, but I was kind of glad not to hear chimes, as they'd produce yet another boring-faced baby. If she does have another oops baby, I would rather it be with Estebanico - who did in fact come along as they were getting out of the photobooth. I free-ranged them from that point and Beverly was happy to let Pollux and Estebanico compete for her attention. After that she went home and alternated cleaning the house with slapdancing and jumping on the trampoline till Tri got home; at which point he wanted the trampoline and she went upstairs to take a nap. She was in bed when Dirk came home with an A+. Jim returned shortly afterward - with a promotion to CEO! He's now determined to top the business career. And there's no futzing around about moving in this house - he, Dirk, Tri, and the co-worker he brought home got into a major routing failure in the upstairs hall, and he and I both decided that Enough was Enough. The family, including a new parrot named Pollyamorous, is now installed in a massively-made-over Fiesta Fortress around the corner - one with a better interior layout, expanded top floor, two and a half baths, lots of room around the staircase, a room for each of the boys, and a royal purple stucco exterior. That was the third house I made over for them, by the way - the family doesn't actually have that much money, between Bev's extravagance about clothes and Jim being the sole breadwinner, so the houses in the lot bin that were big enough for them tended to be too expensive even when stripped down. Jim hopes to change that soon, though. Business Tycoons get good bonuses, and he only needs one more skill point to qualify!

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#6613 Old 23rd Jul 2014 at 2:52 AM
Today I was so excited because Eric Northman and my prettiest random sim ever had hooked up and had a baby. I could only imagine how gorgeous she would be. Now, Eric's had kids before and I know that he's got some unique facial characteristics that can spawn slightly unusual looking kids, but they're usually still attractive. So I figured with my painfully pretty blond female sim I would get something awesome. I was so excited I used a mod to age her up to toddler...

And you know what happened, right? A horrible scary toddler with (I guess recessive) brown hair, and the most unflattering haircut possible. Sigh.

Even after I (in a panic at this point) aged her up to child, she was still quite unfortunate-looking. As a teen, I was able to give her a decent makeover, and she went goth anyway and has a lot of black eye makeup. But I wouldn't want to see her first thing in the morning.

Meanwhile, Pam (who has inexplicably entered into a monogamous relationship with Bill Compton, after this whole vampire household had literally generations full of sexcapades), reached the top of the Business career ladder. I gave her a full makeover, including new default vampire skins from here at MTS, and a new wardrobe, as a reward.

One downside of this long running vampire household in this particular rotation-style hood is that there are tons of Northman brats into the second and third generation now. I'll have to make some of them townies or something, I sent the first batch to college a while back and they're mostly married off and having kids themselves.

(Godric was part of the household for a long time, and he and Eric had a few kids together. But he kept getting abducted by aliens, and I think eventually he stayed outside too long and met the sun.)

The household has a fangbanger too, she hangs around and cooks and cleans. I can't remember her name and I don't think the vampires care.

I guess I should mention that while I like True Blood, I'm not a super fan or anything--this household has always just been fun to play, with a bunch of vampires and their kids from various pairings running around. And a butler. Even though it's a rotational hood I end up playing them more than anyone.

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#6614 Old 23rd Jul 2014 at 11:30 AM
In Strangetown at the Grunt household, its Sunday, one of Ripp's least favorite days of the week, because the General doesn't have to work. Ripp takes his bad mood out on Tank by poking him, then, seeing Buck also looking dejected, settled on the sidewalk outside to read to him.

Buck was in fact upset, because he tried to dance with and hug his father and General Buzz wasn't interested; he much preferred going to Tank's room and breathing over his shoulder as he searched for a Military job on the computer, and after Tank didn't find anything, General Buzz suggested some Punch You, Punch Me.

