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#7051 Old 24th Nov 2014 at 2:23 PM Last edited by mirjampenning : 24th Nov 2014 at 6:06 PM.
Zita complimented her daughter that she made two best friends since they came living here. She might be a terrible 'housewife' when it comes to cleaning, but her kids can get her attention. But mostly she's focussed on her job and her plans for a flower business. She has made 9 bouquets in her small shed so far. They saved up for a new couch and that one is approved by the Lopez kids.

Udo is worried their security might not be sufficient and he checks the window. When he's sure no one is trying to break in, he's reading about better con tecniques.
Giselle sold another painting to supplement their income, because it's Udo's turn to bring in funds for the business. It wasn't enough. They couldn't miss a thousand dollars. Instead, Udo wrote a check for 700 dollars. Their own funds are now limited to 200 dollars.

Ronya had to leave for work an hour before her kids had to get the schoolbus, but she already took her kids outside with her. Making sure they were well on time.
Well, Ronya, taking them outside and on the sidewalk an hour before they have to go to school is a bit exaggerating.
And when she left, leaving her kids standing there, she apparently totally counted on her kids waiting and taking the schoolbus on their own.
Katya and Patrick were playing on the sidewalk, waiting for the schoolbus to arrive. They weren't bored at all. On the contrary. Katya was showing off to Patrick by doing a somersault. They laughed with each other and threw ball. They had the time of their lives.

Inside, Dimitri had the day off from his entertainment dayjob, completely focussing on himself. He had to get ready to go to the building site to check if what was ready was done well and to mind his furnishing affairs, because the building itself for now was ready. It will start out as a small shop, because the three men are eager by now to get started and opening their business.

With a promotion for Ronya, they had the funds to buy a few items for their house, such as a ballet bar for her. She has to practise a lot and it's easiest if she can do that at home. They also bought a new couch. The old one was really worn off and thrown in the trash. Patrick was thankful for the new more comfortable couch. He plumped down and was in his dream world in no time. Not for long though. His father was on the computer and the sound woke up Patrick again. Then his sister and mother joined him on the couch and the three had a talk about growing up. That had started, because Patrick had asked Katya if she shouldn't be growing up already? *
She thought that happens when you have an A in school. She has that but no growing up? It's all so confusing.
Katya's mother didn't make it more clear and Patrick lost interest. He made use of their new combi shower tub. Ronya talked to her daughter about being creative, so Katya might now think she should work more on that and then she will grow up. While Ronya just meant she has to enjoy her time being a kid, just play and watch tv. The next morning Katya tried out her mother's ballet bar, to be like her. Maybe that will make her grow up?

* Normally I only play with aging on, but for this storyline it's necessary that the kids stay kid a bit longer. That was when aging off came in. So, yes, Katya already should've grown up to be a teenager by now if used aging on the whole time.
#7052 Old 24th Nov 2014 at 4:02 PM
I dunno what it is about Nina Caliente, but since her first pregnancy bump - only pregnant people have been walking by. Nina currently has Dina, Brandi and Vidcund visiting her.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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#7053 Old Yesterday at 2:31 AM
Elle Rusewicz woke up intending to ruin the lives the McGreggors. Her first impulse was a burning desire to kill Betty for humiliating her in public, and even giving her a Pleasure secondary aspiration didn't shake her desire to see Betty's ghost. I'm not quite in the mood to allow Rabbi Goldstein to be bumped off right now, especially by a glorified townie who both Leod and I now feel was not a good choice for a surrogate... Leod got a Knowledge secondary and Betty got a Romance one, and for a while they danced on the deck, not knowing the peril they were in. Since I wanted to distance her from Elle and she wanted to get a bronze sales badge, I sent Betty off to the synagogue, where she made more than a few sales of trinkets and chocolate to unlikely customers, made a lot of chocolate plumbobs to add to the variety of her chocolate line, did the decorating for that bar mitzvah of Xander Roth's that's actually probably not going to happen for a while, what with the whole vampire kick he and his dad are on, and Stella and Sandra being so sick...but Betty doesn't know that! She returned home with news of the series of tragic events at the Greenman house, and discussed paying them a visit with Leod, as well as bringing back some new clothes for Elle. Elle grumbled about the offered clothes, but it was too warm for a sweater, so she changed into the long skirt and tunic; however, she was very irritated when she discovered Betty had also gotten clothes for herself, and was trying to colour-coordinate herself with Elle. Elle just might have tried setting a fire, but Betty was headed to bed for WooHoo with Leod, who had just told Elle that if it wasn't too much strain on her, he'd like to find the trees trimmed before he sprayed them later that day. She did go work on the trees, and was rewarded by Betty suggesting she come along with her and Leod as they went Downtown to inspect Small Watchers in the evening. Leod acted like he was bored with tagging along with Betty on what she felt was an obligatory inspection of the place, but he really did want to see a ghost and be a vampire, so he actually was excited to go; however, he didn't trust Elle alone in the house, and so had suggested Betty ask her to come.

