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#8476 Old 22nd Nov 2015 at 8:25 PM
Originally Posted by Justpetro
I have never found Uni too long myself and still play it the unmodded way. Time passes quickly - my Sims leave for community lots early in the morning, where they spend a day or two, and return to the dorm late at night. They basically only sleep at the dorms. The uni clock in the game keeps ticking, so it is final exam before you know it. Sometimes one Sim will accidentally be left at the dorm (my fault ) and will then stay a couple of hours longer in the end. I also make a point of sending each student (normally 6 per dorm) out on his/her own as well - that way, they do not all graduate at the same time. My Sims have rather simple dorms and have to go to community lots to skill. And if they have all the necessary skills, they can go and perform with their band; busk for more money, buy clothes, fish or swim or hang out at their hobby clugs. This means that they will leave Uni with a whole bunch of friends too. I have the uni kitchen and chef on all the "official" lots (library, sport grounds, etc). so that they do not go hungry. They also take friends and family on outings.
I guess that is one of the "playing around a problem" things that I have learned in my vanilla game; and I like playing this way.

I love this, and now that I think about it, that was my own dorm experience, which was basically sleeping, showering and doing some of my assignments at the dorm, with studying/research and most eating done around campus. In fact, I just looked at my university's website, and the same dorm's amenities, which consist of a sitting area with a TV, some tables with chairs, and vending machines on every floor, haven't changed since I attended some 30+ years ago. The only thing added looks to be wi-fi. Of course, there are also newer dorms with private bathrooms, places to dine and workout rooms, but I've already been there, done that at TS2 university!

Anyhoo, next time I play Uni outside of a Greek House, I'm going to try Justpetro's way and see how it goes!

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#8477 Old 22nd Nov 2015 at 9:22 PM
Recently, I've finished building the Gavigan House. The Gavigans live in a yellowish house, while the Goodies live in a greenish house. Later, I will furnish the Gavigan House and play the Gavigans for a while before moving onto the next family: the Travellers. I plan to move the Tinkers across the street from the Gavigans, so it seems like they are next-door neighbors and close friends from the start. I can't say which color I will assign the Tinker family, because I typically just look at the mailbox colors or predominant color of the house to guess the family color.

ETA: The Gavigans live in a Victorian house, modeled on the Will Wright dollhouse. The Goodies live in a country-style house based on a real country house floorplan.
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#8478 Old 23rd Nov 2015 at 7:19 AM
Right now in my game I'm enjoying watching my custom hood take off! I named it Jewels Canyon. Its the first self made hood that has made it past the first week without me being like noooo allll wrong and deleting it only to start over. I know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results. But! Now I have! I feel good about this hood. I'm kinda letting things play out while planning the in betweens. After a long Sims 2 block I feel like I'm finally enjoying the game again!
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#8479 Old 23rd Nov 2015 at 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by Juliapaige1992
Right now in my game I'm enjoying watching my custom hood take off! I named it Jewels Canyon.

Oooh, can we see some pictures please?

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#8480 Old 23rd Nov 2015 at 1:25 PM
@Jojoa777 did you place the mod into a sub folder?

I put the semester changer mod in before loading up and let the dorm I am playing finish their 48 hours then they went to exam and I thought they would then have taken on the new mods system but instead it showed 72 hours as if I had no mod in at all. Do I have to do something else to make it take?

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#8481 Old 23rd Nov 2015 at 5:48 PM
So I played the Catnip house again and some wild shit happened. Nilla fought a 'friend' he brought home from work after they argued and fought for a long while, and won. He kicked the guy out and now he creeps around to steal their newspapers. Time to make a Sentrybot! He and West grew into elderhood and he retired after getting demoted for the third or fourth time. He never really was that lucky with work, but at least they're not in the negatives again. West himself aged gracefully and now he hits the bubbles before work now. He's done his hard work raising two kids, so he gets a lot of leeway now while Blooky picks up where he left off-the house is full of aging appliances and there's not enough room for everyone that lives there now, but she's going to try to make it work with Janani, who she got engaged to just hours after she grew up.

