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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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#1 Old 22nd Apr 2011 at 9:24 PM Last edited by Liv Lukas : 22nd Apr 2011 at 9:41 PM. Reason: clarification and getting the dates right
Default Tell us about your longest played hood...
Wondering about your longest played hood. Do you have a hood that you've been nurturing for a year, two, five? What type of hood is it? Have you played it continuously or taken long breaks and come back to it? What generation are you on at this point? Do you play it legacy style, prosperity, or round-style? Did you start with clean templates or are you just winging it hoping to avoid a BFBVFS?

My answer:

I've been playing my hood since October 2006 and believe it or not, I am only on the second generation. Why did it take so long? Well, it took that long for me to design and build it (I designed the entire hood and terrain from scratch - and then had to rebuild it once more about a year later) and I took several months off from playing here and there and I am just a slow simmer I guess. *shrug*

My hood is a quaint little country village with intertwined family history and lots and lots of backstory. It is also tiny - there are only about 80 Sims in the hood.

ETA: I did rebuild this hood once but kept all the same Sims and Houses and whatnot, just made it all on a better terrain with clean templates. The first one wasn't set up well enough. So technically, this version is from September 2007.

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#2 Old 22nd Apr 2011 at 10:24 PM
My longest-played 'hood is Pleasantview. I started this... Oh, gosh. When did I start it?... (runs off to check the dates on her earliest screenshots) probably about September 2009. It's pretty consistently the only 'hood I play - I started it when I reinstalled and I've been playing it round-style.

It's currently sitting at 172 playables (and since it was before the era of clean install templates, some 900 NPCs...), and Gen 4 is starting to get into the full swing. Gen 1 has completely died off, and Gen 2 is pretty all adults or elders (except for a few of Don Lothario's youngest, who are all teens).

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#3 Old 22nd Apr 2011 at 10:38 PM
I can't remember how long I've had my current 'hood, but it's been years. It's based on the pleasantview townies. It started with one couple, Komei Tellerman & Brandi LeTourneau, and now I'm up to 17 households. With the exception of 5 CAS sims so I could get some eye variety, all my sims marry townies/NPC's or, now that I've gone enough generations, another born-in sim. Generation 5 is just being born.

I usually play the households in rounds. I do a Monday - Thursday round where they do family stuff & work on promotions/school work & general household things. Then I do a Friday - Sunday round where they party, go on dates or go on outings. Sundays they have all the extended family over & I let them run free with only a little bit of prompting.

I've built the 'hood from the ground up. Each generation I build a few community lots & houses. (The oldest male sim usually gets their parents house.) It now boasts a high school, library, church with graveyard, flower shop, art gallery, row of shops & a function hall/restaurant for wedding parties. The only building I didn't build myself is the clothing store that's in PV.

This isn't the best picture & there's more houses & stuff now, but you get the idea.
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#4 Old 22nd Apr 2011 at 10:45 PM
That's a lovey neighborhood pic, Simtastics.

I'm not sure when I started playing Prosperity. The oldest error log is from June, 2008, so I'll just use June 1, 2008, as its birthday. I play the neighborhood consistently, but population growth has slowed down progress considerably: after 3 months of play, Prosperity was on day 50. After two years of play, the neighborhood was on day 100. It is on day 118 today.

I started with clean templates and a set of families randomized prosperity-style. There are currently 70 inhabited lots and 232 playable Sims. It's a bit difficult for me to track generations, since prosperity families come out of CAS as a generational mix. Families whose founders came out of CAS as single adults are now on their third game-born generation. The neighborhood started with the main 'hood (pbox's Middleground), two OFB subhoods with different themes (upscale and rural), and a downtown. I have since added a Uni and four more OFB subhoods, as well as the default BV vacation location (blergh).

The neighborhood is rigorously synced for time. I follow my own set of rules and use a mix of hacks to introduce challenge, risk, and randomness while enforcing a certain logic on the Sims' world.

