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#15051 Old 21st Apr 2014 at 3:28 PM
Are you accidentally setting it up so that when the roof expands and snaps into place it will hang over the edge of the walls? Do you have all four walls of the greenhouse complete -- no gaps or anything? I know those are stupid questions to ask about and you probably already checked them, but they're all I can think of.

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Top Secret Researcher
#15052 Old 21st Apr 2014 at 3:41 PM
All four walls are complete. I have a hard time controlling the roof tool, so a lot of a time it would hang over if it would actually place.
Lab Assistant
#15053 Old 21st Apr 2014 at 4:04 PM
Are you building too close to a wall maybe? Or to the borders of the lot?
I don't recall what error you get, but I remember there are some problems building greenhouses in those places.

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#15054 Old 21st Apr 2014 at 4:17 PM
Are you sure you've moved up a level before trying to add the roof? I've had that happen a couple of times before and eventually realised I was trying to put the roof on the floor.
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#15055 Old 21st Apr 2014 at 7:25 PM
Is it safe to delete "SREL"s of a sim in SimPe?

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#15056 Old 21st Apr 2014 at 8:41 PM
I did move up a level. I ended up having to make a much smaller greenhouse than I originally wanted to make the roof work. Prudence Crumplebottom doesn't seem to mind though. (she wanted a garden plot, and I wanted a greenhouse to protect her plants. I was only able to fit one tomato plant in the smaller greenhouse I ended up making, but it filled her garden plot want, and she's taking care of the one plant.)
#15057 Old 21st Apr 2014 at 9:29 PM
Greenhouse roofs are buggy. I had the same problem with a greenhouse that was a replica of an already existing one, so clearly it was doable (identical rebuild of the original lot) but it wouldn't let me. I figured it out eventually, but I've forgotten by now what I did to fix it. I want to say I placed floor tiles and then removed them, but that could be another issue.
Lab Assistant
#15058 Old Yesterday at 1:04 AM
Re the green house - is your box complete? I often get the "cannot support weight" issue if the greenhouse walls don't form a complete box.

Onto another stupid question... is there a quick, painless way to determine what face template a sim is using? I'm trying to prepare for a rebuild in the future and would like a way to access what face template a spawned sim is using.

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#15059 Old Yesterday at 2:43 AM
The walls were a complete box, but for some reason I had to reduce the size to get the game to stop giving me the "cannot support weight" message.
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#15060 Old Yesterday at 3:23 AM
Sanypsia, if the spawned sim is a townie, they'll have an unmodified, untweaked facial template. You can just flip through the catalog until you see one that looks like your sim. You can even put the CAS sim in the right hair style/color and the right skintone, if that helps. I've had to rebuild quite a bit, and the only time this technique has not worked for me is if I'm trying to recreate Toddlers or Children. Older than that, and the correct template is instantly recognizable if the other elements are correct. (You can also take a picture and print it out to compare with your CAS sim.)

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Lab Assistant
#15061 Old Yesterday at 12:53 PM
my terrains are not showing up correctly in Hood view. The only ones that are are lush and desert. Cement and dirt are not. When I load a lot everything is fine, so it's just Hood view. And nothing I do fixes it. Came out of the box like this. Is it a graphic issue with this comp?

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Mad Poster
#15062 Old Yesterday at 1:31 PM
We don't know anything about your computer, so how could we tell? Insufficient graphics hardware would be the place to start troubleshooting - and the sooner the better, because if you're straining your computer's capacity, it starts small and gets worse over time, till you wind up breaking your computer. Go to the tech help FAQ and compare your system to the requirements, check that your computer's actually using the videocard, etc. Even if you don't find the problem, you might learn enough to answer the question yourself, or at least frame it in a way that can be answered.

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#15063 Old Today at 12:01 AM
The only real solution to get a game like The Sims 2 to run on a computer that lacks the hardware capability to run the game is to, uh, buy better hardware, or get a more powerful computer to run the game. This especially applies for laptops - if you fry that tiny graphics chip in the motherboard, getting a new motherboard installed costs more than just buying a new laptop. And if you do just that... now all the stuff in your old laptop is lost, er, stuck. Taking apart a laptop to repair it is very difficult. So the best option would be to check your system specs before running any game (or program, for that matter), and to keep an eye out for abnormal activities. Crunchy thumbnails, Sims with blurred, distorted, or wrecking-ball-crushed faces, and totally messed up graphics are a sign that your graphics chip is begging for mercy.
Lab Assistant
#15064 Old Today at 1:05 AM
Ah I see...where do I find my graphics card and how do I find if it's working? I fried my last motherboard...keep in mind on a six year laptop that did me well in service. Excellent actually. That frying had nothing do to with the Sims but that subject is sore for me. That last laptop was my baby...

Anyway, I had this same problem on a desktop that was really crappy. Got a better card and everything was fine. But I ran that game on the cruddy card for a long time.

There's really nothing I can do since I have no more money lol

I walk in and everything's on fire! Can't you people cook a grilled cheese without destroying the whole house?!
Lab Assistant
#15065 Old Today at 10:07 AM
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