After some woohoo in the only double bed, there was some chimes so the second generation is well underway and they're going to get married soon but there's still a space crisis going on with very little fundage. It's not easy for them but they're going to try to make it work without resorting to the same kind of loan that kept Blooky from going to college. Mettaton met a guy named Yisroel Lentil that he had three bolts with, only he was an adult, so he was aged down and given a makeover and it turns out that he was the town DJ. That didn't mess anything up, did it? They're both romance but I'm trying to train them so they'll be crazy about each other instead of literally everyone else.

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#8482 Old 23rd Nov 2015 at 8:24 PM
The communist leader of SimColony made a radical life decision, selling his house to start a general store on his lawn. (A. T. Rowe has some funny ideas about the amount and value of stock a general store needs to be successful). The shop has everything from sturdy plastic chairs to piles of logs, all for a low, low price (Except for that floor lamp over there. That's pretty pricey, man). It might have been more successful had he remembered not to sell his shower and bed as well. After some stock was sold back to rectify this, he had more success and earned $1000 for being a promising new business. What his (still regularly-housed) have to say about this turn to rampant capitalism has yet to be discovered.

Meanwhile, the Verence family welcomes their third baby into the family, a girl called Isobel. Nobody has seen any photos of her, or indeed her siblings. Fier'faw'fen has requested his family's privacy be respected. A. T. Rowe doesn't mind as long as the children go to school when they're old enough and everyone is happy* Which at this time they are.

Finally, SimHampton University has refused to admit any students this month, as every single teenager failed the entrance exam. The examining board's comments included, "Educated teens should be able to do quadriatic equations standing on their heads!", "We simply don't have time to re-teach Classic Dance to teens interested in Drama studies" and "What do you mean, most students have never even heard of the great Cyber-Pan-Theoretic philosophers Medesium and Thrakes, let alone understand how to have a written Pelardisian discussion about their theories of metaphysics?"

A survey of the teenagers within SimHampton University's catchment area found:
  • 2% believed they "might" have spelt their name wrong on the exam
  • 5% missed the last page of the exam completely, either due to running out of time or because they assumed the two-page Philosophy question (where the question took half a page to describe and was about the subject described in the final exam board comment) was the last question (the last page, for those wondering, held the Biology question)
  • 42% were offended by the comments about Classic Dance as they had described the dance "exactly as their relatives danced it" (most common responses were parents, grandparents and Jenny Smith)
  • 7% got the Business question wrong by confusing the terms "profit" and "loss", and another 7% got the same question wrong by confusing the terms "profit" and "prophet" (all of whom also claimed they'd mistaken it for the Literature question, which was about popular paperback Prophecy of Periluminous Peril Part III)
  • 75% were not confident they'd got everything in the Maths mini-section correct (which was entirely on quadriatic equations)
  • 25% were totally certain they'd got everything wrong in the Maths mini-section because they'd drawn pictures of university quads instead of answering the questions.
  • 95% thought the Philosophy question was totally unfair to pose to a bunch of prospective university students.

    The latter point so interested the surveyers that they had a second survey about the teenagers' knowledge of philosophy:
  • 48% had taken philosophy at school, of whom 85% had at least passed and 55% had shown "distinctive merit"
  • 8% had heard of Cyber-Pan-Theoretic philosophy (Sidenote: it is not a subject normally addressed at secondary school level, though some schools offer it as an optional module).
  • 4% remembered Medesium from History class (Sidenote: he was a general who conquered most of the Valgoni Isles using sword and jelly powder, then ruled them with an iron fist until a vengeful population discovered he couldn't swim. Utterly irrelevant to the exam but usually motivates the academically curious to pay attention to his philosophy - to avoid his mistakes)
  • 8% recalled Thrakes from a televised rant Faith Goodie had about that philosopher's strange ideas about SimNation residing on a "hard drive" a few months ago) (Sidenote: this would have enough information to get marks on the philosophy question had any student actually thought to note this on their papers - none did!)
  • 39% thought they knew what Pelardisian discussion was. 99% of those people thought it was the latest album title from The Pradical Llamas. (Sidenote: further research from the Music professors determined that The Pradical Llamas did indeed release the Silver (so far) album "Pelardisian Discussion" two days prior to the exam, though none of the faculty admitted to having listened to such middle-of-the-road heavy metal. The album also has no detectable connection with the argument format intended by the exam).

