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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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Test Subject
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#1 Old 9th Jun 2011 at 2:35 AM
Default Can you do this?
Hi! Can you make furniture raise and lower needs? If so how? I really want to make a lounge chair raise fun but lower energy (Like the Animus from Assassins Creed).
Help Please!!!
Field Researcher
#2 Old 22nd Jun 2011 at 1:21 AM Last edited by ThomasRiordan : 23rd Jun 2011 at 3:19 AM.
You should be able to get furniture to raise motives by editing the ITUN (0x03B33DDF) for the interaction you wish to change the motives. I was able to edit the Take Shower/Take Bath ITUN files to increase fun while in the shower by doing the following.

<Change type="Fun" advertised="1000" locked="True" actual="10000" updateType="ContinuousFlow" timeDependsOn="False" updateEvenOnFailure="False" updateAboveAndBelowZero="Either" />

I just stuck it on the end of the output section for each shower/tub although there could be a generic ITUN that'll do it for all objects using that ITUN.

<?xml version="1.0"?> <base> <Interaction name="Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Plumbing.Shower+TakeShower+Definition" /> <Object name="Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Plumbing.ShowerTub" /> <CodeVersion name="BaseGame" considerCodeVersion="False" /> <Current_Tuning> <Disallow DisallowAutonomous="False" DisallowUserDirected="False" DisallowPlayerSim="False" /> <BaseAvailability> <AgeSpecies AgeSpeciesValue="C,T,Y,A,E" /> <MotiveThreshold MotiveThresholdType="None" MotiveThresholdValue="0" MotiveBelowCheck="False" /> <MoodThreshold MoodThresholdType="None" MoodThresholdValue="0" /> <SkillThreshold SkillThresholdType="None" SkillThresholdValue="0" /> <CareerThreshold CareerThresholdType="Undefined" CareerThresholdValue="0" IncludePastCareers="False" /> <Lot AllowNonGreetedSimsIfObjectOutside="False" AllowNonGreetedSimsIfObjectOutsideUserDirected="True" AllowGreetedSims="True" AllowOnCommunityLots="True" AllowOnAllLots="False" /> <World RestrictionType="None" Types="" Names="" /> <Room AllowInTombRoomAutonomous="False" /> <Misc DisallowedIfPregnant="False" DisallowedFromInventory="False" /> </BaseAvailability> <Check type="SelfRegarding" value="3.5" /> <Check type="InappropriateForVisitor" value="2.5" /> <Check type="All" value="0" /> <Tradeoff name="TakeShower"> <Localization autoGenerate="True" /> <Time value="1" addRoute="True" /> <Exit funExit="False" stressExit="False" interruptible="False" /> <RouteLeadIn allowed="True" /> <AskJoinInteraction joinable="False" /> <ScoringFunction alwaysChooseBest="False" name="" specificCommodity="None" /> <ActionTopic name="" ActionTopicUnavailableAfterActionFinishes="False" /> <Output> <Change type="Hygiene" advertised="220" locked="False" actual="800" updateType="ContinuousFlow" timeDependsOn="False" updateEvenOnFailure="False" updateAboveAndBelowZero="Either" /> <Change type="DaredevilOnDare" advertised="200" locked="False" actual="0" updateType="ImmediateDelta" timeDependsOn="False" updateEvenOnFailure="False" updateAboveAndBelowZero="Either" /> <Change type="Fun" advertised="1000" locked="True" actual="10000" updateType="ContinuousFlow" timeDependsOn="False" updateEvenOnFailure="False" updateAboveAndBelowZero="Either" /> </Output> </Tradeoff> <Notes Notes="This isn't a real object!" /> </Current_Tuning> </base>

I'd imagine doing -your number on the actual= part would reduce the motive. You'd just have to change the Change type= to match what you want it to do.

Also you might not want to put 1000 as your advertised value. I just realized that this is a bad idea myself since no controlled Sims now use the shower obsessively to the point that I watched two of them play musical showers by getting out of one shower and into the other.
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