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Default 10 Gen Aspiration Challenge
Hey Guys, Here is the 10 Gen Aspiration Challenge for the sims 3. (requires all EPS)
If you still play the sims 3, or want to get back into it, this is definitely for you.
This challenge follows the original 10 generation legacy rules by pinstar11,they are in the forums.
(sims 3 forums)
Starting Out:
Start with 8! founders, 4 boys and 4 girls.
To make the descendant 8 sims, the sims will pair off and each have 2 children.
Pick any traits for them. The aspiration will be explained in the generation rules.
the goal for each generation is to complete all 8 aspirations.
Ok, lets get started.

Generation One.
Your 8 sims want to travel the world and learn skills around the world with these 8 aspirations.
-bottomless nectar collector
-great explorer
-martial arts master
-private musuem
-seasoned traveler
-world class gallery
-physical perfection

Generation Two *if the descendants are not 4 girls and 4 boys, they can either marry a townie and have 2 kids or do same sex relationships and adopt 2 kids.
Scary Stuff
Your Sims want to explore the darker part of life, unlike their parents. They want to embrace the supernatural.
-Zombie Master
-alchemy artisian
-greener gardens
-leader of the pack
-magic makeover
-master of mysticism
-mystic healer
-turn the town

Generation 3
Animal Lover
Your 8 sims prefer cuter things to zombies and werewolves.
-the zoologist
-the jockey
-the fairytale finder
-the cat herder
-the canine companion
-the animal rescuer
-the ark builder
-scientific specialist (kinda vet?)

Generation 4
Your 8 sims wants to the most well known people in the town whether it be good or bad.
-gold digger
-surrounded by family
-super popular
-master romancer
-leader of the free world
-emperor of evil
-reach max influence in social groups

Generation 5
In The Spotlight
Your Sims want to be famous and show off their skills.
-golden tongue/golden fingers
-life style of the rich and famous
-master magician
-one sim band
-rock star
-superstar actor
-vocal legend
-master acrobat

Generation 6
Smarty Pants
Your Sims want to be the smartest people in the world and get to the top of their careers.
-jack of all trades
-international super spy
-world renowned surgeon
-become an astronaut
-ceo of a major corparation
-distinguished director
-firefighter super hero
-major master

Generation 7
Your Sims want to master the arts.
-master of the arts
-proffessional author
-illustrious author
-street credible
-blog artist
-home design hotshot
-fashion phenomenon
-descendant of da vinci

Generation 8
Dat Tropical Life
Your Sims want to live the life of the rich and famous( and evil) and in the tropics.
-deep sea diver
-living in the lap of luxury
-become a master theif
-resort empire
-grand explorer
-swimming in cash
-seaside savior
-possesion is nine tenths of the law

Generation #9
Skillz for dayz
Your sims want to learn all kinds of skills.
-chess legend
-the perfect garden
-the tinkerer
-presenting the private aquarium
-physical perfection
-perfect mind, perfect body.
-renessaince sim
-greener gardens

Generation 10
Your Sims want nothing more than advanced things in the future.
-become a creature-robot cross breeder * some of the lw are random, had to fit in these*
-dynamic dna profiler
-high tech collector
-made the most of my time
-celebrity physic
-pervasive private eye
-home design hotshot
-celebrated 5 star chef
-paranormal profiteer

Thanks guys for reading my challenge!
I have a youtube channel, subscribe for sims 3+4 videos!
I will do an lp of this if you want to watch that
link to YT channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj...-kfype7yiPz6m-Q
Test Subject
#2 Old 13th Sep 2015 at 12:22 PM
This is sort of the same challenge as I made
Test Subject
#3 Old 19th Sep 2015 at 2:26 AM
Won't the 8 Sims all be cousins by generation 4 (assuming no townie marriages or adoptions)?
Also, do you have them all in one household?
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