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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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The Founders Legacy Challenge. - A legacy challenge you have all been waiting for.* Updated for LN
Hello fellow simmers!

Well after deciding i have had enough of playing a legacy challenge that is not updated with proper rules and fun challenges to shoot for, i sat in a funk for a few hours, until i decided that i should just make my own Legacy Challenge. Once upon a time PinStar sat where I am now, so why couldnt i do it too! New Sims Era. Therefore a new spin on the classic legacy challenge was needed. Things need to change!

It's pretty much like the Legacy Challenge with some exciting twists and changes...and a lot more challenge. Some things i always wished the original Legacy challenge allowed and in my opinion things that improve the overall quality of play. I have put in A LOT of time doing this and trying to make it the legacy challenge like it was back in the sims 2. When it was hard...and fun...and most of all ...a challenge!

I have researched like you wouldnt believe and came at things from every angle, but if i have missed something, i apologize. I'm new to creating challenges ( Not so new to playing em :P )
I hope you enjoy it, as i have been so far. I pray it brings you as much fun as ts2 legacy challenge created by the amazing pinstar ...brought me.
( Like i said if theres any suggestions you think of let me know? Or anything i missed! I will not be offended. I do not claim to be a pinstar-esque legacy challenge creating wizard. Only someone who is trying very hard to bring my favorite part of sims back to play! )

- D.T

* If you are new to this challenge- there has been some problems with our thread and such and it's being worked to be recovered by the mods of this site. See PAGE 2 POST 35 for a link to the rest of the challenge, which includes the exciting optional mini challenges and the point categorys and much much more!! This is only part 1 out of 3.* OR if you wont want to dig for it click here: THE RULES

* Optional Mini Challenges for extra points will be posted following the rules of the founders legacy challenge*

Starting out- Steps: ( Already covered a lot of this in rules, but i will lay it out here simplistically ):

1: Normal aging and story progression must be on. ( If you have a progression mod that is Ok )
2: Create 2 sims. These are your founders. They are also GENERATION 0. Not generation 1 like in the original challenge….the first baby born into the family is the start of generation 1. Remember this. Challenge ends when the generation 10 heir is aged to Y.A
3: Choose both your founder sims traits, life time wishes and favourites. Your founder sims may be of any ages although one must at least be Y.A. or over, together they must bring in the next generation. They may only be 'housemates' in the realtionship panel, not engaged, or married or girlfriend/boyfriend.
4: Move your sims onto the biggest lot- You may not live in a highrise.
You must move into the biggest lot possible, if your computer can't handle the massive lot, or you prefer smaller lots or the town your playing doesn't offer a huge lot you must use a cheat you take your money down to correct amount- The biggest lot Should cost 14,700, and you should have 3,800 to spend after purchase- The amount you have leftover to spend will be less if you choose a sim below Y.A age. That is the penalty you must incur for doing so. Just make sure if you are using a cheat to take away family funds subtract the whole amount of 14,700 from whatever you are given to start with. You may not move out of this lot ever.

The Rules:

1: No cheats or mods! Unless the cheats are used for fixing buggy problems. You may use all other cheats that don’t contribute to the success of your family. This means no money or mood or aging cheats! Custom content is allowed so long as the moods they give are realistic with the price. For example a bed given 10 energy and 5 enviroment and yet only costing 7 simoleons is not permitted. If you get confused look for the EA created items and prices and try to pick something in a similar range.

Story progression mod is allowed, for those that despise the EA story progression. Also mods allowing same gender pregnancy are allowed if you happen to have same sex couples. You may also have the master computer/awesome mod installed, but must not use it to advance your family or cheat in any ways. Do not do anything that would give you an advantage over other players playing without these mods.
You are allowed to have the overstuffed household mod. Hey if you want that much of a challenge who am i to deny it. However if playing with this mod, any sim that is not the intended legacy heir must be moved out once they age to young adult- no exceptions.. You don’t need to do this if you only have the original allowed amount of 8 – This is only for people who have too many sims in their household to prevent them from getting rich from having dozens of working y.a and adult sims.

2: The legacy family must remain the active family at all times, and must stay on the lot for the all of the generations to come.

3: Adopted children and Servos contribute nothing to the legacy family points– Adopted children however are eligible for bonus at the end of the game, described in detail later on. They can not earn points for completing lifetime wishes or reaching the top of any careers. However you still get lifetime rewards from them in-game!

4: You must create 2 sims- one of which must be a young adult or older. However they are not allowed to be spouses, just housemates. They must eventually wed and produce generation 1. This is the only time you ever get to have complete creative control over both sims that will bring in the next generation of the legacy. – If one of these sims dies before you produce a heir, you fail the challenge, you are not allowed to marry a townie or anyone else to bring in the first genertion. It must be the two sims you created.

5: You may not age sims up before their life stage is completely over. The age panel must state : Ages up in 0 days in order for them to have a birthday.

6: You may NOT move in pointless sims to help get extra money. The only time you may move in sims is if you marry them in with any sims in the household ( Non- Heir included ) or if you intend to bring in future generations with them and they are the heirs chosen spouse.
Once a sims move out of the family, they are not allowed to move back in. If you moved out your heir of the next generation, then hopefully you have a spare heir.

If a spare heir needs to assume position of the heir they start earning points for the family the second they take over and everything they have done sofar becomes accountable. The original heir can then no longer contribute to the legacy family points. There can only be 1 heir gathering points. If you switch heirs, all of the points the previous heir earned are no longer accountable. Thats why you must take care of your spare just incase they become active then you account whatever they had achieved and contribute that to the familys points.
You cannot use a spare heir if your original heir has already brought in the next generation.

