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#1 Old 27th Jun 2009 at 1:04 PM Last edited by TRIriana : 29th Jul 2009 at 1:33 AM.
Default Wife Swap: Sim Style [Round III and Final Round Scores Posted - Winner Announced!
Contest: Other

Do you have plans to torture your Sims? Want to throw them in at the deep-end, into a house they've never been in before - with a family so unlike theirs that it may drive them insane? Then you've come to the right place... You've come to Wife Swap. You're going to want to know what it is exactly that you need - and it's very simple! You need two families, a wife for each and at least one other family member: this can be a significant other, a mother or father figure, children, sibling(s)... you get the idea! Through pictures and writing you'll get the chance to detail just what's going on during the swap, and how horrendous it might be... whether each family learns something along the way is entirely up to you.


This contest is for TS2 and TS3.
Human Sims only.
The two families can be a minimum of two Sims and a maximum of six.
Any gender is allowed, however there must be two key Sims - the ones to be swapped over.
The wives and husband can be YA to Elder.
Photoshopping will not be needed, and pose hacks can be used.
Follow the usual forum photograph rules.
Judges, please be prompt with your scores each round. If you can’t get in your scores for whatever reason, please let me know at least a day in advance so emergency judges can be contacted.


1. 3Hannah3 - Hirst and Coleman Family: Round I|Round II|Round II B|Round III|Final Round
2. 3mieszczanka - Cabbage and Caviar Family: Round I|Round II|Round II B|Round III|Final Round

Dropped Out

5. Long and Little: Round I
2. Hitzwell and Hawkins Family: Round I
9. Stevens and Gonzalez Family: Round I|Round II
2. Jones and Smith Family: Round I No Entry
4. PlumBobbed - Elsing and Harris Family: Round I|Round II
5. L Lawliet - Julius and Ambrose Family: Round I|Round II
3. Whatwedobest - Dirde and Neesie Family: Round I|Round II|Round II B - No Entry
1. HappyasaBunny: Thompson and Smith Family: Round I|Round II|Round II B|Round III - No Entry


1. TRIriana
3. Tree4Me

Emergency Judges

1. Imcran

Meet the Family
27.06 - 04.07

Family One Example: The Jones Family
Include the names, ages, personalities, brief history and occupation(s), of each member of the household

Family Two Example: The Smith Family
Include the names, ages, personalities, brief history and occupation(s), of each member of the household

Include: One headshot of each household member and a family shot

Ways in which the wives can be moved into the opposing households are listed here

Round Two: Week One
06.07 - 12.07

Round Two: Week One - The Other Family
13.07 - 17.07 Extended to the 19th

Round Three: Rule Change
18.07 - 24.07

Round Three: Rule Change - The Other Family
22.07 - 26.07 Extended to the 27th

The Winner!
staff: retired moderator
#2 Old 27th Jun 2009 at 1:05 PM
Contest Approved
Begins 6.27.09
Ends 7.27.09
  • Do not post replies and/or contest applications before the contest host has checked in on this thread, or your post will be deleted.
  • DO NOT WRITE USELESS POSTS like "Hey cool contest, I think I might join." Reserve type posts and useless posts about coming back with an application will be deleted.

Formerly known as boolPropped
Original Poster
#3 Old 27th Jun 2009 at 8:50 PM
I'm here! Please send in some applications. . It'll be fun - honest. .
Lab Assistant
#4 Old 27th Jun 2009 at 9:49 PM
Sounds fun, just one thing; How would you swap the wives over?
Original Poster
#5 Old 28th Jun 2009 at 1:43 AM Last edited by TRIriana : 28th Jun 2009 at 2:38 AM.
There are four ways that you can do this:

1. boolProp the wives from one family into the other via the Tombstone.
2. Create the two wives and create exact, putting one of each into both houses.
3. Have both families on the same lot, and build two houses on that lot.
4. Move out both wives, and add them to the opposite families.
Mad Poster
#6 Old 28th Jun 2009 at 2:29 AM
You can also choose to move the Sims out, and they will keep the same relationship stats with the people that they used to live with. You can then move the wifes into the houses you're putting them in. I hope that made sense.

