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Default Tell your Sims 3 Current Household story
Hi my name is SimsNeedLots but you can call me Darcey.I love playing my households with stories. I want this thread to be all about sharing your stories so I'll start.I wont have picture for a good bit but I will put in as many as I have that are relevant
The story starts in Sunset Valley
Mellisa Murphy was over the moon.She is pregnant with twins and is married to the love of her life Samuel Murphy. After a long pregnancy she had her wonderful children Sam Jr. and Tristy.
Sadly the day after their 7th birthday Samuel died.Mellisa was so upset. To cover up the pain she went out one night where she met John ,a local widower with a son Jr. and Tristy's age. after dating for a few years they got married but 3 years later John died of old age. Tristy and Matthew (Johns son) fell in love. Mellisa didn't approve of this because they are step sibling so they ran away to appalosa plains.They had a daughter named Maria.When Maria was 16 she met Jebidiah. It was love at first site and on her 17th birthday Jebidiah proposed. After Maria said yes her parents shunned her so she returned to Sunset Valley.She had 3 kids Gideon,Carl and Louisa. Louisa was rebellious and always went to kegger parties. One night she met a guy and ended up pregnant her daughter was named Trinity . Louisa married a man named Markus the most infamous criminal in Sunset Valley. He was very aggressive and abused Trinity so Louisa and Trinity ran away to Twinbrook. Trinity ended up getting pregnant at 16 but her child died of Simfluenza so she moved back to Sunset Valley
This is where my current legacy begins
On the first day she moved back she met Connor Frio
They got married and that day Jared Frio died but his lover was pregnant with his child. Trinity ended up pregnant with triplets and she had 2 girls and a boy Connor Jr..Trinity ended up pregnant again but Connor died this left her pregnant and with three newborns. At his funeral she met his Coworker Jackson a guy whos wife was his high school sweetheart she had his child who was a teen and she was pregnant with his son. They got divorced and Jackson and Trinity moved in together. Along with his newborn son Eloy. On the 4 babies birthday a cake set on fire and Jackson died leaving Trinity heavily pregnant and taking care of 4 toddlers. After years of mourning both her losses she bought a restaurant where the four kids work after high school and she had her daughter Tulip who is three years old. Eloy is mad at his real mam though and his still mourning hid dads death so instead of going to school and doing his days at work he is doing keg stands with young adults down at the warehouse which forces the others to cover his shift and do is homework to keep Trinity from knowing also Claire Ursine (Jareds Lover) had a daughter and Claire is now married to Eloys older brother which would make her child Carly Eloys step niece instead of step cousin. If she wasn't married to his brother the childs dad would be Jared and Jared brother is Connor who is counted as Eloys step dad as Trinity is his step mom so Claires kid would be his step cousin but because she is married to Eloys brother that makes her Eloys step Niece.(I know its very complicated but i wanted to save people from trying to figure it out in their head cause it took me a while to)

ANNNNNYYYWAYYY if you managed to read all that pat yourself on the back and tell me your story or reply to someone elses story hopefully this thread will become massive and show how strong and creative our community is!! Bye for Now

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Hope you enjoy telling and reading stories
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Oof, that would be waayyy too long. If I were to write the story down in any degree of accuracy it would take me hours. I can try though, so maybe I'll write the whole thing down here sometime. Here's a start.

On the 14th of May, 1988, Andrea (Madeline Hollie) Parker, an English-born real estate broker living in Evansdale, Greater SimCity, gives birth to her second daughter. She and her husband Michael (Bruce Sutherland-Parker) decide to name their latest offspring Amber (Catharina Juliana Parker). In her early childhood Amber is a most curious and social girl. She is keen to find out how things work and quickly develops social skills. Like her father, a high-ranking sales representative, Amber shows ambition and early on decides she is going to be much like her parents. She isn't very girly, and rather enjoys a broad variety of activities, mannerisms and other things that would be typical to both boys and girls. As Amber would go on to describe in her memoir some 25 years later, "Those hot summer days by the pool reading, listening music and thinking, they shaped me. Whenever I see Holly sitting by the pool I get a tremendous desire to drop everything and go join her."

