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Inside every sane person there's a madman struggling to get out.
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Test Subject
#7426 Old 20th Mar 2015 at 3:25 AM
Old Town Restoration
Goth Family
The Goth mansion in Pleasantview was becoming too small for Mortimer (aged down to adult as he finally found the right concoction in his lab) and Bella (Returned home after living under an assumed name Brittany Wong although her memories are sketchy due to the trauma of her abduction), their four latest children Cornelia, Gunther, Jocasta and Simis and their three cats Hecuba, Menelaus and Marmalade. Cassandra (aged down) and Alexander are at college and each have founded a sorority (Cornelia Goth) and fraternity (Gunther Goth) respectively at Academie Le Tour where their Grandfather had been College Dean. They have just moved into their bigger mansion. They are about to lay their family urns to rest in the new cemetery outside their mansion although Bella is considering buying back the Gothic Quarter from Allegra Nova and rezoning it as a public cemetery.

Burb Family
The Burbs have relocated from their small first home in Bluewater Village to John's old family home in Old Town.

Cyd Roseland and his dog Porthos have moved in with Claire and Luna and Cyd intends to pop the question soon.
Space Pony
#7427 Old 20th Mar 2015 at 7:21 AM Last edited by Alpal425 : 20th Mar 2015 at 7:34 AM.
For the first time, I was able to create a Simself that actually looks like me. I tried before in TS3, but there were too many sliders that I was overwhelmed and I always ended up making an ugly Sim and or one that looks nothing like me. In TS2, I was able to get one or two features right, but the nose and shape of head were always impossible. Tonight I opened up the webcam and went bit-by-bit. I'm proud to say it's almost exactly like me!

I moved her into a large lot (not a giant legacy one, but a fair size, 3x3) in Desiderata Valley which had a house I renovated a bit which costed a total of around 19,000 simoleons. The renovation of this Maxis house, you ask? Why, all I did was add a ton of windows (there were originally only 2!) and repainted the walls & floors (including the outside siding). I got her a phone and made her open a home business and it will be focusing on furniture & home improvement. I am ashamed to say I used ONE (just one ) 'kaching' cheat. I was a little short, okay?! I bought a counter & register, a open/close sign, & also a Smallhouse Models CC couch to sell. She managed to sell around 3 couches and now has a cheap CC bed, a toilet, and a Smallhouse Models fridge along with that phone I bought her. She's doing quite well for a broke girl, huh?

Edit: Also, the first sale was to a review/critic dude. He gave me a 'Best Business' award.
Edit: The dude came back the very next day and gave me a good review.
#7428 Old 20th Mar 2015 at 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by Alpal425
For the first time, I was able to create a Simself that actually looks like me. I tried before in TS3, but there were too many sliders that I was overwhelmed and I always ended up making an ugly Sim and or one that looks nothing like me. In TS2, I was able to get one or two features right, but the nose and shape of head were always impossible. Tonight I opened up the webcam and went bit-by-bit. I'm proud to say it's almost exactly like me!

My simselves are easy. I'm just a face 2 but with a slightly modified nose.
I can't for the life of me get a simself that looks like me in sims 3 or sims 4 though. It's just too customizable and I end up asking myself "are my cheekbones the right size? slightly bigger? higher up? lower down?" etc, and I end up customizing too much that it doesn't actually look like me. That and all Sims 3 faces kinda look the same to me

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Space Pony
#7429 Old 20th Mar 2015 at 9:02 PM Last edited by Alpal425 : 20th Mar 2015 at 11:29 PM.
Since she had enough, I set another item for sale in her yard- a Smallhouse Models armchair.

While she was sleeping, I decided to hire another employee since she had enough and she can't do everything by herself. I decided to get someone who had no badges as they can eventually learn the stuff and it would be cheaper (later I realize I have SQUINGE MODS omg I'm an idiot), but the only Sim was this ugly elderly guy, so I went with one that was a dude named Troy with nice, blond hair and had a Sales talent badge. I double-checked my mods, I have some Squinge mods so even if I don't pay him, he'll never leave, and he doesn't charge me at all anyways! *evil laugh* I gave him a new uniform since he was wearing a Maxis athletic outfit (like, why Maxis?) and assigned him to be a cashier. And when I looked closer at his face, I realized he wasn't so nice-looking after all. Oh well. It's just a cheek issue.

The first customer to come by was this old man in a blue sweater called Matthew. I knew him as I have run a few businesses before and he always comes by. Usually he is one of my top customers, but THIS time he hated me! He didn't want me to show him stuff and when I tried to tell him some jokes to help out the relationship before trying to sell again, he hated my jokes! I said 'screw it, you're going home, Matt' and asked him to leave.

The next two to come by didn't accept the sales either! They were both super rude! And because they were staring at the product, I couldn't ask them to leave. Like, so annoying. So I went over to another customer who was jump roping, and asked EVERYONE to leave. That did the trick.

The next two customers after everyone else had left were quite nice, and one of them had a Mohawk. Which made it really awkward when another guy came by with the EXACT same hair style...

The rest of the sale day went lovely. The Simself got a Silver Sales badge and the total sales were 6!

Edit: I just adopted a cute little stray kitty, Moonshine. Not sure if it's a boy or a girl though, lol. How do I check? Moonshine is spoiled rotten! He/she even has a kitty tree! I am signing Moonshine up for the Show biz pet career!

I had to unlock the doors so Moonshine could get out and go to work but no customers.
Field Researcher
#7430 Old 22nd Mar 2015 at 12:24 AM
For some unknown reason I always tend to be a little bored while playing so I just use to play some random family at the time. But at least I decided to build a new lot. Lazy as I am I did choose a already existing community lot and began to transform it into a small restaurant. (The lot started as a OFB café but I never got it to work so it got sold back to the community. Some time later I gave the OFB business an other shot but it got sold back again). No, the café did not run very well and behind the counter I found bags that angry costumers had left behind (they always throw them on the floor when upset). Some of the items what was for sale seemed to be "in use" but I deleted them whit move objects. I don't know if this was a good thing to do but there was no other way to do it.

My build did not got very far and I think I have to do some research and look for some downloads before I continue. I want to make a small 50's style Diner and I already have some ideas but I have to it it some time. Yes, I did see the Diners here at MTS. They were good.
Forum Resident
22nd Mar 2015 at 1:12 AM
This message has been deleted by PANDAQUEEN. Reason: wrong game
Forum Resident
#7431 Old 22nd Mar 2015 at 7:51 PM
At the Burb-Monty-Oldie Rowhouses, John Burb could not resist hurrying out in boxers and undershirt to pay an early-morning visit to Herb Oldie to tell him about how he'd seen their mutual neighbour Antonio in the arms of a lady of the night. Herb, in an equal state of undress, told John what he'd just heard on the morning news -- Patrizio Monty had died the night before, meaning Antonio now owned the llamas-and-restaurants conglomerate Monty Enterprises. The combined exchange of information led to some uncharitable speculation about what his current mental state was...

The Monty twins were not sure what to do with themselves, and wound up hanging out in the back yard in the morning drizzle. Lucy joined them to avoid the embarrassing amount of fawning over little Luther that her parents were doing now that he and Jennifer were here, and Benedick insisted on the full tale of his grandfather's death. He got...an edited version. Lucy left out the shagging-your-dad part of the visit, and Beatrice left out the head-in-the-toilet part of Patrizio's death...

