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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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Original Poster
#1 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 5:19 AM Last edited by lazzybum : 27th Mar 2011 at 9:04 AM.
Default How much of the game have you/do you revamp?
With all the wonderful custom content in the sims community, we have the ability to block out most of the game's default content.

Do you revamp the game? How much content do you replace? Have you ever done almost all possible ways? Do you want to?

This includes:
-Replacing defaults for hair, skin, eyes, makeup, clothing, face templates, object recolors
-Deleting/never playing the premade hoods and families
-Using clean template for hoods so you don't get our beloved Goopy Gilscarbo or Sandy, the lips lady with the fire pants.
-Remaking any subhood you use.
-any others!

Im also curious if anyone has replaced all of the default hairs or clothing, and if its even possible

For me:
I'll always use default skins and eyes. Im starting to DL defaults for hair/clothing and also going to learn how to make my own defaults so hopefully can replace almost all of the uglies. However, I actually dont mind the EA defaults for male hair/clothes, at least they're not as bothersome than female clothe/hair for some reason.

I have not tried a clean template yet for a hood, but I dont think i'll completely get rid of EAs infamous townies. Its fun too sometimes see them photobomb a perfect picture. I also enjoy using EAs furniture so I'll get defaults for better recolors and stuff.
#2 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 7:08 AM
Default Don't get me started...
Revamping? Hell, if I could write code, I'd redo most of the game.

I never, ever use the Maxis/EA houses...they seem to be designed from the outside in, in most cases, and then the interior is carved up into a hodgepodge of oddly shaped, strangely proportioned rooms. In fact, I have an ongoing project-I'm redoing all of the EAxis buildings to make them more sensible, while still keeping the same style elements. Needless to say, some of those monstrosities have proven to be a real challenge.

I keep the pregenerated townies, to give my sims someone to torture, er, I mean interact with without having to create a ton of families. The only replacement townies I use are the Asian default replacements for the Far East BV destination. I do not use the families, as most of them seem to be cranky, obstreperous jerks.

Custom content? Yes, please, and moar, Moar, MOAR! I usually replace the default skins, because there are some truly artistic skins out there that look better than the PVC most sims seem to be made of. And, I like my women curvy and with their naughty bits intact, thank you. The same goes for hair, eyes, and makeup. Bruno is my "go to " creator when I want to tart 'em up just a bit, but I have tons of punk, scene, goth and other stuff to play with as well.

To be honest, I am a download junkie, especially when it comes to build mode stuff. Most of my files are extrapolations from EAxis' "unfinished" sets, but there is a lot of original material that I just couldn't pass up. Terrain paints are also a favorite, as you can get some truly amazing effects when you combine the work of several different creators.

I'm also constantly adding new neighborhood templates, as I have so far resisted buying SC4.

Good topic, lazzy.

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Mad Poster
#3 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 7:36 AM
I've actually redone all of it. I have 90,000 downloads and I am not stopping until my computer dieeeeeeeeeees! :D

Great topic, BTW.

I only play Pleasantview with no new characters. The rest are just unbearable . . . Default face templates? Geneticized everything? Yes!

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#4 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 8:32 AM
-Replacing defaults for hair, skin, eyes, makeup, clothing, face templates, object recolors

YES! I hate 99% of the maxis clothing and have multi-pt replacements, plantsim replacements, skin replacements, makeup replacements and medieval theme replacements for clothing and objects. I have tried to do a maxis-match game and just found it too horrible. It was like being assaulted with rotting fish. So, I really try to enjoy the cc I add to my game and am constantly deleting the cc that doesn't fit my creation.

-Deleting/never playing the premade hoods and families

I have started playing the pre-made families as peripheral characters to my custom families and townies. I've never liked playing the pre-made Downtown and Bluewater Village gets deleted quickly.

-Using clean template for hoods so you don't get our beloved Goopy Gilscarbo or Sally, the lips lady with the fire pants.

