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#126 Old 19th Aug 2008 at 1:33 AM
Default Felicity and Lucy- Saloon
Felicity had been working in saloons for the past fifteen years of her life, at first mainly cleaning and cooking, and as she'd grown finding her own tragedies and gaining infinite sympathy for those that had them. Owning the saloon hadn't changed that, and she had learned to know when someone could afford the services she offered, and when they couldn't, and when they shouldn't. The former she catered to quite happily with no questions asked, the center and latter she judged as they came.

Lucy seemed to be a nice enough person. Admittedly Felicity had little to go on, but she seemed the sort that had some how gotten down on her luck not by any crime of hers, and Felicity's sympathy for the victims of circumstance was boundless. She had decided a while ago not to ask for full price for the alcohol, so when Lucy answered her query about a refill with, “First, how much do I owe you for this one?” Felicity was about to blurt that the drink would cost her ten cents.

Happily for Felicity's pockets Lucy continued speaking, which let Felicity add a few cents onto the cost of the drink. She was out to make a profit, kind intentions or no. “Work I'm not afraid of, though I've never been one for pretty dresses 'n the like, gotta admit. Just ain't me, if you understand. A ranch however, now that's something I can wrap my mind around!”

Lucy had let out a little smirk at that, which Felicity returned. She was not afraid to take her chances on a girl that seemed like a bit of work to make salable, but it was always easier to avoid the extra effort. And she had never actually met the ranchers outside of town, but from what she knew of the profession another hand could always be used. And if Lucy wanted to think that she was agreeing with the sentiment that working in a saloon wasn't everyone's cup of tea, that was true enough as well.

The woman finished her beer with a smile and finished, “Thank you kindly for the advice, miss. I guess I'll just have to try my luck at the ranch.”

Felicity smiled at that, politeness was so nice, and answered, "You're very welcome Miss. Beer will cost you twelve cents today since you're new in town. I do my best to make you feel welcome, so you need anything-" except more than another three-ish cheap beers, she added silently- "you come on down and ask."

((OOC: Mikoyo, starphyre, is my mention of you guys there sensible to your charachters?
Just FYI for everyone, prices do not come out of thin air, the conversion rate I use is $22.70 in 2008= $1 in 1886 (measuringworth.com. felicity's establishment charges $4 in 2008 money for cheap beer [18 cents 1886 money]. So 12cents [$2.65] does make sense as a fair discount for a fairly priced drink))

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#127 Old 19th Aug 2008 at 5:49 PM
Hey guys, sorry to have been sort of MIA since my application. My mom's in the hospital and it's been a bit hectic, so I'm afraid I can't participate in this RP, OK? It seems to be going great, though, hope you keep having fun. And again sorry!

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#128 Old 19th Aug 2008 at 6:53 PM
Default William and Kate- En route to saloon
It was only after William asked Kate if she wanted to go to the saloon that he realized that that might have been a bit daft. The woman was a doctor, so she probably wasn't too big on the idea of drinking in the first place. She not only was a doctor, but a doctor who was very dedicated to her work and whose services he had been studiously avoiding. All of which seemed to be the set up for a long lecture about not drinking in the mornings. His morning ritual so far as the saloon went was to get a very expensive herbal tea that the owner would cheerfully spike with a tenth part of that good wine. There wasn't much alcohol in the wine to start with, and between the heat from the tea and the small quantities he wasn't impaired by it.

But Kate did not know that, which made it a very pleasant surprise when she answered genially, “It’d be my pleasure, Sheriff.” That brought a smile onto his face, they wouldn't stand in the street talking inanely. Always a better option. Then she added a bit of a qualifier to her statement, which made William's smile downturn a bit, but it was still there. “Though, I hope you weren’t going in there for alcohol? It is rather early for that, don’t you think?”

Well he wasn't going to drink it straight at this hour, that was for sure. And he didn't have his tea cooler every morning, but often enough that he didn't have to specify what was in it, just asking for the usual. So she wouldn't know about the alcohol as he was drinking it, and besides which, it denatured in the tea. "Of course not," he said, in a slightly affronted tone of voice. The amused smile on his face did not waver, so hopefully she would get the bit of irony. They started walking and for once William dislike the silence so he added, "I'd only planned on getting a cup of tea. I have no idea where Felicity gets the tea leaves she uses, but they are truly amazing."

He hoped dearly that Kate wouldn't leap to the assumption that the "tea" was narcotic. He had every confidence that the formidable young saloon owner had narcotics, probably even some that were brewed into tea. Asians were known for that kind of thing. He just wanted Earl Grey. With wine. William would not forget the wine, not in this company. They arrived at the saloon and William held the swinging door open for Kate.

((OOC: Alissa, hope that was ok that I took them to the saloon? And Felicity does have narcotics, but they're by specific request only. I don't know if Felicity would have mentioned it to Kate, or if kate would think that william was using them, but William doesn't know they're there, hes jsut stereotyping against Asians, and to a lesser extent, doctors.))

The humor of a story on the internet is in direct inverse proportion to how accurate the reporting is.
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#129 Old 20th Aug 2008 at 12:03 AM
Default Robbie and the rest at the outlaw camp
Ah, how quickly things around the outlaw camp tended turn completely. In what seemed like two seconds flat, Robbie had gone from having his wit and his resourcefulness acknowledged for once, to having them both be practically downright ignored, as usual. Ryder's and Nikita's words to him had been much appreciated by the young man, although secretly so, as they had pretty much been compliments, more or less affirming his usefulness around this place. Then, all of a sudden, that very same resourcefulness was overlooked, and his objections to that very fact were either disregarded, or made fun of. Almost as though they hadn't heard his grumbles regarding Dex and the dog, Nikita and Ryder started discussing what the gang would find themselves doing this beautiful day, with Ryder suggesting plunderings and general mischief, which even though it all sounded mostly like an answer given in jest, probably had several grains of truth to it, and of which Robbie very much doubted he would be a part, because... well, he rarely was.

Then, not only James decided to add insult to the injury, by laughing at him, but Dex as well, with a comment he knew perfectly well Robbie wasn't likely to take lying down;

"Well", he said. "Who's gonna cook for us if you go and get yourself hurt?"

Having already paid James back for that patronizing laughter by hitting him almost square in the head with the bun - and, unbeknownst to him, stealing just a little bit of money from him (ha, served him right!) - Robbie shot another glare in Dex' general direction, and, as after a couple of months with these guys, he was nothing if not prepared, quickly retorted;

"Keep that up, old man, and you won't live to see your next birthday. Clumsly little me just might accidently bump one of the good Doc's mysterious concoctions into the stew."