Oblivious to the added tension it would cause, Herb asked Coral to come over. She brought the girl she was fostering, who she thought he should meet -- Ariel Capp. Antonio glared out his kitchen window at the child splashing in puddles on his front path, and was barely consoled by Lucy wrapping her arms around him. Still, he made himself smile, kissing her forehead affectionately and making a saucy remark about how her wet hair looked. She was delighted at the flirtation...and neither of them noticed Benedick watching them from the back door. The rain and his hunger had gotten too much for him, but now he didn't want to come inside at all...

Beatrice wasn't keen on going to school, and instead hid in her room to pleasure herself and try to forget the world. However, that made her hungry, and Antonio was taking no excuses when he found her raiding the fridge -- she was getting her uniform on and walking to school. He then coldly told Coral to remove herself and her charge, then took the truck to Cold Issue clothing to buy them some suitable clothes, since he didn't trust either of the twins in that matter.

I really hope that the teen-male-fullbody-everyday-outfits section crashing the whole game about twenty pages in (yes, I have too much CC clothing) is not going to happen again, as I don't feel like doing a 50/50 on all those clothes (see above, too much!). It wasn't that bad, as Antonio went straight to the clothing racks as soon as he got there, so little was lost -- but loading the game again was an annoying waste of time! The second time around, everyone's clothing was bought without any problems, and Antonio went home after exchanging sombre greetings with Jason Larson and dodging answering Jason's questioning about why he'd been left money by Patrizio. He really hadn't a clue, but didn't want to admit it!

Lucy brought an exchange student named Gordon Nott home from school, while the Monty twins brought nothing but bad grades and a scolding. They hid in the Burb basement to talk with Gordon, while Lucy made tracks for Antonio, who was chasing Lulu around the back alley in an attempt to get her into the outdoor tub. "School was awful," Lucy said, wrapping her arms around Antonio.

"Do you need homework help again?" he asked, wishing she wouldn't be so demonstrative in public.

"No, but the twins might," Lucy replied. "You should have let them stay home -- bullies will make fun of anything. I had to tell Bee that there's noting wrong with being a Mafia princess -- some kid called her that! Gordon thinks she's really royalty though, so we brought him home. He's funny."

"Who's Gordon?" Antonio asked, hating himself for feeling jealous.

Lucy shrugged. "Some kid from Three Lakes." She smirked. "Are you jealous, Boss Monty? I like men, not boys."

"Don't you go calling me that," Antonio protested, and realized where they were. "Uh, why are we on Herb's back porch?"

"He's at work, and he leaves his back door unlocked," Lucy said, shoving open the sliding door in question. "Who would look for us in here?"

Antonio protested frantically, but Lucy was not taking no for an answer. Afraid of drawing any attention by a struggle or argument, he was forced to oblige her in her desire to have WooHoo on Herb's stairs. To be honest, he was terrified; it was all very well for her to be so lavish in her affections, but he was the one who'd pay if they were caught. And caught they were...they did not know that Gordon Nott had gotten lost trying to find his way out of the back yard and walked into the Oldie house instead of the Burb one. He hurried back out in shock after a glimpse of them on the stairs, only to find Benedick on the porch. "Benny," Gordon whispered, "your father...Lucy...they're..."

"I know," Benedick spat. "I wanted her to be my girl, but she wants him instead."

"He's your father." Gordon was horrified. "How old is she?"

"Younger than me," Benedick said sadly. "Younger, and way smarter. Don't worry, Gordon. This is Monty business, not anyone else's. Do. You. Understand?"

Ignorant of all this, Antonio and Lucy had a nice tame date after their WooHoo. They joked and tickled, and Antonio helped Lucy with her homework -- to his guilt, he realized that the earnest innocence of her face as she dug into grammar was a soothing yet titillating sight to him. Benedick made sure nobody would question him about his own homework by making himself useful helping John with Luther while Jennifer was at work, while Beatrice tried to do hers and felt very irritated that her father was helping Lucy -- Lucy didn't even need help! When the date ended, Antonio hugged Lucy. "We've got to talk," he said gently.

Well, it could have been worse. He wasn't breaking up with her -- he was just telling her that as the new head of the Monty family, he was going to have to move back to Veronaville in the near future. Of course she was welcome to come visit, and that often -- and come on, there was no need to look so sad. They could be closer there in more safety than here. Lucy nodded, trying to look cheerful, and went to get the drink she'd bought at the Strangetown hospital -- a glowing complexion and great mental agility sounded exactly like what she needed to convince Antonio he was losing too much by leaving her vicinity. That drink, of course, was a good-witch potion. Lucy was astonished by the effects after she swigged it down before joining the Montys to dig into the consolatory fruit plate they'd been sent, but was not displeased. This was even better than she'd expected, if it was what it felt like -- she was sure she could use the power she felt to help Antonio. She could be his witch, not just his...lover.

"Lucy!" Herb Oldie shouted from his porch as she left the Monty house later. So what if everyone had pretended not to notice her sparkling skin? Someone would... "Lucy!" Herb shouted again. "Why is there a dirty diaper on my porch?"

Lucy couldn't help but laugh as she realized that yes, one of Luther's used diapers was on Herb's back porch. "You'll have to ask my mom," she said, remembering that Jennifer had been changing Luther there earlier.

Herb sighed as if he'd been expecting that answer. "Do you drink coffee?" he asked. "I've heard some things are going on here that I want to get straight. I know that misunderstandings of the romantic sort can be bad..."

How could she not come in for coffee after that frightening phrase? Lucy had never drunk coffee before, but she figured she was grown-up enough already...and what had Herb heard? As it turned out, Gordon Nott had been waiting to tell Herb what he'd seen when he got back from work. Benny had told him whose house it was, and Gordon felt a man should know what his neighbour was using his house for...so right now, Herb wanted to know what was going on.

Lucy saw her world falling to pieces. "Don't tell my parents," she said. "Don't tell anyone. Please. They wouldn't understand, they'd say I'm just a kid...I love Tony. It's not what it looks like. Don't take him away from me."

Herb looked at his granddaughters' cousin, thought about all the trouble her harridan of a mother had caused for his love life, and decided the best way to return the favour would be to allow Lucy to continue her affair with a much older and dangerous man. Still, she'd said she loved him -- she should know that her father had seen him with a prostitute, if only so she didn't find out later from John himself. He was pleased that Lucy's reaction was to laugh and say that that kind of thing didn't count, since it was lust that powered that kind of affair, not love -- that was exactly his take on all his own affairs, and he wished he could convince Coral of it. What he wasn't expecting was for Lucy, shaking slightly from too much caffeine, to tell him about the potion she'd drunk and ask him if he wanted to see how far down the sparkles went.

Herb was not attracted to girls Lucy's age, so he politely declined. He was, however, attracted to novelty, so when she unzipped her jumpsuit all the way and showed off her sparkling chest, his weaker side yielded and agreed to go to upstairs to bed with her. And then he realized what a fool he'd been, as after displaying the full expanse of her sparkling body, she laughed, pushed him away, and rolled out of bed. "Totally a seductress," she said, languorously reaching for her clothes. "Herb Oldie's a dirty old man," she went on in a sing-song voice. "Try tattling on Tony now! He's arrested for statutory, so are you, 'cause I counted the liver spots on your..."

"They're moles," Herb protested. "I...you...I thought...I mean..." Ahhh, she'd read him like the supermarket tabloids. She didn't even show any fear or haste as she took her time getting dressed. Not that he'd intended to "tattle", but now it really wasn't an option -- and he didn't even get laid in return. And worse, Benedick Monty was stepping from behind the high balustrade of the stairs, still in his school uniform, looking furious.

