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Test Subject
#7251 Old 21st Jan 2015 at 3:47 PM
Right now I am going through and playing everyone up till winter, because that's when my college kids will come home for winter break, and when my favorite couple (Reuben and Mallory) will get engaged formally!!! Most of the inhabitants of Rossport just celebrated the Fourth of July. The new high school just got built. We had a large population boom (srsly no joke I think all my sims got preggers at once, and I didn't do it on purpose!) We just had the wedding of the Blanche Family (an awesome family that is blended and the adults have been in love forever!). The LeMerchands just hired a nurse maid and a housekeeper (and Phillipe is interested in them both :\). The Farmer's Market has just opened up downtown with two of my farmers already claiming spots, and a homeless shelter was built in the ghetto side of town. So yeah, I'm sure there's more but I'm manic and not really remembering everything right now. Behind the scenes I'm building several houses, and taking census (which I loathe but it's a necessary evil!
Mad Poster
#7252 Old 21st Jan 2015 at 9:30 PM
So I was a little depressed yesterday, and even though I'm halfway through a Drama Acres rotation I decided I'd rather play my Genderswapped Uberhood w/ Widespot Challenge a bit. So Rhett, his child Silver Beech Hart, his baby Trent Traveller Hart, and his current babymama Beth Rutherford are living in a duplex in "Desidinota Valley" (as Silver calls it), and the shine is kind of coming off the rose with Beth. She's gorgeous and they triple bolt, and he'll cut her a lot of slack because of being pregnant, but she ignores Silver, treats Trent like a babydoll, leaves all the diaper changing to Rhett and the nanny, complains about mess but won't do more than wipe down counters or clear a plate on her own, and most of all - doesn't feed herself properly, or anyone else at all. (I mostly free-range her to simulate the "spoiled princess" character, and holey cheese that sim has the good sense god gave a golfball. She burned one meal and has never tried to get food on her own since.) So one morning, after Silver's gone to school, her motives are getting critical and she wants pancakes, and Rhett is hungry too, so I told her to get a glass of milk to drink while Rhett made pancakes.

Well, Rhett doesn't know how to make pancakes, so he started a kitchen fire - with Trent in the bouncy chair right behind him. He snatched up the baby and ran out to the curb. Beth calmly finished her milk and strolled into the smoke-filled kitchen to rinse her glass. The firefighter rushed past her and got the fire out. Apparently the excitement was too much, as she promptly went into labor. Rhett set Trent down on the grass (best-friend sigils flying up: "Daddy saved me from a fire! He's great!") and ran back in to witness the birth of yet another brown-skinned, brown-eyed, black-haired son, Geoff Rutherford Hart. Beth left him on the floor and toddled off to get the smoking remains of the pancakes - yes, they're terrible, but she was on the verge of starvation. Rhett was pretty hungry, too, but I had him put Geoff and Trent into their cribs before he, too, had to go eat blackened Cajun pancakes.

For Silver's part, he's liking Desidanota Valley more than he expected to. He brings Tino Traveller (yes, Trent's big half-brother) home on the schoolbus almost every day and has made best friends with him. (The GSUberhood, obviously, has consolidated all the school districts into one GSUberschool, probably located downtown, which is the hub of bullet train traffic.) The duplex has a playground, which Silver utilizes fully. He had a bad moment when he saw his Dad and Beth canoodling in the kitchen, but he didn't get furious or lose friend tags with Rhett. They had a man-to-man talk and a game of catch (in which Rhett was obviously encouraging him to throw that ball as hard as he could, like this, don't flinch son, catch it and shoot it right back, that's right, that's my boy!) and were all right again.

Silver is not very thrilled about the babies but he's so far not overtly hostile to them, either. This may change when I let them grow to toddler and they become time-consuming. When he came home to a new little brother he called up Grampa, who brought Uncle Aiken and pregnant Miss Mary with him. They played more catch and then ate supper together, at which they made best friends and anybody could see that Grampa was explaining the whole where-babies-come-from thing better than Rhett ever did.

Somewhat against expectation, Silver is rolling wants to do homework on a regular basis. He spends a lot of time in platinum, between that and filling friendship and play-related wants.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . My most recent book is Sullivan, That Summer. Widespot and Widespot RFD: The Subhood are both available here. In case you care.)
Test Subject
#7253 Old 21st Jan 2015 at 9:36 PM
I'm currently dealing with the next generation of sims in my main hood. Some are kids and some are toddlers. It's going to be real fun to see how big my next university household is going to be.
#7254 Old 21st Jan 2015 at 9:57 PM
Feeling better today, Peni?

We can safely say aka write that Dimitri is the rake of the hamlet Cornerhill. Definitely he isn't faithful and doesn't have the decency to hide discretions. If he can't keep it in his pants in a public place, it will be a matter of time before Florine finds out. With a toddler daughter at home, Majory, this could get ugly.