7: You may NOT create any of the future spouses of the future generations and then put them into your game. However you ARE allowed to marry any in town, npcs or custom made sims downloaded on line. ( so long as you haven’t tampered with them AT ALL. ) However If you want a perfect score you need to be going after NPCs

8: Death Flowers CAN NOT be kept in inventory. They may be grown/ or sold promptly. But no warding off death with these!

9: You may pass down 1 trait from each parent for a total of 2 traits to every sim born into the legacy. This trait can be any trait you choose so long as a parent has it in their trait pool and it hasnt already been passed down. You can not keep passing down the same 2 traits generation after generation. You must roll all the remaining traits needed for each sim born into the legacy, upon age ups… unless you do a trait challenge to earn the right to pick another trait.
If the traits you want to pass down from the parents to their new baby is not listed because of age. You have to roll for the baby’s traits, you are still allowed to pick 1 trait from each parent when it becomes available at any next age up.

* Note: This is optional, you don’t actually have to pass down a trait from each parent, but you are allowed. *

10: * This is by far THE most important rule of this challenge. *

You may not use any of the public amenities ( Or items at other sims houses ) to fill motives or build skills until you own at least one item that fills that particular motive or an item that builds the skill you are trying to build.

For example: If you DON’T own a shower or a toilet at home, you may NOT go to the gym to use the shower and the toilet. If the only thing you own is a sofa and a fridge, You may use any items that allow for sitting or napping since you own the sofa at home and anything that restores hunger ( Including BBQs in the parks or Picnics out ) Since you have a fridge at home to replenish those needs.

You are allowed to dine out if you don’t own a fridge since you do have to pay for it, but you can not go and ‘ steal ‘ free food…Until you own your own fridge. :D You can mooch food though. You are able to use other things around town that you have to pay for. Laundromat/theater/ Drinking at bars and what not. However you may not use other things unless you own or are paying for them. Make sure you don't sit down at the bar with your drink unless you happen to already have something allowing you to sit or have comfort at home!

You are also allowed to fish in community ponds and the ocean. Since it doesnt cost anything to create a pond in your lot anyway.
This is to make the challenge what it was in sims 2, when the legacy challenge was hard and you couldn’t get everything you needed from simply wandering around town using all of the towns skillable equipment and replenishing your needs. It only sounds hard, but once you collect one thing to fill every need and one thing for each skill you can use everything around town normally. The challenge is obtaining those items ASAP.

Make sure when you are enjoying late night that you don't forget this rule when out visiting all the late night spots!! You must own 1 of each similar item in order to use it! Each seperate musical item -bass-piano-drums and guitar are all seperate things and you must own each of them in order to use them while you are out.

* Vacations are the only exception to this rule. Since you are paying a fair amount of money for the trip you should be able to use whatever you want and enjoy your vacation!

11: You are no longer able to go on vacations every day or two. You must wait a full sim week before going on a vacation. This how many vacations each life stage may enjoy.
Child: One
Teen: Two
Young adult and adult: three
Elder: two and up, depending on how long the Elder lives. For every week they may take another vacation.
* Vampire, mummies simbots, Ghosts- Three per lifestage, once they age to a new lifestage they get another 3, if they were elder and have no more lifestages, then three is all they get. This means servos will only get 3 total since they only have 1 lifestage.
If they are vampire/ghosts children-teens you must follow the above guidelines still for kids-teens.
You don’t actually have to wait an exact WEEK to take a vacation. Just so long as you dont take anymore then the allowed amount per age you can bunch them all together if you’d like.

This restriction is to prevent getting super rich and over skilled way too easily. NO Compendium Farming. Detailed more in the vacation section.

12: You are allowed to have ghosts and simbots and mummies and vampires. However you are only allowed to resurrect 1 ghost, have 1 sim become a mummy and be turned into a vampire once in the entire challenge. You may have ghost and vampire babies, but they can not carry on the legacy line. All sims becoming one of these apparitions MUST be in the actual bloodline - Heir/founders/non-heir.- No spouses or random sims. Meaning you may not ressurect a random ghost, you may not obtain a mummy by 'summoning' one, and you may not have a vampire join the household. Your legacy sims line must " become " these things themselves.

The simbots/ghosts/mummies/vampires are not allowed to eat life fruit or ambrosia. Simbots can’t contribute to legacy points.

You may NOT acquire a simbot through the lifetime rewards panel. Simbots must be earned via the inventing booth. You may use any other lifetime rewards besides acquiring a simbot.

13: Kleptos must sell all the items they steal ( wouldn’t want to get caught holding onto your stolen goods now would you?:P )You may keep stolen items in inventory for completing LTW purposes, but may not ever put them on the lot or use them.
The only other exception to this is that you may return stolen items if you wish.

* New 14: If you do not have late night or have not installed the patch you may not exploit the bug that allows you to ' salvage' items from the junkyard and call the repairman over, having them fix all broken items for a mere 50 simoleons. This IS a cheat. One that has been fixed with the addition of late night or the newest patch. Junk yard items are for detonating, replacing or if they are chairs, for sitting....Once they are broken they are infact broken and as of yet there is no way to fix them back up.
This cheat allows one to breeze through the challenge of this challenge and make some pretty easy cash. Which is why it is forbidden.

* New 15.- You may not hire butlers at all. For they fufill pretty much every possible service sim task all rolled into one and THEN some and are not that expensive in the long run. Not to mention they live on the lot and only bloodlines and sims married or bringing in the next bloodline are allowed to live on the legacy lot. There is a way to still marry the butler- see NPC section way down below.

* New 16- You may NOT use the lifetime rewards: My Best Friend and Mid Life Crisis. However you may use Mid life Crisis if you go through the challenge to unlock the ability to use it. See the third post under the trait section.