Lucy blushed as she saw Benedick, but Benedick avoided looking at her undressed form even as he spoke to her. "Nice job, Lucy," he said, his voice cold and sad. "I thought you were just a lover of old men when I saw you heading upstairs. I thought if I followed you and told Father, it would be over. I underestimated your devotion. Can you please get your clothes on? I don't think I should be looking at my potential stepmother in such a state of undress." Glaring at Herb, he went on, "Mr Oldie, if Lucy has not convinced you to mind your own business, I hope I can. If you wish to live near us -- to live near us, you understand -- you should be resolved to be on our side. Otherwise, I have heard that there is a retirement home opening in Pleasantview shortly. Perhaps you should look into moving there if it assists in minding your own business."

Lucy giggled in overcaffeinated glee. "Yeah, Pleasantview's boring, but it beats the harbour!" she said. "And I've heard cement shoes are horrible for bunions." She zipped up her jumpsuit and jammed her boots onto her feet, grinning. "Benny, I'm so glad you're okay with this. Let's go play red hands! And you said stepmother -- do you think Tony would ever marry me? Really? I'm not so into getting married, but a wedding like your aunt's would be awesome..."

Oh, how I hope not, Benedick thought. I did date her first... "When you're older, maybe," he said. "It's worth bearing in mind."

Highly disconcerted and still aroused by Lucy's baiting, Herb Oldie called Regan Capp, who he'd heard wouldn't care about late-night phone calls any more after the encounter she'd had with that vampire woman at the courthouse. He was gratified when she came over, not only in the mood for WooHoo, but also a vampire who laughed when he gingerly said he was starting to fear his neighbours now that Antonio was Boss Monty. "Ignore them," she said, pressing her cold body to his in a way that convinced him she was much more exotic than Lucy could ever be. And she was a real, grown woman too...

John Burb would have been very interested in all this...but he was at work at the time, and to him, the most memorable part of the day was finally getting accepted into the police academy. He was gleeful, feeling he'd finally made it. He'd be able to make up for his disappointing failure to be a hero for Brandi Broke!

Have Mansions & Gardens without Apartment Life and can't find the University espresso bar? You're not the only one!
I claim whatever dubious bragging rights there are for proving this is yet another M&G-without-AL bug.
Field Researcher
#7432 Old 22nd Mar 2015 at 7:52 PM
I finally downloaded Arbor Falls! Yay! My first played sim, Bridget Thedorff:

Bridget is a golf caddy. She's not really interested in more. She wants dating! When neighbors visited her, she started flirting with Bernard Stanton. Things were going well, and she asked him for a date. A dream date that ended with woohoo. Later she talked to a random townie, who set Bridget for a blind date with a friend of hers. Once again, dream date, finishing off with woohoo. But that woohoo got her pregnant. That, however, didn't stop her from having another dream date with a townie. And woohoo. What save her from the repo-man was a fountain dropped by one of the guys. And her dog Gracie, which was working as a Law Enforcement pet, got fired. So either Bridget starts working or they'll probably move out with the little baby.
Forum Resident
#7433 Old 22nd Mar 2015 at 11:41 PM
The last few days, I've been playing through Pleasantview (for the first time since like September). Almost all of my households has a pregnant sim and so I'm expecting a lot of births soon. I also decided to do some editing to a few of the premades whose looks are genetic incompatible with their parents' faces. I ran into some trouble because three of my lots suddenly started crashing the game when I tried to load them; my only solution was to tear them down, which was annoying since I'd put a lot of work into renovating them. The third one is a graveyard, which I'm reluctant to tear down because all my graves are there (I have the nounlink mod, so it wouldn't corrupt the hood or anything, but still, I don't want to lose my graves). Besides that, nothing eventful happened this run besides Brandi having Skip Jr.

Also, I'm currently planing to pair some people off. Originally, I was going to keep Brandi single, but I think now, I want her to marry Gilbert Jacquet. The story there is that she'll get a job at his bakery and they'll fall in love. Kaylynn, I was originally going to pair with Mr. Big from Downtwon, but now I'm thinking she'll marry Checo Ramirez instead (just as soon as I murder his family and she has little Amber/Daniel Jr.). Dina, I'm going to put with Malcolm Landgraab as soon as her pregnancy is over. On another note, I'm contemplating killing or abandoning the Critturs. At first, I thought they'd be cute and give Kaylynn some companionship but they're running the poor girl ragged; knocking over her trash can, peeing everywhere and forcing her to mop it up, drinking/rolling around in their pee puddles therefore spreading them and increasing the work. Ugh.
#7434 Old 23rd Mar 2015 at 2:32 AM
Let my little sister play the Pleasant family. They now all have Dinosaur hats.

Other than that Pleasantview wasn't very interesting, The Caliente sisters started up a little home business and Don Lothario went on a date with Bella Goth, and bumped into another one of his lovers... oops!

Florence got a positive review and went up a ranking with her home business. She also married Cyd Roseland who is still under the impression that Ash is his son. He spent the day teaching him to walk, while Florence made flowers... so the plan to marry him for the sake of free childcare worked... I swear, deep down inside, Florence is kinda an evil person.

The Ramirez family business is now up to rank 7 - with no help from grumpy Herbert Goodie who decided to lose 2 stars just looking at chairs with no intentions of buying them. Lisa stayed at home with little Miguel. She's been working on her piano playing. I'm not sure whether she started off with any creativity skills, but all through pregnancy she was playing that damn piano. Just 1 more skill level left until she's mastered the creativity skill, putting her in platinum (which she really needs right now, she's only 1 dirty diaper away from a break down)

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Test Subject
#7435 Old 23rd Mar 2015 at 6:26 AM Last edited by attabiah : 23rd Mar 2015 at 7:20 AM.
Academie le Tour
Tina Traveller has graduated and threw a party where she invited her hippie parents Trent and Trisha, her fiance Martin Nova (alien son of Castor), Blossom Moonbeam and her housemates Betty Broke, Lola Curious, Kirsten Loste and Erin Beaker attended by default. Claire Charming, one of her best friends could not make it due to being snowed in over in Old Town and busy planning her wedding where she will marry Cyd Roseland. Tina has returned to Riverblossom Hills to spend a few days catching up with her family before going house hunting with Martin. Betty and her housemates decided to apply for a Greek House charter since they all wanted to join a Greek House and there would have been no room in any of the existing houses for them to join together.

La Fiesta Tech
Lilith Pleasant transferred from Academie le Tour to La Fiesta tech where she joined the Tri-Fruhm sorority to get away from her sister Angela who has joined Cassandra Goth's Cornelia Goth Sorority. Over time they became friends as Lilith gained confidence and became her own person. She threw a party and invited her sister and Cassandra and it was a roof raiser. Chloe Curious is also in the photo below but you can only see the back of her head. She has celebrating her recent engagement to Jared Starchild and her being the first sorority girl to wear a ring.

