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Test Subject
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#1 Old Yesterday at 12:41 AM
Uh.. Derp. How do I play.. ?
Hi Simmers!

So I have a question.. How do I play the Sims 2?

The following is kind of big, so I put it in a spoiler.
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#2 Old Yesterday at 1:01 AM
Hit control-shift-c. This opens the cheat box at the top. Type in "aging off." No one on that lot will age until you want them to, at which point you can turn "aging on."

There. Now you have as many days as you feel you need. It's longer than it looks at first, and you can make it seem longer by playing rotations. My original CAS sims in my main neighborhood were created in August 2010 and two of them are still alive, even though I play regularly, because I play each house in the hood, one day each, in a very leisurely fashion, and because I used the Elixir of Life on them. When I have a household I wish to play more days in, I play the same number of rotations, but turn aging off till I'm ready to move on, so that they only age one day per rotation of the whole neighborhood. They get to lead good full lives and I get to experience as much as I want to of it.

Once you find your rhythm and pace in Sims2, you'll find that they live plenty. Start slow and experiment; maybe start a neighborhood full of premades you don't care about and try out all the features with them, so when you screw up you're not upset. If you're like most people you'll get attached in spite of yourself, but you probably won't realize it till you screw up. At which point you can quit without saving and apply the lesson learned.

Take the pressure off yourself! Relax, have fun, try new things! Think about how life looks at the sim-level; take the time to read their little thought-bubbles, autonomous actions, and wants, and interpret these into personality. Remember when you were five and it was just you, Barbie, and the sandbox? Get back into that freeform frame of mind and go for the fun, whatever that is for you.

People are going to inundate you with "essential mods" that aren't essential at all, though you may find you like them. All you really need are the ones that fix actual game problems - nounlinkondelete, no corrupt death, and creaturefixes. Other than those, don't worry about it till you've got some playtime under your belt and start thinking, "I really wish there were a way to take this thing I don't enjoy playing and substitute something I would like better," and that's where those mods come in. Get to know the game and establish a playstyle first. Then you'll be able to weed through the recommendations to find what you want.

Welcome to the sandbox.

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#3 Old Yesterday at 1:19 AM
Hmmm - well, I like to tell stories so I usually create or develop characters/families with a plot, role or storyline in mind. I am the polar opposite of you, in a sense, since I have been playing the same neighbourhood since the game released (really). It's a big neighbourhood with a lot of sims though.

BUT, and this is a big but, I do not HAVE to have the sims do exactly as I think they should. I like to let them do their own thing a lot and sometimes - actually more than sometimes - often they surprise me and sometimes their story ends up completely different than the one I had planned. If you let the sims do their own thing, you see a lot of stuff in the game you wouldn't otherwise see. I bet if Peni comes in here, she'll say a similar thing. She likes the sims to tell their own stories too.

The thing is, I find this very engaging because it can be surprising (and sometimes funny). Something happens and I end up with a much richer story than the one I set out with. Also, because I don't have so much invested in what the sims do to start with, I am not worried when it doesn't go to plan. It doesn't make me cross. If you're rage-quitting, I think you might consider letting go of your control over their lives a little and let the game give back to you. Some people do this in different ways, for example some people roll a dice for any major (and even some minor) decisions - from their sim's personality to their fate in love. Some people set up sims to start with and then let them go their own way (aided in the love stakes, often as not, by ACR which does a great job at applying rules and determining outcomes without player input), some people set out to try out every possible combination or situation they can think of, some people play legacies (which is an external set of rules but not YOUR rules and you can apply them as you see fit).

I think, and I'm not criticising you here, that players who want the game to be 'just so' and exactly as they want, are often the players who do stop playing quite quickly and that's because the game is a system - a programme - and in some ways is quite inflexible (you can only do certain things in any given situation) but in other ways can produce quite unexpected results when you get multiple variables acting at the same time. The trick many of us have developed is to roll with that and not let it aggravate us.

Ha - and ninja'd by Peni (makes a change from Jo at least).

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#4 Old Yesterday at 1:39 AM
I'm confused.

If you don't enjoy the game, then maybe it's not for you?

