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#8926 Old Yesterday at 10:15 PM
Junior Mann wakes up, wants to talk to Mary and Candy. ACR says Allyn. Okay. He goes to work the General Store, comes home, wants to throw his daily party and talk to Candy. Okay, invite guests. Candy, um, no Valentine, (Lana's having an affair with Valentine and it's Rich's day off), no Rhett, okay, Goldie, oh, good, Beeches. Sandy, Hamilton, Daytona, Ginny, but Hamilton's mad because of Penny so skips. Okay, drama free party list. Got that. Talk to Candy, um, now he wants to dance with Daytona and Ginny and prank Ginny. Sigh. End of day, no romantic wants for anyone, ACR says Candy now, and he wants to become friends with a bunch of customers whom he does not bolt.
Make up your mind, Junior! Well, he's doing well with the general store. And I stopped there early, because they're about to go to Twikkii (Lana's fault, she wanted a vacation home) and I didn't want to play vacation through that late. So tonight the Manns can go on a vacation.

Some sims. She's not showing yet, but Candy is pregnant by Junior again. I . . . don't think that's going to work any better the second time, Candy, unless you roll a want to propose to the man! He wants a gold restocking badge and a level eight business, and you aren't either of those!

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#8927 Old Today at 12:30 AM
In the last couple of days I've played five households through the winter.

At the Ottomas house, nothing big happened. Joe Graham got a promotion to level 6 of the business career. Samantha seemed stuck at level 5 of law enforcement - she's had the needed skills, friends, and performance since the start of my previous rotation, and thanks to dates she's been going to work with high needs and a platinum mood. Sharla topped the teen education career; unless she gets fired, she's got the scholarship she wanted. Dora still hasn't died and is now listed as being 69 and very little of her bar is unfilled. The four children on the lot are doing well at school and playing a lot of catch.

The mining family is also my challenge lot of having a pregnancy every season. Most of winter was spent trying to deal with toddlers and help with homework. Only a little bit of mining was done and Flannan turned blue with cold before I took pity on him and brought him inside. They didn't sell any ore during the winter as their stock was buried. They started the season with three toddlers and an infant, and ended the same way. There was one day with four toddlers, then midwinter saw the tenth child born and the oldest toddler had a birthday. Jane quickly got pregnant again - she seemed to be getting sick and having more motive drops than my other pregnant sims do. The second last day of winter had their eldest child age to teen. I rolled dice to determine aspiration and he ended up pleasure/grilled cheese, which suits him very well, as does the LTW of becoming a celebrity chef. His preferred hobby is cuisine and he has high interest in food, toys, and entertainment. He'll be helping with the mine and selling ore when not making sandwiches - I plan to have him open a sandwich shop as an adult.

Allegra Gorey seems to like living in the fishing cabin. She's got just enough space for her bed, easel, computer, a chair and a bookshelf. When she aged to adult, she was in a floral sundress - instead of changing that, her hair, glasses, and makeup have been softened to suit the new dress. She spent most of her time painting, but did meet a couple of her neighbours. One ex-tenant hung around the lot for a long time - he'd moved out to go to university and an apartment townie took over his room, but he wouldn't leave, and looks like a teen. I can't recall if I moved him into a dorm or if he's still in the student bin, but I hope he leaves after I've played his household. The other ex-tenant, Jane Stacks, left properly and hasn't been hanging around, but I know I played her household for a few minutes while I was shuffling college graduates about into new households and homes. Anyway, Allegra had a good winter. She went downtown a couple of times with friends who invited her out. One outing, Castor Nova invited her and they went to the cemetery downtown. The group also included Ashley Pitts, Jane Stacks, Kevin Beare, and Allegra's enemy, Brittany Upsnott. There was kicky bag, dancing, and poking and shoving, and then three ghosts came out. Castor got scared, wet himself, and had a good memory for it. The outing ended shortly after that, with Castor commenting that it had been a great time and they should do it again. Allegra also visited the arts and crafts hobby lot, and now has a crush on the instructor there.

At the Newson's, Gavin has left for college and Ginger's baby is now a toddler. Ginger is still helping everyone else get their homework done, but is struggling to raise her grades so she can go to college in the spring. She finally got the marks to B, but her winter was miserable. Between her homework, helping with homework, toddler care and teaching toddler skills, and making food, she was tired most of the time and she wasn't rolling easy to fill wants. Things got easier for her when Gabriella and Gallagher aged to teen - Ginger was able to go out, have fun, and get her aspiration meter up a bit. Gabriella became a knowledge/pleasure sim with a want to max 7 skills. Gallagher is now a family/romance sim and wants to reach his golden anniversary. I got them a restorable car to tinker with - I plan for them to be the owners of a garage and car sales center, and possibly a gas station or bus terminal.