Roseland-Charming family
Now that citizens of Riverblossom Megahood can be recognised for their skilling activities on Community Lots, Cyd decides to wander to the Central Park in Old Town where he gains a body point by skating on the roller rink and then shooting some hoops with Jane Beare (nee Stacks) and then listens to the buskers in the what was once the pet arena in an earlier era of Sim history. To his amusement he catches General Buzz Grunt boogying to Bella Goth's drum beat.
Lab Assistant
#7436 Old 24th Mar 2015 at 10:54 PM
My favorite sim, Ophelia Girardet, is aging to elder next rotation. It will (of course) be a wicked party since the sim with 17 best friends (only related to two), mayor, legacy founder, creator of the noble traditions of Annya-X (the greek-house on campus), first to move to Ullerby, is having a birthday party. Everyone will be there. It is going to be amazing. Better then her wedding to Amin sims. Better then the birth of her beloved daugther. Not better then reaching her LTW (mayor), but still, you know. Quite epic.

Her daughter Johanna have continued to pass on the great tradition of knowing everyone and taking it upon her to introduce all of the important people to each other. Not going to splendid since she is quite grouchy, but doing her best to make her mother proud.

During these outings and parties (this day at the Girardet household it was one date, two outings, one party and then a evening dinner at the restaurant for the family) I have noticed that the behavior of my sims change if they are playable or not. The biggest issue is one of the Battler-girls. She really makes up for her family name. How can someone make a bad impression on everyone?? Even when forced to apologize (Johanna though it was the only right thing after she poked Deneb, poor thing) she follow it up with disgusting him! During her rotation you may ask? She is the best big sister, a dream family-teen and wants to fall in love. Some serious issues.
Lab Assistant
#7437 Old 26th Mar 2015 at 10:10 PM
So, I made the Trio from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the sims today for my Megahood. They moved into a mansion in Strangetown due to hypnotizing thee real estate agency to give it to them for free, and with they're special technology they've developed, no need to fufill motives! (Okay, so I cheat. The interactions are more fun). Upon entering, Warren promptly made a fem-bot named Katrina for their, umm, purposes. Andrew didn't care one bit, considering his total gayness, and surprising, neither did Warren. Instead, Warren (who is bisexual) decided to fall for Andrew. So, Jonathan ended romancing the bot, and eventually reprogrammed her from a romance aspiration to a family so she'd agree to marry him.

Shortly after the Katrina-bot and Jonathan wedding, Warren and Andrew gt it on in the hot-tub in their backyard... and Warren got pregnant due to same-sex pregnancy hacks I have. They had a boy, who's name I've forgotten at the moment, and Jonathan and Katrina adopted a boy who's name I also forget.

Andrew started rolling wants to to engaged to Warren, but Warren being the Knowledge/Romance sim he is, decided to go clubbing instead. After many a drink, he ended up hooking up with Kent Capp in a nightclub in Veronaville. In a drunken stagger, he ended up at a mysterious bluff where he became a werewolf. He was thrilled, due to the fact that he'd secretly wanted to be one.

When he returned, Andrew and Jonathan were in awe of his new form, and both wanted to be turned. So Warren turned Andrew, and in turn, Andrew turned Jonathan. Katrina wanted to be one too, but as a robot, she couldn't.

A couple days later, Warren and Andrew's son became a teen, and while he didn't neccessarily want to be a wolf, he was completely supportive of the Trio. The next day, he brought home this beautiful girl Hannah from school. Hannah, the daughter of the leaders of the largest werewolf clan in town, was completely in love with the boy, and when the boy asked her to move in, she said yes (partially because she felt comfortable with other wolves). The sun set, and she turned into a werewolf, turning her new lover. He was thrilled.

And now, Hannah is pregnant. And while staying home from school due to the child growing within her, and Andrew and Jonathan at work fufilling their dreams of being top of the gamer career, Warren made a pass at her. She refused and slapped him.

If Warren tries to flirt with her again, especially with Andrew in the house, Andrew might end up leaving. However, this might be a good thing, considering he's triple bolting with Xander (and doesn't realize he's married to his good friend Anya) so this might be interesting.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Warren both wants and fears Jonathan being cured of lycanthropy, which makes me wonder if he ever intended for him to be turned in the first place. Vaguely following the show, no?
Forum Resident
#7438 Old 27th Mar 2015 at 4:28 AM
Tank Grunt was not sure what to make of newly-released Klara Vonderstein wanting to move into the already crowded toilet block and shabby park that was his and Blossom's Temporary Home. Blossom was genuinely happy to see her, though she didn't sugar-coat the conditions they lived in. Both of them looked at the paper that had been left behind in the park, but could find no jobs they felt were right for them -- Blossom thought Klara was a bit silly to think she could go straight from jail to a job in science, medicine, or intelligence, but then again, she herself wanted to make it big in music somehow. Resigned to just trying to be a housewife without a house for a while, she pulled a cookbook from the stack of books she and Tank had salvaged from a dumpster, while Klara decided that that dog-obsessed warden and his dog would be amusing visitors. Tank would have objected to having Cyd and Porthos drop across the street, but Tank was at work.

Cyd gladly came over, telling himself that he was just making sure his charge wasn't getting in any new trouble. Best she stayed somebody else's problem, with the lawsuit against the SCPD brewing... He wasn't happy when he realized that the shabby park they met in was not only conveniently across the street from the prison, it contained all the signs of semi-covert residency by at least one person -- which Klara, sophisticated minidress notwithstanding, appeared to be joining. And to make matters worse, she hadn't just invited them to praise Porthos for sniffing her calmly -- she was making eyes at Cyd and making suggestions that they'd been thrown in contact by kind, rather than cruel, Fates. Indeed, Klara had decided Cyd was the best choice for getting her first WooHoo.

She wasn't going to be stopped by a little thing like him pointing out that if they went out on the town together like she wanted, the damage to their reputation caused would be risking his job and her success with regards to the lawsuit. Blossom had bought an herbal brew with bits of algae floating in it at some sidewalk stand, but wouldn't drink it because it smelled vaguely like pesticide. Klara was more than willing to risk it, since she suspected the algae was the source of the smell. It might not be talked about here, but where she came from, there'd been research into the symbiotic side-effects of a particular ingredient in SimNation's leading pesticide brand... Despite Blossom's disapproval, she gulped it down, quickly turning into a PlantSim. Now, as she pointed out to Cyd, nobody was going to recognize her as being his oh-so-recent prisoner -- could they please go out? She was really missing using a computer.

With Cyd grudgingly impressed by her tactics at avoiding unwanted attention by becoming nearly unrecognisable in a very attention-getting way, they went to Sims Gone Wired for a LAN party, played chess, and then went up to the terrace when Klara needed some sun before it got dark. She wanted to flirt with him, and surprisingly, he accepted a suggestive flirt. He also slow danced with her! They went back downstairs when it got dark, intendeing to go back whence they'd come (where it was still light, and there was an Energizer!). However, as they lingered downstairs, wondering if they could squeeze in a bit more chess, Klara leaned up against Cyd. "Kissy kissy?" she asked. And so she had her first kiss at long last, a perfect one (and so sweet!) despite the unromantic location. And maybe it wasn't so unromantic... Off they headed to a bench in the alcove of the front porch, unable to resist their sudden passion and thinking it secluded enough. Hah, not really -- Lakshmi Terril and Juliette Capp soon emerged from the building and were respectively amused and shocked to witness Cyd and Klara's first WooHoo. Which, I should say, was done without any care at all to prevent consequences, due to not quite being up to speed on Rose Greenman's human children...and consequences there were, in the form of a lullaby. Quite hilarious, as while Klara had toyed with the idea of spawning a PlantBaby to coddle and then be friends with, conventional childbearing and child rearing was the last thing on her mind.