If you find the lifespans too short, why wouldn't you want to download a mod to make them longer? Or even, just use the in-game cheat code to turn off ageing! (If you're worried about conflicts, BoilingOil's slower ageing is the best one as it doesn't affect how many "days old" a sim is.)

It's great to have discussion, but this post is kind of open ended. I guess that's understandable, since it's an open ended game. I'll start by trying to answer your questions and then add whatever thoughts come to mind

What do you do when you get started with a brand new game/world?
> OK, well, I usually start a new world when I have an idea for a hood which I find interesting. I have found that starting just with a blank world and no ideas ends up really boring, because there's no feel to it. So start with an idea. Some ideas I've had/started with/not finished/still played with so far:
> A neighbourhood with three distinct social "classes". I wanted stereotypical "chav" sims, rich middle class sims, alternative/goth sims. I was going to have all kinds of rules of what they could and couldn't do. I played right up to stereotypes in the beginning, housed them in three separate districts (I didn't have nightlife or OFB when I made this hood the first time, so I just used areas of the neighbourhood.) Then I was going to let them live and see what kind of drama played out. I never finished that hood in the end, but did develop this idea (more later).
> A "rainbow" hood using fantasy rainbow coloured skins geneticised on a colour wheel. I was going to have each main colour (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple) represent a different clan with different ideals, and a strict taboo on fraternising with anybody more than one clan away (to minimise the colour leakage). But that requires a ton of setting up, and I never got around to it.
> A Harry Potter type hood with all of the characters from the books and the locations etc.
> A neighbourhood where I could build a bunch of houses modelled off various houses I saw around my home town - I copied a couple of apartment blocks and some Victorian terraces and three or four houses based on my own/friends' houses, and then I went on a Rightmove spree "collecting" houses to build. This ended up serving as a great base for mark II of my social class based hood. (This was my "I am exploring building" phase)
> A hood where I made a bunch of real people - basically anyone who came to my house got mugshots taken and a sim made of them, or I looked up photos of the right angles on facebook <stalker alert>. I also did celebrities, especially fictional characters from TV shows, and I thought it would be fun to let them all run around together, but in reality I just ended up doing challenges on that hood because I didn't want to let them age. (ie, this was my "I am exploring bodyshop" phase)
- A neighbourhood where everyone is connected - I started off with four teenage girls who are friends, but had to make them all a family each. So each of their family members got stories and connections too. X's father is colleagues with Y's father, Z's brother plays football with A's sister, etc. That crashed and burned but I reintegrated the connected idea when I remade the social class hood.
> Try challenges. I made an entire hood to play out the Apocalypse challenge. So I decorated it all post-apocalyptic and start off with a bunch of restrictions, which get lifted one by one. I've failed this about four times so far, but it's really fun.
> A hood to play out the Nostalgia Challenge. Doesn't work if you have UC (although you could constrain yourself, I suppose) but basically a legacy exploring each expansion pack, one per generation. Started out totally empty but added community lots as the expansions added them - base game just had an open air pool, arcade, supermarket and an empty lot with some swings. With University I added a gym, coffee shop and Jazz club/pool hall, etc. Populated just with the legacy family members and townies (if my sim developed a relationship with a townie then they got aged up by sending to uni).
> A genetics type challenge where I'm trying to make one man impregnate the whole town!
> The other way I get inspired is by seeing a really interesting hood up for download. For example, I fell in love with Plasticbox's "Elsewhere", which became the base for my house-building hood (I thought it looked sort of Scottish or Welsh, so my English buildings didn't jar horribly) - Elsewhere is the main hood, and the town centre is a subhood, as is the "council estate". There's a university too. I am building this entirely from scratch which is fun. It's also here I have populated with my integrated, social class based population. The social classes are much subtler but I know where those divides are. The integration I made with a random number generator and had a lot of fun doing it.
> The other hood I've downloaded is the Megahood with every single Maxis hood integrated into it. I have never really played the Maxis hoods, but this was a fun way of doing so and I've found it easy to find inspiration since if you don't know what to do with a family, lots of other people have played them in various ways and you can look for ideas that way.

