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Default Legacy Room Challenge
Legacy Room Challenge

Cloning is ALL the rage on planet Simiter. People there buy cloned pets, eat cloned vegetables, and even occasionally clone themselves. Your Sim used to live there. They grew up with four identical cats, two identical little siblings, and detests cloned broccoli. It's time for a change. They've heard of this 'Nature vs Nurture Clone Experiment' that Clone Corp has just revealed, and they believe you might be the PERFECT Sim for it. After all, how bad could a new life on a foreign planet be, even if you have just signed your life away to an evil corporation? So what if, once your clone reaches maturity, you're spirited home to become a lab rat? You'll just leave a nice room with all your lifetime accomplishments in it for your clones to enjoy. That'll be nice, right?


Goal: Complete your LTW, obtain nine clones using the Clone Voucher LTW award, and leave behind a beautiful room each time dedicated to their LTWs.


-Begin with any Sim you wish. Give them any traits and looks you like. The Founder cannot start off married nor have CAS children (Clone Corp only paid for one ticket to Earth, the cheapskates). Pick any empty lot you wish in any town you wish for them to live in, but just remember that you'll be making TEN custom rooms on it, so bigger is usually better.

-Achieve your lifetime wish and build a room! Once done, build a legacy room for future clones to enjoy. Master Chef? Leave a five-star kitchen! Gardener? A garden worth strolling through. PI? How about a sleuth cave? It's up to you on what sort of room to leave, so have fun with it!

-Purchase the Clone Voucher LTW reward. This is your heir. Raise them well and make sure they get a different LTW than you! YOU ONLY GET ONE. Once they hit YA, move out the founder and any family they may have (Clone Corp wishes to see the effects of long time exposure to clones). What happens to them after that is up to you, but they CAN NOT move back into the town if the challenge is still going on.

-Start the cycle over again. Clones can get married, start families, build bots, adopt pets, anything they like, but remember to leave room in the household for the next heir(simbots and plumbots can stay). They can dye their hair, but NO plastic surgery! They can drink Young Again potions, Fountain of Youth elixirs, and even eat ambrosia, but they may NOT drink the Age Freeze potion (Clone Corp frowns on that sort of thing). Supernaturals are welcome, and Clone Corp looks forward to dissectin-er, studying them.

-No cheats, unless in dire circumstances (glitches and what-not). If your clone dies, you lose. Take good care of them! Cloning is expensive!

-For extra fun, dye your clone's hair, and make their room in that color scheme!

-You win once all ten rooms are completed! (Keep playing with the last clone if you like, since a coup to overthrow Clone Corp happened right after they were born and they're free to live their lives as they like from then on).



(Note: This is my first written up challenge that I created with help from a friend. I really hope you guys enjoy it! We've had a lot of fun playing it a few times now- though my computer refuses to let me play one all the way through. Oh well. Go have fun for me! And thanks for checking it out!)
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