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Default Amine wanted
about 13 years ago I was in Finland for a about a week as a class trip to go skiing. It was an exchange and we all lived in finnish families. One day my host sister's brother showed me an anime but I don't remember the name. It was a video and he told me that'd was the first anime on video in Finland. It was in Japanese with Finish subs and since I speak neither language I did not get so much what in was about.
It seemed to be in a middle aged Japan since there wasn't anything technological in it. Though what confuses me is the bandana the seemingly main character wore around her head. Also I know she had to fight other groups of people. But honestly, all I understood was from time to time a "yes" or "no"... I remember one scene from inside a wooden hut. Her master, I guess, was in the big room, she was in another one, I can't remember what she was doing, maybe changing clothes. She stuck her head though a narrowly opened door and said loud and clearly "Ha!".
If anybody should know anything, I'd be really glad, because I'd love to understand what that anime is about.

Edit: I remember another scene: That woman / girl is on a boat riding through a forest.
Als I think that anime is from some time past 1980. It was a movie, not a series, btw.
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