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Default Deal Challenge
Due to all my Challenges being denied I am sure this one won't go . So let's make it count!

Story: [Insert teenage girl sim's name] had always been a good girl. Great grades, no enemies and well behaved friends before meeting [Insert friend's name], they were a troubled child, enjoying pulling pranks and doing their homework late. [Insert teenage girl sim] had her friend over; her friend had told her about a old house that used to be owned to a man. The man had been a lawyer, having a heart of stone since the parents of a child who was killed didn't pay enough barely tried and the man walked out free. The ghost of the child so angry she turned him into a monster, haunting him until he killed himself. [Insert friend's name] forced her to come with her to see the house. Going inside it looked very rich, and beautiful with some sighs of life. [Insert friend name] teased [Insert teenage girl sim's name] for being scared, her friend walks off to explore as the girl views all the art in the house. Suddenly, the friend screamed so the girl raced to her seeing a ghost girl grabbing her friend. She ran and hides in the bathroom only to see something terrifying. A monster, she shudders trying to run but the monster did not allow her to escape. He made her a deal, too scared to think she agrees. It had been years since he saw a woman, he requested her one night. She walks with him, and in the morning she awoke to him already buttoning up his everyday attire. As one would think he would make her breakfast or even fall in love he did neither. Ordering her to leave forcing her to get dressed, she wasn't even able to see if her friend was alright. Two months later she found she was with child.

Characters: You only need two characters, if desired you can have side characters that are always fun. The female simís family (Only allowed to have two siblings.) can be a homosexual couple, I really donít care as long as it makes you happy. If you want to reenact the story, youíll need a character of any gender to be the friend and a ghost girl that made the male sim to what he was on the inside. A monster, you cannot make a werewolf. The male sim needs to be a monster, and a werewolf can make him human. Iím positive you can find a cc sim or just ccs to create a terrifying monster.


~Girl cannot have the traits ĎNurturingí

~Monster needs the trait of mean spirited, evil, born salesman (If you canít, then just go with another trait you presume a layer would have)

~The girl must be a teen when pregnant.

~The monster needs to be a young adult, adult or elder. Ever seen a teen layer?

~Child needs to just be one, no twins please.

~Child needs the traits of evil, mean spirited.

The child: The child can look just like their mother or their father. Do not edit in CAS unless you are changing traits/attire. They need to be a bully, terrible person.

Childhood: They have childhood goals.

~Be enemies with everyone in the family but their mother.

~Each boyfriend/girlfriend their mother gets, they need to do something bad to them. Mods- anyone?

~Get terrible grades

~At least one babysitter hates them.

Teenager: They gotta have goals too.

~Three successful pranks upon school

~Still terrible grades.

~To each lover their mother gets, they must beat them up then do one prank.

~Prank each family member other than mother.

~Enemies with any other siblings and needs to do one bad thing to them each day.

~Never does homework

~Once a week go out after curfew

~Get a three girlfriends, make them hits and runs or just cheat.

Adulthood: More goals.

~Kills one person in family

~Gets stone heart reward

~Gets Criminal Career

~One wife, two girlfriends.

~Few bastard children.

~Attacks real father once

~End goal: When the Sim has became the master of evil (Ten in criminal career.)
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