Visiting the cemetery did snap Elle out of her funk a bit by making her realize death was a serious matter; however, though she stopped wanting to see Betty dead, she replaced that with wanting to play on a couch, as well as go swimming, make a bunch of friends, and have a drink. There were plenty of benches to jump on, but her bulky belly prevented her from indulging (a pity the game won't allow jumping on couches while pregnant, as it's exactly the sort of thing Elle would do!). Instead, she moped around, ran into Bianca Monty using her official insanity to wander around and weep at her tragic life, and ended up having a nice chat with her and a pair of townies. Leod saw no ghosts, but he met Contessa Chris, so he considered it a good evening.

Back home, Elle surprisingly made supper for everyone without any encouragement -- well, it was really more malice on her part, in the form of Jolly Fish burned to the point that it nicely disguised the decidedly non-kosher combination of ingredients Elle had used. She could barely keep herself from grinning as she watched Betty eating it, and began to realize she could be great fun alive...

Leod, worried about Riverblossom's remoteness and the impending birth of what was, after all, his child, went upstairs to study physiology, and Betty soon headed up too, headed for bed. Elle took a bath, changed into the humongous nightgown Betty had gotten her, and decided to throw a party, since it wasn't even 11 PM yet. She invited a pack of townies, Contessa Chris, and Bianca Monty, and surprisingly, they all came; Elle greeted them by ventrilo-farting Bianca, then backing up her claims that Bianca was at fault by pointing out that her entire defence had been that she was crazy, and who believed a crazy woman? Bianca ran off to cry by the pond, and Contessa Chris giggled at the silliness of this human who couldn't control her abrasive temper enough to keep from making dangerous enemies.

Despite Elle having ordered a cask of strong drink, the party went no better than any of her others. However, Betty came down to investigate the noise, just missed Elle getting a drink of mead, and was convinced by the townies to have a few drinks herself. Betty soon tired of Contessa Chris's joking about Catherine Viejo's prowess with frightened young men, and thought it would be a fine idea to invite over Andrew Parker himself to get the story of what really happened between him and Catherine. He agreed to come over, but arrived just after the party ended... As he started to beat around the bush and refuse to have the truth pried out of him, Elle saw her chance. How hard would it be to keep refilling Betty's glass, and then convince this vampire shrimp that Betty had the hots for him when she went off to the loo?

Because of Andrew's desperation to be anything but a victim, Betty's intoxication and growing interest in sensual matters, and of course ACR (I was watching the autonomous mutual seduction unfold with a mixture of horror and amusement!) Elle's plan worked. Worked even better than she had hoped, as she had to clear out and use the bathroom just as Betty and Andrew started kissing, and since she didn't want them to remember she was there, she went upstairs. Leod had just finished his studies of physiology, and found himself forced to go downstairs to relieve himself...coming down the stairs to find Betty and Andrew having naked WooHoo on the couch. He was furious, betrayed, and felt his world was dissolving into a morass of hypocrisy and cheating, but he's not the type for violence; he watched with sad eyes, then crept upstairs when he heard Elle flushing the toilet. He didn't notice her smirk as they passed in the hallway...

Despite having gotten the "Caught Cheating" memory, Betty doesn't really know she was caught -- though of course she'll be very guilty about what happened when she gets a clearer head. Leod, by contrast, is utterly furious at both her and Andrew, and wants to have nothing to do with her. Elle has succeeded in ruining the harmony of the family she was supposed to help build...for now. I expect them to be interesting visitors to other lots soon!

