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#1 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 1:55 PM
Default Morgan's Creek - a wild west adventure - on hold for now, due to lack of players
(This is an attempt to create a somewhat more 'easygoing' roleplay than most of the other active ones in this forum, as I know that some potential players have been discouraged from joinging because of the complexity of those roleplays, as well as the length of the posts in them. However, I am in no way trying to discourage anyone from writing long posts, as every player will pretty much get to decide for themselves the amount of text they wish to include in their posts.

The aim of this roleplay is to offer everyone a good time, regardless of whether they write long posts or short, as well as offer our new players in this forum a chance to be part of something from the very start, as the other currently active roleplays have already been running for quite some time now.

That being said, and without any further ado; )

Welcome, any and all, to Morgan's Creek. This small but growing boomtown on the Eastern Plains of Colorado was founded in 1859, when Jebediah Morgan and his friend Newt McMurphy struck gold in the nearby river. The find quickly brought other gold diggers to the vincity, along with Morgan's and McMurphy's families, but none of them ended up finding more than a couple of hundred dollars worth, at the most. The greatest find was the initial one by Morgan and McMurphy, who both would have ended up fairly wealthy men, had not one of the most human traits known to man reared it's ugly head; greed. Both men wanted the largest piece of the pie, preferrably all of it, and so fighting and bickering ensued, soon escalating in to full-blown enmity as the two former friends took to any means to come out the winning party. Before long, due to what has since been called 'far more brains', Jebediah Morgan conquered.

It is now 1886, and the Colorado Territory has become the state of Colorado, part of the Union for the last ten years.

In Morgan's Creek, old Jeb Morgan is long gone, but his descendants are still the wealthiest family in town, and due to their prominent ancestor, mayorship has been inofficially handed down to the eldest son, for two generations now. The current mayor is thus Edward Morgan, aged 33, and grandson of the deceased Jebediah. Like any family, this one strives to preserve their own best interests, often disguised as the good of the town, and being the wealthiest and thus most powerful family of this little community, throughout the years, this has meant that they've have had quite a few sheriffs in their pocket, as a way of ensuring that the Morgan's and the law see eye to eye.

The McMurphy's remain in town as well, even though bad blood is still coursing through the veins of both families, and there is a tangible animosity boiling underneath the surface.

* Forum rules are to be respected and obeyed.

* No spamming (meaning double posting or unnecessary ooc posts).

* No powerplaying/godmodding. Try to respect each other and each other's characters.

* No killing another's character without having permission from the other, even if it means planning the scene in PMs.

* When in doubt of putting another person into a certain situation, PM them first!

* An RP post should be 5 lines minimum. This limit does not include quoted lines from a post you are replying to. This RP is for fun, yes, but if simple dialogue and nothing more is what you are looking for, this is not for you. Sorry.

* If you for some reason have/choose to drop out, please finish up, by either RPing an end for your character, or at least telling us that you will be dropping out. Don't leave people hanging.

* When you are RPing with someone, give them at least 48 hours to reply. Should more than 48 hours pass without the other person responding, you are free to move on. However, as this is meant to be a casual and fairly slow-paced roleplay, reply posts may take a while longer than 48 hours.

* In-game time will progress fairly slowly, so while you are free to roleplay to your heart's content, please do not jump ahead to, say, evening, if it has not been officially declared nightfall by myself in the thread.

* When making an RP post, please include the name of your character in the header, and preferrably where they are at and what other character they are with as well, unless of course they are alone. This makes it easier for people to keep up who is where, and with whom.

* Foul language is allowed, but please do tone it down a bit; F***, b****, ***hole etc will get your point across just fine.

* Two characters per player maximum, at this point. However, this rule might be subject to change.

* If you are unsure of something, ask. Either in the thread, or in PM.

* Have fun!