Some other Notable Changes from the original sims 3 legacy challenge:

Ambrosia- May be cooked and consumed ONCE throughout your entire LEGACY ( The sim that eats the Ambrosia also gets their vacation time reset for their age group. If they have been on a vacation 3 times and they eat ambrosia they will be able to go on 3 more trips. This ONLY applies to the sim that ate the ambrosia )
Choose wisely – Only one sim in all the legacy is worthy of such royal treatment ( I repeat sim…not simbot, not mummy and not ghosts and not Vampires ):P – All other sims are only allowed to simply learn the recipe.

Resurrection – You may resurrect ONE sim in the entire legacy challenge. Again choose wisely. This is to help you fulfill the ‘ freaks of fancy collection challenge ‘. You may not resurrect any sims that had been Servos, Mummies, or Vampires.

Life fruit. – Every sim deserves an extra chance. Or an extra day. Every sim in the family is entitled to taste the sweet juices of the life fruit ( Note. I said sims. Not creatures. No life fruits for Mummies/ghosts/Vampires or simbots… Every living sim is entitled to a life fruit, even adopted and non heir children). Once in their lifetime and once only. You may not consume any Nectar made with lifefruit and must sell it.

**** You may notice every now and then that your sims are created with rather random depleted ages. I had one sim that had been created with only 10 days left in his y.a. stage, what a waste of 11 precious days and on nothing. To make it fair so that everyone has a chance to have the same amount of days and not have EAs random age generator work its evil mojo, sims who started with anything less then 21 days of life on their first day of play as Y.A. are entitled to 1 additional life fruit per day lost.
So a sim with 16 days to go is set to recieve 5 additional lifefruit anytime in his life just as a sim starting with 26 will recieve none. He must take it himself and can not give it to another sim. Make sure you don't forget how many days were lost when you start your game. Note it down somewhere!!

All other lifefruit grown or otherwise obtained must be sold, except when given to each sim once and the one time only Ambrosia allowance.

- Continued on next post -

* If you are new to this challenge- there has been some problems with our thread and such and it's being worked to be recovered by the mods of this site. See PAGE 2 POST 35 for a link to the rest of the challenge rules. This is only part 1 out of 3.* OR if you wont want to dig for it click here: THE RULES
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Default The Founders Legacy Challenge PT 2
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Default The Founders Legacy Challenge Pt 3
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10th Sep 2010 at 2:01 PM
Default The Founders Legacy Challenge
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13th Sep 2010 at 6:13 AM
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#2 Old 26th Sep 2010 at 9:11 PM
This looks like lots of fun. I've just got a few questions:

1. I can't use objects on community lots until I've purchased them on my own lot. Fair enough. How does this apply to the library? Is it sufficient to own one of every toddler/child toy, a computer, and a bookshelf in order to take full advantage of the library? Or am I required to bring my own books as well? Of course, I play twinbrook(don't worry, I used a cheat code to get rid of extra cash since I had to buy a cheaper lot), so I have to bring my own skill books anyway(library came borked). But do I also have to purchase all fiction books that I want to read, or can I freely read everything the library has once I've purchased a bookshelf on my home lot?

2. If I'm taking the organic challenge, but one of my founders has a hobby(ie, painting), I know I'm not allowed to paint stuff and sell it so as to make painting my main income. Am I allowed to take advantage of painting opportunities over the phone, though? Some of those give a lot of simoleons. For example, in my last legacy I had a sim with painting skill 10 who painted a small painting worth 600~ simoleons to give to someone, and was given around 2.5k simoleons as a reward. That seems like it would be breaking the rules, and painting opportunities are definitely the most outrageously profitable, but if painting opportunities violate the rules then what about other opportunities, like when you upgrade a stereo for a cash reward. Do those violate the rules as well?

3. I know I can't pass the genius trait down through generations as part of the two I choose, but what if I randomly roll it? Am I allowed to keep it then, or do I have to re-roll the trait?

4. For anti-service, what about the babysitter? The description seems like the restrictions would also apply to the babysitter, but it's not explicitly mentioned like the others.

Also, I'm working on a points calculation excel spreadsheet for my own use. If I finish it, would I be allowed to upload it for others to use as well? There's a lot to keep track of for this challenge.
Field Researcher
#3 Old 27th Sep 2010 at 12:48 AM
You mention varying lifespans at one point, but you never go into detail about this. Could you please do so?

Also consider adjusting the point scales based on lifespan?
Test Subject
#4 Old 4th Oct 2010 at 1:10 PM
I really want to give this a go! Just re reading the rules and one thing, the part where it says:
"Social Worker- How can you be a legacy sim if you cant even keep your legacy intact?! -50 Points"

For the NPC challenge (To spawn the next generation with an NPC as a spouse)
How would we get a Social worker then? :S
Test Subject
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6th Oct 2010 at 5:06 PM
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#5 Old 6th Oct 2010 at 9:02 PM
Thanks for the response. My game bugged up(one of my sims couldn't access the grocery store lot), and I figured there was probably more save file corruption I couldn't see, so I just restarted, in sunset valley this time. I'm probably not going to post many pictures, since I play on a different pc from the one I use to surf the web, but I'll narrate the story of my legacy family.

I'm going for naive, organic, pack rats, ambrosia-allergic, legacy in reality and unlively lifefruit as my challenges, for 95 points total(145, adding in the bonus).

I'll edit this post with some information about my starting sims shortly, I need to go play the actual game for a bit first. :p
Lab Assistant
#6 Old 6th Oct 2010 at 9:20 PM
I started this and got to the 3rd gen then my game bugged. I'm finding it difficult to get the kids all skills etc but that's the fun part isn't it. Going to start again and this time I might take lots of photos and see what I come up with.

