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#2801 Old 25th May 2016 at 6:24 AM
I too am planning on leaving at least a few of my Neandersim lots, and moving everyone into new houses when I eventually get to the next era. I might convert one or two into community lots as "Historical Sites" later on in the challenge, I'm not quite sure right now. And if I delete a few too many, I have the lot saved into my lots bin so I can easily plop a new one down when needed. ~VP

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#2802 Old 7th Jun 2016 at 4:47 AM
If I am using the same neighborhood, I like to leave use different parts of the map during each era, leaving empty the old era lots.

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#2803 Old 17th Jun 2016 at 11:09 AM
I started a blog about this challenge! http://randomblogwithrandomstuff2468.blogspot.in/
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#2804 Old 20th Jun 2016 at 7:21 AM
Oh dear, I seem to have returned during a dead zone... great timing Taliah >_> *apathetic applause* well done

HEY ALL! Long time no seeee~ How we all been? Looks like there's a lot of restarting going on, but WOW I am so impressed by the evolution of the Neanderthal Era! Simmers are such creative little peeps. I am digging that new ATOT website, also. I've just been checking out the new insert (it's probably old by now?!) Ancient Greece - I took one look at the Gods and Goddesses option and signed myself up for that in great big red permanent ink. Booyeah that is going to be FUN! If you can get past the Neanderthal Era... amma right? Why is it so difficult?! Whyyyy... *face plants on the ground*

I'm restarting for the seventh time - that I can remember - I haven't played in ages and I've completely cleaned out my downloads folder and reinstalled due to something buggy with my game; so it's all fresh and pretty again, yay~ But I refuse - I absolutely refuse! (is scared witless) to start IN the Neanderthal Era - again! - so I'm trying something different... but it's a work in progress without any set rules AS YET... and I'm aiming for 10 generations with a "let's just try ten for now and see what happens when we get there ok?! ok!" *fist clench* sort of resolution. It's pretty much Modern - Apocalypse/Neanderthal - Ancient Greece - Roman... wait, I totally just put the Roman Era even further away now didn't I?! Ugh...

I'll also be blogging again, since I seem to do better that way (weirdly) plus it's a good way to remind myself of what's been happening at times I haven't played for a while.

I hope everyone will be back soon! I'll be checking in more regularly. I am totally back in this challenge *game face on* bring it!

taliah~ (keeping it easy, breezy, beautiful... wait, no, stop that now)

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#2805 Old 28th Jun 2016 at 1:46 AM
It's not... completely dead... I've just been busier than ever this summer so far!

I'll be playing a bit more this week actually. But DANGIT this is a hard challenge lol

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