Applications form:
Short bio:
Picture (does not have to be a sim):

(NOTE! All roles, including that of the mayor, his wife, kids, the sheriff, the McMurphy's, etc, are available. Though I ask that if you do take on the role as the mayor or the sheriff, that you are ready and willing to stay committed and know that you will not drop out or go inactive in a week or two. Both those roles are rather important, and thus recquire more than a drive-by roleplayer. )

Active characters list:

1. Robert 'Robbie' Logan (Outlaw) - Atropa
2. Kate Helen Hilton (Doctor) - Alissa888
3. Dexter 'Dex' Woolgar (Outlaw) - Psyche
4. Scarlett Marie O’Reilly (Saloon girl/outlaw) - Alissa888
5. Gabriel Callahan (Morgan's right-hand man) - Atropa
6. Mae Starr (Saloon girl) - Psyche
7. Stanley Yelnats I (Traveller) - Extensa5420

Aside from the bickering between the Morgan's and the McMurphy's, and the small trickle of hopeful gold diggers setting out to try their luck in and around the river, as well as the nearby mountains, Morgan's Creek has remained a fairly peaceful and sleepy little town. However, recently, robberies have started occuring in the vincity, cattle has started disappearing, and about a week ago, the bank in the neighbouring town of Fairgrove was held up, and emptied of several bags of money and gold. During their getaway, the outlaws came across a stage coach headed for Morgan's Creek, and decided on a whim to rob it as well.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on from what side one is looking at it, several of the passengers on the stage coach were armed, and a violent gun fight ensued, during which one of the outlaws, a Richard 'One-Eye' Stevens, was killed. His accomplices had no choice but to hightail out of there, leaving their dead mate's horse, with several bags of money tied to the saddle.
Those bags were delivered by the men on the stage coach, to the sheriff of Morgan's Creek, in anticipation of such time when they can be restored to the bank and people of Fairgrove.

Tomorrow night (in-game time) there is also to be a shindig in the town of Morgan's Creek, to celebrate it's 27th 'birthday'. There will be music, there will be dancing, there will even be a pie contest, to see who in town makes the sweetest pie!

(Suggestions for more storylines in general are most welcome!)

A big 'thank you' to Alissa888, who's been a major help when planning and setting up this RP.

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#2 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 1:55 PM
Default Maps

Town map:

Any building not labelled is just a house.
All buildings are up for claiming, though some people might live where they work (baker, inn keeper, saloon girls, etc)
Also, the Doctor's house will be labelled shortly, as I seem to have forgotten that one.

Area map:

Click images for larger versions.

And as some of us agreed that it would be good for those involved in the outlaw gang to know who the other members are, here's a list;

* Boyd Miller (NPC, gang leader, 34 y/o, tall, brown hair, moustache)
* Dexter 'Dex' Woolgar (Psyche)
* Ryder Scott (trampledsneakers)
* James 'Jimmy' Logan (NPC, 23 y/o, brown hair)
* Norman Mitchell (NPC, 31 y/o, blonde, a little chubby)
(* Robert 'Robbie' Logan (Atropa, James' younger brother, not officially a member, but rides with the gang nonetheless) )
(* Scarlett O'Riley (Alissa888, not officially a member, but unbeknownst to others, an important contact/informer) )
(* Richard 'One-Eye' Stevens (35 y/o, nicknamed 'One-Eye' for a reason, now deceased) )

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#3 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 1:58 PM
Default I'll go first; App - Robert ' Robbie' Logan
Name: Robert 'Robbie' Logan (hates being called Robert. Also goes by nickname Kid, due to his age (obviously))
Age: 15
Occupation: Wannabe outlaw
Short bio:
Despite his young age, Robbie Logan has not had an easy life. Born the youngest son of two, to one of the local saloon girls, his upbringing has been unorthodox, to say the least, even though his mother did her best to provide him and his older brother with the same basic necessities as all the other children in town. Until the age of four, his home was the saloon itself, where his mother lived and worked, but as she realized the enviroment, filled with drunken men and scantily clad women, and everything it entailed, was hardly the place for two young boys, she eventually moved into a small house of her own, and at the same time, found herself another job. Or rather, the only other job she could get; as a laundress at the Chinese laundy.
However, her change of career didn't wash away the brand of once being a saloon girl, and things weren't exactly made better by the fact that her youngest sported quite a few features similar to those of the then young Edward Morgan, who at that point had yet to become mayor of Morgan's Creek.
Needless to say, this made Robbie's presence in town rather 'undesirable' to the Morgan's, as every time they saw him they would be reminded of the most embarrassing rumours floating about in town that he was the illegitimate son of the mayor, even though no one could ever know for sure. Therefore, when as his fifteenth birthday started closing in, his mother died due to poor health, he saw no reason to stay in town, and thus set out to find his older brother, who had left town several years earlier.

