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#1 Old 24th Sep 2011 at 4:59 AM
Default WIP - Sims 3 World - Waterloo
Disclaimer: I apologize in advance if this is not the appropriate place to post this. I've tried posting in other more broad sections only to have my post rejected without reason. If this is the wrong place, please direct me.

I'm getting very close to finishing a sims 3 world I've dubbed Waterloo. I've started, and restarted making this map several times; never quite satisfied.

The real idea of the world is just a selfish venture. No official worlds satisfied me; either you're stuck rural, or stuck in the mess of a small glitchy downtown with no suburb what-so-ever. I wanted something that would house many life styles: from small town charm to downtown glam. I wanted slums and mansions. I wanted every lot type, every spawner, every opportunity and job. I wanted a world that would easily take on new lot types for future updates. Of course it's not perfect. I also wanted to avoid a HUGE map, so some compromises were made. I am happy with this town though and wanted to share a picture while I finish it:

Town Features
-About 170 lots
-all lot types (including some foreign lot types like academy and nectary unless there's some reason I can't do this)
-pre-simmed world: about one half of the homes will be occupied with sims. Plenty of love and detail will go into this, and the sims will tend to have similar facial constructs to the base game (no ridiculous huge eyes, obnoxiously high contrast/cartoony clothing, etc).
-Hand crafted lots: each lot will be made by me. From each high rise to each small house. In turn expect consistent themes and high detail.
- Room to grow: seems like an odd feature when really what I'm saying is there will be blank lots for you to build whatever you want. This world is meant to house progression and change.
-Complex Details: a custom water color, possibly a designated 'city' world (assuming that's not glitchy), use of the fog emitter, populated world, etc. I'm using more than just the base create-a-world
-attempted optimization: I have a lot to learn, but I've attempted to use terrain paints, routing, object layers/grouping, and general town size as intelligently as I could.
-No custom content: again seems a silly 'feature' but I thought it was worth a mention. I will not require you to install any custom content or have any store content.

I plan to release a few versions of it:

Lite - straight forward enough: no pre-built buildings; but all lots, spawners, etc still placed. It will require latenight for town objects. I'd probably release a base game version if asked.

Base - The map with only base game compatible buildings. Granted this one will still be a bit barren. A large section of the town will have plenty of "no visitor" lots I will disguise as construction or something. Also many many town items would need to be removed/replaced. Not the same as the full version, but someone may appreciate it.

Late Night - Most of the features will be in this version, only missing a few lots I'll replace with construction sites or something.

Full Version - Requiring all expansions currently released (this version will be updated for Pets, so on). All lots, town objects, features, so on.

I'll answer any questions, and in the mean time work on this world.
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#2 Old 24th Sep 2011 at 10:03 PM
JeffersonCalaway, is this a world which you hope to upload to MTS? If it is, then you should post it in Creator Feedback:

If it is just a world which you wish to show off but are not intending to post, then you could show it in an appropriate picture thread:

This forum is just for advertising content that you have uploaded to your own site.

It looks very promising so far- I would be interested to see more pictures!
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