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Test Subject
#551 Old 18th Sep 2014 at 4:24 PM

Rick Contrary is being a bit of a nuisance lately. Though his parents are trying to get him into the expensive Private School in an attempt to win him over, he seems to be making a game out of disagreeing with everything that everybody says, even the Headmaster!

Afterwards, he pokes his Dad. He had been poking and slapping at them both all day, but this seemed to be too much for Opal after their hard work at getting him into Private School, so now she also initiates the slapping, too!

Violet Jocque, on the other hand, has a wonderful relationship with both of her parents. Her mother especially is pleased with Violet's new job in the Athletic career and that Violet is expressing a fit mentality, though Marcel hopes it won't affect her schoolwork and cares more about that than Violet being an athlete.
Test Subject
#552 Old 19th Sep 2014 at 4:41 AM
I have many Teen Sims on my game, but these are two of them that I am primarily focusing on at the moment.

This is Scarlett Kennedy.

- - - -

And this is Charlie Lexington.

- - -

It's also noteworthy to mention that they are a couple. They just recently Went Steady with each other.

Mad Poster
#553 Old 24th Sep 2014 at 3:17 PM
Since we have so many new posters (hi and welcome) now is a good time to remind people of the four-pics-per-post rule. Yeah, I know. It's a pain. I always have a backlog and I don't even take good pictures. If you really can't resist, you can cherrypick the best four and link to the others.

Ginger Newson, relieved of responsibility for her siblings by the Goodies, has a romantic pillowfight with her boyfriend, River Land.

William Ghote has somehow managed to claim the seat next to, and the full attention of, AJ Centowski, the only girl in Dave Ottomas's outing not to change out of her swimsuit when they left the park.

AJ is not interested in boys as such at this time, though, and is soon involved in a kickybag tournament with Dave's cousin Natasha Casa (in yellow with ankle socks) and girlfriend Guadalupe Newson. Who is also William's niece, by the way.

Guadalupe went on vacation with the family of her favorite uncle, Gavin, and became much closer with her cousin Alma during the trip. Here they bond over matching pajamas.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . My most recent book is Sullivan, That Summer. Widespot and Widespot RFD: The Subhood are both available here. In case you care.)
Test Subject
#554 Old Yesterday at 10:26 AM

Woody Weiss and Virginia Beech make things official. Their relationship is still young and innocent, though Woody will be clamoring after that first kiss once I reach the Weiss household, I am sure of it!

Poor Goldie Hart has had a terrible day. After crying her eyes out about the D she received in school, she went to the General Store and tried to engage Virginia in some Rock, Paper, Scissors. Virginia was not interested. After a while, at least, the two become friends, but for now, Goldie feels really alone.

She likes to take out her frustration, anger, and sadness by either listening to her new MP3 Player or angrily playing on her handheld gaming device.

Luckily for her, she runs into Scot Land at the General Store one day, who is so kind that he even listens patiently while she talks to him about makeup and cosmetics. I think Scot made Goldie feel a little bit better, at least. She is having a hard time of it right now.
#555 Old Yesterday at 3:50 PM
Just a teen sim in my game. :3
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