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#7551 Old 28th Apr 2015 at 5:27 AM
After trying to conceive for so long Aiko and has wife Natasha finally went through with adoption. Her name is Georgina and I think she was a Newson because her bio says she has a twin (woops!). Sorry for splitting you guys up! Does anyone know how she looks like when she's older? She looks a little funky as a toddler but I know that doesn't always mean they'll look weird when older. At least she blends in because Aiko and Natasha have brown hair too. Anyway..guess who's pregnant? Hint: Not Aiko. Of course this would happen. They don't make a lot and have spent most of their savings on In vitro. For the love of god, please don't be twins!

At the Reyes household, the triplets have aged into teenagers. You think one teenager is bad, try three! So many moody hormonal attitudes! James and his sister Jayne are both popularity sims while their sister Veronica got knowledge. Jame and Jayne have the same wide mouthy/lippy look to them, though James has his great-grandfather's wide nose. Veronica must have have eaten more than them or something because she has all the good looks! (Just kidding, I know DNA doesn't really work like that)

At the Landgraab (III) household Marcus and Kate held a big wedding and finally tied the knot! They're now expecting their first child. Sarah Hart is completely heart broken since she's madly in love with him. I guess she can just settle for the recently divorced Ian Harris.
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#7552 Old 28th Apr 2015 at 5:38 AM
I just learned how to recolor objects! It is so easy I wish I learned how to do this earlier. *continues recoloring spree*
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#7553 Old 28th Apr 2015 at 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by Gcgb53191
After trying to conceive for so long Aiko and has wife Natasha finally went through with adoption. Her name is Georgina and I think she was a Newson because her bio says she has a twin (woops!). Sorry for splitting you guys up! Does anyone know how she looks like when she's older? She looks a little funky as a toddler but I know that doesn't always mean they'll look weird when older. At least she blends in because Aiko and Natasha have brown hair too. Anyway..guess who's pregnant? Hint: Not Aiko. Of course this would happen. They don't make a lot and have spent most of their savings on In vitro. For the love of god, please don't be twins!

Hah, that just reminds me of stories of people adopting ~50 years ago. A lot of them ended up with, yup, an adopted kidlet and the woman being pregnant.

This is Georgia Newson, by the way. No idea what she looks like as she grows up.
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#7554 Old 28th Apr 2015 at 1:33 PM
I just recently started playing Pleasantview for the first time. I've played about 5 sessions at the absolute maximum, and I think I'm becoming a little obsessed already! The only CAS family I have moved in are Oda and Wally Sitko; a half polish sibling duo, hunkered down in that cramped house on 70 middle lane until they figure out where the hell they're going in life. Oda is consistently climbing the adventurer career track, but being a fortune sim and all is making it hard to save any of the money she's getting. Wally, on the other hand, keeps bouncing around everywhere. He had been employed as an educator for about 2 sim days, before an awkward evening with a coworker IMMEDIATELY caused him to quit. It wasn't even that awkward! Honestly, he's a bit of a baby. At the store Nina Caliente insulted him and he burst into tears...only for them to start a cycle of her poking him, and him crying, and her poking him over and over and over. Jesus, Wally. Grow a pair.

And the Brokes! I had been anticipating playing them for a little while. I think Brandi looks pretty cute, and the concept of an impoverished widow trying her damned hardest to set her mourning son straight was something I adored. I half expected to fall in love with her within a few sim days, if not the first. This wasn't the case. At all. After that first day, When Dustin came home with Angela and had their first kiss, I think I've might of seen him with mostly green needs 4 times at the most(and 2 of those where cheated in!) He keeps constantly throwing tantrums and having breakdowns. She had asked him to sneak out, and despite his fear of getting caught, his exhaustion and hunger, and unfinished homework I let him out. Of course, he got caught, and his mood plummeted out of control. He rolled the wish to create a masterpiece after sobbing in the street next to the police officer, and I've locked it. Except he's NEVER happy enough, or full enough or clean enough to use the easel I sold half his room for. He's always taking care of the kids(Brandi had twins. Steven and Tyler. which I could devote a whole paragraph to on their own...) because Brandi's always burnt out...except "burnt out" is usually in the orange or yellow with her. She's been so uncooperative in my game. He got fired from his job because his homework piled up- which REALLY got me heated. He's breaking the law, why the heck do they care??-- and THAT'S made everything worse for him. With no steady cash flow coming in for them, things are only going to get worse. At least Beau acts like a complete angel. He always wants to help clean up and he's got an A+ in school. The last session I played with them, I had Brandi make them skip school JUST so that they could do all their homework, which should keep Dustin from dropping out...hopefully.

