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The Explosively Apocalyptic Legacy Challenge
This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper. - T.S. Eliot

Well, in this case, the world is ending with a bang. Actually, with a lot of them!

This Challenge is in it’s newborn stage! Any advice, ideas, and opinions are greatly appreciated! Feel free to ask questions; I want to cover everything so I don’t leave out any loopholes. I spend a long time thinking about this challenge when I found out about Siawn's Meteors Mod! I hope no one else has this exact challenge. It’s sort of a homeless/apocalypse/legacy challenge all put in one, haha!

You will need:
TS3 Base Game
Siawn’s Meteor Mod
Twallan's Story Progression
Any Mod that allows child/teen only households.

Basic Rools!
1. You start off with $100! No money cheats except for the designated one listed below and is used appropriately!
2. No job/profession!
3. You need Siawn’s Meteor Mod and set it to HELL!
4. No death flowers, resurrecting, etcetera!
5. Have lifespan set to Normal, Ageing On, and Story Progression On
6. Delete Sim’s trashcan, mailbox, school, hospital, and city hall. Cancel your newspaper service!
7. Your cellphone doesn’t exist! Your Sim cannot own any/use his own technology!
8. You cannot Merge a household; your Sim must build a relationship and ask them to Move In!
9. No Ghosts, Mummies, Grim Reaper baby’s etcetera!
10. You cannot adopt!
11. You can use lifetime reward points IF EARNED. No LTR cheats!
12. Any mod that will allow your child/teen sims live on their own! If you know one, let us know, and I will add it!

You’ve had a hard life, ever since you graduated from high school. Sure, your family has never had it easy, but they’ve never had it as hard as you’re experiencing now. Your family may have been poor, but they’ve never been homeless. So how did you end up this way?

Things were already hard, but now you see meteors fall from the sky one night as you lay on the park bench. You sat up in wonderment, thinking it was a falling star, but then you see the buildings in the distant go ablaze! To your shock, not long after the falling star obliterated the buildings, another one quickly did the same to even nearer ones! What’s going on?! You realize that those were not falling stars, but meteors. And there are more to come. Suddenly the world you’ve been living becomes a lot worse. Not just for you, but for every Sim out there. Its shocking for your you, yes. Scary, sure, but you’ve had it hard all of your life, and reckon you are probably the best suited for surviving this new meteor-raining hell. Are you right? Or are you dead wrong?

In this challenge you will be using a homeless Sim, one of your creation. Choose the traits you think will help him or her survive in this harsh world of the constant threat of meteors. Your Sim must be a Teen, Young Adult, or Adult. If you are playing as a teen, make sure you have the necessary mods to allow you to play as a Teen-only household. You must also have the mod to make sure your Teen Sim can reproduce. The reason why I ask the Sims be these ages, is so they can still reproduce; male elders can, but then again, they aren’t very quick to escape a deadly meteor shadow!

They cannot work in a regular profession or job, and therefore must find other ways of making money (I.e. playing guitar for tips, mooching, kleptomaniac, etc). Because your Sim is homeless, he or she can only live off of what they can find, plant, fish, sell, or buy food with money they can somehow get a hold of. Late Night: They can be a vampire, but be warned; they have no home (homeless, duh!) to hide in during the day, so try this at your own risk! If you buy food, you can only use $100 at one time, so spend wisely!

As for your lot, make sure you have a houseless lot. You can fill it up with whatever plants and trees you like, but there can be no house or any other luxury except for a park bench, a small camping tent (World Adventures), or a sleeping bag (Generations).

At this point, you must do testingcheatsenabled true and enter the family funds cheat and set your Sim’s funds to $100. Any skill item or bike must be bought under this budget. Don’t have enough? To earn more simoleons you can fish, find food, grow food, and sell it at the grocery store, and purchase that item when you have enough. Be careful though! Your Simoleons are your points in this challenge!

Work on the traits and skills you think will help your Sim earn money and survive.

The only time they can get themselves clean is by water that is around (I.e. they found a fountain, a swimming pool, etc). The only toilet, sink, or shower they can use is in public restroom or a friend’s house (caution: showering in a friend’s house may not settle right with them!).

What about transportation? Your Sim cannot use taxis to get around; in real life, we pay for taxis! They can either use their legs, ride a bike, or the subway (Late Night). You cannot use transportation pads, rabbit holes, or vehicles that would require you to pay a fee or for gas. That means no carpools, cars, scooters, etcetera.

Outfits? Your Sim is going to be very, very stinky. Each Sim in that household can only wear one everyday outfit, every day. They cannot change into formal wear! Obviously your Sim can go naked if you can. Dirty laundry? You can let it lay around, or you can delete it. It really is up to you. You just can't do laundry. :C In real life, laundromats cost money!