As it turned out, his brother had joined a local band of outlaws, and after alot of persuasion (read 'badgering') on Robbie's part, they reluctantly took him in as well. Just turned fifteen, he is now the youngling of the group, and as such is often left behind when the others set out to steal cattle, rob a bank, a stage coach, a train, or do whatever else it is that outlaws do. He wants desperately to prove himself, as a man and an outlaw, and thus his annoyance over being left behind when the others go on heists, is outdone only by his annoyance at being left outside when the others pay a visit to the saloon. Though if anything, it all goes on to fuel his determination to prove himself, and so he's become quite skilled with the lasso, and is also an extremely quick draw. But, unlike with the lasso, the problem here is he really needs to work on his aim.
On a few rare occasions, he has gotten to go along with the others on heists, but then only in order to serve as a lookout or possible diversion, and more often than not, he finds himself left at the camp with the 'honorable' duty of preparing supper.

He's a rather easygoing kid with a good sense of humor, but does have a bit of a temper, and even though he usually treat those around him - friends and strangers alike - with a certain amount of respect, unless given reasons not to, there are a rare few that make his blood boil; townspeople who treated him as a second-rate citizen when he was still living in Morgan's Creek, with the Morgan family taking the lead. Since they were part of the reason why he left town in the first place, he figures he has a score to settle, starting with stealing the cherished Palomino he's now riding from right under their noses.


(((ooc: The role of his older brother (or sister; I'm not opposed to changing the gender) is available, should someone be looking for a bit of an already formed storyline, and consider this a suitable one.)))

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#4 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 2:05 PM
Default Application: Kate Hilton
(((OOC: Yup, I'm in Also, if anyone wants a storyline with Kate feel free to PM me )))

Name: Kate Helena Hilton

Age: 24 years old

Occupation: Doctor

Short bio:

Kate Hilton is the only daughter of wealthy ranger Edward Hilton and thus the only granddaughter of Governor Stevenson Hilton of Oregon. Growing up with two older brothers, Jacob and Marcus, was both advantageous and disadvantageous to the independent Kate, given that they refused to let her act like a dainty lady, but also had a tendency to baby her when they felt like it. Of course, Kate gave as good as she got.

However, though she grew to be a beautiful and beguiling young lady, it did mean that she was not entirely at ease among women who did see fit to play the damsel and distress. Thus, Kate turned to books and learning at a very young age as opposed to dressing up and socialising. With her aptitude for learning, she had no problems at all at bettering herself, but it did transform her into somewhat of an outsider. As she grew up, she became a smart, astute and striking young lady… and thus somewhat intimidating to most gentlemen her age.

When she was sixteen, unrest in Oregon broke out as violent mutiny amongst small communities and thus, for her own safety, Kate was sent off with her godparents, Dr Anthony Fitzgibbons and his wife, Bethany Fitzgibbons. In Dr Fitzgibbons’ company, Kate decided what she wanted to be; a doctor. It was rare, but there had been reports, that in the last two decades, women were entering the medical profession and Kate knew she wanted to be one of them.

However, there were no universities in Oregon that would accept the women could indeed practice medicine and hence, Kate used her charms relentlessly to persuade her father to finance her education in the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, though she’d be there on her own. Finally he wore down and Kate had her wish granted. Following her graduation, she worked with the pioneering Zakrzewska sisters at the New York Infirmary for Women and Children before being persuaded to return home.