Crystal Vu walked by and General Buzz, desperate to meet someone new, went out to greet her, not knowing of her connection to Lazlo Curious. They got in a strange argument almost right away about elephants despite their one-bolt attraction, but then things got even stranger. Ripp stopped reading to Buck, who disappeared inside to watch the new fish in the tank, and Ripp wandered over to see who the new guest was. At this point, Tank also comes out and pokes Ripp, telling him it is probably better to stay away from the family's company. General Buzz shoved Ripp too and agreed, calling him a "trouble child" and to go back inside.

Crystal Vu, who had been observing the whole scene, joined in on bullying Ripp too by insulting him, surprising me! After that, the three literally wouldn't leave Ripp alone. After a while, he went off to cry furious tears, and not surprisingly, he rolled a want to go to college and get away right after that little scene. He and Buck decided to continue the book, trying to ignore the General, who was now ACR flirting with Crystal Vu, also surprising me..she responded well, though.

At this point the welcome wagon turned up, with Chloe Curious and Nervous Subject. Ripp greeted Chloe and they were behind the house talking; Ripp found her fascinating and beautiful, in a different way, and liked talking to her. General Buzz, thankfully, had not seen Chloe yet, and greeted Nervous Subject.

He, Crystal, Nervous, Buck, and Tank ate some cheese sandwiches that Tank had prepared inside, while Ripp, after a joke and a compliment to Chloe had served him well, tried his hand at flirting with her. She didn't seem to mind at all, but his carpool came right then, and he regretfully had to go..he feared what would happen when Chloe met the General.

Sure enough, upon seeing Chloe come into the dining room, intending to join the meal with everyone else, General Buzz stood up, threw a drink on her face, and insulted her. "Your disgusting kind isn't allowed in my home!" He told her angrily. Almost everyone else missed all of this, as Buck and Tank were playing catch outside and Crystal was in the bathroom, but Nervous looked on, too timid to stand up for Chloe though he felt something was wrong here.

The guests soon left, Buck crashed in the recliner to nap, tired out from catch and the heat, and Ripp eventually came home from work, with the desire to go out on a date. He had to wait a while, since the General himself had an outing to go to. Crystal Vu had called him, and he left to go meet her Downtown at Red's Famous 50's Diner, quite unprepared for the shock he was about to receive. Crystal had brought another friend, Lazlo Curious, and Lazlo liked flirting with Crystal, too! Ruffled, General Buzz tried his best to show off in pool and capture her more in conversation than Lazlo, but Lazlo was more bold with his flirting..well, maybe soon he could see Crystal on her own again. The night was still enjoyable, and he headed home relatively early.

When he got there he had some pizza that Tank had ordered, told Buck, who was up painting on his new easel, to get in bed, and went to sleep. Ripp, seeing his chance, called Chloe and shyly asked her on a date. "You know, Chloe, I was wondering...well, of you wanted to catch a bite to eat with me? Like..well, kind of like a date?"

Chloe thought this was all adorable, but she explained that she would feel better if they were not at the Grunt house for the date; Ripp agreed, wondering what had happened while he was at work, and met Chloe at Strangetown Eats (A Moos Mews Community Lot). They talked and joked a lot, Chloe got plenty of compliments from Ripp, and they had dessert together; overall it was nice, but not overly romantic, though Ripp suspected that was because he was much younger than Chloe. He wondered if she even took him seriously.

He explained to her about his family and apologized, and she assured him it was all right. After the short meal and some light hearted dancing with Chloe, Ripp needed to be getting home. The date ended great, though Chloe still treated him more friendly than romantically the whole time; she did, however, give him a tender peck on the lips before they left, telling him that he was so sweet and it had been a good time.

Ripp realized that had been his very first kiss, and while it hadn't been extremely romantic, he had a huge crush on Chloe now, and besides, she's an alien! So that was interesting, and was sure to get him some attention with the guys at school. Oh Ripp, Chloe Curious? What are you getting yourself into...