In order for you to continue on this challenge, make sure your Sim finds love! He or she needs that partner to move in (when the option comes up), and to reproduce with them! However, the partner’s funds you receive by combining households will only be +200. (I.e. Your Sim has $100. He asks Tina to move in with him. She accepts. Her original funds are $1000. You must use the family funds cheat to reduce her $1000 to $200. When you are done, your combined household funds should be $300.) The more mouths to feed, the harder to keep them alive! But more chances for you to win the challenge! You cannot alter your Sim’s partner’s traits, however, if they have a child and the game naturally allows you to choose the traits of it, you may. Keep in mind, some traits are more helpful than others for this challenge! If your Sim’s partner was a celebrity, every item she receives from fans or items she packs with her must be immediately sold! Your original Sim CANNOT move in with the partner! The partner must move in to the homeless lot. You cannot go into Edit Town and Merge Households.

If somehow the Grim Reaper spares your Sim, you must immediately kill that Sim by anyway you see fit, as long as you do it IMMEDIATELY. The easiest way to do this is to drag their hunger bar to 0. You are left to play with whatever Sims you have left in your household. If your partner dies, -200. If your offspring dies, -100. If your original Sim dies, -500. (Just as an obvious note, if your household only has $100, and you loose 500, you will just make your funds 0.) The surviving Sim can find another one to love, somehow, somewhere…

Your infant/toddler must be with a parent AT ALL TIMES! Babysitters in an apocalyptic landscape? I don’t think so! BUT if one of the adults is using a toilet, and the baby is wandering around in the bathroom, this is okay. If you see a meteor attack is on its way, get whoever you can out of their as soon as you can! This means you can make your toddler crawl to safety. If we’re talking about a larvae infant, sorry! Try to get your adult Sim out of there fast! You can stop to pick up your baby, but at your own risk. Again, if your partner dies, that’s -200, your offspring, -100, and if your original Sim dies, -500. If all of them die, you loose! So you decide which one is best to save when you have to make that difficult choice! If BOTH of the adult Sims die, and you’re left with an infant or toddler, you loose the challenge! You cannot work out a loophole by merging your baby into another home--Merging Households isn’t allowed! An infant or toddler cannot survive on their own silly, as someone must feed them a bottle in order to stay alive (even if you somehow elude Social Services)! If a child or teen Sim is left, you may continue the challenge. Make sure you have a mod that allows them to not be taken by Social Services to do so.

Last, but not least, here is the point system! Remember, your Simoleons are your points! Be careful how you spend them, if at all! Remember, if you get so desperate you think you may to sacrifice your points by buying food, you can only spend up to $100 at a time, so spend wisely!

When to Add Points:
+ Random: Collecting tips, mooching, selling, etc.
+ 100: Each meteor death avoided by each household member! (I.e. being underneath the shadow and getting out of there!)
+ 200: Succeeding in getting a Sim to move in with yours!
+ 200: Producing a child.
+ 500: When a teen naturally reaches young adult. (Does not count if your original Sim was a teen and then reached adulthood. Instead, you get a pat on the back.)
+800: Sim dies of old age.
+1000: Original Sim dies of old age.

When to Subtract Points:
- Random: Whenever you spend your money, duh!
- Random: When you loose your lot.
- 100: When offspring dies.
- 200: When partner dies.
- 500: When original Sim dies.

The point of this challenge is to survive, get your original Sim’s legacy to live on, and try to keep generation after generation surviving in this harsh new environment! Keeping your points high shows that you’re able to do this, so keep tabs on it
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#2 Old 2nd Sep 2011 at 6:50 PM
I LOVE this challenge cookies for you!

Accidental Murder
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#3 Old 2nd Sep 2011 at 7:42 PM
Wow! What a way to make SURE your game has that Apocalypse flavor. I grabbed the mod, but I'm a little hesitant, since the comments suggest it isn't working with Generations.
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#4 Old 4th Sep 2011 at 3:56 AM Last edited by Smashed Cat : 4th Sep 2011 at 4:11 AM.
Originally Posted by ViviSims2
I LOVE this challenge cookies for you!

Thank you so much!! I worked really hard on it. Let me know how the challenge goes for you and if you have any suggestions! :D

Originally Posted by skmt999
Wow! What a way to make SURE your game has that Apocalypse flavor. I grabbed the mod, but I'm a little hesitant, since the comments suggest it isn't working with Generations.

Hm, really? I have Generations and finally I saw my first meteor shadow! Scarily it was right over my sleeping sim, so trying not to panic I paused the game and then it crashed!!! >o< I'll have to look at the comments of that mod again.

Also, I did get wind of this "More Intense Fire" Tuning Mod! It might make things more dangerous, and consequently, exciting. :D
Find it here
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#5 Old 8th Sep 2011 at 2:52 PM
Alright, well I definitely found out today that the mod works with Generations! Also, the More Intense Fire mod? My jesus, 3 hours or more to put out a giant fire! Her roommate, Stiles McGraw, that I was planning on hooking her up with got smashed to bits by the first meteor, and then Ayumi Ansari (or whatever her name is) died because she stood around while she was on fire! My Sim got caught on fire and singed, but she lived. What an intense first day for her...
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