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Default The Odd Ones
Meet Kaleese Cook

Kaleese is a middle-aged guitarist who is still single and has never been married. She has no children, and she still lives with her parents. She makes money on odd jobs and scrounging for tips. She's a natural brunette, but donned it too plain and dyed her hair a bright pink. Her favorite color is pink. She can often be found practicing her guitar and talking to babies. Some say she is a little insane, but no one can deny she's lovable. Despite her slight insanity, she's very loyal and kind.

What are some of your odd sims; sims who don't quite fit in?

"Forget cigarettes, forget alcohol. Sims is the hardest addiction to break. The thing is, there's no true way to break it." ~Unknown
#2 Old 14th Oct 2014 at 6:10 PM
Well, X3r0x Sh1nstryker is basically a rebellious scene-queen\teen runaway.

Luna Starshine is also quite rebellious, and from the moon too. Her traits: Light Sleeper\Rebellious\Hopeless Romantic\Good\Childish.

Most of my CAS sims, really. I have a lot of weirdos and supernaturals. Like Bayden Arlacy Familybreaker, she supermaxed charisma and had at least 9 different husbands, she was friends with every playable sim in Sunset Valley plus some. She was romantic with all of Sunset Valley's men, well except for Christopher Steel, who always rejected her advances. She also had bright pink hair. She had a son with Cycl0n3 Sw0rd (who could be considered a weirdo too) and two daughters: one with Beau Andrews and the other with Artie Page.

I might not like legacies that much, but i do like to make weirdos, it seems.
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