It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honor that we are fighting, but for freedom - for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

Sims 3
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#7 Old 6th Oct 2010 at 10:02 PM Last edited by moryrie : 6th Oct 2010 at 10:04 PM. Reason: quote fail
Thank you for your response. As for exactly where you confused me, it is here:
12: You are no longer able to go on vacations every day or two. You must wait a full sim week before going on a vacation. This how many vacations each life stage should enjoy.
Child: One
Teen: Two
Young adult and adult: three
Elder: two and up, depending on the lifespan.
( If you havent taken all the vacations allowed for every age stage, you are able to take them even if it hasn't been a week since your past vacation. But you are not allowed to exceed the maximum vacation cap for each age.)

This restriction is to prevent getting super rich and over skilled way too early on in the game. NO Compendium Farming. Detailed more below.

And while I did see 'normal aging' at another point, that little area made me think you were allowing for different types of lifespans, but then perhaps forgot halfway through or something.
#8 Old 6th Oct 2010 at 11:32 PM
Alisha Jordan and Alexander Forley moved to Sunset Valley because Alexander had inherited a plot of land from his dead great-uncle. However, he needed someone to help him work the land, so a mutual friend introduced him to Alisha - a budding gardener - and they hit it off. They are both slobs who love the outdoors, but Alisha is an artistic green thumb who loves family, while Alexander is a lucky angler who enjoys his time alone. They moved into a large plot of land overlooking the ocean - a beautiful view! - and Alisha began the hard work of farming the land while Alexander spent his days fishing. Her lifetime wish was to grow 8 perfect plants, while his was to obtain an aquarium of 13 perfect fish. They worked the land together - Alexander occasionally taking off to fish in solitude, as he enjoyed doing - and a romance began to blossom between them. Soon, they admitted their feelings for each other, and Alexander proposed marriage. Not long after, they married and conceived their first child together.

Alisha's lifetime want - to grow 8 perfect plants - was coming along nicely. She had a small garden of plants which she was breeding for quality, which already contained a perfect apple tree, and a large garden of plants for profit. She didn't have enough time to harvest it all on her own, and had asked Alexander to stay home from fishing some days to help, which he gladly did. His lifetime want was coming along as well, as he already had three perfect specimens of fish.
Test Subject
#9 Old 7th Oct 2010 at 1:09 AM Last edited by mes : 7th Oct 2010 at 4:08 AM.
This challenges has varying amounts of difficulty but that will make it a lot more interesting. I have been finding trouble settling into the Pinstar Legacy challenge mainly because well its a tad boring to me. So this should make my legacy gaming experience a ton of fun. Thank you for the wonderful challenge!

EDIT: there is a rule (#Two) to be exact that states the increse family size mod thing. Its called. "overstuffed household mod" but I cannot seem to find it and, I have actually been looking for a mod like that for some time. Could you tell me where I could find it? OH and a side note does anyone know how to get the awesome mod, and does it have anything to do with what i asked above? (Sorry i sound like a noob )
#10 Old 7th Oct 2010 at 3:40 PM
@mes: There is indeed overstuffed as a feature of awesomemod. You can get it from MATY here: http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/s...a&topic=15185.0
It changes a rediculous number of things, so check the readme before you install. Be warned that it may force you to update the mod about once a week, by refusing to let the game run. There used to be a check built into the mod, but it seems to be missing from the version I downloaded about two weeks ago. That doesn't mean it's missing from the most recent version, though.

I have another question about the organic challenge, because I don't think of these things earlier. All spouses througout the legacy have to max gardening by the adult lifestage, but I often don't get spouses younger than adult in my game(as in, they're adults when I marry them). There's no way to know their age beforehand, and while I've heard there's a subtle difference between YA and A faces, I can't see it myself with the graphics settings I have. Wouldn't it be more fair to have to max gardening before elderhood, since there's no way I can accidentally marry an elder?
Test Subject
#11 Old 7th Oct 2010 at 9:06 PM
thank you so much tigger that was great help, i will take that into consideration about the updating thing as well!
Test Subject
#12 Old 7th Oct 2010 at 10:32 PM
Tigger its says at the bottom the of the Organic Challenge its says that:
"All future generations born into the family must max the gardening skill by young adult hood.
All spouses that join the family are exempt from this."

So I think that means that the spouses dont have to max it? Just my guess!
Test Subject
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8th Oct 2010 at 2:12 AM
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#13 Old 9th Oct 2010 at 2:37 AM
I made a post with the next part of my story in it, but MTS must have been hungry and eaten it for breakfast. Odd. Thanks for the clarification on the organic challenge. And I have another question, because apparently I'm incapable of asking them all at once! I promise I'm not doing this on purpose just to annoy you...
Is there a minimum number of plants I must have on my property at all times? Do I need to keep the 10 flowers/10 shrubs/10 trees/20 garden plants through the entire legacy, or is it only required to meet those numbers when they're mentioned in the rules?
Also, for pack rat,

Now on with my story. Alisha soon gave birth, though much to their surprise it wasn't a boy. Nor was it a girl. It was twins! This had definitely not been their plan, but Alisha and Alexander took it in stride and began to raise their twins. Ben seemed a bit odd, possibly even insane, and seemed to dislike the sun and breeze on his skin, much to their dismay. But he took to the peg box and toddler logic books like a fish to water. In contrat, his sister, Carrie, loved being outside. She also seemed to have Alisha's flair for the arts, because in addition to logical pursuits she also favored the xylophone and toddler art books. They both took after Alexander with their red hair and icy blue eyes, but their skin was much darker, clearly influenced by Alisha's darker tones.