So if you start with an idea, it's easier to know where to start. When you have your idea, you can think about what the story/history of the town is. What's the climate like - is it harsh and mountainous, with a rugged terrain, hardy evergreen trees and settlements spread out? Is it flat and desert-like, with cactuses? Wet, marshy, fantasy-like, futuristic, basically what's the configuration of seasons, what kind of trees are there, what's the terrain like, is there water - sea, lakes, rivers? Is it urban and built up or is it more rural and spread out? I never used to do this but I now like to go to town with all of the neighbourhood deco and really try to get a proper feel for the place before I start building community or residential lots. If you can't find a neighbourhood terrain that you like, look for custom ones. Buy a used copy of SimCity 4 and make your own. Or use the neighbourhood terrains offered as your starting point.

> Once you've decorated it, it will depend what you're doing. If you want to feel like you're just dropping into an already established community, you'll want to build some community lots and residential lots first, or plop down some in-game/downloaded ones if you don't like building. You don't need to make it look finished if you don't want to, just give yourself enough to jump in and play. Once you've done that, or if you want to start with a few sims and build up the place from scratch, go into Create a Family and make your sims. Give them personality and backstory to start with, rather than just creating them randomly. There are lots of places to look for inspiration with this - I like to take a few random adjectives and use that as a starting point, the Sims 3 traits can work too to give you an idea of your sim's personality, or sometimes the random sim generator just gives me a sim who looks like a bookworm, or a scientist, or a try-hard wannabe - sometimes they just jump out at you.

What's your sims' routines?
> My sims really don't have a routine, they are all so different. That's what makes the game so interesting for me. I like to plop them into different situations and then think about how that sim would deal with that situation based on their personality, aspirations, LTW, turn ons, family history, hobbies, etc. So I keep little notes about them for times when I can't look at their bio/personality/etc.

If you could only have 5 mods in your game, which would you choose?
> Well, funnily since you mentioned age mods, the ageing mod would be a big one for me. It's not the length as such (although their lives are frighteningly short on vanilla TS2), it's the fact it's so weirdly unrealistic and doesn't match up to any idea of normal human ageing. I have always seen sims as somewhat human so I like them to have human age spans. Whatever you count as a "year", babies = 0-1, toddlers = 2-4, children = 5-12, teenagers 13-20, (YAs 18-22), adults 21-60, elders 60-~75. In my opinion.
> Secondly would be the Sim Blender (or insert your tool of control here!) Yes, you can do a lot with testingcheats and SimPE, but it's clunky.
> Inteen. Love the sense of extra risk and the risky packs. And silent pregnancy. And miscarriages. Just ups the challenge.
> ACR, because it's so much fun to let them choose their own partners and sometimes you get really interesting results.
> So hard to choose only five I think NoBabyToddlerSwarming. It gets really frustrating to try and take care of babies and toddlers without it.

ETA: After Peni's comment I feel I should add - these are the five most important for me. I don't think that they are in any way essential to everyone's playstyle - I know a lot of people for example don't like inteen or ACR. I liked this question, though! I play with so many mods and I'd hate to lose lots of them - many more than these five I don't think I would find the game as enjoyable without

What is some must-have CC clothing and hair?
> This is really personal, so I'll just add my absolute favourites - fakepeeps7's clothing for toddlers and children, and the conversions of adult hairs for children and toddlers, because there isn't enough cute maxis-match hair for those age groups. Some of them look odd, but most are nice.

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#5 Old Yesterday at 1:41 AM
What exactly makes you 'rage quit'? perhaps if we have a better idea of what is frustrating you we can offer some more practical suggestions.

The way I play is every house hold has a role to play in running my hood. I play an integrated hood, but this also requires a lot of cc, so it probably would not suit you.

With my brand new sims the way I start them is to move them into the hoods B&B. This is a house run by a female sim and her husband. Her husband isn't always there but he sees to maintenance. I guess I play a fairly traditional type of hood. So anyway, the new sim or sims (often I make a couple) get moved into the B&B and are given a room. I often have two or three new families there. This helps them develop some relationships and they are free to do whatever the like pretty much for the season the few days they stay there. I use a double aging mod, but if you don't want that then turning aging off as peni suggested would be the way to go.

I can't really recommend clothes and hair because I don't know your style. because this is a tropical beach hood my sims are all wearing summer-spring type clothes. I use maxis match default skins, eyes and eyebrows.