If it's okay, may I be an E-J?

This allows me to see into the minds of people! That's right, I can actually see what they're thinking!
So long as what they're thinking is exactly what I think they're thinking.
Original Poster
#7 Old 28th Jun 2009 at 2:37 AM
I'll add that suggestion, Tree4me! I hadn't thought of that one. And I will also add you as an EJ.
Lab Assistant
#8 Old 28th Jun 2009 at 3:42 AM
Does the family have to include a husband? Can I add a shot of their body along with a headshot, but make in one pic, like two? Like the headshot on one side and the body on the other side?

Original Poster
#9 Old 28th Jun 2009 at 4:38 AM
Yes, you can do that. And no, there doesn't have to be a husband - there just has to be someone else actually living with the "wife" figure.
Lab Assistant
#10 Old 28th Jun 2009 at 11:30 AM
thanks. I'll get working on my app!
#11 Old 28th Jun 2009 at 4:46 PM Last edited by AnimalMad : 28th Jun 2009 at 10:07 PM.
Are pets allowed in the families?

Edit: Thanks I should have my app ready tomorrow
Original Poster
#12 Old 28th Jun 2009 at 5:00 PM
Yes, they can be. .
#13 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 12:27 PM
What exactly do we need in the application?
Here are my sims
The woman with the black hair is called Jenny, she is holding her daughter Jamie. The ginger man next to her is her husband, Callum.
The woman in the suit is Emily, and her husband is the man in the suit, Jacob
*pic is not showing :S*
Field Researcher
#14 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 12:53 PM
I have two families that are going to get Wife Swapped!

The Thomson Family
A fun loving family with a lot to offer to the new wife that is coming. They live in Parkville, Alabama. This family started in Washington D.C. where they both grew up. They got married and had their child and decided to move to a quaint little town in the middle of nowhere.

Dan:30 years old and a website engineer.
Tiffany: 30 years old and a software engineer.
Ben: 17 years old and a senior at Parkville High School. He wants to have a large business selling software that his mother made.

The Smith Family
A large family that loves to spend more time out on the town than at home.
They have always lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Fred: 35 years old. Works at an investment firm
Kate: 35 years old. Trying to pursue modeling/acting
Leah: 9 years old. Loves to have fun and get lots of toys.
Delanie: 17 years old. A senior at Ann Arbor High School. Wants to become a fashion designer.

These families feel that they will do great, but seem to be completely opposite. Can the wives learn to see eye to eye with their new family once they get there.
Original Poster
#15 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 3:33 PM Last edited by TRIriana : 29th Jun 2009 at 6:42 PM.
Originally Posted by AnimalMad
What exactly do we need in the application?
Here are my sims
The woman with the black hair is called Jenny, she is holding her daughter Jamie. The ginger man next to her is her husband, Callum.
The woman in the suit is Emily, and her husband is the man in the suit, Jacob
*pic is not showing :S*

Everything that's needed is detailed in the initial post of the contest thread, underneath the Round I banner. . Check out the other applications for a hint on the set-up of the Round.

Great application, Happyasabunny. .
Field Researcher
#16 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 4:24 PM

Well everyone, meet the families!

Here's family #1, the Hitzwells.

Living in a suburban paradise, the Hitzwells are one of the wealthiest families in the country. Recently married, these two A-Listers just moved into their new mansion. Famous for their sophisticated parties and dinners, their house is always full of life and lots and lots of lobster.

Alan Hitzwell is the owner and CEO of Hitzwell Car Industries, age 35, he is often mocked by his inferiors for his foolishness and inexperience, however, he got the company out of financial debt and back, well, back to business. Alan is quite a grouch, and a bit serious, however he does have a playful side to him. He enjoys playing tennis and is absolutely terrified of pigs.