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#130 Old 20th Aug 2008 at 1:16 PM
Lucy and Felicity - The Saloon ---> Lucy leaving

It had been a good idea to step into the Saloon that morning after all. Along with a glass of decent beer, Lucy might just have gotten herself a first fair lead to a potential job. Ranches were difficult to manage even with the help of a goodly number of people, and if she was fortunate the local owners might just need an extra hand. There was always the problem of convincing others to look beyond the fact that she was a woman, but in this case all she needed was a lasso in hand to prove her skill.

"You're very welcome Miss.” Felicity replied. “Beer will cost you twelve cents today since you're new in town. I do my best to make you feel welcome, so you need anything, you come on down and ask."

Twelve cents. Not the least she'd ever paid for a glass of beer, but not the most either. It remained well within the budget, leaving some for a couple more evenings should she need to find a room at the local inn. If all went well though, the ranch owners would also put a roof over her head.

“Will do, thanks for that,” Lucy answered and dug through the inner pockets of her coat, where she kept her most valuable possessions: money and her old wedding ring which, for some strange nostalgic reason, she hadn't been able to part with. Retrieving twelve cents, she stacked them onto the bar counter and got to her feet.

“Well then...until next time, goodbye.” Lucy nodded in Felicty's direction, smiling contentedly: the Saloon owner proved refreshingly amiable, though of course, it was her business to be. Clients weren't likely to return to the establishment of a sour host. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant way to return to the civilized world. With that, the young woman turned on her dusty heel, ready to depart.

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#131 Old 20th Aug 2008 at 5:40 PM
Originally Posted by starphyre77

“Nothing I can think of,” Luke said, and spoke of the cattle going to market, her mind started running through what that would entail. Constance wasn’t raised on a ranch, so even though she’d been living there for three years, she was still uncertain of the business side of the operation. She was trying though, and in her opinion, she was catching on. However, when he mentioned that some calves were to be branded, she was immediately grateful that she wasn’t going to be around. While she did understand the necessity of branding, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor things as they were being branded.

“Thanks for the offer anyway,” he said and she gave a small nod with a smile, “Will you be taking Emmy?”

Though she very briefly entertained the idea of leaving her with the men, she immediately disregarded it as she could just imagine the havoc that would cause. “Yeah,” she said, and as she started clearing the empty dishes from the table she thought, you’d never get anything done if she stayed here. “I plan on swinging by the school later and seeing if Elizabeth can join us for a small picnic lunch, and I’ll have some sandwiches made up for your lunch before we go. Oh, and can you please hitch Daisy up to the wagon for me?”

''Alright then, sounds like a plan! I'll get Daisy hitched up for you, in fact I'll do it now. By the time you get Emmy sorted, I should be done. (to the ranch hands) Alright, time to get to work boys! You all know where you all should be don't you? I'll see you at the stables then Connie, can you give me a hand Gareth?

With that, he left the house heading up to the stables. As Gareth fetched the cart, Luke got all the bits and pieces together and entered the stable. He had a pretty good relationship with Daisy as he had been present for her birth on the ranch 14 years previously. She was such a gentle creature but was a little too old for the other required tasks, but she could still pull a cart to town with little effort. After Contance' idea of a picnic, he couldn't help but realise that he hadn't seen her friend Elizabeth in a while and wondered how she was doing.
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#132 Old 20th Aug 2008 at 7:57 PM
Default Nikita, Ryder, Dex, & Robbie - Outlaw Hideout.
Ryder gave a light shrug to Nikita and directed his gaze toward Dex with curiosity ablaze in his light eyes. With a deep chuckle he lowered his gaze and muttered with a tiny smirk, "Oh, you know, the usual. Pillaging, looting, setting the town afire and causing some general havoc and mayhem among the townsfolk." He raised his face to reveal a brightly mischievous smile.

Lifting an eyebrow at his remark, Nikita laughed and rolled her eyes. "Ah, yes. How stupid of me to even ask!" Of course she knew Ryder's response was his way of saying he had no idea what they were doing today, which was fair since she had no clue as to her daily plans either. "Well, if you truly have no plans, you are more than welcome to stop by my place later on. I am usually not doing much of anything, it is rare when someone from town actually comes to place an order for making or mending clothing."

The sound of wolf whistles and crude jeers being thrown towards Ryder once again filled the air around them, causing the halfbreed woman to scoff and yell above the drone of voices, "Oh for crying out loud, just leave him alone. It was not meant that way and even if it was... you all would have a far better chance of success at sleeping with the sheriff than you ever would with me, so just hush." Needless to say, the ruckus stopped and few of the men blinked in disbelief at her speaking to them like that; it didn't take long for what she said to sink in though, and they were back to hooting with laughter.

Nikita began to blush in spite of herself, however, as she hadn't meant to make the sheriff the butt of a joke... she just used him as an example since, for one he was male, and for two their 'arch enemy' so to speak. After a moment, she looked over at Ryder and grinned. "I am not helping your reputation much today, am I?" she asked sheepishly. "I'm sorry." Dakotah hadn't moved from his spot on the ground, but if he could've rolled his eyes at the scene between his master and her outlaw friend, the wolf hybrid certainly would have.


( OOC: Hope this works for everyone, even though it's mostly directed at Ryder. xD )
#133 Old 20th Aug 2008 at 9:24 PM
Default Kate and William - Saloon
Kate respected her patients’ feelings and their habits just as much as she respected the people themselves – people, even before their first encounter with Kate, were granted their basic level of human respect and anything that happened afterwards was do to their own doing. She was not incline to gossip and she was even less inclined to let what gossip she did hear affect her judgement of others outside her own personal experience. After all, the accounts of others are often coloured by their own feelings, are they not? Hence, Kate Hilton only truly trusted what she knew to be true about a person; idle gossip will not suffice.

Gossip in itself, for Kate, was a violation of privacy. Granted, it was a good way to learn information, but really, the information she needed was often just granted to her and when she truly had to procure it by other means, she would courteously ask – not necessarily the patient in question if that was impossible – and justify herself. Similarly, she respected other people’s wishes when it came to their habits. They had their free will and thus they were free to do what they pleased with their lives. She could but offer appropriate advice, whether it be professional or friendly, and help them when they required it.

"Of course not," William protested as she acquiesced to his request and joined him on the way to the Saloon. She did not say anything, nor let any reaction but receptive impartiality show upon her porcelain features, which had then apparently prompted him to continue to justify and explain: "I'd only planned on getting a cup of tea. I have no idea where Felicity gets the tea leaves she uses, but they are truly amazing."

Now, the Sheriff had not been a very forthcoming man thus far, had he? No, he had stuck to his rigidity as a law enforcement officer and stood firm on his ground, simply refusing Kate’s professional efforts and concern at first and then avoiding them – but still refusing them nonetheless – by giving as little information and using the same excuse in vain. And now, suddenly, when put on the spot by Kate, he was volunteering out information to Kate, going as far as to offer his own cherished opinions on it – from a man who spoke so little to others otherwise.

