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Originally Posted by samantha_kathy
Can a family in the main hood invite a young adult who goes to university over for a visit? And the other way around, can a young adult invite over a friend (teenager or adult) to his dorm?

Yep . Lilith Pleasant is a young adult in my game and she often gets invited to family gatherings, and invites her Grandparents to her sorority regularly.

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#19477 Old Today at 10:31 PM
Yes, that's not a problem at all. They can visit freely; but a YA invited to move in from the main hood will grow up to adult and be unable to return to school (without mods).

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I never noticed that Lot terrain took on the climate color of the hood. I just never looked too closely and usually also paint the entirety of my Lot, which covers the default color.

Originally Posted by lucy kemnitzer
It's not that the lots are transparent: there is a lot texture in the neighborhood terrain files, and in the game it's made to match the neighborhood terrain (though the lighting is different, which is why it doesn't look quite the same).

I thought I did notice some unusual lighting effects when put a desert Lot into a temperate hood. Will have to look at this further.

When I made my own neighborhood terrain, I thought it would be clever to make the lot texture different. Years on, it doesn't look so clever. I have it set up so the "lot canvas" (which is the neighborhood texture that you see from the lot) is dry yellow grass such as we have here in California eight or nine months of the year, while the lot texture is bare dirt (as you'd see in a construction site). I keep meaning to edit the "lot canvas" because my attempt to make it not so monochrome ends up looking like it has green and brown measles, and I'm kind of bored with the lot texture too.

That's a cool-looking town, Lucy, definitely Californa-ish. I like the way it looks in hood view and I don't see anything wrong with this Lot view either.

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