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#1 Old 12th May 2016 at 7:23 PM
Default Blair Wainwright and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd??
I read Sim Wiki and discovered for my confusion these two sims were supposed to be each others ex-gf and bf but in the end for some reason EA didn't do it. What are your thoughts? Are Blair and Cycl0n3 meant for each other or were they ex for a good reason in the original plan? I think they make no sense but maybe somebody has another view point that gives me excuse to stuff them together regardless.
I'm trying to understand this. I feel like I "should" get them together if they are another EA games classic like Bella + Mortimer but they don't seem to make any sense to me:

* Cycl0n3 is inappropriate, Blair is craving for romance
* Blair likes to run around and play tag or attend other childish activities, Cycl0n3 likes to sit on his butt all day
* For Cycl0n3 skills, learning and challenging his intelligence is all in all or at least I haven't found any clue that he'd like to do something else in his life - and Blair doesn't seem anything alike

I feel like Blair - although equally intelligent - thinks fun means letting go of seriousness, but Cycl0n3 thinks fun means sitting at his computer and he wouldn't deep inside be too pleased to be challenged for pillow fight when he is trying to solve something at his computer. I think she could well take a walk to the park and spend some time pondering chess moves but once she gets home she'd enjoy romantic night more, or playing with children as long as there isn't too many of them because she definitely doesn't want big family... My gut feeling is she is intelligent and does enjoy using her brain, especially for a good cause (her LTW is a good indicator of that) but otherwise she is more of "family sim" type while Cycl0n3... well.... doesn't seem to differentiate so much between good and bad than interesting and uninteresting

If I was Blair I'd see Cycl0n3 as a really good friend and somebody to have occasional good chat with but I couldn't imagine marrying him because I'd want somebody who loves to kid with me because it's fun and has more emotional type of connection than just intellectual Like Abraham Finkel - he is friendly and has great sense of humour so I can better imagine him spending some quality time with his spouse.
From Cycl0n3s point of view though Blair is nearly perfect because he doesn't seem like guy who is extremely interested in talking to stupid sims and - being good hearted as she is - I think she'd try to avoid making too much mess around Cycl0n3 and tolerate his inappropriateness without holding too much grudges. Problem is just that I don't see why would Blair fall for him. Any ideas? Is Blair secretly into Cycl0n3 after all?
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#2 Old 13th May 2016 at 3:11 PM
I don't think that Blair and Cycl0n3 fit as a couple at all. Its like what you've touched on, their personalities are way too different. The wiki says that they start out as good friends. It sounds like they had something since they don't have a first kiss option if you try it, but my guess is maybe they were a little juiced one night

In my game I actually have Blair living a lavish life with Stiles McGraw since he's a musician and Blair's a secret agent. I think their dog Ladybug must think she's a secret agent too because she chases the poor mailman everywhere .

Cycl0n3 had a fling with Tamara Donner that resulted in an accidental baby. They parted ways with Tamara taking the baby. Cycl0n3 now has settled down with a townie, who he had his second child with.
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#3 Old 13th May 2016 at 4:01 PM
She's smart and pretty. She felt sorry for him always being picked on by the town bullies. He's not emotionally literate enough to interpret that as anything other than "She must be in love with me!"

She finally (as gently as she could) straightened him out after he kissed her.

