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#2151 Old 17th Sep 2014 at 7:19 PM
Originally Posted by samantha_kathy
If you up the risky woohoo, then you up the chance of normal woohoo resulting in a baby. If you like to increase their fertility, I think there's a setting under global overrides or maybe the lot settings where you can change the % of try for baby (like it might be 60% of the time they try for baby and you can up it). Inteen is good for increasing the chance of try for baby being succesful by giving fertility treatment to the women.

The 2 places to increase chances are in a woman's "pregnancy" choices. One of them increases chance of pregnancy in general, the other increases chance of pregnancy in "risky whoohoo" (when they do it by themselves).The number of "children wanted" also increases it. So you could have 50% chance of pregnancy, but only 10% chance due to risky sex - which means 10% of 50%.

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#2152 Old 17th Sep 2014 at 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by lbsgirl24
I only started updating in the roman era which is why you can't find the Neanderthal updates. I kind of wish I started updating earlier but that's just the way it turned out. A word of warning the round 2 Harmon update is missing pictures and I (still) haven't got around to fixing it.
Okay thanks for letting me know. Your version of the Colosseum sounds like it was really sow fear into people's hearts :O love it.

Also thanks to everybody who explained to me different ways to increase a woman's fertility. I will get cracking on that soon and hopefully it won't be such a big deal this coming round of play.
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#2153 Old 18th Sep 2014 at 2:22 AM
Originally Posted by TheFlyingRaccoon
But I fear you won't be able to help me with that first problem, so on to my second one: the roman houses. I built quite a few, but somehow I can't manage to make something I like? =/ Those of you who already play the roman era: How did you built the houses for the different classes? Did you use any real roman houses as reference? Or did you simply went with something that was close enough for you? Does anyone play with apartment houses for the lower classes? And while I'm at it, I also decided that I don't want to give any of my sims normal jobs (in maxis' careers), but built a closed economy with as less money appearing out of nowhere as possible. I'm still unsure though how that should work exactly, though. XD

I did do a little research into roman houses for building my palace and patrician houses but I ended up building houses that fit my playstyle rather than historical accuracy. I would rather have a smaller lot with a two story house so I went for houses like that rather than big sprawling one story houses. I did build an apartment complex for my plebians but I'm a little lazy and that would stop them from having home business shops however all future plebians will be moving into the apartment complex for more variety. Try googly roman insulae if you want ideas. With slaves I'm currently working on an apartment type lot for them but I don't know if I'll ever use it. The two issues I can see with apartments is the annoying land lord and if I am not filling up all my apartments with playables there will be townies running around which might annoy me.

I have tried doing a semi self sustaining medieval hood before but it is a lot of work. The main issues I ran into was what the upper classes actually do to makje their living, I ended up just giving them jobs and saying that was how much they earned running their estates. In my mind my romans aren't the whole roman empire, just a very small part of it so I'm able to suspend my disbelief and say the real empire is sending them money when they go off to work or something like that.

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#2154 Old 19th Sep 2014 at 2:37 PM
Apartments really aren't ideal for this challenge, I guess, so I was thinking about an alternative and remembered a tutorial I saw some time ago about stacking lots and that's how I spend a few hours messing around with it. Sadly, the layout I had in mind, doesn't look good when stacked, but I'm not giving up yet. \o/

As regards my self sustaining hood, I've made a little more progress. That will probably end up rather long-winded, so

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#2155 Old 20th Sep 2014 at 4:08 PM
I'm thinking about restarting this challenge for a couple of reasons.
- I want to incorporate a lot of rules and ideas that have been posted here.
- I feel kind of disconnected with my sims, because I haven't played them for so long and I have no clue about what's going on in their lives and what my plans were with them.
- I think that I made all of my sims look like eachother (I have trouble with creating ugly sims), which kind of makes it boring to play, because they look like eachother and on top of that, their personalities are very similar too.
- If I restart, I want to make their faces more diverse and I want to add some real Neanderthals with more pronounced facial features (someone else did this before, but I can't remember who it was). I want to see how long the Neanderthal face will stick around.

