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#776 Old 19th Oct 2014 at 3:33 PM
Cool pic Wups! I hope it does well in the Contest. I'd love to hear some of your stories; sounds like you've got a really interesting take on Warwickshire. Thanks for sharing!
Test Subject
#777 Old 10th Nov 2014 at 7:17 PM
Originally Posted by LadyAnna
Hello, everyone! I have goth crazy idea about playing the challenge togther! May be two countries or dynasties?

That sounds pretty neat! I would expect lots of strife coming that that kind of situation. If you do it, keep us updated!

@Wups, neat picture! Very spooky

And hello everyone again. My story is starting to get interesting (finally). And I think I finally took a nice picture for my avatar. It's from my latest chapter Poor Tamora though... She's not so pleased with it.

Forum Resident
#778 Old 13th Nov 2014 at 10:52 PM
I also like the whole "two countries" idea. Speaking of which, I'm hoping for a TS4 version, even though I don't think that's going to happen...

The Darkdusk Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
The Nightmagic Legacy has started!

PM me if you want to add me on Simport!
Test Subject
#779 Old 16th Nov 2014 at 2:47 PM
Hi there,

I'm still in the same rotation as before, but I'm getting closer to the end

There is a small question regarding the point system (which I started as of this round):
- If a sim dies, does the family keep hie/her rfp + cfp or do I need to subtract them?
- How often is "close relationship to children" useable? Once per child, every life-stage?
--> if the relationship changes, do I have to remove the points given?
- How about step-parents and step-children, do they count the same way as adopted children in this regard?
Original Poster
#780 Old 18th Nov 2014 at 4:14 AM
Hi Yvi-Sama

When a sim dies, the rfp/cfp may be transferred to an heir(ess). For myself, I generally only count the close relationships points once, but I think you could do that once per season or life-stage, as long as you're consistent. No--there is no need to go back and subtract points if the relationship changes unless you want to. I think it would be fine to count step-parents if the children live with them and that is the family arrangement, yes.
Test Subject
#781 Old 20th Nov 2014 at 4:16 AM
I just discovered this challenge, and am excited to get started on plotting it out. So far, I have randomly generated the demographics and family members of the neighborhood. However, I am worried about continuing until I'm sure I did it right. Is it okay with you if I either post them to this thread, or PM you the list, and you can let me know if they look right?

I also have a question which I'm sure has been asked somewhere, but for an infant generated in a starting family, should I create them as a toddler and then age them down, or is there a better way to do this?

Thanks for creating such an intriguing and detailed challenge!

EDIT: Sorry, thought of one more question! For starting Sims' Total Health Score, do I need to go down the entire table, or is there a formula you'd suggest for just rolling to get the Sim's current THS?
Test Subject
#782 Old 20th Nov 2014 at 9:30 PM
Oh, someone new, great! :-D

Yes, the challenge is huge and to be honest: I still don't use all the rules. I started with the basics and add a couple of things every round. It makes the rule-set less overwelming and I can concentrate on them and really "know" them before moving on.

As to the families: I played every family before starting the challenge. Some were from a different challenge, others generated for Warwickshire. If you generate every family and start playing, you get pretty much the same scenario in each household (first everyone has babies, than school-kids and everyone needs a spouse at the same time) That's why I played even the new families for a random number of days (rolled a D20 for each). Now I arrange marriages more evenly and don't have huge baby-booms and no-baby-rounds at all.

But that's just how I play.


PS: I calculated each sim as if he/she had been born in-game. The only difference is that I rerolled if (for example) an adult would have died as a child.
Test Subject
#783 Old 20th Nov 2014 at 10:33 PM
I love the idea of playing each for D20 rounds before starting normal rotation to get some varation. I will definitely be doing that.

My King is a toddler at the moment, it turns out! His Uncle is his regent, so it'll be interesting to see if the Uncle ends up being loyal to the king or not. Considering he was the old king's younger brother, and therefore would be crowed King (with his son as heir) were an "unfortunate accident" to happen before the King reaches the age of majority, it could go either way. It will just depend on what kind of person he ends up being. I've also rolled up two noble families (a Duchy and a Barony), three merchant families, three peasant families and two serf families so far. I think that will give a nice variety without being overwhelming to start out with.

I think for THS I am actually just going to start everybody at 85. So the population will start out very healthy, but any born in-game sims will be done normally, and everybody will roll as normal when they age up. And I will not be starting with disease. I want to give them all a bit of time before they start dying off, to build the neighborhood and population.

