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Nysha's New Creators for March - posted on 1st Apr 2018 at 9:00 AM
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#1 Old Yesterday at 5:37 AM
Default Origin confusing me
Just a small rant story
I was going back to my game, wanted to upload a new family idea. Had to get online, had to update.

Had to remember my password. Had to remember my e-mail I used.

Origin did nothing to help me.

Now I have two accounts one for each e-mail but only one with my game registered.

the reasons

Origin did not remind me that my password needed a cappital letter untill after I reset it

Origin did not tell me my other email did not have an acount. It took "remind me of my password" and turned it in to "Create new acount"

If I had remembered "Capital Letters were used" I would have entered the right password.

I think that throughs me off trying to recall, did the site want letters and numbers? did it want cappitals? did it want symbles? did I use all of the above? I blame hackers for making passwords needed, but some times I just don't see why I need them. Some games Im not playing online or Im not exchanging money.

I heard Sim City FORCES online play and that sims4 is over loaded with DLC that should have been included in there old games.
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#2 Old Yesterday at 6:33 PM
Is this a rant or are you asking for help because I've had a virtual chat with an EA rep after being hacked and they did actually fix my problem.
Just a long wait.
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