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Nysha's New Creators for March - posted on 1st Apr 2018 at 9:00 AM
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#501 Old 25th Oct 2011 at 11:28 PM
1)University-I love the Young Adult additional lifestage, and that is when most of my Sims find their future mates. I know some people complain about how long it takes, but mods like the college adjuster are good at making not take so long.

2)Freetime- I love the benefits that sims get. Not so much the hobby spam, but mods are staring to get that under control.

3)Seasons- I like the friendship boost during summer and the skill boost during Autumn. I have mine set up so that there isn't winter. (I live in Southern Arizona, and we really don't have winter either.) Not so fond of the lighting/hail/heatstroke but I've been slowly adapting my game so that isn't as much of a problem.

4)Nightlife-I like the ability to go downtown on dates, and some of the clothing options. I also appreciate cars, since the taxi takes forever to show up.

5)Open for Business-I originally bought it for the Servos, but I've learned that they are more hassle than they're worth. Pretty much keep it for the clothes.

6)Apartment Life- Bought it to make my game less buggy, and keep it for that reason. (My Double Deluxe was glitching pretty badly, and a comment from TwoJeffs gave me an idea and it worked)

I took Pets and Bon Voyage out of my game and leave them out because they bugged me no end. They are throw away Eps to me.

I can't get CC to work in my game so I appreciate the Family Fun Stuff, Mansion and Gardens, Glamour Life and Kitchen and Bath Stuff Packs to give my Sims additional clothes and design options.
Lab Assistant
#502 Old 26th Nov 2011 at 1:53 AM

1. Nightlife - I like having a car, clubs, and some rules of attraction. It's nice to see your sims just aren't into anybody or could actually appeal to someone. I think the attraction added some emotion. The cars are very nice to have, especially if you download real life cars.

2. University - I like university, it added another stage to the sim's lives and made it for realistic, especially for those in college. The cowplant is pretty random though but I ignore it. Another cool thing were the cellphones, mp3 players, and handheld game devices. I just really like the cellphone cause I'm too lazy to use the homephone. Plus the university prepared your sims for whichever career you wanted them to have.

3. Seasons - Having weather is the most realistic part of the sims 2 they added. Getting to plant things, actually getting sunburned, making snow angels and a snowman. Yah thats fun!

All the other expansions are nice to have if you like extra objects if you ask me. But OFB is only good if you want your sims to own a business, Pets are okay but start out stupid and annoying plus they added in the pets those dumb wolves that come by my house and eat my dog's dog food >.> just rude. Freetime is fun since it adds a couple new caeers and is good for your sim's spare time.

If I had to install any expansion it would be Pets or OFB.

Any stuff expansions I'd use are the Teen Style Stuff and H&M Stuff for spare clothes. Ones I wouldn't need are just Family Fun Stuff. I don't need magical mermaids and dinosaurs really. Kids grow up pretty quick anyways.
Lab Assistant
#503 Old 3rd Dec 2011 at 3:52 PM
I finally have all the EPs, hooray! As of now my favourite is Seasons - I really underestimated how neat it is to have weather in my game, and I now can't imagine doing without the farming/gardening features. Apartment Life is also pretty wonderful as it allows me to finally build realistic terraced houses, a problem that's been driving me nuts since the olden days of Sims1. Least favourite is still University purely for its' Ameri-centirc (lol) nature, although that said I still enjoy playing it. I have no real complaints!

What I do have is a dilemma, mainly which stuff packs should I get?
I have Glamour Life installed, and I really like the furniture and clothes that came with it, even the fur coats which don't appear to have very good meshes - they look like they have a tiny hole in the chest area on my sims, which is kind of irritating.
I have Family Fun Stuff, Festive Holiday Stuff, and Mansions and Gardens Stuff waiting to be installed when I get the time to defrag and unfrack my laptop. They all look like they have cool objects and clothes that I'll definitely use, so they are going to be installed at some point.
However, I'm not sure about the other Stuff Packs.

Teen Life looks like it might be interesting, maybe. I've seen some nice recolours of the furniture so I may buy it at some point.
Celebration Stuff, well I'm not sure as I don't tend to have a lot of big parties in my games. I do quite fancy the cakes for my bakery businesses, but I'm not sure it's worthwhile installing the whole thing just for some cake!
Kitchen & Bathroom looks about as interesting as a Homebase catalogue. Maybe it's because my "ideal kitchen" is just a big room with a commercial cooker in it and my perfect bathroom is just a big room with a bath and a sofa in it. Maybe I just haven't seen the stuff that makes it awesome.