Alisha finished her self-portrait - herself painting in the dress she got married in - shortly after she gave birth, and painted Alexander's portrait while he was eating one morning. They hung both portraits inside the outhouse, for lack of any better walls. Alexander had found a wide variety of fish, and had obtained mounted specimens of minnow, black goldfish, siamese catfish, red herring, rainbow trout and goldfish. He had also fished up perfect fish of the species minnow, black goldfish, red herring, rainbow trout and goldfish. He had maxed fishing, and was 5/13 of the way to his lifetime wish of a perfect aquarium. He planned to move to coastal waters once he maxed gardening in the next few days. Alisha had maxed her gardening, and had grown four perfect plants - an apple tree, a death flower, grapes and lettuce. She also had two perfect plants that had not yet reached maturity, a bell pepper plant and a tomato plant. Aside from those, her garden contained some money trees, garlic, flame fruit bushes, an onion plant, a potato plant and a watermelon vine. She also had an egg plant and a cheese plant, scientific oddities that she wasn't quite sure what to do with.
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9th Oct 2010 at 1:10 PM
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#14 Old 10th Oct 2010 at 3:16 AM
The transition into adulthood came sooner than Alisha and Alexander had expected. Fortunately, they had both managed to max their gardening skill, in Alexander's case with no time to spare. Ben and Carrie grew into children, and Ben developed a love for fishing while Carrie started to feel as if luck was always on her side. While Ben divided his spare time between the blocks table and the fishing pond across the street, Carrie spent hours on her mother's easel, and even asked her parents to purchase a guitar for her, despite the fact that it was still too large for her to play. Alisha and Alexander were beginning to contemplate having a third child, but decided that they would let the twins grow up a little more first, in case it was multiples again.

Ben was becoming quite skilled at fishing, despite his dislike for the outdoors. At dinner one night, he was wondering how he could combine his love of fishing with the family trade, gardening, and Alisha suggested that he join the science career. Ben liked this idea so much that he decided that his lifetime wish was to advance to level 9 of the science career, and become a creature-robot crossbreeder. At around the same time, Alexander finally completed his collection of thirteen fish, and achieved his lifetime wish of having a perfect aquarium. He decided that his new goal in life was to fish up every fish able to be found in sunset valley, and set off for the science dome to search for the rumored robotic fish that swam in those waters. Alisha was still working in her garden, getting very close to perfect plants in several species. She found out that she was pregnant again, much to her joy. Alexander hoped it was a boy, but Alisha didn't care. In anticipation of the new baby, they decided to give their existing children their own cabins, so that they could study and sleep without the crying baby disrupting them. The cabins were small, just large enough to hold a bed, a small table for a lamp, and a hobby for the children to work on in solitude. Ben moved his blocks table into his room, while Carrie chose to take her easel.

Alisha went into labor when Ben and Carrie were just about to graduate elementary school. Much to her surprise, it was twins again! Both twins seemed to enjoy being outside, though it was too early to tell if they had any other differences. The resemblance was much stronger this time than it had been for Ben and Carrie. Allie had her mother's dark skin, while Jesse had a skintone much closer to his father's light skin. It was still too early to tell how the parents' other features had been passed down.

(Seriously, two sets of twins in a in the same family in a row? I'm not using the fertility booster, and there aren't even tvs or radios on my lot. My sims almost never go to community lots either, so I know Alisha isn't getting exposed to some kids shows by accident. She's eating mostly quick meals and leftover cake, nothing weird. I really hope I haven't bugged the save, and that it's just a freak occurrence and I'll stop having twins, because I really don't like playing with multiples. )
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10th Oct 2010 at 11:40 AM
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#15 Old 10th Oct 2010 at 6:11 PM
Ah, another lawn-liver. I've been moving my offspring into their own cabins, but I don't know when(if ever) I'm going to get the main living stuff inside a house. There's just so many better things to spend my simoleons on. :p
And no, she hasn't eaten key lime pie or come in contact with a radio or tv at all. The only stuff she's eaten are quick meals, cake, and a few tomatoes and apples(not while she was pregnant). Unless someone had autonomously set out a boombox or something on a community lot that she was passing through, on the rare few times she left the home lot. That's the only thing I can think of, but it's probably just really bad luck. If I have twins in the next generation, I'll come back to it. :\

Shortly after the birth of the second set of twins, Ben and Carrie graduated from elementary school. Going into their teen years, Ben was beginning to cultivate an interest in gardening, while Carrie became very interested in vehicles of all kinds. After some debate, Alexander and Alisha used some prize money they'd won with their produce to purchase Carrie a cheap car. It wasn't much, but it would get her around town. Both twins decided that it would be useful to them to learn the family trade, and they managed to persuade their parents to let them take some time off school to study gardening techniques, with the promise that they'd go back by the time they were fifteen and work twice as hard to make up for lost time. They leaped into their studies with both feet, spending all day at the library studying. The younger twins were a handful. Ben and Carrie had been hard enough, and they had come along when their parents were still young. Alisha and Alexander were feeling the pressure of middle age now, and wanted to slow their life down, but there was no rest with the two infants around.
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I'm online on the pc I play the sims on to upload some screenshots I took. I'm not going to do this too often, maybe only once or twice a generation, but at least there's a picture associated with the characters now.

This is Alexander:

And Alisha:

Their wedding day:

They hadn't purchased a shower yet.

Ben and Carrie as children playing tag in the garden:

You can't really see it in that picture(due to the dim lighting and .jpg compression), but Ben looked like a monkey from when he was a toddler through childhood. I was so afraid of what he'd look like as a teen or adult, but luckily it turned out okay.

The cabin Ben sleeps in:

Carrie painted that picture. I saw the picture of a little boy fishing on her easel, and loved how it was almost like she was painting her twin. So I hung it in his cabin.

The cabin Carrie sleeps in:

Ben fished up that candle from the pond across the street. I pretended he gave it to her in thanks for the picture she painted.

