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Creator Theme: Space! - posted on 8th Jul 2018 at 6:02 PM
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#1 Old 2nd Dec 2006 at 9:28 AM Last edited by Phaenoh : 10th Feb 2014 at 10:23 PM.
Default Shipwrecked Mini Challenge by Heaven
“Shipwrecked” Mini Challenge by Heaven

( This challenge is based on Scouts Asylum Challenge - http://simscout.blogsome.com/mini-challenge-asylum/ )

Six Sims have been shipwrecked on a deserted island, almost everything they had with them has been lost. However by using their wits they will be able to get off the Island….eventually.

No two Sims share the same aspiration. The boat trip was a celebration of diversity and each of the Sims was from a different aspirational walk of life.

Each Sim must max out a skill in order for them to get off the island. With your Six Sims that is one skill each, but if a sim dies, then another sim has to take over and complete the deceased Sim’s skill.


Create a group of 6 adult Sims.

Using this chart and a die, assign each sim an aspiration. (No two Sims may share the same aspiration, so keep rolling until all aspirations are assigned.
NB: If you don’t have NL, just double up on one of the aspirations. Make 5 "Roll again"

1 – Knowledge
2 – Fortune
3 – Romance
4 – Popularity
5 – Pleasure
6 – Family

Using this chart and a die, assign a skill to each sim. (Again no two Sims may share the same skill, so keep rolling till all skills have been assigned.)

1 – Cooking
2 – Mechanical
3 – Body
4 – Logic
5 – Creativity
6 – Cleaning

Use the method from the Prosperity Challenge to randomly assign the personalities to each of your Sims (You may end up with two or more of the same personality).
Roll the die once to choose the set of astrological signs and a second time to choose the sign from that set. Keep the personality traits as the default for the sign.

Set Choice:
Odd (1,3,5) = Set 1
Even (2,4,6) = Set 2

Set 1:
1 = Aries
2 = Taurus
3 = Gemini
4 = Cancer
5 = Leo
6 = Virgo

Set 2:
1 = Libra
2 = Scorpio
3 = Sagittarius
4 = Capricorn
5 = Aquarius
6 = Pisces

Choose all other aspects of their personality and appearance as you want. You may random it, if you want.


• No sim may never leave the Island to go to work.
• You may never have other Sims visit.
• You must ignore the welcoming party that comes to great your Sims when you first move
• You must ignore the postman and the newspaper deliverer. (You may pay the bills
however and recycle the newspapers, or find a hack to get rid of them)
• You may not sell anything your Sims create (paintings, etc)
• No maid, no gardener, no repair person, no exterminator or delivery person may come on
to your lot.
• If anyone dies, you must leave their tombstone on the lot and allow the ghost to roam
• You may not order pizza or Chinese or groceries
• You will have to use money cheats to make it through the challenge. (Seeing as none of
your Sims may go to work).
• If a baby is born on the Island, you may use Smart Milk. The child will be allowed to
attend school (not private school), however if he/she brings a friend home from school,
an adult sim must ask them to leave immediately. If the child reaches adulthood, then
they may take over a deceased Sims skill. (If there is one, otherwise you may move them
• You may only use Smart Milk and Elixir of Life from your Sims Aspiration Rewards. No
other rewards may be used.
• You may only use the following hacks: Money cheats and moveobjects. You may not
use any hacks that will stop aging, increase motives, etc.
• You must adjust your seasons so there is no Autumn/Fall, however you may have the rest of the seasons in which ever combination suits your theme best.
• Build cabins etc. to keep them out of the weather and to avoid the dangers of heat exhaustion. Awnings are purely decorative and are of no use in this situation.
• Plantsims and werewolves have to remain in their unaltered form.