I use clean hood templates and make my own townies in CAS. I give makeovers to some of the NPC sims.

-Remaking any subhood you use.

I really only makeover the community lots in the hoods I use. I don't really play those community lots too often, I just like to remodel them. I prefer using the community lots I have built myself. I don't bother making over the houses. I just delete the pre-made houses when I need room to build my own houses. However, the focus of my game is my custom subhoods where I really have plenty of room to build the houses and community/business lots as I please.

-any others!

I use empty neighborhood terrains so I have complete control over how my neighborhood looks in 'hood view. Customizing the game as much as I can makes it more meaningful to play. And I also feel that each time I modify the game, the more I am being true to myself and the plaything I am trying to create.
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#5 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 2:25 PM
Originally Posted by lazzybum
-Replacing defaults for hair, skin, eyes, makeup, clothing, face templates, object recolors

Yes, a lot of this but not everything. Certainly skintones and eyes, plus all my custom ones are also geneticised. Quite a few hairs (I got a decent hairstyle instead of that stupid propeller hat) and again, nearly all custom hairs geneticised. Yes, to face templates though I mixed and matched from different sets. I found a lot of sets made all the faces too similar to each other (what's with the obsession with pencil noses?) and also, in many cases, too western. Some object recolours though by no means all - this is not something that particularly bothers me. I haven't actually seen any make up though I could happily replace the Maxis stuff as I don't use it. I've been thinking about learning to make default replacements myself. Maybe I should and then I can replace with some of the make up I use a lot.

Originally Posted by lazzybum
-Deleting/never playing the premade hoods and families
-Remaking any subhood you use.

Yes, there is only one permanent neighbourhood in my game: Little Carping. I have test and store neighbourhoods which I move in and out as needed. I made all my own sub-hoods for Little Carping.

Originally Posted by lazzybum
-Using clean template for hoods so you don't get our beloved Goopy Gilscarbo or Sandy, the lips lady with the fire pants.

Yes, again. I made the decision when the clean templates came out to transfer Little Carping and make it anew in a new empty neighbourhood. I had used my own Sim City 4 terrain in the first place, so I did it again (remodelled to take out some of the problem areas) and then put all my characters into the new neighbourhood with no townies. I recreated all their memories and relationships too - that took a long time. I made all my own townies - or at least I have made them as I've gone along and as I've needed them. The first lot I made was a group of students to stop the game making its own as I put sims into college.

Originally Posted by lazzybum

I've replaced things like default outfits for the npcs - the first one was the maid's outfit. Out with the porn ensemble, in with something more respectable.
#6 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 5:01 PM
It would almost be easier to say what I haven't replaced in the game.

I have default skins and eyes plus additional of both. I have quite a few default replacements for the Maxis hair and I also have many of them blocked. Countless amounts of custom hair for both male and female. I even have some facial hair defaults as well.

On the skins I also have replacement skins for all of the supernaturals even though I don't use them much in my game.

I have defaults for a majority of the original Maxis outfits and the more bizarre and silly ones are blocked.

I have replacements for some of the furniture and even a few pieces of landscaping items.

As for hacks and mods well I've over 300 of them fixing, altering or suppressing most of the bad behavior and annoying glitchs along with adding in some new options.

I use clean templates and make all the townies. I do use some of the Maxis lots as starting points but I end up rebuilding most of them. I'm not so good at starting with a blank slate when it comes to building.

In short I wouldn't recognize a Maxis Sim if it bit me on the butt.
Mad Poster
#7 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 5:10 PM
-Replacing defaults for hair, skin, eyes, makeup, clothing, face templates, object recolors
I have default skintones, default eyes, default eyebrows, default alpha for EA's lipsticks, default face templates, default facial hair retextures, I've got pregnancy morphs added to most of the EA clothing, HP's modesty sets, some other replacements that get rid of weird motifs or make clothes more wearable, default replacements of the EA bedding... That's all I can remember and I have too many DL folders to search through to see if that's everything!

