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#23376 Unread Yesterday at 6:12 PM
I still have a problem when searching for in game snapshots. I created a hood which is all community lots, except 3 sims in a small house. This hood will have the Life Stories hoods and a few others added once the first is finished. I found a few of the images I took of those sims, but some of them aren't in the folder. I searched any other folders I could find and came up with nothing. I have UC and the empty hood was called All Corners, the name has been changed. Does that make a difference in where the photos are?

Correction: The only image from that family is the last one taken before I saved and exited game.

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#23377 Unread Yesterday at 6:30 PM
I don't know the full path for the UC, but unless they changed how the storytelling album works again, all the snapshots and their thumbnails should be stored in the Storytelling folder inside the neighborhood folder for the custom neighborhood. Not inside the Neighborhoods folder, but inside the neighborhood folder - N004 or whatever. The Storytelling folder inside the Neighborhood folder only ever has the last snapshot and I don't even know what it's for; all the important work is done inside the folder for the specific neighborhood.

So once you get to the Sims2 folder, you want Neighborhoods/N004 (or whatever)/Storytelling; not Neighborhoods/Storytelling.

Changing the name of the hood doesn't matter, as all the files are assigned random alphanumerics. Each household will have its own distinguishing string of characters, and snapshots, thumbnails, and webentry files will share that string.

If you're using the in-game camera, this will hold true. If you're using screenshots, the screenshot program has a separate place to put them.

If you open up the household, and open the storytelling album in the UI, you will be able to confirm that the snapshots you took exist. If you still can't find them with the information above, either there's something I haven't explained clearly enough that you're still not getting; or the UC changed how the albums work and you'll need to go exploring.

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#23378 Unread Yesterday at 6:41 PM
It is the same for UC.
#23379 Unread Yesterday at 7:45 PM
esme--I am on a PC, using the disks, no UC. I have all EPs and SPs though, but also have it patched. As for the urns, I placed them on a CC object, which was part of a shelving set meant for businesses--I think that they said in the description (it's hosted here on MTS and I believe is called the White Wood Shelving set, or something along those lines) that the table I used qualified as a "pedestal." It did not say if it was cloned from the OFB pedestal or not--could it still generate the same issue from a cloned object (also unclear as if this should have still been able to happen with a patched game or not--Maxis friggin' coding...)?

If it is in fact the issue you describe, is there any danger in "breaking up" the tombstones? IE, one of the dead sims has two kids. When they become teens is it safe to give Kid A one set of ashes and Kid B another set and send both on their merry way to seperate houses, or must both sets of duplicate graves stay together on the same lot, or else risk corruption? Also, does corruption only happen when duplicated sims MEET one another (since the duplicated sims are dead, then that means that as long as I don't resurrect them there isn't an issue right?
#23380 Unread Yesterday at 8:01 PM
Sorry for double-post, I am on my mobile and cannot edit properly because my phone is stupid.--I meant to ask if either of the last two things would cause ADDITIONAL corruption besides what's obviously already been done (I hadn't heard of the not putti.putting urns on OFB items thing before, and now I'm wondering if it is safe to put them on ANY shelf whether it's an OFB or OFB cloned or otherwise--honestly EA, where the hell ARE we supposed to put the damned things if we don't want them on the ground?!).
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#23381 Unread Yesterday at 8:48 PM
@anothereyjana That is the OFB bug that was never fixed and you should never place them there again either ingame ones or recolor ones.

Your best bet if you can run the Hood Checker program it may and I say MAY fix it but I am not for sure about that. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=456523

ADD: They could both point to the same sim and have not made clones yet so if I was you I would get the "nounlinkondelete" mod if you don't have it already and after trying the Hood Checker and fixing what it can then delete one of them if you know which one was the 2nd to come to that lot then that is the one you want to delete.

Above all things make a back-up first before you do all of this just in case something goes wrong.

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#23382 Unread Yesterday at 10:29 PM
How does being a personal trainer work? I know it's supposed to be possible to earn money by instructing Sims, but I've never done it and I don't really know how it works, aside from that your Sim has to have more body skill than the other Sim.

If you have questions on how to use SimPE or WW, you're welcome to PM me.
#23383 Unread Today at 12:01 AM
@Peni Griffin You explain it very clear, my mind just can't retain the info, lol. I found it right where you said, except this time I wrote the info down for the next time. Hopefully I won't lost what I wrote it on. (:

@Justpetro thanks!

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#23384 Unread Today at 12:13 AM
Do townies include Sims in shopping district hoods?

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#23385 Unread Today at 12:18 AM
@anothereyjana If the shelving set you used was meant for businesses, then it was probably cloned from an OFB shelf, even if it doesn't look the same. I wouldn't put urns on any shelf at all, although I haven't experimented with AL wall shelves or OMSPs. You can safely put the damn things on end tables with no duplication of tombstones or files.

As long as you are experimenting, you could try and see if the AL shelves clone urns, and also if OMSPs that are made to register as end tables that are placed on an OFB shelf after the urn is placed on the OMSP end up with cloned urns. I have a cloned hood for staging purposes that I intend to scrap eventually, so if you don't experiment, I'll get to it sooner or later.

I don't know if the corruption will get worse if you divvy up the tombstones. I'm sorry.

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#23386 Unread Today at 1:20 AM Last edited by grammapat : Today at 1:35 AM.
I've noticed this a few times...what is it? The lot is lower? They are both in Strangetown. It can only be seen when IN the lot to the left.

hurricane Patricia
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#23387 Unread Today at 1:40 AM
Usually a sign that you have a lot without perfectly level edges placed there... it looks like it's probably the one you're working on, not the other.

Sometimes it's a glitch that you can fix just by picking up the lot in neighborhood view, and then putting it back.

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#23388 Unread Today at 1:49 AM
Yeah, the lots don't line up. If it bothers you, you can fix it in Lot Adjuster (sometimes it takes a bit of fiddling) - set both lots to have flat edges, go into the lot to make it so, save, then pick them up and put them down again in neighborhood view.

You can prevent it before building by making sure that the area you plan to build in is absolutely level using the modifyneighborhoodterrain cheat, if your game configuration allows it.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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#23389 Unread Today at 9:56 AM
That's why I have a "building hood" which is completely flat.
I build there, lot goes to the bin and then it's placed on the antual hood.
#23390 Unread Today at 4:46 PM
Did anyone ever fix all the Katy bank set objects? Every one I've tried so far, sims are glued to it and get themselves stuck in queue traffic jams. The objects seem so appealing other than that.

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