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#22826 Old Today at 6:51 PM
Labellavina, I think that as long as the NPC has regular interactions without cheating or anything, it's safe - but I'm not entirely sure.
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#22827 Old Today at 7:00 PM
Well she made friends with the supremely evil witch or whatever and the option came upt to ask her to move in, i figured why not ? We'll see what happens lol
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#22828 Old Today at 7:56 PM
Originally Posted by TumaSims
Thax: I'm not sure it matters but the fix I use is by Lord Darcy [http://modthesims.info/d/303905]

I already have it, the problem is that the stairs don't show as in those pictures to begin with, but as the default "solid" versions only. :/ Thank you, though!
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#22829 Old Today at 8:08 PM
Thax, do these stairs need some .text file to be placed in Numenor's Scriptorium?
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#22830 Old Today at 8:13 PM
Originally Posted by labellavienna
Well she made friends with the supremely evil witch or whatever and the option came upt to ask her to move in, i figured why not ? We'll see what happens lol

You should be fine, your neighborhood should just spawn another atrociously evil witch to take her place... kind of like how you can have normal relationships with burglars or maids or whatever... it's only characters like Mrs. Crumplebottom or the Grim Reaper that interacting with them is a VBT.

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#22831 Old Today at 8:13 PM
@Thax - I don't know if this will be of any help, but I found that stairs did not show up when I started using UC. I uninstalled the Scriptorum, installed it again, and problem solved
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#22832 Old Today at 8:44 PM
I have read about a lot of problems with UC and CC, and it seems in most cases, for some weird reason, this is related to that freaking (TM) appearing on the registry. Next time do yourselves a favour -if, and only IF, you are comfortable with editing the registry- and delete it: http://modthesims.info/t/529046
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#22833 Old Today at 9:23 PM
Are previously lived-in apartment lots safe to delete ("bulldoze")? (Assuming no remaining playables, no tombstones... anything else that might be important to remove first?)
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#22834 Old Today at 9:50 PM
@Justpetro -

^ Lol... Would you know if it would be safe to navigate to that folder and simply delete all scriptorium files? When I had Windows XP, I had complete control over my computer. With Windows 8.1, I have no bloody idea what/where/how anything is.

@Nalia - Yes, I have all the txt's in the modular stairs shortcut in scriptorium and packages in Downloads. That registry thing looks rather risky for a green lad such as myself, but thank you for the reference. I will have no choice but to try, if this Scriptorium thing doesn't work out.
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#22835 Old Today at 11:02 PM
Dagwon, you can bulldoze any lot that is unowned and has no sims or tombstones/urns on it. If graves are on the lot move them first, if it is a business sell it back and if sims live on it, move them out.

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