A Sim recreation of what Amber looked like at age 7.

As a teenager, Amber has not changed much at all. She is doing well in school, has a good amount of friends and still spends her time lounging by her home pool, playing video games on her PlayStation 2 and talking shit about schoolmates on MSN Messenger or whatever it is teenage girls used in the early 2000s. I can't remember. She has never shown particular interest in boys, and at some point considers herself shy, but eventually she hooks up with a guy named Alex. It's only then that she realises she doesn't like boys at all. Instead, she actually much prefers girls, something that confuses her at first. But eventually, she finds the confidence and comes out to her parents and friends and with her newfound pride and maturity she eventually, in 2007, enrolls in Northern Sim State University.

Sim Amber at age 17 with her girlfriend, Natalie.

As university goes, this is a very interesting time for her. Besides partying regularly and having copious amounts of "experimentation" (something her dorm mates would eventually come to resent), she also finds the time to work towards a business degree. She graduates in late 2009 with a degree she doesn't exactly know what do with and a few new friendships that will last. One of them, her dorm mate Isabelle (Marie Gausset) wants to move to the city of Bridgeport, and after it a good hard thinking Amber decides to go join her. They briefly live together but are eventually driven apart by their differing lifestyles and romantic interests.

[insert grad pic of Isa & CJ here]

Amber, in need of a job, eventually joins the Bridgeport Metropolitan Police Department. During the 2011 Bridgeport Port Riots she impresses her superiors and eventually she is promoted to a detective - the youngest on the force. She is partnered with detective Akeem Harris and they quickly start jokingly calling themselves Lesbo & Musulman. However, Amber isn't happy for long in her current position. This isn't the job she wants, even though it's not a bad job at all, especially for a 23 year old.


todo pics: holber selfie, wedding pic, red carpet shot, I Am poster, Late poster, (casa?), holber & junior ca 2020 & ca 2029

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Originally Posted by Grijze Pilion
As a teenager, Amber has not changed much at all. She is doing well in school, has a good amount of friends and spends her time lounging by her home pool, playing video games on her PlayStation 2 and talking shit about schoolmates on MSN Messenger or whatever it is teenage girls used in the early 2000s.

Minus the teenage part it sounds like me in the early 2000's. Very interesting story and even though mine was very long that's without most of the details
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My current primary game takes place in fictional hypothetical "What if Egypt was never invaded by Arabs?" - Basically modernized Ancient Egypt. The backstory is quite long and book-like and revolves around Sim named Amon Banoub, an Egyptologist born in late 1990's in a small town near Lucky Palms that is often referred to simply as "Strangetown". Amon lives in Al-Shibalba as a private investigator and is married to a woman name Anmese Umes (On-me-say you-mess) whom is heir to the Umes Estate - The biggest local Nectary grower and distributor.

The actual game-play itself takes place after that.

