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#1 Old Yesterday at 9:37 PM
Speeding up Sims 3?
The question every TS3 player asks themself: I'm wondering what I can do to speed up Sims 3? Recently it seems everytime I unpause the game, it's going so slowly and I just don't know which of the things is causing the worst problem.

Here's what I've done sofar:
-I clear out the cache files regularly.
-I use a program called Game Booster 3 to speed up my computer.
-I close any programs I'm not actively using.
-I've moved all of the Screenshots to another folder.
-I've scanned my computer for viruses.
-I've defragged the harddrive, and have 100GB free space.
-I've locked that one folder so EAxis stops downloading thousands of tiny images.

I'm also wondering which of these would be slowing down the game the worst:
-Are you supposed to delete all of the gravestones from the Masoleum regularly, or does that matter?
-Having too many Sims living on a lot?
-Having too many objects decorating the main lot?
-Having too many objects in the family inventory?
-Using custom colors and/or pattern styles?
-Having too many Sims wearing mod-items?
-Having too many mods installed? I have 156 files taking up 105MB.
-Having too many community lots and/or residential lots in a town?
-For upgrading, adding items to community lots so that they are worth more money?
-Having too many gnomes wandering around the lot?
-Having too many Sims living in the town?

See, I'm not even sure which of these is the worst culprit and should be addressed first.

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#2 Old Yesterday at 10:03 PM
For me having too many sims, over 6, can slow down the game. Especially if they are at the same place at the same time, home or community lot, plus possible random townies. CC don't really cause slowing down anymore since they all .package files. I try to stay away from sim3packs. I don't see any difference between custom colours or in game colours. Right now I have one m. mister gnome spawing baby gnomes like crazy and one horse gnome, but I think don't they are the cause. But I have notice that when ever I start a new save the game does run smoother than after 10 sim weeks. Could be becouse all the family tree activities and townies life progress. Usually after 10 sim weeks I just start a new save and don't wail over past slow game play.
#3 Old Yesterday at 10:04 PM
Deleting your memories might help
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#4 Old Yesterday at 10:40 PM
If you use a bunch of flowers, shrubs, and trees (non deco) it will lag the fuck out of the lot.

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#5 Old Yesterday at 11:20 PM
Well, I have around 2019 packages files (3,12 gigs) in my mods folder, so I don't think 156 files is that much yet. I also never delete gravestones from the mausoleum. I just move them out to the cemetery grounds, so there's a lot of ghosts around. I also play with large maps and with town full of people without any noticeable lagginess. When is comes to game speed, a lot depends on your system specs, as well. The draw distance and reflections on high settings can also slow your game.

Have you tried the SaveCleaner -program? It a good way to reduce the size of your save file. It might also help some.

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#6 Old Yesterday at 11:41 PM
Running Nraas Overwatch, Error Trap, and Register helps. Limiting Windows Startup programs in msconfig frees up memory. A program called CleanMem frees up some more. Alleviating routing issues can't be overstated...they will absolutely trash your performance.

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