Kate was a good friend of Felicity’s. So good in fact, that she knew what they could entail – Kate was a very intelligent woman, she was far from ignorant or blind. Though, the matter was never forcibly debated – for Kate accepted (not necessarily respected) the choices people made for themselves, Felicity merely provided the means for their temptation. One can either resist temptation or yield to it; it is their choice, no-one else’s. And similarly, Kate did not impose her principles on others, but she was entitled to her opinions regarding the actions of others – though, these thoughts were kept to herself only to be shared if it was truly appropriate to do so.

Thus, while she suspected that William’s tea did contain one of Felicity’s ‘special’ ingredients, she did not suspect that it was one of her more illegal ingredients. After all, Felicity would hardly risk arrest, would she? Moreover, William was a man of consequence, he was a man of age and he would surely be familiar with the detrimental – both social and personal – effects of narcotics. Hence, Kate’s suspicions did not lie there, they instead pointed back towards alcohol, the word to which William had reacted so indignantly. Hmm, it was that version of Felicity’s tea, then? Very well, one glass of red wine a day was being proved to be rather beneficial… and, she needed to catch up with Felicity too.

“Well, then, it seems I must try it for myself,” she smiled enigmatically at him as he held the door open for her, then adding the remainder to perhaps just hint that she did indeed know what his ‘tea’ entailed and that she wasn’t too worked up over it – after all, she was encouraging the man to trust her professionally, was she not? It wouldn’t help to prove herself to be the anxious hypochondriac. “Perhaps some other day. I think I’ll settle for a glass of cranberry juice this morning.”

Her cerulean gaze spread itself obligingly over the room, taking in the patrons and saloon girls as they sat about their business. A brunette young woman – though not dressed like one, admittedly – passed Kate by on her way out, as Kate simply gave a cordial smile and let her gaze then drift to Felicity behind the bar, exuding a warm smile to her friend before her eyes wandered further down the bar, taking in the sight of the patrons as she walked, finally finishing with what appeared to be Mae Starr and Scarlett O'Reilly – both saloon girls, if gauging by their attire and nothing else – in the process of apparently devouring Gabriel Callahan. Another man who was a phantom’s grace at her surgery, however, he was one that brought her more than enough business to compensate.

(((OOC: Hope that's okay with everyone )))

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Default William and Kate- Saloon
William's eyes quickly scanned the saloon as he held the door. It was a matter of reflex that had nothing to do with law enforcement- once he had served in the army and been ambushed once he took every precaution to make sure it didn't happen again. Even if that had been more than twenty years ago, William saw no reason to change the habit. A quick glance around the room or the street, a confirmation that all was well would quickly put the sheriff at something approaching ease, and if all was not well, better to find out quickly.

The saloon was immaculately clean, as usual. William suspected that Felicity Ching was compulsive. It was none of his business so long as it stayed just in keeping her establishment clean. There was an extremely dusty woman on her way out, one that William didn't recognize. He quickly memorized her face, he was fairly good at that kind of thing, and a new person in town was enough of a rarity to be worth being aware of. He doubted that she was any sort of a problem, but it did no harm for him to be aware.

His appraising gaze swept to the bar where the omnipresent Madam Ching was dutifully scrubbing the bar top with a rag, and farther down the bar were two saloon girls. William ignored them, his loyalty was, and always would be, to Amelia, regardless of how comforting a simple, uncomplicated pair of legs might have been. Not that a few of the girls hadn't tried to get the sheriff of Morgan's Creek as some sort of equivalent to a medieval patron, but he was thoroughly uninterested, and thought he made himself clear on the point.

But who was it they were "chatting" with? William couldn't help a small tightening of his jaw and short glare at the mayor's right hand man, Gabriel Callahan. It was not that William personally disliked the man- though he did- it was the damned smug superiority that William thought Gabriel exuded in all of his dealings with him. Given that Gabriel was the one providing William with his paycheck, he couldn't do too much about it, much to his chagrin. He gave a curt nod in Gabriel and the girls' direction, and was abruptly brought out of his reverie by Kate, whom he'd almost forgotten about, saying calmly, “Well, then, it seems I must try it for myself.”

The teas they had been talking about? He was sure that there was plenty of the stuff that wouldn't offend the doctor's sensibilities, even what William partook of was fine as a tea leaf, it just had wine in the water. She then added a bit of a qualifier: Perhaps some other day. I think I’ll settle for a glass of cranberry juice this morning.”

Her loss. One wouldn't suspect an establishment like this to have a fine selection of tea, but it did. Then again, the owner was Oriental. She probably made it a point to have it on hand always. As for Kate, William merely shrugged and gestured toward the bar, "I doubt that either of us is any closer to our drink if we stand in the doorway," he said dryly, and turned to follow her over to the bar. Something warm other than the sooty, but still surprisingly edible, coffee that the stove produced would be quite welcome, alcohol or none.

A few strides across the room and William seated himself at the bar, which made Felicity walk over to obligingly ask, "Usual, Sheriff?" William shifted a bit in his seat when he nodded, which gave Felicity a clear view of Kate coming over. Her face split into a wide and sincere smile and she cheerfully said, "Kate! Fancy seeing you here, and in such... august company." Felicity really had nothing against the sheriff, but even after having listened to him sulk endlessly about his dead wife for a year he didn't seem to see past her slightly canted eyes and dark hair. It annoyed her just a little, but she did her best not to mind. Realizing she had dropped silent she finished saying to Kate, "You really should come by more often!" Felicity paused a moment to scrub a last bit of invisible dirt of the counter top, and then added, "You getting anything this morning?"

((OOC: That was longer than I thought'd be...
Atropa I hope that my back story with Gabriel was what you had in mind? I think that it works, but I have a niggling feeling it doesn't...
And to anyone else mentioned, hope this is alright with you! ))

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#135 Old 21st Aug 2008 at 10:33 AM
(((OOC: Furry, Kate was already walking over to the bar )))

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#136 Old 21st Aug 2008 at 11:49 AM
(((ooc: Furry - The thing with Gabriel was just fine. )))

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#137 Old 21st Aug 2008 at 5:26 PM
((OOC: edited my post, hope felicity came off ok))

The humor of a story on the internet is in direct inverse proportion to how accurate the reporting is.
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#138 Old 21st Aug 2008 at 10:55 PM
Default Elsie and Lillie - The Bakery
“Well we mostly have pies this morning, which come in the flavors of apple, cherry, and raspberry. Over here we have breads and muffins.” Lillie said while motioning to the rather sparse shelves. Then, as though suddenly realizing that she was the baker, she quickly donned her apron as she asked, “What shall it be?”

Elsie looked over the limited selection, deliberating on what she wanted. At first, she was a little surprised that there wasn’t more available, but then again, the town wasn’t exactly bustling yet this morning.

Hoping that Lillie had decided to concentrate more on quality than quantity, Elsie placed her order. “We don’t have a full house today,” she said, “so I don’t need much…” fortunately, she added silently. “So, I think I’ll take six plain and six blueberry muffins, and an apple pie for later.”