• Most Custom content is allowed as long as it conforms to all other rules.
• Due to having lost everything to the wild sea, the only items your Sims have for use is:
• One book, (to get only one book, get a sim to take a book from the bookcase, then
delete the bookcase while the sim has the book)
• One telescope,
• One easel,
• One swimming pool
• One barbeque grill, and
• One chess board.
• To restock your fridge either sell your old one and buy a new one, or download
harvestable plants from modthesims2.com
• You may not have a Phone nor a cell phone.
• You may have a Security Alarm, however if burgled you may not interact with either the
burglar or the police officer. (If your Sims really were on an Island there would be no
burglars or police)
• You may not have a Fire Alarm – however you may use the fire sprinkler.
• You may not have electronics – except for the cheapest maxis radio, a fridge, the
barbeque grill and some lights. (Try to use ones that look like candles or torches)
• There can be no entertainment items on the island – no mp3 player, no computer, no
handheld games, no video games, no pool table – with the exception of the chess board,
radio and dart board.
• You may not have a spa (including the reward love tub), and may only have the
cheapest bath. (No showers allowed)
• Only use the cheapest toilet – There are also some CC toilets around that look like buckets.
• You may buy as many beds, chairs and recliners as you like – however none of them
should be over a 5 in energy or comfort.
• You can also plant vegetables & fruit trees for harvesting - try to use the ladybird houses rather than spraying them though.
• Before placing any object not listed here on the Island, think to yourself whether you
would find it on an Island in real life or whether it could be made on the Island (and we’re
not talking “Lost” here either). Think more like Gilligan’s Island.

Try and make the lot as much like an Island as possible. There are some great tutorials out there to make swimmable lakes (use this as your swimming pool). Let your imagination run wild. It might be an Island in the arctic, with snow cover and an igloo, or maybe a tropical Island with palm trees and bamboo houses.


Once your Sims manage to complete their skills and get off the island, calculate your score.
Begin with 100 points then:

Adding it on:
• each skill point your living castaways have at the end = + 1 point
• each 1000 aspiration points your living fellow castaways have at the end (add them all
together and then round up) = + 1 point

Taking it off:
• Every sim day that you remained castaway = - 1 point (A day starts at 8am – the week
starts on a Monday. IE: Your Sims will arrive on the Island at 8am Monday. When 8am
Tuesday comes around they will have been on the Island for 1 day)
• each castaways death (including old age) = - 20 points

Good Luck!
Test Subject
Original Poster
#2 Old 5th Jan 2007 at 7:27 PM
Has anyone tried this challenge yet ?
If so, let me know how you went
Test Subject
#3 Old 1st Feb 2007 at 12:39 PM
I tried this challenge last night. My score was 199. Breakdown of points:

Starting with 100 points
-1 for every Sim day on island = -13 points
87 points
-20 for each castaway's death = -0 points
87 points
+1 for each skill point = +101 points
188 points
+1 for every 1,000 aspiration = +11 points
199 points total

Last name: Islander. I had 3 women, Francesca (Family,Cleaning,Sagittarius), Cadence (Pleasure,Mechanical,Aquarius) and Erica (Fortune,Logic,Libra). And 3 men, Avery (Romance,Creativity,Cancer), Dustin (Popularity,Cooking,Cancer) and Brinley (Knowledge,Body,Pisces).
Logic, creativity and body were quite easy to get as each of those Sims had a tool of their own to use. Mechanical, cooking and cleaning were definitely the hardest with only one book. Usually I had Cadence studying mechanical with the book, Dustin cooking up mountain loads of meals with Francesca cleaning up after him.
Dustin was absolutely hopeless at cooking with the grill and never failed to start a fire. Needless to say my Sims mostly ate lunch meat sandwiches and chef salad.
When a certain Sim maxed out their skill category then they spent the day swimming and chatting by the pool. I had a few Sims go into aspiration failure, mainly Cadence (Pleasure) and Erica (Fortune).
Overall my Sims got along great with each other. After the challenge was over, I realized I had become too attached to my Sims and decided to give them lives of their own and to live in my permanent neighborhood.
The three men then simultaneously proposed marriage to the women. Avery to Erica, Dustin to Cadence and Brinley to Francesca.
Brinley and Francesca decided to stay in the Island cabin which I upgraded a bit to support Francesca's want of marrying off 6 children. They now have a little girl Georgina and are expecting again. Further down the road I might have to adopt in order to reach 6 children, but, we will see.
The others moved out on their own in seperate couples and they are doing great.
This was definitely a fun challenge and I might have to do it again! Thanks Heaven for the fun times
Test Subject
Original Poster
#4 Old 1st Feb 2007 at 11:29 PM
Thanks for letting me know how your challenge went Goldana :yippee:
I'm glad you enjoyed it and that it only takes a short time to complete.
Thanks again and great job!
Test Subject
Original Poster
#5 Old 15th May 2007 at 10:46 PM
With the addition of Seasons - you can now grow your own food and fish from your island.

Challenge will be updated soon with new skills for your shipwrecked Sims to learn.

Stay tuned
15th May 2007 at 11:04 PM
This message has been deleted by Cheshire Kat.
Test Subject
Original Poster
#6 Old 17th May 2007 at 7:26 AM
Great cheshire_cat - let us know how you do
#7 Old 17th May 2007 at 11:08 PM
Hey this sounds like fun.