The Singles family had moved into that awful house in Strangetown where the layout is enough to drive anyone mad, but they don't have the money to fix it, so it will remain like this until some of them move out, or make enough money to remodel...

I have discovered that Chloe, as sweet as she was with Ripp Grunt, and as undeniably sweet she probably will be to all the men she will meet, is not so friendly with women, and only seems to like her sister, Lola. She made Erin Beaker cry a lot of the morning until Erin went to look for a job on the computer. Poor Erin seemed to have bad luck socially for a while with the Curious sisters; Lola didn't want to play Rock Paper Scissors with her, and Erin spent the rest of the time trying to talk with her and Kristen and make a friend.

Lola and Kristen, on the other hand, immediately have money on their minds, and also seem to be harboring a somewhat secret attraction for each other. (While both of them have a high preference for males, they are neutral towards females, and since I feel like I would just adore them together, I had Lola check out Kristen and wasn't disappointed..two bolts!). They love to talk about peace and the government and the problems with the alien integration, and Lola is so glad that Kristen, as a human, understands. They also have the same LTW, to become a City Planner, and that makes me think they have big plans for Strangetown, assuming they both want to stay there. They both found a job as Cement Mixers that very day, and are glad they will have a friend to share their first day of work with early the next morning.

Ajay Loner showed up to greet the girls around lunchtime, and Chloe, excited to see a male (she wants Woohoo. Me thinks it has been a while for Chloe), goes out to greet him, but finds him repulsive. They get along well, though, and she goes to make sandwiches in the kitchen and invites Ajay in for lunch. The other girls had been hanging out in the bedroom they all share (no privacy could perhaps cause some tension...), and came out upon hearing the doorbell. Erin in particular was excited to meet someone new, and struck up a conversation with Ajay before grabbing her own sandwich. Unlike Chloe, she finds him pretty cute.

The rest of the day after Ajay leaves is spent trying not to fight with each other, and luckily they are successful, though Kristen did write about her dislike for Chloe in her diary, with Chloe sitting right there on the couch. She and Erin even tolerated studying skills on the couch together, and Chloe and Erin also both spent some time painting that day.

Later on, Chloe is itching to go out (again, she wants to Woohoo!), and I wanted to give the girls some new clothes, even though they don't have much money at all, so they go to the 88 Road to Nowhere to go clothes shopping, and some very interesting things start to happen.

Firstly, Chloe meets Herb Oldie (she makes a beeline to go greet him on her own when they arrive on the lot), and later on, Don Lothario, who gave her his number, though at that point she was already preoccupied on a date with Herb, though she found them both extremely attractive. Yes, after boldly flirting with Herb, she asks him on a date right in the grocery store, hoping to eventually Woohoo with him...

Kristen and Lola, meanwhile, in the darkness outside, explore their slightly forbidden desires for each other. Forbidden because, being different species and the same gender, they know they are sure to receive some criticism from other Sims, not to mention that getting involved with a roommate could cause problems in an already dramatic household. But they couldn't seem to keep their hands off of each other, and none of it was my doing! They constantly flirted, kissed, and finally, made out, and it only stopped when Lola went over to talk to Jenny Smith and see how the family was doing, and Dustin Broke came up to greet Kristen (he had rather been enjoying the show of Kristen and Lola making out!). Kristen and Dustin started a water balloon fight, considering it was even hot in Strangetown at this hour, Erin buckled down and actually bought the clothes and met influential Mortimor Goth, and Chloe's date with Herb progressed into making out..

Well, Chloe is lucky Ripp didn't come shopping that night, because he would have had a sight that broke his poor little heart: she and Herb were soon naked and Woohoo'ing on the park bench outside the clothes store, right out in the open and getting lots of stares from everyone outside. Hopefully this also doesn't get back to Coral either (though, interestingly enough, Herb rolled a want to flirt with Coral during his date with Chloe, so perhaps he was feeling slight guilt? Either way, it didn't stop him from having Public Woohoo with her!).

