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Lab Assistant
#2351 Old 27th Mar 2015 at 11:15 PM
@abcbok It's really amazing how fast you're advancing. XD I'm not even in the roman era yet (but nearly there :D) and I started this damn challenge in january '13. >_<

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Field Researcher
#2352 Old 28th Mar 2015 at 3:02 AM Last edited by lbsgirl24 : 28th Mar 2015 at 3:16 AM.
@Theflyingracoon ah that makes sense. I've let up a lot on the god modding with this challenge but I still control sims to make them garden and make friends and sometimes clean as well as the things you mentioned.

@Phoenixfire88 I handle and cats much like I would in a normal game. I have one family with a few (aka 8) wolves from wolves they started adopting in the neanderthal era. To simulate domestication when they had two wolves breed and the pups fully trained in calmness I made a CAS wolf that wasn't aggressive and added her to the family.

I was going to just play with strays but I have pretty bad luck with adopting strays and I prefer the shock of seeing kittens/puppies from the adoption center growing into monstrosities. At the moment most bred pets were bred from adopted pets or from the wolves. At the end of the roman era I'm going to use all my free CAS sims to get pretty, era appropriate pets and then try to keep the pet population going without adoption. Should be fun.

At the moment I don't kill pets for fighting because it's just a pain to do but I may have to start with the rules I'm implementing for the Dark Ages. Do any of you kill pets? If so how do you do this?

@abcbok I tried to comment on your blog but I'm not sure if it went through. Regardless I too am shocked by your death rate. Are you finding all those rolls make for a really high death rate?

@jckgwk I'm still a little in shock about it but realistic sickness does do that. In the past even when realistic sickness wipes out nearly a whole family I have a few toddlers and babies who survive (normally a child as well) to keep the line going. I'm just happy it wasn't one of my core families.

I'm just one round from the roman era. I'm kicking it off a day early because my gen 5 sim grows up on the first day of round 7, I mean come on, I'm not playing through a whole round because she was born one pesky day late. I still haven't quite finished building yet. I need to finish the second lord lot, build a third viking lot and another lot for a vassal and serfs, on a related note since I have so few families I'll be playing with one/two serfs to a vassal. Later when I have more families I think I might let a third serf family live in the protective walls of the town but after that they're on their own. Since I've had all spring/summer up until this point in the Roman era this next round will be in autumn to prepare for the long winter I'll be starting the dark ages with.

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Lab Assistant
#2353 Old 28th Mar 2015 at 6:29 AM
Default Notebooks saved my Sims' lives
Originally Posted by VioletPadfoot
I'ma statistic person too. I HAVE to keep track of what's going on and who is who, mostly b/c I'm prone to taking long unexpected breaks, and I can't have the little pixels wondering why their SimGoddess suddenly doesn't remember them. Currently my ToT is open in another window and sitting next to me are TWO notebooks. One keeps track of what's going on, what people aspirations are and what color outfit my toddlers got put in so that I can find that later if I forget when a sim ages up. The second is keeping track of who aged (and what age they aged to) so that I don't have to do as much page flipping in the big notebook when trying to update my generation pages. I swear there is way more information in that notebook than makes it one my website when I update.

Now I'm off to find more clothing for my plantsims as they say they want a bit more variety then get back to playing the last two days in this round. And next round: the cut off for Gen 2 and the start of Gen 3. Once my Gen 2's start having babies all babies born no matter the parentage will be Gen 3. Just like right now all my plantbabies are Gen 2 no matter if their parent is also a Gen 2. I'm just excited to feel like I'm getting somewhere. But my first round of Teen Camp is almost over then they'll all move to their partners lots (and in one case off to their own lot) and start the next generation. So hopefully I get Gen 3 babies in Round 5, it all depends on when these guys age/get pregnant. ~VP

Thanks for sharing your stories and ideas about the game. I think that those of us who are still playing this challenge two to three years later are all a little addicted to our notebooks. But I have to say how happy I am that I was keeping really detailed notes because when my hard drive got fried, I was able to rebuild all of the couples who were getting ready to get married right where they were a year ago. That way I didn't have to start all over with a new set of five families. I also use a single color for my families based on what "country" they live in. Green for England, Blue for France, Red for Spain, Brown for Germany, Yellow for Romania, Purple for Italy (King) and White for Turkey. My King and Dukes wear crowns, my barons wear headbands and my peasants wear cloth caps. That way when someone wanders onto a lot, I can tell their rank and ethnicity.

What does everyone do to help keep track of your little Sims?

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Lab Assistant
#2354 Old 28th Mar 2015 at 6:32 AM
Family Trees
Originally Posted by Frogsnack
Havs anyone tried a family tree/ Genealogy site? The on in my sig is called myhertitage.com, it has statistical features which I love, and can tell you the most common names on the tree, ratio of men to women, married to divroced, percentage of death or by age, etc. It's been very helpful in remembering who is who! I meant to start a blog but the tree site has been so fun to use I've been uploading all my pics and comments to there.