I played the Pleasants as well, but only for 2 sim days at the most. I suppose I just haven't really connected with them yet. Daniel got caught in bed with Kaylynn right on the evening of a spontaneous get together. Cassandra Goth, Dustin, and a random coworker of Mary's all decided to come over. Even though she was caught in bed with him, Kaylynn decided to stick around for a good few hours. It was oddly funny. I was relieved to see Dustin there, I thought he was going to get a deserved rest. In a lot of ways, he did, but he was pretty rude to Angela multiple times, and threw a tantrum in the bathroom. It made me sad. Lilith kept beating her up and screaming at her on top of it. Mary has been really reserved about the affair, she hasn't even lashed out at anybody yet, and Daniel seems unaffected, but I worry for Angela. What if everybody uses her as an outlet? Then what happens to her?

I am playing the Dreamers at the moment. I'm very surprised at how good the two boys clean up, and I'm enjoying their peaceful lives. I've had Lilith sleep over for the night. Her and Darren have gotten along very well, and I'm considering having her sleep over the whole week, or even move her in temporarily until everything at her home calms down. I mean, eventually Mary's going to have to deal with this, and it might not be pretty. Besides, the girls need a break from each other, and fast.
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#7555 Old 28th Apr 2015 at 2:01 PM
Georgia is boringly beautiful when she grows up:

I love the Newsons, but wish they'd done more with the faces - all the girls look alike to me, except for coloring.
I'm still getting supplemental play from the most recent phase of the GS Uberhood Challenge wrapped up before returning to Drama Acres. Rhett's DV babymama, Joan Mole, completed the biggest data heist in history, changed her appearance radically, and was extracted by her foreign government to the family bin. I felt like a monster. She attached so strongly to Rhett's kids (except the oldest, who hates her) and had fears of being enemies with the three youngest (including her own toddler, who she'd just finished teaching to talk). And oh yeah, she likes Rhett a lot, too - their chemistry wasn't that great, but she was spontaneously affectionate to him a lot. Especially around the potential future other babymamas.

So I'm playing the relevant sims at University, getting Woody through his senior year. I'm sort of kind of trying to get him up to 19 woohoos before he graduates, so he can go permaplat and marry Dixie at the same time. I'm running out of time, though, and don't think it'll happen, even working both ends of the playable ones. There's only one diner on all three campuses and prospects keep catching him with other prospects. He's living with Scot and future Mrs. Scot (Philomena Furley), who are the picture of conubial devotion barring the recurrent "fall in love with Virginia" want in Scot's panel. Virginia is at Urele-Oresha-Cham fraternity with Jinny Phoenix and Maxine Flexor, with a pledged dormie lined up, all the original sisters having graduated and moved downtown. Josephine Ruben and Cassidy Nova are living in two apartments in a quadruplex complex I built, Ashley Pitts and Devine Beare are sharing half a duplex until Devine's fiance, Allen Gorey, graduates. Ashley found work as a dancer and would be okay with sitting unplayed till I get to the last phase of the challenge, when Rhett and his brood will move downtown for a final hurrah with graduated Uni premades; but Devine was impatient and went ahead and got pregnant with Allen. The duplex wasn't actually designed with that in mind, honey...John Stacks lives in the other half of the duplex, waiting for Martina Ruben to graduate. He wants to be a cop, but had to enlist instead because I'm using no $20K handout in this hood and he couldn't wait around for his desired job. So he got a roommate to help with the bills.

Goldie Hart has graduated, moved back home to help Dad and Mary out with her little brothers, and got her LTW job in law. Her boyfriend Sirius has just graduated with enough money to rent a house behind the Beech place, but they're not engaged so she might not be leaving home right away. Dixie is living at home, painting and gardening, rolling wants to make money, but not to get a job. She has a weak heart and the rigors of paid employment might be too much for her. When she has control of her own time she can pace herself. But when Scot and Phil move in it's going to start feeling crowded in that house again, so she's keeping her eye open for other options.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . My most recent book is Sullivan, That Summer. Widespot and Widespot RFD: The Subhood are both available here. In case you care.)
#7556 Old 28th Apr 2015 at 3:06 PM Last edited by Gcgb53191 : 28th Apr 2015 at 8:21 PM.
It'll definitely be obvious that she's adopted. Not that her parents are ugly or anything but she doesn't have any features that resemble them :D