* - apart from anything else, it means nobody is investigating his not-entirely-communist lawn megastore.
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#8483 Old 23rd Nov 2015 at 9:50 PM
Unfortunately Simsample I don't have the internet on the laptop I play on, and I blog on modthesims from my phone. LOL. Right now in my game my neighbors are learning about each other still. Lorelai Humphrey and Jake Mercer got to know each other a little too well and Jake knocked up Lorelai who already has a daughter. He did the right thing proposed, he allowed Lorelai and her daughter to move in with him and his brother John, and they were married at Lorelais bestfriend Rachel's house. It was all done shotgun style so they'd be hitched and living together before baby got here! Which he did little precious baby boy Bobby Mercer!
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#8484 Old 24th Nov 2015 at 1:05 PM
Originally Posted by Juliapaige1992
I know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results.

Not necessarily. You are changing all the time, so you cannot possibly do the same thing over again in exactly the same way. That is why so many of us restart our neighborhoods, to play the same sims over again, but more cannily.
Something weird is happening in my game. I visited Albany Capp at two o'clock on Wednesday. He was teaching a nursery rhyme to the toddler Ariel. His wife Goneril was at work, a cadet in law enforcement. Their other children, Hal and Desdemona, were at school. Well, the nursery rhyme lesson ended, three o'clock came and went, and no family came home. Their portraits in the UI showed they were tired and hungry. Albany served dinner, and ate it alone. I played on, fascinated to see what would happen. Next day at six o'clock, the absent Hal became a teenager, and I was asked to choose his aspirations. So far I had avoided saving, not wanting to seal in the glitch; but now I went to La Tour Academy to introduce Hal into a dorm. He arrived quite all right, not at all starving and exhausted as I expected.
Back in Veronaville, Goneril and Desdemona had still not come home. Ariel aged into a child and went to school. On Saturday the absent Desdemona aged into a teenager, so I sent her to college as well. The Capp dorm is now full, with six Capps. When Ariel becomes a teenager I'll make Tybalt drop out, or find another university place, to make room for her. That leaves only Goneril in desperately poor condition, all her motives totally depleted. I keep waiting to see whether she will die. If not, I suppose I'll have to devise some way of bringing her home - perhaps the Tombstone of Life and Death? Albany gets on very well without her.
#8485 Old 24th Nov 2015 at 1:49 PM Last edited by SuperSimoholic : 24th Nov 2015 at 6:01 PM.
I made a new, quite big, but really simple neighbourhood template. I've got all the clean and empty hoods and no regen mods so no townies and I have a strict "no NPC becomes part of the family" rule. I started with one guy, Archer Gold, and then I made a house with 3 different women and let Archer choose which one to marry. Their last name was "Doll" because the hood has a postwar america vibe. He picked Eliza.

I'm a little ashamed to say that for the longest time, I've only played with motive objects. So, I decided to play properly.

It went so smooth I felt silly for every using cheats! Everyone was in platinum or at the very least gold aspiration, never had low motives, had a healthy garden, the babies got all their toddler skills (and they first pregnancy was natural twins!). It was all good... until the 4th baby was born. Then, everything just fell apart. Probably because there was only one toilet, one bath, and for some reason none of the kids would sleep in their own beds.
Eventually I just busted out the motive cheats because I wasn't having fun any more, with everyone in the red, the kids a grade away from being taken away, because they couldn't do their homework.

The twins (male, Issac, and female, Ella) were really creepy, they insisted on sleeping together in the mum and dads bed, even as teens...

Oh well. Next generation, I'm going to open a shop and sell snapdragon bouquets instead. They release puffs of pink gas that puts up all motives, except sleep, so I put one on the bed stand next to each bed and as the sims sleeps all their motives go up. I limit it to one plant per bed, unless it's a double bed, but only if two sims sleep in the double bed.

Now, Archer and Eliza are elders, the eldest twins, Issac and Ella are teens, as are Ezmé and Arah, and the youngest, Arthur is still a kid.
I have my hood linked to La Fiesta Tech for my uni kids, because my hood is in the desert, and Issac and Ella are a few days away from shipping off.
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#8486 Old 24th Nov 2015 at 4:15 PM
Music2ologist, if you save and quit while sims are off the lot they get stuck sometimes. You can get her back with a teleporter by summoning and moving her into another lot; or you can move the whole family out and in again, and she should be with the family when it moves back in.