Here, she met, or rather was blatantly introduced to Benjamin Pullman, the son of the town Mayor and a wealthy up and coming politician. It seemed that both their families had decided that the match between Ben and Kate would be most desirable. Now, Kate, ever autonomous, did not like being told what her life would be like, but she did see their point. Furthermore, Ben himself was a charming young man and he didn’t seem to want to control her or her life in any way.

She did like him and she did enjoy his company, but she did not love him. She had allowed his courting of her with the hope that she would grow to love him, or at least see some sign of that happening, but he just was not the man for her. Hence, when Ben proposed to her, she decline, asking him not to let it affect their friendship. Surprisingly, while Ben himself dealt with it, her family was none too pleased, leading to an unpleasant confrontation that in turn saw Kate practically emancipating herself from them.

While since then, given that it’d been a year, things had more or less smoothed over, Kate found her niche in life by taking up a posting in Morgan’s Creek, and so refused to leave even if to make a show of reconciliation.

Her assertion of independence did have it's own backlash on her, though. Her arrival in Morgan's Creek itself was turbulent and, given that the previous doctor, one Ryder Scott, had apparently turned to the outlaws, not many people were willing to trust her initially. Furthermore, one of her first cases was rather brutal and problematic enough in her own right; the stabbing of a saloon girl. While Kate was no stranger to blood and gore, it was the brutality of the crime and the fact that she herself was adjusting to a new life that got to her. Thanfully, she found comfort in the form of Felicity Ching, the dedicated saloon owner who refused to leave her employee's side. While bestowing attention upon the girl, Felicity also managed to bond with the then vulnerable Kate, leading both women to cement a lasting friendship.

Kate, highly respected and highly trusted in Morgan's Creek, is a true beauty in both appearance and soul. She believes in equality and will defend anyone prejudiced by the townsfolk.


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#5 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 3:18 PM
I am SO in. I just have to think up a character that's not the same as my last two I had for the others set in this era So no seamstresses who get stabbed and no Belle's with rotten little brothers *snicker*

You can call me Robyn, tis my name after all
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#6 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 3:28 PM
I'm in too - Just have to think of a personality for the Mayor's eldest daughter and create her...
#7 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 4:14 PM
Ack I'm tempted! Though I really really shouldn't....hehheh

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#8 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 4:44 PM
(((ooc: *chants in Ghani's ear* Join, join, join, join! I know the feeling though, but... Hey, I'm a slave to inspiration and imagination. *nod*

Everyone - One question; are the maps and/or headers clear and easy on the eyes (contrast/color-wise, I'm not looking for an art critic! )? My monitor has been known to act up when it comes to brightness and such, so... Do changes need to be made?)))

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#9 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 4:48 PM
((ooc: Looks good to me, I can read them just fine.

*brain asplodes* I'll, erm, give some thoughts to a possible character concept...no promises or anything yet, I want to make sure I have a good idea first.))

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Default Gwen Morgan

Gwendolyn Anne Morgan; Gwen




Mayor Morgan's daughter

Short bio:

Gwen is the firstborn of Edward Morgan and his first wife Sandra Anne Morgan, born Jones. All her childhood she was considered useless and just a burden for her whealthy father, who only desired male offspring to inherit his fotune and run his business. Gwen, female, who didn't just come as welcome as a cold in the head, but also took the life of his young wifey at birth, didn't wake any parental feelings or feelings whatsoever at her father. So Edward gave his newborn daughter to Samantha, a black servant who moved in their house.

For her whole childhood she was left aside; after her father provided her lousy education and some good maners he didn't care about her at all, just as long as she was dressed and had something to eat.
So Gwen wandered around the town, beeing friend of all the old men sitting in front of their houses, saloon girls (that called her their "little sweetheart") and housewives that felt sorry for her beeing left so by herself.