But when I look at how long it took me to get to where I am now with my challenge, I'm afraid to restart.
I am still stuck at round 5 of the Neanderthal Era and it took me around 3 years to get there. (yes, I just looked it up, I started this challenge August 1st 2011)
Some people have managed to get to the Roman Era in a couple of months, but I can't even reach the second generation...

If I restart, I might change the rule that says you have to keep trying for baby. With slightly smaller families, it will be easier and faster to play I think (and I need to stop micro-managing my sims). Maybe I'll also stop doing season-long rounds and start doing 1-day rounds. Oh but the loading time will be sooo long..

P.S. I, too, think the sims 4 is kind of disappointing. The only part I really would like to have in sims 2 is the multitasking.

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#2156 Old 22nd Sep 2014 at 6:24 PM
@floor1304 You could simply try to start playing again (if you already haven't), maybe only one day in each household. When you manage to reconnect with your sims, you might even be less bothered by the fact that a lot of them look similar. A lot of my sims actually look similar, too, but due to what they went through and how they behave they all feel different. And personalities are nothing that sticks through generations as they're mostly random as far as I can tell? Seeing as your only at round 5, I think you should be able to incorporate most idees, if you want to.
On the other side, if you can't manage to get a feeling for your sims again, it might be better to restart. A new challenge hood were you actually play is better than a more advanced challenge hood you're not playing.

Concerning my project 'Stack the Lots', I actually found a house layout that fits. The main and first floor are one lot, the second floor (+ stairs to get up there) another one. It's not perfect yet, but I'm getting there.

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#2157 Old 22nd Sep 2014 at 8:29 PM
Can I get some input from you guys on an "issue" that just popped up in my hood? I'm mostly basing my rankings on popularity, so whichever family has the highest number of unique friends (sims only count on the friends list once. So if Kalek and Coest Boretti are both friends with Tinnack Aoki, Tinnack only counts once on the Boretti friends list) is the highest rank, and when the time comes, the new emperor/ess. Anyway, onto my issue. My sims have been adopting strays. Which obviously is not the problem, i just wasn't doing it nearly as often in my other incarnations of the challenge so I never ran into this issue. But if one sim makes friends with another sim's pet, should that pet count towards the family friend count? For example, the Aoki family adopted Rocket. I was (am) playing on the Boretti lot when Tinnack and Rocket walked by, and Kalek greeted them. But if Kalek should make friends with Rocket, should that friendship count towards the rankings? And should I count the friendships between the pets? Obviously since they're all strays they have some pre-established relationships, but since I'm going to be inviting them over to lots, they will be interacting with other pets and possibly forming friendships. Should I count those? Here I was thinking using the number of friendships was gong to be an easy way to determine ranks, then I do something that could possibly make it that much more difficult. So, thoughts? How should I go about counting friendships between/with pets? I have an idea on how I want to handle it, but I want y'all's opinions too. ~VP

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#2158 Old 23rd Sep 2014 at 1:17 AM
@TheFlyingRaccoon the buildings look really good Your self sustaining hood ideas sound really interesting, the use of jobs without pay would make it a lot easier.

@Floor1304 if you really aren't connecting with your sims and really don't feel like playing starting over couldn't hurt. But you have plenty of time to integrate new ideas if you wanted to. If you did start over you could always shorten the neanderthal era to get yourself moving on quicker.

@VioletPadfoot if I was using friendships to determine how many alliances each family had I wouldn't include pets friendships or friendships between pets

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#2159 Old 27th Sep 2014 at 5:43 AM
I think I'm going to start this in the next week or so when I get back home from holidays.
I'll add a link to my blog if and when it happens.
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#2160 Old 27th Sep 2014 at 1:29 PM
New update on my Test of Time blog! The new part is called 'Reality Sets In' in which the teens discover surviving on their own for years isn't as much fun as it seems at first, among other things. Check out A Hitch in Time for the full story and pictures. Link is in my signature.
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