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#7651 Old 27th May 2015 at 12:25 PM
@Wickedjr89 Those houses are really good! They look a lot like the types of houses I build. I'm trying to avoid making box-like houses too! Do you have any pictures of the inside?

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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Originally Posted by Bigsimsfan12
@Wickedjr89 Those houses are really good! They look a lot like the types of houses I build. I'm trying to avoid making box-like houses too! Do you have any pictures of the inside?

Sure I wasn't sure anyone would be interested and it was really late for me, had to go to bed, dang sleep





I just have to do the king and queen now That's all the pics I have (Edit: Well that's not entirely true I do have close up pics of everyone's face lol)

Oh and thank you
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#7653 Old 27th May 2015 at 9:45 PM
Right now I'm trying to decide what to do with Kaylynn. I have secondary aspirations now, so maybe give her a romance secondary and a "graduate 3 kids" LTW and she can have one with Don, one with Daniel, and I have to pick a daddy for #3.
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#7654 Old 28th May 2015 at 4:13 AM
At Goldenrod House, Max Flexor was the only sensible person. Finding Sandra Roth delirious with fever and making out with Sophie Miguel in the kitchen, he ordered Sandra to take a cold shower, sent Sophie to meditate outdoors, told Delilah O'Feef to go take a nap, and went to work cleaning the kitchen. Upon discovering Lakshmi Terril hanging around for some reason (was she a visitor who never went home?) Sandra told her her favourite grilled cheese recipe and suggested she make it. Figuring that the ability to cook would look good in her desire to work for the Montys next door, Lakshmi gladly tried...and then wandered off to go swimming while the sandwiches were in the toaster oven. (Until she wandered off, I'd been quite pleased with her, as I grew up with toasted cheese myself and consider it more practical than the whole frying-pan thing.) Max was talking with cheerleader Samantha Harris about the cowplant, getting nothing but disapproval from Samantha; she couldn't believe he'd just given something so dangerous to someone like Mary-Sue Pleasant. Annoyed, Max headed off to class...and the toaster oven burst into flames. There's a fire alarm and sprinkler in the kitchen, so all was well, but Samantha was very upset! Sandra was annoyed, but had no problem eating the sandwiches anyway.

That evening, Sophie had recovered through a great deal of meditation, and so threw her graduation party. She slanted the guest list to the exotic, and was thrilled when the best guests actually showed up. Mercutio Monty didn't like coming in his wolfish form, but felt he couldn't avoid an invitation to Goldenrod House even after being snubbed by them during his student days. As for Klara Vonderstein, she was elegant and aloof in a slinky midnight-blue evening gown; nobody would have thought her a jailbird, homeless, or someone who had decided not to show up in her leafy garb because some guy had thrown his girlfriend's almost-her-size clothes in the gutter on the edge of campus. She was the best-looking invited guest at the party, though a gate-crashing dormie named Willow Brown showed up looking beautiful and annoyed everyone. (I think I've figured out the gatecrashers -- my theory is that they're caused by a walkby arriving at the same time as the party score starts counting. They're good fun, anyway.) Max and Glen Buckingham spent half the party trying, and failing, to kick her out. Sophie bought several vials of Lycanthropic-B and Plantophic-C from the Matchmaker and tried unsuccessfully to get Mercutio and Klara to take them as gifts, "in case you want them later." Mercutio very much did want the potion, but didn't want to get Sophie thinking he owed her anything; Klara had no interest in being human again at all.

After the party, Delilah confronted Sandra after seeing her wandering around the bedroom-level hallway naked because she was hot. The red blotches on her body had become boils, and her eyes were noticeably hollow. "What is wrong with you?" she demanded.

"More cheese will fix it," Sandra said. "How does frozen grilled cheese sound?"

"Horrible," Delilah answered. "And I want you to leave campus right now and go straight to the hospital. You look like a zombie."

"Have you ever seen a zombie?"

"Have you?"

"Jacob's dad's friend's brother was one."

Sandra was eventually persuaded to leave in the morning, though not before throwing her own graduation party. She was able to get Sophie to talk about grilled cheese with her, and in gratitude, suggested an interlude in the bushes. This led to thorns in Sandra's backside, laughter from Sophie, and no actual romance. Then Delilah asked Sophie for some help with the biotech station downstairs...