I'm starting to feel guilty about splitting them up
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#7557 Old 28th Apr 2015 at 4:50 PM
Grunt: Buzz is finding out to be careful what you wish for. After raising Ripp, Tank, Buck, and now raising his grandson Thorne, he was really hoping this new baby was a girl. Instead, Jennifer miscarried very late in the pregnancy. This was quite upsetting to everyone (me included since her motives were just fine). They decided to try again and she conceived almost immediately. It was a hard pregnancy, but she had a healthy baby boy. They named him Wade. Buzz and Jennifer must have really wanted a girl because not a day after Wade was born, a casual woo-hoo led to another pregnancy. I was going to wait until Wade was a toddler before having another, but oh well ACR had other plans. Again, they were really hoping for a girl. What they really didn't expect was THREE girls. Keeping with the general naming scheme of the family, they named them Brooke, Rose, and Jade. This was all a bit much for Jennifer who stayed home with them, 3 babies and 1 toddler are exhausting. Buck was nice enough to stay and help for a little while, but eventually he left to start his life as a pastor. He's staying in the boarding house until he earns enough to buy his own place or decides to marry Jill and move in with her.

Gavigan: These two are the very definition of can't live with them, can't live without them. It all started when they moved to Strangetown and Nathan got a job as an architect. It was a desk job and he didn't exercise much so he was really overweight, which is Mary's turn-off. She didn't want to have much to do with him, so he had an affair with Holly Anderson. Mary caught them kissing and the usual slapping/furious condition ensued. However, there wasn't enough money for either of them to pay the bills alone or move out. So they made up and Mary gave birth to twins Isabella and Ivy. Then she saw her husband flirting with Kaylynn Spitzig. She ignored this, but in retaliation, she started having an affair with Jason Menon. Nathan found out and the usual slapping/furious condition occurred again. In retaliation, he renewed his affair with Holly. This went on with both cheating and being furious at each other. Finally, they decided to either break up or try to make it work. Unfortunately, Mary was pregnant with Jason's baby at this time. When Nathan found out, he was furious again. So, at this point, I don't know what will become of them. Nathan and Mary together finally make enough to pay their bills and slowly pay back their loan. Therefore, I don't see either one moving out any time soon.
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#7558 Old 30th Apr 2015 at 3:18 AM
Continuing on with my Pleasantview rotation I went to the houses of Elena Hartt and Cyd Roseland.

Hartt - Elena, as it turns out, is the long lost twin of evil witch, Vaireese Bloodthorne. When the girls were born the Bloodthornes, evil witches in their own right, could sense the goodness in Elena and promptly left her on the steps of the Sim City Hospital. She had been adopted by a modest farmer and his wife and though they didn’t have much money Elena grew up loved and with a strong sense of values.

By chance she (and her cat Jinxy) happened to move to Pleasantview a short time after her twin. Though the sisters haven’t met yet they’re bound to some time down the line.

During this rotation Elena got her tiny cottage in order, complete with fruit cellar where she could practice her craft privately. It was quite a feat furnishing the house because she’s very simplistic and old-fashioned in nature. That meant no electricity. Her home is filled with candles and lanterns. She has no television nor stereo, though she does have an antique radio that she uses to listen to music. And her kitchen is complete with an old fashioned ice-box and wood burning stove.

She also set up her garden and began to not only harvest the veggies and fruit trees, but also fished in her quaint pond. Her dream is to open up a food stand entitled Food From the Hartt.

Elena spent a lot of time this round studying up on her magic, farming, fishing and making many good friends in the neighborhood, including Nina Caliente who is on her way to being the good witch’s best friend. She’s also doing very well at her job as a gardener, saving up so that she can afford to buy her (future) shop.

Roseland - Cyd moved in to Pleasantview with his dog, Porthos. He immediately got a job as a Veterinarian and spent his time training his beloved pet and studying for his job. He also spent quite a bit of time checking out Downtown and getting to know his neighbors.

By chance he looked out his window one day and noticed his beautiful next-door neighbor, Elena Hartt, walking by. Unfortunately he was too slow in going out to meet her but he found her phone number and called her up. She was surprised but chatted away with him. Cyd is completely enthralled with the young woman and hopes to work up the courage to ask her out on a date soon.