The ones I'm really torn on are the H&M and Ikea Stuff packs. The idea of having real brands in my sim game bugs me. I hate advertising, I'm one of those annoying people who likes to rant about commercialisation, and the idea of deliberately installing real life brands is really not my cup of tea. Plus, well, although I have shopped at both H&M and Ikea myself, I wouldn't say I've adopted either one as a lifestyle, nor do I view their brands as so important that my sims can't live without them.
That said, the pics on the back of the box for H&M Stuff show some really cool looking retail setups. Do you know if the H&M pack includes a lot of generic retail stuff? And do you think it's worth getting just for that? I couldn't care less about the clothes, but the displays look okay. I've also found a few nice recolours for the Ikea stuff, but not enough to really convince me. Does the Ikea pack come with anything that isn't just Ikea furniture, like retail/display stuff?
Top Secret Researcher
#504 Old 19th Dec 2011 at 7:33 PM Last edited by LuvSims2011 : 23rd Dec 2011 at 9:42 PM.
My Favorite Expansions:

Nightlife: Awesome. The ability to have cars rocks, once you have a car you don't need to grab a phone and call a taxi ever again . . . unless if another Sim is out taking a spin with your only car. And the neighborhood it gives you is so cool; you just need to know your way around town if you want to have a perfect date.

Apartment Life: Love the apartment features, had lots of fun with it before I lost it. I miss that darn game, it had nice new hairsytles (especially the women's) and nice new apartment buildings and you can even build your own apartments with cheats. Nice neighborhood too.

Seasons: Pretty cool if you ask me. Nice country-themed neighborhood and furniture, with the ability to have a garden and to go fishing, plus the weather feature is awesome (except for the fact that the weather channel is completly off [they say that it's the Summer and it's going to snow for crying out loud!])

Bon Voyage: Relaxing. Going on a vacation will soothe your Sims troubles, even when they get back home. I don't really like going to that stupid island for a vacation (it's boring) but going on a vacation in the mountains ROCKS. While you're there, your Sims can take pictures with their camera, go camping, and many more. And through the vacation there will be messages of your Sims saying that they are enjoying the trip! (But if someone dies on the trip, the other Sims will say that their vacation sucks.) Not really the best but interesting.

University: It can be interesting sometimes . . . sometimes boring. The most I've ever been interested was with this one guy, the only guy who graduated from college in my game. Overall, I'd say it's okay. But that doesn't mean that I recommend this game to anyone or not.

Pets: Arrgh. Now we're getting into the stupid of Sims 2. I like the fact that you can make your own pets, but I don't like that those pets are stupid animals who will pee on the floor, brake the couch, sit on the counter when Sims need to cook food, and dig the most annoying holes. Luckily it isn't the worst expansion there is.

Open for Business: What? Don't you think the ability to run a crappy business is kind of stupid?

Freetime: AHHHHHHHH!!! I was SO ticked off when I got this game. It's very annoying with the whole "hobby" thing. DON'T BUY THIS GAME! After you do something (like, eat pasta) there will be a sign above your Sims' heads that tells you that they are improving a hobby . . . JUST BY A SKINNY PERSON EATING. Seriously . . . and when you increase a hobby so much some person will randomly walk into your house and say that you have membership to go to a secret lot. Why? Although I like the furniture and outfits for toddlers . . .

So, that's what I recommend to you. And I also have to say that you should NEVER BUY FREETIME!!!

(Looks at dislikes) I deserve it. I'm a loser.

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#505 Old 19th Dec 2011 at 10:16 PM Last edited by littleliar990 : 19th Dec 2011 at 11:57 PM.
My favorite and least favorite EPs:

1. Pets: I'm an animal lover. I love pets, especially dogs, and I couldn't imagine playing my game without them anymore! The game is just so much more realistic and complete. I don't have a problem with strays (just add a bloody fence!), or pets destroying furniture (buy a chew/scratch toy!), or pets "relieving" inside (your real life pets do that too until you teach them not to, would you "uninstall" them too?!).
2. Apartment Life: I always wanted my Sims to live in apartments, and now they can! Also, I really love the objects and clothes (especially the HUUUUGEEEE TV and spiral stairs)! Plus there's magic!
3. Seasons: Weather! I remember covering my lots with sand and pretending that it is snow. I just hated it! It's so much more realistic now, but if I had to play my game with only one EP, it wouldn't be this one. It gets kinda boring after a while. I'm really not a big fan of fishing, and I never bother with gardening, unless if I wanna fill up the juicer (or however you call it).
4. Bon Voyage: I just love traveling and exploring! It never gets boring! Plus I adore camping! :D
5. Open For Business: I like the cosmetology. I hated to see all the random Sims walking by and looking like a mess! If you'd just remove the ugly makeup they have and put a normal haircut, you'd be suprised how pretty some of them are! I also like how if a community lot belongs to someone, you can buy everything on it!
6. University: It's not the best, but it's not bad. I simply love the "Groovy" collection! And the instruments. I could live without the college, but it's still nice that my teens don't grow up and all of the sudden they are the same age as their parents!
7. Free Time: It's not really that special, but well... I like that my Sims can have different interests, but I really do hate when those idiots call me/bump into my house whenever I do something!
8. Nightlife: The only thing I like about it are the cars, but since Bon Voyage came out I use "Walk To" all the time (even if I have a car), since it's really time saving. I'm the shy and quiet kind of person so you can say that I hate clubs and parties and getting drunk and that kinda crap. I also don't like the "Date" option. My Sims could go out before as well, but there wasn't a stupid meter thing telling me how they had a horrible time unless if they WooHooed (I'm trying not to be vulgar here). Plus I absolutely hate vampires!

My favorite/ least favorite SPs:

1. Ikea Home Stuff: I don't care about the commercial, all I care about are the wonderful objects! I use them all the time!
2. K&B Interior Design Stuff: When it came out, the first thing running through my head was: "It was about time to make new kitchens and bathrooms!"
3. Happy Holiday Stuff: I just love celebrating the New Year! ;D
4. Teen Style Stuff: I'm in love with the clothes!
5. H&M Fashion Stuff: I again don't care about the commercial, I just love the clothes!
6. Glamour Life Stuff
7. M&G Stuff
8. Family Fun Stuff: I expected new stuff for the entire family to enjoy, but all they added were some silly fantasy clothes and rooms for kids which I never use!

P. S. If you wanna buy a new EP/SP you should chek out the details on Wikipedia or somewhere else. Don't just listen to our silly opinions! x)
Lab Assistant
#506 Old 28th Dec 2011 at 9:26 AM
Faves/Least Faves
1) Nightlife..This EP has always been my favorite:The cars,downtown,dancing and dining and looking for that perfect mate for your sim.Though I could do without the annoying matchmaker.
2)Seasons...Just added so much realism too the game and love the wants the sims have for each season.
3)Freetime....Love the hobbies and how sims interact with them.The clothes were ok,but much better for the kids.(Don't like the Hobby people walking in all the time).
4)Uni....Rather dull and drab,but it's good too send teens off too a different place.
5)Pets...I am a huge animal lover and I think the pets are adorable and some of the furniture is nice too.But its kind of glitchy and has its annoying moments.
6)OFB....meh just liked the hairstyles and a few of the business ideas.
7)Bon Voyage...I just didn't like this EP at all.Very boring and dull and way too many character files added too it.
8)Apartment Life....Only thing I liked about this EP was the clothes and hairstyles,the rest was annoying(Handshakes when meeting,Do not like the witches at all,And too many premades and buggy apartments.<--this is definetly my most unliked EP.

Stuff Packs.
H&M...clothes are good
FF..cute stuff for the kiddos
GL..The furniture
Kitchen&bath..Walls and floors
TSS..cute clothes and hair
Ikea..rip off and the furniture is odd looking
Mansions&Gardens..Right up there with AL don't like it at all.(Salute)
That sums it up for my opinion...Oh and The Sims 3 is a huge (Do Not LIke).
Lab Assistant
#507 Old 4th Jan 2012 at 7:40 PM
In no order:

University - Has some good aspects... but can kind of ruin the game. Influence is the most annoying thing ever, because I'm sick of my Sims rolling pointless wants to 'influence grandma to garden'. The clothes are basically just for goths/hippies, and dorms are revolting.

Nightlife - Probably one of the best, and most underrated Expansion Packs. Adds a Downtown destination to your 'hood, and comes with Mrs Crumplebottom and vampires.

Open For Business - Quite good. Gives a nice female hairstyle for adults and allows you to open your own business and sell whatever you want.

Pets - Ew, by far the worst EP ever. Pets may seem nice, but they're just annoying. Things like womrats and birds are ok, because they are low maintenance, but cats and dogs crave attention and make Sims stroke/play with them. You can also turn your Sims into werewolves.