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#7054 Old Yesterday at 3:14 PM
I'm playing the Curious brothers for the first time, like really playing them as part of my rotation and not just for one Sim day. They're interesting and fun but my favorite brother is Pascal, who is been assigned by ACR as bisexual and is now in a Joined Union with a Downtownie named Gray Marsden. Next rotation I think I'll send Pascal and Gray on a honeymoon and then they're going to move out and get their own place along with Pascal's alien daughter Bloop.

Bella and Mortimer Goth are back together, finally! I was really excited to get to play Bella after so many years of only reading about her in TS2 (I'm using HP's Uber-Megahood). Cassandra and Don are still together, although Don is having second thoughts about marriage.

Dirk Dreamer died the first time I played the Dreamer household in my megahood - he caught the flu and I guess I didn't have him rest enough because he died suddenly the next morning. Poor Darren is now totally alone in the big house that he and his late wife Darleen bought together.

Brandi Broke gave birth to a baby girl that I think I named Christi. Beau Broke is now a happy child and Dustin Broke is about to age up to an Adult. Because of the high cost of University tuition Brandi won't be able to send her oldest son to college, so he'll probably get a crappy entry level job as a Mechanic and hope that Angela Pleasant decides to marry him and share a little of that money that her family has.

Since it's right before Thanksgiving and I get to host it this year at my house (yay!) I won't get as much time to play this week as I's like, so I'll have to live vicariously through all of you!
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#7055 Old Yesterday at 4:29 PM
Played through a couple of houses in Strangetown today.

The remaining Singles girls, Chloe and Kristen are on the lookout for a couple of new housemates to share their bills and party with. I had the idea of putting them an "advert" in a fake paper (basically a notepad doc) where I'm also advertising pets for sale, and perhaps a lonely hearts column? Kristen just got offered a job as a hypnotist from a townie, so she's going to do that for a while and then hopefully move out to the city.

Ajay Loner is still a loner. He has this mean cat who won't stop scaring his parrot even though he has trained it 100% to be playful rather than hostile. He can't keep on top of the cat's need to scratch and keeps replacing his furniture, but he doesn't really mind. He likes the ugly, scraggly creature more than humans anyway.

Loki Beaker's alien pregnancy is getting to an advanced stage. In his rage at losing his assistant and test subject, he infected both Circe and himself with a mysterious disease, and then persuaded Circe that the energiser would help her out of her energy/hygiene/hunger desperation cycle. Usually she wouldn't fall for such blatant trickery, but she was so feverish that she didn't pay attention to her aspiration level and suffered a horrible, painful ordeal in the machine while Loki stood by and watched. She collapsed with fatigue when she exited it and the Reaper claimed her soon after. Since Ophelia died in my last play session ( ), he was able to hide the suspicious nature of the death from the authorities. In fact, they don't even know yet that Circe is dead. Loki is researching the creation of a robot assistant, since he abhors doing his own dirty work, but fears it will not be ready in time, so he is now advertising for a live-in nanny and housekeeper to "help him with the babies" when they arrive. He has posted "Top secret research, extreme discretion essential" in the ad but neglected to mention that this means he intends to imprison the applicant in the castle via a carefully worded contract. One of the sims looking for a spare room at the moment is Angela Pleasant, her parents pretty distracted by their own marriage renewal....

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#7056 Old Yesterday at 7:58 PM Last edited by mirjampenning : Yesterday at 11:30 PM. Reason: forgot to translate a couple of Dutch sentences into English, oops

The three men finally came up with a name for their business: Rud's.
R stands for Randy Lindstrom,
U for Udo Garza,
and D for Dimitri Markum.
They realise the name can have a negative or sexual meaning, but for them it has nothing to do with that. Only maybe if they were a couple of douchebags, but they can either prove or disprove that overtime in how they handle their business.

In secret, Mano is not thát fond of his sister. She likes him far better than the other way around. Maybe because she's pretty mean during a game of throwing ball.
(The other Cornerhill siblings all get along from very fine until great.)

While Zita was working hard on her flowerarranging skill, Arko had a set-back at work. He hadn't felt like licking his boss's heels. That was a mistake and he got demoted. Back to being a psychologist's secretary. That's probably what you get if you have a boss who can't take a loss at a game and mixes that with work performance. Arko was really fed up with that happening, when he came back home. Fooling around with his wife on the couch helped him get over the incident. But he definitely wants his job back. Zita gathered enough bouquets now to have an inventory for her flowerbusiness, but she's still not sure how to go on from there now the money has reached an end.