Once my sims are in the B&B I load it up and set a few things. I play CAS sims a little differently to born in sims. In my head these couples or singles have already led part of there lives so I randomize their skills and then using the sim manipulator I set the level. No skill is to be above 5. I always have something in mind for the sim when I create them. So the restaurant owner who is to be a chef I made sure to hit randomize until he got some decent cooking skills. Again not above five as I want them to work at things somewhat, I just don't want them starting out as if they have had no life at all. I also tick off all the motive perks, so their needs go down a little slower. On the bat box I click make me smart so they will learn skills faster. I have in a slower skill gain mod so this just evens them up a little. I may or may not click randomize their LTW until I get something I like. often I will write up their own LTW that I made up into their bios. Once the technicalities are dealt with they are free to do whatever. After a few days they get moved into their own home. I use fairly cheap housing. often they will take out a loan on Monique's computer so they can buy a business as most of my sims either buy a business or their home is the business. My Dr and her family live at the clinic, my police man and his wife live at the police station etc. Then I just play them, mostly to their wants. They don't have routines for the most part. If they have a job that starts at 6am I will have them out of bed at 5 if they need a shower. I just check needs and have them fill those. I think the main thing is to never let needs get low across the board. So if your sim is half hungry, 3/4 smelly and 3/4 tired he needs seeing to. Get the meal served, get him a shower and headed off to bed.
As to mods, you need the critical fixes because they help stop your hoods from corrupting so no unlink on delete and no corrupt death are a must. But mods that I use in game a lot are the 'Sim manipulator' that does a whole lot of stuff.

I'm not sure if that's the kind of thing you are after?

Lol maxon, my ninja clothes are in the wash.

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#6 Old Yesterday at 1:53 AM
If your main concern is your sims´ short lifetime, then you should consider playing many households in rotation. This way, when playing one household, you´ll encounter your other sims on community lots and as visitors. They´ll write themselves into each other´s stories and their lifes will seem longer than they actually are. Or just type aging off in the cheat console as suggested before. A buyable aspiration rewards-mod might help, too (I think there´s one at this very site).
To make your life a little easier, you might want to get FlexiSchool and SchoolChanger from Simlogical. It allows you to keep your children/teens at home without their grade dropping, so you´ll get to play them longer than in a vanilla game. Look into toddler beds (custom items are not strictly mods in my book), these will help a lot with child rearing. If your computer is a modern one and not (yet) overloaded with cc, then loading screens won´t be too long, so you could send your sims to community lots often. No time will pass in the main household, so this (just like vacations) is another good method to prolong your sims´ lifes without resorting to mods.
And if you say you are okay with your game just as it is, it was the same for me for almost 10 years. But let me warn you that once you´ve started introducing "just a few" mods there´s no turning back

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#7 Old Yesterday at 2:06 AM
When I start a new neighborhood I have a general idea in my head and then start really small. I play with just one family for a few rounds or as long as I want and then add another family. I might feel like adding a park or a playable school for example and then I'll go work on that for awhile. For me starting a new hood does get overwhelming if you try to get it all perfect to start which is why I start small. My BACC and my test of time hood are easily my two most played hoods. The BACC started with just one playable sim and my test of time challenge hood started with just five couples I love those hoods because I've watched them grow from nothing.

There are many mods I couldn't live without but other than the ones Peni Griffin mentioned, none I would deem necessary for a new player. If I were you I would start with those and get more as you feel you need a certain feature.

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#8 Old Yesterday at 4:36 AM
I am amazed no one suggested this first but the first thing to do is make a backup. Before adding mods make a backup. Before adding cc make a backup. Play a while make a backup. Always make backups.

The very first time I played I started with a premade and no cc. I started blindly with the Goth Family. Each family I started it seemed like Darren Dreamer was always in a foul mood and picked fights with everyone. To tell you the truth Darren Dreamer annoyed me so much it wasn't long before I ventured off on my own. After I started my own hood with my own families, I was contented with the game (you do get attached to the little devils) and not one sims died. About 2 years ago my BOB would not load my game any more. So I painfully started all over again.

