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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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Default Needing help with the Sleeping Bag Script (Texture Problems During Animation)

This is continued from the object creation thread here.

I have been having problems with the texture messing up after a Sim uses it, as seen in the images below:

As you can see in the object creation thread, we figured out that it wasn't the object itself that was causing problems, but something with the scripting of it since the sleeping bag is recolorable.

The problem is that something with the animation of the Sim using it and the object transitioning from closed to open or open and closed makes the original multiplier and rbg mask override the new one I made.

I looked through this with S3PE and found this in the _KEY tag that I think is what I need to change:

Version: 0x00000001
--- (0x1E) ---
[00] 0xC2E4E36F4B3A90C8: sleepingBagClassic_lightingdata
[01] 0x5A29F8E44EA74E19: sleepingBag_rig
[02] 0x1C1FEE042D3A9BEE: sleepingBag_ftp
[03] 0x57EAFDB2A72F134F: dropShadow_object_a_0x937c71e144222c2c
[04] 0x19E649E5CE73E68C: sleepingBagClassicObjectRgbMask_Face_SpecMap
[05] 0x8CE45CE53244B2ED: sleepingBagClassicObjectRgbMask_Face_DiffuseMap

[06] 0x00EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_ENG_US_009ea96b399946d3
[07] 0x02EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_CHI_TW_029ea96b399946d3
[08] 0x019EA96B399946D3: Strings_CHI_CN_019ea96b399946d3
[09] 0x03EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_CZE_CZ_039ea96b399946d3
[0A] 0x04EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_DAN_DK_049ea96b399946d3
[0B] 0x05EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_DUT_NL_059ea96b399946d3
[0C] 0x06EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_FIN_FI_069ea96b399946d3
[0D] 0x07EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_FRE_FR_079ea96b399946d3
[0E] 0x08EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_GER_DE_089ea96b399946d3
[0F] 0x09EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_GRE_GR_099ea96b399946d3
[10] 0x0AEB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_HUN_HU_0a9ea96b399946d3
[11] 0x0BEB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_ITA_IT_0b9ea96b399946d3
[12] 0x0CEB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_JAP_JP_0c9ea96b399946d3
[13] 0x0DEB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_KOR_KR_0d9ea96b399946d3
[14] 0x0EEB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_NOR_NO_0e9ea96b399946d3
[15] 0x0FEB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_POL_PL_0f9ea96b399946d3
[16] 0x10EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_POR_PT_109ea96b399946d3
[17] 0x11EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_POR_BR_119ea96b399946d3
[18] 0x12EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_RUS_RU_129ea96b399946d3
[19] 0x13EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_SPA_ES_139ea96b399946d3
[1A] 0x15EB0CF4630DC8A2: Strings_SWE_SE_159ea96b399946d3
[1B] 0x149EA96B399946D3: Strings_SPA_MX_149ea96b399946d3
[1C] 0x169EA96B399946D3: Strings_THA_TH_169ea96b399946d3
[1D] 0xFA6B08F1FAF06A3A: sleepingBagClassicOpen

Could someone help me with this so that when the sim uses it, it will not go back to the original multiplier and RBG mask?

Thank you in advance.
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