There must be a degradation virus going on. Giselle got demoted as well. She's back to working the nightshift in a snackbar. Hopefully she doesn't do there what she did right at home after, which was setting the kitchen on fire. She can't even make a decent hamburger!
When the kids and husband came home from work, the fire truck was still there and they got friendly greeted by firewoman Manon Simpelman. Udo seemed a bit stunned. Can't he leave his wife, to go to work, without her doing something that could've ended desastrous? Jeez.

Nala missed the schoolbus the next morning. She was procastinating too much and now felt the consequences. They don't have a car, so mommy can't bring her to school. Her grade dropped. At least she could finish the remainder of her homework and felt good about that.

Udo saw a chance to make a big success. He tricked an older couple out of 8000 dollar. He wrote a check for the rest of the amount to Dimitri. He's finally invested the same amount as Randy and Dimitri, which makes him an equal business partner. The other two still have no clue that Udo's part is gained by embezzlement. At least it wouldn't give them a good feeling their business is partly build with fraudulent money.

Giselle got her job back. Her boss thought about it and found the punishment too harsh in hindsight. It means she has to work this weekend. Udo has the weekend off and will have to deal with the kids. And it was saturday, when schoolfriends come over. Rick chose Katya Markum and Nala called Marit Lindstrom.
Katya asked Udo something about being married. And Katya can be a tough nut to crack. Strongopinioned, and of course she didn't agree at all with Udo's answer. It doesn't matter to her who she asks. When it comes to mind, ask the one that's around.
When it got later, around 18.30, Florine Lindstrom did a walkby to check on her child. But when she saw Marit playing chess with Rick Garza, she gave her daughter a bit more playtime. About 20.30 she returned. It was high time to come home.

Ronya had a bad day at work. She considers not going back. It's her first set-back. Before that, she promoted twice with ease. Chasing your dream has its ups and downs.

Florine caught food poisining, but she's a toughy and just went to work while being sick.
Marit wanted to tell her younger brother Don a secret, but he was too busy painting. And then the schoolbus came and Marit changed her mind.

Randy's making candles.
They will be sold in their new shop. Florine wanted to pitch in and create pottery to sell. She can't yet. The potterymachine is a bit over their budget. A little bit more saving and then she can start. She will have to work on that, either in the evening or on free days. Because Florine just promoted and landed a job as a front-rank 'man' on a building site. Randy promoted to Mimespeler.
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It hasn't been a quiet round in this branch of the Reef family. Hydro Reef fulfilled his ltw of seeing his children go through college fulfilled. It took a lot from him, he must have paid for half the construction of Ferrygate university but the most important thing was that the uni was up and running by the time his eldest, Hydral and Mardo were ready to go. Even as everything fell into place for Mardo who struggled early on in college things were chaotic for the rest of the household.

Hydro Reef had been indulging his romance secondary aspiration with a number of townie sims. This round a little bit of carelessness sent his marriage into shambles. Marsha Reef his childhood friend, highschool sweetheart and wife was furious to come home early to find him in the arms of another sim. Their young daughter Amanda was heartbroken by the news and was torn between trying to help her parents patch things up and not being able to bear bing in the room when they fought. The fights soon turned physical driving Amanda deeper into aspiration failure.

Hydro and Marsha's twin grandchildren Adrene and Drien (born to their daughter Hydral as a young teenager) were also hit hard by the news but they went about things a little differently to their aunt. They decided it was in their families best interest to kill Sophie, the townie responsible for tearing their family apart. They proceeded to lock her in the yard and drown her.

Hydro and Marsha didn't even notice her untimely demise, they were so busy fighting. In the end they couldn't bear to live in the same house anymore and Marsha and Amanda left. They both took Marsha's maiden name Bruenig.

By the time Hydral moved back home she decided to move in with her father permanently rather than for a night as she collected the kids. She realized she barely knew her own son thanks to how focused she was on her studies (aka partying and sleeping around) while she was at uni and decided to hold off getting a job for awhile so she could focus on her son. She gave herself a fresh look, she didn't look like a mother with two nearly adult children and seeing her father's marriage fall apart she realized she needed to take some responsibility for herself and her kids especially after she had been caught cheating and their father had broken up with her.

Speaking of her kids the twins grew into teens. Drien became a knowledge sim while his sister Adrene became a romance/knowledge sim. Both kids were given makeovers. The next day Hydro built his third seaport and earned another big bonus.

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