Mhh I might cheat on your rules a bit since I also am busy with making a lost-sim-movie and I have actually already build an island with some weird Lost-stuff.

But it is definitly worth to make my characters do this challege while I film them.
Lab Assistant
#8 Old 28th May 2007 at 9:58 PM
Sweet! I have got to try this!!!

Have you ever walked into a room & forgot why you went in there?
What if God is playing The Sims & he just cancelled your action.
Adopt-a-Sim and My Creations
Lab Assistant
#9 Old 1st Jun 2007 at 7:01 AM
I did it!! I forget to add up my score at the end though...
I tried having them grow their own food to refill the fridge and ended up with a plantsim!! hehe.
#10 Old 13th Jul 2007 at 7:09 PM
I keep trying to get things set up in my game so I can do this because it sounds like fun! I have all the sims made in BodyShop but they still need some a few articles of special clothing. I'm hoping to start on it soon!
Lab Assistant
#11 Old 23rd Jul 2007 at 6:39 PM
Omg, this like fun- I have a little time off this week, and no plans. Methinks I might have just found something to keep me entertained- here's hoping to see you in a week, for the points tally! ^___^
Test Subject
Original Poster
#12 Old 11th Sep 2007 at 1:33 PM
Can't wait to see how it turns out
#13 Old 12th Sep 2007 at 4:40 AM
O.K. I have the island Lot set up, with the new BV items it looks awesome - hammocks, beach front and all. I even have a shipwreck just off the shore! However there is no mention of a toilet, I doubt a shipwreck would allow for a toilet, but are we supposed to just let them wet themselves then wash afterwards? seems a bit messy! Also what's the go with walls and buildings? with Seasons installed the weather is going to become a problem.
#14 Old 12th Sep 2007 at 5:46 AM
Yeah, I was wondering about buildings, too... Can we create some sort of two room shack, with a living/sleeping area and a bathroom? And I also second the question about a toilet? Might try to find something that looks suitably islandish/outdoor...

My newest downloads are on Simified.
Older downloads and stuff that didn't get transferred to Simified are on my Livejournal.
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Test Subject
Original Poster
#15 Old 12th Sep 2007 at 6:34 AM
Sorry - have been meaning to update since the release of Seasons. Definitely build some cabins etc. to keep them out of the weather.
You can have a toilet - the base one only. There are also some CC toilets around that look like buckets.
You can also plant vegetables & fruit trees for harvesting - try to use the ladybird houses rather than spraying them though.
#16 Old 12th Sep 2007 at 8:53 AM
Thanks for the really quick reply! My Sims will thank you dearly, they are very, very unhappy waiting to use that one bath after wetting themselves! With a beachside lot I have also done away with the need for a pool, makes it look far more like a ship wreck site! I will take heaps of photos and put a story up on the exchange of it all.
#17 Old 12th Sep 2007 at 9:25 AM
Thanks for the quick reply. And thanks for the use of the ladybird houses

Incidentally, does werewolfism and plantsimism have to be cured immediately or does the sim have to remain in their altered form? And do we have to have all 4 seasons or can we set a theme like a tropical island only having spring and summer, or the back end of the Antarctic (so the penguin makes sense) that is all winter? Because I foresee people cheating by having the weather as all autumn to raise the speed of skill learning!

My newest downloads are on Simified.
Older downloads and stuff that didn't get transferred to Simified are on my Livejournal.
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Test Subject
Original Poster
#18 Old 12th Sep 2007 at 9:47 AM
You're right - people might cheat that way. To make it fair there will have to be no Autumn/Fall, but you can have the rest of the seasons in which ever combination suits your theme best.
Thanks for pointing that out
As to plantsims and werewolves they will have to remain in their unaltered form.
#19 Old 16th Sep 2007 at 12:17 PM
I have almost finished, just one cleaning point to be earned. I have to warn all about the dangers of heat exhaustion though, I almost lost all 6 sims. After the ruling on Autumn not being allowed I changed the seasons to spring, spring, summer, summer. Winter wouldnt fit into the whole 'tropical Island' feel of the lot so that was not included...... on day 5 of summer all of my Sims were sunburnt/overheated and kept passing out, which depletes their hunger quite dramatically, one Died, but was saved from the Grim Reaper by her husband, just before he passed out too. Point being:Huts or buildings are a must! Sims will keep cooler if indoors, and the awnings do not help at all, they are purely decorative. Anyway, off to finish it, just thought I'd warn anyone who was trying to do this challenge!
#20 Old 16th Sep 2007 at 9:52 PM
Yeah, I'm doing the Poverty Challenge at the moment and my poor sim died of heat stroke... so I had to start again. Apart from getting her a place to sleep, the first thing I did was get her some walls and a roof. The room was tiny but at least she didn't die of heat stroke the second time around! The restrictions on electronics would make this hard, as you aren't able to have the hot chocolate machine for those stranded in winter, and no juicer for those on the tropical island.