But this all changed one day when Edward Morgan was expecting an important guest from the capital. Gwen was outside, as usual, and nobody cared when her step-mother and siblings gathered to greet him. The guests name was Steven Spark and he was old friend of Morgan's father, Gwen's grandfather, who died long time ago. Mr Spark knew that Morgan had 12 year old daughter, too and wondered, where is she. They called her home on his wish and when he saw Gwen's appearance he was so sincerely shuddered at her that made even her father feel ashamed.
Just after Spark and his family left, Morgan went to find a governess for his ill-bred shame of a daughter to make her a lady.

A year passed since Mrs Ravet moved in with them and Gwen grew into a fine girl, no longer a fluffy dirty child who chatted with the saloon girls. Finally proud of his eldest, Morgan even decided not to marry her away as soon as he planned because she made a hell of a pride for his house.

Click for bigger version!


[ooc: This leaves the Mayor and his wife, and children which are younger than 12. I hope that's okay with everyone.]
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#11 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 5:15 PM
[ They look fabolous to me ]
#12 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 6:06 PM
Atropa: The maps and things look perfectly fine to me.

Can I call dibs on the general store? I've got an idea for a character whose family would use that building (I would assume they'd live there as well) but I need a bit of time to type everything up.

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#13 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 8:40 PM
Default Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams (can be called Liz or Lizzy)





Short bio:

Elizabeth was born back east in South Carolina, but her parents had planned to move west* after the baby came. She doesn't remember much of the move, only that it was very hard on her family. Several of her family memberd died, including her grandparents and an Uncle. The family had to decide on whether to settle down in the newly established Morgan Creek, or in the slightly more populated Fairgrove, also newly established. They chose Fairgrove, purchasing a small 3 bedroom 1 bath home for her parents, aunt, and herself.

Elizabeth had a great childhood. She learned how to cook and bake, ride a horse, and was enthusiastic about school. She completed every year and got herself a excellent education. Her parents wanted her to back to South Carolina to complete her education, but she didn't. She loved Colorado too much. When Elizabeth was 20, she moved to Morgan's Creek, staying close to home so she could take care of her soon to be elderly parents.

Now 25, Elizabeth loves to hold dinner parties for her friends around town and share her new short stories with everybody. Warm and friendly, Elizabeth welcomes anybody into her home except thieves and burgalers. When she first moved to Morgan's Creek, she was able to secrure a job at the school as a teacher. She believes that every child and teenager should get the same education as her rich, poor, or inbetween. The town doesn't have a library, so she will lend out her books to the students instead.

(*Elizabeth never knew that they had planned to move because they didn't side with the South during the war.)


Real Person Version

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#14 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 9:34 PM
(((ooc: slytherin-girl - Sure thing. And take your time.
Elektra - Yep, works for me. )))

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#15 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 10:33 PM
Lucy Lyles

Name: Lucy Lyles (if she must give a surname, she uses the name of Stratton)

Age: 24

Occupation: currently looking for one, and she doesn't terribly mind the morals involved; she is quite handy with a lasso, and not a bad shooter...

(Not so) Short bio: Encompassing several acres of Montana prairie was the Lyles family cattle ranch, founded by Christopher Lyles two generations ago and henceforth expanding to encompass more lands, more cattle and, of course, more profit. The only girl among seven brothers, Lucy was given a choice early on in her life: she could have opted for a measly girl's education, even vaguer than the norm considering the family residence was situated several klicks from the nearest town, or be given a part of the responsibility that was running the family business alongside her brothers. Everything in their lives revolved around the cattle: it was their bread and butter, and while Joseph Lyles, Lucy's father and his brother Earl were the highest authority, everyone else was delegated a role, including Lucy. Fond of the outdoors, of chasing a herd on wild horseback with a lasso in hand and returning home, filthy and exhausted but with the satisfaction of a job well done, the girl followed her brothers into the fields, lending a hand where she could, learning their skill: she became extremely proficient at wielding a lasso, fairly confident with a shotgun in hand and not entirely helpless in a fist fight either – on the other hand her education suffered and Lucy barely learned how to read – which she does poorly, and write – which is an embarrassingly difficult feat for her.

