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Nysha's New Creators for March - posted on 1st Apr 2018 at 9:00 AM
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#76 Old 11th Sep 2012 at 8:42 PM Last edited by piggypeach : 13th Sep 2012 at 8:45 PM.
It's not very unique for a person in general, but it's unique considering I'm a teenage girl who usually follows the ultra-mainstream:

Alt Rock songs, or whatever genre you would call songs such as "Dignity" new politics, "Through the fire and flames" - dragonforce, "Kings of cydonia" - muse, "What I've Done" - Linkin Park, "Holiday" - Green Day. You know, those kind of songs. Yeah I like them (:

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#77 Old 12th Sep 2012 at 5:58 AM
Plants vesus Zombies' Sunflower Song

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#78 Old 12th Sep 2012 at 9:22 AM
Some music I chill out by.

Televators - The Mars Volta

Hyper Chondriac Music - Muse

Vampires Will Never Hurt You - VSQ

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#79 Old 27th Sep 2012 at 10:42 AM
I like that weird song by The Chordettes, Mr Sandman.
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#80 Old 4th Jan 2013 at 6:00 AM
E.S. Posthumus, Mt Eden, Bass Mekanik, Blank & Jones, Dream Techno

there is my list haha...sortof

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#81 Old 4th Jan 2013 at 6:07 AM
The Badger Song. I used to start singing this in class to annoy everybody, and it worked

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#82 Old 8th Jan 2013 at 2:19 AM
Paul Gilbert. He was the guitarist for Racer X in the 80s and Mr. Big in the 90s (got back with them in 2009). He currently has a solo career (since 2000 or so) and has a few albums out. He's a great guitarist and musician and seems like a really cool guy. I only have two of his albums (7 total, I think), but I'm going to looking into buying more of them. I would suggest that you guys check out the songs Older Guy, Black Rain Cloud, and Plastic Dracula by him.
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#83 Old 3rd Mar 2013 at 5:20 PM
maybe Amadou and Mariam? I'm sure they're popular other places, but definitely not here.
#84 Old 3rd Mar 2013 at 5:56 PM
Considering the fact that I'm a teenage girl, it's probably considered pretty odd that I like almost all kinds of music, except for the kinds that teenage girls supposedly listen to, ie. pop music. I like Alternative, Emo, Metal, whatever you can name, I probably like it. I also love electronic music. But my all time favorite music are teh epic soundtracks. Anything from Two Steps from Hell, Zack Hemsey, Movie Soundtracks, KPM Music. IT'S ALL SO PRETTEH! I also adore music from other cultures.

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#85 Old 3rd Mar 2013 at 10:04 PM
Anything on the radio, apart from pop music. I still prefer listening punk and rock

Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.
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#86 Old 4th Mar 2013 at 3:20 AM
15th Mar 2013 at 12:36 PM
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