The point of Prosperity is to watch the neighborhood grow (or shrink, please!) and change as organically as possible, while keeping the individual families fresh and interesting to play.
#5 Old 22nd Apr 2011 at 11:10 PM Last edited by Zandvoort : 22nd Apr 2011 at 11:11 PM. Reason: Failed at grammar..
I started a new neighbourhood which I called Paradisa (I know not the most original name... su), which was made of a pre-made landscaping. It was that one which was hilly first, then it was flat for houses and roads, then there was a lake and then endless high mountains, played for year or something
Sometimes I want my Sims 2 with my EP's and SP's back.. *sigh*

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#6 Old 22nd Apr 2011 at 11:42 PM
I think my oldest was around 2-3 years, but I didnt play it consistently (had few weeks breaks etc). The longest generation I've went through is 5 generations, but Im not sure if it was the same hood. But I had to ditch that hood because people became too related and there would be grandparents/uncles younger than their nieces and grandkids since I only played whatever household I wanted. I didnt keep hoods that long back then because of game bugs/problems from CC or from new EPs coming out/no patches. Also because of old CC since better quality ones were/are still emerging, and when I got bored of my families.

My current hood is about a year old ish, but had months breaks due to school, and it is still on its first generation! But because of how long I've kept this generation, I've grown to know alot about them and watch them more, which keeps me interested in them; so theres no way I would abandon this hood :D
Field Researcher
#7 Old 23rd Apr 2011 at 12:12 AM
Well, my 'hood that lasted the longest was my town called Nipah, which was located on my old Acer computer. It was my very first town that I played seriously, and lasted about a year before it just stopped existing for no reason. I had just reached the fifth generation, too.
After that, I just haven't had the interest...I'll play a neighborhood for a month or two and then I'll delete it and restart.
#8 Old 23rd Apr 2011 at 1:17 AM
My large custom hood is the longest I've played one hood, mostly because I've learned how not to blow them up. I started it in late 2009 and it's going into it's 4th generation soon. Although I did have close to 9 months off due to a cross country move and lack of computer access so it should be further along. I play it in round style and it's modeled after a small town in New England. My feeble attempts at reconstructing the New England style of architecture anyway as based on my first hand experience.

I've also become distracted with another small custom hood I just started so it may be awhile before I get back to it. I've started a even smaller farming community, more Midwest rather than Northeast in style though.
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#9 Old 23rd Apr 2011 at 8:23 AM
I played a neighborhood called Viper Canyon for long, until it crashed into oblivion. Sinanda, on the other hand, has been with me since... 2009, or possibly 2008. Sims there haven't aged. Some of them had children, but I haven't actually played them for long. Too many characters to have big family trees anyway.
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#10 Old 23rd Apr 2011 at 11:22 AM
I'm not sure when I started actually playing it (June probably), but on my blog my first post for Angelos Town was July 14th, 2009, so coming up on two years. I have had to rebuild once due to glitches, but I copied over almost all the character data to keep it the same (the only things that weren't were the memories -- aspiration levels, jobs, college certificates, genetics were all copied over).

It was started on the Twikki Island Expanded template (found on this site), clean templates for everything, and followed the Prosperity rules (random roll for household number + sims in household), which gave me the following families (names are image links):

The Austins: Teen Samantha, her child-aged brother Ryan, and twin toddlers Bryan and Ellis.

The Eddlemans: Adult Abigail and her child-aged daughter Katie.

The Rutlands: Elder Kathleen, her adult son Liam, his wife Becky, and their toddler daughter Isabel.

The Moats: Adult Laura and her teen daughter Tamara.

The Creekmores: Elder Simon and his toddler granddaughter Rosemary.

Overall, generation 4 has just become children (the Moats family), but because of the nature of the Prosperity challenge and how it classifies generations, and also so larger families, I have some gen 2 sims (Ellis' children) who are just becoming teens. I currently have 157 sims in 34 permanent households (plus currently 25 sims in about 6 college households), and because I'm blogging it I'm possibly looking to reduce the population -- it's quite a lot for people to read through, even though I am putting recaps every two sim-weeks.