-Deleting/never playing the premade hoods and families
Aaages ago I did delete all the premade main NHs but later regretted it so downloaded HP's megahood. I have dabbled in some of the NHs but mainly just stuck to Pleasantview. I have my own custom NH on a custom map, with custom housing, and custom subhoods attached.

-Using clean template for hoods so you don't get our beloved Goopy Gilscarbo or Sandy, the lips lady with the fire pants.
I don't do this. I'm too lazy to make enough sims to fit an entire NH and I actually like having townies.

-Remaking any subhood you use.
The NH that I play (my one mentioned above) has two university subhoods but I've not added any others because I wanted everything to be on the same map so I didn't have to bother with loads of loading screens.

-Any others!
Loads of mods that change game behaviour.
27th Mar 2011 at 5:13 PM
This message has been deleted by Extensa5420.
#8 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 5:25 PM Last edited by esmesqualor : 27th Mar 2011 at 5:37 PM.
Replacing defaults for hair, skin, eyes, makeup, clothing, face templates, object recolors

These are my favorite downloads! But I need to watch poly-counts, so I have minimal hair and clothing replacements.

Deleting/never playing the premade hoods and families

I had alway used my own hoods and families. This summer I started playing premades and I'm enjoying it more than I thought.

Using clean template for hoods so you don't get our beloved Goopy Gilscarbo or Sandy, the lips lady with the fire pants.

Had done that, but...(whisper) I kind of missed them after a while (/whisper). And they all look much better with replacement skin and eyes. For those that don't, there's plastic surgery.

Remaking any subhood you use

Always. I hate the community lots in Pleastanview and Veronaville. When I re-do a hood, those are the first things that get bulldozed (except the Veronaville Market). I also hate the Shakespeare stuff in Veronaville, but love the houses. I ended up renaming everything for Discworld - the neighborhood is now Lobbin Clout, downtown/shopping district is a desert lot called Klatch, the college is Quirm, and the streets are now Widdershins Broadway, Turnwise Broadway, Treacle Mine Road, Lavender Mews, Filigree Street, Flood Walk etc.

Im also curious if anyone has replaced all of the default hairs or clothing, and if its even possible

I saw a link on one of these boards for a site that has hair as default replacements. I'll edit if I can find it. (Post 11 in 'how do you guys start from scratch')
27th Mar 2011 at 5:40 PM
This message has been deleted by Extensa5420.
Top Secret Researcher
#9 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 6:22 PM
There is so much great content out there for the Sims 2 I would love to be able completely change the look of the game and maybe create a themed hood or two but in the end playability matters more to me. I couldn't stand to wait more than a couple of minutes for the game to load and anything more than a minute to switch lots is just too long--much less is preferable. I would hate to be stuck on my sims home lots and not be able to enjoy my community lots or connected hoods. Because of that my CC list is relatively small and consists mainly of mods that tweak game play (there's always room for mods in my game--playability is job one) followed by some "must have" basics that complement or expand existing game content. Whenever my load times become noticeably longer I trim down my downloads--hair, makeup, clothes and the like are usually the first to get trimmed.
Lab Assistant
#10 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 6:24 PM
I don't think the original skins are that bad, I was going to use replacement skins and eyes, but I decided not to. I have my own face templates and clean templates for the hoods. The neighbourhood terrain and the holiday destinations are premade in my custom hood with a custom university and a custom sub hood. I'm trying to make an even more custom neighbourhood with my own SC4 terrains, but I'm never going to manage it, I only have one or two SC4 terrains.
#11 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 7:00 PM
Default face templates,eyes,skin.

Working on recolors for mostly everything else minus clothing unless i just color edit the maxis stuff to give more variety but even that's a pain as i'll only do the one color stuff and the multi colored clothing will stay, i'll just look for recolors my other people.