She didn't have cause to even think about this though, as her transformation suited her and she was not sick at all. Tank got home from work with a very useful promotion to field sales representative, a townie who annoyed Blossom by making passes at her every time Tank wasn't in the vicinity, and a nasty cold. He gave it to Blossom while kissing her hello, and given the size of the lot, Klara would probably have gotten it were she not protected by the algae now suffusing her system. (I originally got a nonhuman-immunity mod to prevent the dead and undead getting sick, but its effects are nice for the other life states too!) As it was, she sat smirking through a load of local toughs showing up and demanding Blossom throw them a party, only repairing to the Energizer stuffed beside some bins to get herself in the mood for a long session of reading old mechanical manuals from the found books. She also really liked the new leafy clothes she'd grown -- so much more practical for this way of living than her old clothes.

The party was good, partly due to Blossom gladly starting a pillow fight while showing off her impromptu kitchen to Ty Bubbler, who was still embarrassed at how he'd passed out at the wedding and had to slink off after they'd returned from their honeymoon. With the guests finally gone, Tank and Blossom gratefully repaired to the privacy of the toilet block for WooHoo on the floor. Er, ugh. Very acrobatic to manage it in that tight space without me even seeing any clipping, but...how far you've fallen, Tank... The city had installed a new bench to replace the stray-destroyed one earlier in the day, but Blossom still couldn't find a place to sleep afterwards, as Klara insisted on sitting on the old bench to read rather than in a chair. It was closer to a light, after all. So Tank got the new bench, and Blossom got the hard concrete pavement to sleep on...

When the hobby instructor barged onto the scene in the very early morning to give Klara a membership card to Will's Garage, Klara tried to make up for Blossom's restless sleep by waking her and dragging her along as she went to see the place. Blossom found it boring, though Klara delighted in breaking and repairing as many gadgets as she could -- however, Blossom did get a good snooze in on the couch in the club-room before the hobby instructor insisted on turning on a stupid TV show. Still, Blossom felt better for a decent sleep, so she made everyone hot dogs. Not having any use for food any more, Klara instead amused herself taunting a very odd-looking townie (long red hair, red eyes...nice to see my CC so well used) with her exotic appearance. She clearly wanted to be flirted with, and Blossom had full influence, so she charitably convinced the townie to flirt with Klara. He unwisely chose to serenade her, leading Klara to scornful laughter and the townie to aspiration distress, though not quite desperation. Still, Klara could see Blossom meant well, and offered to fix her hair in the bathroom and make her some clothes like Klara's to match her name. Blossom wished she'd asked what Klara meant by "make" as she felt the leafy dress and crown of pink roses Klara had presented her with. They felt not quite organic, not quite artificial, and bore a striking resemblance to Klara's own leafy hair -- and she wasn't so happy about Klara's condescending remark that she looked so adorably elfin like that. This would give the wrong impression for sure...

Have Mansions & Gardens without Apartment Life and can't find the University espresso bar? You're not the only one!
I claim whatever dubious bragging rights there are for proving this is yet another M&G-without-AL bug.
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Lots...LOTS of playing. This is what happens when I need to distract myself from refreshing my email. This is the short version:

First off, Tina Traveller must be the most gorgeous sim to have walked the streets of Strangetown (plus, she is super pretty!) because every teen (male and female) has two bolts for her. Even Rohan Ramaswami, who is turned off by blonde hair, thinks she is hot.

Julien Cooke is secretly gay. I never see him with any guys but when I play him, he has these memories of making up out Abhijeet, or publicly woohooing Makoto. Sneaky...

What else? Well...Jessie Pilferson and Klara Vonderstein both had kids out of wedlock. Jessie met up with Ripp Grunt at a party and the chimes played. Ripp is raising their daughter, Echo, while Jessie is figuring out what kind of life she wants for herself besides woohoo. Klara met up with (now-divorced) Trent Traveller on vacation and insta-3-bolts. Cue ACR-woohoo and the birth of Klaus Vonderstein. Klara wants to get engaged, but Trent died from cloud-watching before Klaus was even born.

David Ottomas, Hedy and Amadeus Curious, Sarah Jane Kat, and Justin Kim will all be heading off to college shortly!

In Strangetown, Juniper Nigmos got her hands on a bone phone and tried it out - bringing back her long-dead great-aunt, Olive Specter. Olive very promptly stole the phone from her niece and ran off - she has been since responsible for much strangeness in Strangetown. Olive is much younger now, for starters. And a lot of the dead came back to life: Zombie General Buzz, Loki Beaker, Zombie Vidcund Curious, Jessica Picaso...which was indeed happy, because Jessica was able to reunite with Matthew and start a family finally.

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Well, I just installed Inteen and some flavor paks. So. Yanno. Babies.
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Nova Family
Tina Traveller and Martin Nova have moved to Strangetown and they chose a house which is a copy of the Mashuga's house from TS1 Old Town which I copied from my Download of the 'Hood courtesy of Marky(?) which I thought would look right in place in Strangetown. Tina quickly found a senior nursing position and went straight to work so she could have enough money for their upcoming Wedding party. Nothing suited Martin so he explored his surroundings and adopted a Strangetown Desert Critter which is a green-furred cat which was living in the wreck of the Spaceship behind the Beaker's mansion. Feeling like he was onto something he contacted the pet registry and found that he was the first to discover this breed. He taught Pluto some commands and hired him out as a Showbiz cat where he quickly attained stardom. He was welcomed by Vidcund Curious (and two others which I have forgotten) who was waddling around looking like he was about to give birth. Being a gracious host Martin cooked some Comfort soup. Tina was promoted to the top of the Nursing Career and was able to use the bonus to fund their wedding. Wanting to buy a wedding gown she walked up to the Government Facility on Road-to-nowhere and was pleasantly surprised to find the H&M had found its way to Strangetown. She watched the break-dancer and then went into the old warehouse which had once had a creepy underground pool but had been refurbished as a bowling alley and 50's style diner before returning home.

The wedding took place outside and the party was a roof-raiser. Both were keen to start a family and the chimes sounded after the first attempt. Calista was born three days later. She did not inherit Martin's green skin but had very large brown eyes. Martin was keen to find out more about his heritage as well as needing more logic points so managed to get abducted. Three days later Orion was born to a different PT with blond genes but had black afro hair. Tina rolled a wish to meet aliens and soon found herself alien pregnant (thanks to a mod) and gave birth to Maia (green skin, brown hair). So now there are three kids in the family. All are related to Calista but there are two who are totally unrelated so will be interesting to find out what happens when they are older.
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This academic year has been though on the Tri-Fruhm sorority.
Monica Bratford graduated last semester, DJ Verse moved in with her fiancé to join her band, and graduated shortly after and Sarah Heart (Love) got married last semester, gave birth to twins Redd and Cupid and moved in with her husband Matthew Heart - leaving Jessie Pilferson pregnant* an in the sorority alone.
*Tri-Fruhm sorority is widely known across the university as being the "pregnant sorority" due to the amount of accidental pregnancies.

Marla Biggs, a first year studying biology begged Jessie to let her join the sorority, and seeing as Jessie knew she was the last one left and was graduating this academic year, she gave up and accepted. Marla moved in and began studying straight away, Jessie on the other hand spent a lot of her time sleeping and eating due to the pregnancy. She also decided to break things off with her current boyfriend, Jimmy Pheonix. She told him she wanted to see other people, but what she was really thinking was "I'm heavily pregnant and somewhere down the line he's going to realise we've never woohooed". Jimmy cried on the sofa next to Marla, who eventually stopped studying her mechanical skills book and decided to comfort him. One thing lead to another, and they decided to go on a date. They had a great time, the only problem was that they had stayed out all night and in the morning was the final exam of the first semester! Marla forgot to finish studying!! - She got a B. Which wasn't great, she wanted to be a straight-A student, but she still had a fun time.

