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MTS Movie Night - posted on 15th Jul 2017 at 7:21 PM
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Test Subject
#2926 Old 25th Mar 2017 at 12:19 PM
Thank you for the link
I'm using the triplets and quads mod too, but haven't had any yet. I've set the quads to 1% and triplets to 3%, so I wouldn't die :D
Lab Assistant
#2927 Old 10th Apr 2017 at 4:51 PM
Originally Posted by TheFlyingRaccoon
Ah, that's great to hear. ^_^ Though, your plantsim lots did sound like a great setup. But I guess I wouldn't want to play more than 1 or 2 lots of plantsims either. XD
I've still never managed to make a legit plantsim in any sim game, even though gardening was one of my favorite things to do in the game. I think it took me too long to get the expansions?

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Test Subject
#2928 Old 5th May 2017 at 7:59 PM Last edited by iireke7 : 5th May 2017 at 11:27 PM.
Updating! First gen 5 baby is born
So far I have way more women than men, so I don't have too many households yet, but I have a feeling this is going to change soon :D

Also, just had my first set of quads. This is crazy !
Field Researcher
#2929 Old 6th May 2017 at 3:57 PM
@iireke7 That's amazing, congratulations. ^_^ How many households do you have by now? And also congratulations on the quads (I guess? ). Those really are a handful. XD

I'm getting close to finishing round 11 and as I mentioned in an earlier post, my first 3rd generation sims became adults this round. I'm really excited to officially start my 3rd generation. The plan is that some families start moving out of the desert and further up north some time soon. I'm not completely sure how I want to go about it, though.

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Test Subject
#2930 Old 7th May 2017 at 10:31 AM Last edited by iireke7 : 7th May 2017 at 10:52 AM.
Right now I have 10 households. But because the non-heirs from gen 4 are starting to grow to adults starting from this round, I will soon have a bunch more I haven't counted how many yet, but the number on males is definitely limiting it a bit.
Lab Assistant
#2931 Old 21st May 2017 at 5:49 PM
I'm here to say that my one of my Neanderthal sims turned into a plantsim.
Lab Assistant
#2932 Old 9th Jun 2017 at 4:37 PM
double post lol

I wanted to ask what I should do if two of oldest teens are a gay couple. They're adults.
Field Researcher
#2933 Old 9th Jun 2017 at 6:21 PM
As they won't be able to have children (unless you're playing with a same sex pregnancy hack?), they generally wouldn't get an own lot in my game. Same as for sims that don't have a partner or have a partner who's already married to someone else. This means they would stay with their parents or siblings. Ideally, I'd love to have the couple live together, but if the households they were born in and any siblings' households are too full for an additional person that might not happen for my own sanity. XD

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Lab Assistant
#2934 Old 10th Jun 2017 at 4:53 PM
I've decided to keep them with their parents to earn money. Since of them (Allen) only has a father and the parents of the other one will outlive the other guy's (Can't remember his name) dad (Aspiration), I think they'll eventually live together. Allen's sisters got themselves pregnant, so Allen could keep one of their kids since the girls are teens and won't be moving out with their future husbands soon.
Test Subject
#2935 Old 28th Jun 2017 at 7:42 PM
Hello Everyone!
Where did the year go by ... oh yeah, work and school. Hurrah for semester breaks!
During the Winter Break I did try and play but killing off four of my Sims conflicted with a mod I have, and glitched two households.
I spent 3 months trying to fix it. Alas, I couldn't.
Luckily, I was only on Round 1.

I restarted with a new neighborhood and the Founders are doing good. Oddly, a lot less Plant Sims this round.
Anyway, my website is updated. I tweaked the rules a bit. I took out the mortality death rolls and instead subtracting Sim days to shorten life spans.
I also have an unlocking of items as my rounds progress. Era appropriate decorations from the catalog unlocked at the end of Round 1.
Pet Wolves got unlocked early due to a unique circumstance with one of my households during Round 1, which is supposed to unlock during Round 5. I have a feeling they will end up being a Werewolf Clan.
I am trying to play one to two households a day to make sure it moves along steady.
Hope everyone is well, sending smiles. Welcome to the newcomers.