My newest downloads are on Simified.
Older downloads and stuff that didn't get transferred to Simified are on my Livejournal.
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Test Subject
Original Poster
#21 Old 19th Sep 2007 at 1:52 AM
Thanks for the tips Mummywinder

Have now updated the rules for everyone.

Thank you to everyone that pointed out problems etc. It is very much appreciated
#22 Old 28th Mar 2008 at 12:02 AM
I thought this was kinda exciting so I had a turn of it last night.
I had it kind of easy, the worse thing I coped with was the weather - at one stage all my sims were suffering from heatstroke, then there was the hail.
The bookcase was still there but I only had on sim studying a skill at a time. But it was really fun - was three were moved out, the rest was easy. No deaths either :P

#23 Old 10th Jun 2008 at 6:07 AM
I'm gonna try this with celebrities, bending a few rules. Should be amusing x3
Test Subject
#24 Old 1st Dec 2008 at 7:57 PM
I lurve this challenge, it is great- currently all six are still alive and well, though I have had two cases of sunburn and one of food poisoning (he clogged the toilet TWICE!). Well, my fortune and my family sim are getting married soon, and I have a girl in the first trimester of pregnancy. They live on a tropical island ( albeit a slightly weird one with a winter period as well as spring and two summers) and suprisingly noone has got heatstroke yet, but I am planning on building rooms round the kitchen and bathroom area before winter sets in (currently they have a one- room shack that only recently got a fourth wall and a 'lookout' post with a hammock and fire- yes, i did get a bit carried away with the whole thing ) I've enjoyed it so much I might even make a castaway style legacy from it- and maybe post the rules here if I don't get bored of it...
#25 Old 23rd Jan 2009 at 5:15 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 10th Feb 2014 at 10:22 PM.
Default 8 Sim Island Challenge
I came up with this idea a while ago and I recently posted it on my website (Chrissims2) and TSR. I will put all the rules below, and remember! You read it here first!


Eight Sims have been stranded on a lush, tropical island (I know there are roads ect. but It just needs a little imagination) after being shipwrecked in a recent storm. Four women and four men must unite to have as many children as possible in order to keep the island alive, but will this be possible with people as unalike as this? Can they be industrious enough to build their own homes out of the materials available? Can they put aside their differences and keep the generations coming? Will they form an island community? Will they find others on the island (NPC’S)? It's all up to you whether they survive and flourish on this forgotten island.

Don’t forget that you, the player, must help them reproduce to keep the island alive. The more children your Sims have, the better your chance of success. Don't be surprised if you’re Sims all become one huge family in the end. Cousins will marry cousins and every opportunity to have Children be taken. Limitation's in buy and build mode will also be in place to make this challenge that bit more realistic. A perfect challenge for any Family or Romance Sims!

Threre's the intro, now here's the rules

The Rules

Unlike some challenges, this one allows you to set your own boundaries. There are however a few guidelines you must follow. They are all listed below:

The Neighbourhood

First you need a fresh, new uninhabited neighbourhood (note this has to be a very small island, either downloaded or made in SC4) with no NPC’S currently living there. To achieve this, hold down CTRL+SHIFT+C to bring up the cheat window, then type in deleteAllCharacters. Once this is entered, an information box will appear. It will ask you whether you want to continue. Select “yes.” create an empty hood from a clean template. Having trouble finding a neighbourhood? I recommend searching for an island no smaller than this. Feel free to chose any other hood if you wish.

The Sims

Next create your Sims, probably the most vital part of this challenge. There must be an equal amount of males and females for this to work but instead of eight Sim you may choose to have six (3 males and 3 females) or even four (2 males and 2 females) however the latter is not tested, so try at your own risk. Enter CAS (create a Sim) and make your Sims, remembering the equal male/female rule. The one catch when making your Sims is that they should all have unique personalities, so no Sims with matching personalities. To create completely random Sims from a throw of a dice, take a peek at theProsperity Challenge for ideas. Reversed personalities and aspirations are ideal to play with. One last thing, each Sim should be created separately, not in the same create a Sim session and should each have different last name.