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Default Dex, Robbie, Nikita + Ryder, Outlaw Encampment
"Ah, yes. How stupid of me to even ask!"

Ryder emitted a low and rumbling chuckle, his eyes rising briefly to connect with Nikita's dark chocolate colored ones. It wasn't stupid of her to ask. It was exactly the opposite; it was a great question, one full of potential. It was reasonable because their everyday activities were highly intriguing, out-of-the-ordinary to the layman. In no way where their plans obvious or apparent, for each day was taken as it came, and only large scale plans that required precise execution were considered beforehand. Planning was highly overrated, because it encouraged predictability--spontaneity was a useful tool to any outlaw who needed to think on his feet.

"Well, if you truly have no plans, you are more than welcome to stop by my place later on. I am usually not doing much of anything, it is rare when someone from town actually comes to place an order for making or mending clothing."

Ryder knew precisely the sort of reaction her statement was going to get as soon as the words had slipped from her delicate mouth. Oh yes, he could hear the jeering laughter coming, he could sense the elbow jabs to his side. But his expression was unfazed, for he knew that Nikita had made the offer with the purest of intentions, and he couldn't react negatively to that, regardless of how much his comrades wanted to poke fun at him for it. As if reading his mind, Nikita spoke up boldly in defense of herself.

"Oh for crying out loud, just leave him alone. It was not meant that way and even if it was... you all would have a far better chance of success at sleeping with the sheriff than you ever would with me, so just hush."

The small crowd of men recoiled silently, shocked expressions capturing their faces; the same surprised look quickly registered on Ryder's handsome visage before a tiny smirk cracked it in half, just as the other men errupted in laughter. There were a few exceptions; the ever-stoic Dex, the teenaged Robbie. They were in some sort of staring match, bickering as they often seemed to...Dex out of concern for the young man, Robbie out of restlessness and frustration, aimed at the man who could alter that situation but chose not to. It was endearing in some small way, and Ryder couldn't help but suppress a chuckle as he heard the young man's next words.

"Keep that up, old man, and you won't live to see your next birthday. Clumsly little me just might accidently bump one of the good Doc's mysterious concoctions into the stew."

Ryder quirked a curious brow and nodded suggestively toward his bag. "What exactly do you think I've got in there, Logan?" He chuckled deeply, his husky voice full of genuine interest. He knew a lot of the men wondered just what he used on them to make their various scratches and ailments go away, but something that could potentially be used as a threat? Intriguing.

Ryder glanced back over to Nikita to find her grinning proudly, most likely for having stood up for herself successfully.

"I am not helping your reputation much today, am I? I'm sorry."

Her voice was timid, apologizing for something there was no need to apologize for. A look of mild concern flitted over his features and he shook his head several times, waving a dismissive hand through the air as if to non-verbally say, 'forget it'. Ryder offered her a reassuring smile, finished the rest of his bread, then said happily,

"What reputation? The boys already think I'm a bit of a screw up," he chuckled, all good humor and smiles. He glanced behind him to the small camp of men and raised both hands in a questioning gesture. "Am I right? Doc Softy?" He aimed a finger at himself with a wide grin. If he could joke about himself, it would take some of the sting out of the jokes they aimed at him. Ryder wasn't a rookie outlaw by any standards, but he still hadn't fully adjusted to the toughened mindset that many of them had fostered. Unlike a lot of the other men, Ryder still thought too much about morality and "right and wrong" so he'd gotten a reputation among some of the men for being a bit of a pushover.

((You can all respond to Ryder if you'd like, just thought I'd engage the group, even though it's directed at Nikita. ))

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Default Constance and Luke - The Ranch
“I'll see you at the stables then Connie, can you give me a hand Gareth?” Luke said as he headed out the door.

“Thank you,” she called after him. She would have said it before he walked out, but she was a little distracted by her own thoughts. Until recently, only one person had ever called her Connie, and that was a person she didn’t like to think about let alone discuss. However, even though she didn’t mind being called Connie now and had vowed to stop dwelling on that part of her past, every once in a while the memories would surface and haunt her.

‘I’m sorry Connie… Someday you’ll understand.’ Even though 17 years had passed since that day, she still clearly remembered the words as well as the pain she felt as she watched her father ride away. “Liar,” she muttered at the memory, her voice laced with bitterness.


Emmy’s voice brought Constance back to the present. “I’m coming Sweetie,” she called as she tried to push those memories aside. By the time she got upstairs, she was back to her usual cheerful self. “Good morning Emmy,” she chimed, and then she set about getting Emmy ready for the day.

Back down in the kitchen, Constance packed for the picnic and made the men’s lunch while Emmy ate breakfast. When they were both finished and everything was cleaned up, they went outside and headed to the stable to find Luke. As soon as she saw him, Emmy ran to him.

“Uncie Yuke! Uncie Yuke! Uncie Yuke!” Emmy yelled as she ran to Luke and wrapped her arms around him. “Guessat! We goin town, an we goin get tuff, an see Miss Yizzy, an hava picic! You goin too?”

By that time, Constance had caught up and couldn’t help but smile widely at Emmy’s enthusiasm.
#141 Old 22nd Aug 2008 at 8:08 PM
Default Kate, William and Felicity - Saloon
As a direct result of her lack of interaction with William, more so for his own avoidance of her than anything else, Kate was not entirely familiar with his personality. However, she was learning fast. One feature that stood out rather well was that he appeared to be an impatient man. She had not known his wife, Amelia, extremely well, but it was apparently that she was a rather docile personality. Hence, of course she had complemented William’s impatience.

"I doubt that either of us is any closer to our drink if we stand in the doorway," was what he said to prompt her movement towards the bar, evident to Kate that he was a man of little time-wasting. Now, this wasn’t entirely a surprise given his profession, but William here did seem quite irritated judging by his natural stance. And he was a man of little courtesy, it seemed to Kate, for he, unlike gentlemen she was used to, did not wait for her to reach the bar and take her seat first. Amelia must have been quite obliging, then.

Interrupting her assessment of William was the familiar sight of Felicity making her way over to him as he took his place at the bar. Now, given that Kate was welcomed to a rather bloody affair the first time she made Felicity’s acquaintance (the other woman brandishing a gun at that point), it would have been a very awkward friendship, if such a friendship could actually have occurred. However, there came in the ability of people to look past the very nature of their situations and that had led to Kate and Felicity becoming very good friends.

Glad for her friendship, Kate was and also quite defensive. She would simply not abide by perjury; people are defined by their actions. Yes, Felicity was a saloon owner and she had most likely been a saloon girl in her past, but there was certainly a history compelling her to resort to it. Though, she had not resigned herself to it. Kate, while she did not approve some of the features the saloon girl life entailed, she did sympathise with the girls; most of them seemed hail from difficult lives. This wasn’t the best thing to do about it, but then, there was little Kate could do about it – though she tried where she could – and for most of them, there was little they could do about it.