"Sandra was doing a project on how the Black Death could have been even more deadly if it was a slow burner?" Delilah burst out as soon as they got to the basement lab.

"She said something about that," Sophie conceded.

Delilah sighed gustily. As she explained, she'd been downloading the code for her molecular artwork onto a flash drive when she stumbled upon Sandra's project. It looked like she'd actually tried making an enhanced disease before realizing it wouldn't be taken well by her professors and destroying it... "Do you think she caught it?" she asked, rubbing at the sore red marks on her arms. "Do you think I have it?"

Sophie was stunned. Together, they worked on making a medicine to combat it, but as the party wound down, there was only one dose of the stuff that might not work. "You take it," said Max, who had been called in to help and was struggling over a simulation of the disease he had set up on the surgical simulator. "I'm barely sick -- this might just be flu, and anyway, Sophie got better by meditating."

"You can't meditate," Sophie pointed out. "And Sandra's worse."

"Worse enough that this simulator keeps flatlining her simulation before the medicine would work." Max's cold tone startled his "sisters", but then they realized he was holding emotions in tight control. "She was the first infected, she's running out of time. Sophie, get the disease code and the code for the medicine on that flash drive. Delilah, let Sophie have the drive and take the medicine yourself. No point causing a panic right now, but as soon as this party's over, Sophie, you have to get Sandra out of here, to a hospital, and into isolation. Get that code to anyone -- I mean anyone -- who can understand it and is smarter than us." He swore and kicked the surgical simulator. "I really don't want to be...Delilah, do you think art and physics together can cure us so we don't have to let out that this whole place should be in isolation? I want to get a few pledges without risking killing them..."

Through frantic work, Delilah and Max were able to get enough medicine for a small dose for Max. Rest did the rest of the work of making them healthy, and Max celebrated by having Mitch come over for a date. They had WooHoo in the hot tub and bed, and Max was able to get Lee Haggerty to agree to pledge the Greek house. Lee thought he might have a better chance of graduating if he had the amenities of the place, but all he did was write Max's term paper for him. Max, meanwhile, was showing a surprising aptitude for medicine, and actually was able to complete several operations on the surgical simulator successfully! Delilah spent the end of her time at college working out, wanting to regain the strength the illness had cost her. She left without a fuss while Max was at finals, and thanks to Lee writing his paper, he got on the Deans List -- a good finish!


Over at SSU, at the Bright house, Jacob Martin found that even graduating did not make him immune from coaches insisting he work out. Enter Jimmy Phoenix, toting a SimVac... The coach in question soon hated Jimmy, Jimmy had the charisma he had needed, and Jacob and Jimmy happily went off to play chess together while the coach ranted. Jacob thought Jimmy was awesome, and made it clear that they had to keep in contact even after Jacob left campus.

Jimmy was none to pleased to come home from class and find Jacob dating Professor Lexie Pederson -- otherwise known as Professor Disaster Attractor! "Aren't you steady with Sandra?" Jimmy asked. Jacob only rolled his eyes and asked Professor Lexie if she wanted to share his bath. Jimmy was stunned she did, but devoted himself to cleaning the kitchen and making dinner while minding his own business. He continued to do so throughout dinner, and was asleep on the couch while Professor Lexie and Jacob were having WooHoo in the old Love Tub.

In all seriousness, Jacob's first experience with WooHoo has left him unable to concentrate on one romantic partner. His Pleasure side is really showing with all his desires for dates and exotic forms of WooHoo, and so next morning he asked Jules O'Mackey out for brunch at the Royal Hotel. He was a little nervous about going out with her, and so asked Jimmy to come along as his wingman. Jimmy really felt awkward when he realized how many girlfriends Jacob had, but he did want to go to SimCity, so he came along. He ate at another table while they had their brunch and had a tickle-fest in the dining room that turned into them hurrying upstairs to get a room and have WooHoo. After they rejoined Jimmy over drinks, Jules tried to bait Jacob by flirting with townie Donte Johnson. Jimmy tried to distract Jacob, but Jacob noticed and didn't care. He did notice Jimmy's tact, and when the date was over, told him how much he valued a friend like him. They spent the rest of the day loafing around and playing ball games in the garden, while making small talk with attractive strangers; in the process, Jacob started getting a good reputation.

