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#1 Old 16th May 2011 at 5:53 AM
Default The Sims 3 Master Controller Or Twallan Super Computer Help Please!!!!
Ok, Ive been trying to get this thing to work for the past 3 days and its driving me crazy and i really need you guys help with this!!!!
Ok im a huge machinima creator, have made top viewing music videos on youtube using the sims 3, had a hit tv show using the sims 3, and now im trying to bring it back, but i need to have more than 8 sims per household in order to bring it back. but dumb *** sims 3 creators keep making these stupid updates that keeps limiting our uses more and more every update...I say we go on strike and stop updating the games....any way, like i said, im trying to bring my tv show back but i need to have more than 8 sims per hosehold and recentyl ea made another new update that doesnt allow the cheat for it anymore, so i did some researching on the internet and i found the information about the master controller and twallans super computer...I have downloaded both of them more than once and neither of them worked, i have followed directions to a t..."Install, extract, place in packages folder" but when i go in game, theres no difference or option that says anything different than before, not on the sims, not on the computers, not on the city hall, no where. so i decided to just screw it and uninstall the game and then reinstall it, but when it re installed the ea download manager didnt download with the game (UGH!!!! if its not onething its another) so now im just thinking maybe i will download the master controller or the twllan super computer but i need you guys help, CAN SOMEONE WITH EXPERIENCE WITH THESE 2 PROGRAMS GIVE ME EXACT DETAIL ON HOW TO DOWNLOAD ONE OR THE OTHER THE RIGHT WAY because i have a feeling i may be doing something wrong...Please help me guys, 10 points on the line...and please DO NOT tell me to go to the main website and ask the creator because i have tried and i cant even get in the websites because of the cookies on my computer or something like that...Someone please help!!!!
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#2 Old 16th May 2011 at 5:56 AM
These install like any other piece of cc. Please read the .package file installation FAQs under Help > Sims 3 in the top menu and post in the game help Q&A forums if you are unable to get any .package files to work in your game.

If Awesomemod or Master Controller did require any extra-special installation tips (they do not), then you would have to go to the creator's site for that advice. We do not support individual creators' work in this forum.
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