"Kate!” Felicity exclaimed as soon as her eyes feel upon her friend, leading a similar ardour to dance over Kate’s shaped features. “Fancy seeing you here, and in such... august company."

To this, Kate could not help but give the smallest of smirks. She’d heard relentlessly about the dear Sheriff and his lamentations – and hence her issue with his not coming to her for help – and finally, she understood Felicity’s plight, though in a different way.

"You really should come by more often!" she carried on after a bout of silence, compulsively cleaning the worktop once more. "You getting anything this morning?"

“I know, I’ve been terrible, haven’t I?” Kate shot a look of amused apology as she stood by the bar, waiting to see if William’s manners kicked in at any point at all. “I have been meaning to stop by… I’ll have cranberry juice, thank you. Anyway, how have you been?”

(((OOC: Worked fine for me, Furry About William's manners and her reaction to it, she's just used to being treated like a lady :shrug))

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Default Mae Starr, Gabriel Callahan & Scarlett O'Reilly - The Saloon
# 3 [Morning, day #1]

To annoy Mae wasn't all that hard, but it would be hard to reach the point where she would actually give it away. She could be approached by drunken patrons, and though feeling nauseated by their strinking breath, she would be ever so cordial. A little sinister remark, perhaps, but only if it was suitable to the climate in the Saloon. As a saloon girl, you had to give as good as you got, otherwise you wouldn't develop the thick skin that was much needed for such work. You could maybe act innocent in a playful way, but if you tried to play that card for real, you had another thing comming.

When it came to other saloon girls, the game was set in another dimension. There, the gloves could come off, when you least expected it. And the claws came out, sometimes litterally. Mae had yet to get physically violent with one of them, but she wouldn't hesitate if her seat of power was threatened. She knew some of the girls didn't like her, and it was all a part of the game. At least when your name was Mae Starr.

However, Scarlett liked her. Though the girl could throw harsh remarks in Mae's direction, it was never something really offensive. Mae had only herself to blame, since she clearly brought out that side in Scarlett. And, she assumed, that the other girls could find it amusing to antagonize her. But Mae knew when to stop, before making a fool of herself. And, she didn't care what they thought of her, so the joke was really on them. After all, Mae would focus on the men, instead of the girls when they tried to invade her territory. If Mae liked anyone of them for real, it would be Scarlett. But, it didn't help the girl in the current situation. Gabriel Callahan was the center of attention, and Mae was determined to recieve his aswell as giving hers. Possible casualties were not of her concern.

"That's a mighty pretty dress, Mae", Scarlett said in spite. “But I think the black’s a bit much for her hair. What do you think, Mr. Callahan?”

Oh, that innocent little girl act didn't pass Mae by, but she wouldn't fuel it. She simply looked at Scarlett, with a somewhat dark gaze, as if to say: "I'm on to you."

"Looks mighty fine from where I'm sitting", Gabriel then said, giving Mae a brand new reason to smile.

It seemed she could count on him not to give in to the other girls games, especially when he got caught in the middle. And he often did, being so popular among them all. With a slightly victorious smirk towards Scarlett, Mae moved around Gabriel, still with her hand on his shoulder, to the same side where Scarlett was at. Instead of countering her comment, she ignored her, putting up her fan as a wall, excluding Scarlett. The other hand moved down, and placed itself on Gabriel's thigh, slowling moving upwards, as she leaned so close he could feel her lips on his cheek and her warm breath against his neck when she spoke.

"Mr Gabriel Callahan", she whispered seductively for his ears only. "I want you... So don't be a stranger."


((( ooc: Alissa & Atropa - I hope this works, regarding your characters. Otherwise, let me know and I'll edit. It ain't easy being Gabriel.

FurryPanda - Sorry, I didn't know how to incorporate William's nod...? But I plan on mentioning her seeing them when I get the chance. And Kate, Alissa. )))
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Default Dex Woolgar, Robbie Logan, Ryder Scott & Nikita Wellston - Outlaw Hideout
# 4 [Morning, day #1]

A cause for concern would be when things that almost never happened started to occur more often, or when things that you could always count on suddenly declined. The friendly banter among the outlaws were one of those things that just went with the flow, a routine that never got old. Oh, well, almost never.

"Keep that up, old man", Robbie said. "And you won't live to see your next birthday. Clumsly little me just might accidently bump one of the good Doc's mysterious concoctions into the stew."

Dex could see that she young boy's patience was running thin, so he'd better choose his next words with care. After all, a good joke ceased being funny when the reciever started to take offence for real.

"It might not feel like it at the moment", he said with a slight smirk. "But you'll miss me terribly when I kick the bucket."

Sometimes Dex could wish he was a bit younger, even though he wouldn't wanna be without everything he had experienced during his life. But this gang he rode with now were too entertaining, too much good old fun, and he wouldn't wanna cash in just yet.

"Ah, yes", Nikita laughed at Ryder's remark about pillaging and setting the town afire. "How stupid of me to even ask! Well, if you truly have no plans, you are more than welcome to stop by my place later on. I am usually not doing much of anything, it is rare when someone from town actually comes to place an order for making or mending clothing."

Despite the general conception of an outlaw, Dex had actually mended his own clothes a few times. Though he might lack a woman's touch, and the result could end up looking quite questionable, it did the trick. On rare occasions, he had even had girls at the Saloon repair his torn attire, simply because they insisted. But maybe he could repay Nikita's generosity towards the gang by letting her mend something of his and of course pay her for it. Because he cared for his friends and feared that any moment would be the last one of peace in their Hideout, and therefore viewed Nikita's visits as a safety risk, he could admit he was sometimes too much of a grouch when she came around. Really, he blamed Ryder. Something about that man made women swoon. All of the men had charm about them, some more than others though, and Dex could bet his soul to the Devil that Robbie was the next in line to grow up into a handsome man that would have the saloon girls run amuck.

Her remark did, however, make James and the other two erupt in boyish laughter. Like they had turned back time, and become teenagers again. Dex did not join them, neither did Robbie. The two of them still had a thing going on, if not in words, then in the morning air between them. Would the boy forgive him soon, like he usually did, or would he hold a grudge until supper? Maybe Dex would be able to tell when he tasted the evening meal made for him. The thought made him smile.

"Oh for crying out loud", Nikita said to the laughs. "Just leave him alone. It was not meant that way and even if it was... you all would have a far better chance of success at sleeping with the sheriff than you ever would with me, so just hush."

Turning to Ryder, she continued with a tone as if she felt bad on his behalf.

"I am not helping your reputation much today, am I? I'm sorry."

However, Ryder didn't seem to be bothered. Not by the laughs, nor by her remark.

"What reputation?" he said with a soft laugh. "The boys already think I'm a bit of a screw up. Am I right? Doc Softy?"