Here are a few pictures of Elena and Cyd:

#7559 Old 30th Apr 2015 at 4:22 AM
Six sims have died so far in this rotation. Poor Leah, first her daughter Alissa gets divorced, then her husband Bradley dies and now her brother Aiden has passed away. She has had two aspiration related breakdowns so far and everyone keeps talking about how she's gone 'crazy.' I feel soooo bad for her but at least she'll soon be at peace and join them.

At the Robinson (II) household Hayden has completed his 50 dream dates LTW and now has a LTW to have 20 lovers which I think could be pretty easy considering he already has a lot of friends with benefits. Even though Hayden has a lot of lady friends he's got his eye on his new neighbor Alissa. They've already hooked up at a party so they've been getting pretty friendly with each other. She even has a want to marry him. But Alissa I don't think she's thinking straight considering she just got divorced.
#7560 Old 30th Apr 2015 at 7:45 PM Last edited by Roseblossom90 : 1st May 2015 at 3:39 AM.
Goodie: Herbert and Faith didn't want to spend their elder years alone so they decided to open up the neighborhood's first orphanage. The couple was shocked at how quickly the orphanage filled up as soon as the doors were open. Within an hour, four young infants were left on the doorstep with a note stating the children's names - Raven, Sarantha, Mikhail, and Dimitri. Faith could tell the moment she looked at their little faces the four had to be siblings as they all looked so similar in appearance. No sooner did Faith get the four little children inside that the doorbell rang and Herbert opened the door to another two infants, both girls. A note was also left with the twins stating their names - Esmerelda and Gitana. Herbert just shook his head as he caught a glimpse of a man with black hair running away as fast as he could.

It was definitely a challenge for the older couple to take care of six infants at the same time. Luckily, some of the neighbors came by and helped diaper and feed the babies, and even bathe the youngsters.Faith apologized to them all that she didn't have time to socialize more, but all the neighbors agreed that they understood how difficult it was to raise children. Two of them, Daniel and Mary Sue Pleasant, stated that they had raised twins themselves so they knew how difficult multiples were. The other young woman - Brandi Broke - was raising her children on her own. Faith couldn't help but see the shimmer of baby fever in that ones' eyes as the young woman bathed one of the infants in the kitchen. Perhaps she would be the first person to give one of these children a home? That night, Herbert and Coral couldn't help but feel a little sad to see their help leave.

After a while, the couple had to admit that they needed help. No sooner did they get the kids changed and fed that the cycle would start all over. Finally, Herbert called for a maid to help with the overabundance of bottles in the kitchen as well as the dishes whenever there was a chance to sit down and have a quick bite to eat. Kaylynne Langerak came over later that day and worked all through the day until her shift ended and she had to go home. Later that night, all the babies grew into toddlers. Herbert thinks that will make things easier while Faith realizes that now that they are on the move things will be harder. Hopefully somebody will want to adopt one or more of these little angels soon...

Pleasant As in the normal Pleasantview, the Pleasant family is far from happy. The first two days I thought they were going to be a happy little family. However, that was not to be. Daniel was all over Mary Sue and I thought he would do good but then Nina Caliente showed up and Daniel was smitten. At the same time, Don shows up and Mary Sue goes all gaga over him (Without any doing on my part). Now Daniel and Mary Sue hate each other and Nina and Don hate each other but Nina and Daniel are in love and have woohooed. Mary Sue and Don has stopped at making out so far. She is back in the business career and is currently an Executive. Daniel is unemployed.

Lillith and Angela actually get along fairly well and share a bedroom. Angela is an A+ Student while Lillith struggles around a C+. Lillith has also noticed Don and shared her first kiss with him, minutes later taking Dirk Dreamer's first kiss (Again, without me doing anything). Now Dirk and Lillith are crushing on each other. Angela still hasn't found a boy she is interested in yet.

Burb:John. Jennifer, Lucy, and an elder Tucker the Dog moved into a small two bedroom house. Within an hour of moving in, Jennifer ends up pregnant. She knows that John wants a large family, but she doesn't. She would rather work and climb up a career so that she can give their daughter a good life. But what would one more child hurt? Perhaps if she gives John another child then he will allow her to follow her dreams afterwards.

