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Lab Assistant
#6876 Old Yesterday at 7:54 PM
After two years of playing Sims 2, I can finally say I've played Veronaville. Or at least the "Jaytee95 Version" where the Montys were carelessly whisked away to Pleasantview before I knew any better. (Worth mentioning this is a terrible thing to do since it causes corruption, don't copy what I did.)

This was also after learning how to create clean neighborhoods by disabling the templates, which also meant getting all the benefits of Nightlife and Apartment Life in the neighborhood without the downtownies and bin families that come with them. (Yes these are famous last words, but "nothing's crashed so far!")

Essentially, without Romeo, poor Juliette doesn't have anyone and about to grow up with only Veronaville townies outside of her massive family to choose from. It looks like she will grow up single, then try to find a townie to have a relationship with. The other member of the Capp family who liked Bianca Monty is out of luck on that route, too.

All of this is assuming I bother to play the neighborhood again. My Pleasantview didn't crash like I originally thought and is still my favorite to play, and Belladonna Cove has found a place in my level of interest as well.
Field Researcher
#6877 Old Yesterday at 8:33 PM
In my Deer Valley neighborhood

I'm playing the Ramaswami's in downtown.
Sanjay just got hired in the business career, he just bought a Racetrac gas station which in currently under renovation but he hopes his business will thrive.
His wife Priya is prego and she is also having an affair with a townie who's name I forgot. All she wants is a little attention and it seems Sanjay is too busy for her.

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Lab Assistant
#6878 Old Yesterday at 9:27 PM
In my Uberhood, I'm preparing for the wedding of Juliet Capp and Malcom Landgraab. I'm redecorating their house first and then setting up the ceremony scene. I also need to find a house for Hermia, Tybalt, Mercutio and Romeo, they all recently graduated from college and are waiting in the sim bin at the moment. Miranda, Juliet and Hal are already out - Hal lives in Belladonna Cove's high-rise area and runs a grocery store for the less fortunate. He works as an architect so he doesn't need for the store to make a ton of profit, either. His sister Miranda underwent plastic surgery, became a wedding planner (custom career, available here at MTS) and married her sweetheart from college. They live in Belladonna as well.
Dina Caliente is married to Consort Capp, and she's pregnant with Don Lothario's child. She also has a little boy, Michael Jr, who she adopted - the family tree identifies Michael Bachelor as the child's father since Dina was still married to him at the time she adopted so Consort is soon a step-father to two.

I'm also shooting the second chapter for my story, Old Town Tales, which is an alternate universe take on the Bella Goth -case. The last time I published a sims story was in 2011 so I'm seriously rusty at the moment but I think I'm doing pretty well by now.
Lab Assistant
#6879 Old Yesterday at 10:03 PM
At the moment i'm downloading a bunch of CC. I tried to contain myself, I really tried. o.o I failed. lol

Besides that i've been playing Riverblossom Hills (first time!).
Jason Greenman became a plantsim. Daisy grew up in an adult and is now on her own, living on the same apartment lot but different apartment next to her also now grown sister Petunia (Jason's plantbaby). They had a human baby, Violet Greenman. Rose is astounded at how needy humans are but loves her daughter, very loving family. Also Jason is now alien preggo, not yet given birth.

Patricia Wan was well...not nice to be put it nicely...to Jules, Gabe saw and broke up with her. He found some comfort in his friend Leod McGreggor and they are now together and Gabe and Jules moved in with him, slight home makeover to add some room. Not much. Leod ended up becoming a plantsim, I decided to go with it rather than cure him.

Jacon dumped crazy Sandra Roth, went to Uni and is now in a very small apt hoping to make a name for himself in the gamer career like his father who has chosen to stay with the 2 old women because they asked him too because they would not be able to support themselves on their own as Betty keeps getting demoted and fired not to mention elder careers don't make much. When they pass away he gets the house so win-win.

That is all i've played so far.

Edit: Oh and I forgot Rose had another plantbaby, Forest Greenman.
Lab Assistant
#6880 Old Today at 12:32 AM
Dina Caliente is desperate to resurrect Michael. I love them together as a couple, so I might be suckered into it. But...I also really want to see Dina make it on her own without a man and she's doing really well right now, starting her own business and working a full-time job in the Culinary career.

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