Dex shook his head at it all, thinking he and Robbie turned out to be the sane ones this morning. Who knew?


((( ooc: Trampled, Atropa & Avara - I'm in some time warp, felt like it's been my turn for ages... However, I hope what I wrote works, otherwise I'll change it. Don't know about how many they are in the gang, I just had to word it in some fashion. We'll go over it in PM's guys. )))
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Default Robbie and the rest -outlaw hideout
"What exactly do you think I've got in there, Logan?"

Within a few seconds of Robbie's rather witty retort - if he may say so himself - Ryder's voice cut short the boy's glaring at Dex, as his remark made Robbie's head turn in his direction. Apparently, the man had been able to tear himself away from Nikita long enough to actually hear Robbie's threat. Surprise surprise.
Though Robbie had only the chance to raise his arms in silent 'I dunno' gesture, unsure of what really was in the Doc's bag, but certain that there had to be something at least mildly poisonous, before Ryder's attention returned to the young woman, and they continued talking about... whatever it was they were talking about. Robbie really wasn't paying attention anymore, as he was still sure that whatever was on the agenda today, it would involve the rest of the guys riding off, and him being left behind. Again.
Little did they know, Robbie had plans of his own.

"It might not feel like it at the moment", Dex said, seizing the opportunity to respond to Robbie's retort as well, and drawing the young man's gaze back to his smirk in the process. "But you'll miss me terribly when I kick the bucket."

At that, Robbie gave a distinct snort, as if to suggest the idea of him missing Dex was ridiculous. For while it might be true that he would, the current situation was not one that would see him admit it. There was a time for sentimental admissions, and during a session of more or less edgy but fairly friendly banter was not it.

"Yeah, like a hole in the head", he replied dryly, while a smirk of his own crept onto his lips.

And that's when for the second time the banter was temporarily halted, as a burst of laughter caused his head to turn yet again, thinking at first that James' sense of humor was really taking a turn for the worst, if he found his younger brother's defiance that funny. Much to his relief, however, he found that this time, the target for the amused chuckles, was Ryder and Nikita, of whom the latter was just in the middle of telling the men off for laughing at whatever it was they were laughing at.

"I am not helping your reputation much today, am I?" she then said to Ryder, blushing but grinning at the same time. "I'm sorry."

What, she had honestly thought telling a man that he stood a greater chance of sleeping with the sheriff than with her would somehow improve his reputation?

Though gentleman that he was, Ryder swooped in and saved her from having one of the other guys point that out, and risk embarrassing her even further;

"What reputation?" he said with a chuckle. "The boys already think I'm a bit of a screw up. Am I right? Doc Softy?"

A few scattered 'Uh-huh's and 'Right's were heard from the amused trio, while Dex simply shook his head at the entire ordeal. Robbie, on the other hand, was far too warmed up by his bickering with Dex, to keep his mouth shut;

"I'd like to hear them call you that the next time you're stitching 'em up", he told Ryder, getting back mainly at his own brother for picking on Robbie minutes earlier. "We all know who the softies are then, don't we?"

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Default Scarlett, Gabriel and Mae - Saloon
Scarlett was still young and still so playful. However, that youth blinded her of the fact that though most men were willing to play her innocent games, not all of them were. Added to the mix was the fact that not everyone played as innocently. Scarlett wasn’t entirely naďve or blindly gullible, but she was young and she was inexperienced. Most of all, however, she was impressionable.

Her persona was one that was still very much in it’s formation, only eighteen and liberated, both physically and mentally but for a few months, she was still finding her feet. Her sense of right and wrong, polite and impolite were there, but they were so very arbitrary and hence, she was prone to being swayed by company, whether good or bad.

However, it wasn’t to say that she was stupid, because she truly was not. Scarlett O’Reilly was a very bright girl, capable of excellent adaptation to whatever life threw at her, the only problem was, she was not entirely experienced in recognising what life could still throw at her. To her, however, it seemed that her current companions, Gabriel and Mae were rather different and more well defined.

For starters, Gabriel refused to be drawn into what Mae started and Scarlett refused to give up on. But he refused to set himself up further by taking sides, so, instead, he simple sat back and stayed back, but giving a detached comment.

"Looks might fine from where I'm sitting,” he said simply with a smirk that showed his exact stance over Mae’s dress; he didn’t care much about the dress, as far as Scarlett could tell, while Mae herself simply glared at her.

Gabriel made no remarks about Scarlett’s opinion on the dress, but still she was rather indignant at the fact that he hadn’t supported her, even though she tried to throw him out of the frying pan and into the fire by putting him in the middle of it. But still, the point remained that he hadn’t rejected her opinion, and so the grin that faltered slightly regained its strength over her lips. If Mae thought this was going to have her scampering off, she was mistaken, because Scarlett stayed put, silver sunrise eyes sparking at the other woman and Gabriel.

Now, if there was any doubt that what looked ‘might fine’ to Gabriel wasn’t the dress, but the body wearing the dress, Mae soon cleared it up with an unmistakable comment. Though she practically whispered it in Gabriel’s ear, to Scarlett, who was a keen listener for her less than obvious profession, it was still audible and even if it wasn’t, the hand caressing Gabriel’s thigh was pretty explanatory. So, given that Scarlett wasn’t moving out, Mae was probably just looking to embarrass her into running off.

"Mr Gabriel Callahan,” Mae was heard saying, moving on to hint at exactly how she planned to repay him for his support. "I want you... So don't be a stranger."

Now, in the games young Scarlett played, even though the games were hers, the other people set the tone and the rules, Scarlett was mostly just a contender. Here, where Mae stepped it up a notch by using against Scarlett what she couldn’t do – the very reason being why she knew Gabriel a little better than MaeScarlett immediately, impulsively decided to match with a retort of her own.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry, Mae,” she said casually, with that innocence still brandished as if she was a much less brighter than she actually was, regardless of what Gabriel and Mae already thought of her. “No man’s a stranger to you.”

It was rather impulsive, throwing back in Mae’s face that she wasn’t as special as Scarlett, not reserved and hence subject to serve everyone. However, it was a tone that Mae set for the match and all Scarlett did – all Scarlett ever did, whether she realised it or not – was play along. Besides, they were all saloon girls and this was part and parcel, wasn’t it?

(((OOC: Atropa and Psyche, hope this works for you guys I'm pretty sure what she said was at least slightly insulting?)))