Seasons - Can be kind of annoying. The country furniture is nice, and you can decorate your whole house with the theme - there's beds, sofas, kitchen counters, tables, even toilets!
The weather changes at the drop of a hat, it can rain/hail in summer and constantly snows during winter. Trees also catch on fire quite a lot during thunder storms but put themselves out in the rain. Sims can be converted to PlantSims, and penguins waddle on to your lot if you build a snowman, which is cute.

Bon Voyage - The only word that can be used to describe BV is meh. The holiday destinations are nothing much. You can only choose from a tropical island destination (Twikkii Island), a Canadian-style camping village (Three Lakes), and a Far Eastern themed country (Takemizu Village). Even if you create your own custom holiday destination the furniture range is limited to these three themes.

FreeTime - Quite a nice EP. Sims can naturally take a keen interest to a particular activity, and if they get good at it they gradually get little rewards and can visit the secret lot for this hobby. I think the Lifetime Wants came with FT too, right? It's a nice idea, because it's based off your Sim's Aspiration, and gives you a little challenge but is very fulfilling.

Apartment Life - The EP I was most excited about, but considerably let down on. The clothes seem nice at first (a big leap from basegame clothes anyway) but then you start to realise they are dull and outdated. The landlord is the most pesky Sim EVER (IMO more pesky than Mrs Crumplebottom) and insists on holding lame weekend parties in the apartment common area every weekend. It's creepy how he just freely wanders in and out of your apartment during the day, but at least you don't have to hire a maid.


Holiday Party Pack - Has a different name in different countries for whatever reason, but it has the same stuff. It has decorations for quite a range of holidays and celebrations - Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year, Kwanzaa, and my favourite - Hanukkah (I'm Jewish). Father Christmas can come and visit your house if you put out a Christmas tree and Santa cookies overnight which is cool, but the Santa in-game appears to have bladder issues as he constantly uses the toilet for the entire night. Also, if your Sims live in an apartment building, when St Nick arrives everyone in the building piles into your house and claps at him. Which is bloody annoying.

Family Fun Stuff - Boring, and nothing to say about it. Contains family-orientated fairytale, outer space and nautical themed items mainly for childrens' bedrooms.

Glamour Life Stuff - Has some nice clothes for rich Sims, and has furniture to design a modern/wealthy house.

Happy Holiday Stuff - You should only get this one, instead of the Holiday Party Pack, as it has it all as well as Asian and European holiday themed items.

Celebration! Stuff - Items perfect for weddings/birthdays/parties in general. Some things are pleasant but others are ugly. It has nice bridesmaid dresses, but the wedding dresses are revolting, and better to download.

H&M Fashion Stuff - Nicest Maxis clothing for Sims. Also comes with premade H&M stores and H&M themed furniture to make your own, including mannequins. :D

Teen Style Stuff - Goth, Thrasher and Socialite themed stuff for teenagers' bedrooms, teenage haircuts and new teenage clothes.

Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff - Kitchen and bathroom objects, wallpapers, floors and clothing (headtowels and dressing gowns).

IKEA Home Stuff - Ugly, boring furniture that NEVER gets used in any of my Sims' houses.

Mansion & Garden Stuff - Interior/exterior design objects following the themes Moroccan, Art Deco and Second Empire. Is nice for Sims who like to garden and are wealthy to have a well designed home.

Just had an awesome house party

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#508 Old 6th Jan 2012 at 6:18 PM
Seasons - Its okay but the temperature thing gets annoying, the children being too hot inside and too cold outside - how the heck does that work? Stop complaining! Other than that I like it, I've never been into the growing plant thing though, I mainly got it for the weather ability. I like the premade hood, its not so bad either.
SCORE [7/10]

Nightlife - The first EP I bought! I love this one, the ability to go downtown, more people & places and ofcourse, vampires! I also like ressurecting the deceased Tricou family and their previous 'fright' victim Rainelle.
SCORE [9/10]

University - College takes forever. Seriously, I wish it was shorter. And the young adults walk so damn slow -.- But I like the new careers and how easy it is to let your sims make friends on their own in a dorm, and the new career rewards. However I hate when you don't send a teen sim to college (even if it isn't in their wants..), they constantly cry all the way through adulthood.
SCORE [8/10]

Pets - I hate pets, I love animals but these are annoying. All they do is scratch furniture and make a mess of everything. I don't bother installing it on new computers.
SCORE [5/10]

Bon Voyage - This is good, although I kinda wish they could live in vacation hoods, its still cool and fun to mess around with. I enjoy this.
SCORE [7/10]

