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#6826 Old 14th Sep 2014 at 7:00 AM
I had a little hiccup at the William's household today. They just moved into a new house and were getting settled in when I realized I had completely forgot to check the parent's work schedule so I could hire a nanny for the boys once they got home from school. The social worker ended up coming to get them and it was just one big mess. I'm not one to quit without saving just because a sim died or something I didn't plan ended up happening so I thought long and hard about this but I ended up having them move in again because Marilyn and Maxwell aren't bad parents at all and they didn't deserve that. I kind of feel like a 'cheater' but oh well, its just not part of the story line at the moment Unfortunately the memories are still there so Marilyn will occasionally cry about losing the boys. I guess we can all pretend that the social worker did come but they just gave them a slap on the wrist and if it were to happen again they will get taken next time. I do have to admit, I was excited that I was finally going to use the adoption house that I have set up in the neighborhood. I'm debating having Maxwell's mom and her husband move in with them. There's no extra bedroom at the moment but there is room for expansion on the first floor. They're in an apartment right now but they're getting old and obviously I can't have them die at the apartment. But I'm going to wait because its time for Maxwell and Marilyn to enjoy their family on their own for a while. They did just move out of her parents afterall.

This next household will be called the 'Renters' because they're all just single sims who couldn't live at home anymore so I decided they would rent a house together. There's Maddox Landgraab, Ian Harris and sisters Alissa and Kate Morgan. When I was playing my college rotations Maddox and Kate had hooked up at a party they were invited to, which I didn't really want to happen because he was seeing Sephora Reeves. (Kate and Maddox used to date in college but broke up because Kate had cheated) But I guess they had some unfinished business to attend to. I think they felt a little awkward about it once they got home because they weren't interacting much at first but then they got comfortable and started hooking up again since they were both off from work that day. Maddox and Sephora weren't exclusive or anything so its really not that big of a deal. (Sephora is trying to complete a 50 first dates challenge) That afternoon Maddox brought home a co-worker and let me tell you, they got along so well that he immediately got a want to date her. I let them chat for a while until Kate left for work in the afternoon then had Maddox take her out on a date. They immediately hit it off. Maddox is in the army so he ended the date a little earlier than usual since he had to wake up early the next day. He also didn't want Kate to see anything because she would probably get upset thinking they were going to be together again.

The next day Alissa decided to throw a party so she could mingle with some guys and try to get to know them. Maddox waited until Kate left for work again to invite Danielle over and took her on another date. The date went so well that they both ended with wants to get engaged so Maddox got on one knee and asked her to marry him. She moved in immediately and are planning to wed on Saturday. Pretty crazy, right? But they have amazing chemistry, work in the same field and are both popularity sims so I'd like to think that they really do have a lot in common. All of his friends and family are going to think he's crazy marrying a girl he's only known for two sim days but love can be crazy like that sometimes, especially in the sim world!

Kate got home from work and realized people were acting a little strange towards her as if they were hiding something, especially Alissa. She thought it was a little weird that Danielle was still there after the party had ended. She didn't give it much thought since she was there the other day too, probably just hanging with Maddox as friends. She was pretty tired from work so she went to bed right away but boy will she be in for a surprise when she sees wedding decor on Saturday.

Ian and Alissa occasionally hook up but its nothing serious. I'm trying to find someone for her but I can't seem to find anyone that she really hits it off with. As long as she doesn't get pregnant it'll be okay. She just got promoted to vice president so she's doing really well financially. Ian is an underachiever who just got promoted to a convenience store clerk. Its going to be hard for him to make the switch from working nights to mornings that's for sure. Kate is an interpretive dancer so she works afternoons. Now that I think of it, she might not even be there for the wedding so maybe that's a good thing...for everyone involved. Plus no one wants to be there to see their love of their life get married to some chick they just met. :D
#6827 Old 15th Sep 2014 at 9:00 AM
I have the Curse of Red Hair at the moment. I fixed most of Strangetown's genetics, and so gave both General Grunt and Johnny Smith the red hair gene they're supposed to have. Both married blonde women, and the General has two sons so far while Johnny's the father of a daughter. All three have red hair.

The first one was exciting - look, it's the red hair gene! The second was okay. The third was frustrating. Both couples want another child (the Grunts are already expecting) - if there's another redhead, I'm trying again.