Last night, Valentine Hart of the GS Uberhood invited his oldest son's family over to spend Sunday. Since Rhett has six kids above toddler living with him and Valentine's second family has four teens and a toddler at home, the day was happy chaos and he got to play catch with the granddaughter who intends to follow in his footsteps to sports stardom. What he was doing when Grim tapped him on the shoulder, though, was taking the compost out.

Much weeping. His second wife Mary is a wreck. Toddler True doesn't understand what's going on but she knows she wants her daddy. I'm kind of messed up about it, too. All the times I've seen Val die in other people's games, you'd think I'd be used to it...

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#8487 Old 24th Nov 2015 at 5:06 PM
The fourth set of twins have been born in my new hood. Now there are 4 sets of twins and I have 6 households. At least the wives are getting older now, so I think the families are complete. Weirdly enough, my one and only female family Sim does not have twins.
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#8488 Old 24th Nov 2015 at 8:36 PM
Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
Music2ologist, if you save and quit while sims are off the lot they get stuck sometimes. You can get her back with a teleporter by summoning and moving her into another lot; or you can move the whole family out and in again, and she should be with the family when it moves back in.

That must be what happened - life got in my way, and I had to save and quit while they were off lot.
I really struggled with this problem. I tried with the 'summon' part of simblender, but that didn't work; neither did any option on the Tombstone of Life and Death. Then it occurred to me that, while Goneril was stuck off lot, I could still max her motives. So I did that, and then next thing I knew, she was strolling onto the lot to pick up the newspaper. How did that happen?

Still, I'm glad it did. She's much nicer than her husband, even if she does have that distorted Capp jaw, and that absurd clothing. Cheong-sam with skirt split to the waist, peephole between the breasts, and black boots and long black socks with sock suspenders! Maxi's idea of a joke, I suppose. Anyway, she asked for a car, and drove to the library, where she met Nathan Gavigan. Three lightning bolts! Her life is getting more interesting.
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#8489 Old 24th Nov 2015 at 11:15 PM Last edited by lilyeverlasting : 24th Nov 2015 at 11:29 PM.
Loaded up Widespot and got quite the surprise when Woody Weiss, after coming home from school and sighing and groaning about cleaning up because Penny was too tired to (the pregnancy is really kicking her butt right now and I'm trying not to use any cheats), called up Mary Land.

It was a relationship I hadn't anticipated, and sat there open mouthed when he booty called her.

Mary Land! *throws hands up in the air*

However, Mary seems to have a conscience, because no dirty deeds were done in Skye's bed (or maybe I'm just missing a part of a mod because I know I have teen/adult attraction enabled, but I didn't think I had any woohoo interactions enabled, so I was surprised. And I always set everything to 0 in ACR so one night stands can be had) . So the story I came up with in my head to support how this even happened is this: on impulse, Woody blurted out his attraction to his sister's best friend. It was a simple observation at first. He'd seen and talked to Mary loads of times. But then one day, he found himself head over heels. When had these feelings changed? Had he always felt this way? Woody couldn't say. He wished he could fall in love with his own best friend, Dixie (he rolled a want to do so and I locked it but so far the two have no chemistry). It would be easier if he fell for someone he could actually have.

Unable to hide these feelings any longer, because he was literally beginning to feel sick with it, he called up Mary-and panicked. He invited her over under the pretense that Penny wanted to see her, but was too tired to get out of bed. Concerned, Mary hurried on over. When she found Woody waiting outside for her, she got the shock of her life when the boy suddenly blurted that he'd lied. He just wanted to talk to her. It snowballed from there.

"I'm only 10 days away from being an adult!" he argued, wondering if he was heartbroken by the obvious, but gentle, rejection. Mary only smiled, and maybe she indulged him a little, because she spent a couple hours talking to Woody, and then they ended the afternoon with a game of poker. Skye meddled with a bunch of things awkwardly in the background.