Second semester started up and the pregnancy was really taking it's tole on Jessie. She barely studied. Her grades were really bad, and she had to cram just to scrape a pass. Marla got on deans list, of course - after last semesters panic. Jessie luckily graduated, and then gave birth to a daughter, Tara Pilferson. The father is still a mystery.

Oresha-Hoh-Var welcomed in Chaz Whippler, adopted brother of Marla Biggs. After being mistaken for Benjamin Long multiple times, Chaz decided to dye his hair purple and grow out his stubble. He looks quite cool, too bad that 'cool-guy' attitude has continued on into his university life. His gpa is at 2.0 - which is the lowest I've ever seen! Second semester rolled around and although it originally seemed utterly hopeless, Mickey Dosser managed to juuust about pass his senior year. Only just. He's now living in downtown next door to Jessie Pilferson and his maybe-baby Tara. Guy graduated too, in semester 1 he managed to get himself on deans list, however second semester he only got a B. He's now living in a condo in Pleasantview. Chaz now has the whole fraternity to himself. Not bad for a second year.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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I had a highly satisfactory and almost trouble-free college subrotation in Drama Acres. Diff LeStrange, Ruby Gorey, Brittany Parker, Petra Ottomas, Edward Beare, Miguelito Casa, and Minerva Newson all threw their graduation parties. Ruby and Edward, respectively, moved in with their folks downtown, Brittany Parker is crashing with her old sorority sister Jordan Carlson in a downtown apartment, Miguelito and Minerva took up residence in the house newly built for them in Newsons' Corners, next door to the house Annie and Diff are in, and Petra got herself an apartment in Drama Acres. She's not engaged to Edward yet (neither of them ever rolled the want, possibly because they were already functionally married on campus) and resists the notion that she should live with his folks just because they expect him to look after them and his younger siblings in their old age. As for moving in with any of her siblings - she is not a free babysitter! Don't be silly!

New students on campus Erika Swain, Cinnamon Beare, Vidcund Neugierig, and the Ruben twins, Martine and Josephine, settled in quickly. Erika took up residence, as they've planned forever, with her best friend Alta Mira Starchild, and they moved into a larger house which just happens to be next door to the residence where Alta Mira's on-again-off-again boyfriend Lukey Beaker lives. Vidcund Neugierig was proud of having landed enough scholarships to afford his own place; but when Erika let him know she'd like to pick up their relationship where they'd left off in high school he soon decided he wanted to be engaged to her, and once that was done (and consummated) he didn't need much persuading to see the advantages of moving in with her and Alta Mira.

Lukey and Alta Mira, however, are having a near-continuous clash of personalities. Alta Mira thinks of Lukey constantly and wants to talk, share inside jokes, and play games with him (she didn't think even once of Anthony Moniff, the guy she exchanged virginities with last semester), but when he's around she keeps picking fights. Whereas Lukey doesn't think about or roll wants for her, but when they're together he comes on very strong with the canoodling, in between the arguments and the savage red hands and punching contests. After consulting with his housemates Pascal and Andice (who are blissfully happy and no trouble to anyone) and with Vidcund (he was studying downstairs in Vid's residence while the engagement was being consummated upstairs) and the wild romantic success Grimnir LeStrange, Lukey asked Alta Mira out and they wound up woohooing in his residence. But he's made it quite clear that he's not helping out with Erika's lifelong plan for the two girls to live together with their respective boyfriends on campus. If anybody moves house, it'll be Alta Mira, not him!

Meanwhile, Alta Mira is rolling wants to flirt with the reclusive Eugene Newson, who is now living alone in the residence on the other side of campus that his sister Minerva just vacated - and she made some subtle but strong moves to vamp him at Minerva's grad party. Erika also has managed to befriend him over chess - innocently; she assumes that Lukey is Alta Mira's only boyfriend because of course her BFF wouldn't go around collecting boys, why would she?

Meanwhile, Martine Ruben has decided that she's hidden her light under a bushel long enough and it's time to start living. While her twin Josephine immediately pledged Tri-Var, Martine retains possession of the residence formerly occupied by their big sister Amanda, to which she invited the only boy she's ever felt any interest in - Lukey Beaker! Charmed and flattered by her defiantly naive attempts to flirt, he let her get her first kiss with him, and later when they ran into each other in Chestnut Park he found himself making out with her; but he left as Alta Mira appeared. Martine - whose connections are far too good not to know whose territory she's invading - sized her rival up and casually introduced herself to her, but Alta Mira was more interested in picking a fight with her old enemy, Nova Stacks, who was in the park with fellow Tri-Vars Sarah and Josephine Ruben. Alta Mira got her fight, and Nova got her butt kicked. (No one knows why they hate each other. They just do.) Afterward Nova called Martine to trash-talk Alta Mira to her - presumably the other girls were tired of listening to her - and Pascal, who was at the park the whole time, also called to warn her about the mess she's apparently wading straight into. But if Lukey thinks Martine is some compliant little freshman he can keep on the side while he and Alta Mira work out their dominance issues, he may be surprised!

The big scandal brewing, however, is a secret confined within the walls of Alma Mater House. Furious at Grimnir LeStrange for flirting with Brittany Parker, Madeleine Estic-Moiselle went out cruising campus for other guys to date, and came right up against the fact that, Grimnir aside, the only people on campus she wants to date are too closely related to her by the standards of her family. Due to those generations of inbreeding during the Bad Old Days, the current generation is supposed to only be romantically available for people who are at least four steps away on both sides of the family. There's no middle ground with Madeleine; she either has bad chemistry, or she triple bolts, and the triple bolters on campus are Grimnir, Marius Curian (three steps away in either direction), and her housemate Lance Point, whose mother is a Hawkins (three steps) and whose father is her mother's second cousin. Their families reluctantly allowed them to date some in junior high, but everyone was relieved when she took up with Grimnir in high school, and a huge fuss and bother was made about them being alone in the campus residence. Lance has behaved himself scrupulously toward her and dated Nova and Brittany Parker (partly as a favor to Madeleine, as they also date Grimnir, whom Lance hates with a fiery passion) while making it clear to her that he thinks The Rules are a crock and all she has to do is give him a sign...which, in frustration, she did. Since then it's been Katy, bar the door - he's all over her, and she's reciprocating. Although he did think about upping his numbers after their first woohoo; and Madeleine rolled a want to fall back in love with Grimnir several times during the initial in-house date (it was right there next to the Woohoo Lance want - Madeleine does not, in her heart, believe that The Rules are a crock), they can't keep their hands off each other now. But Madeleine went all the way to the top of the house to call Grimnir, which made friends with him again, and when Grimnir called and asked her on a make-up date, they went out (seen by members of her approving family) and then made love in his hot tub. Madeleine's made a big mess, and she knows it - nobody is getting out of this one unscathed!