Second go around I was so disgusted I lost my original sims I just started playing premades, again and with loads of cc. But this time I checked out the bios of all the families. You can check here for their bios http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Category...from_The_Sims_2 . Although Darren Dreamer still picked fights, I understood why. So I took his and Dirk's life in a direction I didn't see coming. Darren is still mourning the death of his wife Darleen and became the town drunk and lost his job. The town's people felt sorry for Dirk and sent him to college. But now Darren is trying to get his life together since he landed a job in the fish packing plant. And no sims has died (well, except the ones I kill off to fill my cemeteries up with).

Both games were played with aging off. I do turn aging on when someone becomes pregnant or I want to age someone up.

In the past 2 years I have thought often of my old game and it's sims that I had to leave behind. When I got the UC for free, I read it was compatible with both M&G and BOB. I kept saying when I get the time I will try and see if I can revive my old game, but up until recently I never had the time. Last night, I grabbed the hard drive that had my old game's backups on it and I decided I was going to just see if it would load. My old game loaded and right there on my screen was like my old friends were back. I played for about 2 hours and realized I missed the sims I have been playing the last 2 years, now. I guess I will have to rotate games now.

Morals of this story: 1. Sims can live as long as you want them to. 2. You don't have to have loads off cc or mods to have a good game. 3. No matter how long you play, you get attached to your sims. 4. Play in the style you want. and 5. Always make backups.
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#9 Old Yesterday at 6:47 AM
I just started playing a new hood. I had an idea of making ten single people, putting them into houses, and then using a hack, giving them opposite sex roommates and letting it flow from there.

No really big idea of what will happen, just the curiosity of finding out how they'll cope. I try not to control it too much because it becomes stagnant and grinding when the game is going.

As for aging, I have Inge's "age hack" which is programmable for each set of ages. I also have a lot of other hacks that make my game enjoyable, but they might not do yours, so I won't give you any advice on those.

I have a bit of a routine-I play each house every day, in rotation. Right now I'm in the stage of seeing which pixels will get married and having their own house. I've got no 'advance plans' for this hood-just to see how it plays out.

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#10 Old Yesterday at 8:25 AM
Sim Blender - you can make anyone of the Sims in your households older or younger, 3 days at a time
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#11 Old Yesterday at 3:07 PM
While I am certainly willing to help others out with ideas or tips, I find that the hardest with people in these cases.
How can anyone tell you hów to play but yourself. You know what you like best.
And usually... people who have set strict limits, for in this case Sims 2 playing, usually do nothing with the given tips, because they already have set things so strict, new things do not fit in there. My general experience from participating in fora since '99. And I don't mean this harsh, just opinion.

For starters, it has to be fún for you and you clearly are not having that.
You got stuck somehow, so I guess it's time to broaden your look on the sims?
Because we can give you all the tips you want and our likings, but they only will have use for you if you're willing to try it a different way.
And maybe get other more fun results. Trying it the same way over and over while that usually ends up in rage quitting is a strong indicator you need either a different path of playing and what can go in your hood and what not or quit playing all together if it gives you that much rage and frustration. That's of course not the purpose of a game. Quite the opposite. Want a different outcome? Change how you approach and handle things.

To slow down their lifespan I just use the cheat aging off. No (mandatory) need for a mod in this.
My five must have mods: ACR, the lot debugger (batbox), MQ's do homework mod, Blender, BO's unlimited sims.
I like it that there is a lot more romantical things going on since ACR came in. Others might think or feel different.
The batbox because it has come in handy so many times when I wanted to correct something, like LTW or an issue.
The homework mod because I was so done with directing every kid to do it every time. Now they automatically start every day at 7 sharp in the evening. Doesn't matter whát they are doing, they will drop everything and head for the homework. They won't always finish it, depends on their motives, but at least one thing less to think about myself.
Blender has so many useful features and gives a lot of info on your sims and you can summon other sims, when you need them for your hood story.
The unlimited sims because I was done with the usually limit of how many sims I could have on a lot.
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#12 Old Yesterday at 3:47 PM
Use the Pause button. It's "P" on your keyboard. (You can use the mouse too, but the keyboard is quicker.) I play with my finger over the "P" button all the time. It gives you time to think. Using Pause and "Aging off" gives you a more relaxed playstyle straight away.