If people are really interested in reading, the link to the story index (containing links to all the updates so far) is in my signature.

Angelos Town Prosperity updated 11th June 2012. | Albion Falls BACC updated 25th April 2011.

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The Great AntiJen
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#11 Old 23rd Apr 2011 at 11:38 AM
I think I beat you there Liv. I started Little Carping when the game was released and I'm still playing it. I do play slowly and, like you, I did redo the hood with better terrain and clean templates and got rid of the townies. Rebuilding the hood was a summer-long project. I rebuilt everything including the relationships, memories and genetic connections. I can be obsessive like that. The hood is now played as economically interdependent.

The neighbourhood started as a project to recreate some of the sim characters I had in the original game that I felt I hadn't finished with when Sims 2 came out. It's gone on from there. I began with the generation before my Sims 1 characters and created a family and then played out a backstory for each one. I've added in new characters as stories demand it and created completely new families as I've gone along, basically whenever I had a new idea for a story. There are now about 25 families which are played in strict rotation and two very busy universities (a lot of new characters come in as students). Some of the families are, of course, off shoots of the originals. Over the years, the town has grown organically as I've built new buildings as needs have arisen. I also added a nearby market town (Carping Magna - a shopping district) and a more distant city (Sirencester) as the new EPs came along. There are also holiday destinations. I like building houses and there are often building projects going on. But I also like importing houses built by others so Little Carping has an eclectic and interesting housing stock. Community lots are the biggest and most elaborate plots I build and there are now many specific lots - railway stations, cinema, several churches, town halls, pubs, schools (owned and playable), a prison (also owned and playable), police stations, fire stations and so on and on. I've gradually made more and more townies and other background sims. I use simsurgery (SimPE) to paste clones of my playables over NPCs - my main fireperson (Patrick Wharton) who owns the firehouse in Sirencester is also the fireman who turns up to put out the fires in sims' homes. Basically, the village has grown and developed both in its buildings and in its people and I like that.

I wonder sometimes why I don't play other neighbourhoods. I have tried from time to time but I simply just don't enjoy it. I had a really good go at creating a fantasy neighbourhood but lost interest as I got to the point of actually starting to make sims. I even created a custom CAS screen for that one. I feel when I try another neighbourhood that I am just in the wrong place and that I'm wasting time away from where I really want to be. So I always go back to Little Carping. <shrug> dunno really - I think everyone plays their own way and I have this thing about creating a place that's alive and almost real in my mind.
Original Poster
#12 Old 23rd Apr 2011 at 10:34 PM

You play the same way I do. All my NPCs are playable Sims and it adds so much to the story. My first paper girl went to college (not a Maxis college, one that I built in the main hood) so her job was taken by the next teen who wanted the job and if there was not a teen available, then I would have stopped paper delivery in town until one became available, or perhaps cloned an adult to take over the job (if that's possible).

Anyway, I have never tried to make another hood. Thought about it, but nope....nothing nearly as interesting as 4.5 years of history. Plus, I've got a city and vacation hood to create now. Will take me years! :-)

Wondering, Maxon...do you let your Sims die and if you do, since you played them so long, is it really heartbreaking? I have some elders that are moving along and man, when they go, I might just cry.

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#13 Old 24th Apr 2011 at 5:19 AM
Originally Posted by Liv Lukas
Wondering about your longest played hood. Do you have a hood that you've been nurturing for a year, two, five? What type of hood is it? Have you played it continuously or taken long breaks and come back to it? What generation are you on at this point? Do you play it legacy style, prosperity, or round-style? Did you start with clean templates or are you just winging it hoping to avoid a BFBVFS?