Alexander achieving his LTW:

No, I didn't keep the fish around. Where would I have stored them? I'm going to build an extensive catacombs underground for the purpose of storing collection items, skill certificates and other generational reward decoration objects, but I haven't had the funds to create that project yet.

Ben and Carrie as teens, sharing a breakfast of leftover birthday cake:

That's not a horribly burnt loaf of bread on the table, it's the box of seeds.
And Ben still looks like a monkey from this angle, but his face actually looks like his father's from the front, so it's fine. That hair, though...he aged up into it, and it makes him look like such a dork. I almost changed it in CAS, then I decided that he's a pretty big dork anyway, so why not let him keep the hair? :p
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11th Oct 2010 at 1:34 AM
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11th Oct 2010 at 1:52 AM
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You're so adventurous, trying for the architect LTW. I'm not even going to attempt that one, as I've heard it's nearly impossible(Assuming you get a perfect score for every renovation from the start, and work every day from when you're a YA to when you're an elder, you'd have to do at least two renovations EVERY DAY, sometimes three!), even with your own crafted objects.

Originally Posted by Ladyofzeworld
Have you decided who will lead the next generation or are you gonna wait it out till the (new) twins are all grown?

It's going to be one of the younger twins(I always make the heir be one of the youngest siblings, to minimize the number of sims in my house at a time), but I don't know which one yet. I'm going to see how they roll their traits, and probably make a decision when they're teens. It will probably also depend on who looks better. :P

I've decided to keep an outdoors-type theme to my legacy lot, and planned out some of the buildings in game(haven't built them yet, due to funds, but I put some flooring down to remind myself where they go). There's going to be six themed(flame fruit, fish, china, egypt, france, ???, ???) 4x5 cabins for children/single adults to reside in(each one having a private toilet/sink, a bed, and maybe a few other things according to cabin theme and the current resident), and one bigger lodge(maybe twice as large?) which will house the current heir and spouse, and any infants or toddlers who need cribs. Then there'll be some sort of loft or platform on top of that building for the grandparents to live in, if they're still alive when the next generation is marrying and having children. There's also going to be a small bathhouse with showers and bathtubs in it. Pretty much everything else is going to be on the lawn(I don't anticipate owning many electronics, and those that I do buy can live in the cabins), or under a pavilion. Then, of course, I'll stick all my collectibles underground. Yay for relatively cheap building concepts, but I think it works for a legacy of farmers.

My game crashed and I lost a few days, which is annoying because when you have two toddlers at once a few days takes a long time to replay. The weekend is over, but hopefully I'll get a chance to play again soon, maybe on wednesday.
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12th Oct 2010 at 12:04 AM
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I am really interested in trying this legacy challenge, but I have one question. I have the Ambitions xpac, and I cannot find a lot on the new map that is 14,700. Can I find the most expensive (3,200) and then use the familyfunds to reduce my cash down to the normal 800?
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12th Oct 2010 at 1:40 AM
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Field Researcher
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Hi, I am new to the MTS community and just returning to TS3 after a long hiatus. We're building new PCs and mine will be tailored specifically for a lot of Sims3 playing and building. I love to build 'odd' lots and communities so the challenge idea is really great and yours is particularly detailed. I agree that some of the earlier challenges seemed a bit easy-mode and since I rarely ever play the game as it was originally intended, this legacy challenge is a good one.

One thing I'd suggest adding as a mini-challenge to go with your other great ideas is an insanity-runs-in-the-family challenge. I've seen it done other ways but one thing I have done in the past is hand down one common trait of 'insane' (or genius, or both) in my families, which combined with some other traits leads to some hilarious outcomes. You can't take this one very seriously because you end up with all sorts of odd sim habits and relationships. I had one rambling mess of a house (kept adding a couple more rooms each generation) that was truly an insane family's crazy house. They hoarded things and decorated weirdly but it was fun!

I just ordered Ambitions to catch up my old game on EPs when we get our new systems built in the next few weeks. Then I'm all primed (its on preorder) for Late Night. Looking forward to all of that plus trying your legacy challenge then as well.

Thanks for all the detailed work on this challenge.
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Edit: Forgot to mention the mini challenges ive chosen to do.
- Baby baker for 60 points
- Naive for 30 points
- Legacy in reality for 10 points.

Had to combine part one and two due to posts getting deleted in thread crisis.


This is Ethan and Isabella Legacy. ( They are not yet married but share the same name for some unknown reason. They are not siblings either. lmao. ) They are young, poor, in love, and living on their own for the first time.

Isabella- is green thumbed, family oriented, born saleswoman, schmoozer and savvy sculpter kind of sim. Her deepest desire however is to have 5 children and raise them to teens. Cause once they are teens the job is done....right?!

- Ethan- is a mooch, who is slobby but he is also ambitious and quite the angler. Hide your possessions though he is known for being a bit of a klepto. He cant help it though, his deepest lifelong wish has been to have 50,000 big ones in his pocket, to be literally swimming in cash.


Ethan was showing off the new lifelong residence that he had found totally vacant for the taking. Isabella was less then impressed. Having come from more then ethan ( not much, but more was still more ) this homeless lifestyle came as a shock to her. But she loved Ethan and where he went she followed.


Seeing as how there was actually nothing else fun to do on the lot, they christened the place with a wild woohoo.


It was shortlived however ( poor ethan ) and they were back to where they started. they had to face the reality that this was their life now.


sometimes reality just bites. Things were about to get a teensy bit more complicated.



Isabella told Ethan that night, he took the news surprisingly well. After all, he loved Isabella, what she did he was right alongside her.
Corners had to be cut though. They decided they would survive purely on cra-ahem kraft dinner. The baby came first.