The last household I played was my doctor family, the Farrells. They have started building a small hospital - it currently has free floor tiles layed out on the ground as I try to decide on a floor plan. The only part with walls is where I know I want a bathroom. The only furniture is a few counter sections in what will be a reception area, a cash machine, and a food display case filled with individual bowls of Grandma's Chicken Soup marked for sale. I haven't opened the lot yet, but wanted the community lot selling soup there in case it's needed. Their home business is open and is better decorated and more functional. I'm running it as a bandatron business, with the entire downstairs area open to customers/patients. Half the house is set up as a clinic, with the living room acting as a waiting room. There are two tiled exam rooms - one has the medical career reward in it, the other has a microscope, an exam bed, and an eye chart from PC Sims that charges sims and opens the makeover screen. I've got custom makeup injuries, and some bandage accessories, and patients can leave looking like they had treatment for an injury or got new glasses. One townie got new sunglasses, Herbert Goodie has reading glasses, and Georgia Newson broke her wrist in a kickball accident - I'll remove the cast if she visits the doctor's lot again, or when I play the Newsons in the summer, but she's going to have the cast for the spring rotation of the Newsons (no piano until the arm heals).

Personally, the Farrells are doing well. Dr. Colton Farrell has been writing more scifi books, while his son Jordan has been trying to get abducted by aliens again. Dr. Hannah Farrell took up violin, as she wanted to build her creativity and wasn't interested in writing or painting. Triplets Candice, Wes, and Petra aged to teen on the last day of winter. Petra rolled a want to get the scholarship for being abducted by aliens even before the aspiration selection screen came up, so I made her a knowledge sim, with a popularity second - she's very outgoing and nice. Actually, she's very everything - her lowest number of points in any personality category is 6 in neatness. She wants to be mayor, and right after aging up she headed outside to summon aliens. Wes also rolled a scholarship want - young entrepreneurs, so he's now a family/fortune sim, with a LTW to be a business tycoon. Candace didn't have any wants or interests that directed me to a particular aspiration, just that she's serious and shy, so I rolled to choose between family, knowledge and fortune for a primary, and then rolled to choose from among all options for a secondary. She's now a knowledge/romance sim, and wants to become a media magnate. Her first roll of wants after aging up included a want to go jogging - so she went out for a jog in a snowstorm. Everyone was in bed except Petra when the aliens finally showed up. I normally save and go on to the next household when the seasons change, but that happened before Petra was returned. I waited until she was back home and had applied for her scholarship - the want for the scholarship was replaced by a want to meet aliens. I think Petra and Jordan are going to have to take turns with the telescope.
#8928 Old Today at 5:23 AM
I changed Rose Greenwood's clothes

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#8929 Old Today at 6:30 PM
Johnny Smith and family: Johnny and his wife Naenae are well into elderhood now. Naenae never found out about his illegitimate children with Starla (who was her friend). His oldest illegitimate daughter (Venus) blackmailed him for 20k to not tell his wife and he paid the money. However, his oldest son (Jupiter) did find out quite by accident. He and Venus just happened to be at the same party. His race of aliens left the galaxy long ago and abductions these days were perpetrated by four other races of aliens. So he was a bit surprised to see Venus. When he asked her about her parents, she mentioned her late mother but said she didn't know who her father was. There was only one man it could be, though, and he remembered that a woman named Starla used to visit his mother. He debated confronting his dad or telling his mom, but in the end, he did neither. They were so happy together, plus he was living with them now that he was back from Uni. They had even planned to leave the house to him. So he kept his silence and concentrated on finding a wife. His younger brother had already been to Uni and back. His parents had bought him a house next door and he was already engaged while Jupiter still struggled to find a girl he liked.

One day, his parents decided to invite some girls over for him to meet. However, the girl they were hoping he would like kept making passes at the other girl at the party! It was pretty funny. She was a townie and I had no idea she was a lesbian. Anyway, this was depressing for Jupiter. One day, he called up a girl he had a crush on in Uni and she came over. She had just graduated and was going into the military career. They talked for hours and she came again the next day, and the next, etc. Even though he is bit older than her, they got engaged and had a wedding at home in the backyard. Later that night, she got pregnant. Johnny and Naenae are so happy, they have wanted grandkids for years! The happy couple: Jupiter and Beverly Anderson Smith
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