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Default Desperate Housewives - WISTERIA LANE PROJECTS!
Mon projet se base sur la serie Desperate Housewives et sa celèbre rue Wisteria Lane! Les maisons seront identiques de l'exterieur à l'interieur! Genial non? Les sims seront inclus egalement. Dès que j'aurais finis une maison, les photos seront ajouter ici, et egalement sur ModTheSims 2 , dans la section download.

Ps: Im sorry im not good in english^^
My project is based on the series Desperate Housewives and its famous Wisteria Lane! The houses will be identical from outside to inside! Awesome! The sims are also included. As soon as I finished a house, the screenshot will be added here, and also on ModTheSims 2 in the download section.

-ScreenShot Section-
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This is not the right section I'm afraid. This sounds like it should more go in the stories section maybe?
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Or perhaps in this thread:
If you wish to show us what you have made.

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