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Test Subject
#976 Old 5th Sep 2016 at 6:51 PM
Wow, you put a lot of love in their story
#977 Old 25th Sep 2016 at 2:04 PM Last edited by Lady Scarlet : 25th Sep 2016 at 9:14 PM.
So, I back! I know, I know, I keep dissapearing without any trace and popping up months later and, as always, I come bearing gifts No new chapter this time (unfortunately), though I do have a new chapter written (I still have to prepare the pictures and that might take some time).
Right now... I'm here only to ramble and complain about fate. I've played a lot during this last week (after I've managed to make my game compatible with Windows 10 - I still miss my old Windows 7 ), I played through another rotation and I've already began the 13th (I think this is actually the first time I've played this much).

So, here's my ramble. I had a Crown Prince engaged to his niece (his sister's oldest daughter). There's quite an age gap between those two (the Crown Prince must be around 35 or so and his betrothed is only 12), but they do get along somehow (keep raising your eyebrows people, but if the Habsburgs did it for so many generations, I see no reason why I couldn't; there's the whole inbreeding problem, I know, but it's so much fun!). During this rotation I had them married (I had to rush things a little, because the Crown Prince's always been very sickly and I'm not sure he's gonna survive his next birthday). (Un)Fortunately, the girl got pregnant really quick (their second try) and she gave birth to a boy (yeeey, right?). Well, no. And here comes fate ...
These are her birth and vital statistics
The fact that she has a pelvimetry score of 1 actually makes sense, with her being so young and her pelvis not entirely developed, so I guess that was a lucky roll (I'm still thinking that as she ages, I should change her pelvimetry). Then, I rolled a breech birth and I think that makes sense too, because with the mother so young and her body underdeveloped, a complicated birth such as this one's got to have an impact on her THS. The Midwife Score is not great either, because in this kingdom, there's actually a law preventing women from practicing medicine (there are midwives, but the royal family has a doctor/surgeon/barber that has almost no idea what he should do [also, male doctors are forbidden to touch their female patients]), so he's got an average score. The birth outcome wasn't great, but hey! At least there's an heir, right? It may be room for a spare, but that could come with time, no need to risk the mother's health.
Time to roll for the baby's THS.
GREAT! Out of 100 possibilities, I get 4. And then a -5! No heir for me now.
The father is also suffering from consumption (pulmonary tuberculosis), so I have no idea how long he'll be around. I'm really sorry for the poor mother, but they've got to keep trying. Though with my luck lately, they'll get a couple of daughters (I've got quite a few families that have 4 or 5 daughters and no sons; not such a tragedy for farmers and merchants, but the royal family really has to have a male heir).

BTW, in my game I don't name babies that don't survive their first roll (I call them stillborns), I just assign them a number corresponding their order at birth (no need to baptize babies that never lived, right?). Actually, I find it too much of a bother to think of names for them too and that way I can keep track of a family's medical history (I'm thinking of introducing the whole genetic make up concept now that there are so many consanguineous marriages).

UPDATE #1 She is pregnant, people! On the 6th try! Keep your fingers crossed for a boy!
UPDATE #2 Aaaand... my game just crashed At least I managed to save it after she got pregnant.
UPDATE #3 It's a girl. Poor mother... I think she has only one last chance to give birth to a boy... These pregnancies&births are crippling her.

UPDATE #4 She got pregnant again on the second try. Too bad she has such a low THS otherwise she could be considered quite fertile (unlike her mother, who needed 4 or 5 years -> countless tries to get pregnant).
UPDATE #5 I guess there's one more daughter in the family (and with a THS of only 15, she's quite useless, so I guess I'll send her to a Convent later; or move her in with one of her aunts, to help them with their children). This birth went surprisingly well, so I guess there's still room for one more try. Maybe 4th time's the charm? I'll have to wait 'till next round to find out.

UPDATE #6 Do I need to mention how 'lucky' I've been today? So there was this sweet family. Farmers. Mother, father and their two daughters (already lost 3 children). Then the mother gets pregnant again. Everything's perfect until the night she has to give birth. She suffers a miscarriage. And her THS drops considerably. No sons and a THS of 38 (by the way, she's already 38 years old). Why is fate so cruel to my sims?
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