Nearby the Lyles family lands stretched another cattle ranch owned by George Denton and his family– although competitors for the same resources, George and Joseph Lyles had always been on friendly terms and after some time talks of a merger between the two ranches were made the rumour of the region. George Denton had only one child, a son named Jacob, two years older than Lucy. When Jacob proposed to her, the shaggy-haired girl raised to be a farmer and not a lady had only a romanticized concept of what marriage entailed: it was fortunate then that both families supported and encouraged the union and Lucy had known Jacob since her earliest childhood days, the two climbing trees and chasing frogs along the river banks. She accepted, happy to keep living near the same places she loved – a secondary consequence, one that at the time Lucy paid little heed to, was that the Lyles and Denton ranches became a single one, with George and Joseph as partners.

Jacob Denton was no more ready to be a husband than Lucy was to be a wife, and their marriage quickly deteriorated: as the “woman of the house”, Lucy suddenly found herself faced with a host of duties she had never been properly introduced to, nor wanted to perform. Equally, Jacob began criticizing the time she spent roaming the fields, insisting it was unseemly for a woman and that there were others better suited to run the ranch. The fact that Lucy fell pregnant within a year of her marriage did nothing to improve things between them: more than ever, Jacob wished to confine his wife to the family residence and went as far as forbidding her to leave it without his knowledge: at the same time, the young man nursed some emerging financial problems with increasingly large amounts of alcohol each night.

Lucy gave birth to a son they named Tom, who became the only beacon of light and hope in her dreary existence: that past year had transformed her from a free-spirited, if somewhat unruly girl into a discontented young woman who harboured much anger and resentment deep inside. One day while Jacob was away and the baby with his nanny, Lucy took a horse and went for a long ride across the fields, having craved it for so long. She arrived home after dark to find Ellie, the nanny, running away sobbing loudly, and the door wide open. Instantly knowing something was terribly wrong, Lucy could only think of her son, dismounting in a hurry and dashing inside: there she found Jacob, drunk beyond all measure, and the baby nowhere to be found. She confronted the intoxicated man who slurred a long string of insults and accusations, from which a horrified Lucy understood that a terrible tragedy had struck them: Jacob had discovered his mother's secret letter stash, all to and from Joseph Lyles, with whom she had conducted an affair many years ago and whose son he was, which made him and Lucy half-siblings. In a moment of drunken rage and shame he had taken Tom, their baby and “gotten rid of it”. What that entailed Lucy never had a chance to learn because the harder she shouted and demanded to be told where Tom was, the angrier Jacob became, until the moment he lunged at her. Reacting instinctively, Lucy shoved him with all her strength which compromised Jacob's balance, sending him tumbling backwards where, with a sickening crunching noise, his head hit the corner of a cupboard, killing him instantly.

Horror-struck and not knowing what to do, Lucy grabbed all the valuables she could get her hands on, a horse and fled the region that very same night. Adopting the surname Stratton, she has ever since been travelling from town to town, stealing or doing odd jobs to survive and has recently arrived to Morgan's Creek.


((ooc: Okay, I bet you knew I couldn't resist I hope this works and that you don't mind yet another of my angsty characters ;

Oh yeah - I'm open for storyline ideas! ))

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#16 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 11:05 PM
All these characters are so creative! I definitely want to join, and have a certain guy in mind.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi
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#17 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 11:09 PM
(((ooc: trampled - Yey! Can't wait to see him all wild west-ery.
Ghanima - Double-yey! I was hoping you'd give in. And your characters always rock. BTW, is that pic from 'Lost'? I've never really watched it, except for a few mins here and there, but she looks familiar.

Also, a huge, warm welcome to all who have applied, and who are planning to do so.)))