Penny was curious to find Mary over when she got out of bed, and the two friends shared an inside joke and some gossip, but Mary conveniently left out Woody's confession.
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#8490 Old 24th Nov 2015 at 11:45 PM
Pierre had planned to move back to the farmhouse where he grew up but his mother insisted he join her at the Landgraab residence as a member of the family. Unfortunately, the Landgraabs didn't get rich by being charitable, Mal is not happy with the arrangement especially since Mal V is still a baby. Isolde is furious at Mal for not accepting her son and, if she's honest with herself, bored of the "trophy housewife" role Mrs. Landgraab has to play. Mal doesn't care, he has his heir, in fact he quite likes the idea of being single again, free to play the field while a nanny takes care of the baby stuff.

Brandon La Forge, when he aged chose the perfect outfit, a checkered shirt with fanny pack, shorts, socks and sandals. It fit his personality perfectly. Despite having the hots for Bella he knew he would never get her so he settled for the friendly professor who kept coming by to hang out, they eventually got married and moved into a house where they lived until her death. No children due to her being elderly, now his sister has also graduated and moved in temporarily, he wants children but I have no idea who he can possibly attract.

Sandy Barker is back home and will be the woman to bring Don Lothario to his knees. Throughout college she was the queen of the players, maintaining high scores both academically and romantically. Now she's back and has no interest in the farm girl life, she wants glam and glitz and Don is just the guy to give it to her; although neither he nor Cas know this yet.
Speaking of Cass and Don, with their work schedules the only member of the family they see consistently is Zoom the dog, when Cass arrives Don is leaving for work and vice versa. I cannot bring myself to keep them together so this play-through Don will get Sandy and I'll have to find someone for Cass, still debating on allowing a nooboo before the divorce…

Making the Teens from the Tricou family tree:

Kiernan has met Kirsten Teens and became her lover, when she fell in love with him she told him briefly about knowing Jon, his ex father-in-law, and introduced him to her children. Although she never explicitly stated it Kiernan has a suspicion about the parentage of her kids and has started digging, he knows if his suspicions are true he will have hit the jackpot. He'd have leverage to blackmail Jon, thus granting himself a nice little fortune, and it'll be the perfect weapon to wield against Nylisst`.

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#8491 Old 24th Nov 2015 at 11:50 PM
Originally Posted by Sanypsia
But, I did think their loading screen was cute, since I had merged the households shortly before Robert's deaths.
It's good to know I'm not the only person that merges households. I'll even create separate distinct families in create-a-sim if there's something more involved going on.

In fact, in one of my neighborhoods, such a lot of five Sims are the only residents! They live in separate buildings, courtesy of the Oakwood Mobile Home Park download. The only teen boy and only teen girl figured out they were meant for each other (I wonder who did that? :D), while the father of the teen boy is thinking of adopting via the telephone as the teens are about to become adults themselves.
Originally Posted by Juliapaige1992
Unfortunately Simsample I don't have the internet on the laptop I play on, and I blog on modthesims from my phone. LOL.
Depending on your cell phone provider and/or phone, you might have wifi hotspot or USB cable capability. If you have wifi hotspot you can connect your computer using wifi similar to at a restaurant (sometimes they charge extra for this, so check first). If you have a USB cable or a removable memory card you can copy pictures from the computer to the memory card, and load them to the board that way.

As for my own game, I haven't had much time for Sims 2 as of late and have played a few eventless days of Sedona. Unless visiting the store to buy groceries is an exciting event worthy of pictures. Wait, that sounds like something Aaron Atkins would do…
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#8492 Old Yesterday at 5:46 AM
Uni has been like musical chairs with me going from 48 hours to 36 hours back to 48 hours and now 2 day years. I don't think the students know if they are coming or going.
Over at the dorm with Philip, Shane and Lucy, Philip had managed to scrape past each semester mostly with Shane's help to do group study.

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#8493 Old Yesterday at 4:49 PM
I'm playing the Hood Building Groups's Shady Shores and allowing each family to resurrect whoever they want on the first day. Well, family sim Esra Parks didn't roll any resurrection wants, so she's stuck with taking care of two toddlers on her own. Poor lady, she's being run ragged by those kids. But she doesn't want to ask for help. She did want to become friends with Karen Marshal, maybe she's hoping Karen will come by and help out. (I've already played Karen's house and she rolled the want to resurrect her husband, so she has help.)
#8494 Old Yesterday at 6:18 PM
Goopy lost his shirt?