Won't try clean templates since i don't do CAS at all it would be meaningless. Skins are my biggest issue as i can always find the right shade they just never look good in game. But that's more technique then anything else. The only thing that makes me wary is that doing all this is the fact that someone somewhere has already done it in near identical shades so whats the point of uploading anything lol.
Top Secret Researcher
#12 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 7:13 PM
-Replacing defaults for hair, skin, eyes, makeup, clothing, face templates, object recolors

I have replaced the default skins and eyes with Ephemera's (Teru_K). I have a lot of Maxis object recolours, mostly by Piggi, and tons of CC.

-Deleting/never playing the premade hoods and families

I used to play with premade families when the game was out, but after a while I became bored of them. I went as far as having Dirk and Lilith get married with two kids, and Cassandra left to become a spinster living in the Goths mansion alone. I hated her since she was a child in TS1 (she was SO hard to please!), and finally I took my revenge.

-Using clean template for hoods so you don't get our beloved Goopy Gilscarbo or Sandy, the lips lady with the fire pants.

Not clean, but totally EMPTY. For the last 3-4 years I have been playing with no pre-made or Sim bin families. Instead, I took the time (around two months, I think) to create all the families for my 'hood. I had used Simsample's and SleepyCat's custom 'hood maps, which are great, by the way, for anyone who wants something different, but I ended up with Pleasantview's map. I like Pleasantview and how the mountains look to embrace a little valley reaching the ocean. I have built my own houses, or downloaded others' from this site (especially Squeam's) and totally remodelled a few by Maxis.

-Remaking any subhood you use.

Not a total remade, but customised a lot of Takemizu Village community lots, currently building a small market, a Shinto shrine and gardens, all in a single lot. I have also added some new restaurants and clubs to Downtown, customised the Malls in Pleasantview and remodelled a nice house turning it into a pet shop for Lunar Eclipse's Count D.
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#13 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 7:19 PM
I think someday the community of medieval players will assemble a giant download set of default replacements (hair, clothes, careers, Uni majors, NPCs, objects, cars, terrains) and add a complete custom prebuilt neighborhood to present "The Sims 2 Medieval (a fan EP)" to the community.

When I play Maxis Sims, I use a Megahood in place of any single Maxis neighborhood. Otherwise, I use empty neighborhood templates to take advantage of my CAS template replacements.
I use default replacements for eyes (my first default replacements!) and skins (including most supernaturals).
I use CatofEvilGenius's makeup defaults, and a mixed bag of eyebrow replacements.
I use TMO's mesh replacements to add preg morphs to all AF Maxis meshes.
I use Engram's default replacements for Maxis maternity wear.
I use a default baby bottle override, and occasionally use a default diaper replacement to give babies an outfit.
I use default replacement dish patterns.

I don't replace hair meshes (though I do use some hair texture overrides from javiera) or clothing. In those areas, I want MORE choice, not less.
Mad Poster
#14 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 7:46 PM
I for one enjoy having Squinge's breastfeeding mod and the enhancement that someone else (forget who they are) made (shorter breastfeeding time).

I don't mind playing premades, but lots of time I'll edit the stories/bios a little bit so it's more to my liking. There are some pairings that are suggested in different 'hoods that I am saying "There is NO WAY" to. (Okay, I do pair up Don and Cassandra, but Timothy Riley/Vivian Cho, no way, she's too old for him...Gabe O'Mackey and Patricia Wan...not a snowball's chance in hell...I always get him and Alexandra back together...and I do Mortimer a favor and bring back Bella, and honk off Dina in the process.)

I also enjoy custom hair. Now that I've figured out how to bin hair colors with Wardrobe Wrangler, I have more options.
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#15 Old 27th Mar 2011 at 9:07 PM
I completely revamp everything:

-Defaults: I use default geneticized skins (Pooklet's new version of Compulsion) and eyes (Jess-the-ex's Nothing Like the Sun), as well as default eyebrows and face templates. I haven't defaulted makeup, but exclusively use custom makeup. I have default replacement aliens and plantsims, as well as default replacement supernatural skins, despite virtually never making/using them.