John gets a job in the Education Career, figuring he would be able to spend more time with Lucy that way. Lucy manages to work her way up to an A+ but John makes the wrong decision one day and ends up fired. With no income in the house now, Jennifer wants even more to be able to get out into the workforce but her pregnancy makes it impossible for her to do so. At least this way though, she is able to rest up and make plans for a future career and maybe even another house down the road - a better house. And with the birth of a little boy they named Aaron, Jennifer knows that they will need a bigger house soon. Lucy is a girly girl, loving everything pink and bright yellow with flowers and butterflies. Aaron, though he stays in his parents' room right now, will not want to be surrounded by such things so another bedroom is going to have to be a major priority for this growing family.

John loves his son, taking every opportunity to hold, cuddle, and care for him. He also tries to spend as much time as possible with Lucy, teaching her to study, dancing with her, and playing with her after school. He doesn't understand how Jennifer does not want more children, nor does he understand how she can go throughout her day without spending every waking second with the kids. When Aaron becomes a toddler, Jennifer barely pays attention to him blowing out the candles. John immediately misses Aaron being a baby and wants another child. Jennifer sees that familiar twinkle in John's eyes and simply picks up her son and goes to bed. She isn't ready for another baby nor will she ever be. Unknown to her, though, she is already carrying another child.

Dreamer: Darren and Dirk moved into a small two bedroom home and started a rather boring life. Dirk goes to school while Darren refuses to go to work so they only have $34 to their name. Dirk invites Lillith Pleasant over when he can while Darren has fallen in love with Meadow Thayer (Yes, she is a teen and, No, I did not do it. He did it himself.) WHen I left them, Darren had invited over all of the Goth family except for Lydia and Cassandra's four children that she had to give up as well as Brandi, Dustin, and Beau. Dirk invited over all of the Pleasants, and Nina Caliente invited herself. The house is quite packed but I did not have a chance to play through it.

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#7561 Old 30th Apr 2015 at 11:56 PM
The next stop on my Pleasantview rotation was to visit the home of Coral and Herb Oldie. During the last rotation they had visited with Mary Sue and the girls after she and Daniel had gotten divorced. They had seen how unhappy Lilith had been and decided to take her with them. Their goal was to try and bring some light back into the sullen girl’s life.

During this rotation they threw themselves into helping Lilith. She’s friends with both of her grandparents but Herb has a special place in her heart. He’s really become the father she’s always wanted and desperately needed. He helped her with her homework and together they even began to restore a beat-up junker. It has really bonded the pair.

Under their tutelage Lilith began to flourish. She went from barely making Cs to bringing home straight As. While she was in school one day Herb finished up the car, giving it the kind of paint job he knew Lilith would love. When she came home that day and showed him her outstanding report card he had given her a warm hug and told her he knew she could do it. He also presented her with HER new car as a reward. Lilith couldn’t believe it and was absolutely ecstatic.

Coral’s big wish was to see her daughter reconnect with her child and for her granddaughters to finally get along. She invited Mary Sue and Angela over that day. To her joy Mary Sue began to reconnect with THEM. And Lilith and Angela even made great strides and have become friends. Lilith is tentatively taking baby steps with her mother, but Coral is sure it will only be a matter of time before parent and child become friends.

Another thing that seemed to help Lilith was seeing the way her grandparents absolutely adored one another. Always hugging and kissing. And making out, even though that kinda freaked her out a little. But at least it renewed her faith in love. At first she was a little lost being away from her home and mother and sister, but she knows now this is where she belongs. And for the first time in a long time, she couldn’t be happier.

Enclosed are a few pictures from the Oldie household.

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#7562 Old 1st May 2015 at 4:07 AM Last edited by queziacristina : 1st May 2015 at 4:30 AM.
That chemistry thing really defines who a sim "loves"? Honestly I didn't play all EPs and all content that was added to TS2, I kinda stopped about half the way until I moved to TS3 'cause I was really busy irl and couldn't play even if I wanted so I'm revisiting the game w/the Ultimate Collection.

I noticed some sims have wants of calling a friend or relative every single day and I wonder if this has anything to do with chemistry or just a high relationship. I say this because Sofie graduated and left College, before she left, her fiance(Christoff) had every day a wish to call a roomie(Gisele) that had graduated before her. When I was playing my sim that fiance would call often, however if I played him(still in College), he would still have the every day want of calling that friend(instead of fiancee).