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#8495 Old Yesterday at 6:58 PM
Originally Posted by Duine
Goopy lost his shirt?
Goopy showed up at a test business without his mis-matched shirt. It might have been defaulted
somehow, or he just got tired of everyone making fun of him. Maybe it was in the wash, he wasn't sure.

It's a default replacement, I have that replacement too and a default replacement for his shorts. I kind of miss the old Goopy look.

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#8496 Old Yesterday at 7:52 PM
I thought it was a default but normally I don't default what a townie or npc would wear. He does look better though. In Vincent's Life Stories, theres a sim dressed like that too.

“If all insects on Earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on Earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.” Jonas Salk, biologist Sums it up, really!
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#8497 Old Yesterday at 8:40 PM
My computer seems to be taking sides in the Mann Marital Crisis.

Since Candy's father had just died, I didn't feel I could direct her or the twins this session; and I felt I could only direct Junior a little, since he's also recently bereaved and also needs to Mann up and give me something to work with instead of making up his mind for him all the time. I swear playing Junior is like sculpting marshmallows. Anyway, his Younger Model, Ashley Pitts, showed up and started attacking Candy, all day long. When Candy won Junior would wander away; when Ashley won, sometimes Junior wandered away and sometimes he hugged her. The girls were in a state and almost starved - Angeline, who's been doing most of the cooking, got stuck on the guitar and wouldn't get off, while Lana cleaned things and played videogames. I finally got Lana to say good-bye to Ashley, but she just came right back. In the evening, Junior went to work - and his mother, who died hating Candy, showed up and started to persecute her! I finally decided Candy had no reason to take this crap anymore and started loading up her inventory in preparation for her moving into her little sister's spare room. As I was placing the last item, though, my game crashed!

I hadn't saved or gone to a community lot all that long miserable day, so when I reloaded the game and opened it up again, I was right back at the beginning. Junior behaved a little less cluelessly (a low gate to get over), and Ashley didn't show up till afternoon. She lost most of the fights she picked, too. The girls came even closer to starving, and I decided that Junior should drag everyone out to a restaurant. Lana didn't make it, because Rich manifested to spook her as she was leaving; but Junior got Candy to agree to join an outing so they could all eat together. They're both furious with each other (because Candy has taken to poking Junior instead of just ignoring him and rejecting his hamhanded romantic advances), but the numbers started creeping up as they ate, so that was something. She was still not happy when she went to bed that night, but Rich didn't pick on her and things were not in such dire shape that I felt moving out was the only acceptable option, so she's still there. For now!

It was a great relief to move on to the Lands, where it was Sunday. Beulah invited household on Mary and Dixie so she could see her pregnant and her bereaved daughters. Mary held it together pretty well, only playing with a flour baby once, but when asked what she wanted only replied "get a kitten," which the Lands didn't have to give her. Phin made friends with his cousin Cole, though, and everyone - including Dixie's husband Woody! - fussed with baby Grace, who will grow to toddler on Monday. Scot has Monday off from his job at the County Extension Office, so it looks good for making Baby #3 on Grace's birthday. Beulah is likely to die then, too, though...

The Weiss house was also a relief to play. Penny and Nick had the day off. Nick went on a date with Davina Ottomas, who briefly wanted to get engaged to him but in the end settled for woohoo. Between Nick and Penny, Little Skye learned to walk in time to grow up in platinum, while his brother Bud, Uncle Woody, and assorted other friends were present. Mary did not come with that bunch, though she was included in it; didn't feel up to it, I expect, poor thing. I hate to see her and little True in aspiration failure, especially since Mary's about to grow to elder. If visiting Aiken at college and Dixie downtown don't cheer her up I may give them some aging off days. Because what else is player favoritism for?

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . My most recent book is Sullivan, That Summer. Widespot and Widespot RFD: The Subhood are both available here. In case you care.)
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#8498 Old Yesterday at 10:08 PM
Another birth today, probably the last birth in the first generation. And, guess what? Twins! Now there are five sets of twins in the hood of 6 families. Two families do not have twins, one couple has two sets.
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