OFB - I don't mind it but its complicated to run a business, especially when the only options for employees you get are ones with no skills or talent badges AT ALL. It makes me lose so much profit! Although I like the new items and Bluewater Village, I admit.
SCORE [7/10]

Apartment Life - Probably my favourite, I just love the witchiness, the apartments and new stuff. So much easier to make friends and its more fun knowing other sims live on the lot, when my sims sleep or are at work I can just watch them, haha.
SCORE [9/10]

Stuff Packs -
Glamour Life - 7/10
Family Fun - 7/10
Teen Style - 9/10
Christmas Party Pack - 6/10

(I don't own any of the other stuff packs or FreeTime)
Test Subject
#509 Old 13th Jan 2012 at 9:53 PM
I have the first six EPs and rank them in this order:
1) Nightlife
2) Seasons
3) Open for Business
4) Bon Voyage
5) University
6) Pets
Field Researcher
#510 Old 23rd Jan 2012 at 4:45 PM
What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?

Most favorite is probably Seasons simply because we now have four distinct seasons and I like how that makes it seem like time is really passing in the game.

Least favorite is Pets because it is a useless expansion pack - you can't control the Pets and they require too much attention (for those of us who typically play very large families). The only decent thing about Pets is that your dog or cat can get a job and help contribute to the household funds but to get them promoted they still have to learn tricks, which someone in the household has to teach them.

What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?

I only have two stuff packs - Happy Holidays and Glamour Stuff. The holiday pack is crap for the most part (some of the Christmas decorations are cute). And the Santa that comes when you have a tree out and some cookies is like 98 lbs! Santa is supposed to be fat and jolly. And the Sims Santa pees CONSTANTLY. I've always wondered why there aren't more comments/complaints about this skinny Santa with his tiny bladder but maybe it's because nobody else was silly enough to buy this stuff pack.

The Glamour Style stuff pack is OK - nothing to write home about. Personally I have never been into the stuff packs much.

If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?

1. Seasons
2. Nightlife (I can't live without cars in my game)
3. Bon Voyage
4. Apartment Life (LOVE having apartments, great for broke Sims)
5. University
6. Freetime
7. Open for Business
8. Pets

If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?

Pets or OFB - probably Pets. OFB at least adds a salon that I can send my rich Sims to for pampering and a new hairstyle every week.
#511 Old 24th Jan 2012 at 11:24 PM
I didn't like Open For Business. I'm sure a lot of people liked it but it wasn't my cup of tea at all. I opened a business once just to test it out and then forgotten all about it. I loved University and Seasons.
Lab Assistant
#512 Old 25th Jan 2012 at 3:17 AM
University is my all time favorite. Since my playable sims are forced to live with non-controllable townies, the most dramatic scenarios take place in the dorms. Add the mascots, professors and the cheerleaders and you have an absolute riot!

I like Seasons next. It adds a lovely atmosphere, a lot of gameplay involving fishing, gardening and fun seasonal activities.

OFB, Apartment Life and Night Life comes after that in my book. Regarding, Bon Voyage: I don't send my sims to vacations that often, but BV adds a new dimension to the sims life. So its worth having.

Pets is about OK. They are cute to look and play, but it becomes a bit of a hassle to keep the pets in good mood in large families. The 'wash dog' and 'call pet to do x' interaction gets cancelled at least twice each time.

The EP, I absolutely hated was the 'Rod Humble'-forcing 'Freetime'. Because all my sims' wants were replaced by annoying(and unrealistic) Hobby wants. Some of the sims with six want slots would have 'blog about hobby' in 4 of them. The other two would be something like 'Win a dance competition' or 'Hunt bugs'. I'm saying this in the past tense because, now I've thankfully found a mod to keep the hobby enthusiasm of all sims at zero. So the nasty wants have disappeared. With this mod, Freetime is rather enjoyable with its aspiration benefits and the FT objects are quite good. But without, it was unbearable (for me at least)
Lab Assistant
#513 Old 4th Feb 2012 at 5:22 PM
Fave- Pets- Its amazing. My game would be just so... Incomplete. In my neighborhood, you always see a stray somewhere. So why not in sims?
Worst- OFB- its just so STUPID. I only use the lemonade stand.
Fave- Family Fun- I love my kids :D
Worst- Holiday- Although the Santa Claus outfit looks good, it just doesn't come with enough.

1. Pets
2. Bon Voyage
3. Apartment Life
4. Seasons
5. Mansion and Garden Stuff [Or EP- its soooo much like one]
6. Nightlife
7. Celebration
8. Kitchen and Bathroom
9. Glamour Life
10. H&M
11. Freetime
12. University- Its only not last because of that Cow Plant and that OFB sucks.
13. Open For Business

I'd uninstall OFB. I have NEVER found a use except for lock doors [Now I have a hack for that] and lemonade stall.