Eventually however the constant non nutrition based Kraft dinner, got to poor ethan, started messing with his mind. Made him delusional, and high strung. He was worried. He was not pulling in enough as a filing clerk, and promotions were simply not coming fast enough. Every day Isabellas belly grew and grew and grew.
So he took to taking.


And he took a lot. He was finally able to sell the things off and things seemed better...for a short while.

Some cultures call this Karma. Ethan Took from others and now he will have something taken. His right to make Kraft Dinner.


He tried for hours to extinguish that flame. Long after the flames had already been put out, and the stove was nothing but a pile of ash He could be heard blocks down yelling " NOOOOO. Not the stove anything but the stove "
The finances took a hit. Again.


Luckily they had managed to recieve quite some money for that car and for the laptop ( and other things not photographed )
They were able to obtain a toilet, a shower a lovely tv and a new lush bed ( its only a single, ethan claimed he needed it most. The kraft dinner seemed to really take a toll on his health, he suffered bone loss and other terrible problems. Maybe he just wanted the bed. But Isabella didnt care, she loves ethan. What he needed she would try to give him....some days though...she was beginning to resent him.

Shouldnt the pregnant women have the nice bed? She had to eat the kraft dinner too after all...


Trying to get her health back to what it was...and possibly longing for her pre-pregnancy figure days. Isabella began to eat a wholesome diet of watermelons. It had nothing to do with the fact that she desired a daughter.....Which she did.

Ethan wanted a son. So we shall keep this secret for her hmm?


As her belly swelled Isabella could already feel her motherly instincts taking over. She couldnt be concerned with Ethans lazy slobbish behaviour, the only thing that mattered right now was this.

* kick kick * and the baby agreed.

She still loves Ethan though.



Isabella had given Ethan a stern talking to. Or actually she more or less just had one of those infamous pregnancy hormonal breakdowns. Said some stuff along the lines of " I feel underappreciated " and " You think im fat thats what this is all about isnt it" AND " You dont love me anymore "

Needless to say Ethan cleaned up his act throughout the rest of her pregnancy, and was doting and loving. He even talked to the baby on a nightly basis.


At last the day was here. Ethan insisted they go to the hospital. Isabella screamed through the contractions that there was no time, this baby was coming and it was coming NOW.


It didnt end up being quite as push and done as Isabella had hoped. But still was that any excuse for Ethans blatant inner douche to rear its ugly head once more.

Tv Really? Thought Isabella while struggling to hold herself up.


Ethan became a blur. Just a blobby blur once Emma was born. She was pink and wriggly and oh so cute.
Sadly Isabella could only pick one trait for her perfect little angel. Half her pregnancy was a nightmare no thanks to...Ethan. Ok so maybe its not such a blur afterall.

Thankfully Emmas random trait was 'brave' and seeing as how there was no family trait to pass down since some are not there for the infant age, Isabella chose to roll. She rolled Genius. Got very lucky with this one.


The day after Isabella gave birth, she cleaned the house from top to bottom and cared for Emma. Even though she was still so exhausted from giving birth she had no choice, Ethan had left a big trail of mess wherever he went. He was such a slob. Such a filthy slob.


Isabella was angry. She was reaching her wits end. And it began to show in her sculptures.
Yikes. If i were Ethan id be afraid.


And he was. After coming home from an easy days work of proccessing reports ( yes he finally got a new promotion. ) He spotted Isabella staring blankly at her killer bunny statue and breathing heavily... He ushered her to bed and decided that he would spend some quality time with his daughter.


By the end of the night, Ethan had survived. He took care of Emma all by himself. And he did a pretty darn good job, He knew Isabella would be very impressed with him. Maybe they would woohoo.
He layed Emma in the crib, understanding at that moment what all the fuss was about. She was pretty darn precious.


Then the strangest thing happened.

Isabella woke up in the morning to find Emma starving, stinky and laying on the ground infront of the crib. She decided she would never trust Ethan with her again. He couldnt even do one simple thing. It was just too much to ask from him.

Isabella loathed Ethan.


Poor Emma was traumatized. She was craving human interaction. Isabella could not figure out how one child could be so neglected in one day.

Ethan swore to her over a brief telephone conversation that he had taken great liberty of fawning over Emma all of yesterday and he had placed her lovingly in her crib by nights end.

So on top of being a theif, and a douche, Ethan is now a liar.

And the " con " list keeps on growing.


Emma's birthday arrived. Between the awkward moments, and glares passed between Isabella and Ethan they managed to ' make nice ' for Emma's party. The fact that they had guests over and Zelda Mae was playing relaxing, peace inspiring tunes on her guitar also had a large effect on the cheery atmosphere.


And so Emma grew. A foot overnight.
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TheFoundersLegacy, I had a another question about the pack rat challenge but I answered it for myself. Sorry. :P

When Ben and Carrie arrived home, they were surprised to see that their cabins had been expanded and more furniture moved in. No longer would they have to share an outhouse with everybody else in their family, they had their own private bathroom inside their cabins now. The other furnishings were pretty sparse, consisting of a single bed and a bedside table, but they each moved some of their own stuff inside to fill up the rest of the space. Ben, who was staying in the cabin themed after Angelfish, added a desk so that he could study indoors, and a table to display his pet fish. Carrie, who was staying in the Flame Fruit cabin, moved in her easel and guitar. Alisha and Alexander also had plans to renovate their own cabin, but they were low on funds with the new babies and all, so they decided to do that later. Carrie was spending a lot of time thinking about her future. She planned to seek employment in an artistic field, such as the orchestra, but wasn't sure that her life's desire was to rise to the top of a career. She mostly enjoyed studying the arts, and raising her skills. One night over dinner, Ben suggested that she devote her life to developing her skills, rather than in pursuit of a career. She agreed, and decided that her lifetime want was to become a renaissance sim.