The girls leave soon after that, and have a pretty quiet rest of the night. Chloe puts Don Lothario's number in a safe place but despite all this, her one Sim in ACR is still Ripp (perhaps because he actually wants to get to know her..aw). Erin paints and thinks about how disgusting she finds Chloe, and Lola congratulates her sister on Public Woohoo (seriously, it was SO funny!), before she and Kristen continued their affectionate streak, still out of sight of both Chloe and Erin...
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Thanks to the threads here I now have all kinds of mods I didn't know existed in my game.

So, my sim went to Three Lakes, befriended the Bigfoot, fell in love with him (thanks to the Bigfoot romance mod here on MTS) and married him. They bought a small fish shop (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=317806) and were doing great when my sim discovered she was pregnant. With twins. I hastily put another level on the tiny shop and the twin girls were born, one with her mom's alien skintone and moms eyes and one with light skintone and dad's eyes (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=304038).

I plan to continue this genetic experiment when Saskia (bigfoot lookalike daughter) grows up. I foresee a trip to Three Lakes in her future....
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At the Centwoski household, Orlando tried his damndest to get his most recent book, *Wild Kids,* to his editor before the social worker came, but he's finding integrating all the changes the addition of Bigfoot makes to the family dynamic and had to stop mid-sentence when the van pulled up and left Mary Beth lying in the snow. He started right off tossing her in the air and then potty-training her, but then he had to turn her over to Amy and get back to work. Mary Beth is delighted with her new parents and more dubious about her new big sisters, but allowed AJ to take care of her a little, too.Teen AJ wanted desperately to be friends with Erika Swain, and child Maria Casilda wanted to be best friends with Nate Swain, so AJ invited household on Erika and they both got their wishes. Amy was happy to meet Erik (Captain Hero! How thrilling!), and Orlando came out of his writing fog long enough to cook dinner.

Since the Spitzigs' new house is between the Centowski home and the Rainbow Apartments, I turned aging off and played them through their first day. Something's wrong with their phone: they can make outgoing calls, but incoming ones hang up after one ring. I know outgoing calls work, though, because as soon as her guys walked to school and work she was on the phone to Estebanico, saying it had been too long since they got together and meet her at Midnight Flows. Their relationship had actually decayed to where they weren't even quite friends anymore; but he arrived with a want to fall in love with her (and with Georgette! Georgette was his first and he was Bev's, so I guess this was making him all nostalgic; also, this is the first time Tosha's been pregnant that he didn't have a "have baby" want locked). A flirt over dinner and a slow dance got them both where they needed to be in order to utilize the makeout couch and Bev's favorite photobooth.

I never heard chimes go off so fast; I swear they weren't finished yet when I heard them! Mrs. Crumplebottom heard, too, and came back to beat Beverly with her purse. This is the first time Estebanico's done more than flirt with a woman outside his marriage vows (we won't talk about his extracurricular activities during his engagement), and he's clearly raring to go. In addition with the presence of Georgette in his panel, when he stepped out of the photobooth he had a want for more public woohoo. Beverly was also pretty fired up, and after grabbing him for another makeout rolled another woohoo want, so I figured: Why not? Mrs. C came back and beat her with her purse again, but Bev didn't care and Estebanico started chatting up Sparrow Mander. Bev went home and took a nap.

Tri, having started high school, came home and changed his look a bit. He's sure he looks much cooler now. Uncle Derek dropped by. Bev came down in her underthings to make grilled cheese sandwiches - she was starving! Jim came home and spontaneously hung out with Tri on the front patio - Bev's new baby's father may be a jackass, but it's going to have such a great Dad! Tri invited household on Dave Ottomas and made best friends with him, while David hung out with his frat brothers Derek and Jim and Susana mostly bounced on the trampoline. Bev and Derek had a long private talk over chess, too, and though she once clutched her stomach with the pacifier + question mark in her thought bubble, she didn't make a mess of the bathroom. Estebanico came by and dropped off a Song Dynasty vase, which should nicely cover the cost of expanding the house a little more. It had just needed a bigger dining area, but thanks to Estebanico it's going to need more than that, faster, very soon. Now to figure out how to do that without spoiling the house's symettrical lines...Not only could they not get incoming calls (though they got two right about the time I would expect Estabanico to make a follow-up date and some other of their friends to launch a first-day outing), but Mr. Humble didn't come by with the computer! I hope the lot isn't all borked up. I don't want to have to move them again right away.