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Default Gabriel with Scarlett and Mae - Saloon
To a man, any man, finding two women competing over his attention was nothing short of flattering. Regardless of the reason, and of whether it was through open hostility or, such as now, a game of quick jabs and disregard of said jabs, it would stroke any male ego to have two beautiful women bickering over him, both of them resorting to their various tricks in their attempt to emerge from the battle, victory in hand. Though some men acknowledged the pleasure they took in watching the fight, others did not. Gabriel, although he did find the whole thing quite amusing, let very little of what was going through his mind show. For while he might enjoy it, he was not the type of man to encourage it, and frankly, his analysis of what exactly it was that drove Scarlett to bother competing against Mae over his attention, was currently dominating his thoughts. He couldn't quite figure out if it was due to actually wanting his attention, for whatever reason, or if it was more a matter of simply drawing it away from Mae, in that seemingly ever-present rivalry between the Saloon girls. For unlike the other girls, young Scarlett stood little to gain from his attention, except the attention in itself. There was no money there for her, and at this time of day, needing protection from some drunkard hassling her was something hardly likely to occur.

And yet she kept countering Mae's attempts to ignore her, by making it nearly impossible, which only made Gabriel come to the conclusion that it all had little to do with him, and more to do with simply wanting to pester Mae. Because by now, Scarlett ought to know that while Gabriel would accept her flirtatious shenanigans, he was hardly prone to submitting to them, or become otherwise affected by them. So unless she was stubbornly desperate to get some kind of appreciative response out of him, it would be all about rivalry between women, regardless of the target.

It was at this point in his silent musings that the doors swinging open tore his attention away from the girls' exchange of grins and glares, as well as the nearly finished plate infront of him, and caused his head to turn ever so slightly, his gaze landing on the odd duo just entering the Saloon. The town doctor - not an all too common face at the establishment - and none other than the sheriff himself; an all too common face at the establishment. Not that Gabriel really minded him being around, as he did tend to keep himself fairly agreeable and... convenient, as far as sheriffs went, for which Gabriel was probably one of those who should be most grateful. A more zealous sheriff could have quickly turned rather bothersome indeed, for there were quite a few things on Gabriel's conscience that a less 'forgiving' sheriff would find difficult to accept. Luckily, while Dawes might not be the most efficient man in law enforcement, nor too fond of Gabriel, judging by the look in his eyes whenever they met, he was smart enough to let Morgan, and thus Gabriel as well by default, have his way. It was a win-win situation. Although it was one Gabriel was keeping a close eye on, because given that particular look of dislike in the sheriff's eyes, Gabriel wouldn't put it past him to all of a sudden attempt to turn foolishly devoted to his duty. And what a pity that would be.

Returning the nod that the sheriff sent his way, Gabriel kept his gaze locked with the other man's for a few seconds longer than he could usually be bothered to do, as a way of letting the sheriff know that Gabriel had some business he intended to discuss with him, but then turned his attention back to the darkhaired siren who just slipped around to his other side, placing herself between him and Scarlett, and leaning in close to whisper in his ear.

"Mr Gabriel Callahan", came her soft husky voice, the words carried on her warm breath against his rugged jaw, while her hand began tracing it's way up his thigh, in a way that would have spoken volumes, even if her next statement had not; "I want you... So don't be a stranger."

Now that, Gabriel had to admit, even though it was most likely just a lure she used on a number of clients, was a darned potent one, and he couldn't help but to shoot her an amused smirk, knowing she was perfectly well aware of that fact. However, as was fast becoming a pattern, he didn't get a chance to deliver a response, before Scarlett chirped hers from the other side of Mae's fan;

"Oh, I wouldn't worry, Mae", she said, still successfully maintaining that innocent facade. "No man's a stranger to you."

That too was a most efficient statement, though in a way completely different to the one Mae had given, as it hit the illusion Mae was trying to present - the illusion of the man currently in her company being the one and only - like a hammer hitting a house of cards, causing Gabriel to tilt his head back ever so slightly, to shoot Scarlett a somewhat disapproving look. For while he hadn't bought into the illusion, he had found the portrayal rather enjoyable.

Thus Scarlett, he decided, was in deep and dire need of flattening. Earlier he had made a point not to get involved or take sides, but his diplomacy only went so far, and the strawberry blonde's words had been far too bold for a girl in her position; a fellow prostitute with, technically speaking, only one regular.

"For a saloon girl", he said, eyes still on Scarlett, "that is how one measures success, is it not?"

He didn't flat out say it, but his tone of voice, as well as the penetrating look in his eyes - though surprisingly not as harsh as one might have imagined it would be - implied that while Mae's success was a given, Scarlett's remained uncertain. Pleasing many men enough to keep them coming back took a fair amount of... skill, one might call it, whereas keeping one man satisfied, well, that was something many a mundane housewife all around the country managed to do.

Having said that, Gabriel then shifted his gaze back to Mae, and gave another smirk, while wiping his hands on the napkin before putting it down next to the now finished plate, along with the fork, and giving a slight nod in acknowledgement of her comment.

"I'll be around", he said, as if casually stating a fact, though his steely eyes let her know he didn't mean just the Saloon. "Now, if you ladies will excuse me."

And with that, he stood from his seat, his eyes once again finding their way over to the sheriff. As much as he enjoyed the female company, business came first. Especially at this time of day.

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((OOC: Uncie Yuke! Aww, so cute ! Oh and furrypanda, your mention was fine. Forgot to add that to my last post, heh heh.))

As Luke finished attaching the cart, he noticed Constance and Emmy approach. It appeared however, that the little girl had spotted him at around the same time and began yelling rather enthusiastically about the plans of the day ahead. Luke grinned broadly as he bent double, arms outstretched, and scooped her in his arms.

''Hello little lady! You are huh? You know uncie yuke will always try his best for you! Seriously Constance, I'll try but i can't promise. I'll see you off and then I'd better see if the men have turned the cattle out yet. As you can see, Daisy's all ready to go, but you sure you're alright by yourself?''

Of course, he asked that every time and he was sure that she thought he was suffering from some kind of paranoia. Still, he couldn't help himself as he cared for them both deeply and couldn't bare for anything to happen. Besides, avenging for one death was proving to be a very difficult feat as so far he had found no clues, not that he had much time to look. Just a little longer Emery, he thought to himself as he turned his attentions back to Constance.
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Default Constance and Luke - The Ranch
He’ll make a fine father someday, Constance thought as she watched Luke with Emmy.

“Seriously Constance, I'll try but I can't promise,” Luke said, and she gave him an understanding nod as he continued, “I'll see you off and then I'd better see if the men have turned the cattle out yet. As you can see, Daisy's all ready to go, but you sure you're alright by yourself?''

Really, she’d been expecting the question, and in fact she would have been surprised if he hadn’t asked. By that time it had become a rather familiar conversation, but the distant look in Luke’s eyes brought a slight furrow to her brow. She felt pretty safe in guessing what he was thinking about, and she was a little concerned that it was beginning to consume him.

“Yeah, we’ll be fine,” she said as she gave him a reassuring smile.

“Awwww,” Emmy pouted, “I wan Uncie Yuke a come.”

“Emmy,” Constance scolded gently, “what does whining get you?”

“Nuppin,” she said, though she still stuck out her bottom lip as her shoulders slumped.