As for keeping track of who is who, I'm still using the orginal names of Cove, Bupkis, Saulson, Edifice, and Fahadeen. I give each male child a different last name before they are old enough to move out so there is no confusion, now I have the following surnames;

Cove, Coval, Covale, Covre, Covel, Coven, Covrale
Bupkis, Bupkisa, Bupkale, Bupkise, Bupkos
Saulson, Saulsoria, Saulsonesca, Saulona,
Edifice, Edifica, McEddie
Fahadeen, Fahadeena, Fahadeenae

........and I just realized that half of these names I have yet to update on the site. whoops.

On an unrelated note, I wanted to show you all some of the weirdest looking sims so far that have come up in my gene pool.

First there was Loki Cova, and now I'm not sure who this next one is yet (she aged up when I wasn't playing her). They both terrify me. Them faces!

I used a My Heritage for awhile until I hit the 200 sims limit and then I didn't want to pay for more. Does anyone know a good free site that will allow for more names? I imagine at this point that my full tree would have about 1000 names on it.

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Lab Assistant
#2355 Old 28th Mar 2015 at 6:36 AM
Originally Posted by Phoenixfire88
Erm okay I started the Challange today and.... well my Sims keep overheating, any help with that?

I found that I had to have a small hut with a roof (floor tiles to make a ceiling and not just a decorative roof). I tried to have them sleep in tents, but I lost so many Sims that I had to build more families.

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Field Researcher
#2356 Old 28th Mar 2015 at 12:13 PM
I've finally decided my rules for getting witches and vampires. Any sim gaining the power to cheat death and peace of mind successfully and then get struck by lightning will turn into a witch. If a sim wishes for power to cheat death and a long life successfully or not then they have a chance of turning into a vampire. Maybe 1/10 chance or something.

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Test Subject
#2357 Old 28th Mar 2015 at 11:31 PM
@TheFlyingRaccoon Haha well, it's not necessarily a good thing Me and my boyfriend barely have a social life outside of our computers and each other ^^' But hey, at least I can play sims all day ._:

@lbsgirl24 Hm, no, I don't think I recieved any comment from you :/ I think my death rate is low, at least compared to yours haha My rolls are the only thing that kills people so far, I don't have realistic sickness or anything (yet). I'm glad I play with them though, would be really boring if nobody died
And I did kill a wolf, the only way I found was possible was to age her with boolprop and then Set to birthday again when she was an elder. She did get two or three more days, though, but she died in the end.

@cespencer That thing with the colors is really smart, I might use that later on. So far they are only 6 households though, so I still recognize everyone ^^
Lab Assistant
#2358 Old Yesterday at 12:40 AM
That description fits me and my boyfriend pretty accurately, too, so no excuse there. XD I guess, the main reason why I'm advancing so slow is because I have phases where I don't play the game at all and which last sometimes for a few months (or half a year *cough* hasn't played between september and february >_>).

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Forum Resident
#2359 Old Yesterday at 6:30 AM Last edited by VioletPadfoot : Yesterday at 9:57 AM.
I also pretty much have no life either. It just takes me forever to play a round b/c like TheFlyingRaccoon, I take long breaks to do other things. Like play games on my playstation that I've already beat at least two dozen times so far. I have managed to get my fourth round/week finished, but my internet is being annoyingly slow so updating my website is exceptionally annoying right now. Especially since I changed how the pictures show up on my Generation pages (that took for-freaking ever do due to crappy internet.) However, I'll probably be back either in an hour or two, or possibly tomorrow to announce that I updated.

In regards to colors, I might use colors when I hit roman times to denote classes. I know at that point I'm going to pause playing for a short while while I find and make some era appropriate clothing in the proper colors. There's an idea rolling around in my had to make some togas in separates so that I can mix and match different styles of tops and lengths of bottom. And possibly use a sash thats an accessory to denote class... This bears some thinking on, and I have like four to six rounds before I need to work on this (so at my rate of play thats like a year or two from now) But for now, the colors are just because I made my suits in eight colors and each sim wears one color their entire life, so I keep track of that. And only Gen Two gets a random color assigned. The Gen Threes will wear the same color as their same gender parent. ~VP

Edit: And I'm back a few hours later to announce an update to my site. Details are on my Updates page, but its just Round Four, and a change to how my Generations Pages look. Oh and an addition (I think it's only one) to my links page for new ToT sites. If anyone sees that I haven't got them listed on the links page (and you posted about your blog/site on this thread) let me know. I'm trying to keep a comprehensive list of all of us, but sometimes I miss things. Also if I missed you, a link would be appreciated so that I don't have to sift through a bunch of back pages to find you. ~VP

I'll stop being anti-social when the rest of the world quits being idiots!

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Test Subject
#2360 Old Yesterday at 8:42 PM
Haha, so we're not the only ones
I just recently started playing The Sims again after playing WoW for nearly a year. Our private server died though, so we had to find new hobbies I played some Sims 4 before realizing it only made me miss Sims 2, and here I am Can't get enough now :D

Oh, that link collection makes me realize I should put one on my blog, too
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