As it's Strangetown, there is also a lot of green skin about. Of the nine babies born since I got UC, five have been the result of too much time spent with a telescope. And Hermione Nigmos-Smith might be the result of an enjoyable wedding night in bed, but she's green too, just like her father.
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#6828 Old 15th Sep 2014 at 8:40 PM
In Downtown Drama Acres, Brady Estic was kept busy looking after his twins and teaching their mother, Allyn Chalmers, how parenting works. With twins, they had no choice but to hand off duties and sleep in shifts. She wants to move in a nanny, but never had time to interview one. The maid had such a hard time keeping up with the cleaning, Allyn actually washed a couple of plates, but she entirely blames the maid for not cleaning up that spoiled bottle before Ryan made himself sick trying to drink from it. She was so tired she skipped the party she was supposed to go to in the evening. Ryan keeps putting himself to sleep in the doghouse the moment he gets a little sleepy, which is worrying, since it's snowing more often than not. Wuffums the dog will not let himself be bathed and Brady doesn't have time to chase after him.

Things are much more under control at the Ruben household, where Allegra and Martin are happily juggling Martin's alien baby Ruben between them. They had their grown daughter Ruby and the Stacks family over and Martin is trying to warm up to his future son-in-law Pollux, without marked success. Allegra's feelings were hurt that her old friend Jane didn't think the array of pictures they have facing the baby dangle appropriate for infant viewing (a couple of abstracts, a portrait of Ruby as a teen, and Allegra's "Floating Zombie Heads"), but she and Castor played chess together and finally made friends again after that whole debacle back in college. That took long enough - Castor is already an elder, and Allegra and Martin age up next rotation, same time that Ruben hits toddler.

The Stacks family is glad to have Pollux back in its fold, though he has his own doubts about it.This is his last chance to sow wild oats, but he can't very well bring girls back here, can he? Nova missed her last day of senior year due to food poisoning from eating dodgy pizza at Pollux's graduation party, but she gamely threw her off-to-college party anyway, and it was a roof-raiser despite her frequent runs to the bathroom. Jane was promoted to Dean of SSU. Pollux got a dancing job on his first audition. The third-floor teen-space was converted into a bachelor pad for Pollux - it will also do nicely to house John and his husband after they graduate. And Nova took off for college and moved into a dorm, but she plans to pledge the sorority right away. Jane dropped her off, which surprised me, as I was pretty sure Castor dropped off John and Pollux, so I checked, and Nova had lost family tags with her father! Fortunately I have SimPE working well enough to fix that.

Mary Ann Hawkins showed signs of illness at the party, and Mary Ann is easily the most popular girl at Drama Acres High - she comes home with everybody! So I ran over there real quick and played an aging-off day. Mary Ann had to waste most of a Saturday locked in her room getting better, but Swainson got to take his friends JJ Ruben and Maria Casilda Centowski, and acquaintance Otto Iana, on an outing to Drama Acres Park. Once Mary Ann got better, she made a grocery run down to the Convenient Stores and got better acquainted with her boyfriend William's father, Billy Ghote. The Hawkinses adopted a new kitten, named Snail, and Gabriella and Harris canoodled and got her garden in.

Brittany Pitts-Upsnott was chiefly interested in teaching tricks to their dog Shep, and had to go to work. Ashley threw a party, inviting some of his elder friends, his daughter Ashleigh, and Tina Traveller "to keep Ashleigh company among the old folks." Yeah, right - Ashleigh sat right down to fleece Castor and Phoenix at the poker table, and Ashley and Tina ate off the buffet and got into a long, intimate talk in which they discussed her mother's infidelity to her father and why affairs happen and why it doesn't have to be anybody's fault. Later that day, however, when Kaylynn Spitzig called him for a follow-up date (about the same time Brittany got struck by lightning while picking up the mail after work), Ashley took the date, and Tina saw him and was furious with him. Good; I didn't want to breed their faces anyway. Let Tina go make other mistakes! Kaylynn was once again trying to get him to divorce Brittany and marry her, and he was once again able to finesse right past it and get her to woohoo him in the car.

Leslie Gay worked in her business and dated the business reporter. She also kept throwing out wants to flirt with Rosemary Aerius, her nephew's wife - which is not happening, trust me. Even Leslie has to draw the line somewhere, and we just found it. Self-indulgence is her law, but that's a step too far.

At the Beare household, Winnie had to stay home from school with the cold. Kevin bought a rosy cockatoo (with a pink birdstand, to please Heather). Claire had her first day of school. Cinnamon brought Guadalupe Newson home with her, and they played Don't Wake the Llama with the little girls while Winnie studied anger management. Kevin and Heather dated, thinking of going out - but years of home dating have fixed their habits and they wound up making out in the bathroom and hopping into bed.