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#13 Old Yesterday at 4:55 PM Last edited by gazania : Yesterday at 5:16 PM.
Downloading a mod to help make this game easier, or more importantly, to fix problems in the game is not a bad thing. Keep mods in their own folders in your Downloads section, in case you need to remove them for any reason. I have two folders, based on my classifications. Many here have more folders.

Mods are not your enemy. I find that even when playing Sims 1 with the bare amount of CC I can have (can't do much on a netbook), I need a mod or two to keep me from quitting on the game. However, whether using the aging off/on cheat, or use a modded object in Sims 2 such as Sim Blender, you can turn ages off and on as your whims dictate. I cannot tell you how many times I notice a Sim a couple of days away from being an elder, said to myself, "No! Not yet!", and added a few days via the Blender, or used "aging off".

This forum has some great threads detailing what mods many of us find are extremely useful, favorite sites for CC, ways to take the game in different directions, and how to think up different variants of the game. The standard mods and modded items many of us use and consider essential, including nolinkondelete, the various no-respawn mods, nocorruptdeath, the batbox, the Blender, Visitor Controller (which I consider essential because every once in a while, my game has produced a visitor who I definitely don't want anywhere near my lots, and I want that visitor gone IMMEDIATELY), no Sim loaded, etc. ... generally haven't caused users here any problems, as far as I can read, and quite bluntly, if a mod conflicted with any of these, I'd remove that mod over what I consider the essentials.

As always, back up your game and test on a junk hood especially before installing mods (in my opinion and experience, absolutely before testing mods ... no exceptions), looking for any problems. Look for jump bugs (occasionally, very slight twitching is normal in the game with certain interactions, but if the jump is extremely pronounced, that could be an issue) and note if the Sim is doing anything else you consider odd, such as not being able to perform actions it was perfectly capable of executing before.

And I agree with mirjampenning ... each player's style is different, and really, you need to experiment and see which style suits you best. Again, the junk hood can be your friend if you don't want to mess with your favorite hood. I happen to like being a despot on occasion, so I sometimes play with free will off if I'm in the mood. It's hard for me to tell you, "Play it my way!" (I like to be a despot with my Sims, not other real-life players!) You may simply like not playing this game my way. Have a peek at how others play this game ... I find it a great source of inspiration.

(EDIT ... this is a Sims 3 jump bug, but it illustrates what I mean by a very-pronounced jump bug: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy0FFa-Gpws)

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.
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#14 Old Yesterday at 6:23 PM
Originally Posted by gazania
I cannot tell you how many times I notice a Sim a couple of days away from being an elder, said to myself, "No! Not yet!", and added a few days via the Blender, or used "aging off".

Same here. If it suits better, aging off or three days younger with the Blender. Talking about the blender. If I recall right, with the Blender you can clear off an unwanted visitor/walkby also immediately.

And I agree with you that this forum is full of people showing and telling how they play. Reading on those threads will help someone along who needs inspiration.
If you put in that effort, I'm sure someone can come up with new ideas for her/his hood.
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#15 Old Yesterday at 7:46 PM Last edited by gazania : Yesterday at 8:11 PM.
Another source of inspiration ... the challenges here. You don't have to enter them, though generally, the initiators of the challenge would be delighted if you did. But you can try them or a variation of them privately.

Back when I was looking for inspiration, I found it a lot of fun playing the Harvest Moon challenge here, for instance (Despite my profile info, I did enter a challenge, and actually won a contest, though I think that might have happened because it was around the holidays and most of the participants dropped out, but hey, I'll take it!) As a HM player, I found it interesting to see just how I could incorporate elements of it into Sims 2 gameplay. In addition to the longer-running challenges, there are mini-challenges that last only a day or so.

Want to try a mini-challenge and feel lucky? Here ya go!


The only thing is that I would be cautious about downloading any animated animals (I see at least one in that list at a quick glance.) They will then be NPCs, and you won't be able to delete them without risking corruption. Use a bulky statue instead. And if your game complains about high-poly items, find a bulky Maxis item. That will do! There is nothing wrong with custom NPCs, as long as you back up your game, test them thoroughly, and see if you want this CC. I have some custom NPCs myself, and really do like them. But please make sure you WANT the item first, and if not, go to your back-up game.