Moses: Ramesses; in my heart you are my brother, but things cannot be as they were.
Ramesses II: I see no reason why not.
~ The Prince of Egypt (1998)
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very interesting back story. I would love to play in the world adventure worlds I might pick up the ep
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This is actually an alternate universe version of my normal family, which typically involves my OC, Elvira Rhodivich, Queen of Hell, numerous polygamous husbands which are usually fictional characters and/or historical figures I like, several children, and one or more servants.
Elvira Rhodivich was a 21-year-old personal care aide and former nanny, who in 1962 got a job at a mental asylum run by Catholic nuns, Happymind Asylum For The Criminally Insane, in Jupiter, Florida. She was assigned to care for 4 men, 39-year-old Carlos Von Hapsburg, the borderline mentally handicapped, insane, crippled, and deformed due to centuries of inbreeding heir to the Austrian Hapsburg family that formerly ruled a good portion of Europe's fortune, who was under the delusion he was his ancestor, 17th century Spanish King Charles II, 28-year-old Brahms Heelshire of the wealthy British Heelshire family, 23-year-old Daniel "Dandy" Mott, of the Jupiter-born wealthy Mott family, and 30-year-old Benjamin "Kylo Ren" Solo, of the powerful French Skywalker-Organa-Solo family, who was under the delusion he was the fictional character Kylo Ren of the Star Wars franchise, which was based on his family. These 4 men became close friends upon meeting each other at Happymind, and shared a room together, and she was tasked with caring for all of them. She was cautioned by the asylum director, Sister Mary Francis, that she was to be careful as a 21-year-old young, attractive, single, childless woman, especially considering the fact these men were all convicted murderers, Carlos for burning 2 women to death under the delusion he was his ancestor burning them at the stake for witchcraft, Brahms for killing a young girl his age at age 8, as well as killing and in some cases, raping, several nannies hired as her replacement over the years and holding his parents hostage until they commited suicide, as well as hiding from the police after his parents faked his death at age 8 by setting the house on fire in attempt to kill him, and hiring these nannies and making them care for a doll of him at age 8 as he hid in the walls of their mansion under the guise of him having died in the fire and the doll being their way of coping with his death (and leading quite a few nannies to believe the doll was possessed with his spirit) and making them follow strict rules caring for the doll. Dandy was convicted for killing his mother and several other people, including the majority of a traveling freak show, one of which in particular was a pair of conjoined twin women he was romantically obsessed with. Benjamin was convicted of killing his father and sister under the delusion they were Star Wars characters like himself. The men were all childish and enjoyed playing with dolls and toys, which Elvira, a doll collector, took delight in, bonding quickly with her 4 charges. After a year of caring for them, Elvira, who was rather counterculture and considered herself polygamous and was a member of the Church of Satan founded by Anton LeVay, found herself falling in love with all 4 men. She married Carlos and the other 3 men moved in with them into Dandy's late mother's mansion after they were released from Happymind. She quit her job and became a housewife and Dandy, Ben, and Brahms got jobs at Dandy's family's frozen food company. Carlos was unable to work and stayed home with Elvira. They hired an African American woman, Scarlett Smith, as a housekeeper, like many middle and upper class households of the era. Elvira soon found herself pregnant by Brahms. They gave birth to a son, Brahms Jr. Scarlett became his nanny as well as the housekeeper. 2 years later, Elvira was pregnant again by Brahms and gave birth to a second son, Damien Lucius. After another 2 years, Elvira and Dandy had a baby boy, Jimmothy, or Jim. Just a year later, after years of being told by doctors Carlos was impotent, he fathered twin boys with her who inherited his disabilities, Carlos Jr. and Jose. A year after, Elvira had her first and only daughter by Dandy, Mara. 2 years later, Elvira became pregnant for the last time by Ben with a son they named Kylo. 5 months after his birth, the family along with Scarlett moved to a town called Wraith in Arizona to an abandoned functional as a house castle built as a set for an unfinished Dracula sequel. This is where gameplay begins.
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So I recently started a family with a girl named Danielle Roberson, she moved into a renovated (by me) Sunset Valley, with her on and off boyfriend Keith. Things were great for a while but things for the couple turned sour ever since she came home from her part time job to see her boyfriend cheating on her with Jamie Jolina. She was distraught especially since she was having some beginning signs of pregnancy such as nausea, but she was in love so they tried to work on it. It all went down in flames when her pregnancy was confirmed and Keith, disliking children as he had, dumped her and moved out. She was in a slump until she met her good friend Tamara Donner who had been going through a similar predicament (pregnant with an absent father) they quickly became best friends and they helped top uplift each other from their bad breakups. Then during a trip to the library she met the very family oriented Doctor, Flynn Hansen. They became good friends and he helped her through her pregnancy as well as Tamara. She was finally ok and then was born, Connor Roberson. He looked a lot like his father, blonde hair unlike her brown hair and the same eyes as the ex. She struggled with money for a while until she got promoted in her job, which was around the same time that her and Flynn started dating. Around that time her friend Tamara gave birth to Terrance Donner and the two started to drift apart in their busy lives. She asked Flynn to move in as they got closer and he was a great help with the baby but she couldn't help but miss her first love... She made a mistake and left that night to her ex's where she later figured out she was pregnant with a second child from that night who she tried to pass off as Flynn's to not ruin their relationship. Before discovering Danielle's pregnancy, he proposed to which she said yes but then immediately told the news that she was pregnant. He was ecstatic and with enough money saved, they bought a bigger home for their new family(which I made and decorated myself).
Once they were all moved in, her second child, Kat Hansen was born. They saved money while taking care of their kids for an official wedding which they had not too soon after. Danielle was happy to reconnect with Tamara who was very emotional during the ceremony They never got much of a honey moon since Danielle turned up pregnant once again with her third child who they later named Kyle. It was always Flynn's dream to raise at least five kids so they decided to get fertility treatment soon after that. They had identical twin boys named Kory and Kam followed by another son named Kaleb. Connor's birthday had passed and he began school where he made a best friend out of Terrance Donner, Danielle's old friend Tamara's son. Kat reached child hood and discovered she had a knack for painting as it became her favorite activity to do after school. It wasn't too long after Kaleb's birth that Danielle was pregnant once again, for the last time. She had a second set of twins, fraternal this time, one being a boy named Kade and one a girl named Kailey. Kyle's birthday came and he decided to join scouting in school along with his sister because she held an extreme dislike for anything girly, having grown up completely surrounded by boys. Once Connor reached his teen years, he became something of a rebel and an advent garde, causing much trouble for his parents, but nonetheless he still held a soft spot for his younger siblings and helped take care of them. So now Danielle and Flynn have a total of eight kids making their household a total of ten