But before any of that, I have lots of building to do. Time to get to work, I guess!
Original Poster
#784 Old 22nd Nov 2014 at 6:06 PM Last edited by M3g7e : 24th Nov 2014 at 6:42 PM.
Hello and Welcome Fizzwizz! I am glad to see you are getting acquainted with Warwickshire. I think Yvi-Sama has the right idea--working your way into the challenge slowly generally works best. It sounds like you've got a great start here so far. As to rolling for infants, I generally just have them born in game after creating the rest of the family in CAS. You can do this with or without cheats, whatever you prefer. As to THS: this past time when I restarted the challenge, I began in the year 1580, twenty years before the official "start" date. That gave me a window of time to play without consequences for health and other issues--these "starter" families were given time to produce the next generation and give a healthy base to the neighborhood. I don't see killing sims from the start because there has to be a good base population to work from. I think disease is mainly useful for a population control mechanism--maybe bring it in around the third or fourth generation, unless you just want to be brutal from the start. :-)

No big updates on 3.0 to give--this semester has been crushing. However, it is still in the works.

EDIT: Just in time for Thanksgiving break! A very shiny, much more complete version of 3.0--this one is 3.3.4, but you may call it Teaser 2.0 for short Teaser 2.0 is quite a bit more finished than the original teaser version. Enjoy!
Field Researcher
#785 Old 24th Nov 2014 at 10:29 PM
Ohhh, new teaser! That's great :D

I've finally been working on Wyckeham again. The Royal Court was already finished, but now I've managed to finish one of the two duchies as well. As it stands, Wyckeham now looks like this:

Duchy of Gyfford, which consists of the Royal Court and the Monastery of the Grey Sisters. There's no real income from this Duchy, so the title is mostly ceremonial.

Duchy of Penderholms, which consists of the Duke of Penderholms' estate, some rural lands, and the Barony of Epstein. The Barony consists of the Baron of Epstein's estate and the village of Tidling.

Still to come is the final Duchy of Wyckeham, namely the Duchy of Whitecomb. Whitecomb will consist of the Duke's estate, a university town with monastery, and a Baronetcy (which is just rural lands and the Baronet's estate).

So, the Duchy cost me three evenings to make and I expect the next Duchy to have a little more to it, so, call it five nights. So..I should be able to play before the end of the year.
Test Subject
Yesterday at 5:11 PM
This message has been deleted by Yvi-sama.
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#786 Old Yesterday at 5:13 PM
I LOVE the new content!

The chart showing the educational possibilities was great ( though I wouldn't know you'd possibly need it )

The moral + ethnical section combined with the aspiration: pure brillliance!

Can't read all of the new stuff right now (soo tired ) but really like what I've seen so far. The only thing I don't look forward to is creating new character sheets for ALL my sims...
Test Subject
#787 Old Today at 2:22 PM
The new teaser is brilliant! I love how you took the time to tend after the storytellers amongst us and of course the fact you manage to put sublime detail in every update you post. Needless to say I have a lot of work to do on my neighborhood this winter, can't wait to start writing the stories of my neighborhood down in a blog.
Field Researcher
#788 Old Today at 7:30 PM
Love the new teaser! Absolutely adore the new sections on ethical alignment and how it all plays together with aspiration. I'm also very glad I'm not actually playing the challenge yet, since for me it's a matter of just adding ethical alignment to each of the characters I've already created (some will get random ones, other who already have a storyline will get a handpicked one). And the flowchart for education is awesome!

On that note, I'm in the process of adding the characters that inhabit the duchy I just finished to the site, as well as the duchy itself in Lay of the Land. I'll report here when I get that done.

Also, there's one question I'm still trying to wrap my head around. I asked something similar a while back, but that had to do with cloister positions (which depended on education and clerical favor points). Now I'm trying to wrap my head around a different aspect of cloistered life. You can actually get elevated in rank when climbing the 'career' ladder, as far as I understand. But what happens when a sim decides to leave the cloister? Do they keep their new rank?
To give a concrete example: when entering the cloister, peasants and serfs are elevated to rank 3. I've got a novice, Grace Smith, who's from a poor peasant family. Now that she has entered the cloister, she's elevated to rank 3 from her previous rank 2. Now, should she decide to leave the cloister, would she still have rank 3, or would she go back to having rank 2?
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