I also noticed that one of their male roomies(Luigi) that used to call often Sofie, had romantic wants about her despite having no passion or love status. So one of many days, Christoff called that Gisele and had romantic wants about her. As I usually like to do what I think my sims want to, I allowed him to cheat Sofie and soon enough he had all sorts of wants with Gisele, including being engaged to her.

I decided to break up with Sofie at his graduation party, but in ts2 the option to break up isn't available anytime so I decided it was better to let her see him cheat and make things easier. I lost count of all that slapping. Especially because some relatives of Sofie were there and "sided" with her. Gisele kept arguing and fighting as well.

Anyways, amidst the confusion when I clicked Luigi I saw that he had an autonomous "kiss up arm" queued for Sofie. I thought this was so odd 'cause in all the semesters they spent together he never hit on her and if memory doesn't fail me, the reason I made her date Christoff was that they didn't connect well romantically, no attraction whatsoever.

He couldn't kiss her because of so many slaps going on and sims on the way. But soon it was time for him to have his own graduation party. Sofie was still crying her break up and suddenly romantically hugged him. It kinda felt to me like she was looking for comfort? Like she needed a shoulder to cry or something and that he was intending to do this from the beginning judging by that "kiss up arm" failed interaction. They were good friends and so it resulted in crush/love status. (just ruining my plans for him with another sim girl)

Christoff got engaged to Gisele and guess what, she had the same want, getting engaged to him. So I felt like I did the right thing. After that, I decided to move Luigi with Sofie but I wasn't really convinced they were "meant" to be together Idk things started wrong. Nothing really happened, I didn't see they want or do anything romantically autonomously, after all they were again going back to their usual thing of no attraction whatsoever. No even a kiss or a flirt, she had wants of kisses and flirt but no exactly him, just anyone or anything. Not even him that had wants of interacting romantically with her when she was still engaged had anything now that they were living together.

I was like "meh, I knew it." I even used that interaction "do you like what you see "and he clearly didn't like her. It's kinda time consuming making sims fall out of love(at least without cheats when they're bff) so I decided to ignore it and sent them to meet new sims at some venue. She met a sim, the date started and soon Luigi was slapping her, furious because she was "cheating". Ok, that was expected, which is something I don't really like about TS2, he's not her boyfriend or fiance or husband, so what he's in love. I had never seen any date getting ranked so low that the date ui thing became red, never. All because of him, and worse, despite losing the passion and love with the first slap, he kept slapping her many times and each time acquiring a new memory of "caught sim cheating."

I'm not sure if my old memories of TS2 are from before the "furious" thing existed, but some sims were not that violent as Luigi. Harassed Sofie all day long, they had same level of skill but he lost all fights. Anyways I finally kicked him out of her house, she's living w/ the new guy Vincent. Still Luigi keeps coming back to steal newspaper and kick the trashcan.

I know this is usual behavior in the game, but gawd it's super annoying. And to think all this happened because of their stupid autonomous romantic interaction...
The sims taught me not to hug my friends if there's any doubt that they may think of me as more than a friend. JK

Is this supposed to happen? I don't think I have any mod regarding relationships, is this how the chemistry works in the game?

Let's just agree to disagree.
Daveo's NPCs mod update
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#7563 Old 1st May 2015 at 5:21 AM
I finally figured that (after 10 + years of playing) the most interesting way to play Ajay Loner is to make him Olive Specter's next husband.

And then he dies. Then, Olive dies of old age. Then Olive was resurrected and Nervous decided to resurrect her last husband so they could be together, as a family. The last husband, being Ajay, who is still in love with her, despite Olive's refusal to get re-married (she left him at the altar! Too bad she is pregnant...)

I have never enjoyed playing Ajay Loner so much! I feel a bit bad for him now though. Perhaps I'll introduce him to DJ Verse?

Reticulating Ninja Splines
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#7564 Old 1st May 2015 at 1:20 PM
If two sims are in love but don't "like what they see," queziacristina, you can fiddle with their turn-ons. Some turn-ons are easily adjusted, by putting on cologne or taking off a hat; some can be worked on, like gaining skill points (the cut-off point to trigger a turn-on is 5). Or you can just change them with the renu-potion or the aspiration reward. The desire to call someone to chat is based on relationship but is not a romantic thing. Calling to invite them over is romantic.

I noticed my sims having a higher chance of autonomously initiating romantic actions when I added M&G, so if you've got that now and didn't before, it's not surprising you don't remember it being that way. You still have to be the one directing them to woohoo, though.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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#7565 Old 1st May 2015 at 5:41 PM
You can always get a No Jealousy mod if annoys you. I have one where they only get jealous if they are in a relationship (going steady/engaged/married).