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Lab Assistant
#514 Old 4th Feb 2012 at 5:54 PM
From best to worst:

Apartment Life
Open for Business
Bon Voyage


I love all of them apart from pets. Surprised at all the hate OFB gets, I love running a business and I think it's great that my sims can own community lots. All of my families end up running a business at some point. Haters come at me.
Mad Poster
#515 Old 4th Feb 2012 at 6:10 PM
I don't really get virulence against any EP. It's one thing to say "I don't enjoy what this one brings to the table" and quite another to say "Do not install" in all caps.

I've barely used any OFB functionality since I installed it, but frankly it's worth it to me just to have the child/adult dancing. And I don't get why Mai needs a hack to lock doors. I've been locking doors since well before installing OFB.

I don't have a favorite or least favorite. I'm still exploring all of them and feel more complete since caving and getting BV and OFB. They all have something good for somebody.

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#516 Old 4th Feb 2012 at 6:34 PM
Originally Posted by Mai2008
Worst- OFB- its just so STUPID. I only use the lemonade stand.



So, you don't like it because it's "stupid", therefore no one should ever install it? Oookay...

Even though I rarely dabble with owned businesses, OFB's main feature, there's no way I'd ever NOT have it installed. If nothing else, it makes megahoods possible, and that alone makes it an absolute must-have, as far as I'm concerned.
Lab Assistant
#517 Old 4th Feb 2012 at 7:10 PM
Wow. OFB is one of the EPs I would never ever uninstall from my game. I wouldn't even know how to play the kind of game I like without all the businesses and owned community lots that make a real global neighborhood economy possible.
#518 Old 5th Feb 2012 at 5:35 AM
All EPs from University to Apartment Life are my favorites. Actually I feel difficult to decide which is the most and the least favorites. They are all pretty important for extending my base game features.
Glad Maxis added "walking to lot" feature on Bon Voyage. My sims can go walking to any lots like normal people do than go anywhere with taxi and cars.
A bit disappointing when I started playing Pets, I found only a few of pets there. Cats, dogs, birds, and womrats. Skunk.
Iguanas, turtles, squirrels, lizards, porcupines, various of fish (saltwater & plainwater) can be pets too Why Maxis didn't give all those various pets?

For Stuff Packs, I'd installed Holiday Stuff, Christmas Party, Glamour Life and H&M fashion. All of them are my faves. I use all the contents and features from those SPs and love them.

I'd installed Family Fun Stuff and Celebration Pack before, I can say these SPs are my least favorites because I rarely used the contents.
I found custom contents for the same themes as FFS & Celebration Pack are better & prettier than the Stuff Pack themselves. :S
Test Subject
#519 Old 12th Feb 2012 at 1:50 AM Last edited by chrazeygirrl : 12th Feb 2012 at 4:15 PM.
Expansion Packs:

1. Nightlife - Cars, nice stuff, new aspiration, turn-ons and turn-offs, chemistry system, being furious with other sims, the Tricous... it's really the best EP. I recommend.

2. Seasons - Seasons, gardening, fishing, pretty stuff... this is all I have to say about this awesome EP.

3. Apartment Life - Apartments are nice, witches and warlocks are nice (in spite of those stupid reagents) and the objects are nice. I like this EP. And I recommend to install it before the other EPs so you don't need to update your mods and stuff.

4. University - University lasts too long, and if you don't send your sims to university they will keep whining about that for the rest of their lives. But I like the instruments and there are some nice hair and clothing. And ZOMBIES.

5. Open for Business - It's nice to have businesses, but it's too difficult to me. And robots are nice. But the best thing is that it allows us to have MEGAHOODS.

6. Freetime - I like this EP, but hobbies are kinda annoying. And I hate Mr. Humble. I mean, it's nice that he gives sims computers for free, but it's unrealistic and he's annoying. And why would I want THE SIMS 2 sims play THE SIMS 3? Like, really. But even though I like this EP.

7. Bon Voyage - Vacations are really boring, and who gives a $#!* about Bigfoot? We can't even flirt with him (unless if you have the bigfoot romance hack, but I don't play with bigfoot anyway). But I like having beaches and having sims walk to the lots instead of going by car or taxi.