Back To the Neighbourhood

Once all eight Sims (or less if you have chosen) are created, return from CAS and return to the neighbourhood. Now you must choose which Sim should be leader of the island. Scroll down to choose which type of leader (if any) you wish to create. There are the Democratic and Monarch leaderships available.


You probably know how a democracy works, but it's slightly different here. First you must choose a starting leader, but they will not be in power forever, so they had better not get too comfy in the Big House. Every 20 sim days there is an election (or when the original leader dies) and this is the chance for another sim to rule. However, you cannot select yourself who's next, their number of friends have an influence. So in simple language, the sim with the most friends on the island at the end of 20 days is the new leader. This cycle continues on as long as you wish but you cannot change to a Monarchy once you have become a Democracy.


So you want the your selected sim to become King or Queen of their own island? Why not, nobody owns the place so nobodys stopping you! In the monarchy the founding sim's eldest son/daughter takes control after their parents death and becomes the leader of the island, that is until they too pass away. If one line of the family tree dies out, make the eldest of another branch in charge. If there are no surviving sims you have the choice of switching to a democracy or you can decide to hand over the throne to the King/Queen's best friend (if only this really happened!). Remember that once a Democracy, always a Democracy! One of the advantages to being in a monarchy is that the family get a slightly larger lot than other sims, and once a leader dies there is no need to move the family out. However with a democracy at the end of 20 days the leader must leave (unless they still have the highest number of friends) and start again, having a new leader move into their old home. It's similar to the Legacy challenge in this way, but it just involves more Sims.

Moving Sims In

If you have read all of above, move the islanders into equal sized lots (unless its a Monarchy where their lot is twice the size). Think very carefully about lot sizes, because as the island grows large lots may get in the way and overcrowding may become a serious problem on such a small area of land.

Build and Buy Mode Limits

Now this is the tricky part, for you and your Sims. Houses in the first and second generation will be very basic, simple huts, but as the generations pile up, so do the items on the beach. Every two days sims go scavenging the beaches for washed-up items, and this is your chance to grab something more advanced from buymode. This is not a rule but it may be something to consider, objects that require power cannot be used until a member of generation 2 has a child. Then using plastic from their ships hull, your Sims create a simple windmill to power the island, but your not there yet. Using electrical equipment before generation 2's child is born is going against the rules, so don't. Water is however not a problem, as lifeboat covers can collect water during rainy weather.

Buy Mode

Buy mode is limited, but remember everything should fit in, so no modern counters, but the old wooden type would fit in nicely. Although purchasing refrigerators and stoves are unavoidable, buying a three-tile TV set is out of the question. You should think about what items you could actually craft out of the materials available to you, for instance a wooden table, but anything plastic is unallowed, unless you scavenged it from the beach in which case it's allowed.

Build Mode

Build mode also has some rules to obey. I have made a short list of the basics, and you should probably have an idea yourself anyway.

No swimming pools (lakes and ponds are allowed, however they must be shallow)
No turret roofs (your Sims will probably have to live with flat or very basic roof types, and they should be made of thatch [requires Bon Voyage]
Structures made of wood, no marble staircases. (this is one of the only building materials you have access to)
You have a maximum of 2 floors (no basements) plus an attic if you want. Before generation 2 is born, you have only one floor plus an attic at this time.
Those are just a few. Like I mentioned, you will probably have a good idea of the limits yourself, it's not difficult.

Playing the Challenge

Now the rules are read you can get on with playing! Really your goal is to keep the island populated by uniting all eight original Sims through marriage. Then bring on the babymaking! Try and build a large community, with shops (remember the Buy Mode Limits) and the like. Basically you want to create as many Sims as you can from the eight Sms. Try to imbreed as much as possible, but NPC'S are acceptable if you are struggling to find un-related Sims. Once electricity is unlocked the possiblities are endless, and you are likely to find yourself running a mini-country with it's own government. You can come up with any rules you want and your islanders must obey them, or else :smash:

One last note about households you should know :howdy:

There's no rule here. You can make one large household (remember the last names must be different= separate cas session) and break it up into couples once things get going, or you can pair them up and move them in together.
Having them all in separate lots isn't against the rules either, like I said you pretty much play the guidlines and decide the rest yourself :-)

If you have any questions please pm me or post below

Good luck with the challenge, I'd love to hear feedback
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