-Custom: I use clean neighborhoods and don't use any Maxis townies/premade families. Like Nalia, my 'hoods start off completely empty, and I've downloaded some custom neighborhood terrains. I create all my sims from scratch (many are fictional characters, but I always create them myself, rather than downloading someone else's version.) I use extensive custom clothing, furniture, and just about everything else. I have enough sims in a neighborhood that I don't need townies. I usually build my own houses, because the one thing I don't use is a lot of custom terrain paint/plants/architectural-type build mode stuff. I never use the EAxis houses, because routing sucks. I use my own custom careers for my Harry Potter sims, and maybe a handful of other custom careers.

-What don't I do: I haven't replaced all EAxis hair styles and clothing, because I use some of them. I haven't replaced food, plates, or little things like that (although I do have a defaulted newspaper, so my sims get the Daily Prophet.) I don't use custom Uni majors. I don't use custom bodyshapes, like the bodybuilder or androgynous shapes, and I don't use the clothing that replaces blockfeet with detailed feet, just 'cause I don't see the point. I don't bother creating many custom community or vacation lots, because I don't use them. (The first time I ever tried to send my sims on vacation, my favorite house full of sims got stuck in the vacation hood and gave me major grief, which put me off of ever sending sims on vacation again.) I don't use a lot of custom clothes for age groups younger than teens.
#16 Old 28th Mar 2011 at 1:51 AM
-Deleting/never playing the premade hoods and families

I nearly forgot to add that although I am currently playing some of the pre-made sims in my current hood as peripheral characters, I do not follow the pre-made stories. Actually, I have never played the pre-made stories. I change the stories as much as possible and make the family dynamics different.

Pre-made Pleasantview families are not allowed to become mates/lovers with any of the other pre-made families. I only allow them to choose one of the uni students or professors or an npc.

Truthfully, I find all the pre-made sims to be a bunch of completely unloyal, cheating, selfish, childish, stupid perverts. And as much as I try to thwart the stories, it seems the game is pretty much made to keep it that way. So I try harder.

I try to allow my sims to pick their own mates and not plan their lives too much. But only as long as the mate they choose isn't one that will perpetuate the pre-made stories. There isn't any fun in playing out someone else's stories when I have much more fun creating my own.

As much as I like to revamp all the physical things in the game, revamping the stories and lives of the pre-made sims is just as fun and essential to enjoyment. Especially knowing it is an uphill battle because many aspects of the game seem pre-programmed to cause the sparks of the pre-made lives to become big fires that consumes and destroys opposing creativity. I play to have families that have passion and loyalty and dreams and determination. I don't see that in any of the pre-made sims - in them I just see laziness, selfishness, and perversion. If I didn't revamp their lives, they would be aimlessly flopping from one bed to another and breeding spawn.

Really, if I didn't revamp the pre-made sims' stories, then my efforts to revamp their looks and settings would be shallow. So, I revamp the game to make it meaningfully mine from top to bottom.
Field Researcher
#17 Old 28th Mar 2011 at 4:52 AM
I use default replacement skins, eyes, and faces to make my sims look more realistic. Downloading those things also had the pleasant side effect of de-fuglifying some of the townies and dormies (unfourtnately, some were so fugly that there was no helping them). Things are a hundred times better with them in my game. No more blah-looking sims! I have lots of custom hair, but I don't use default replacement hair as I actually like most of the Maxis/EA hairs. I have the CC hairs mainly for more variety.

I don't use any mods to make new townies, as I enjoy getting a good laugh when I see good old Goopy and his friends come by (two of my other favorites: A llama mascot named Jake Leelaporn! And a townie- who's last name I can't remember at the moment- with the first name of DongSool! Can you imagine getting saddled with DongSool as a first name or Leelaporn as last name?!). I DO, however, have them on my mental list of townies to avoid having my playables marry at all costs!

