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#12526 Old Yesterday at 7:07 AM
Got pretty amazed yesterday night..funny how, after many years, it is now I am noticing this.
Dad walks to his toddler and pick him up..then started walking away. My first though : he will put him in crib..or give him a bath..? No.
He passed by the bathroom and didn't stop..
Because i did not want the toddler to be put in the baby's crib (I want toddlers to sleep in the toddler bed i made and testing right now)
I paused the game, and looked at the action they both had.
dad had : carry or hold toddler..and toddler had that one too, followed by play with and one of his toys.
Oh! ok..so let's not cancel dad's action and see what happen.
I hit play....
dad actually put toddler down NEXT to his toy he wanted to play with.
I never saw that before. He just brought his son to his toy...0_o

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#12527 Old Yesterday at 7:18 AM
If you leave the house, your pets will go with you, apparently
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#12528 Old Yesterday at 8:19 AM
Originally Posted by VioletPadfoot
Or I can go in and mod the maxis cribs so that they aren't available to toddlers

Well, if ever you succeed in modding this..let me know please.
There is no where to just uncheck "toddlers" in a crib package/file...like there is in a pet bed file.

I cannot seem to fix the BHAV in my own crib..I can change it, but the change does not stay.

Je parle aussi français !...surtout :0)
#12529 Old Yesterday at 11:27 AM
I've learned that a 'good' Romance witch can cause LOTS of mischief... especially when she can summon anyone she wants and carebear-stare her mark into loving her. She's even picked a Family dormie as a mark by mistake. I thought he'd be a Fortune sim, but no... he's a Family sim and while it is a bit on the difficult side to woo him, it isn't impossible. He's the dark-skinned dormie with the flat-top haircut. Oh boy is my sim in trouble now. She better keep her affairs in the Good Witch castle, or she'll really be in for it.

I've got ACR installed with the autonomy disabled, as well as a jealousy fix, so only Family sims get pissed at cheaters when they're not in a committed relationship. My starter sim has already bonked ten sims, including one professor. I've decided that when your LTW is to have 20 lovers, well... you shouldn't be too picky. Besides, she's got sophomore, which brings a chance to change her aspiration. Who should she pick? And if she does stay Romance, should she pick that Family sim she double-bolts?

I hate hurting my sims, but sometimes I guess you gotta let the chips fall where they may. Just hope the proverbial excrement doesn't hit the fan too quickly.

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Am I the only one who fogs up her glasses when eating Kung Pao noodles?
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#12530 Old Yesterday at 6:20 PM
Well, I don't know if my game was having a "bad day" yesterday but it did look a little weird. I have a woman running a bar (OFB) and while visiting this bar whit an other sim I discovered that her female employee was spending her entire time outside doing nothing. When my sim arrived the bartender took the trash and went outside. After she dumped the sack she just stood there for hours and hours.. My sim did come back to this bar at 2 or 3 times during my play and she reacted the same way every time. Strange... I do not think it is a problem though. I hope it's not a sign.
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#12531 Old Yesterday at 11:18 PM
I discovered that Sims gain Cuisine enthusiasm while sleeping in their food! Well, that's a good way to build it up easily...

Have Mansions & Gardens without Apartment Life and can't find the University espresso bar? You're not the only one!
I claim whatever dubious bragging rights there are for proving this is yet another M&G-without-AL bug.
#12532 Old Today at 2:14 AM
It seems that even ACR has its limits. I'll hafta check the jealousy threshold for Knowledge Sims. My Starter Sim, Yvonne Watford, was a little... indiscreet... at the park. BOOOOINK! Luckily, she had a backup plan... smooth talk. So it's alright now. Good thing he's her BFF.

My Sims 2 Blog - info and stories

Am I the only one who fogs up her glasses when eating Kung Pao noodles?
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