8. Pets - Worst EP ever... pets only are there to mess up your lot, and I hate that stupid skunk, I know we can teach our pets to not scratch/chew the furniture and not to pee everywhere but it's just... boring. Pets are awesome in real life, but this EP was a total fail. The only think I like is that you can turn your sims into werewolves, but I don't play with them anyway.

Stuff Packs:

1. Teen Style - I love everything about this SP. The Goth outfits and stuff and the socialite objects are the best. Surfer stuff is also really nice.

2. IKEA Home Stuff - Pretty objects for cheap prices. That's all I have to say.

3. H&M Fashion - Best EA clothes EVER.

4. Kitchen and Bath - Beautiful objects for kitchens and bathrooms, I always use them instead of the lame kitchen and bathroom stuff from the base game and other EPs and SPs (Do any other SP have stuff for K&B?), unless if my sims can't buy them.

5. Glamour Life Stuff - Beautiful objects, nice clothing. But the objects are very expensive (Glamour Life is not for everyone lol). But it's really nice SP.

6. Celebration - Nice objects and clothes for weddings.

7. Mansion and Garden - has some new nice features like the separate roof angles, sliding on the stairs, and has some pretty stuff (and the best EA hairstyle ever). But I don't really care about it because I don't build.

8. Happy Holidays - I like the fireworks and new year party, but I hardly ever use the features of this SP so...

9. Family Fun - This SP is most focused on kids, and kids grow up too fast (only 8 sim days) so it's almost useless. And the objects are ugly.
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Honestly, I have all of the EP and SP and any time I uninstall one of them I feel like the game is empty. So all are my favs
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As I am currently listening to the *whirr* noise of my base game reinstalling(due to major corruption in my game lol) I figured I'd add my own opinions on what to reinstall(I have everything available).

1. Seasons- This is almost obligatory. The addition of temperature adds a great dynamic to the game and the seasons are absolutely beautiful(with proper cc). Gardening and fishing are also pretty fun(and if I'm feeling lazy I can download perfect gardens lol). Leftovers and stocking your fridge are interesting as well.
(pause: please insert disk number 3...)
2. Nightlife- This is the first expansion I ever bought. I love cars. My most downloaded item is the car I recolored. Vampires are pretty awesome as well. I don't do much with outings and dating(but by reading this thread, I apparently need to start!) I rarely even attach the downtown, but the fact that it is available is great. I guess I need to use it more. I weigh cars and vampires high enough to land this in my second spot.
3. Ikea Stuff- While I'm sure I could track down enough CC to satisfy this want, the furniture that was added in this stuff pack is amazing. My poor simmy houses are filled with Ikea or custom furniture. I love it.
4. University- I like college. Sometimes if I'm making a brand new neighborhood, I will start out playing Sim State to get those Sims into their adult lives. I like most of the new content and I especially like that they can go to community lots and time moves on.(pause: please insert disk number 4) I haven't played some of the other college worlds yet, but I'm sure they are pretty awesome as well. I'm kind of interested in making my own custom uni as well.
5. Open for Business- I like making businesses simply to see my own sims running the shops that my other sims visit. I should actually indulge and make a successful business. I may have to hope that community time works this time around.
6. Pets- As much as I like pets, this ep lands rather low on my chart of necessity. Werewolves are interesting, but not enough to merit reinstallation of this ep. Dogs and Cats are cute and fluffy and all, but I rarely give them to my sims unless I am going for a specific storyline. This may or may not get reinstalled.
7. H&M Stuff- Cute clothes. The end. Will be reinstalled.
8. Holiday Stuff- Will be reinstalled simply because it is linked to my base game(I was given the base game as a christmas gift.)
(Bahahaha, under disk 4 in my box is my makin magic disk )

Won't be reinstalled(expensive mistakes):
1. Bon Voyage- My sims never take vacations. While jewelry is interesting, I can get CC that's better.
2. All the other stuff packs- not interesting enough to reinstall, I can get CC that is better.
3. Apartment Life- Perhaps my expectations were too high for this, but I just don't want to have the glitchyness again.
4. Freetime- Bob is losing interest in Tinkering. Bob is losing interest in Tinkering. Bob is losing interest in Tinkering. Bob is losing interest in Tinkering. Enough said.

I could have an entire other post about necessary CC(like skintones, etc) but since this is about eps(and my base game is finished installing) I'll stop.

