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#2626 Old Yesterday at 6:37 PM
Originally Posted by lbsgirl24
I've just restarted another tot . My old hood was two households away from the dark ages but it was very corrupted and nearly unplayable. I'm having a ball starting over so far.

This time round I've decided have my sims live in tents (mostly BV tents but with some deco tents mixed in). I've also come up with a new way to simulate hunting. A group of sims is sent on a hunt. If they bring back an object, meet a pet or the skunk follows them home the hunt is considered successful. If the hunt is successful each sim in the hunting party will be directed to fish immediately and may continue to do so until they cancel the interaction. This is the only time I will be directing sims to fish. The fish may be eaten or used to redeem objects made of animal products. My sims will also need to gather wood or stone in order to have stone/wooden walls and furniture.

As for religion my sims will probably just worship the penguin, at least initially. The penguin has always seemed like a logical & easy choice. He doesn't make any sense and sims can make shrines (snowmen) & give him offerings of fish. Perhaps as my sims become more advanced I will add in another religion but I'm still not sure.

When it comes to inheritance I have a few ideas this time round. I'll probably make it the oldest sibling by default but a younger sibling can challenge them. Whether a challenge is sucessful or not will depend on a sim's combined charisma + body skill, neat + active points of challenger - neat + active points of the defender and relationships with other members of the tribe. Alternatively any sim who fights and kills a heir will become said heir even if they're from another family.

I've been struggling for a good hunting mechanic - using hiking is great. One question, though: how are you having them gather wood and stone?

Originally Posted by TheFlyingRaccoon
As I was having trouble with my graphics card (my driver crashed - sometimes just occasionally, sometimes I couldn't use the computer at all), I finally took the time to do a complete re-install, this time with more disk space and a 64-bit version of windows (so I can use my whole 8 gb ram). But no luck. The graphics card driver still crashes - though funny bit of trivia: while playing minecraft it works without a hitch XD - and, if that wouldn't be bad enough, I managed to loose my roman 'hood in the process. The last back-up I have is from when I finished the neanderthal era and I'm currently not in the mood to rebuild the hood (especially not the houses that took me forever).

So, I'm doing the only reasonable thing: starting from scratch. But, of course, I decided that I want to make everything different this time round.
In fact, the way the challenge is built, you kind of just imitate certain societies that existed during the human history. I know that most of you already incorporated changes that get you closer to a gradual development and own societies that are not as close to the ones 'hinted' at by the original challenge rules. But the perfectionist I am, I decided to fight my way through human history, taking notes for each chapter, while concentrating not on certain cultures, customs or traditions, but rather on the progress humanity made.

I haven't finished my way through history yet (I'm at the end of the migration period), but the way my sims need to go will probably be more or less this one:
They start out in 'Africa' (warm climate), live in caves and survive through hunting. Then they'll be able to migrate to 'Europe', which means cold climate for a while (the homo sapiens arrived there at the end of an ice age), before it levels out to a moderate climate. During that time, they'll start fishing, using wood to build first small huts and they will domesticate animals and plants.
Progress will be tied to ressources: first stone and meat, then after they gather enough ressources and migrate wood, fish and crops. At the end of each round, I'll evaluate the ressources each household has/recieved during the last round and according to this evaluation, my families will progress (more ressources, more progress). So, it could be possible that some families are still living in caves in a warm climate and have to rely on hunting to survive, while other families are living in a moderate climate domesticating their first animals or crops.
The goal is that, as my families breed and progress, the most advanced households agglomerate into bigger settlements, as most advanced civilisations formed this way. Living in a city will boost their progress. But a big city would of course also affect the neighbouring clans, who might decide to rather spend their ressources to fortify their villages and build bigger settlements. Though, I will only allow one advanced civilisation and once that gets too big, it will fragment. The households that formed the city will be integrated into existing settlements. Those settlements will then slowly form kingdoms ('medieval era').

I know, it's basically what the challenge rules say, too. But as I said, I want to focus on progress and more closeness to reality, while not sticking to actual cultures. Even if I do mention them above (like the notion of Europe or Africa) and it is clear that I was inspired by past advanced civilisation, which became really big and were then destroyed (like the roman empire).

Now, the really hard part is to find the right balance between ressources and progress. If I set the ressources needed for progress too low, the gap between the families will probably be too small and they're progressing so fast, that I don't have enough sims for more complexe social structures. But if I set them too high, they won't advance and it'll be boring.

That's delightful. I really applaud that approach to Sim history! I've also been having households advance at different rates, but only based on the generation number of their oldest child. I've also given different 'technologies' to different households, like my Africans are pastoralists - no farming, but they have chickens. When they marry, I decide what culture the new family will be (mostly by picking something in the middle on a globe) and what tech each member will bring. I've only just started Gen. 1, so I may try to work out a more advanced system for technological advancement.
#2627 Old Today at 2:45 AM
When it comes to the wood I use this: http://www.affinitysims.com/IPB/fil...llen-palm-tree/ and have them chop wood
When it comes to stone I have them dig for treasure. Each time they dig up a bone or stone I count it as one stone.

Visit my ToT challenge here.
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