Cornerhill University
The Inbetween House

While Don, behind the computer, is doing his best not to get involved, it's hard to ignore two of your roomies, Annie Tellerman and Troya Sulky, fighting next to you. Especially when you're a coward. Then you run to the kitchen to wait it out.
(No, Don, don't tell me you were watching the fight. You were in the kitchen with a wall between you and the girls. Soon they were tearing each other's hair out, but you have not seen that.) >>

Although Troya lost twice to Annie, Don still went to her to let her know he admires her for her efforts. And that opened the door to a whole lot of autonomous flirtatious actions between the two. It ended with 'a roll in the hay', but then on the loveseat. A fragile crush aka loving feelings is lingering in the air now.
Test Subject
#7255 Old 21st Jan 2015 at 11:20 PM
Queen Angela, her two kids and Richards illegitimate child have moved into the Royal Manor, they decided it was best to raise the girls in a quiet country setting than the bustling castle. And with a new baby along the way, things couldn't get any better! Richard is definitely sure this one is a boy, but you cant get your hopes up too high....
#7256 Old 22nd Jan 2015 at 4:50 AM
Found a snapshot of my "alpha" kids as children:

11/3/2014: I will fully forgive EA for the tall teens when YA/Adult/Elder have more aged skin and adults have one more personality trait slot. Actually, we just need more personality trait slots all around.
Field Researcher
#7257 Old 22nd Jan 2015 at 5:40 PM
@DrChillgood they are adorable!
Ok so I started writing and came up with an essay..apologies...only read if you are purposely time wasting

Bustin' Out!
#7258 Old 22nd Jan 2015 at 8:24 PM
I have just returned to Sims 2 after an exploratory six months on Sims 4. Just could not get involved!
Anyway, I missed the university, so I am currently trying to get all my students to get to know secret society members, so they can meet the cowplant, so the university chapel can have some useful residents in the graveyard. Does that sound too convoluted? Well, don't bother me - I'm busy!
Top Secret Researcher
#7259 Old 22nd Jan 2015 at 9:05 PM
I had issues with terrain levels in the Goth's garden, so haven't quite felt like trying the wedding again.

So I played the Pleasantview Retirement Center, aka that big, sprawling thing with all the moroccan-style sofas that wasn't meant for Seasons in Pleasantview. The residents are Herb and Coral Oldie, Herbert and Faith Goodie, Betty Goldstein, Catherine Viejo, and Carlos Contender. There's one suite with a double bed still available should other elders wish to move in.
The elders play cards, swim, plink on Catherine's piano, occasionally cook (to the butler's dismay), and woohoo a lot. Betty and Catherine have no problem sharing Carlos, and he has no problem being shared. Betty's still working, the others are all retired except Coral, who never worked. The retirement incomes cover the butler's fees and solar panels cover the bills. Carlos likes to go jogging and hauls everyone else along. I try to do what I can to keep their aspirations up so they can enjoy their 'platinum years' but otherwise they run around on freewill.
I made sure the bedrooms were all Season-proof, and didn't worry about it other than that. It's not like they need to do anything, and Pleasantview doesn't have winter, so they just need to cool off now and then. (If they'd stop woohooing in the hot tub they'd probably be a whole lot cooler.) Only Betty needs to worry about finding her way to the carpool, and only for a few days more, until she retires, so it doesn't matter that the sims think the shortest distance between two points is all the way around the entire lot.
I'm thinking about who else might like to move in. Who's tired of changing diapers and acting as free babysitter? Who'd like to relax and let someone else wash the toilets? Luis Aspir? Dora Ottomas? Consort Capp? Patrizio and Isabella Monty? I know Bella Goth would . . . ten days to elder she came by in her second trimester as the welcome wagon. Honey, you and Mortimer gotta raise that baby first!
This is a pretty fun way to play elders, if you're looking for something different to do with them. Mostly I'm just clicking from one to another to see what they're up to.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Livejournal
"English is a marvelous edged weapon if you know how to wield it." C.J. Cherryh
#7260 Old 23rd Jan 2015 at 1:55 PM Last edited by DrChillgood : 23rd Jan 2015 at 2:06 PM.
New - Arnold and Richard's parents have gotten in good with Headmaster Vincent, so they are now in private school. Arnold aged up and is now Romance-Popularity, rolling Top of Journalism as his LTW. He needs to become good friends with Richard's mom Helena, who rolled the same LTW.

Arnold's parents had a morning off, so they spent some quality time, which they agreed was a Dream Date.

The remaining children - Richard, Barbara, and Vanessa. Planning on making them Knowledge-Fortune, Popularity-Family, and Pleasure-Fortune respectively...

11/3/2014: I will fully forgive EA for the tall teens when YA/Adult/Elder have more aged skin and adults have one more personality trait slot. Actually, we just need more personality trait slots all around.
Lab Assistant
#7261 Old Yesterday at 2:10 AM
THe Bright Household---Martin Ruben is a rockstar at the workplace--he just graduated from college and I moved him into a tiny apartment. He's been promoted twice in the Law career, then he switched to Science and just got promoted and has made $10,000. Jane Stacks lives in the same apartment building and they talk a little bit--I'm trying to get her and Cyd Roseland together. Allegra Gorey just moved in and is having a slightly harder time with making money because she bought a house rather than rented an apartment (I cheated to give them only $12,000), but I'm getting her focused on art and tinkering so she can, hopefully, open some kind of business.