Now I'm off to play the base game for a bit for old times sake lol.
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Zexxa, it's not really a good idea to keep uninstalling and reinstalling your game, especially just to reset your neighborhoods:
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Originally Posted by Mootilda
Zexxa, it's not really a good idea to keep uninstalling and reinstalling your game, especially just to reset your neighborhoods:

I wasn't reinstalling to reset my neighborhoods. I had major corruption which was causing my entire neighborhoods/sims/etc to go black/artifact/create giant fiery ball visible from space. I tried everything(even replacing objects.package from my disks) to avoid reinstalling(because that takes hours). I followed the wiki and found reinstalling to be the best option(this is the first time I've done a full reinstall on this machine, I avoid reinstalling like the plague). Anyway, thank you for your concern though! /hugs
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Favourite EP - Apartment Life. I've always wanted apartments, plus I think Belladonna Cove looks really nice and I love a lot of the premades.
Favourite SP - Ikea Home Stuff. All of my sims have at least one thing in their home from that pack. I hate pretty much every other pack but that one's really nice considering most of the things in my room are from Ikea.
Other favourite EPs in order:
1. University - I hate actually having my Sims go to college cause it takes so much time but it also gives me time to play my sims more before I have them have kids and to get them more aspiration points. And I love that they can start their dream job mid level so I don't have to go through all of the crap.
2. Nightlife - Seriously do not know what I would do without the chemistry and cars.
3. Seasons - Having my couples build snowmen and the kids having snowball fights is so cute! I especially love the gardening, it gives my elders something to do and it also gets them a little extra money.
4. Freetime - I love all the extra things my sims can do now, especially ballet and soccer but I swear to god if I see one more "X is losing enthusiasm in X" one more time just cause they baked a couple of things ONCE, I will put the Freetime disc in a fish tank.
5. Bon Voyage - Vacations are kind of fun but I rarely ever have my sims go on one unless it's their honeymoon. I was expecting things like cruise ships and stuff like what's in World Adventures but I was a bit disappointed with it.
6. Pets - I like to have pets sometimes but I rarely ever do. I haven't had a single family that's had a pet til the pet or the family died, and all of the furniture that came with the game are so god awful.
7.Open For Business - Basically a useless EP for me. I've tried most types of businesses and it's still just annoying and it's not very fun. I would uninstall it but I need it for some houses I have.
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Favorite EPs:
Nightlife: It's great because it brings the Downtown sub-hood to the game. Some of the lots on EA's Downtown really boggle me, but others are pretty cool. Of course there's the drivable cars too.
Seasons: This is probably my top favorite out of everything. The weather/seasons are simply amazing! I could have a mountainside neighborhood with harsh, cold climates and I can also have a year-round sunny town. The gardening is awesome (with some mods to improve it) and I adore the fishing aspect as well. Seasons might not be the best for everyone's system but it doesn't really cause any lagging in my game. I love it!
University: So I know University inspires a lot of mixed feelings that usually err toward the negative end. But I really do like this EP. It's a challenge to keep your college students on top of their academics and some of the interactions-especially with NPCs- are hilarious.
Freetime: My second favorite of the series. The only irritating aspect is the harassment about hobbies. A mod or two should reduce the nagging calls and notifications. Some great objects are introduced in this game and the pottery wheel is probably my favorite one. It's also fun to see Sims pursue activities in whatever Hobbies they're interested in.

Favorite SPs:
Mansions and Gardens: Great build objects to further decorate the home. The mansard roof pieces are really nice.
Kitchen and Bath: I love the objects in this because it makes a Sim's house feel more like a home.

Other EPs:
Apartment Life: This EP really adds a new dimension to the game, which is great, but the magic portion of it was really odd. I rarely use it and it seemed a bit unnecessary. Maybe if the concept was developed in a different way, it would be more fun. Also, having those witches constantly appear on community lots was really annoying. I had to get a mod to stop that.
Bon Voyage: Eh, wasn't a fan of Vacation in TS1, and I'm not too taken with the reincarnation for TS2 either. I rarely take my Sims on vacation, so that's probably it. The one thing that is awesome is the addition of beach lots! You can also have your Sims buy vacation homes, so that might be a plus too. I think it's a necessary EP to have if you want a proper beach lot/island neighborhood.
Open For Business: This is a nice EP, especially if you're into the whole business aspect. Personally I get bored with my business-owning Sims after a while, but there's nice buy/build objects so it's worth it.
Pets: If you're not too interested or invested in having a dog/cat/other animal around, this isn't really a necessary EP in my opinion.

I'm pretty indifferent about the other SPs, but the Family and Fun Stuff was definitely my least favorite. I don't really use the objects that come with it and it's just not very useful to me. Happy Holidays is also not a big deal unless you're really into throwing festive celebrations. I have all the EPs and SPs simply because it's nice to play a complete game.
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