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#4 Old 13th May 2016 at 7:21 PM Last edited by Acadia : 13th May 2016 at 7:51 PM.
I agree with Ghost that Blair could have just felt sorry for him or not wanted to offend him. That makes pretty much sense. They seem to be good friends and she has the "good" trait so I think she'd rather drink poison than insult Cycl0n3. However, I don't think Cycl0n3 was really that offended in the end because he clearly thinks there is more important things in life than chasing women and he appreciates her anyway way it is. I think for him she is more of his best friend than somebody he just has to marry.
Ifrias opinion was fun to read and could be just exactly what happened. There is people to whom it has happened in real life because you spend so much time around your friends and when you have drank some juice many things start looking like good idea + I think their house is a party house because there is no other reason why would so many grown ups want to live together and share one big living room instead of having a small one each on their own.
Yes I'd pick Stiles for her any time over Cycl0n3 because at least he is down to earth enough and there is plenty of places they could visit together, imagine a romantic picnic somewhere outdoors in a quiet place or Stiles playing his guitar for her In my game Stiles married Bebe Hart because money is important to both of them (I think Blair and Stiles would need separate bank accounts).
One more thing coming to my mind is that Cycl0n3 is same mindset than Blairs parents and sometimes we just feel drawn to what feels familiar to us, even if that's not what we should be going for. But I really hope she wasn't serious. Luckily it seems unlikely they had anything too deep - other than that he is obviously her good friend. Thanks folks, you made me feel better!
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#5 Old 13th May 2016 at 9:11 PM
I play Sunset Valley fairly frequently (usually to get a Sim from toddler to young adult before moving them somewhere more interesting) but hardly ever as the already made families. However, I use NRAAS Story Progression and I very rarely have it completely shut off. And it "ships" characters worse than a fan fiction writer. Sometimes it goes for Blair + Cyclone, but just as often it hooks him up with Tamara Donner (or sometimes Monica Morris). It's his Inappropriate trait- it make it more likely he'll accept a flirt (Blair= Hopeless Romantic, Tamara= Flirty, Monica= Great Kisser and Schmoozer) earlier in a relationship than a Sim would normally and will go along with kissing at any relationship level. If you wanted a story to it, maybe she saw him as the slightly moody, genius author who just needed her love to get over his flaws. She could change him! Then reality hit.

One of the main problems with Sunset Valley is that there is a gender imbalance in the single adults: there's definitely more women than men. So there isn't really a good match for her.

And Story Progression totally disagrees with the Mortimer + Bella story. Nope, it almost always goes with Mortimer + Darlene Bunch and Bella + Arlo Bunch (sometimes Malcolm Landgraab). Of course, they radically changed Mortimer's personality from the Sims 1- where he was actually described as "cheerful and outgoing". The Mortimer + Bella pairing made more sense then but that's a whole different matter.
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#6 Old 14th May 2016 at 1:09 AM
I remember Mortimer and his stupid sock puppet in Sims 1. I had ONE sim who thought he was sweet. Everyone else ended up hating him because he was spamming them with that puppet. And he was the only sim who autonomously used that interaction.

Young Mortimer in Sunset Valley strikes me as exactly the sort who would grow up to use the most irritating interaction available because he thinks it's fun.

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#7 Old Yesterday at 8:50 PM Last edited by Acadia : Yesterday at 9:03 PM.
I just feel bad because I can't get decided who Cycl0n3 would marry. It's just like real world, when I match Blair with somebody she really wants to be with, Cycl0n3 is left forever alone. Not like he is going to make drama about it but sad, I like them both. Sigh.

I don't feel like gender imbalance is as big problem because some of the sims like Molly French are clearly just not getting married. At start of game she has 15 days left to elderhood which means that to fullfill her LTW and marry after it she would need to go approximately 1 boyfriend per day speed, or optionally marry at old age. I think the imbalance is just 4 sims to start with so it's dealable. One basically just needs to consider which of the sims are happy with less long term commitment or alone, and which are clearly better off with one long term partner. I'd just like to find Cycl0n3 a suitable match because despite everything he is one of my favourites.
#8 Old Today at 12:36 AM
Probably not. Blair's doomed to settle with Stiles and lead a mediocre life with him in a trac house with a couple of unremarkable children. Anybody who obsessively plays online MMOs to the point they legally change their birth name to their username is inevitably going to die alone.

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#9 Old Today at 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by Acadia
I think the imbalance is just 4 sims to start with so it's dealable. One basically just needs to consider which of the sims are happy with less long term commitment or alone, and which are clearly better off with one long term partner...
... who need not be of the opposite sex.

