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#6951 Old 28th Oct 2014 at 7:02 AM
Need spicing up I think. I wanted to have a sim get pregnant with aliens..got it. First time he got a girl..second time, he got twin girls.
Reached top of his career as a mad scientist, got too much money to spend, Lune, Soleille & ╔toile are doing great...Lune does especially good at school, but makes no friends.
Maybe that could be my next goal...
Patrick would like to get married..but the first GF he had was not nice at all...she left.
They live in a cool apartment lot I've built, cause yeah..I build them, don't use EA ones, Neighbors are fine...
I think I'm bored. lol

Je parle aussi franšais !...surtout :0)
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#6952 Old 28th Oct 2014 at 3:57 PM Last edited by mirjampenning : 28th Oct 2014 at 4:28 PM.
Csonka Canon

The McCrae Farm

The McCrae family once started out with Christy and Henry McCrae.
They brought five children into the world. Nikki, Connor, Caley, Cindy and Cayden. Christy and Henry lived off the land by starting a farm with a fruit and vegetable garden. When Christy and Henry disappeared, along with their daughter Nikki, the small farm became Connor's responsibility. That was a tough nut to crack. He was just a teenager, but yet had to go to school, keep the household in line, keep the farm running and take care of his siblings. He never went to any university. He needed the money to manage it all and he himself couldn't be missed. He was already glad he could send his second sister Cyndi and later his younger brother Cayden.

His first sister, Caley, born after him, didn't go to the university either. Secretly she found that hard to swallow, but she understood it wasn't possible back then.
Instead she lived at the farm until her older brother found a life partner in Cathrien and produced two kids with her. Caley thought it was best to give them more privacy and start a life for herself. She's now married to Joppe and has a child of her own. Cyndi graduated and moved back in with her brother Connor at the farm. By that time the family had become a handfull and they desperately needed Cyndi's help. Connor and Cathrien have together five children now. Three girls and twin boys. Cheyenna, Cherita, Claudia, Clinton and Chris.

Luckily they still have savings from selling some pigs and fixing up run down cars, because lately the 'car business' and farm are neglected. They can't find the time to properly put the work in. Money's barely coming in. There's always a child in need for care that supercedes working for money. Even with Cyndi around, because she works in a factory at night. Mindnumbing work, but it brings sˇme money in and the hours are convenient to combine with raising children.

Connor, always running around in overalls, bought new pigs to restart his breeding program. The boar and the sow produced one piglet so far. Almost immediately after they arrived. Off to a good start. He wants to continue the legacy his parents left behind, which includes keeping the farm running and raising a big family.

They are so busy, they got behind on their incoming mail in the postbox. A big pile including a manuscript is waiting there for them. About their parents and sister's disappearance and later as it turned out a triple murder. The McCrae children, grown up by now, already knew some details from earlier talks with the police. Soon they will know the whole story. Hˇw their parents and oldest sister became 'the bones under the kitchenwindow' in Csonka's Old People's Home.
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#6953 Old 28th Oct 2014 at 7:26 PM
One of my uni students is engaged to a woman 4 years older than him. She invited him over one night and had her way with him. Now she's pregnant and he's not due to finish uni for another 3 years. The parents are not impressed so he now has to drop out and marry her before she has the sprog.
Haven't been playing much lately, so not a lot's been happening.
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#6954 Old 28th Oct 2014 at 8:13 PM
In my Test of Time neighborhood, the teens face some though decisions and they're also pairing off! I not only posted a new update, called The Great Seperation, but updated the State of the World page and added a Families page, but I recommend not looking at those until you've read The Great Seperation so as not to get spoiled for that part. You can find all of this on my blog A Hitch in Time, the link is in my signature.
#6955 Old Yesterday at 12:36 AM
In Widespot, Saturday started off busy at the Beach House. Hamilton had work, as did Sandy. Daytona worked on charisma points and trying to make more best friends. Rocky played chess and chatted online with Sharla and Tommy Ottomas. Virginia threw a party. It went very well, thanks to her having the influence to get David and Dixie to make out--nothing like PDA to keep teens happy. She didn't quite make friends with Goldie, but got pretty close, and Scot was busy or something and didn't show, but Sadie came and was hostile to the boys, and Woody came and Virginia introduced him to her daddy when her daddy came home from work. Woody being shy stood him in good stead: he didn't say anything stupid to Hamilton about wanting to kiss his daughter or anything like that. Sandy got demoted on a chance card, went straight back in, and got promoted back up. Her LTW is Celebrity Chef, so she's a hostess again.
At the Hart house, Rhett was off to work as an artist (another LTW career) and Valentine wanted to do the right thing by Mary Land, but also feared getting married again at his age, so he bit the bullet, invited her over for a date and asked her to marry him, then threw the wedding party and they got married as soon as Rhett got back from work. So that was satisfactory. Rhett wanted a date and called up Penny. They stalled out at merely good, neither one being particularly interested. Oh, well. Candy was too tired to date, and hungry, and Mary wanted something to eat in the middle of the night, so made cheesecake. A couple hours later Stoney and Thorny Hart were born. Stoney is blond, Thorny has black hair. Candy gave birth to Stoney downstairs and hauled him all the way upstairs, ignoring her watching dad, to wake Mary up and hand her the baby before giving birth to Thorny. She may not like Mary, but she knows which adult knows babies best!
Next are the Manns, then the Lands, the Ottomas, and last the Weiss, and then I'll decide which bin family should move in next.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Livejournal
"English is a marvelous edged weapon if you know how to wield it." C.J. Cherryh
#6956 Old Yesterday at 7:07 AM
I finally got most of my babies grown to toddlers so they could all attend the local nursery together. My nursery teacher - Hannah Nice - teleported in around 32 toddlers, who proceeded to have a great time unrestricted by their parents' demands. I've done a couple of these sessions before, and whereas before I always had the stress of ensuring there were enough bottles lying around to feed them when they got hungry, this time I downloaded a custom "endless milk" bottle and dotted a few around so they could just help themselves. Anyway the kids had a great time, with lots of huggling with new friends, skilling up and raucous laughter, and only a few tears. They stayed till midnight, before their parents came to collect them. Tomorrow it's the kids' turn.
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