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Default Treeag's Gem Cutter Mod
Hi, I just d/led this the other night, but it just will not show up in my game! Is there something that is required besides WA? I even tried removing my other mods to no avail. I still will not show up. I looked under everything and especially Entertainment/Hobbies. Treeag has not been around for a while and doesn't seem to answer questions in her mod thread. Does anybody know why this would happen (the mod not showing up)? For the record, I do not own SN which is why I wanted this mod.Thanks!
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Sonshine, treeag's mod is not an object. Please read the description of uploads carefully. Please also read the site rules. This is not the place for help requests regarding custom content. If you had posted in Game Help and if treeag were actually inactive, I would've let it slide, but it turns out both is not the case. treeag was active just three days ago, so there's that.

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