Stella Hitzwell is Vittoria's Secret model, the leading lingerie store in Sim City, age 24, although due to her husband's distate, she rarely models now. She keeps herself entertained by hosting parties and mainly just lounging about doing nothing. She enjoys a good drink in a 5-star restaurant with her friends and occasionally goes clubbing at the local VIP clubs.

And here's family #2, the Hawkins family.

Living in the city center, the Hawkins live in a small-ish house which is usually a mess. The Hawkins family have been living in Sim City all their lives, and are coping on a tight budget. James and Katie have also been recently married, after Katie's previous failed marriage.

James Hawkins, age 29, hopes to be a rockstar someday, and currently sings and plays guitar in a local band called Go:Video. James has always been a bit of a playboy, although he is obsessed with his son Ryker and is trying is hardest to ensure his welfare, although he can't say he puts as much effort into his new stepdaughter. James lives for music, partying, and his son. He absolutely hates the 'sophisticated' life, and would never want to live it himself.

Katie has always had a life of trouble. At 27 she's never had a minute's peace ever since Jackie was born, and now she has absolutely no time to herself. Especially since James doesn't seem to make enough money, she also has to go to work as a clerk in a clothing store while her children are at school or in the daycare center. Katie used to love going to the spa, and dancing, she also used to paint and had aspired to become a lawyer.

Jaqueline, or Jackie, is a 16 year old and driving her mother insane. She loves punk rock, metal, and emo and is very into the 'scene'. Her favourite hobby is driving the preppy people in her school up the wall and sneaking out with her boyfriend. She likes her stepdad's hands off attitude, although she sometimes wishes she could still see her father.

Ryker is well, a toddler, he's 3 years old. There's not much to say about him, except the fact that he looks like a mini-James. In fact, he was about to be called James Jr, except Katie insisted otherwise. Ryker can walk, except is very lazy and doesn't like to, he prefers to be carried. He isn't potty trained, although he can talk.

Hmm, I wonder what the first week is going to be like?
#17 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 4:45 PM Last edited by AnimalMad : 4th Jul 2009 at 1:09 PM.
Family one are the Jones family. They live right by the beach and are crazy!
The love parties and swimming. They have one daughter, and Jenny is pregnant with their second child

Jenny is 20, and she runs a seaside cafe. - Aspiration Family-

Callum is 23, and he doesn't work. He loves partying all night - aspiration pleasure -

This is their 2 year old daughter Jamie. She loves playing in the park and building sand castles on their own private beach!

Family 2 are the Smith family. They live in the bustling city of Sim York. They have no kids.

Emily is 35, and she doesn't work. - Aspiration fortune -

Jacob is 40. He owns his own empire of companies. He wishes he could divorce Emily and meet someone more "fun". He loves emily but wishes she would bemore outgoing. He is paranoid he will lose his $1 BN fortune - Aspiration Popularity -

*hopes there is no elimination *
Eliana and happyasabunny, yours are great
*hopes nobody notices she only use MS Paint*
This is my first contest, please tell me if anything is wrong
Lab Assistant
#18 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 5:42 PM
Default Round 1: Meeting the Families
Sorry my computer crashed yeaterday and i wasn't able to post this;

Family 1:

(Thats a really bad picture but i couldn't get a better one- sorry)
Name: Nicola Hirst
Age: 43
Personality: She is a very active lady who believes in family time. She has a fiery side, so watch out!
Occupation: Stay at home mum.
Brief History: Nicola believes very strongly in family time and makes sure her children are always doing something active. She is a typical house wife who takes care of Cooking, Cleaning and looking after her 4 children.

Name: Jack Hirst
Age: 45
Personality: Jack likes his big family however enjoys time spent alone working on his crops.
Occupation: farmer
Brief History: Jack is a simple man with a simple life. He loves his job and likes things to be planned and in order. He is very organised and hard working.

Name: Rachael Hirst
Age: 17
Personality: A bit of a wild child.
Occupation: High school student
Brief History: Rachael hates her family activities and would much rather be out partying with her friends!