That night, as Jacob and Jimmy snoozed in two of the rooms upstairs, a fight started at the bar. Not too strange -- except that the participants were Count Christopher Tse and Melissa Fancey, who had offended him in some way. I flipped to normal speed as soon as the fight started (I watch the bar for interesting developments while I have Sims sleeping at the hotel) and then things got really interesting. Paris Prince was at the hotel, had had cross words with Pascal Subject earlier (about his treatment of Chloe?) and then spent hours at the bar. He wasn't there when the first fight started, nor when it ended with Count Christopher, forgetting his strength, throwing Melissa into the staircase and breaking several steps in the process (well, it looked like that!). However, he soon returned from wherever he'd been, and was cheering on the second fight that erupted between the two of them. Is it surprising, with the way vampires have treated Chloe, that he cheered for Melissa and was delighted when she won this fight? But as for what happened later... Jacob had been woken by the noise and came down in his underwear to see what the ruckus was about. By then the fight was over and Count Christopher had swept out, making rude remarks about how he could see which side the Princes were on. However, he wanted yet another date, and townie Rebecka Ryan looked great when he scoped the bar. He asked her on a date, she agreed, and they went to get a bite to eat together...and then up to bed. As they ascended the stairs, I realized that the other double room was occupied by a couple engaged in the same activity they were headed for. I did have a foreboding about who was most likely to be using the bed, but was surprised when Melissa's head emerged from under the covers. Then an S4 hand emerged onto the other pillow, followed by the head of the Sim I'd suspected from the start -- Paris Prince! Considering what a horrible day he's had and what a horrible future seems set to unfold for him, I can't really blame him for taking refuge from harsh reality in drink and the arms of a stranger...but I can't help but think that bedding someone who had so recently been slammed into a staircase by a vampire just might bite him back.

Jacob got to repay Jimmy's kindness when he went looking for him after he and Rebecka's date had ended well. He found Jimmy the room Paris had used, with townie Oliver Simpson undressing and inviting Jimmy to do the same. Jacob was having none of that -- he wasn't sure why it set him off so suddenly, but he knew Oliver was using charm to have his way with the younger man for his own amusement. Despite Jimmy's protests, Jacob hurried him out of the room, threw coupons at the bellhop, and called them a taxi home. Then he took him out to the garden to explain that just because someone's appealing doesn't mean you should take their invitation to share a bed.

"You're describing yourself," Jimmy pointed out.

Jacob wanted to protest, but found nothing to say. "I guess it takes one to know one," he said. "I...I don't know. Maybe I am who I am because I had someone like that guy messing with my mind -- and more than just that, if you get my meaning -- when I was younger. But just stick with being smart and getting good grades for now. I'd have done better if I didn't have to get all the girls I can just to...feel real, I guess."

Then they went home, and that was where I had to leave off with them. Next time will be Jacob's graduation party!

Have Mansions & Gardens without Apartment Life and can't find the University espresso bar? You're not the only one!
I claim whatever dubious bragging rights there are for proving this is yet another M&G-without-AL bug.
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#7655 Old 28th May 2015 at 10:44 AM
I made the King and Queen! They are starting off in Uni and I made their house without them there yet.

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#7656 Old Yesterday at 7:13 PM
So, the rotation has come around to the Gavigans again. Mary and Nathan still dislike one another. It has gotten to the point where they can make-out with someone right in front of their spouse and there is no anger. I mean they really don't care anymore! In other news, their teenage daughter Ivy got pregnant by her boyfriend Ranu Grunt (Ripp's abduction child). So Nathan yelled at Ranu..."How dare you take advantage of my daugher!" Ranu ran out of the room crying while Nathan tried to calm himself down. Ranu saw Isabella (Ivy's twin sister) in the living room and she asked him what happened. After Ranu told her, she said "Yeah, my dad is really pissed. He's talking about having you arrested for having woohoo with a minor." Meanwhile, outside, cooler heads prevailed. Ripp suggested that they get married. Mary didn't like that idea since they were so young. She wanted to talk about money, specifically child support. While they were discussing that, Ophelia (Ripp's wife) told Ivy that they would cover the doctor bills. Once everything was agreed to (Ripp & Ophelia would pay child support and cover half the doctor bills and Mary and Nathan would raise the child), everyone could relax and look forward to the baby. Ivy delivered two boys and named them Isaac and Ian. In the excitement of everything else, they forgot to throw a party for Iris when she became a child. This is the child that Mary had with townie Jason Menon. She looks cute in her own way.
#7657 Old Yesterday at 11:38 PM
Starting my rotations over again is always a pain because I then have to choose who to I want to play first. I chose the Landgraab (III) family because they were expecting a child and it was already late at night so I knew I was going to be up too late playing them. Of course that wasn't the case.