The Starchilds are adjusting to the absence of Alta Mira, moving Juan Baptisto into her old room and converting the nursery into a studio for Jared. Jared wanted to see Minnie Newson, and Juan Baptisto wanted to talk to Athena Newson, so Jared invited them over, along with Eugene and the twins. Juan Baptisto got his wishes to talk to and play with Athena, but didn't quite make friends with her - it was a near thing.

And next door, the Swains had a big day - Spark grew from puppy to dog, and Nate from child to teen! Spark is long-haired like his mother, with his dad's straight tail and black-and-tan markings. He's a quick learner, too, and is already mostly house trained. Erika threw Nate a party, which turned out to mostly include girls and the Neugierig boys. Nate grew up with a Romance aspiration and immediately focused on Guadalupe Newson as the hottest girl in the room. She's much too old for him (to be fair, so was almost everybody else), but was clearly flattered. She did not like his throwing balls at her head, or the noogy he gave her, though. Vidcund, in contrast, was very smooth with Erika, autonomously going out of his way to kiss her hand, flirt with her, and generally dial the cuteness up to 11. Nate made note of this and wants to be friends with Vidcund. So does Erik, who spent quite a bit of the party talking to him. Erika seems to be serious about him, and they'll be going to college next rotation, so a lot of serious talking is to be done!

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#6829 Old Yesterday at 8:47 PM
More Quads.

It's autumn now and her sister Elsapeth Rose Thomas-Brooke's quads are now children so Daria Jane Thomas-Brooke and her girlfriend Titania Fairytook-Brooke decided to have a baby, ACR and I suspect risky woohoo as they are both romance sims. When Titiania went in to labour there were four babies, joy, on the screen. Like her sister Elsapeth, Daria had two boys, Jamison and Lorcan Thomas-Fairytook, and two girls, Savannah and Claire Nichole Thomas-Fairytook, who all have very diverse skins and can't be mistaken for each other even as bald little babies.

Once they are children I'll throw a photo of them, their uncle Puck Fairytook-Brooke's twins Jenny and Jamie Fairytook-Jones, and their cousin Mark Thomas-Tallis's twins Elaine and Helena Thomas-Fairytook on to the twins, trips and quads thread but at the moment Daria and Titania are barely managing to keep them all feed and changed as babies, Puck and his wife Sophie Jones have just had a new baby boy, Bobby, and are struggling to keep their baby happy, themselves slept and their twins out of the snacks and Mark has never met his infant twins and would like to pretend his mum and dad don't know he was that stupid when they've provided him with so many opportunities they didn't have.
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#6830 Old Yesterday at 10:01 PM
The House of Fallen Trees crashed when I clicked to go to it from the Bubbler house; when Jimmy tried to throw a party, and again for no readily apparent reason. At which point I got fed up and played the Curious household for a day.

After the first two crashes, I had Lora move all the graves and then saved; so it looks as though a downtown landmark has been catastrophically contaminated by unobtainium leaching into the basement, and may have to be bulldozed; at any rate, it will be evacuated. I'll try to go in and get a couple of important things (Dulcie's career reward, Jimmy's paintings of Lora) but my patience is about used up on it. A great shame, and Lora will be officially discouraged about it.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . My most recent book is Sullivan, That Summer. Widespot and Widespot RFD: The Subhood are both available here. In case you care.)
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#6831 Old Yesterday at 11:45 PM
Haven't been playing my custom 'hood lately, but haven't deleted it yet, so that's good (I have a habit of restarting neighborhoods all the time).

I have been working on a makeover for Dah'Javu Modern Art Museum. I did not keep the layout of the original lot, but I have used wallpapers and floors that I never use (along with a sort-of crazy layout - not as crazy as Maxis, though), and have come up with some creative 'art pieces' for the museum (I still have to place the flaming toilet one, that is a good one). It'll probably be re-named, because I have sections for ancient, Sim-Roman/Sim-Greek, and Sim-Renaissance art, in addition to modern pieces (which I hope to spice up more).

It's weird, I never liked building, but I find myself building more than playing my custom hood
#6832 Old Today at 12:15 AM
That sucks Peni. I once had to move some sims out because going into the lot wasn't even possible and lost my pictures/paintings of the family. Back then I used to take family pictures of all the families but I don't have the patience it for it now.

I've been taking a break from the game and fixing up my family tree on echo (in my signature) I figured out that sims still have memories with colored pictures of deceased sims so I've been going through my older sims' memories and taking screenshots of their avatars. I did however have to resurrect a couple sims because a few people were basically unreachable since they're way too far down the line for any current sims to know.
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