Name: Charlie Hirst
Age: 17
Personalality: Very bright and quiet.
Occupation: High school student
Brief History: Charlie enjoys time on his own just like his dad. He is very interested in science and is often found slaving over some project. He doesn't mind family time but any other chance he has he will be up in his room.

Name: Alex Hirst
Age: 9
Personality: Bright, active and a bit loud.
Occupation: Junior schhol student
Brief History: Alex is a very bright boy who is not afraid to state his opinion. He is very loud and active which often lands him in trouble at both home and scool!

Name: Carolynn Hirst
Age: 3
Personality: A very bright, loving girl
Occupation: The baby
Brief History: Carrie being the baby often gets a lot of attention. She is ver sweet and everone loves her, however she doesn't suck this attention up like most children.

Family 2: Coleman

Name: Joanna Coleman
Age: 32
Personality: Joanna is a very free thinking, independant lady.
Occupation: ex-chef
Brief History: Joanna had a rough start in life getting pregnant at 17. She and her daughter lived alone and were very protective of each other. She worked her way up to becoming a chef. During this time she met vJosh. The two are now happily married and have another daughter.

Name: Josh Coleman
Age: 34
Personality: Josh is a very hard working and friendly man
Occupation: Doctor
Brief History: After a messy break up Josh met Joanna. The two fell in love and married. He knew about her past and was determined to make her happy. He, like Joanna is a very laid back dad.

Name: Haley Coleman
Age: 17
Personality: A fun loving, bright girl
Occupation: High school student/ cashier
Brief History: Haley always stuck by her mum. Once Josh came intop the picture she was slightly wary, but after meeting him and realising how happy he made her she eased up. She agreed to let him adopt her and the two share a great bond. She also very much loves her younger half sister. She goes out most fridays and at the weekends of course!

Name: Becca Coleman
Age: 2 1/2
Personality: shy and sweet natured girl
Occupation: The baby
Brief history: Becca is very muched loved by all her family. She is quite bold around them however shys away from anyone she doesn't know

(This is my first contest so i hope i got it right! Can't wait for next round XD)
Original Poster
#19 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 6:39 PM
The applications are looking great so far! I do hope we get more people to join - fortunately there are quite a few days remaining yet. .
Test Subject
#20 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 7:38 PM
I'm working on my families now.
Original Poster
#21 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 8:37 PM
Awesome! Thank you for joining.
Lab Assistant
#22 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 9:14 PM
How long is it till ROund 2 *so i have a rough idea of what time 2 check this out)
Original Poster
#23 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 9:34 PM
Hopefully, the 05.07, giving times for scoring to return.
Lab Assistant
#24 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 9:51 PM
cool thnx!
Test Subject
#25 Old 29th Jun 2009 at 10:17 PM Last edited by Skanner : 30th Jun 2009 at 7:20 PM.

The Longs are a very well off family. Alfred's first wife died soon after their daughter Eva was born, but he's found love again with Vivian.

Corporate titan Vivian genuinely loves her new husband, but she's not fond of children. She tries to avoid Eva as much as possible. Her greatest fear is to be seen as nuvoe (SP?) riche.

Alfred is a bestselling mystery author who comes from old money. Recently, he has felt torn between his wife and his daughter.

Eva herself is an intrinsically kind person who is trying to make friends with her step-mother, though it's proving difficult. She's also a piano prodigy, and something of a mooch.

The Little family consists of parents Peter and Amelia, their daughter Tanya, and twins Micheal and Andrew.

Tanya and Andrew married almost immediately after graduating high school together, and niether of them attended college. Tanya is a fighter pilot, and the family's main breadwinner. She hopes to have at least one more child.

Tanya was actually conceived on Peter and Amelia's prom night, though of course she doesn't know it. Luckily, her parents were genuinely in love and it looks like they're together for the long run. She likes to help her parents out around the house.

Peter waits tables to supplement his wife's income, but he's at least a part-time stay at home dad. He loves his kids, and wouldn't mind having a couple more. He's still a kid at heart himself.

Micheal (top) and Andrew are identical twins. Though still only toddlers, they've both already displayed signs of incredible intelligence.
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