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#1 Old 9th Nov 2011 at 6:18 PM
Unhandled Page Fault Access Error Messages and Frequent Crashes Without Warning
Okay, so if you've read any of my other threads, my macbook is more like a CrapBook for it's really low performance in general. It's been "fixed" many times but the only thing I want it to do right (sims) barely works at all.

But the graphical issues had been solved, which is a plus. But now, every time I play I either get a

Unhandled Page Fault Access (code here) x (code here).
Do you wish to debug it?


It randomly shuts down without warning and then says "Sims 3 Pets has quit unexpectedly".

Does anyone know what to do about this problem? Because I can't play for more than an hour without losing my progress, cause I can't save every 5 minutes because it takes 10 minutes to save, which would result in a saved game crash because it'll shut down.
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