As for other ways I've "revamped" the game: I have the ACR, the triplets and quads hack, a woohoo naked mod (I got that one because really, woohooing fully clothed doesn't exactly make a whole lot of sense!), Squinge's breastfeeding hack, and some other hacks.

I also have a mod that makes sims get naked when getting on the massage table, which ended up having a curious side effect. You see, ever since I downloaded that, my sims are obsessed with getting massages whenever they're at a lot with a massage table. I watch them and I'm like, "Okay, I really don't want to know why you're so obsessed with getting massages in the nude, and by a complete stranger no less!" I got the mod mainly so that my sims who own their own massage tables can make massage-time a little more romantic. I didn't count on my sims wanting to show themselves off to the massuse on community lots so much (I know the mod affects community lots, too. I just didn't think they'd expose themselves so often!)!
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#18 Old 28th Mar 2011 at 4:05 PM
I use lots and lots of custom content, but mostly to tweak and add to maxis content rather than replace it. I've got maxis-match default skin and eye replacements, Terrakosmos' toned down maxis faces as face template replacements, and hair, clothes and objects are also all maxis-match.

I play the pre-created neighbourhoods more than I ever play any of my own, although I do remodel them quite a bit to make them suit my tastes.

I use the cleaned up hood templates, but only because Goopy and the Gang belong firmly to Pleasantview in my mind. Seeing them run around in any other hood is just plain weird.

The thing that I've changed the most is the actual gameplay: I've got tons of mods and hacks that tweak and change things, varying from stopping sims to be obsessed with objects to the length of their lifespans.

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#19 Old 28th Mar 2011 at 4:29 PM
Pretty much everything. Except that I do keep the original Maxis hoods and play with pre-mades. All default replacements (face templates, skin, eyes, clothes, hair, bedding, object recolor) give me just variety thatI need to play and I've also given makeovers to most of the pre-made lots so I use those MMO lots to replace all old ones. I use clean and empty templates for custom hoods. And on top of it all I have hundreds of hacks (I lost count after 300) to make the game what I want it to be.

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#20 Old 28th Mar 2011 at 5:34 PM
-Replacing defaults for hair, skin, eyes, makeup, clothing, face templates, object recolors
Skin, I use Leh's replacements. Eyes, I use Lyran's. Lipstick, I use Aquilegia's. Eyeshadow and eyeliner, CatOfEvilGenius'. Face templates, either terrakosmos' or Pooklet's. Sometimes I use HP's modesty sets for clothes. I don't default beyond that.

-Deleting/never playing the premade hoods and families
I always delete Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley and Belladonna Cove. I feel they're just unplayable. Base game hoods I play regularly, but I delete the stupid stealth families (eg the Ottomas crowd grrr), or experiment on them (very useful), or kill them off, or designate a subhood for them that I'll never ever play again. Except in Veronaville, in which case stealth families are kind of useful.

-Using clean template for hoods so you don't get our beloved Goopy Gilscarbo or Sandy, the lips lady with the fire pants.
Yep! No Goopy or Sandy or Komei or anyone else for me!

-Remaking any subhood you use.
I don't really use subhoods. For good reason too. The majority of sims Maxis made after University are quite dull and uninspired, in my opinion. Uni sims are acceptable, but only because amongst them is Castor Nova. Got to love Castor.

-any others!
I download so many annoyance fixes from Simbology and MATY it's not even funny. I also download files Maxis decided it would be a great idea to hide even though they're half decent, eg their nice freckles. I could never play without the mod over at Simbology that allows for same-sex marriage (not joined union!) and reproduction. I also go on massive makeover rampages so that characters look in-character.
#21 Old 4th Apr 2011 at 6:34 PM
I want an app that will make it easier to scroll through clothing catalogues and delete or hide everything that's ugly. Same for hair. It's just so slow and frustrating to delete them through the catalogue in the game.
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