I've been playing my hood since December 2008. I play it every now and then.
I do not play the other hoods.
I used clean templates and have everything on one map. I added the BV destinations and Academie Latour.
It started as a Treasure hunter challenge. Then I turned it into a BACC.
I add things as I go and play my families with no particular order as long as I want. I know exactly how old each sim is though. I guess I play a kind of Prosperity-style.
Most of my businesses are owned community lots or playable (city hall, police station, hairdresser, restaurant, doctor, retirement home...) My schools are playable.
I currently have 107 playables and more than 30 households.
I'm a slow player too. I'm on generation 3, 4 and 5 for the most ancient family.
The Great AntiJen
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#14 Old 24th Apr 2011 at 2:08 PM
Originally Posted by Liv Lukas
Wondering, Maxon...do you let your Sims die and if you do, since you played them so long, is it really heartbreaking? I have some elders that are moving along and man, when they go, I might just cry.

Oh yes, I do - I have built several nice churches (here's one of them: http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j...hwithextras.jpg, actually 2: http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j...sholmsFront.jpg that's them just after building - they're a bit different now) and I have to fill the graveyards somehow.

Letting go of some of the sims (Mercer Vaughan, Phoebe Sororah and Randolph Goth in particular) was very hard but they are buried in Little Carping or Sirencester (here's the vile Mercer haunting Randolph Goth's daughter: http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j...cerHaunting.jpg).

But having sims die off is not a problem really. It gives me new opportunities to tell new stories. When Mercer was alive, he completely dominated play. He was such a horror and so funny. I enjoyed playing out his story immensely. It has to be said that the neighbourhood was much smaller then (Mercer was one of the founding generation) and it's unlikely he'd be so dominant today but, on the other hand, once he went, I was able to tell new stories and create new horrors for the game. His role has been taken over several times since: Crimson Lane (another romance sim who also caused wailing and howling wherever she went), Egon Lovett (a Machiavellian schemer) and Deacon Hedges (a wildly ego-centric party lover). This is a typical shot of Deacon: http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j...on/RearView.jpg. This was while he was at college. I'd be happily seeing to other sims' needs in the dorm and then go and look for him. He was nearly always naked: 10pts outgoing and never got dressed after a shower. He lives in Sirencester now and is aiming to become mayor (oh, how I wish there was a politics mod). I spend most of my time saying: "oh for heaven's sake Deacon, get dressed." Other sims' reactions to him make me laugh. He'd be an excellent mayor if he can beat the slick and quick-witted Peter Taylor (who is becoming more and more like Tony Blair). They hate each other. Peter has the backing of the Goth family (he's married into it) who are still wealthy and influential while Deacon has this big overwhelming personality that voters just love.

See, that's how it goes. I'm sorry to see them go but not heartbroken. I think it helps also that I'm an older player and that means I'm less sentimental about dying, especially simulated dying. Sorry, you probably didn't want to know that but there it is.
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#15 Old 27th Apr 2011 at 5:37 AM
Well actually.. I have deleted all of the Maxis neighbourhoods and just have my one little neighbourhood, Bellewood.

Yes, I named it after the neighbourhood on Ben 10.

I dont actually know how long Ive been playing on it.. But it has all the other families and homes from the other neighbourhoods too. It took me a while to set it up.. But it looks good
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#16 Old 28th Apr 2011 at 2:56 AM
My longest played hood has got to be Pleasantview. However, it's only longest played in the sense that it's probably the hood I've spent the most time on since getting TS2. I've had to reinstall my game a few times, so I haven't actually played Pleasantview consecutively at any one time for longer than about a year. But anyway, I really like Pleasantview, and I've played most of the families at least once. Excluding the families in the family bin (the only base game family from the family bin that I've really played is the Burbs), the only Pleasantview families I haven't played are the Goths (although I see Mortimer plenty, since the sims I DO play are constantly spying on, and then getting shoved by, him!), Nina and Dina Caliente, and Don Lothario.

The Goths and the twins I haven't played because I haven't been interested in playing them, and Don I haven't played because I don't like romance sims that much. However, now I'm thinking I might play him. It might be kind of fun now that I have the ACR. It could, for example, be VERY interesting to have his girlfriends invite him over and see how many he does "try for baby" with (since female sims, even playable female sims, can't get pregnant unless they're on their home lot, obviously having Don invite the girlfriends over won't work).