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#18 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 11:19 PM
((ooc: Thank you, I simply couldn't stay away. This sounds so much fun and well, you did promise a slower paced rp...:D

And yes, it's Kate (Evangeline Lilly) from Lost. Lucy is in fact a lot like her, personality-wise))

If wishes were fishes we'd all cast nets
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#19 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 11:37 PM
((Atropa, I'm quite enjoying it. I've got him all decked out in cowboy gear in game, and he looks positively adorkable. I'm just trying to decide now if I should make him an outlaw or a good-guy. He could go either way. ))

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi
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#20 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 11:41 PM
(((ooc: I'll be trying to type up the 'Recent Events' thing tonight, as it's meant to help give people ideas for storylines, as well as to add a bit of a basic plot. We need to start with something, right?)))

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#21 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 11:53 PM
((OOC: Hmm, don't really know much about the whole wild west thing but I like the idea of a more casual style rp. I'll try and post a chara tomorrow, maybe I'll play an outlaw. I always end up playing the good guy and it could be time for a change, lol!
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#22 Old 7th Aug 2008 at 11:56 PM
Name: John McMurphy

Age: 63

Occupation: Retired army officer

Short bio: John is the gruff, blustery old widower living on the outskirts of Morgan's Creek, generally referred to by the other citizens as Old John or -- for a privileged few -- Murph, a nickname left over from his school days. He has three sons in Fairgrove, a distaste for fancy intellectuals and a shotgun to keep intruders off his turf.

Picture: Coming as soon as my game starts working again or I find a picture of a suitably scruffy old actor -- whichever comes first.

I know John's bio is like criminally short, but what can I say, he's not a very complicated man. Aaand now for my second character, his youngest son...

Name: Charles McMurphy

Age: 26

Occupation: Currently unemployed. John'll be probably be badgering him about getting off his lazy ass and finding some work, though.

Short bio: A new arrival in Morgan's Creek, Charles (who much prefers to be called Charlie) has been trying to get by as an artist for years. He paints unflatteringly accurate portraits that don't bring a dime in. Completely broke and homeless, Charlie finally found no other solution than to move in with his cranky old man. He was never a favourite of John's -- not strong and hard-working like Clint, or a funny loud-mouth like Shane -- and he is deeply unhappy about his new residence.

[b]Picture:[/b Coming soon, hopefully.

I should probably not be starting off with two characters as this is my first RP, but John couldn't get out of my head and as he's a loner I wanted a younger and more sociable character. Also we're very much lacking in men around here.

I hope everything's OK with my applications. And Mikoyo, same here -- everything I know about the wild west comes from movies -- but I'm hoping it won't matter too much.

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#23 Old 8th Aug 2008 at 12:02 AM
(((ooc: Not knowing all that much about the era doesn't matter too much. Most of my impressions etc are based on the movie stuff anyway. It's like I keep saying in Viper's, as long as you don't have people driving by in Porches or running around in thongs etc, you'll be fine. )))

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#24 Old 8th Aug 2008 at 12:25 AM
Default Felicity Ching- App
Name: Felicity Ching
Age: 27
Occupation: Saloon Owner
(Not all that) Brief Bio: Felicity had a strange upbringing to say the least. Her mother, Anya Wu, stowed away from China on a ship to America, for she was sick of the rampant poverty and her father's (Felicity's grandfather) annoying contentness with said poverty.

In America Anya was lucky enough to marry well, to one Olum Ching, who had worked up to being a foreman on the Pacific railroad. With the railways completion and the general anti Chinese hysteria, the Chings moved to Nebraska, where they bought a farm and had two children, Anya and Peris. Anya Jr. was a bit of an enigma to her parents, always talking to people, even if that meant walking for hours, which scared her parents quite thoroughly.

When she was eleven Anya got the same wanderlust her mother had had, and ran away with no warning and brought no stuff with her. Needless to say, she wound up back home with her tail between her legs after less than a day. Her parents, at once terrified and furious, kept her on the farm and made her pursue more lady like pursuits than fraternizing with "the scum of the prairie." This lasted for about a year, during which time Anya learned to read and studied much more about survival on her own. After her father finally relented Anya bolted again, this time ready for anything. She went to a town, Libertyvale, where she became a saloon girl, and wound up in an affair with the mayor of that town's son, who fathered a child on her.