Kate and Marcus already had the nursery/office set up awaiting for the baby's arrival. She went into labor in the middle of the night and right as I was turning up the volume on my computer the volume display covered the number of babies she was having. When the display went away the dialogue said TWO babies but once that went away it actually displayed four babies to the left. They were named Madeline, Hailey, Logan and Kenneth. Madeline is the only one with blonde hair so she was named after Marcus' late mother. The rest have Kate's dark black hair and surprisingly no one got her alien skin tone.

They decided to turn their dance studio (they're both tap dancers) into one big nursery, I mean they didn't really have much of a choice anyway. Four cribs and one twin bed. The twin bed is for Kate's mother, Leah. She moved in that morning so she can help out with the babies. Unfortunately for Kate and Leah, Leah doesn't have much time left. Looks like she might die on the day the quads age into toddlers so I'm making sure Kate nor Marcus use up their vacation days. They'll certainly need them when they have four toddlers crawling around!

Because I moved Leah in on the second day I had to play her old household so the aging stays the same. When I last left the Morgan household, Dakota and Lilly's son Kody was impregnated by aliens. I ended up terminating the pregnancy because I just wasn't feeling the story line anymore. I was originally going have Dakota and Lilly raise it as their child since they could never pregnant after Kody but they're already a couple days away from being 'elders' and I just wasn't diggin' it. Anyway.. Dakota finally got his doctorate degree and other than Leah moving out, nothing much happened.
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#7658 Old Yesterday at 11:55 PM
I'm having fun with a new populated custom hood, Mountainside Valley. Sort of reminds me of Wide Spot (which is now in it's 3rd generation). If you've seen the people THERE, you'll what I mean when I say Mountainview residents make Wide Spot's look pretty! I have no townies in the new hood, so some of the "forced" townies are starting to look good as breeders.
In the Rhein house is an elder mom and her adult triplet girls. Mathilda, and architect, brought a guy home that looks like a waiter. Maybe he was working in the cafeteria?

Mathilda asked if he had a job...

But mom said it's an attractive uniform, and he's nice looking. Maybe Mathilda will consider marriage - someday. The triplets often sit together (all by themselves). I've given them makeovers so I can tell them apart. On the left is Cecilia (the wild one) who was (surprise!) already pregnant by Craig Bailey (in background - he's just visiting). Middle is Sheila (the nice one), and on right is Mathilda.

the toe....says HI
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#7659 Old Today at 12:57 AM
When I got the Ultimate Collection recently I created a hood I played for a while just to test for problems. My family had a girl that I ended up sending to college, and I liked the way she looked so much I wanted to use her when I started my real neighborhood. Her name was Irene Test in the test hood, now she is Irene Sumthen (I wanted to drop Test and couldn't really think of a last name). I used that option in SimPE that extracts a Sim's looks into Body Shop and CAS, and then recreated her in Pleasantview. I ended up using SimPE on her to get her skills and personality the way they were in my test hood, but the rest was simple stuff done in CAS. I didn't want to try fully cloning her over since I didn't want to risk any corruption, so just having a template of her looks was just fine. Since she was still in college in the test hood, I found out that I could only select her template if I created her in college, but that was fine.

I put in the small dorm that holds 5 people and put her in that, she hardly had any money being a Sim created for college. I made friends with the others, and a few other people she met outside of the dorm. About halfway through college I had saved enough to build her a small house, so I built it and moved her in. Once she graduated she didn't really have enough for a house back in Pleasantview, and since I use inteen I was able to keep her in the small campus house until she got a job and had enough for a house. In Pleasantview I basically recreated the campus house, only making it a little bigger. She is in the medicine career, which her lifetime want is to reach the top of the career, and I'm trying to earn money to improve her house. I'm also working on finding that special someone for her, so I'm just having her meet as many people as possible. When that happens I'm hoping she has enough to either expand her current house, or simply move into a bigger one. I've had her use the check out action on both a guy and girl so she could go either way, because honestly I don't care about her sexuality as long as I find someone she is happy with.

I'll try and include a pic of her (if I can get it right anyway), and now I'm off to play some more!
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