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Changes to our credits guidelines - posted on 12th Feb 2017 at 5:44 PM
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#1026 Old 2nd Feb 2017 at 12:07 AM
Originally Posted by Yvi-sama

I don't know who my heir is...

I love it.

It depends: is this for a fortune (an estate, money), or for a fief?

If it is for a fortune/estate: Richard inherited all of Marcus's fortune already, right? So the next heir is Corinna (the first legitimate daughter), then Shanna (even though she is eldest). If Richard chose to recognize her, she has inheritance rights to a fortune, but cannot be named heiress to a fief or inherit an estate without having been fully & legitimately adopted, with the fees paid for her to be eligible to succeed to the title(s) conferred (see Table 60, p. 82). She does not have the full legal status that her sister has unless she was legitimately adopted: recognized is not enough.

If it is for a fief, then Jonathan is first, then Corinna, then Shanna. For the same reasons given above. Jonathan would have a right to his father's fief before his brother's daughters--if Richard had a son, that would all be different.

Great story.
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#1027 Old 2nd Feb 2017 at 1:47 AM Last edited by Florentzina : 2nd Feb 2017 at 1:57 AM.
Hey, Have a new question regarding Favor Point and Royal Appointments which I can't figure out.

After I couple of trials of playing the challenge, I finally grasped how to calculated favor points (although, I simplified some of them and rounded them up for easier counting, such as 5-25 points more or less shouldn't ruin the system too much, right? ;-) ), but the aspect of the challenge to a sim getting ahead were a bit confusing to understand, particularly the lower ranks, as many of my peasants seems to gathering points quickly from the behavior/outcome table, but there is also notes about NOT peasants shouldn't rise above their class.

An example: Several of my male peasants farmers has 520 RFP and 2000 CFP (well 1800, but they is almost there) and ca:40 points in education scores (mostly from skills/badges), but regarding education level and appointments, how far can these sims get ahead in Education and Appointments when it comes their favor points.

Although this sims could get to level 7 in education (2000) through royal points with 6 less in education skills - Does it matter when it reversed, if a sim has LESS RFP than required at that level, lets say 1200, such as would this sim still be promoted to rank 7 or would they be stuck at 30 if they don't have suffient RFP? Basically, does a sim need both Education and CFP to get a certain career level? (Just examples as I probably wouldn't want the lowest ranks advance that much, but I do use low pay Custom careers for services and farmers).

Then there are Table 67 about the "earn royal appointment" - how does this one work when it comes to getting ahead? Can peasant sim with 500 points take a gentry appointments such as going from rank 2 to 6 (if other criteria's are met) or did I missunderstand something about usages of royal favor points?
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#1028 Old 2nd Feb 2017 at 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by M3g7e
Great story.

Thanks to you and your rules

Marcus is still alive. Therefore I will have him legally adopt Jonathan and we'll need a different solution for Shanna... Thank gods her granddad loves her so much

Thank you!
#1029 Old 16th Feb 2017 at 4:10 AM
Well, my computer died last Friday, and it looks like it might have taken my Warwickshire save with it. I'm not sure whether it did or not, and if it did, I'm not sure when I'll get up the time to make another. I do want to eventually, though, since it was a lot of fun to build that save!

The Darkdusk Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
The Nightmagic Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
Last of Her Kind has ended thanks to a dead computer.
#1030 Old 20th Feb 2017 at 11:57 PM Last edited by Lady Scarlet : Yesterday at 8:33 PM.
So, I've been writing (a lot). I just can't find the time (or the inspiration) to take the pictures for those chapters, but I'm really trying.
Here's a little spoiler for a future chapter. I won't say too much, just that he's Alleken estranged husband, Gregory.

EDIT There's a small new chapter posted I promise to come back with more.

♕ Interlude ♔
"We accept the love we think we deserve."

"You know ... I think you were right."
"Well, I am right about many things, but I have an awful inclination of making the worst decisions when it comes to my own issues. What are you referring to?"

EDIT Guess what! Now that the semester's over and I finally took a pause from all the studying (who would have imagined all this doctoring stuff would be so complicated? ), I seem to have found my inspiration. Two chapters in a day! This time, more about the friendship between Alleken and her sister-in-law, Agnes. Nothing major here, just more pictures, but I promise that the next chapter will have more action.

♕ Interlude II ♔
"Let me tell you what I wish I'd known when I was young and dreamed of glory. You have no control: who lives, who dies, who tells your story."

"You should consider coming with us this evening, you know? It's only a dinner organized by a Viscount. And his wife is a very good friend of mine, she wouldn't mind you joining us at all. She is quite an original character, so I think she would be rather delighted to have you among us. It would make everything much less dull, for sure. I don't think I can stand one more of the Viscount's anecdotes about his early days."
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