Allie and Jesse were growing up quickly, and had already reached toddlerhood. Jesse had his father's eyes and complexion, but a shade of blond hair that prompted many jokes about the mailman. Allie had her mother's eyes and skintone, as well as her dark hair, though Allie's hair was closer to black than her mother's dark brown. Their personalities were already beginning to distinguish themselves. While Jesse reminded his parents very much of his sister in his pursuit of artistic knowledge, Allie didn't have much patience for her toddler toys. She was always crawling away, in pursuit of things she found more interesting. Alisha and Alexander thought she was very brave for a toddler, but it only served to make her even more of a handful. In the middle of all this, Alexander was paid a large premium for bringing some of the garden's best garlic produce to the grocery store, and they used the money to build a two-room lodge for themselves. The front room was smaller and held two cribs for the twins, and the back room was larger and held a bed, bathroom area, and space to store anything they wanted. Alexander propped up a sleeping gnome mcmulty that he'd fished out of a lake on his bedside table, and Alisha put a trophy she'd won for being one of the town's best gardeners in the corner. They also finally moved their portraits out of the outhouse and into their bedroom.
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I finally finished reading the rules and some of the posted stories and I feel inspired to take on the Challenge! I have never actually played a legacy challenge before but this one seems really in depth and offers a lot of options which I like. Most of my game play thus far has consisted of lots of kachings and motherlodes and just a lot of cheating in general. I'm excited to try playing the game with some rules for a change. Let the sim suffering begin!
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Originally Posted by Ladyofzeworld
Renaissance sim huh? I would despise that. Too much gardening and fishing for my liking lol. Seems like it works out wonderfully for you though. Sounds like your legacy is really coming together, they have really upgrading their living arrangements! Private bathrooms and everything, nice nice! Sucks you lost those days, you probably dont want to hear it, but sometimes it works out for the better. Its fun to go back in time and have a do-over. If only real life were so simple. haha.

She's going to raise the skills gardening(because of the organic challenge), which will be out of the way by the time she's a YA, and then logic and guitar for her career. She'll probably also have painting maxed, and a decent skill in photography. Don't really want to have too many sims fishing all the time, and since her brother is doing the science career he'll be at the lake a lot.

And yeah, I did kind of enjoy the do-over. I didn't waste several hours at the library this time(the first time, the twins finished the gardening book volume 1 and I forgot to tell them to move on to volume 2 >_>), and the aging-up sequence(everybody stops what they're doing and swarms the kitchen area, x2 because it's twins) went a lot smoother the second time.

Man, speaking of prettiest children...or a lack thereof...I think Alexander's facial structure is what's causing monkey-face syndrome in the children. I spent a lot of time playing with the sliders for him, and getting his jaw/chin/mouth area just right. Ben has his lower face structure, and Carrie does not, and ditto for the monkey-face. Both of the younger twins are also monkey-faced, though to a lesser extent than Ben was, and since they're M/F twins it's not just a male thing. I'll see how they look like when they age into teens, and test my hypothesis.
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All the stories so far are really awesome. I laughed at Tigger's monkey-face syndrome comment. I've noticed that when I've created two "perfectly gorgeous" sims then have them have a child together, over 90% of the time that child will be butt ugly. O.o

This challenge officially looks like it will be a blast. I'm so excited to start. Here are the mini-challenges I picked

Freedom - 35
Naive -30
Fairy Godsimmer -15
Haunted House -10
Anti-service - 10

That makes 100 points which is quite a few challenges but I didn't pick any of the big ones so I am fairly confident I can pull them off. I'll post story stuffage after I get started. Can't wait to see where all the other people's stories go.
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So it begins.

This is Amaira Warneham. She is an artistic bookworm who adores the outdoors. From a sheltered childhood she has an innocent naivety about her and some would call her childish. She also gets excited, a lot...

After Amaira hit teen years things with her family started going down hill. It wasn't that she was a "problem" teen or anything like that. Her parents were simply... well themselves for lack of better terminology. They were very protective and into sheltering Amaira. The fact that she was the youngest and only girl of her siblings didn't really help the situation. Though they gave her an excellent foundation when she got to the age where she wanted to discover herself her parents couldn't allow it from a mixture of fear and desire for control. As the fights grew worse and more frequent Amaira determined to leave. A friend introduced her to Adrian Brooks online. Adrian wanted a new start as well. So they agreed to meet up and take a chance together.

This is Adrian Brooks. He has a great passion for computers and could be called a workaholic (though those who are closest to him know it is more a desire for knowledge and ambition to be the best he can). He likes things to be neat and is something of a renaissance man, able to do electric and plumbing work. His least favorite thing is spending money.

His childhood and teen years where not sheltered at all. His father was a Navy man and extremely strict with him and his younger brother. His mother while sweet was not the brightest of them all and his brother took after her in that respect. Though he was close to his mother they were very different and his brother was the momma's boy. His father wasn't someone who you easily got close to. That in combination with his traits and preferences made him always feel like the black sheep of the family. He had determined to set out and make his way in the world. The introduction to Amaira came at just the right time in his life.

This is their new home. Neither of them had any illusions that it would be easy and they both know it could always be worse. Amaira loves the outdoors and Adrian loves being secluded and away from the main city. With all the necessities they don't have anything to really complain about. Well except for the occasional lack of entertainment...

The view from their lot is inspiring for any up and coming painter.

As the days have passed they have found ways to entertain themselves with games of tag in the early mornings... Amaira is a bit puzzled as to why Adrian would choose to play tag in his undies but just thinks each to their own (plus thoughts of his cuteness start crossing her mind). Their bond starts to develop. Could it become something more then just great friends?

(sorry for the length and the lack of great writing XD. I just really get into their stories and tend to blab.)
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