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#19051 Old Today at 3:38 AM
It looks like that now that simmer22 told me to click the reset button. Thank you

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#19052 Old Today at 4:16 AM
That's good.

So today I loaded up AGS again to carry on with the build that I am doing and I got the creating 'Exotic Destinations' screen. Anyone know what's going on with it now?

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#19053 Old Today at 6:04 AM Last edited by wickedjr89 : Today at 3:59 PM.
Ok now I KNOW i wasn't crazy when I thought I patched before and the UC patched anyway, despite knowing I had already patched....that was yesterday.

I had a hunch...so just now I checked for a patch AGAIN KNOWING I patched yesterday AND I checked afterwards and it said I was up to date! Yesterday!

It patched...AGAIN!


Is something wrong with the Ultimate Collection?

Edit: Well today I checked and it does not appear to be caused by turning my computer off and back on. It must be because I played yesterday...apparently turning the game on unpatches it? What?

Ya know I just refuse to worry about it anymore. It makes no sense.
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