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#1 Old Yesterday at 7:42 PM
Default Walk Style Cleanup
Two questions: Did they fix the sneaking teen bug and when does Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.SimRoutingComponent.WalkStyleRequestHelper+Request trigger RequestWalkStyle (which happened already once in my game while streaking)? I don't see any reason why a requested walk style shouln't be in the list.
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#2 Old Today at 9:36 AM
Buzzler's Walk Style Fixer gets rid of the permanent sneaking which, to my knowledge, still hasn't been fixed.
Test Subject
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#3 Old Today at 10:08 AM
So, it still happens with patch 1.67?

According to Sims3.Gameplay.ChildAndTeenUpdates.Punishment+SneakOut grounded sims start sneaking if they try to leave their home lot and stop if they were successful (--> snuck out moodlet) or if they failed (--> TNS). I made some tests and every time my teen tried to leave his home he got this moodlet or message (or even both!). Besides, the SneakOut module is blocked by DoesSimNeedToSneak if IsSimGoingToSchoolOrWorkOrTraveling = true (which means sims shouln't sneak at all if they are going to school).
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