With the ACR, most sim couples choose "try for baby" rather than "woohoo" (unless the woman is already pregnant, naturally!). Romance sims, however, detest the idea of having children. So it will be interesting to see if Don, a romance sim, chooses to use protection and avoid having kids, or decides to be careless! Plus, if he does impregnate a bunch of his girlfriends, it will be very funny to watch what happens if they bump into one another!

My inital idea was to have Don sleep with every playable adult woman in Pleasantview, but there are some marriages (such as John and Jennifer Burb's, and Mary-Sue Pleasant and her second husband's) that I'd rather not have wrecked!

Anyway, Riverblossom Hills and Desireda Valley are probably tied for the neighborhood I've played the second longest. Also, at the moment, Pleasantview is at the start of generation three (I'm counting the premade adult sims as generation one) in my game, as Lucy Burb now has two daughters of her own. Also, her sister Joy is currently pregnant, as is her sister-in-law Stella (whose maiden name was, yes, Terrano, and she is the new wife of Lucy's brother Linus, Joy's twin). Both Joy and Stella, incidentally, got pregnant on their respective honeymoons (the first and second 100-percent ACR caused honeymoon pregnancies in my game!).

My hope is that Blossom Moonbeam, who just married Dustin Broke (so now, obviously, she is Blossom Broke!) and is on her honeymoon with him, will soon be pregnant as well! Then generation three will REALLY be underway!
Field Researcher
#17 Old 28th Apr 2011 at 7:32 AM
Sexy Island has existed since late 2009. Not as long as other people's hoods, but I'm proud of it.
I'm having a few issues with it glitching though. I need to fix it somehow.

My largest family is up to it's fourth gen.
Test Subject
#18 Old 28th Apr 2011 at 11:20 AM
Mine is pleasantview reneamed Pleasant Valley. Had it since 2007 been playing on and off
Mortimer died a couple of weeks ago along with the oldies. The pleasant just got out ofuni and married Dirk and dustin. Don has a few kids and married a slob a few mansions are getting built.

Somehow I have 1823 people.
#19 Old 28th Apr 2011 at 11:48 AM
I have my Touverdale since 18 June 2010, and now I just have 38 playables and 8 students in college. No Downtown or Shopping District. So, still a long way to go...

BTW, can you see my signature? Coz it doesn't appear for me... But yours are appear...

Hey there! :)
#20 Old 28th Apr 2011 at 1:24 PM
Originally Posted by Moganite
Somehow I have 1823 people.

It's the NPCs and townies. I'm pretty sure playables that have died are also still included in the neighbourhood count. Especially if you're playing without Pescado fixes, they can make your population skyrocket.

My Pleasantview population is 957, although by my calculations, only about 200 of those are playables (I forgot about the Maxis bin families and student households that are patiently waiting to be placed in the neighbourhood or the university)

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#21 Old 29th Apr 2011 at 1:51 AM
I've been playing my current Pleasantview hood since the summer of 2005 - when I created my simself and some fictitious handsome boyfriend for my simself. Before that summer from the release of the game to that summer I played the default Pleasantview and it crashed not long after installing Uni, and I had no back-ups. So after that I couldn't bring myself to play the same families I made somewhat of a life for so I got rid of them, but kept the ones I neglected the first time around, that included the Calientes. The Caliente name still lives on in my neighborhood now 4 generations later. And you can best believe I know exactly who's a descendent of my simself. I've had every college attached to my neighborhood at one time or another, and every current sim (who was born in game or a teen townie or younger) went to college and graduated. Pleasantview did happen to get hit with a BFBVFS, but since I've been backing up the game, I was able to restore most of what I lost. What I lost, was lost. Though if this Pleasantview should happen to get hit with another, it'll just live on in my memory. There's no way I can imagine repeating such a long wonderful drama.

I'm not entirely sure of the population of playables. There are 31 households in my rotation right now though. I think that's the most I've ever had in a rotation.
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