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Test Subject
#226 Old 27th Sep 2015 at 8:01 PM
I'm thinking of starting this challenge. I also think that I must be going insane to take on something like this when I've never even managed to finish a Legacy challenge before. Oh well. . .
#227 Old 28th Sep 2015 at 9:42 PM
This is a great challenge that doesn't necessarily need to be finished, in my opinion, because finishing it means many, many hours of playing.
I've started mine in 2011 if I'm not mistaken, and it didn't go very far^^ but I love my little BaCC island to pieces (it didn't go very far yet because I have too many neighbourhoods to play and too many blogs about them ).
And because you play it in an independent neighbourhood, it doesn't matter how far you go (or don't go )
Test Subject
#228 Old 3rd Oct 2015 at 8:57 AM
Yesterday, I had to finish something off for my computing assignment so my friend and I went up to my computing teacher's room at lunch. My teacher was there, let's call him Mr Computing, sitting at his desk doing some work. There was no-one else in the room so we said 'hello' and sat in our usual corner.

We ended up talking about Sims. My friend isn't as Sim-obsessed as me, but she lets me talk about it to her. . . ANYWAY, I told her about this challenge because I had just finished designing the spreadsheet I was going to use and the database for keeping track of Sims. I talked about how awesome the challenge sounded and as I said, "It sounds really. . ."

Mr Computing interrupted.

I hadn't realised he'd been listening, but obviously he had. He finished off my sentence and said, "Nerdy." So. It sounds really nerdy. Which is true, obviously, but he said the word as if it was a bad thing. I just had that moment of a) not your conversation and b) you are a computing teacher. Surely nerdiness should not be a strange occurrence for you?

So now he thinks I'm a massive weirdo, but to be honest, I'll accept that with pride.
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