<3 I love them, they're so pretty even though they were born in game (The kids not Danielle and Flynn(But I Love them too))

I'm planning to continue the legacy with Kat and she'll figure out that she's 'illegitimate' and her relationship with her mother will go down when she realizes her mother's having an affair with her biological father and she will move out and become friends with her mom's enemy's daughter and they will become roommates and move to the city where they will start a new as a struggling artist and a ditsy blonde (just coincidentally blonde)
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Well, the story so far starts when my Sim graduated law school and joined the (custom) lawyer career, a long time ago, in a galaxy far a... err... just a long time ago. At which point she got bitten in the neck by an elder lawyer. I think that's how bar exams work, right? If they like what you have to offer to the clan, you get bitten

Nowadays she mostly runs a pension house for young women. You know, for that extra touch of having her own home-grown free-range students. Save on polution by growing your food locally and all that. She's eco-friendly like that.

She's MOSTLY a vegetarian, though, so she practically lives on Bloodwine she made herself. (6 life fruit, 3 flame fruit, 1 plasma fruit.) Always takes a few along to college or on vacations. Well, ok, a few crates. Well, ok, half of that moving van. But not more than that.

And other drinks. For medical purposes, see? She's got a medical condition called getting sober, so she self-medicates a lot.

She's also a philantropist. She made sure, out of her own pocket, that the college and her favourite vacation destinations have enough bars and dance clubs. And one or two luxury dorms, complete with butler, maid and chef, for her to stay in when on campus. Because, err, an immortal sparkly vampire hanging around college girls is TOTALLY an original story

She's also taken on herself the burden of saving the college from boring parties. I mean, have you SEEN the average party you get invited to on the college? By Odin't iPatch! The only thing sadder would be a clown funeral. Most of the time you can't even reach the keg for a refill. So she makes sure there's always one rowdy and out-of-control party to crash on the campus. Especially the cops love to crash her party.

She's actually best friends with all the cops, though. Most of them she met while pursuing her artistic interests, namely spray painting the police station. I hear they named a room -- well, ok, cell -- after her at the station back in Riverwood. Now that's recognition!

They also seem happy to see her. Last term, when she went to college, two police cruisers were already waiting for her in front of the sorority house
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@themysteriouscorn such a cute family
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Originally Posted by SimsNeedLots
@themysteriouscorn such a cute family

OMG Thank you so much Yeah since then, Kat has become a young adult along with Connor (he practically looks the same as he did when he was a teen) and the other six are now teens I added some screenshots
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