In less dramatic developments, the abandoned former dormie Anthony Moniff joined Urele-Oresha-Cham, which had suddenly become all seniors; and he got his dormie friend John Shaw to pledge. While Anthony ineffectually dreamed of getting engaged to Alta Mira, Shaw boldly went where no frat boy has gone before and kissed Ginevra Hawkins at a toga party! Ginevra's a junior and a Hawkins, but very picky, and that was her first kiss. Impressed by his boldness, she asked him out a couple of times, and he stepped right up to the plate and got her to the woohoo point in the frat hot tub. Whether he realizes precisely what it means to woohoo with a Hawkins remains to be seen.

Cinnamon Beare is now living alone in the residence formerly occupied by her brother Edward and his girlfriend Petra. She's in love with Josephine Ruben, and will probably want to pledge Tri-Var soon, but not yet.

A recurring glitch at UOC, as I've mentioned elsewhere, is making me consider bulldozing and rebuilding the frat house, but I was anxious to get on with all those weddings and some pending babies in the main hood and downtown, so I postponed that and took off to the Gorey household. Normally that's the second house in the downtown rotation, but I wanted to marry Ruby to Pollux Stacks, move the whole menage into a house I've placed next door to the Chalmers household, which is normally the first. I would then change the Old Gorey Place to a community lot, play the Goreys' first day in their new place, buy the Old Gorey Place, set it up to operate as a gallery or art shop showcasing the productions of this artistic family, and then move on to the Chalmers and get back into regular rotation.

So, Ruby moves in, arranges her wardrobe, gets her hair done, takes care of her little brother, plays with her old cat Gothpuss. Reaper comes for Gothpuss. Waah and - crash. Damn, I knew downtown was glitchy, but that started fast. Reload. So, Ruby, back from getting her hair done, takes care of her alien baby brother Ruben, plays with her old cat Gothpuss. Reaper comes for Gothpuss. Whole family, including housecleaner, mourns and rolls wants for a new cat. Ruby throws her wedding party, teleporting in some family members who don't fit in the party allotment - crash. Dammit. Reload. Ruby, back from getting her hair done, takes care of her little brother, plays with her old cat Gothpuss. Reaper comes for Gothpuss. Whole family, including housecleaner, mourns and rolls wants for a new cat. Ruby throws her wedding party, leaving out some family members who don't fit in the party allotment and teleporting in only the parents of the groom. Ruby marries Pollux despite a delay while Allegra insists on bathing Ruben. SAVE. Roof-raising wedding, which includes Petra Ottomas with flowers in her hair chasing Edward Beare in a tux all around the yard, pillowfighting, which looks like so much fun bride and groom join in. SAVE. Put half the contents of the house into inventory. Save. Stay things shrub. SAVE.

Exit to neighborhood, move family into new place, unload Martin's inventory, unload Allegra's inventory, unload Pollux's inven - CRASH. Great. Reload. Unload Martin's, Allegra's, Ruby's, and Ruben's inventories, SAVE. Unload Pollux's inven - crash, on a different item. Firk ding blast. Reload. Play Uberhood Challenge hood.

Back up game. Try to access Pollux's inventory in SimPE; SimPE's display problems on my Windows 7 machine prevent me from removing anything. Fine. Put neighborhood on flash drive, carry across hall, remove both items that crashed Pollux's inventory plus anything that looks even a little wonky in SimPE on the XP machine, copy neighborhood back onto flash drive, walk back across the hall, delete last copy, load this one. Unload Martin's, Allegra's, Ruby's, and Ruben's inventories, SAVE. Unload Pollux's inven - crash, on a Maxis cellphone. Reload, play Uberhood Challenge hood, repeat procedure, ask advice, empty everything from Pollux's inventory right down to the last slice of pizza and the Renu-U potion, fix up house, finally play first day in the Goreys' new place.

Martin and Pollux go to work. Ruby gets a job in the law career, buys Old Gorey Place. Allegra and Ruby take care of Ruben and Allegra, after placing Gothpuss's grave (thank goodness I put it in her inventory, not Pollux's!) and mourning at it, gets a new kitten, Snagglepuss. Ruby goes down to Old Gorey Place, where all the custom paintings have vanished! Firk ding blast - okay, she gets it set up to sell pottery, rugs, catalog paintings, and fabric arts, comes home. Martin and Pollux come home, Pollux with a want to talk to Ruben, aw! Too bad the advice I got indicates that Pollux will probably always have a glitched inventory now and there's no cure. I've never liked Pollux much but if he rolls wants like that I might start to. Martin and Allegra go out to finish setting up the Old Gorey Place and demonstrate that if one of them makes a pot on the wheel here it'll go into Ruby's inventory, as the owner. Pollux takes the first night outing, from Sara Starchild, who is one of his dad's friends. They have a nice time at my revised Maple Springs and then he brings them home because he's tired. Martin, Allegra, and Ruben meet Georgia Hawkins, who is a witch; Ruben keeps demanding attention of her and not getting it. Well, she's only a Hawkins by marriage. Hot-tubbing, refreshments, and a good time all around. So glad to be done with the crashing!

On to the Chalmers house, where Brady Estic and his much-younger babymama Allyn Chalmers are singing a duet and furious with each other. Oh, right, she and Estebanico Casa autonomously flirted while Brady was on the same lot last rotation, didn't they? And it's the twins birthday, and Allyn wants to throw a party, hurray! I got Allyn and Brady rested enough to start the party, and CRASH!


Second time through, we got all the way through the party, which was a roof-raiser despite, or perhaps because, Allyn invited both the guys she has crushes on, Estebanico Casa and Billy Ghote, while Brady invited his (pregnant) daughter Margaret, who hates Allyn or, as she is known to Brady's late wife's side of the family, The Floozy. Billy, already upset at the recent death of his wife, was incensed when Allyn and Brady tried out make-up flirts. (Allyn's a former Diva, Brady's a former Mr. Big - their flirts are never rejected!) Brady played darts with Estebanico, which sounds dangerous but had no repercussions. The boys, Allan and Ryan, grew up, still indistinguishable except for their hairstyles and their differently awful transition outfits. Margaret, being pregnant, raided their refrigerator, sang some karaoke, and took a bubble bath. After the party guests cleared out, Allyn took the boys out in the jag to buy more fashionable outfits and -


That does it. Downtown is just too glitchy to play!

So Drama Acres woke up to find that a satellite landed on Downtown and ignited the trace Unobtainium in the soil. The entire place is a burnt-out, uninhabitable wreck! Fortunately insurance companies have paid promptly for lost property, including businesses. Many families have connections in Drama Acres and are taking temporary refuge with them. The Beares are in Petra Ottomas's apartment (which is completely unviable). The Chalmers family have moved in with Margaret. Ashley and Brittany Pitts-Upsnott, and their dog Shep, have had to move in with their daughter Ashleigh even though they hate her wife Kestrel and don't even know her housemate Harlan Hawkins, who is supposed to be moving in his boyfriend Miguel when he graduates next rotation so they can all start a big happy cross-polinating queer family. Miguelito Casa and Minerva Newson are having to accommodate his parents, brother, and pregnant sister-in-law - on their wedding day. Leslie Gay and her cat Enola have moved in with her brother's family - they have room, since Ben's daughter-in-law Rosemary hasn't bee successful at conceiving yet.

The biggest problem was the Warehouse Kids: teens Lazlo Neugierig and Marie Tierra, child Dixon Tierra, toddler Scottie Tierra, cats Swagger and Mia, and Google the womrat. Lazlo is going steady with Alma Newson, Gavin's daughter, so the perfect thing would be for Gavin to insist on them all moving into his house. It's totally something he'd do, given his history. But Gavin's living with his two daughters, his wife, and a cat, and even with larger households, the game won't let me merge them because of the three cats. So they're currently in Diff and Annie's house, where there isn't room for them, and I'll just have to figure it out.