This brought Anya to a turning point. She did not love being a saloon girl, and she certainly hated being a glorified floozy, but she did not want to give up her independence to be a mother. So she told her lover that she was pregnant, and he, not wanting to marry his glorified floozy, gave her a small fortune to stay quiet about the matter. This outcome delighted Anya, and she took some tansy to force a miscarriage and booked it out of town with the money. Upon arriving in the next town she found that her erstwhile lover was quite upset about this, and had put a reward out on her for robbery. She changed her name to Felicity, in hopes it would bring her luck and keep he under the radar and went as far away as she could bear- she did want to return home one day. So she arrived in Colorado at Morgan's Creek and bought the local saloon- she had plenty of money, but she was practical enough to realize it wouldn't last, and she knew enough about saloons from her days working in one. The previous owner took the mysterious Felicity Ching's money and left town with his wife, who did not approve of her husband's business. Felicity was 17.

Since then she has run the saloon and made herself a pretty penny and been quite pleased with her success, but she has been wondering of late what happened to her family, especially her brother Peris, and if she should start a family of her own. As for the men who seem drawn to the wealthy and beautiful owner of the saloon, Felicity reserves nothing but scorn. Her greatest fear is to be some other man's floozy, after the disaster with the son of the mayor of Libertyvale. That said, she is well known for being close mouthed about what goes on in her saloon. She will willingly inform the sheriff if anything goes on that could hurt her business, or her girls, but beyond that she says nothing. As long as none of her girls get hurt, and as long as none of her customers get hurt enough that they won't come back, Felicity allows anyone into her establishment with complete confidence that what happens there stays there. If someone does earn her ire, Felicity is completely willing to demonstrate her not inconsiderable talent with a six shooter, a vestige of when she went from town to town as a girl.

Fairly recently, a bit over a year ago, one customer did earn Felicity's ire, after a new girl, Lysette, would not go upstairs with him. Felicity attempted to keep everyone calm, but Lysette was stabbed and Felicity fired a warning shot. Into his arm. Felicity didn't get into trouble with the sheriff, but Lysette was very badly hurt and was taken to the new doctor, one Kate Hilton. Felicity did not leave the girl's side, and during her long, rather grisly recovery she and the doctor became friends. Felicity found the woman to be rather sweet, in an intellectual way and did her best to smooth the transition for her. Being the well established saloon owner made her best rather impressive and they have been fast friends since then, despite the rather macabre way in which they met.

As for the other unpleasant part of Felicity's past, the part about being a wanted criminal, Felicty does not know if its still true or not. She figures she's safe in Colorado though, after ten years, why would her former lover care now?

Felicity is very well known in town, mainly because she is the only provider of alcohol in the town limits, except the general store, which is not nearly as sociable, or the inn, which is not nearly as cheap. She also has a small reputation as a procurer of... "things," some of which are of questionable legality. Her charm and ability to keep her mouth shut have so far kept these dealings under the sheriff's radar, at least as far as Felicity knows, but it is a small but constant fear that she will be discovered and punished. Publicly. Possibly in a way that would be mentioned in far away Libertyvale...

((OOC: there, I hope that was OK. And squee! Westward expansion! Always preferred precivil war, but I'm not complaining. This is like, my favorite time in US history (well second... market revolution pwns), so i'm really excited.

If anyone wants to hae a storyline with Felicity, drop me a PM.

So when will the actual RPing start you reckon?))

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(((ooc: Furry - I'll give it a another day or two, at least, to give people time to submit their apps, come up with their storylines, and maybe even storylines for the RP itself. That's sort of what Recent Events is about. So if you guys have idea, feel free to PM me. But please don't post suggestions in the thread, as we are already clogging it up with spammage (and yes, I'm more guilty of it than anyone else, I know. *s*)
Oh, and, it's Morgan's Creek, not Morgan's Run. )))

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