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#2526 Old 29th Jun 2015 at 5:15 AM
Originally Posted by PlatinumPlumbbob
Maximizing Logic Skill: unlock the telescope. Sims can use the telescope to earn a living wage and help family members gain logic skills and get abducted by aliens. Unlocking telescopes also signifies the invention of the calendar and the holidays or formalized religious celebrations. In Sim terms, throwing parties is unlocked. There will be a major religious celebration during every season, and the object of worship will depend on the tribe. The Ugh tribe is, I think, animist. I haven't made up my mind about the other two, but I plan on making one polytheist and the other exclusively monotheist.

Bronze Gardening Badge: unlock fertilizer and compost bins.
Silver Gardening Badge: unlock ladybug houses and irrigation sprinklers. No more carrying water manually from a well!
Gold Gardening Badge: unlock the greenhouse technology and sunlamps and garden club membership.

The seeds unlocked at each level by the game will be usable in a certain location. I imagine tomatoes are the staple food, because it is reliable and can grow anywhere. A tribe may have received its first gold gardening badge, but it may not grow eggplants because of location on the terrain map.

Oh man, I wish I'd thought of this! Just the idea alone of excluding certain crops based on geography is quite awesome. I wonder now what I can work in from this...

I let them write the moment they left the neanderthal gens, but I've been thinking about things like chemistry and inventing... I can have them practice alchemy in the dark ages and inventing in the Renaissance, which is how I was planning on playing it. But I just realized that the tribes that know a lot of other sims or are wealthier should have better crops... I was letting them all just use whatever.
It'd be hard for me to unlock things that don't belong to the era I'm playing though.

Coffee beans I'll restrict to the Emperors now, I think, and herbs to the Patricians, but maybe sims that have mastered cooking can get rare ingredients? Hmm.

I do have a couple of cheatier slave families though for interest who I let own bars and run something like a moonshine business, those ones are also the families that risk owning expensive items. I'll have them buy items that are over 1000 simoleans and have them bank on the item's depreciation before a member of the Emperor family strolls by to accuse them of stealing.

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#2527 Old 29th Jun 2015 at 8:23 AM
I kinda wish I had done something to simulate the discoveries (hunting farming, etc), but no way am i going to restart now just to include them. I finally have Gen three sims born, and it took way too long to get here. I have five gen three babies right now (two sets of twins and a single), and in three or so rounds (just altered my aging mod, so I'm not quite sure of the time frame) I FINALLY get to get out of the neanderthal era. I'm so excited for that. I've been clothes shopping the past couple of days, but most need a bit of dyeing (recoloring) before I'll use them. I like having my rainbow of colors with people dressed similarly. Plus if I designate a style or two of outfit for each class, I'll be able to tell my classes apart at a glance, but no way am I using only one or two colors total. Which is what it seems like a lot of clothes are, mostly because they're from a certain period and the creators were staying historically accurate... Anyway, if anyone wants them, I'll have the recolors on my website once they're made. As well as the spacesuits that my ToT sims are currently wearing. Once I finish tweaking them. I just altered the mesh so that everyone but the teens have a slightly longer skirt, and I'm toying with making them separates. But I also need to mess with the tops a bit too to fix an issue with the shoulder area that's been slightly bugging me for eons now. And maybe lower the neckline a bit... But I'm off to get back to my game. Six more families and this round is officially done (I play one day rotations and seven of those make a round) ~VP

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Originally Posted by Frogsnack
Oh man, I wish I'd thought of this! Just the idea alone of excluding certain crops based on geography is quite awesome. I wonder now what I can work in from this... I was letting them all just use whatever.
It'd be hard for me to unlock things that don't belong to the era I'm playing though.

Unlike the prescribed rules in the first couple of posts, I have done a bit differently by refusing to think in real human terms. All the technological and societal advances are thought in Sim terms. A tribe will only exit the Caveman stage, when the tribe collectively has unlocked everything except the careers. Then, it enters a stage called The Middle Ages, but unlike the real Middle Ages, the Sim version simply means to expand and develop one's civilization. Purchasing a building that symbolizes the unlocking of architecture career track means that that tribe will have architects to build fancy buildings and gain access to more lot types, such as apartments and hotels and dorms. The Modern Age is the stage of completion. I may then choose to continue playing or play something else.

I tend to think in terms of function rather than aesthetics. So, aesthetically, my game looks like a bunch of Maxis objects lying on the lawn or in a weird non-enclosed stone cave-house. The explanation behind the use of Maxis objects is that a top-secret research organization has illegally collected a couple of Sims and has brainwashed them into submission. The Sims are told that their gorilla suits are genetic and that they are required by law to spend resources (simoleons) on certain clothes at the unowned community lots or make clothes by having a sewing machine. The money they receive in the beginning are all invested in the property, and they are free to "cut the trees" or otherwise change the landscape to suit their living needs and accommodations. Only time will tell whether the tribes will do as they are told or become self-conscious and unveil the man behind the curtain. Unveiling the man behind the curtain is how the challenge ends for me.

Because different tribes progress through at different paces, there is a possibility that a technologically advanced tribe will dominate less advanced tribes. Also, intra-tribal conflicts and civil wars can cause divisions and daughter tribes.

I am laying the foundations of how I will play the game. Yet, I am leaving plenty of room for storytelling and imagination. I want things to develop organically and take it from there. For example, whether a tribe is patriarchal or matriarchal is determined by whoever in the tribe maximizes charisma first, because that Sim will realize the power of making good social connections to the extent of telling other tribesmen what property rightfully belongs to him or her, unlocking property ownership for the entire tribe.

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