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Default Fix for some strange lag on lots in CAW worlds
Hi all,

This might not work for everyone and just discovered this tonight but I've seen alot of talk about strange lag when playing lots from worlds created with CAW. This was also bugging the hell out of me and I think I have just found a fix or at least one fix that might help . It's even kinda silly but it seems to have cleared up any lag on every lot that I had.

Don't create any in-game lots in a custom world. Just for good measure I would'nt delete any lots created in CAW, in-game.

Yeah, I know seems odd but here's how I discovered it. I created a empty world with just lots, roads, and deco's (no buildings) and left some area blank so that I could just make a few in-game lots if something came up. I loaded it up, placed all my community buildings, few houses I made, and even built a new home. Had no lag like my previous worlds I built and was the reason I started over in the first place thinking I just screwed the previous worlds up.

Everything was running fine and then I decided to build a apartment building and chose to use one of the in-game lots, placed it, started to build and every few moments the jerking began. I panic'd, came here, read a few threads discussing pathing issues and potienial problems. I really did'nt want to go over every single path with a finetooth comb. Rebuilding data "should" be sufficient enough especially since my world is simple, flat, small, etc.; and after my 3rd world experiencing this problem was about to just say f it, and play a EA map. So first I logged into all my houses, yeah lag sill there. Logged into my newly built house that was lag free and yeah was jerking too now. So I deleted the new in-game lot and thought maybe I'll just replace it. Once I deleted it, on a whim I checked my new house again and sure enough, lag was gone. So I checked all my previous buildings and same, lag gone.

So then obviously I seriously tested it then. Adding a new in-game lot ..jerky..took it away..lag gone. So I guess, at least for me, if you are creating a world in CAW make ALL the lots in CAW. Try adding a in-game lot to a custom world and see if it's the same for you? Hope this helps someone. Sorry for the long-winded post.
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That's possible! I added a few in-game lots in Sunset Valley to add Late Night buildings and ever since my neighbourhood is lagging.

I played other neighbourhoods afterwards, like Bridgeport and Twinbrook and they are just fine.

I was thinking it could be some bad CC, but given your explanation, guess must be the added lots...
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Are you meaning actually creating lots using the world editor tool in-game? If so then I could believe this, as the routing for the new lots is saved in the savegame and is essentially overwriting the world routing (which is saved in the world file). So, the game has to recalculate routing which could cause lag, I suppose.

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Arg I hope not, I dont want to have to go back and try and remember which lots I made in CAW and which ones I put down in explains a lot of my lag issues though

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Couldn't you fix this by going back in CAW and rebuilding the routing? If not, then you should at least be able to see where its weird.
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I think playful is talking about the in game world editor and not EIG from CAW because then you could still get the routing data in the world file.
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