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Test Subject
#2936 Old 5th Jul 2017 at 3:07 AM
Soo... About two weeks ago, I was super happy because I had just finished Round 7 (every round being equal to a season in my game) and now the children who had been saved from death by fairies would be moving into a new subhood (Faerie) by next round, so I had some building to do. I created test neighborhoods to see which terrain I should use, and deleted them when I was done.
And then, when I loaded the game again, I realized I had deleted the wrong hood.
My ToT was gone.

At first, I thought: "Okay, no need to panic, I have a backup on my external disk. I might loose the last round (about six months of play), but it's not that bad."
I checked. No backup on that disk.
I told my sister, who was close to panicking on my behalf: "Oh, don't worry, I probably transferred the backup on the big computer at home (I play on my laptop) because of space issues." I did remember doing something like that a few months ago. I couldn't check at once, though, because we were out of town.

Then, once we were back home, I checked the computer. There was a backup where I thought it would be, alright...
... It was a backup of the Sims Medieval. For the Sims 2, there was none. I realized that, months ago when I needed space on my external disk, I had simply deleted the backup, probably thinking I would make another one soon anyways.

Meaning that, in a moment of inattention, I had just irremediably deleted over three years of play.

And then I remembered my old laptop, the one I began my ToTC on before I got the laptop before my current one. I still had it stashed somewhere. And I thought I might have neglected to delete my Sims stuff from it.
I didn't remember how many rounds I had played on it before switching computers, but I thought it wouldn't be much - maybe two, three rounds at most, if I was lucky.

I'm glad to say that I was wrong: turns out that back in August 2015, I was in the middle of Round 5, meaning I only lost about two rounds and a half.
... And that it's taken me a little under two years to play two and a half sim seasons... I knew I was slow, but that slow?

But at least now I won't have to start the challenge again (this game is already my third iteration of it... well, 3.5 now, I guess).
And I can pretend that the magic ritual meant to transport the fairy-rescued children in the parallel dimension of Faerie went wrong somehow, and opened a rift in time instead, thus creating an alternate timeline.

Conclusion: MAKE BACKUPS.
And don't delete them unless you've transferred them somewhere safe first. These long-term games take so much of our time and efforts that they are more than worth the space.
I was extremely lucky to get my own game back, and I know that many have not had that chance in the past (sorry about yours, nesxya).
Make backups!

I might post more about the parallel reality unfolding in my game sometime, if I find the time and people are interested. (It certainly will be an interesting experience for me, considering how I have never played the same neighborhood multiple times in the past... not even the default ones.)

Until next time,
Lab Assistant
#2937 Old 12th Jul 2017 at 6:57 AM
Originally Posted by Astha123
double post lol
I wanted to ask what I should do if two of oldest teens are a gay couple. They're adults.

Name one of them Oscar Wilde, marry him to some rich woman who gets him thrown in prison because he keeps writing gay sim novellas. Then have her lose a fight so he can finally be happy. A perfect life (If anyone ever makes it to Victorian England play style lol)!

Seriously though they're still the heirs and historically people who didn't have children as heir would pass on their claims to land and such to the nearest kinfolk. This happened to the Duchess of Devonshire's son, who was (supposedly) too impressed upon by his mother's horrible love life that he never married and his Dukedom went to a cousin. So that's an option. You could also change thing up by having him parse the family belongings out to sims in need and shake up the caste system a bit (unless they are heirs of the main family)

Bread edges.... are the new white meat.
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Test Subject
#2938 Old 19th Jul 2017 at 10:51 AM
Hello again all! It's been quite a while since I've posted here but I'm happy to report that I'm playing my ToT challenge again and things are going well. I'm lucky to only have had a few bumps in the roads (a few deaths and "kidnappings" aka social worker visits) and my challenge is still holding on *knocks on wood*! Last time I updated my blog, I was on round 4 now I'm just starting round 8 which has taken 8 months to get to LOL! I don't even think I finished updating every family for round 4 but I plan on doing a massive recap on the blog before moving on to the Roman Era which I'm so happy to say that I'm almost there. I think round 10 will be the start of the Roman Era for me but time will tell. I've modified some rules to fit my play style, keep me interested and motivated and so far I've really started enjoying the challenge again. Before my long break from playing it was becoming tedious and overwhelming so I'm glad that things are easier you could say.

Okay i think I've rambled on enough now, I'll try to keep updating my progress as i play! Oh and hello to new members of the ToT and if anyone is blogging or vlogging their challenges, shoot me a message with your website. I'd love more challenges to read and watch.
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