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#10 Old Today at 1:56 PM Last edited by Acadia : Today at 2:17 PM.
I agree with r_deNouble but while my CAS sims are sometimes not heterosexual, there is lack of reference to homosexuality among EA sims and almost all of the married sims are of opposite genders. For people who anyway tend to create plenty of CAS sims and then mix and match them up randomly for fun that's probably fine, but I personally like to limit my sims to what makes sense in the light of their background story. In EAxis perspective gay couples have apparently not made it there yet - as well as haven't transgenders, bisexuals or any other groups of rainbow sims.
There has been some slight indicators that they are improving it but so far it hasn't been completely open, and it's still very rare. Only sim at Sunset Valley with that kind of background is Gobias - and given that he bases loosely on a character in tv series who is married to a woman despite showing some signs of not being that straight, I'm still going back and forth about should he be gay and if yes then with whom. Atm I'm leaning towards that he should, because that's what the information provided by game clearly suggests. If I had watched the tv-series, that could help me make better conclusions about Gobias/Tobias true sexuality.

Thanks pirate wolf, me and my significant other are spending almost all our free time playing MMO's and sometimes we call each other in-game names by accident, so that hurt... However, I feel reluctant to marry Cycl0n3 off to anyone who isn't a geek or otherwise extraordinary because if that was me, I'd rather ... I don't know, eat spiders? than put up with such an arrangement.
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#11 Old Today at 2:38 PM
So make someone for Cycl0n3 Sw0rd. You're not limited to the people who already live in Sunset Valley. Maybe he met someone online who decided to take a chance on this interesting person they were playing a game together with.

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#12 Old Today at 2:44 PM Last edited by Acadia : Today at 3:01 PM.
I want to be limited to the people who already habit Sunset Valley because in real world you can't just summon somebody who perfectly matches to your personality out nowhere I don't aim to realism but that exceeds the limit for me and makes me feel I'm losing something But I consider exception in this case, maybe a CAS-sim with Computer Whizz (or Loner), Genius (because clearly Cycl0n3 likes to insult people for their intelligence) and something that makes her tolerate him + 2 random traits. Not sure because it has so bad downsides for me. Also those are almost exactly Blairs traits so it's like creating copy of her to serve as his consolation prize (sim abuse!) - maybe this was just meant to be a tragedy.
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#13 Old Today at 3:16 PM
It's not out of nowhere, though. He spends all of his time online unless his computer is broken (or unless you have someone drag him out to the gym and train him a bit in martial arts, then use a Bottled Vampire's Bite to make him a vampire because you got tired of the NRAAS Story Progression constantly having him hospitalized and were wondering if making him better able to defend himself would keep him a bit safer.) (It didn't. /offtopic)

You meet all kinds of people online. If you meet someone interesting, they may be willing to meet personally. (Even knowing that people online may be nothing like they are in real life, and this could easily be a bad idea.)
Shy or Loner probably would not be as willing to have a personal meeting, but Adventurous, Brave, Daredevil, or Hopeless Romantic might. You definitely need something that makes her tolerate him since she would not have wanted to meet him if she got a bad vibe from him, and he would be just the same online as he is in real life. She would like meeting someone who doesn't treat her as a "gamer girl" but as a gamer who happens to be female.

(In my game, SP has hooked him up with Blair. They broke up once, then got engaged. )

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#14 Old Today at 3:25 PM Last edited by Acadia : Today at 3:38 PM.
You are right, there are gamers of both genders and if you hang online around the clock you definitely meet all kinds of people. I think Daredevil is good, to meet somebody like Cycl0n3 in real life far away from your home definitely takes some guts. Your message bit of persuaded me to make one time exception Still need to think about though. Could also stop caring about Blairs happiness and make her fall for him regardless to make things simple, like many people in real life fall for people who remind their parents in the worst possible way - then have them become standard chaotic EA couple with tensions and dramas. At least I believe she is the love of his life - it just doesn't work so well the other way around (but in the end she is childish and hopeless romantic so would she know).

Having Cycl0n3 hospitalized sounds just about right - a geek with tendency to insult people without thinking about followings isn't that good combination for avoiding getting beaten
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