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#1 Old 26th Sep 2016 at 10:22 PM
Default cc magic
So, I've been having some problems with my cc magic.. And I hope someone can help.

Pretty much when I click play in the cc magic program, It loads my game, but before it reaches the loading screen I proceed to get a message saying, that I have installed an unofficial game modification?? That doesn't match with my current version of the Sims 3. And that they recommend, that I either uninstall the game modification, or get an updated version. Or else I risk that my game crashes, or my game gets serious damage..

I don't understand what that means?? And I really hope someone can help..
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#2 Old Yesterday at 1:25 AM
That sounds like an outdated mod.

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#3 Old Yesterday at 2:25 AM
It's only Core Mods that would throw that message. In order to avoid it, your Core Mods must have been made for the precise patch level you are playing on and for Steam vs. non-Steam installs. There are only 5 Core Mods for TS3 in popular usage. If you have any of these, I suggest checking for version mismatches.

1 - NRaas ErrorTrap
2 - NRaas UntranslatedKey (really for developers)
3 - CmarNYC's XCAS
4 - Consort's 2X Weight/Fitness
5 - AwesomeMod
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