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Test Subject
#13076 Old Yesterday at 9:49 PM
A few days after my last post, my laptop's hard drive died, and I lost everything. I've finally started putting my game back together (thank you, MTS, for keeping track of the CC I've downloaded!), and I also managed to find my old CC backups, including the cleaned Strangetown by SaraMK, so I've been playing while "fixing" all my old CC (with Wardrobe Wrangler) and organizing it while I test for bad files and missing meshes. Unfortunately, I noticed that none of my sims were aging. I'd already made some headway towards restoring the dead grandparents to Tarlia's cleaned Strangetown (which is the one I was using at the time of the crash), so I decided to finish that job, and noticed some interesting things while working in SimPE, setting up my new Strangetown with my current progress (basically, Jenny and Pollination Tech#9 both rolled wants to have 10 children, so I've been working on that, and I don't want to have to start over again -- plus, I had finally finished giving the Strangetown playables their makeovers again, and didn't want to have to do all that a third time).

1) Glarn Curious is shown to still be married to Kitty Curious -- not Glabe Curious, who raised his alien spawn. Glabe, interestingly enough, bears a strong resemblance to Zo Curious (Glarn's mother). I've decided that, in my game, Glabe and Glarn are siblings, which would explain why together, they are named after a famous song. ^_~

2) I noted before that in the game data, Mary Melons (general Buzz Grunt's maternal grandmother) is related to the Curious family. Specifically, in the Sim Relations, she is shown to be the child of Glarn & Kitty Curious, as well as the grandchild of Hamm & Annie Hogleg and Notzo & Zo Curious. She's also shown to be "sibling" to Jenny Smith and Pascal, Vidcund & Lazlo Curious, with the "known" and "family" flags checked. However, in Family Ties, she is not linked to anyone, other than Missy Grunt. I seem to remember reading that when children are taken by the social worker, their family ties are deleted. This makes me think she was intended to have been taken by the social worker, then adopted by the Melons family; then all that was dropped. In my game, I've decided that will be what happened.

3) As most simmers know, there are two Nervous Subjects in Strangetown. One lives with the Beaker family, and is supposedly the child of Olive Specter and the Grim Reaper. The other is not playable, and has a dead token; this is the one who appears in Olive Specter's memories, even though the other is listed as her child in Sim Relations. The "dead" Nervous is also the one who is listed as family to Willow and Ophelia Nigmos, while the "real" Nervous is unknown to them. Also, when you use the Tombstone of Life & Death to spawn a baby into the family, the only parent is the Grim Reaper (much like how Nervous Subject is basically a clone of Grimmy, with none of Olive's DNA). On a related note, I noticed that the dead sims in Olive's garden (specifically, her previous husbands) have a lot of "Unknowns" in their relations. The two of these together lead me to believe that Olive and her family were originally developed in another neighborhood, then moved into Strangetown, then the connection to Nervous was made. By the way, Zog Nigmos doesn't know anyone other than Olive's family (including her dead husbands). That tells me he died before the family was migrated to Strangetown.

4) Kitty Curious does not have an "I Am Dead" token. Neither does Glarn Curious.
Lab Assistant
#13077 Old Today at 12:03 AM
Strangetown is a mess. It was the first neighborhood to be made, which is also why several sims have broken DNA (probably have a mix between an old DNA system and the new one that was the final version). Also don't try to ressurect anyone from the Specter garden, they are all bugged. For example Knut Futa (doesn't even have a grave on the lot I believe? But he is in Olive's memories) doesn't have an age and is therefor a baby in an adult body. Just get cleaned templates or something.
Lab Assistant
#13078 Old Today at 2:37 AM
That you can't mark aspiration rewards for sale. (
Lab Assistant
#13079 Old Today at 9:03 AM
It wasn't today but, I found out that your sims can discover a new star using the telescope and can earn simoleans by doing so! (I learned this on Lifesimmer's sims 2 LP)

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Mad Poster
#13080 Old Today at 10:18 AM
Originally Posted by SIMposiast
That you can't mark aspiration rewards for sale. (

I think you can if you have buyable ones. Look around for extracted aspiration rewards.

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