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Forum Resident
#14276 Old 30th Aug 2015 at 5:02 PM
Cadence and Candace Martains (twin sisters) don't like Veranka's All-in-One bathroom. They keep rolling the want to buy a new toilet.
Deal with it, girls. It's not going to happen!
Mad Poster
#14277 Old 30th Aug 2015 at 5:05 PM
Sounds very obnoxious Emma. I'm glad my game hasn't done that or I would get very grumpy with it. It's weird though, because I have my seasons set up the exact same way

I discovered that I'm an idiot sometimes. I've modded the crap out of my lighting settings, and still find the game dark sometimes. Today I couldn't get a loft to feel properly lit despite 3 ceiling lights and 3 wall lamps in a 6x6 room. Then it hit me, I have radiance. Didn't that say something about realistic lighting? Do I even want that? And it turns out it does everything I do not want it to do. Go me!

Then I proceeded to uninstall it, and before doing so I backed up all my lighting files so that I would be able to check my modifications. Only I brainfarted and backed up the wrong files, which I discovered after uninstalling. It's a txt, not a package file, dear me. So I had to figure out all my changes yet again. "Luckily" it's the fourth time, so I'm starting to remember some of it. One does wonder how I've managed to lose them four times though. On the bright side, everything is so bright now

If you have questions on how to use SimPE or WW, you're welcome to PM me.
Temporarily Banned
#14278 Old 30th Aug 2015 at 5:08 PM
Toddler sim doesn't like her (custom content) toddler bed. She's a typical toddler isn't she? Lol

Sorry Rebecca (or however she spells it if she indeed is said beds creator) no offense but the kids stubborn.

She thinks the proper response to the new bed is confused babbling followed by "waaaahhhhhh" when put to bed in it. Sigh!
Lab Assistant
#14279 Old 30th Aug 2015 at 9:09 PM
Today I learned that you should *never* assume you've set ACR to override jealousy, because otherwise your married Sim will become your divorced Sim.
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