Another challenge ... try finding house-building plans (there are several good free sites, such as ePlans), and try to replicate one of the houses. Often, you won't be able to do so exactly, but I find I enjoy most of my failures, anyway. I still don't consider them submit-worthy here (and because of Super Duper Hug-Bug, I wouldn't do it until after my planned re-install in January), but they will do quite fine for my use. If you are frowning over roof angles, dormers, etc, try a ranch or a building with a flat roof.

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.
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Okay- wow. A lot of replies and almost every single one is really long. But I am not going to complain, lots of replies means more tips and inspiration for me.

I have to go read all of your replies.....
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When I first played The Sims 2, I created a household, moved them into a lot, and then proceeded to kill them with fire. It may seem a bit silly, but I feel that, if you do somehow feel bored while playing the game and want some spice, you can save the game, torture your Sims in the most gruesome ways possible (and listen to their screams of agony), and once you're satisfied, quit without saving. I do that with my Sims from time to time, and it helps if I'm feeling stressed out that day.

But to be a bit more serious, I feel that getting to play around with the game controls and how to control Sims while not having to worry about their motives or buying all the necessary amenities is something that new Sims player should do, just to get the "feel" of the game. Once you know what it's like to control Sims to do your bidding, er, bow down to you in their state of slavery, and once you know the basics of build and buy mode, you'll be able to step into the real world of Simming.

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Originally Posted by k6ka
When I first played The Sims 2, I created a household, moved them into a lot, and then proceeded to kill them with fire. It may seem a bit silly, but I feel that, if you do somehow feel bored while playing the game and want some spice, you can save the game, torture your Sims in the most gruesome ways possible (and listen to their screams of agony), and once you're satisfied, quit without saving. I do that with my Sims from time to time, and it helps if I'm feeling stressed out that day.
We are all different! There are few things that would upset me more. I know I could quit without saving, but I just don't want to see it. I always shut my eyes if something like that happens in a film I'm watching.

I have Squinge's No More Fires mod, so that I'll never ever have to watch a Sim burn to death. I had nightmares after seeing a picture of a Sim who had burned to death in someone else's game. The thought of the same thing happening to a Sim that I knew and loved absolutely horrified me. My Sims are my friends and I'll always do my best to protect them.

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Originally Posted by AndrewGloria
We are all different! There are few things that would upset me more. I know I could quit without saving, but I just don't want to see it. I always shut my eyes if something like that happens in a film I'm watching.

I have Squinge's No More Fires mod, so that I'll never ever have to watch a Sim burn to death. I had nightmares after seeing a picture of a Sim who had burned to death in someone else's game. The thought of the same thing happening to a Sim that I knew and loved absolutely horrified me. My Sims are my friends and I'll always do my best to protect them.

Interestingly I never get dreams involving the melancholy death of my Sims... it was always comical, and I would resurrect them with the Resurrect-O-Nomitron... oh, Grimmy wants more money? Just use motherlode and give him the profits.

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My method would be the opposite, I say go play sims 1 unmodded for a week and then when you open sims 2 you will think you moved from nightmare level down to easy level. I loved sims 1, but after moving to sims 2 I was like oh wow so much easier! because I played sims 1 without knowing about mods, cc or cheats I found the new sims 2 super easy. In sims 1 the motive drop was like a sims 2 pregnant sim X two. And make friends? if you rang anyone 9 times out of 10 they would argue with you and hang up after 2 seconds.

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(Sorry ... it's been a while. NOW I remember what happened! I nuked this hood some time ago.)

I found one Sim death actually a little funny.

I just geneticized my skintones. I had spent a great deal of time assigning the numbers, and my Sim had just given birth! I succeeded! Hurray!

Time for a picture. I had just lined up my Sim with the baby to get a perfect shot. I clicked the camera and had her husband take the baby. Just as she handed the baby over, a satellite came crashing down on her.

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or feel sad. It all happened so fast, my first reaction was to gape at the screen in amazement. To this day, that was the only time in years of play that either my daughter or I got an unplanned death by satellite memory. (You can plan one using mods ... this was definitely not planned!)

Her husband resurrected her and they sold the satellite. But I did feel bad for finding any humorous potential in this event. (Sorry, Sims ... and sorry I had to get rid of all of you because of another corruption issue I found out about the hard way.)

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.
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