I'm playing university right now. I put Johnny Smith and Tank Grunt in a dorm together (yeah, I'm crazy that way). After many minor nasty encounters, they realized that if they worked as a team, they could get more girls. So, Tank agreed to put a double bed in his room and Johnny put a computer in his. They switch off when one of them has a lady friend over or needs to use the computer. When Tank wanted a date with Tracy, Johnny told Tracy what a great guy Tank was. And Tank did the same for Johnny when he started crushing on Nanae Hollmo. There are a handful of girls they are interested in at the moment. See spoiler button for line-up of 'hotties' (ha ha).

In another dorm, I have Isaiah Gavigan, Tina Traveller, Gallagher Newson, and Stella Terrano. Isaiah and Tina have decided to date other people in college. Or rather, he wanted to and she just went along. This was all fine and well when he was hitting on several girls, but when he saw her and Gallagher cuddling on the couch, he didn't like it so much. Tina wasn't really into Gallagher at first. She was just trying to make Isaiah jealous. As time went by, she started seriously considering him. She even got a want to get engaged. When Isaiah saw that it was getting serious, he started hinting that he wanted to marry her after college - although he never formally proposed yet. Tina is truly smitten with Isaiah despite all common sense, so she stopped seeing Gallagher. Gallagher finally started noticing Stella when she asked for help with an assignment. She was calmer and more mature than Tina and he fell in love with her quite easily. Right before he graduated, he proposed and she said yes. Now, he had explained how poor he was, but she was a little shocked when she where they were going to live.
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#7566 Old 1st May 2015 at 6:11 PM
So Dade County and Candice McClellan just got married.

They had dated as teenagers but their lives went separate ways when he went to college - and she started dating every guy in the neighbourhood.
When he returned town he quickly decided to get involved with her again (as his college romances were not successful at all) despite all the rumours about her.

He got a quite big mortgage to buy a farmhouse which allowed him to start his first business but it's not starting too well. Too much work for only one person!
So he realized this farm required a family man and did not hesitate to propose to Candice.

The wedding was veeeeery simple, only the closest relatives were invited, as he had no money to afford anything better. Heck, he had not even paid his last bills because he's nearly bankrupt and the shop has not even open yet >_<
Funny thing? Candice thinks she's marrying a rich guy - yeah, a young entrepeneur with his own house in property and a flowering business!!
My poor, she'll be so sorry when she finds out she's got into a monogamous relationship and it won't even enjoy the richness she expects. Only lots of farm work!
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@Peni Griffin I know I can fiddle with this stuff but I just don't get why with no chemistry whatsoever they interacted romantically, gotta be M&G as you said. I'm still playing Luigi and he kissed another sim I've never flirted before autonomously, at least he had two lightning bolts this time.
I noticed Sofia wants to call 2 sims everyday, one is her niece and the other, her niece ex husband, but the relationship with him is not the biggest one she has. Despite not being in love anymore with her ex fiance, ex teen boyfriend and Luigi, she still has wants to flirt with all of them. Those sims really have a memory system going on.

@venusking Thanks, I'm going to get this mod.

Let's just agree to disagree.
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Dreamer: Finished out playing with the Dreamers. The large gathering of friends turned into a party. Don and Nina made out, Mortimer danced with Alexander while Cassandra was a little wallflower until Dustin pulled her into a pillow fight, Brandi sat on the couch watching her children have fun, Darren smustled rather badly with Bella, and Dirk and Lillith made out. At 8:00 Mortimer and Bella left with Alexander and Brandi left with Beau. The party continued until 11:00 when the police came and claimed the party was too loud so everybody else went home.

Exhausted and stinky, the Dreamer men showered and crawled into bed, Dirk dreading having to go to school the next morning. He went anyway and came home just long enough to say hello to his father before he was out the door to go to work. Dirk painted and was able to sell a painting for over $200, allowing Dirk a little bit of a break since he is the only breadwinner in the family most of the time.

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Originally Posted by queziacristina
@Peni Griffin I know I can fiddle with this stuff but I just don't get why with no chemistry whatsoever they interacted romantically

My guess is something has brought it down and once changed it will take off. Sometimes sims can be very compatible but just one small area is affecting chemistry, change it and suddenly you have a 2 bolt couple.

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