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Default Reversing "cheat death" wish?
My neighborhood has an evil witch whose plans involve POWERRRRR! UnLIMITED POWERRRRRR! She was once a witch with her own killing-death robot, but the robot disappeared and her aunt robbed her of her witchiness by sneaking a little witchbegone into her 'juice'. Considering that the evil not-witch has committed all manner of crimes, including killing a half-dozen men over the course of a week with a cow plant so she could drink them and extend her life, her aunt and her husband -- who married her precisely so he could get close to her -- want to kill her. They have tried shooting, fire, disease, and an entire season spent in a pool, but NOTHING WORKS. Once upon a time, you see, the evil ex-witch wished to a genie for the power to cheat death. So she does. ALL THE TIME. She has pleaded with the reaper several times, and whenever she nearly starves or drowns, her hunger and energy magically increase.

What can be done? I'm going to try making her wish for youth (a mod here turns sims back into teenagers with that wish) and see if it sloughs off the immortality. I've even tried the killing tombtsone; nothing happens. I've read that even old age won't do it
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I had this problem in my early days, when I thought that genie wish only gave you the ability to cheat death should you choose to. Obviously, I was wrong. He was a business man who had founded the neighborhood and I was looking forward to putting him in his beautiful reserved grave spot, now that he was old and his time had come, after a life that was rich in all possible ways.... what a disappointment that was. -_- I tried everything to try and kill him and ended up having to make a new sim that looked exactly like him with the same name and just kill him, because I desperately wanted that grave stone. Took a while to fulfill his lifetime wish, to get the nice tomb stone. Very very annoying.

I forgot how I ended up getting rid of that original sim, but I know it wasn't through death (obviously).
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