At the Rainbow Apartments, Heidi McAuley is in a holding pattern, waiting for Maddox to graduate so she can marry and move in with him. She and her housemate Jordan Carlson went out and got a new computer to replace their Humble model, which broke. Tri stopped by to steal their newspaper, and stayed to hang out on the playground (with his arm stuck in newspaper-stealing position) when Jordan greeted him. Jordan should have been looking for a job, but didn't much feel like it. She did, however, take a follow-up date from Rishelle Travers, despite Rishelle having steadfastly refused to go all the way with her last rotation. Jordan's not sure what changed, but it wasn't a problem this time.

The Zarubins - Derek, Skylar, and little alien hybrid Estella - were in good shape, and Skylar and Derek seem to have finally solved their little marital problem. Skylar wants to get fit for Derek's sake, and he got rid of his belly jumping on the trampoline, though he's got a ways to go to hit that turnon. They went to the animal shelter to get a cat for Estella - a yellow tabby with white feet, named Starfire! They also ran into Derek's nephew James Phoenix, and Estella's half-brother Dior Skirt! She greeted both of them, but they couldn't compete with Starfire. Once back home, James called Derek twice! And Derek invited Beverly's family over for Sunday dinner. Poor Jim got struck by lightning in the hot tub, but Estella played with Tri and Dirk on the apartment playground. So far Starfire has been scolded for scratching the furniture three times and almost has that down; and for peeing on the floor once (my bad; I forgot the litterbox!), but praised for eating pet food. Nobody worried when she got on the counters or slept on a bed. Life is too short! Estella got up early to play with Starfire on the morning of her first day of school ever, about which she is hugely excited. But Estella lives her life being hugely excited.

And finally, in the Livingstone apartment, Amber Dawn came home from work, showered, and interrupted Alon's writing to inform him that they were getting married like, right now. This was news to him, but he obediently fixed the stereo while she invited the guests and laid out the buffet. Amber invited Sharla Iana (who, being pregnant, left early), Lily Casa, Tom Ottomas, Susana Ottomas, Margaret Iana, Derek Zarubin, and Amy Centowski. Apart from telling them to get married, I controlled nothing; but Amber's sorority sisters know how to raise a roof without any input from me.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . My most recent book is Sullivan, That Summer. Widespot and Widespot RFD: The Subhood are both available here. In case you care.)
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Lots of updates on my blog, though most are more organisational. I've added a welcome center, which gives some general background info about the neighborhood I'm playing along with helpful links. I've also added an 'Explore River State' page, which gives a closer look at the neighborhood and the towns that fill it, as far as they're built anyway. The Storyline page now has information about the place and year the parts took place in - this so I don't have to do it using tags, to prevent bloating of tags. It's all one big storyline anyway, as I'm telling the story of the entire hood instead of several smaller family/individual based stories.

On another, more sim-related note, I've finished building Riverside! Yes, the village is finished and in the latest update of my blog I'm introducing the six founder sims of the village. From this point forward, they're included in the rounds I play, so you'll be seeing more of them! *is excited*

Now, on to planning and building a university...
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I'm playing Pleasantview in my recently installed UC game and the first time I play the Pleasant family both Lilith and Angela got pregnant by their boyfriends! I love this game! Angela had a son named Hugo and Lilith will give birth during the next rotation.
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