The remaining families will be making use of the emergency trailers provided by the Munny Foundation to start building Newtown, where no doubt we'll see that Mrs. C and the grand vampires have survived. I'll be merging some households and putting others in trailer compounds built as apartments. I intend to kill off a small number of people and maybe do another couple of evil things. The graves are all safe, including the pets, and will for the most part be reinterred in Drama Acres Memorial Park. I'm kind of excited about it now I've had time to absorb it and make story about it.

But it'll mean a certain amount of building, some of the households are getting their storylines shaken up in a big way, and it may not even solve the problem, since I don't know what it is. Drama Acres may be toast even after all this work. But we shall see.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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The Grunt household is a very depressing place these days. Buck misses Bella. She was the only one who ever paid attention to him and was always willing to play chess or watch a movie with him. He is angry at both Buzz and Tank for running her off. Tank doesn't miss her, but he regrets his actions considering the outcome. Buzz is still furious at Tank for tricking Bella into getting abducted. He blames Tank for everything. He seems to have forgotten that if he hadn't messed with her birth control in the first place, she wouldn't have gotten pregnant from the abduction. He bought a bar and drank pretty much all of time. He would go into drunken rages and scream at the boys. Buck was spending all his time hiding in his room playing with his toys or painting. Tank finally broke down and went to the boarding house to see Bella and begged her to return. She refused, of course, but that didn't stop her from trying to hit on Tank while he was there (romance sims ) So now Tank is concentrating on getting into college. He saves his money from work, studies to get scholarships, and has reached the top of the teen military career (the military will pay for some of his college). In his free time, he visits the Curious brothers. He started visiting just to see baby Mercury, who he misses quite a bit (if you haven't read previous posts, this is Bella's unwanted abduction baby that Tank let Lazlo adopt). However, these men were so sympathetic to his situation with his dad that they have become father figures to him. They had been plotting to find a woman for Buzz so he could hopefully get over Bella. Before any matchmaking could occur, though, Buck told his school counselor about his dad's out of control drinking. The military discretely sent Buzz off to rehab, leaving Tank to care for Buck until dad returns. I have a feeling that Buzz might find the woman of his dreams at rehab.
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I created a knowledge SIM specifically because I wanted some SIM company while doing my own academic research and the durn woman wanted to be a ballet dancer! WTH? I maxed out everything that should make her an intellectual and she says she's born to dance. So now I have this woman who's constantly vacillating between her ballet bar and her telescope. Sheesh!
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Jane and Martin Ruben welcomed in their first biological child, Marshall Ruben to the family. Another son, to go with Jane's 2 adoptive sons Enzio and Remington. 3 days of maternity leave and then Jane is back to working/living at the Orphanage for 5 rotations (I alternate between her, Isabella Gough and Sarah Love so that they can all have their own families in between). I'm pretty happy about welcoming a new baby to the family because Martin's brother Joshua has recently had a daughter, so now they can grow up together and be best friends Unlike Joshua and Martin who don't ever seem to want to have anything to do with each other. I'm thinking more children might be in the future for Jane as she just rolled a want to have 10 children, though maybe not with Martin seeing as he's rolling lots of wants to kiss and flirt and dance with Allegra Gorey.

Nobody knows what's happening in the Cleveland household. Justin was suppose to inherit the apartment and his parents move out to the quieter town of Pleasantview - but of course that's not the case, First Jason cheated and Marissa found out, then Marissa gave birth to twins that did not look like Jason. Jason moved out and now one of the twins (Coral) lives with Marissa - since Malcolm Landgraab IV took his illegitimate son Calvin in. So now Marissa is still in the apartment with Justin who supposedly owns the apartment and wants to give it a make-over so him and Tara can start their lives together, but he has a little half-sister walking round.... well.. running now, seeing as she's just had her birthday. Maybe it's about time Marissa and Coral move out and let Justin get on with his life? hmm...

Finally after months of sleeping on the sofa to let his pregnant grand-niece(?) have his bed, Carlos Contender became a... whatever your mother's grandpa's brother is called. Sofia had been kicked out by her parents after becoming pregnant with a teen-townie's baby. I decided to name the baby Patience after one of Sofia's relatives, and I gave her the last name 'Contender' because when Carlos dies of old age, Patience will inherit the house (or rather Sofia will, but she might move out and get married when Patience is older).

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I'm working on the Tricou family right now. I revived them and Rainelle a few days ago and put them up in the House of Fallen Trees(or rather, a remodeled version of it). I decided to add Jon Smith's other children to household and then have them all move into their own house with Rainelle. My headcanon is all of their moms are dead and so the Tricous are supporting them all now, and Rainelle is living with them because, since she's been dead all this time, all her money is gone and so she needs their help. I may have her marry Fricorith when he becomes an adult, but I haven't decided. Since I play the Tricous as a vampire family, I turned them all into vampires and made them up in more fitting clothes. I'm not really sure about their appearance, though. I'm using HP's vampire default right now but I'm thinking of switching to something else
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The Inbetween House
Don Lindstrom, Troya Sulky, Sven Broodschraag and Sietse Bronkhorst live there.

Troya is the only female in this dorm, but that doesn't bother her. She's practically living together with her lover Don. That's what counts.
Then she can steal a kiss whenever she spots him in the house and whenever she feels like it. Although they do each have their own bedroom.

Troya's the type for simple sleeveless short dresses and flip-flops. Don is the type for simple pants with a t-shirt and, what we call in the Netherlands, 'jezus-nikes'.
Both like to show their feet.

Don started his fourth year in major Literature and has fallen behind overtime. He misses insight. That will cost him points on his first semester exam. Unless he takes action to improve that weakness. Troya started her second year and worries about nothing. That's why she went to bed at a decent hour and Don was up in the middle of the night.

He tried out the new bought checker table first chance he got. He didn't know upfront there were plans for bringing that into the dorm on the first floor, in the hallway.
When he came upstairs, he stopped in his tracks.
His reaction as soon as he spotted it: 'Neat!'
He had his doubts about the interior sense of the one who chose the seats, though. It sure wasn't his taste.
Nevertheless he sat down to figure out how to stay one step ahead of things. More than one would come later. Starting easy.

Don had no idea Sven and Sietse were spending the night in Sven's room together. He could see their door but saw or heard nothing. It's unclear if something's going on between those two. It might even be more mysterious because it seems Sietse is hiding out in Sven's room. Sven just goes about his normal routine.

Another part of Corner Uni life involves gardening projects for each dorm.
Project Nature.
At the Inbetween House that meant six marihuana-plants and one orange tree. It was only partly succesfull. The orange tree's still thriving. The marihuana-plants pined away.
Troya and Don did their best, but it had seemed they came two people short. Because they weren't sure how 'The Board' would react about weed plants on university ground, Troya and Don got rid of them. And then came up with an excuse that some (other) plant they had chosen wasn't suitable for this environment and for that reason died. Luckily it's just a participation project. If it had counted as a grade combined with their major course grade, they might have flunked the semester.

Don made it through his semester exam with a seven. He figured that the work he had done so far most definitely enough to pass. Why else had he before he had to show up taken care of his needs and watched tv, totally relaxed, the last hours.
Troya starts her second semester in her second year. She passed with an eight.
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