Kevin Beare and Stella Terrano are engaged and still in college. I want to see what kind of kids they have, but even if the kids are ugly, the couple is sweet and meant to be together.
#7262 Old Yesterday at 1:15 PM
The first rotation, part 2: The beta families complete.

Vanessa's family: Ron was short a few family friends, but Vanessa stepped in. They're both Romance-Popularity / 20 Lovers. Annoying thing - they're still sore about being robbed. So sore, Ron wanted to rip a family apart...getting Barbara's mom pregnant...

Barbara's family: With the older siblings off to college, there's room for more kids...And now, taking a peek at little (legitimate) Kimberly's personality...she has only one Nice point while everyone else has over five. The rest of the family will have to encourage her not to be so vile. Hoping that the literal. Barbara herself is Family-Popularity and rolled Golden Anniversary as the LTW. Between playing University for the first time and raising a baby while pregnant, this is going to be really tough.

Richard's family: Helena is now a Media Magnate, and moved to the alpha hood. Richard is Knowledge-Fortune and rolled Max 7 Skills. For all intents and purposes, Richard is now an alpha.

Side note: Pamela and Richard have non-career LTWs, freeing them to take a Uni-required career. I want one of them to become Cult Leader, as it will fit in my "one government".

11/3/2014: I will fully forgive EA for the tall teens when YA/Adult/Elder have more aged skin and adults have one more personality trait slot. Actually, we just need more personality trait slots all around.
Test Subject
#7263 Old Yesterday at 3:16 PM
My sim, Annalise, just became best friends forever with the Cow Mascot at University.
The cow mascot is like madly in love with her and won't leave her alone, and she gets at least 2 calls a day from her.
Since she moved out of the dorm she doesn't ever see the Cow Mascot, and she can't call her by herself either.
Is it true love????
Field Researcher
#7264 Old Yesterday at 3:51 PM
You need FreeTime NPC-Phonebook fix from http://www.simwardrobe.com/ to see a cow in phonebook.
Field Researcher
#7265 Old Yesterday at 8:18 PM
Somebody died today.

No, that was just a test. I wanted to see what append if a vampire walks outside in daylight. But it wasn’t pretty, I can tell you that. First she did get very hungry and her hygiene went down. Then she lost control over her bladder and died. I though that her son was gonna take it harder but he just cried a little. The family dog did however stand by the thumb stone and howled for some hours. The son did go to the pool and let himself just float there. I have never seen anyone float on the back in the pool before. And this action was "his own" as I can not tell anyone to do so.

What I find a little odd was the "think bubble" the young man had when he did pick up his dead mothers ashes. It did not show anything, it was just vertical lines. I Goggled "squiggly lines" that the wiki talks about but this lines were just straight vertical, some short, some longer. I have never seen this lines before anywhere in any family so can someone please tell me what it is. Maybe it's was supposed to be something, a symbol that I did not see clear enough. Anyway, it was just a test so I did exit the lot answering NO if I wanted to save my progresses.
Mad Poster
#7266 Old Today at 2:45 AM
Yeah, vampires burn up in the sun-unless you stop it with a mod.

I played the school another couple of days.

“I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives.” - Unknown
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Test Subject
#7267 Old Today at 3:25 AM
I just finished my flower shop, bakery and chocolatier shops and now im almost finished with my XXX shop which is pretty cool thanks to Paysitesmust die i got a hold of a few things from pandorasims so im running a lotion, massage oil, candle, toy and lub shop its cute and fun
Test Subject
#7268 Old Today at 3:26 AM
Originally Posted by Jackelope-Sims11
My sim, Annalise, just became best friends forever with the Cow Mascot at University.
The cow mascot is like madly in love with her and won't leave her alone, and she gets at least 2 calls a day from her.
Since she moved out of the dorm she doesn't ever see the Cow Mascot, and she can't call her by herself either.
Is it true love????
dang it i want university soo bad
#7269 Old Today at 9:40 AM
I barely had seasons installed (all seasons to spring) and went into the Garza's house, only to find them with a sudden heathstroke, lol.
Amazing (to me at least), because it was dark outside. Giselle was sleeping in her bed and Udo just came home from work, and immediately passed out in front of the tv.
A heathstroke coming from nowhere and I didn't have a clue what to do about it.
Not much later Giselle woke up with her red body and came downstairs to sleep on the couch.
Udo woke up after his passing out and was in awe over the heavy rain outside.
He had never seen rain in his whole life! (Well, that settled real quick. It has rained almost the entire time I played that one day rotation for their house.)
Field Researcher
#7270 Old Today at 10:06 AM
It was funny at first when they dropped everything and ran to see every rain and snow but it got annoyed and I got rid of it with mod. Also make sure to make your houses seasonproof, otherwise you will get your sims frozen on upper floors at winter.
#7271 Old Today at 10:15 AM
Yes, thanks and I sure was already thinking about a mod to stop them from seeing the rain. I figured it would get on my nerves at a certain point.
For the moment I only have spring, to get familiar with everything first before I jump in on winter.
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