With a slight chuckle, Constance nodded toward the wagon as a way of asking Luke to put Emmy in. Her smile widened at the squeal of laughter that Emmy gave as he swung her up to the seat, but by the time he turned back to her, her face had grown somber.

Luke,” she said as she placed her hand on his shoulder, and looking into his eyes, she hoped he would take her words to heart. “I know it’s hard. Not knowing, and…just…,” she trailed off as she turned her head away and closed her eyes against her own pain. Don’t go there right now, she silently scolded herself, and with a deep sigh she looked back to Luke and continued, “But we can’t stop living. Because if we do, then they’ll have taken our lives as well…and Emery wouldn’t have wanted that.”

((OOC – Mikoyo, I’ve left it so Luke can respond if you’d like, but I’m going to be out of town until Saturday so feel free to have her leave so you can move on.))
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Default Felicity and Kate and William and lordy knows who else
((OOC: I'm going to attempt to do this in one post, if it sounds horribly convoluted... yah.))

William did not seem like he paid a lot of attention to his surroundings, but then again, he also did not seem to be the sort that would happily drink tea by the liter, or be able to afford such excesses. Appearances tended to be deceiving, as William was both of these things. Although he had sat down and only given Felicity a nod, he had seen Gabriel being the receiver of much attention by the two saloon girls, which did not hold William's gaze very long. Gabriel was welcome to the girls, William was here solely for the tea. Well, right now he was here only for the tea.

The barkeep was nattering at Kate, who hadn't deigned to sit down yet. Feminine chatter... he missed it a bit. By the time Felicity had finished speaking in the first place, she had set down a cup of the "special" tea- earl gray from the city, raspberry from who knew where, and some French wine, all piping hot. William blissfully sipped at it, savoring the complicated play of flavors.

Felicity for her part, had gotten Sheriff Dawes his tea very quickly, the man was a regular enough customer that a gesture toward the kitchen would get his drink, and he never deviated from his routine enough for her to worry about him wanting something different. Kate, on the other hand, was a dear and wonderful friend, but she really wasn't predictable in what she asked for. Sometimes it was just Felicity's company, sometimes horrendously expensive fruit drinks, and every once in a rare while something with alcohol. Felicity didn't mind, she felt very motherly towards the doctor, or at least she thought to keep the other woman's best interests on a par with Felicity's own. If that wasn't a loyalty between freinds, then Felicity didn't know what was.

Felicity put away her cleaning rag now that the bar was at its usual immaculate state and listened intently as Kate replied to her idle questions, “I know, I’ve been terrible, haven’t I?”

Kate glanced at William at that point and Felicity glanced at the row of empty stools on either side of him. Both women smirked at once, Kate presumably at William's gall for not letting her sit first, and Felicity because she herself had never been ladylike enough to let it bother her. Kate continued, “I have been meaning to stop by… I’ll have cranberry juice, thank you. Anyway, how have you been?”

Felicity pulled a carafe out from behind the counter: cranberry juice. The stuff cost her a fortune as there was only one cranberry farm within four hundred miles and the idiot that established it had stayed away from the rail lines. Then again, cranberries were hard to farm, and even on the east coast they weren't cheap. Still, Felicity considered Kate to be worth the expense, and didn't charge what the juice was worth.

"I've been good. Business is thriving." She always said that, but then again Felicity owned a saloon. Business was never that bad, because when alcohol was unaffordable more people seemed to want it. She poured a large quantity of the fruit juice into a tumbler and set it down on the bar. A slightly awkward moment passed as Kate seemed unwilling to sit down and enjoy her drink until the amusingly oblivious sheriff offered her a seat. Felicity did not want any stray particle of dust to get into her freind's drink so she said lazily, "Oy, Sheriff, offer the lady a seat, ain't you got any manners?"

The fact that she had to speak like that, like an uneducated bumpkin, bothered Felicity on many levels. Everyone expected that because her eyes were tilted she was a fool of some sort, and she did not object terribly to the safe anonymity that being a silly female chinese barkeep provided. She just didn't like being seen as silly.

William had been ignoring his companion and the tavern owner, basking in the sweet smell and taste of his tea, but Felicity broke his reverie fairly thoroughly. He gave a sullen glare at her, couldn't she have left him to his musings- admittedly useless ones, but still- rather than impose silly social graces that few people acknowledged? Apparently not, as the Chinese woman's unsettling gaze remained squarely on him. A moment of stern silence, and then William acquiesced. "Ms. Hilton, there are plenty of seats, there's no need for you to wear out your shoes. Please, go ahead and sit."

Hardly the most polite way to go about things, but the saloon owner gave him the creeps, and he knew where real power in the town lay- one did not annoy the main supplier of a commodity. Another lesson William had learned in the army, that one from a sergeant who had irked the only brothel owner in the area.

His cup was still promisingly full, and he was thoroughly prepared to enjoy it, when out of the corner of his eye he saw Gabriel stand up and purposefully look at William. A few choice swear words wandered through William's head, but rather than fighting the inevitable he took a sip of tea and gave a breif nod. It was sufficient invitation that if Gabriel wanted to come over he could- not that he wouldn't have if William had ignored him- and if he wanted to stay away, thus making William's morning much nicer, he could do that too. Either way, William wasn't going to abandon the surprisingly comfortable saloon stool or the wonderful tea brew if he didn't specifically have to.

((OOC: Good god that was long. Hope that works for everyone involved, if not, lemme know, and sorry to have kept ya waiting.))

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Default Nikita, Ryder, Dex, & Robbie - Outlaw Hideout.
"What reputation? The boys already think I'm a bit of a screw up," he chuckled, all good humor and smiles. Ryder glanced behind him to the small camp of men and raised both hands in a questioning gesture. "Am I right? Doc Softy?"

A few scattered 'Uh-huh's and 'Right's were heard from the amused trio, while Dex simply shook his head at the entire ordeal. Robbie, on the other hand, was far too warmed up by his bickering with Dex, to keep his mouth shut. "I'd like to hear them call you that the next time you're stitching 'em up", he told Ryder, getting back mainly at his own brother for picking on Robbie minutes earlier. "We all know who the softies are then, don't we?"

Nikita simply glanced back and forth between the group of men as they continued to speak and make jabs at one another. Shaking her head in amusement, she eventually stood up and dusted off the back of her dress. "Well, I should be heading back to my place in case someone from town should stop by for something. I doubt it, but you never know," she said, giving a non-commital shrug. "If you need to find me for anything, that is where I'll be. Have a good day, gentlemen." She smiled at Ryder, then the rest of the group, before turning to head off down the path once all the men had said their goodbyes. Dakotah was slow to follow at first, but eventually the wolf hybrid lept up and trotted after his master.


( OOC: Sorry to have kept you guys waiting for such a short post, but this seemed like a good spot for Niki to head back to her business/home. )
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